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Brad Pitt & Maddox: Guitar Guys!

Brad Pitt & Maddox: Guitar Guys!

Brad Pitt and his son Maddox leave the Guitar Center together after making some purchases on Thursday (March 1) in Hollywood.

The 48-year-old actor and his little guy bought a guitar and an amp! So cool!!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Earlier in the day, it was announced that Brad will lend his star power to the reading of the play 8, which will be streamed live on YouTube at 10:30 pm ET!

Also taking part in the play is Brad‘s friend George Clooney, along with Martin Sheen, Matt Bomer, Matthew Morrison, Kevin Bacon, John C. Reilly, and Jane Lynch.

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt and Maddox buying a guitar…

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brad pitt maddox visit guitar center 01
brad pitt maddox visit guitar center 02
brad pitt maddox visit guitar center 03
brad pitt maddox visit guitar center 04
brad pitt maddox visit guitar center 05
brad pitt maddox visit guitar center 06
brad pitt maddox visit guitar center 07
brad pitt maddox visit guitar center 08
brad pitt maddox visit guitar center 09
brad pitt maddox visit guitar center 10

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464 Responses to “Brad Pitt & Maddox: Guitar Guys!”

  1. 1
    releka Says:


  2. 2
    naixa Says:

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  3. 3
    Julia Says:

    Brad need a hair cut ASAP!

  4. 4
    Good people Says:

    I just have to say that Brad and Angelina never that I know of have said a nasty thing about anyone, so it makes me sick with all the negativity that people make up about them. They appear to be good people. People are so anxious to find fault with them.

  5. 5
    Adorable Says:

    Looks like a very fun daddy-son time. I loved that scene in Moneyball with Brad/Billy and his daughter in the guitar store- just beautiful!! Mad is getting so big!

  6. 6
    Saffron Says:

    Awwww, so cute. Just love this!

  7. 7
    ha Says:

    Maddox needs to cut his hair.

  8. 8
    Liz Says:

    Wow, Maddox is really growing up. I know it’s a cliche, but it seems like he was a chubby little mohawked baby just a few days ago. He still is a really cute kid, though.

  9. 9
    TinaT Says:

    @ ha
    I agreed. Maddox needs to cut his hair. He looks cute with shorter hair.

  10. 10
    Danny Says:

    Boys day out, Maddox and his dad. Love the JPS

  11. 11
    cats and rats Says:

    Ange sleep must rest. Big mougt talt al time. Loo to bred. Fuinny. Babby need mommy. Stey home. Mom please no go. Todey

  12. 12
    CAM Says:

    I can’t believe how big Maddox is getting. I still remember him as a baby in Angie’s arms and a barely 4 year old on a motor bike with Brad. In a short few years he’ll be a teenager.
    Time flies.

  13. 13
    Passing Through Says:

    While I’m sad to see the return of the fugly black jumpsuit, it’s cute that Maddox has grown his hair out like daddy. Also, Brad buying Maddox a guitar reminds me of when they were in Paris in 2006 and Brad bought Maddox an acoustic guitar.

  14. 14
    cats and rats Says:

    Mad is for vetmam ok nice. Cute. Mom pay sty home kid wan mom

  15. 15
    therouxyummy Says:

    Cute kids

  16. 16
    cats and rats Says:

    Wear all Ange mother. Sleep. Soon. Daytime in my county. No ting for. Talk abut. Oh. Wear pelople here

  17. 17
    It's simy alanes the troll Says:

    The troll on the last thread just before with Angie & the twins, it’s simy alanes from FF.
    Remember the crazy Katie & Suri fan troll who used to post under 100 nicks? She moved to FF with her hating on Angie. But she comes back here on Jolie-Pitt threads posting her hate.

  18. 18
    foxycherylcole Says:

    maybe mad needs a bit of haircut there? :) love them tho

  19. 19
    Ken dol Says:

    Brads wig got highlights. Roflmao

  20. 20
    Kirsten Says:

    How cute. This is similar to the guitar scene in Moneyball. Brad and Angie are fun parents and Mad is so big. All of the Jolie-Pitts are so gorgeous.

