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Sophia Bush: Gay Marriage Is 'Absolutely A Civil Rights Issue'

Sophia Bush: Gay Marriage Is 'Absolutely A Civil Rights Issue'

Sophia Bush heads back to her car after picking up groceries at Whole Foods on Tuesday (February 28) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress recently was asked if she agreed with George Clooney that gay rights are the “last leg of the civil rights movement.”

“Absolutely, I agree with that. 100 percent,” Sophia told E! Online.

“When we’re talking about the ’60s, when my best friend couldn’t drink out of the same water fountain as I can because his skin is a different color than me … now, you’re talking about a different best friend of mine who can’t get married even though I could get married seven times in my life and he can’t do that because he is a different sexual orientation than me?! That’s absolutely a civil rights issue,” she added. “Anyone who says that it isn’t is misinformed.”

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  • BEAN

    Oh quit talking lady. You dont know what civil right is.

  • t

    So true sophia/george, good for them for caring about the rights of others, and shame on anyone who thinks they have the right to belittle others struggle for equality.

  • Ryanzzz

    As I’ve said before, yes, it’s a civil rights issue, but you can’t compare being black to being gay. It has nothing to do with arguing which group has suffered more, but everything to do with the fact that if one were to say “well, if a white man can marry a black woman, then he can certainly marry another man,” which sounds ridiculous, as does “well, if a man can marry a man, then why can’t he marry an animal, or his sister, or have multiple wives; after all, as long as they are consenting adults . . .” which is an argument opponents of gay marriage have been making for years. The only thing you can compare gay oppression to, is to contrast it to the rights straight people enjoy. Gay oppression, so to speak, is in it’s own class, and when you start comparing it to being of another race other than white, you open a Pandora’s box that then leaves being gay open to comparison to bestiality, polygamy, and incest (after all, as long as it involves consenting adults, it should be legal, right?). Such ridiculous comparisons are what conservatives have been doing for years.

    I haven’t heard of this actress, but she is grossly misinformed and stupid.

  • sopihias bush

    @Ryanzzz I don’t think ‘animals’ count as consenting adults.

  • SemorePhillips

    ‘Marriage’ is gay.

  • Leenah

    I agree with her on a certain level,but I don’t agree with the comparison between black people and gay people can be gay,also.
    Everyone should love who they want to and be able to marry who they want,but this is the society we live in.

  • allana

    I think she means black people are born black and gay people are born gay and it shows that campaigning and persistence pays off so that we can all be equal

  • Mikaela

    At times I think celebrities brings certain subjects to a discussion to prove that they care. The world is not a fair place to be, nothing will ever be perfect, gay marriage is an issue in every country. Everytime she comes out on an article is about gay marriage, doesn’t she have a failed carrer to worry about? I’m sick and tired of people making gay people the most important people on the plante, funny thing is I don’t hear these people talking about poverty in Africa, civil war in 3rd worl countries, helping rebuilt a country affected by tsunamis or eartquakes.

  • Gen

    Are you an idiot???
    And what “failed career” are YOU talking about??
    She just wrapped up being on a show for 9 years(something most people in Hollywood DREAM about having).
    Sophia also was signed by the biggest talent agency in the world a few months back and she has also scored one of the lead roles in a CBS pilot for the upcoming fall. Whether it will get picked up or not remains to be seen(but chances are strong judging by the reaction that a lot of media outlets have been showing).
    In addition to that, she’s been getting and looking at a lot of different scripts. So the way I see it, most actors would kill to have what Sophia has.
    As for talking about gay marriage, whats it to you or anyone else if some celebs are so concerned about it?? And why shouldn’t they want to support it?? Sophia has a lot of friend who are gay including having a Godfather who was gay as well before he passed away. Of course this is going to be close to her heart.
    So instead of wasting time being insensitive and rude, people really need to grow the f$ck up and try being nice for a change. Or perhaps shutup all together.

  • edit much

    …or worrying about posters who cannot spell… @Mikaela:

  • Ari


  • hugo

    @gen BRAVO!
    @mikaela you’re a small minded moron

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    As usual, you people in the United States are way behind the times on human rights issues. Here in Canada we have had same-sex marriage for years. It would help a great deal if America would actually look beyond its own borders and discover that there’s a lot of intelligent life out there in the rest of the world. Take a hint from the rest of the world and find out that money, materialism and celebrities are not everything.(one further hint – the world did not begin in 1776……..its time to come out of your own little world and study how the rest of the world works!)

  • tlb1974

    They can get married just not to the sex they want to get married too so it really isn’t any where close to being black in the 60′s

  • ozzie


    what a hateful and ignorant point of view … your knowledge of history doesn’t date back very far … gay people have been hunted and killed since primitive bible times. Gays were rounded up and gassed during the Holocost also.

    gay teens today are being beat up, bullied, and terrorized to the point they are taking their own lives. Some schools in less civilized states actually have rules in place that protect the bully by stating anything related to homosexuality is to remain outside the school so beating up gay kids is acceptable practice.

    Your broken thought process that gay people should only be compared to straight people is ridiculous. I don’t know of any circumstance where someone was killed on a barbed wire fence, beat up in the locker room, or hung themselves because they were heterosexual.

