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Nicole Kidman Takes Flight With the Family in Sydney

Nicole Kidman Takes Flight With the Family in Sydney

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban hold hands with their 3-year-old daughter Sunday at the airport on Wednesday (February 29) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress also carried 14-month-old Faith as the family prepared to catch a departing flight.

Matthew Goode, Nicole‘s co-star in the upcoming thriller Stoker, recently chatted about locking lips with her for the film.

“It’s a bit nerve-wracking. We were just doing a recce one day and we went to this house and Nicole‘s such a pro, she started going into the scene and I was like, ‘Oh my God,’” he shared.

“But she’s lovely,” Matthew added, “because you never know quite what to expect with someone who’s been a huge star for that long. She was really, really generous.”

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217 Responses to “Nicole Kidman Takes Flight With the Family in Sydney”

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  1. 51
    Been There Says:

    @Julie: He’s with her because he loves her. Simple as that. Deal with it.

  2. 52
    tracy Says:


    Keith is with Nicole because he loves her. i hope you not have delusional ideas that he’s going to leave her for you.

  3. 53
    Carrington Says:


    What is your problem, oh, you think you have a chance with Keith?

    The girls are dressed appropriately, whether you like the style or not, for a long plane ride.

    And you do not know whether or not she sees her kids in CA. She has a home there. She has referred to them in current interviews as in–seeing them or talking to them. Bella is 19 and Connor is 17. How many teens do you know that hang out with their parents at that age? And if she has them over for lunch or dinner do you think, since she is a private person unlike Leann Rimes, she is going to tweet the news and call the paps?

    Get a life honey. Keith looks really happy. People who know them Nashville say they are the real thing.

    Keith was never yours to begin with!

  4. 54
    Roger Says:

    @Julie: “Julie” = psychotic Keith Urban groupie. Do you even realize how pathetic you sound “Julie”? “She owns him”? What does that even mean? Who talks like that? Certainly not someone who lives in reality. Someone who watches far too many idiotic soap operas maybe.
    Keith and Nicole have been together for 7 YEARS, have 2 daughters together and you are still in denial, trying to convince yourself that he doesn’t really love her. It’s very obvious to anyone who knows what true and real love is that he absolutely adores her. Keith used to do drugs and cheat on his girlfriends, he has admitted so himself. Nicole has been incredibly good for him, she made him change his ways for the better and saved him (his words, not mine).
    “Julie”, you and your crazy friends from the E boards really need to move on. It’s been SEVEN YEARS. By now, it’s very obvious that you girls (50 year-old “girls”) are deeply unhappy in your lives. But to see you spew hatred at Nicole Kidman day after day, month after month, year after year is truly pathetic. He won’t leave her for you. Move on.

  5. 55
    Frozoid Says:

    Her face and neck look strained and plastic. And sorry, the kids aren’t cute. Not like Orlando and Miranda Kerr’s kids, or Amy Adams’ daughter or the Afflieck/Garner kids.

  6. 56
    taco Says:

    The old prunes were up early this morning. They still say Nicole is wearing a see through dress, What freaking morons!

    Duchess Catherine wearing a see through dress! BAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

  7. 57
    ellie' Says:

    What a beautiful family, the girls are adorable…

  8. 58
    Gloria Says:

    Very lovely family! They just seem like any normal family catching a flight. Nicole is beautiful and looks so happy. Keith is so handsome and the girls are precious! God Bless them.

  9. 59
    @Frozoid Says:

    Wow, what kind of monster talks about children in such an ugly way?Go back to the hole you crawled out of.

  10. 60
    yawn Says:

    @hi – the staff is carrying the Urban’s carry on baggage – can’t have that ruining the planned family photo op.

    @Gloria – I guess you haven’t traveled with kids either domestically or internationally on an airplane. This is most def not a picture of the average normal family. A normal family would be bogged down in things like diaper bags and purses and carry on items for their children like blankies and pillows. These are celebrities staging a photo op not earthy people on a family trip.

  11. 61
    @yawn Says:

    @yawn Talking to yourself AGAIN!

  12. 62
    Missy Says:

    @yawn: They look like a normal family to me. Just a normal family who can afford to have somebody else take care of their luggage. You know, someday you’re going to wake up from that little delusional dream of yours and find yourself in the real world and it’s going to be very scary for you. Maybe that’s why you’ve stayed in fantasyland for so long.

  13. 63
    holly Says:

    Aww, look at the 2 cutie patoodies made from hotstuff Keith and long legs McGee, aka Mrs Urban. I bet those legs have been wrapped around him a couple thousand times. Am I right people? Probably with high heels on too.
    It’s a sad day in Haterville when they have to pick on kids to get a thrill. What happened to all the sources? Not one person has seen Keith playing chess lately? I’m so disappointed. I guess they’re officially out of the loop.
    Ba har har

  14. 64
    duh Says:

    @Missy: They hate rich women and love rich men. Stalking guys with money is what they do. They like to call Nicole ”Rich B itch”.

  15. 65
    melissa Says:

    My favorite couple!!!!

  16. 66
    Emme Says:

    Where are her other kids??

  17. 67
    M Says:

    Beautiful, happy family…PERFECT!!! Keith’s YGF song is enjoying its 2nd week on #1 billboards and another one on its way with “For You”. Nicole is confirmed to be attached to a new movie “Before I go to sleep” by Rowan Joffe, just to add to the loooong lists of projects she’s doing. They sure are on fire with both their careers and personal life!!! Even Sunny is learning Spanish now hahaha…what an intelligent, accomplish, classy family!!! Happy days ahead…love them!

  18. 68
    Angel Says:

    @Leo: There is a Keith Urban – positive thread II on eonline and it’s beautiful, positive threads about the Kidman – Urban family! I have just discovered it myself and loving it as they have lots of fan sighting pics/candid pics of family, up to date news/articles/tweets/photos also. Never mind the other one.

  19. 69
    Liz Says:

    The more famous you are, the more attempts are made to pull you down. Handsome, talented couple with adorable daughters.

    Her other children are doing their thing – Connor being home-schooled and Bella working.

    Girls, girls, girls – You’ve let a charismatic fellow with an infectious smile steal your common sense. Play nice.

  20. 70
    Hannah Says:

    Actually Connor is being schooled in the Scientology school. Both he and Bella had to go there. They aren’t allowed to see Nicole without a Scientology chaperone because she isn’t a Scientologist. That’s a pretty well known fact. I’m glad Nicole is happy and found her soulmate in Keith. He’s a sweetheart.

  21. 71
    roses19 Says:

    How come you never see Nicole with her kids with Tom Cruise? Its like her only kids are her 2 biological? Nothing against them but its kind of seems as if she is not very much in their lives…who knows though.

  22. 72
    nk Says:

    why is she never photographed with her older children? The children she adopted with Tom Cruise? I see them more with tom and his family

  23. 73
    nk Says:

    exactly what i was asking myself

  24. 74
    Louise Says:

    Gorgeous, loving family. They eek happiness. Nicole looks so beautiful……her dress is gorgeous. Keith looks so beautiful…….he dresses as he likes. The girls look so beautiful……..dressed so charming. JJ, keep those pictures of the Urban family coming. They are by far my favorite family in the entertainment industry.

  25. 75
    Missy Says:

    How come haters can’t read? It looks like your stupid questions were answered by #70. Duh.

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