  21. 21
    Jeena Says:

    more proof that angie was in on the joke:

  22. 22
    cats and rats Says:

    Tel me what troll is mean. Not no. People. Go to. Sleeap. You babby Ange. Finelly. Go meal. Big. Shet

  23. 23
    Giant onesie + diaper Says:

    Brad’s head looks weird. His forehead is growing and his facial features are being smooshed together to the middle of his face. Perhaps that’s the plastic surgery?

    Highlights came with the new face.

    I take back the ken doll nickname……. He wishes he was a ken. Poor Maddox looks sad.

  24. 24
    michelle Says:

    Maddox is getting so big. Love the JPs.

  25. 25
    Giant onesie + diaper Says:

    Sorry, but the giant onesie and Maddox long hair will not garner the same attention as Angelina’s right leg.

    Angelina’s leg is a bigger star than brad Pitt. ;-(

  26. 26
    a lurker Says:

    Brad really loves that outfit. lol. Sweet father son time.

  27. 27
    umm Says:

    I wonder if the jumpsuit has something to do with his knee injury. He said he needed wearing brace for about a month. Mad grows up so much.

  28. 28
    Sean Says:

    Brad always looks happier when that hag is gone. I feel so sorry for him

  29. 29
    Pinikrose Says:

    Brad always taking his boys out when he runs errands and he makes sure that each child gets one on one time. So happy to see him enjoying fatherhood. Love the JP family!!

  30. 30
    verdi Says:

    Maddox’S hairdo is like his dad’s. Like father like son. Cute.

  31. 31
    lylian Says:

    OMG!! It’s been an age since I’ve taken a long look at Maddox and he’s on the verge of becoming a teenager. LOL!
    If Angelina and Brad think that handling 6 kids under the age of 11 is kicking their ass, just wait till they have 6 kids from ranging from 12 to 19!! I’m terrified for them! LOL!

  32. 32
    Lara Says:

    ———————-New Thread————————-

  33. 33
    fez Says:

    man i bet brad smells really bad….looking at him you can just tell he doesn’t shower

  34. 34
    Britney Says:

    He still looks hot, even in the jumpsuit.

  35. 35
    Alissa Says:

    If Brad looks like he slept in that silly jumpsuit, that’s because he did sleep in that silly jumpsuit.


  36. 36
    reeven Says:


    LOVE YOU BRAD!!!!!!!!

  37. 37
    Tess Says:

    Glad and love to see Brad with his eldest son…Mad is so big now. Few years from now, Angie’s fears will come true – Mad driving his own car…Mad dating a girl….Mad being chased by women lol

  38. 38
    Emma Says:

    @Good people:

    Thank you! True words have never been spoken. I wish I could give you more than one thumbs up!

  39. 39
    lucy Says:

    to julia

    Brad look great with long hair. anyway, ever consider the fact that Angelina likes his hair long. after all, it’s her opinion that matters NOT yours.

  40. 40
    well Says:

    Only Brad Pitt can pull off anything outfit and any hairstyle.

  41. 41
    lucy Says:

    to ha

    the only two people who gets to decide if Maddox needs a hair cut are Brad and Angelina. you are neither one.

  42. 42
    Emma Says:

    Whoops, meant to say Truer words, truer words have never been spoken. Thanks again Good People.

  43. 43
    andu Says:

    Cleopatra will be played by another actress angie or I thought it was her.
    I’d like to interpret Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? , cleopratra or Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
    I think angie would win an Oscar.

  44. 44
    flag no.32 Says:

    Maddox is a child.

  45. 45
    Oh yeah daddy Says:

    Personally I love the jumpsuit, I can just imagine how good it feels to give him a hug when he’s wearing it ; )

  46. 46
    SS Says:

    @Good people:

    It’s nice to know that you know them on such a personal level. Do you dine with them every weekend? The credibility of your statement had me lying prostrate on the floor with awe and admiration. Bravo, you!

