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Nicole Kidman Takes Flight With the Family in Sydney

Nicole Kidman Takes Flight With the Family in Sydney

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban hold hands with their 3-year-old daughter Sunday at the airport on Wednesday (February 29) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress also carried 14-month-old Faith as the family prepared to catch a departing flight.

Matthew Goode, Nicole‘s co-star in the upcoming thriller Stoker, recently chatted about locking lips with her for the film.

“It’s a bit nerve-wracking. We were just doing a recce one day and we went to this house and Nicole‘s such a pro, she started going into the scene and I was like, ‘Oh my God,’” he shared.

“But she’s lovely,” Matthew added, “because you never know quite what to expect with someone who’s been a huge star for that long. She was really, really generous.”

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217 Responses to “Nicole Kidman Takes Flight With the Family in Sydney”

  1. 1
    Mai Says:

    ADORABLE FAMILY….. Sweet Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret are really lovely!!!

  2. 2
    lara Says:

    Nicole looked terrific!!!!!!And Keith is so hot…….and their daughters are both beautiful!!!! Love them all

  3. 3
    Justme Says:

    Keith looks gorgeous in the photo op. She of course is wearing a see through dress.

  4. 4
    olay Says:

    Ah, their older daughter is adorable. She’s a mini Keith.

  5. 5
    sp11 Says:


    it may be see through but she’s wearing a slip underneath…why is that so bad?

  6. 6
    ashleigh Says:

    homely kids and u can see right through her dress! omg!

  7. 7
    lizzie Says:

    i dont see a slip at all YIKES U CAN SEE ALL THE WAY UP TO HER VAG. at least she won’t need to be searched at the airport.

  8. 8
    SERA Says:

    Too bad the kids are quite plain.

  9. 9
    Mark Allen Says:

    She’s not a classic beauty, but Nicole can change her looks a lot, which is useful for an actor. She can look very plain, she can also look great like she did in Moulin Rouge – I think that was her best look.

  10. 10
    TIM GUNN Says:

    This demure day dress dress is completely lined from collar to hemline in opaque pink fabric.

    Only a daft bore would attempt to say otherwise.

  11. 11
    Justme Says:

    @sp11: It’s an Angelina Jolie moment. Look At ME!

  12. 12
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @sp11: It’s bad because she’s Nicole Kidman.

    @Justme @ashleigh @lizzie @SERA Taramaclenhitndumb go get a life.

    Beautiful family all the way around.

  13. 13
    Justme Says:

    @lizzie: Good one!

  14. 14
    Justme Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid: I’m no skeptic stupid. I know what I’m talking about!

  15. 15
    selena Says:

    To the posters here who can’t see her slip or “see all the way up her …”:
    1. Adjust your computer screen
    2. Visit your eye doctor and get your vision checked pronto!
    3. Time to visit your shrink again.

  16. 16
    Justme Says:

    @TIM GUNN: Did you get that directly from the designers press release there Tim?

  17. 17
    moh123 Says:

    Lovely family

  18. 18
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Responding to your own posts and denying who you are? Oh you are a skeptic, stupid.

  19. 19
    cary Says:

    She should have worn a black slip….this one didn’t work.

  20. 20
    C Says:

    I love that they dress their little girls in such lovely clothes. Smocked dresses, white socks and mary janes.
    Age appropriate and very sweet.

  21. 21
    Davis Says:

    @cary: You aren’t going to see anything you aren’t supposed to with an opaque nude one either. It’s probably one entire piece, made that way on purpose with a sheer black overlay.

    Nice to see the Urbans happy and healthy. Those that don’t, well God help you.

  22. 22
    Dee Says:

    My favorite couple in the entertainment field. I wonder why she wears heels when traveling, she’s so tall she certainly doesn’t need them.

  23. 23
    dailybio Says:

    They look so happy, like Keith’s attitude.

  24. 24
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    The bottom of the slip hits just above the top of the black hem.

    STFU and go home. Keith will never be plaything.

  25. 25
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    The bottom of the slip hits just above the top of the black hem.

    STFU and go home. Keith will never be your plaything.

  26. 26
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    The bottom of the slip hits just above the top of the black hem.

    STFU and go home. Keith will never be your plaything!

  27. 27
    love Says:

    What a beautiful family! Faith seems to have the hair of Nicole.

  28. 28
    Flo Says:

    Nice to see a 3 year dressing like a 3 year old! No kid heels, lipstick etc.

  29. 29
    Carrington Says:

    Oh for God’s sake–those of you complaining it is see through–it has an attached nude slip. It is the style right now. Catherine, Duchess of York, has been seen wearing two long dresses just like this–black with a nude lining. And several other actresses have done the same thing in the last few months. But because it is Nicole you love to hate on her. Well keep hatin’ ‘cuz she doesn’t care. Two adorable children, a loving husband, a stellar career and several great projects coming out, not to mention Keith is rockin! She has him. You don’t. You never will. Get over it.

  30. 30
    Michele Says:

    does she ever spend any time with her older shildren?

  31. 31
    Sunny Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid: Go pop some pills as you are starting to shake.

  32. 32
    Roger Says:

    @Michele: I bet she would love to spend time with her older children. Sadly those kids are now hardcore scientologists, just like their dad. They probably don’t want to spend any time with her, as she’s been labelled a “Suppressive Person” by the cult (someone who left Scientology and/or criticize it). Scientologists are encouraged to avoid or destroy those people. That’s why Scientology is considered a CULT in many countries: it destroys families.
    The whole situation is extremely sad for Nicole and the kids.

  33. 33
    camillus Says:

    Look she’s letting her child walk, she or Keith are not carrying the child like her ex Tommy Girl ….

  34. 34
    kary Says:

    I missed her in the Oscars last Sunday… but is nice they are in the same place all the time that’s why they are a happy family!

  35. 35
    hugo Says:

    People can be very studip. It’s not a see-through dress…There’s a lining and it’s pretty evident.

  36. 36
    Carole Says:

    Women don’t wear heels because they “need” them. They wear them because they like them. Who cares if it make a beautiful tall woman even taller? Nicole is known for her long legs. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

  37. 37
    Chick Says:

    Kidman reminds me of Trump.

  38. 38
    hi Says:

    Where’s the diaper bag and the bag of activities for the girls?

  39. 39
    Dee Says:

    The reason I mention the heels is because of Keith, most men don’t like their women towering over them. As I said earlier, my favorite couple in the entertainment industry.

  40. 40
    yep Says:

    beautiful family! nicole seems like an amazing mom!

  41. 41
    Jennifer Lynn Says:

    Does Nicole realize she has on a sheer dress with no panties on. How tasteless.

  42. 42
    danni Says:

    Nicole is really looking old and haggard.

  43. 43
    @Jennifer Lynn Says:

    Do you realize the dress is lined and you can’t see whether or not she has panties on? What a moron you are. Read the thread before opening your hater trap.

  44. 44
    ANNA Says:

    The haters KNOW exactly how the dress is made and about the lining etc.