    Bigots like you are the reason the rest of the civilized world just looks at our country and shakes their head.

  • Max

    Since she finally dumped the disgusting and useless Austin Nichols, who’s getting the lucky Sophia’s Bush?

    Zachary Levi or Adrian Grenier? Or both?

  • Ryanzzz


    You seem pretty ignorant to call me bigoted. If you weren’t so thick headed to properly read my post, you would see I’m gay and for gay rights.

    My point is you can’t compare being gay to being black because that opens the door to comparing being gay with polygamy, bestiality, and incest. Gay rights is its own thing. This excuse for an actress is saying that if blacks have persevered and have been granted civil rights, so should gays. Well, conservatives have been arguing for 50 years that if we grant gays civil rights, then that means we should then be granting civil rights to polygamist, etc. No we shouldn’t because being gay is completely different than that. Maybe yo are too stupid to understand, but comparing gays to some other group works both ways, therefore should be avoided.

  • Ryanzzz


    Second of all, my point about you should only compare gays to straight people means that you should be saying “If straight people are allowed to do such as such, so should gays.” Not “If blacks can do such and such . . .” because again, it opens the door for someone to argue well, if we grant gays these rights, we should also being granting such rights to polygamists, as well as those taking part in incest and bestiality.

    Yes, gay rights is a civil rights issue., but notice how no prominent activists have ever compared being gay to being black, because they are smarter than that and know you’re on a slippery slop. I hope I’m making my point across because you are probably some dumb bimbo.

  • ozzie


    I understand your points very clearly as you did explain them very well. Your thought process is flawed and clouded by over thinking the real basic issue.

    Gay rights isn’t its “own thing.” Quite simply it is oppression of a minority group (not racial minority … i am talking mathematics) by a group of bigoted people in power … the majority. This is a reoccurring theme throughout history.

    To suggest the gay civil rights movement is it’s own unique movement is just silly because the same thing has happened in recent history where a class, race, or other group of people have had to fight for the rights the majority already enjoy … civil rights movement of black people, women gettting the right to vote, etc …. you have over romanticized your plight into being special … it is in fact a plain simple civil rights case.

  • Ryanzzz


    For somebody who claims to understand my points, you seem to be getting it very wrong. First of all, you keep on seeming to suggest I don’t think gay rights is a civil rights case. Of course it is and yes the struggle for gay rights is part of the historical fabric for the struggle for equal rights of many groups in this country, and the argument for gay rights should be based on the principles of this country of equality for all. However, as any prominent gay rights activist knows, you can’t go around saying “gays should get such and such rights because blacks or women (as you mention) have such and such rights,” because it sounds ridiculous. Seriously, have you ever heard anybody say “well if women can vote, so should gays,” or “if we allow blacks in our church, we should also allow gays”? Of course not, because it sounds silly.

    And as I’ve reiterated before, it would be equally silly to surmise that “if we grant gays the right to marry, what’s to stop us from allowing a man to marry his sister?” This has been a core argument of conservatives and this is what you get when you start making explicit comparisons.

    It’s good that you are for equality and it might seem all the same to you, but if you were actually involved in real world activism and politics as it relates to gay rights, you would realize “wording” is a very important consideration on how you go about tackling the issue, because this is a political one.

  • Shoop

    Very safe Hollywood answer.

    Unfortunately, walking into a room black and walking into a room gay don’t quiiiiite parallel in terms of their respective prejudice.

  • Jos. A. Mustich

    onward to full civil and marriage equality rights now. period .
    case closed.
    cheers, joe mustich, ct, usa, justice of the peace..

    obama, dont attack iran!!

  • Jos. A. Mustich

    @edit much:

    get over it…

  • shadow_man


    Here is why the slippery slope argument fails.

    Let us take the 4 common arguments: beastiality, pedophilia, incest, and polygamy. First off, all 4 of these are fetishes, and irrelevant to homosexuality, which is a sexual orientation. Let me distinguish this for you using incest as an example. If a guy into incest is straight, he’ll choose his sister, and if he’s gay, he’ll choose his brother. See the distinguishment? Now pedophilia and beastiality will never be legal, because both are non-consenting and harmful, whereas homosexuality is 2 loving consenting adults that is not wrong or harmful. Incest, also has been shown to lead to genetic defects, so that is also out of the question. Incest also is a fetish, not a sexual orientation. I have never seen a person exclusively attracted to their brothers/sisters etc. Polygamy also is a choice. No one can choose who they would or will be attracted to, but they CAN choose to be in more than one relationship with more than one person at the same time. Polygamy can be damaging, as it can cause jealousies and resentments among the participants and any children produced. Those 4 fetishes can be seen to be harmful and wrong, whereas gay marriage is neither harmful nor wrong.

  • shadow_man

    We need to get the word out to religious communities that anti-gay people are twisting God’s words to condone their anti-gay agenda.