  47. 47
    SS Says:

    Every one needs a leg up now and then.


  48. 48
    SS is silly Says:

    @SS: No, I do not know them personally. I am, of course, talking about their public persona. They are celebrities, and I thought all the comments here are talking about them as celebrities, not as people we actually know. We do, however, know them by their actions and Brad and Angelina’s charitable works speak volumes. Anyway, but when have you ever heard of them speaking in an ugly way about anyone. Yet, people constantly are saying negative things about them. I don’t get it.

  49. 49
    Poopy pants pitt Says:

    Oops I make poop poop in my giant pamper

  50. 50
    Mickey Brett Says:

    ” brad likes the feel like a baby so he wears pampers. It makes Angie sick but she still loves him”

    Love the bodyguard Mickey

  51. 51
    Mickey Brett Says:

    Remember me and my pink shirt? Oh do I have stories about that onesie and footy pajamas.

  52. 52
    Mickey Brett Says:

    I wrote a book but Angie paid me to hush because she doesn’t want people to know about brad’s pampers and how he makes her change him when he does # 2. He stunk up the whole villa one late afternoon in 2006.

  53. 53
    Love Prince Harry Says:

    As far as I remember Brad has never said any negetive thing about anyone. But Angie… I remember her bitchy comments about Megan Fox. Any way she’s not that perfect

  54. 54
    cute Says:

    I love this man, he is a great father. Maddox grows long hair just like his father.

  55. 55
    Mickey Brett Says:

    He likes to play cops and robbers and cowboys and Indians in his footy pjs while sucking on a pacifier,

  56. 56
    Ellen Says:

    I see other pixes on the other site. It seems this guitar store is the same one in Moneyball that Billy Beane buys guitar for her daughter.

  57. 57
    umm Says:

    @Mickey Brett:
    Take your meds.

  58. 58
    an opinion Says:

    Angelina never said anything about Megan Fox. Would you trolls stop getting all your information from Tabloids. Ignorant fools.

  59. 59
    Catherine Says:

    Maddox looks like a teenager.

  60. 60
    angierocks Says:

    whoa father and son bonding,cool. maddox is all grown up he’s always rocking the hair.They both have swagger!

  61. 61
    angierocks Says:

    I’m being thumbed down LOL ,whatevs stay mad! lol

  62. 62
    JP vids from Oscars Says:


    Yep another delusional Jen fan! Yo IDIOT, we need a link to your disgusting claim!

    OMG I forgot…. The pathetic trolls and tabs just whip out LIES since they ALL know The Jolie-Pitts are once in a life time legendary couple! Frankly I am HONORED to be a JP an for eons….minus when he was with the ugly, talentless Greek Gal who always despised her heritage; hence the last name, bleached blond hair,BLUE contacts, THREE nose jobs, lip injections, botox to the max and now she looks like a fake blowfish. Hmmm come to think of it she has to be an expert “blowing” anyone & anything that moves to stay in the bizz she does not belong.
    Just ask her ex “Friend” friends & writers on the set….Oops, I remembered all of them hate Jen and stay as far away as they possibly can from the selfish talentless, user B!TCH and now you can add CC to the “I can’t stand this selfish-***** anymore ” list LMAO!
    Hahaha, karma is a ***** ain’t it? LOL AND I am loving every second of it.
    I am dying to find out WHO the next sucker will be with Huvane bros working 24/7/365 to get another job for this ugly, talentless 43 year old? I have a feeling the Huvane bros are ready to throw in the towel, but the b!tch still has money, so why not suck it all up, I can’t blame them… LMAO

  63. 63
    anustin Says:

    greek galiston..LMAO

  64. 64
    anustin Says:

    is ga.liston a bad word?jared?