    Just another day in their lives.

  45. 45
    Leo Says:

    Thanks to everyone who have let us know how those crazy people on E! operate!

    Years and years of their lives GONE! Wasted on hate and lies.

    Its pretty funny, we see a picture of a beautiful happy positive family enjoying their lives , and they see only negative life and especially hate for two beautiful little children.

    But atleast now we understand where all that hate & lies comes from.

    So thank you.

  46. 46
    tracy Says:

    to just me, lizzie, and ashleigh

    you poor jealous trolls. nicole looks absolutely stunning. on top of that she has a wonderful, two beautiful little girls and the three of you have what; nothing!

  47. 47
    tracy Says:

    to Tim Gunn

    i think you’re being kind to these blind jealous trolls. of course the dress is lined from the collar to hemline in opaque pink fabric.

  48. 48
    tracy Says:

    to cary,

    idiot! the dress is completely LINED with opaque pink fabric which is attached to the dress. i know because my sister in law has the same dress.

  49. 49
    Julie Says:

    Why is he with her? She dresses her girls like old fashioned little house on the prairie people. With “just say no” bows in their hair. He is way too good for her but she owns him, since he cheated on her, did drugs, etc. He doesn’t want her to “tell all” about him so he’s staying with her. She doesn’t even see her kids ins CA…how sad is that??

  50. 50
    bates Says:

    Lovely Family, it’s sweet seeing them all together. As for the dress it is gorgeous , a work of art. For how much you can see it’s called perfect.

    Those little girls are always dressed so beautifully, You can tell her and Keith are on cloud 9 with their lovely little family.

    Nicole found heaven with Keith,as she once say she was smothered and lonely with Tom Cruise. You can see the happiness and equality
    this time round. I think the sweetie pie kids names say it all.
    Sunday and her Faith will lead them into growing old together .
    I will never forget NK leaving the pop,beer and sandwiches in coolers upon coolers on a scortching hot day (food and drinks) outside her home for the workers who were preparing their home for the wedding reception. She really does have a heart of Gold. Some of the snooty AListers would only think about themselves that day but Nicole took care of everybody. Yes she is a sweetie.
    Bless You Nicole..

  51. 51
    Been There Says:

    @Julie: He’s with her because he loves her. Simple as that. Deal with it.

  52. 52
    tracy Says:


    Keith is with Nicole because he loves her. i hope you not have delusional ideas that he’s going to leave her for you.

  53. 53
    Carrington Says:


    What is your problem, oh, you think you have a chance with Keith?

    The girls are dressed appropriately, whether you like the style or not, for a long plane ride.

    And you do not know whether or not she sees her kids in CA. She has a home there. She has referred to them in current interviews as in–seeing them or talking to them. Bella is 19 and Connor is 17. How many teens do you know that hang out with their parents at that age? And if she has them over for lunch or dinner do you think, since she is a private person unlike Leann Rimes, she is going to tweet the news and call the paps?

    Get a life honey. Keith looks really happy. People who know them Nashville say they are the real thing.

    Keith was never yours to begin with!

  54. 54
    Roger Says:

    @Julie: “Julie” = psychotic Keith Urban groupie. Do you even realize how pathetic you sound “Julie”? “She owns him”? What does that even mean? Who talks like that? Certainly not someone who lives in reality. Someone who watches far too many idiotic soap operas maybe.
    Keith and Nicole have been together for 7 YEARS, have 2 daughters together and you are still in denial, trying to convince yourself that he doesn’t really love her. It’s very obvious to anyone who knows what true and real love is that he absolutely adores her. Keith used to do drugs and cheat on his girlfriends, he has admitted so himself. Nicole has been incredibly good for him, she made him change his ways for the better and saved him (his words, not mine).
    “Julie”, you and your crazy friends from the E boards really need to move on. It’s been SEVEN YEARS. By now, it’s very obvious that you girls (50 year-old “girls”) are deeply unhappy in your lives. But to see you spew hatred at Nicole Kidman day after day, month after month, year after year is truly pathetic. He won’t leave her for you. Move on.

  55. 55
    Frozoid Says:

    Her face and neck look strained and plastic. And sorry, the kids aren’t cute. Not like Orlando and Miranda Kerr’s kids, or Amy Adams’ daughter or the Afflieck/Garner kids.

  56. 56
    taco Says:

    The old prunes were up early this morning. They still say Nicole is wearing a see through dress, What freaking morons!

    Duchess Catherine wearing a see through dress! BAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

  57. 57
    ellie' Says:

    What a beautiful family, the girls are adorable…

  58. 58
    Gloria Says:

    Very lovely family! They just seem like any normal family catching a flight. Nicole is beautiful and looks so happy. Keith is so handsome and the girls are precious! God Bless them.

  59. 59
    @Frozoid Says:

    Wow, what kind of monster talks about children in such an ugly way?Go back to the hole you crawled out of.

  60. 60
    yawn Says:

    @hi – the staff is carrying the Urban’s carry on baggage – can’t have that ruining the planned family photo op.

    @Gloria – I guess you haven’t traveled with kids either domestically or internationally on an airplane. This is most def not a picture of the average normal family. A normal family would be bogged down in things like diaper bags and purses and carry on items for their children like blankies and pillows. These are celebrities staging a photo op not earthy people on a family trip.

  61. 61
    @yawn Says:

    @yawn Talking to yourself AGAIN!

  62. 62
    Missy Says:

    @yawn: They look like a normal family to me. Just a normal family who can afford to have somebody else take care of their luggage. You know, someday you’re going to wake up from that little delusional dream of yours and find yourself in the real world and it’s going to be very scary for you. Maybe that’s why you’ve stayed in fantasyland for so long.

  63. 63
    holly Says:

    Aww, look at the 2 cutie patoodies made from hotstuff Keith and long legs McGee, aka Mrs Urban. I bet those legs have been wrapped around him a couple thousand times. Am I right people? Probably with high heels on too.
    It’s a sad day in Haterville when they have to pick on kids to get a thrill. What happened to all the sources? Not one person has seen Keith playing chess lately? I’m so disappointed. I guess they’re officially out of the loop.
    Ba har har

  64. 64
    duh Says:

    @Missy: They hate rich women and love rich men. Stalking guys with money is what they do. They like to call Nicole ”Rich B itch”.

  65. 65
    melissa Says:

    My favorite couple!!!!

  66. 66
    Emme Says:

    Where are her other kids??

  67. 67
    M Says:

    Beautiful, happy family…PERFECT!!! Keith’s YGF song is enjoying its 2nd week on #1 billboards and another one on its way with “For You”. Nicole is confirmed to be attached to a new movie “Before I go to sleep” by Rowan Joffe, just to add to the loooong lists of projects she’s doing. They sure are on fire with both their careers and personal life!!! Even Sunny is learning Spanish now hahaha…what an intelligent, accomplish, classy family!!! Happy days ahead…love them!