    Homosexuality is not a sin. The Bible is constantly being taken out of context to support anti-gay views. Scholars who have studied the Bible in context of the times and in relation to other passages have shown those passages (Leviticus, Corinthians, Romans, etc) have nothing to do with homosexuality. These passages often cherry-picked while ignoring the rest of the Bible. The sins theses passages are referring to are idolatry, Greek temple sex worship, prostitution, pederasty with teen boys, and rape, not homosexuality or two loving consenting adults.

    (Change *** to www)

  • shadow_man

    Homosexuality is not a choice. Just like you don’t choose the color of your skin, you cannot choose whom you are sexually attracted to. Virtually all major psychological and medical experts agree that sexual orientation is NOT a choice. Most gay people will tell you its not a choice. Common sense will tell you its not a choice. While science is relatively new to studying homosexuality, studies tend to indicate that its biological.

    (Change *** to www)
    Gay, Straight Men’s Brain Responses Differ

    There is overwhelming scientific evidence that homosexuality is not a choice. Sexual orientation is generally a biological trait that is determined pre-natally, although there is no one certain thing that explains all of the cases. “Nurture” may have some effect, but for the most part it is biological.

    And it should also be noted that:
    “It is worth noting that many medical and scientific organizations do believe it is impossible to change a person’s sexual orientation and this is displayed in a statement by American Academy of Pediatrics, American Counseling Association, American Association of School Administrators, American Federation of Teachers, American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, American School Health Association, Interfaith Alliance Foundation, National Association of School Psychologists, National Association of Social Workers, and National Education Association.”

  • shadow_man

    This is the perfect example of how anti-gay people change the bible’s words for their anti-gay agenda.

    Corinthians 6:9-11
    Let us examine that very closely.

    Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither the immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate [malakoi], nor homosexual offenders [arsenokoites], nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.

    First of all, before we address this line, let us consider one thing. Supposedly taken from a 2000+ year old book, understand that the word “homosexual” was not coined until 1869 by Austrian-born novelist Karl-Maria Kertbeny. So how it happens to be included in a true reading of the particular biblical passage should make you ponder how accurate the interpretation actually is. So man changing the words of the Bible to conveniently spread their anti-gay agenda?


  • shadow_man

    The National Library of Medicine pubs confirm that sexual orientation is natural, biologically induced in the first trimester of pregnancy, morally neutral, immutable, neither contagious nor learned, bearing no relation to an individuals ability to form deep and lasting relationships, to parent children, to work or to contribute to society.

    From the American Psychological Association: homosexuality is normal; homosexual relationships are normal.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association have endorsed civil marriage for same-sex couples because marriage strengthens mental and physical health and longevity of couples, and provides greater legal and financial security for children, parents and seniors.

    America’s premier child/mental health associations endorse marriage equality.

  • shadow_man

    This was taken from another poster that shows why we need to legalize gay marriage. If you don’t feel for this person after reading it, you simply aren’t human.

    “I am not sure what our President thinks of this dicission but coming from a poor family and knowing what discrimination is all about I would assume he would not care if “Gays” have equal rights. The whole reason why they are asking for rights to be considered married is from the same reason why I would be for it. My own life partner commited suicide in our home with a gun to his heart. After a 28 year union I was deprived to even go his funeral. We had two plots next to each other. But because we did not have a marriage cirtificate “(Legal Document)” of our union his mother had him cremated and his ashes taken back to Missouri where we came from. That is only one example how painful it is. His suicide tramatized me so much and her disregard for my feelings only added to my heartach. That happened on March 21 of 2007 and I still cannot type this without crying for the trauma I have to endure each day. Oh did I mention I am in an electric wheelchair for life? Yes I am and it is very diffacult to find another mate when you are 58 and in a wheelchair. “

  • Ryanzzz

    Well, you’ve actually gone and proved my point. You’re arguing to me that homosexuality isn’t the same as the mentioned “sexual fetishes” and can’t be argued in the same point of discussion – well, that was my point all along in one shouldn’t argue races and sexual orientation, as well as say, gender or disability in the same discussion either (even if they’re all issues of civil rights). These are all separate causes, and you’d have to be ignorant not to see it. This actress is saying, “if blacks don’t have to ride in the back of the bus anymore, than gays should marry.” You don’t think that’s ridiculous? Well about something like “now that its the law to have wheelchair ramps in all schools, gays should not be able to legally marry.” If you take part in such arguments then you are doing what the conservative politicians have been doing for ages.

  • Oh well

    Marriage can also be a religious sacrament, as well as a civil union. Religion plays a big role in how people view gay marriage. If you are a devote catholic or other religious group your views will vary with someone who isn’t so religious.

    Celebrities love to support gay marriage simply because the gay community is very supportive and vocal of actors and the entertainment, along with teens and young adults.

    Why does someone who isn’t gay care so much about gay marriage…because it’s good PR and you gain a lot of fans that way. The environment and gay marriage, that’s the ticket to celebrity success.

  • Oh well


    Umm actually the ancient greeks were very big on gay relationships…..bath houses….the male body was viewed as a work of art, while the woman were second class and only for child bearing. So get you history facts straight.

  • Really

    Sophias’ Godfather was gay. Her family has always been supportive.

  • Sara

    I LOVE SOPHIA BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!