  65. 65

    How much money does Anuston’s movie have this week? Nyahahahaha FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP. Don’t blame Brad or Angie for Anuston’s FLOP. Everyone knows Anuston is a LOSER!! Nyahahahah LOOOSEERRR!

  66. 66
    jolie stupid Says:

    Ugly dad, ugly kid

  67. 67
    LaYa Maddox Says:

    Awwe Love the JP’s , maddox darling i would love to see you play guitar but in all honesty i hear you are a real brainiac and can do just about anything . You got such a great Daddy and Mama too..lucky you.

  68. 68

    Well, she’s still barren and her paid boyfriend who look like a serial killer will run away from her in a matter of months. Booyah!

  69. 69
    gracie Says:







  70. 70

    Freee tickets for everybody at the Salvation Army being given away all day as long as you don’t tell the box office you gottem free.

    Be there be square..Tickets given ALL Day Long!!

    For the movie WANDERS.LUT

    Just show up from Ticky Blowj.o.b Maniston with love… okay
    You do not have to stay if you don’t like it. lol

  71. 71
    JP Fan 4Evah Says:

    Brad Darling you and Maddox your eldest son look so good together.
    The JP’s are a Fabulous em.

  72. 72
    Shame on WANDERBUST! Says:

    WANDERBUST , OHH Poor Jany She tried so hard but came out still looking like an old Rachel Green.

    WTH Does Tickys every film flop>??

    Oh that’s right she can’t act to save herself.

    PSSST little secret Ticky is now 43 yrs old so her days on the big screen are over.

    There is not one rom com actor who wants to be made a fool out of again. They are all running when they see her now.

    Sad but she is going on 50 so time to move on and bring in the new upbeat better actors who care to be more than the blo.j.o.b queen.

  73. 73
    Saara Says:

    WHY are you SO angry Pitt?
    you and Jolie use to expose children when it suits you!

    So suddenly you what to go PRIVATE?

  74. 74
    Ellgy Says:

    Maddox looks to be quite a shy and sensitive boy who isn’t comfortable with all the people wanting to take pics of him and his family. He looks like he just wants to blend in and be out of the limelight.

  75. 75

    Why is Anuston hiding? She didn’t have to be embarrassed of her FLOP. I mean, Anuston must be used to it by now. After all, ALL her movies are FLOPS! Nyahahahahhahahaha FLOP FLOP FLOP. LOSER. NO FAMILY. NO CAREER. NO MAN. Nyahahahahhahaha

  76. 76
    karern Says:

    Papa Jp and his boy are soooooo cute.

  77. 77
    Well Hello Says:

    Sexy, daddy!

  78. 78
    Braydens Mama Says:

    The HUNK Dad tells is adorable son..Okay kid we are NOT alone ..Heads Up..We will be out of here in 2 jifs.

    N/P Dad…

    Awwe I just Love this Family

  79. 79
    Love Prince Harry Says:

    @an opinion: here is what she said: “Is she aiding in Africa or sitting in on U.N. conferences? Donating herself to something bigger than Hollywood? I’m not familiar with her work, is she an Oscar contender?”

  80. 80
    sheila Says:

    Yeaaaa Brad can spot the paps a mile away so he would have prewarned Maddie. Altho no doubt Maddox is probablly just as good aT spotting the Paps as his Dad is..

    Maddox helped Bring Angie and Brad together. I love that part.

    Maddox wanted Brad to be his Papa so bad just out of the blue he called Brad’ dad ‘…one dad while playing cars on the floor at some big swankey hotel when Angie and Brad were on a stopover.

    They maye have ignored it but did not tell him to stop. Brad adored this little 3 yr old mohawked hair kid. And Angie knew it too.

    Such a wonderful love story when all Brad wanted in his life especially at age 40 was a child..children. with a fabulous mama like Angelina Jolie.

    Go JP”S!!!!!

  81. 81
    Love The JP's Says:

    I’m sorry but it truly is unusual to hear someone not have heard of Angie Jolie. I mean she is an international star with a life that never stops. Most of her work is due to her humoungius heart.