  68. 68
    Angel Says:

    @Leo: There is a Keith Urban – positive thread II on eonline and it’s beautiful, positive threads about the Kidman – Urban family! I have just discovered it myself and loving it as they have lots of fan sighting pics/candid pics of family, up to date news/articles/tweets/photos also. Never mind the other one.

  69. 69
    Liz Says:

    The more famous you are, the more attempts are made to pull you down. Handsome, talented couple with adorable daughters.

    Her other children are doing their thing – Connor being home-schooled and Bella working.

    Girls, girls, girls – You’ve let a charismatic fellow with an infectious smile steal your common sense. Play nice.

  70. 70
    Hannah Says:

    Actually Connor is being schooled in the Scientology school. Both he and Bella had to go there. They aren’t allowed to see Nicole without a Scientology chaperone because she isn’t a Scientologist. That’s a pretty well known fact. I’m glad Nicole is happy and found her soulmate in Keith. He’s a sweetheart.

  71. 71
    roses19 Says:

    How come you never see Nicole with her kids with Tom Cruise? Its like her only kids are her 2 biological? Nothing against them but its kind of seems as if she is not very much in their lives…who knows though.

  72. 72
    nk Says:

    why is she never photographed with her older children? The children she adopted with Tom Cruise? I see them more with tom and his family

  73. 73
    nk Says:

    exactly what i was asking myself

  74. 74
    Louise Says:

    Gorgeous, loving family. They eek happiness. Nicole looks so beautiful……her dress is gorgeous. Keith looks so beautiful…….he dresses as he likes. The girls look so beautiful……..dressed so charming. JJ, keep those pictures of the Urban family coming. They are by far my favorite family in the entertainment industry.

  75. 75
    Missy Says:

    How come haters can’t read? It looks like your stupid questions were answered by #70. Duh.

  76. 76
    ann Says:


    LOL I wondered the same thing.


    They only like the answers when they are talking to themselves???

  77. 77
    Skeptics are stupid Says:


    They only like the answers when they are talking to themselves???


    Mimosa is still adamant that Nicole Kidman went on 2 long flights and walked through 3 airports in a see through dress.We’ll see when that’s not reported on any website who is lying out their size 24 rump.

    One thing for sure….you can see daylight through their skulls. Thanks Mimsy for that one. I’ll be using it often! BAHAHAHAHA!

  78. 78
    KissThis Says:

    cutest celebrity family by far! They are so down to earth and normal! just love them.

  79. 79
    Dee Says:

    Frozoid, Rose, Just Me, Lizzie, Ashleigh Sera, Cary etc, etc. Just one person, maybe two, I’m hoping it is just one person though, there cannot be two people this crazy.

  80. 80
    misfit fans Says:

    You experts of everything that is Urban know for a fact what Connor is doing for an education? Are you in the same classes with him? Are you on Tom’s staff? You also know what happens behind closed doors at the Urban household? You must watch them have sex because you know of positions and accessories. Do you work for them? How do you for fact know about all of this? Quite lewd statements to be saying about those you idolize. If you have illusions of a celebrity couple’s sex life, you need to start taking Haldol.

  81. 81
    Love The Shoes Says:

    Love them! So weird how Fatih looks exacty like them. She even has the same hair color! Honest question because I do not know, is Faith a baby via surrogate? No matter how they were blessed with her in their lives, they are a great crew!

  82. 82
    FF Says:

    @misfit fans: Connor’s education has been well documented. “Connor is current attending a Scientology high school in rural Oregon that teaches methods created by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.”
    Scientology also forces a “disconnect” from former members which is why you don’t see Nicole photographed opening with her 2 older children. “Disconnection is a Scientology practice of cutting all ties and all communication with someone who is declared a Suppressive Person (evil) by the Church of Scientology. This may include family, friends, loved ones, work associates, acquaintances, or anyone else found Suppressive by the Church.”
    “Scientologists believe that Disconnection is generally a necessary action that, when undertaken, benefits the group as a whole. Critics believe this is an extremely harmful practice akin to emotional blackmail that destroys families and interpersonal relationships.”

  83. 83
    misfit fans Says:

    Why didn’t Nic keep the kids out of the grasp of Scientology? Wouldn’t you do that as a mother? Maybe not the misfit fan mothers because they believe that teenage kids do not want to hang out with their parents. Which is it, Scientology or teenagers who don’t want to spend time with their mother? If this happens in the misfit fans’ lives, then I guess that is normal, and it is okay that Nic doesn’t spend time with the older kids; even at their birthday bashes. Word to the misfit fans; teenage kids with a good relationship with their parents do spend time with them.

  84. 84
    holly Says:

    @misfit fans – Oh honey, don’t get those enormous big girl panties in a bunch. I know it’s hard for you to remember what exactly having sex is (that stick up your rear end doesn’t count) but it’s not lewd. Lewd is seeing panties through a dress when you can’t see through the dress. If you have illusions of panties, you need to have more sex.

  85. 85
    misfit fans Says:

    @holly – how is your fetish with animals? Still enjoying donkeys?

  86. 86
    Kathleen Says:

    @misfit fans
    Did that good relationship with your chlldren come before or after your 18 hour a day, 7 days a week, 12 months out of the last 7 years on the internet talking trash about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban? How’d you even fit them in? And did you pass on your internet hating skills to them?

  87. 87
    misfit fans Says:

    @Kathleen – what are your kids doing right now?

  88. 88
    holly Says:

    @misfit fans – I love animals.

  89. 89
    tracy Says:

    @mistfit fans

    Conner and Isabella are not your kids; they are Nicole’s. as such you have absolutely no say in anything concerning them and never have. Nicole does not want nor does she need your opinion. she doesn’t care what you think. now why don’t you be a good troll and take care of your own children and leave Nicole alone to take care of hers’

  90. 90
    holly Says:

    misfit fans is stalking other people’s kids.

  91. 91
    misfit fans Says:

    @tracy – I don’t want nor do I need your opinion. You are a nobody. I don’t care what you think, so be a good misfit fan, take your pills and go back to bed.

  92. 92
    misfit fans Says:

    @holly – incorrect, Kathleen started stalking the lives of children before anyone.

  93. 93
    Missy Says:

    Let’s see…Nicole Kidman for a mother or internet hater for a mother? I’d take Nicole.

  94. 94
    misfit fans Says:

    @Missy – the world doesn’t care what you think either.

  95. 95
    danilee Says:

    Real cute family!

  96. 96
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @Love The Shoes: A surrogate carried Nicole and Keith’s biological child.

  97. 97
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Oh there’s Twisted Reason aka nomorefan aka nomorebrains aka SassySusieQ trying to change the subject because there’s 100 different photos of that dress in different lighting and none of them are see-through. Idiots.

    The day I take advice from MicheleFromHell is the day I check myself into to the loony bin. What a sanctimonious hypocrite and poser. How much grief is nomorebrains going to get from neverland about her precious Fox News? lol

    You can see daylight right through their little skeptic skulls. BAHAHAHAHA!

  98. 98
    misfit fans Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid – the Queen of the Loony Bin finally gets out of bed and joins us. Are your wrists hurting from the restraints? The world doesn’t care what you have to say either because every thing you write/think is all wrong. I think you are late for your therapist appointment this morning.

  99. 99
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Don’t even try nomorebrains.

  100. 100
    misfit fans Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid – are you going to mention every skeptics’ name to make it look like you know who is on here? “Don’t even try”! Do you think that intimidates anyone? You bomb at being a cyber bully. Go do something productive like see Act of Valor for the 167th time.

  101. 101
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    You’ve been playing the intimidation game for years with no success. Trying to cash checks your a$$ can’t cash I believe is the proper term, SusieQ.

  102. 102
    misfit fans Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid – come again? Your medication must be kicking in. Susie Q?

  103. 103
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    The more you deny the bigger the whole you make. You must be to China by now!

  104. 104
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    The more you deny the bigger the hole you make. You must be to China by now!

  105. 105
    misfit fans Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid – I have not begun to dig yet, but I am sure you can supply me with lots of shovels or what about feet? You seem to put a lot of those in your mouth. You had to correct your grammar usage error with the same post? You are a red flag for having issues. Did both of your personalities post at the same time?

  106. 106
    we know you Says:

    Who has to have a comeback for every single post? Nomorefriends for one. Also Leery. Also Bstnactrs. It doesn’t matter. They’re all dried up old women who hate their lives, they all have dozens of usernames and they’re all liars. They’re also all desperate for attention which is why they have to answer every single post. Desperate period. Seven years and that “contract” isn’t up, the plastic baby turned out to be real, Keith and Nicole continue to have careers and friends and fans. They lose.

  107. 107
    we know you Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid: Yeah, Michellefromhell pretty much gave herself away when she started talking “christian”. You know what would surprise christians, Neverland? Hearing you refer to yourself as a christian.

  108. 108
    misfit fans Says:

    @we know you – it has been seven years, and you say the same things day after day after day. Skeptics continue to answer every single post? What about Skeptics are stupid and now what are you doing, we know you {no you do not}? If you can speak, so can I.

  109. 109
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @misfit fans:
    H ave you tell me I can’t spell? Nah, I’d rather you tell me I have multiple personalities because that’s your gig, which would be hilarious if it hasn’t been at the expense of your entire life.

    So tell the truth, did you see Nicole at Madonna’s after party with the eyes in the back of your head or did you just make it up on the spot? BAHAHAHAHA!

    we know you: She’s been pulling the Christian card out for as long as she’s been on E. astilbe, anyone? But the E boarders aint special. She does it everywhere she goes. I imagine the she’s known as a b!tch on wheels everywhere else beside Skepticville.

  110. 110
    misfit fans Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid – why don’t you ask chickpea about the Oscars? Shucks, you can’t because that screen name and multiple others belonging to her were banned. Misfit fans should talk about others having multiple screen names, you are the worst violators of multiple screen names.

  111. 111
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Who sold you that story or did you just make it up?You really are a dumb@ss. Go Bible thump on E and be ignored. Hell on wheels would love that.

  112. 112
    Barry Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid:

    They are digging “big” holes
    Faster than mimsy can shovel! LMAO

    Her bandaids are runing out !

  113. 113
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Mimsy is lying to Leery and Leey is lying to Mimsy. Even better, Mimsy caught up in a bold face lie to a stranger.

    The truth is they always will be their own worst enemies.

  114. 114
    misfit fans Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid – who sold who what story? Put that old hairy foot in your mouth again. Keep throwing out names. Maybe you will guess correctly before you need your next round of medication.

  115. 115
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Okay so you made it up, SusieQ. No big surprise there. Is that how you pave the way? Don’t trip over your own lies! lol

  116. 116
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    like your obsession with limp wrists. TwistedReason has the same obsession. You two should be pen pals!

  117. 117
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Can’t forget you both share an obsession with “dudes” specifically seeing women as “transgendered dudes”. LMAO!

    Do you wear a different foil hat every time you post on E as a different user? LMFAO!

  118. 118
    misfit fans Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid – Susie Q? Put the other foot in your mouth now, and I advise you to purchase a backhoe as your hole (not whole) exceeds the works of a shovel. Limp wrists? Do you have an issue with gay people? Have you been diagnosed with a gay phobia too?

  119. 119
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    That’s your comeback? Too bad it proves you earned the name TwistedReason, SusieQ.

  120. 120
    misfit fans Says:

    @Skeptic are stupid – your comback was any better? You do not like gay people and yet here you are judging skeptics? Shame on you. WWKD?

  121. 121
    Clover Says:

    @misfit fans:

    OH MY GOSH!! You finally found a true and really fitting screen name!

    Yep that is the ultimate screen name for e! haters….

    MISFIT FANS !!!!

    I have to hand it to you…. 7 years in the making and you finally got it right!!!!

    You can be misfitfans #1….#2….#3 etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! right up to 4 !!


  122. 122
    duh Says:

    That’s about right. But first she needs to find a way to stop Leery!

    John Shanks was privy to Nicole’s evil the contract plan? Ba freakin ha!

    Ansel is divorced? Hope Jan knows about it!

    The Urbans go to events in separate cars even though there’s video that’s shown them coming and leaving together?

    Oh CheyenneBaby, you gotta work on your stories!

  123. 123
    misfit fans Says:

    @Clover – definition of fan is an enthusiastic admirer. I can only speak for myself, but I do not enthusiastically admire these two people. That would be you misfits. I think Monkeyville should change their name to The Island of Misfit Fans.

  124. 124
    duh Says:

    @misfit fans:

    You can only speak for yourself? And here I thought you were paving the way!

    Foot . in. mouth.

  125. 125
    misfit fans Says:

    @duh – sadly you are wrong once more. Foot with diseased toe nail in your mouth.

  126. 126
    duh Says:

    Busted, nomorefan. every which way. Don’t stick your tongue out too far or it’ll stay like that!

  127. 127
    Clover Says:

    Yeehaw… What is the definition of misfit?

    Look in the miror

    You actually do “enthusiastically admire ” Keith and Nicole & their beautiful children, and PROVE it by posting 24/7 about them! And by scanning the internet 24/7 to make sure you don’t miss one little detail “enthusiastically” .

    Thats a misfit fan to a T…….

    totally LMAO as you post craziness and show how devoted you really are to the Urbans. day after day!

  128. 128
    misfit fans Says:

    @duh – how many names are you going to throw at me today? So far I’ve been Leery, Bstn, Mimosa, nomorefan, neverland, hit n run, Michelle and did I miss anyone else? You don’t know who this is and it is driving you more crazy. Keep guessing and popping pills. Do you get a group discount on your meds?

  129. 129
    misfit fans Says:

    @Clover – what are you doing right now?