    Love her , Wish her well all over the world.

  82. 82
    Maria Says:

    Lucky kid! I’d kill to be adopted my Brad & Angie.

  83. 83
    Sam Says:

    Angie pulled off the sexiest mission of absolute Hotness for the sheer fun of it all at the Oscars this past Sun. Night 2012.

    Go Angie It Will Never be Forgotten You Sexy Thang!

  84. 84
    SS Says:

    @SS is silly</a

    Sorry, I think we got off on the wrong leg…

    I mean foot ;) ;)

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAA, Angie ass lickers :P

  85. 85
    Aussie Girl Says:

    Great to see them out and about together-Good Father Son time.
    Just a shame that paps have to follow them everywhere. These lovely kids are getting so big..Love the recent pics of Knox and Viv!

    Also a shame that a few pics bring out so many nutjobs esp on the back of Wonderbomb…Drives them crazy!!! Esp BET you may have learned to change names BUT you are the only one with this diaper fixation,which I think says ALOT about you and your fantasty’s.Any-one who believes such Cr *p is seriously deluded.

  86. 86
    Poor Maddox Says:

    Probably he was bullied at school because of Angelina.
    Kids can be very cruel and with Angelina making a fool of herself at stage and all the mocking that come up after that, probably Mad and Pax had difficult days. Angelina should know that acts have consequences.
    Good that Brad took him out for some shopping.

  87. 87
    Dc Says:

    Brad and Maddox cute, cute pics of them. Brad great person, great partner, great father, great actor, great humanitarian and the list go and go. Love this wonderful family.

  88. 88
    Jane Patton Says:

    Madd is so big now, I didn’t recognize him.

  89. 89
    evil traitor Says:

    Brad is illuminati(actually he’s being used) He supports the corporate takeover of the world. While all his fans and their children will be relegated to sufdom.

  90. 90
    Lara Says:

    How cute to see daddy and Madd out together. Madd is so tall and grown-up. Love them.

  91. 91
    tazzy Says:

    @Maddox has a BONER:


  92. 92
    teri Says:

    Like the new pictures, happy to see that Maddox and his dad are spending time together. Maddox sure is a handsome little guy, it runs in the family.

  93. 93
    SUsan Says:

    @sheila: IF your mother is living with a guy, and you don’t have a dad, somewhere down the line, you’ll start to call him dad.
    And MADDOX is not the reason BRAD is with ANGIE, he fell in love with her plain and simple.

  94. 94
    teri Says:

    I’m not even sure why you’re looking at this young boys private part sicko. Do you ever notice jens large elephant hoof, she must have one big sloppy …..! Now run along and cry over jens wonderflop.

  95. 95
    funny tweet Says:

    Very Sweet Daddy & Son- love JPs!!!

    OT- funny tweet- in honor of tacky loser granny manny and all her friends putting out horrible movies that no one wants to see (karma, baby- go back to basic cable):
    BretEastonEllis I really thought I could sit through anything with Tom Hardy in it. But after contemplating suicide while watching This Means War: um, no…

  96. 96
    tazzy Says:

    @Poopy pants pitt:

    I see the youngster is here. Does your mother know you are using her PC? You better go to bed before she catches you.

  97. 97
    Rose Says:

    @#92 and #97, TAZZY, if you are a fan, please don’t repeat what that obviously sick child is saying. IMO, that could not possible be an adult.

  98. 98
    tazzy Says:

    @Poor Maddox:

    Get a grip!. She showed off her legf

  99. 99
    anustin Says:

    note to the fanistons…..her words!!!! u all narrow minded if she’s not happy w/out children.nyahahahha….manipulator!! biyotch!u just love Maniston eh.

  100. 100
    tazzy Says:


    This site is so weird sometimes. I didn’t even finish my post when a message pops up saying you already said that and posts anyway. Has this happened to other people or just me?

  101. 101
    Rose Says:

    Had to do a double take this morning when I saw the picture of Mad with his dad. He is growing into quite a handsome young man. I’m sure Brad and Angie are so pleased. By the way, is Mad wearing his dad’s jacket, looks like it especially in photo #4.

    Hay haters, Wonderbumb is still #8, here is one comment from a person who saw it: if you want to waste your money, see WL, if you want to fall asleep, watch this movie, if you want to get a headache, definitely watch this movie. Via Daily Mail. Sad Spook movie is- a flop.

  102. 102
    cool Says:

    no stuff in text, but a couple different pics, inc. guy carrying Brad & Mad’s purchases:

  103. 103
    dawne Says:

    Brad said during one of the red carpet at the Oscars that the ‘chaos’ is bacon and eggs, blaring music etc. So someone in the house is a music buff…….must be Madd………love how all the ‘boys’ have long hair. Maybe this will even entice Shi to grow hers. LOL.

  104. 104
    dawne Says:

    I think Brad wears the mechanic’s jumpsuit for the same reason he grew the ugly, straggly beard for awhile……..he likes to mind-fcuk the vultures by hiding his pretty. Sure he got enough of that with the ex. No black hair dye, bangs or orange tan for him at the bidding of the manipulator and fameho.

  105. 105
    anon Says:

    @Good people:

    They appear to be good people. People are so anxious to find fault with them.
    I think too many people live anxious lives and obsessing about the faults of celebrities is how they RELIEVE that anxiety. In other words they live shite, talk shite and throw shite because they believe they will drown in shite if they don’t.

  106. 106
    manny=fail Says:

    OT, but funny- desperate for attention granny manny has attached her self to Gerry B’s rehab stint (prob just ANOTHER one of her typical “plant & deny” items she does- year after year- to get her name out there, but still funny. I had no idea that stolen troll boy ACTUALLY WENT to rehab- why aren’t they looking all his drinking, etc.? Double Standard. OK here is the latest fat tick attention grab :

    Aniston told Butler to seek help, citing her beau Justin Theroux as a shining example of how to beat drug addiction. “Jennifer saw that Gerard was in need of help and told him to pack his bags and head to rehab,” said a source. “She said it’s not too late for him to get his life back on track, and it takes a bigger man to admit his problems.”

    Jennifer’s beau Justin reportedly wrestled with heroin and cocaine addiction many years ago and beat his demons, as The Enquirer reported. “Justin went through a strict rehabilitation program and Jennifer told Gerard how he pulled himself together,” reveal the source. “Jennifer said he can do it too, before his problem turns into something worse.”

  107. 107
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    I think Huvsy plan this story to divert people from the Wanderbomb.

  108. 108
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    I seriously believe MANiston wishes she has Angie’s lips. Look at these pictures. Keep trying sweetie. You will never come close to having what Angie naturally born with it.

  109. 109
    NEW GLUE Says:

    Brad’s hair helmet looks good. Reminds me of Chewbacca’s hair.

  110. 110
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    waving hi to all the JP fans..awe my precious maddox is all grown up! time sure flies…cant wait to see the other precious bunch! especially my fave girl…sshhii!!! don’t know we all secretly have favorites! lol

  111. 111
    dawne Says:


    I think you are right…….also, I feel there is an inherent dislike of success when it is based on originality and independence……..because Angie has never played the ‘game’……is a trail blazer……..insecure women throw the hate at her because she is so empowered and basically says, thanks, to the traditional role of females in HW………….

    Haters prefer ‘underdogs’ like themselves…..they are more comforable with the quasi homely stay in their place types like Ticky and Reese……..they are less threatening and far more relatable.

    Secure, feministic women love to see another woman empowered in the way that Angie is………fearless, confident, internalized, flack free…a fierceness haters abhor because their ‘energy’ is not productive or ground breaking……it is all energy-stifling negativity.