  130. 130
    duh Says:

    Who’s guessing nomorefan? neverland’s a Christan hypocrite. You’ve accused us of being Leery which is hilarious but you are after all desperate. You would want to forget Red jasper and her nonsense. Between you bunch you have less brain cells than Sean Young on a good day.

  131. 131
    misfit fans Says:

    @duh – “we know you” said I was all those people with certainty . I did forget a name. I’m TwistedReasons too. Your picture is next to desperate in the dictionary because you so desperately have to know who I am. It is eating away at you. I hope you don’t get an ulcer over me.

  132. 132
    duh Says:

    Go blow another roadie. When you’re not here you’re on E or Myths or your hate groups. End of story.

  133. 133
    Been There Says:

    Ba! Thank you, MOD on E, for grouping the nuts together and letting them battle each other. It definitely has become a freak fest over there. The funniest part is when one of them tries to sound like “the normal one”. I love it!
    Seriously, it doesn’t matter who this dumba ss, misfit fans, is. Everytime she posts, she makes our case for us.

  134. 134
    Barbara Says:

    @misfit fans:

    Oh there goes that over inflated ego . LMAO!!!

    or is it just egg0 lol

    That is pretty much the problem with all the sickos on e

  135. 135
    we know you Says:

    @misfit fan – I didn’t say you were all those names. I said all those names has to have a comeback for every post. In other words, they like to have the last word; like to argue; like attention. I also said it doesn’t matter who you are. You’re all the same. Dried up old women who hate their own lives.
    But how would you know who got banned on E? Did you blow the Mod too?

  136. 136
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @Barbara: There’s definitely the lingering smell of a rotten egg sandwhich that started on another board that was closed 3 years ago!

  137. 137
    misfit fans Says:

    @we know you – you, duh and holly really have a sex fetish. Not getting any?

  138. 138
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    You posted the stories and the pictures and the vegetables on the plate. We’re just reminiscing from what you so freely let out of your big mouth. BA and HA!

  139. 139
    tracy Says:

    to Misfit fans

    what.s the matter troll: you can dish it out but get upset when it’s thrown back at you? but it is helpful for your future therapy sessions that you’ve admitted to stalking other people’s children. remember you are the one who posted ” incorrect, Kathleen started stalking the lives of children before anyone.” we all know that by “anyone” you mean yourself. i suggest when you get a therapist you ask him or her what it is that causes you to stalk other women’s children

  140. 140
    lucy Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid @ 03/01/2012 at 6:55 pm

    i just finished reading all of the posts from this misfit fan. they are more than funny. there used to be this poster called bostonfan, or something like that., who was equally annoying. she or he was more than jealous of Nicole and what she has. bostonfan used to claim that Nicole isn’t an American even though she was born in Hawaii. in any case, i think that misfit fan and bostonfan are one and the same person. just a thought.

  141. 141
    misfit fans Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid – there’s pictures of skeptics blowing roadies? Really? I’ve never seen them. Vegetables on a plate equals a sex fetish? Stories are posted – yes, so many “stories” are posted on here that aren’t true; pretty much all lies. If you can’t post the truth in public, I can’t imagine what psychos like you post in secret.

    Skeptics are stupid, are you going to be up posting until 2:00 – 3:00 AM this morning again? You must not have a man or family? What a lonely life sitting by the computer defending the Urbans on the internet after 2:00 AM.

  142. 142
    misfit fans Says:

    @tracy – take a comprehension reading course because Kathleen started stalking children on here before my comment. Which meant – what was her children doing while defending celebrities on the internet? Who is taking care of her kids and how much time is she spending with her children while she is on the internet? Ask your therapist if it is normal to defend celebrities on the internet and also seek help for your control issues.

  143. 143
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    For someone who constantly spews this reading comprehension bs (NOMOREFAN) you can’t read. It’s YOUR stories of what YOU did, the pictures of YOU, and YOUR vegetables. Do we need to go into YOUR obsession with ben wan balls or v@ginal smell?

    You don’t know when anybody posts because you don’t know what time zone they are in. But we know yours. Better run and check the clock so you can shave an hour off and tell us another lie!

    Bostonfan is not this loon. But it doesn’t matter anyway. The few od them are sick and twisted,

  144. 144
    misfit fans Says:

    Staying up until 2:00 AM to bash people on the internet who don’t like the Urbans – priceless! More lies from you – vaginal smells now? You have quite the imagination. Do you eat with that mouth? I hope you don’t kiss your parents with that mouth – if they even have anything to do with you anymore. Please take your pills. I imagine you have blood vessels popping out of your skin by now.

    Up until 2:00 AM for the sake of the Urbans, I just can’t imagine that kind of “life”.

  145. 145
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    It’s really sad after all this time you are in EXTREME denial about everything including your own behavior for the past 7 years. If that doesn’t say “I need help” I don’t know what does. Go on, have the last comment. You don’t have anything else.

  146. 146
    misfit fans Says:

    No, you are in EXTREME denial that others must like what you like and cannot form their own opinions. You are a control freak. You, of course, like this black dress Kidman has on, but somebody else doesn’t, so they are wrong (in your world). They are lying. No, it is someone’s opinion, which is NEVER wrong. It is fans like you that have caused the fan club to dry up because normal people no longer want to associate with know-it-all control freaks – the ones who think they know EVERYTHING about Keith Urban and will put you in your place if you call a band member by the wrong name. Who cares? You have no problem with the Christina, Jennifer, Angelina, etc. haters, but only the people who don’t drool over the Urbans. This proves that you are a stalking fan and you take the Urbans way too seriously in your life. Remember the “Leave Britney alone” guy on youtube? That’s a VERY clear picture of you. Deal with it.

  147. 147
    Lilly Says:

    @misfit fans:

    Well what do I hear? The haters code words :

    opinions ( are not lies)——
    Freedom of speech (let the lies begin)——-
    fans ( not normal people)——–
    don’t drool over the urbans ( confimed hater nut)——–
    stalking fan ( anyone who likes the Urban family in any form) ——
    Deal with it ( I am a confirmed hater) ——
    control freak ( when someone sets them straight on their lies) ——–

    the same words they have used for over 7 years to justify the nutty lies they tell. And to COVER up when they get caught telling them!!!


  148. 148
    lot Says:

    smeary leery is off the rails again. Is that suppose to generate interest in their soap opera tales?

    Is that plan B when the ship is sinking?

    Get over it … that boat has sailed you idiots…

  149. 149
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    nomorefan aka nomorebrains aka misfit fans is so classy!

    From one of her many accounts across the internet

    ” I imagine it smells in there too, and I can’t imagine why Urban would want to have sex with another guy – I mean Kidman!”

    Denial always comes to bite you in the @ss

  150. 150
    Jada Says:



    What you post online is forever haters! BAHAHAHAHA!

  151. 151
    misfit fans Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid: From the ever classy holly who dreams of celebrities’ sex lives: “I bet those legs have been wrapped around him a couple thousand times. Am I right people? Probably with high heels on too.”

    What goes around comes around.