    Easier to put down the successful woman than it is to get off their duffs and do something with their own lives. Somewhat like their idol…………the robotical Barbie who walks lock-step behind her publicist who spends his life trying to keep a career going that had nothing to do with anything other than ‘hair’ and cheesy t.v. comedy.

    For all the hate thrown at Angie, even the hags know she is smart, brave, beautiful and talented; no one in their right mind can dispute that.

    I am a fan because Angie is a renaissance woman; a leader among women………lives a consistently ‘true to self’ admirable life philosophy. A women who walks quietly with a big stick.

    She doesn’t need to waste ten percent of her earnings on a little chipmunk running around HW doing her bidding; she is perfectly capable of kicking the doors down by the sheer magniture of her fame and talent. She would rather give that huge sum of money to the needy. She has it all in perspective, which few others have.

    Her fame is not based on ‘luck’ or ‘timing’……..she has earned it all. So she has no need to have a publicist ‘sellling’ her. This is well known in the biz and she is immensely respected for it by her ‘intelligent’ peers.

    For the haters to have believed in their wildest dreams that Brad could return to Ticky after being with Angie has always been the biggest joke.

    He could no more do that than give away his kids. He found his equal and he has thrived………….even the blind haters must be able to see that. He doesn’t give a crap about ‘hair’ and ‘yoga’ and all the needy pursuits of his ex…….it was a shallow and unfulfilling life for him and he couldn’t take it after a time.

    Why would they think for one minute he would want it back. He had it and didn’t want it anymore. Simple. He is too smart and deep for the Ticky’s of this world. He made a mistake in judgment and paid for it for seven years. No one can say he didn’t try. Like he said in terms of Angie breaking up the marriage……..’ I KNOW MY TRUTH.’

  112. 112
    anustin Says:

    get dat fanistons………u all are narrow minded!per ur idol! heheheehe

  113. 113
    why the coveralls? Says:

    - helps grease jolie’s skin in the morning, keeps the clothes clean

  114. 114
    dawne Says:

    OMG, dumb and dumber are back at it. Trying to tie Ticky to Gerry’s rehab press………..effin’ publicity leeches……….guess they can’t create any buzz around Ticky outside of her latest failure so go with Plan A which is coat-tailing someone else’s fame or infamy.

    A true friend who gave another ;friend’ or fcuk buddy a bit of advice………wouldn’t be running to the press with the fact that they gave the obvious advice to someone in trouble with addiction.

    And they managed to tie it into jusjeggings………two for one, now. We are now to admire Ticky for stating the obvious and her rentadate for ‘conquering’ is demons. Go away, already.

  115. 115
    anustin Says:

    lol WONDERBOMBNISTON must have miz the butt fingering.heheheeh

  116. 116
    DL Says:

    Nice dad and son duo. Mad is a cool boy from mohawk to long hair. though I prefer to see dad and son interact but from some reason Brad don’t do that for long time.

  117. 117
    DL Says:

    so Brad and George teaming up again ? I think that is great.

  118. 118
    GottaLoveThe JPs! Says:

    I really do not care about the haters all I know is that the JPS are an awesome family. As for the haters get a life!

  119. 119
    anustin Says:

    bahahaa….lmao every Maniston’s interview are scripted?oh my gaz!

  120. 120
    anustin Says:

    interviewer can not say anything or else….got fired! wtf!!!!! ggggrrrrrr moroniston to the max!

  121. 121
    anustin Says:

    i heart Heidi Biven.i mean, got a lot of respect.

  122. 122
    Rose Says:

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: #108, MWW, this story does not make sense, first SS cannot order anyone into rehab only a doctor can do so and if the person refused then the dr have to go to court and then a judge can order the person into rehab if the person is a danger to himself or others, so BS on this story. Her guru is trying to take the heat off so people will not remember Wonderbust BOMBED big time, however, good try. We remember SS is #8!!!