    Skeptics are stupd – how many hours to do you spend searching posts – even worse yet, how many hours do you spend copying and pasting posts to a Word document for future use?

    Coo-coo! Coo-coo!

  152. 152
    misfit fans Says:

    Another classy comment from holly, the classy fan: “I know it’s hard for you to remember what exactly having sex is (that stick up your rear end doesn’t count) but it’s not lewd.” So she gets off on people impaling themselves with wood and finds it socially acceptable?

    Sweep in front of your own door.

  153. 153
    mary Says:

    to Misfit fans

    A friend who works in the same office has been sending all of us in the office copies of posts put on the George Clooney threads, here on JJ, by an individual “signage” who is really in need of serious help. those posts are just as strange and lucid (sic) as yours are here. after reading signage’s posts and yours, my friend has come to come to the conclusion that you and signage are one and the same. She could be right.. In any case, I have to ask what Nicole has done to deserve someone like you.

  154. 154
    ha Says:


    That must be some office you “work” in….lol
    How professional, just like your posts.

  155. 155
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @ha: @misfit fans:

    It’s clear from your posts that

    1) You have a severe disconnect from the real world
    2) You are a pathological liar
    3) You think that transferring your negative and destructive behavior onto others will make the reality of what you do go away.
    4) You can’t read
    5) You don’t know the meaning of the word “impale”. I suggest you get a vocabulary beyond the words “dude” and “hermie”

    The train derailment you’ve been predicting has already happened nomorefan. It’s called your life.

  156. 156
    Dee Says:

    @ Mary You are absolutely correct. I think there is one person, maybe two, that are sending these sick messages. The question you ask is perfect, what did Nicole do to you to deserve these sick comments?? I think Nicole and Keith fell in love with each other and I guess it’s Nicoles fault.

  157. 157
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @mary: The woman who posts as nomorefan on E is sick. Nicole has done nothing. nomorefan is a no name nobody who lives in the Midwest and thinks she owns Keith Urban just because she went to many Urban concerts. It’s amazing who this nobody knows. First she told everyone she knew someone who saw Nicole do drugs at a party. Then she was the only one who knew someone that knew that Tom Cruise secretly admitted Nicole to an eating disorder clinic. Then years later she went to Nashville, tried to stalk Urban and his haunts, came up empty handed. She posted a story anyway that she and her sister saw some bar request for Keith Urban at a hotel. She bragged about the hotel but its where so many tourists stay it was laughable she blew it out of proportion. It was supposed to be a huge list and according to nomorefan Keith was planning to get wasted off this alcohol order. This was around the time they were still trying to prove they knew he was drinking after rehab even though they had no information. They are just sickos. Think of anything…marriage, babies, career they’ve lied about it all on their own end and about the Urbans. They have no proof, they are nobodies behind computers spewing hate.

  158. 158
    misfit fans Says:

    @mary: So you get paid by your employer, when you are supposed to be working, to surf all the gossip sites and do a comparative of posters on that site with all of your co-workers. How many hours are spent doing that? You know that’s stealing. Where are YOUR morals?

  159. 159
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @misfit fans: It’s good to know what is fine for you to do is immoral and stealing for everyone else. Could you be any more transparent nomorefan? Stealing is quoting posts to prove people are lying. What a code of ethics you have!

  160. 160
    misfit fans Says:

    @mary: The woman who posts as Skeptics are stupid is REALLY sick. Nicole doesn’t know who she is, doesn’t give a cr@p about her and will never come knocking on her door for being a devoted, brave fan. Skeptics are stupid is a nobody that lives at your local mental hospital and thinks Keith Urban knows who she is because she defends Keith EVERY WHERE on the internet. It’s amazing who this nobody doesn’t know.

    BTW Skeptics are stupid – get this story straight. You are WRONG AGAIN this information comes from other skeptics:
    First she told everyone she knew someone who saw Nicole do drugs at a party. Then she was the only one who knew someone that knew that Tom Cruise secretly admitted Nicole to an eating disorder clinic.

    Then years later she went to Nashville, tried to stalk Urban and his haunts, came up empty handed.

    Urban wasn’t in town – try Australia at the time. Lahoooooser!

    Skeptics are stupid is VERY jealous that she has never been in Nashville or stayed at such hotels. Skeptics are stupid, you really don’t know much about the Hermitage and Gaylord hotels.

    More lies from Skeptics are stupid:

    This was around the time they were still trying to prove they knew he was drinking after rehab even though they had no information.

    Skeptics are stupid is just a sicko. Think of anything…marriage, babies, career she’s lied about it all. She has no proof, she is NOBODY behind computers spewing hate and defending KUNK until 2 AM! 2 AM!

    Now wait for it, Skeptics are stupid will go to her Word document and pull up a bunch of stuff that she copies and pasted at 2 AM!

  161. 161
    misfit fans Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid: Do you know that I work? Do you know if I am self-employed? You know NOTHING! You think you can judge me, so I’ll go ahead and judge the Urbans alI I want, which just eats away at you.!

  162. 162
    duh Says:

    All anyone needs to say to you is LIAR.

    Sas and others keep posting. The more info on here the more anyone can connect the dots. Google doesn’t forget!

  163. 163
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @nomorefan @misfit fans If we know nothing why are you still here? BAHAHAHAHAHA!

  164. 164
    misfit fans Says:

    @duh: “Google doesn’t forget!”
    Neither does Skeptics are stupid as she has it all saved to her computer . . . at 2:00 AM!

  165. 165
    we know you Says:

    Don’t forget she also “saw” Keith playing chess with another woman on his lap. It was probably the same night she said she got drunk and blew Okie to get info about Keith. If you saw this woman, you’d gag. She’s probably 200 lbs with at least 4 sets of belly rolls. She’s spray tanned orange and has buggy eyes and greasy looking skin. Imagine Snooky in 20 years. She calls herself a good mother yet she’s been stalking Keith and hating on Nicole for 7 years, her kids entire teenage years. She also said she shares her hate comments with her husband and kids. They all know exactly what she does, so she says. Her posts start at 4:30am on E and end well into the night. She is a proven liar and backstabber.

  166. 166
    holly Says:

    @misfit fans – I like sex

  167. 167
    misfit fans Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid: Why are you here?

  168. 168
    nomorefan Says:

    @we know you: “Don’t forget she also “saw” Keith playing chess with another woman on his lap. It was probably the same night she said she got drunk and blew Okie to get info about Keith.”

    Really? I said that? LIAR! I NEVER said I, as in me, saw anything. Oh if only you were there, but you hate yourself for not. I did hear when Keith yelled out to his fans to get the eff out of soundcheck. Boy you fans just pissed him off . No wonder why you get second level seats with the pre-sales. You great fans caused a mass panic for security throughout the building while we were picking up our tickets. Once again, you fans think you have some kind of entitlement to him. Who goes barging into soundcheck? Then I remember the fans coming out of the theater laughing and thinking they were so cute. Wow, do you realize what you just did? Building security didn’t think you were cute!

    Ugh, you go on with the same lies for five years, if I’m suppose to stop, then why don’t you?

    Sorry, I don’t like oral, that’s holly’s speciality (I’ve been told with donkeys) – go after her, but that’s acceptable because she is a fan.

  169. 169
    duh Says:

    @we know you: Theres multiple versions of her stories depending on who she told. I’m sure she has them all stored away in her inboxes from her different accounts at e. For all those friends.that she supposedly has where are they to back her up? Nomorefan nomorefriends nomorebrains.

  170. 170
    duh Says:

    @we know you: God help her son and daughtr if they know and God help them if they don’t.

  171. 171
    nomorefan Says:

    @duh: Sorry, I’ve always told the same truthful stories. You idiots just filled in lies where you felt needed.

  172. 172
    nomorefan Says:

    @duh: Are you stalking my children?

  173. 173
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Yeah, so you said you saw nothing but we are jealous as wish we were there to see nothing too. Get your stories straight. It’s dejavu all over again. You saw a bar request. Then it was too dark to see a bar request. You heard employees talking. Then you didn’t. Urban wasn’t in town but that was his list. Urban wasn’t in town but you were hanging out in restaurants and hallways for what then? We are jealous over you staying at a hotel that anyone can stay in as long as they can pay for it. Did you tell your major market radio station and your DJs what your plans for the trip were? That’s a whole hell of a lot of lying to get back at someone for getting rid of band members that you wanted to stalk at Applebee’s or Chili’s or the Waffle House or wherever the next late-night post-gig meal was. Richard Marx is mad at him for that too, right? LMAO!

    You are certifiable Susie Q.

  174. 174
    nomorefan Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid: I was there, and you were not. I know what happened. You do not. No, I never said the bar was too dark to see the request. The bar is on the dark side, but you can easily see a piece of paper 18 inches from you. No, he wasn’t in town, and I ate at the tourist traps. Hallways? What hallway? Another lie Sas? What were my plans for the radio trip Sas? You know everything. Please, tell me where I went on that trip. Look into your crystal ball for answers. Oh shake your Magic 8 Ball. No, I never sought out the band like you hoped too. Again, you have that story confused with another skeptic. Keith said that he was on the outs with Richard not me. No, never been on Twitter. This poor Susie Q that you stalked – you are a really scary person. Dangerous actually. Where you stalking her at 2:00 AM as well?

    You are certificable nuts.

  175. 175
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    You get mad at Keith for breathing without your approval. Everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie. Time to go talk to your other personalities Youneverknow and TwistedReason.

  176. 176
    nomorefan Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid: Sas, every time you post, I am just amazed at the BS you think of in your head. No, I’m not mad at Keith for breathing. The things that you type are out of this world and so sick. I can no longer think of a word that is good enough to define you. Now I am Youneverknow and TwistedReason? Try again Sas . . . trry again. You are taking stabs in the dark because you are so desperate to be the one that knows everything. Unfortunately, I know the truth, and that’s why I stick around because I know it burns your ass. Once again, what hallway was I in and what was a doing there? And if I was in a hallway, well, honey, who hasn’t been? Is your apartment hall-less?

  177. 177
    Been There Says:

    @holly – You crack me up, girlfriend!
    @nomorefan – You change your stories depending on who you talk to. You blow Okie, you don’t blow Okie. You see something then it was somebody else who saw it but they “told” you. You hear things that 1000 other people in the same place don’t hear. You say you can be trusted then you say you share your PM’s. Bottom lie is you’re a liar. You lie to get attention. You lie to gain trust. Nobody believes or will ever believe a word that comes out of that nasty mouth of yours. And where’d misfit fans run off to when you appeared? Is she waddling around the office handing out paychecks too? Seriously, you are one sick, twisted puppy. It’s no wonder your kids want to be far, far away from the giant dysfunction in their lives. What a role model. Not.

  178. 178
    nomorefan Says:

    @Been There: Nope, never told anyone different stories. You don’t do that when you tell the truth. Look at all the different versions you guys are coming up with, which again, means you are the ones lying, so just crawl back in your hole of jealousy. Someone finally knows more about Keithy than you and it just kills you that you weren’t there.

  179. 179
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    You don’t need to tell me you are angry at Keith and his fans. That’s been obvious for years.

    I’d bet my life I don’t know every version of all the stories you’ve got. if I tell you one you’ll say no I’m lying and whip out a different version you told someone else. I’ll just let you twist in the wind.
    All your questions are a ploy to try and figure out who I am and what stories you told me. Nobody with a brain believes you. You think you have any credibility when you come here under another one of your 1000 JJ names to deny deny deny, and then magically “nomorefan” who you said you weren’t appears to deny deny deny? And again all because “we know nothing”. Bully playing the victim doesn’t fly with me. silly old bag.

  180. 180
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @Been There:

    You lie to gain trust.

    This needs to be repeated over and over. It’s never mentioned enough. Sassy Susie Q never pulled the wool over my eyes but she tried. Multiple times.

    Note to everyone – the lies don’t start and end at E and JJ. They are only the tip of the iceberg.

  181. 181
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @nomorefan: I wasn’t there to find out what you saw – which today you claim was nothing. Okay. Well I don’t believe you saw anything despite what you told other people depending on the day. But its too bad you always have to invent yourself into someone more important that you really are. Front row seats and staying in a hotel fancier than Motel 6 doesn’t make you a decent person.

  182. 182
    taco Says:

    Keep exposing this a-hole. Just know she has no intention of stopping. She doesn’t want her life back no matter how many lies the skeptics get caught telling.

    nomorefan – “Does it really matter whether a contract exists or not? He chooses to be tied to her either way. Marriages end in divorce and contracts end in breach. No big deal.”

  183. 183
    Been There Says:

    @nomorefan – Do you hear yourself? You are certified nuts. Youre a 50 year old nobody in Minnesota claiming to know stuff about Keith Urban who doesn’t know you from the hole you crawled out of. Or maybe you mean the stuff you get from the Iowa librarian. Or the other nutjob on E who said his baby was plastic. Reality check: You weren’t any more special to Keith or his crew than any other fan. You aren’t some privleged insider and never were. You make things up when it suits you. You are a compulsive liar and you really need help.

  184. 184
    mary Says:

    misfit fans @ 03/02/2012 at 2:34 pm

    upset that you’ve been outed signage?

  185. 185
    nomorefan Says:

    @taco: Who started the contract talk? Not me.


    @Been There – Nope closer to 40 than 50. Go hassle those closer to 60 year-old women who actually make youtube videos with Keith’s music playing in the background while they seriously sing along with him. Yea, that’s a crowd I would really like to hang out with – not!

    I’ve got more stories of the devoted KU fans that just made me want to run away! How many of you have grab his junk while he goes through an audience during a show? Another classy move, right? That’s some kind of entitlement you bunnies have to pull that kind of a move.

    But keep thinking you are the mentally healthy ones here. I’ve got a real doozy of a story to share with you someday and she’s one of you! How’s the conversations with Claire these days too?

  186. 186
    duh Says:

    You might be under 50 but you aren’t closer to 40 and you definitely look way older than your age. You always think you are getting away with something but you can’t skirt the truth. It doesn’t matter who started the rumors, lies, death threats. All of you allow it, condone it, perpetuate that trash in some form.

    You are not a victim, at all. You are simply a bully, and a b_itch, and a liar.

  187. 187
    Bahaha! Says:

    Closer to 40, my as s. More lies from the compulsive liar.

  188. 188
    Aussome! Says:

    The bright nail polish, orange skin, molded hair, and tongue sticking out isn’t appealing. The see-through white tees and fat rolls don’t go together either. No amount of butterfly brigade decals can camouflage that!

  189. 189
    molly Says:

    Wow! This just gets weirder and weirder. Do you people actually know each other? What’s all this got to do with pictures of 2 talented people and their 2 sweet, adorable daughters?

  190. 190
    . Says:

    Start here. nomorefan is all over this blog

  191. 191
    Missy Says:

    If you need more proof that nomorefan is crazy, one of her other usernames is LynchHer!. Here’s nomorefan talking to herself:

  192. 192
    Missy Says:

    And if you really need more proof, here’s nomorefan talking to TWO MORE of her usernames, PicklednMn and NKsKids4Sale. The topic is Oakie.

  193. 193
    lyn Says:

    OMG those crazy haters over at e! must be so proud of Sue . Over here making them all look like the idiots they are! LOL

    Don’t be fooled by different user names. Its all the same idiots talking to themselves. FOOLS

  194. 194
    observer Says:

    I don’t know this person but she should take a step back and ask herself if this is who she thought she’d be 20 years ago. Life changes people but people can also change their life. She should try to remember the person she wanted to be once and go for that. It’s never to late. She may also have some kind of addiction or mental problem so she might not be able to help the things she does. It’s obvious something is wrong.

  195. 195
    nomorefaninCO Says:

    @Missy: BAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s where I said I got drunk with Oakie and had sex with him? BAHAHAHAHAHA! You people are beyond dumb. We knew that was a plant the very second they came on the board. So everybody on the internet with Susie (which again, I never use Susie as part of my name and would never do it because I think it sounds childish for an adult) and Minnesota in their name is automatically me? You need to get off the internet and out of your apartment – especially on a Friday night. Look – you are defending KUNK on a Friday night into the late hours. As far as those other screen names, sorry to disappoint, but those were friends from a whole different location. Oh and I am being bashed for my “bright” nails. Is that the best you can come up with? That was OPI’s most popular color in my nail salon at the time. You probably have the gross habit of biting your nails. So my direct quote that I did Oakie was from comments made from PickledinMN – BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Look I’m from Colorado now!

  196. 196
    nomorefaninCO Says:

    @observer: Have you watched the youtube videos of a 60 year-old woman singing along to KU song’s – yea, THERE’S some mental issues.

  197. 197
    nomorefaninCO Says:

    I have to add one more thing. Thanks for sharing that thread with PickledinMN’s posts because if you keep reading and come to this page, and read cameltoes second comment. There’s your proof of plants on the E board:

    “Oh, you have no idea! It’s more difficult to laugh when you don’t know who’s being played.”

    Big mistake there bunnies. HUGE!

  198. 198
    . Says:

  199. 199
    we know you Says:

    @nomorefanwhocareswhereyouarenow: You were in MN then. And you talked to yourself then and still do. You’re sick. Go blow another roadie.

  200. 200
    nomorefaninCO Says:

    @no you don’t know me: I talk to myself, but you keep responding :) No, I’m not sick – PickledinMN is sick because she’s the one that gets drunk with and blows Oakie, and you were all too stupid to figure this out. One of you bunnies let the cat out of the bag. You’re right – you can Google anything. BIG mistake HUGE! And because you aren’t too bright we know you, no, I’m not in CO right now, but anybody can take a screen name and put a state in it. You honestly thought I was trying to fool you with being in CO right now. DOH! (As Homer Simpson says) I’m sorry you haven’t figured that out yet. Am I dealing with grade school kids here?

  201. 201
    , Says:

  202. 202
    - Says:

  203. 203
    ! Says:

  204. 204
    @ Says:

  205. 205
    we know you Says:

    @nomorefriends: Keep talking. You prove our case everytime you post. Nobody cares where you are. You should be in the mental hospital. We know you and your other names talk to each other. We know your other usernames because you’ve told people. You’ve also said you know how to manipulate posts to trick people. We know. We know you and you’re a compulsive liar. So keep talking. Whenever you can find the time in between blowing roadies.

  206. 206
    nomorefaninCO Says:

    Skeptics are stupid a/k/a Skewering ***** – have you noticed I haven’t clicked on your blog yet? Another failed attempt by you. If anything, people who will look will be shocked by your anger issues. Your blog doesn’t faze me as I know you are just jealous. Is your blood boiling now? You really need a prescription.

  207. 207
    nomorefaninCO Says:

    @we know you: You responded again to me! I thought no one was paying any attention to me – obviously you are! Gotta win right, but you won’t with me! I’ve manipulated you – damn I’m good! In case you didn’t know it, you just gave me a huge pat on the back there! Again, you are too stupid to realize what you just said – just like cameltoes.

    So you got turned down by the roadies and never talked to the band and can’t handle the rejection – not my problem. Maybe you should be nicer to people.

  208. 208
    we know you Says:

    This one’s my favorite. Walmart and belly rolls. A roadie’s dreamgirl.

  209. 209
    obvious Says:

    Christian crusader neverland deleted her wall which deleted her association with nomorefriends. Where are her buddies when she needs them?!

  210. 210
    Just Barb Says:

    @observer said “She may also have some kind of addiction or mental problem”
    It’s pretty obvious she’s got both.

  211. 211
    lyn Says:


  212. 212
    watching you Says:

    @ Skewer Mistress:

    obscenities, SPAMMING, misrepresentation, obsessiveness, arrogance, deception, no life outside of defending the Urbans

  213. 213
    Clover Says:


  214. 214
    Doctor Doctor Says:

    @watching you: Oh look, another case of Daylight Through The Skull!

  215. 215
    me3 Says:

    Scanning the comments on JJ NK threads is getting crazier and crazier. I guess her mental illness brought on by the fact that KU didn’t choose her is escalating every month he remains married to NK. Just LOOK at that beautiful family. How could any sane person say anything negative about them? God bless them and keep them together. Their little girls deserve that so they grow up mentally secure and stable. We don’t need more twisted people in this world.
    Find your own man. KU is a happily married FAMILY MAN. Show some respect!!!!

    I hope KU comes out with some new music soon. Its been so long.

  216. 216
    nina Says:

    Sunday looks a bit like Johannah duggar. cuteee

  217. 217
    tastatura laptop Says:

    so pretty and so nice , Nicole is my favorite actress.

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