  123. 123
    queen jolie Says:

    so jessica chastain was caught lying about her real age,she is almost the same age as angelina but let the people know she is only 30 years old.she wanted us to think she is a young star.that is deception and a shame..i always thought she looks older than 30.why does she have to lie?i thought wikipedia is reliable?if that is angie lying about her age, she will be crucified.this is what i always admire with angie the most.she has always been honest about her past no matter how it is and never make excuses for it.she doesn’t care what people think and just live her life.

  124. 124
    7 Years in Tibet Says:

    I loved 7 Years in Tibet- such a beautiful film. It is sad that there is still so much turmoil there:

    During this week’s trip, the county surrounding Aba was cordoned off with roadblocks, usually manned by paramilitary police in green uniforms. On the way into town, a large signboard declared in Chinese, with no translation in the local Tibetan language: “A peaceful Aba is built by all, a peaceful Aba is shared by all.”

  125. 125
    queen jolie Says:

    wow, maddox has gotten big.brad and angie will have a teenager in a while.i remeber when he was just like 2 years old in the beach in kenya with brad and angie on the cover of us weekly.that was the first tabloid i bought. i saw it in the newstand and i wanted to buy it but i have to buy other things so i decided to comeback later for it , and when i came back , the copies are sold out so i have to look for it at 4 more store before i got a copy.i was really fascinated and start rooting for them to be together.

  126. 126
    Tess Says:

    For curiosity sake (to test if SS is that “famous” outside US), I asked an officemate if she knows Jennifer Aniston.. Her reply “kinda familiar name”. I said that JA is Brad’s ex and she gave me that look saying that Angelina Jolie is Brad’s wife lol…….So now fanistons, before you say that SS is a superstar, better find the meaning of the word online ok……

  127. 127
    Rose Says:

    @queen jolie: Queen Jolie you know Angie is judged by a different standard than anyone else in HW. Angle never gets a break, however she is strong woman and just keep doing her thing.

  128. 128
    Angies name mentioned. Says:

    Just saw on The View where Drew Pinsky was a guest talking about drugs. Joy Behar brought in Angelina’s name saying she is malnutritoned and that certain people have been saying that Brad’s been trying to make her go to the doctor. I cannot stand these People.

  129. 129
    Angies name mentioned. Says:

    I only watched to see if Angies name would be mentioned right away Behar brought up Angie.I bet Behar and these woman are all on nerve and sleeping pills.

  130. 130
    shoes4life Says:

    What’s the deal with Behar??? did she not get an invite to one of Angie’s movie premieres or something and decided to go for the juglar because she was not invited?? I tell you it’s sad to see these grown women, especially an older one tearing down not just a celebrity but a mother & humanitarian because they are not happpy in their own lives. Haters hate on but one day the hate may get your dumb ass sued, remember the kids are getting older and will hear these things and address it with mom and dad. Mom and dad depending on the sunject may take action because you can mess with mama bear but when it effect her babies, watch out!

  131. 131
    Angies name mentioned. Says:

    I wish Brad and Angie would sue. Behar and Pinsky.Maybe bought by JA money.

  132. 132
    from JJB Says:

    Cr afrobella

    The Academy Awards Experience

    After most of the stars hurried past and into the theater, there was a bit of a lull as we all waited for arguably the most famous couple in Hollywood. And all of a sudden there they were! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie create a veritable frenzy wherever they go. They didn’t have time to work the press line, but they did pose for a few shots, and in person Angelina is slender, certainly. But she certainly isn’t frail or emaciated. She’s slim and looks really toned. And Brad Pitt is an undeniably stunningly handsome man. They’re almost too gorgeous to look at.

  133. 133
    heartburn information Says:

    Brad is still looking healthy.

  134. 134
    Truth Says:

    @Angies name mentioned.: pretty sure it comes from Brad’s camp. Aww poor brad is trying to get Angie to go to the doctor. Mmhmm, please explain why his son never looks happy to be with him? The only time Maddox is happy is when he’s with his mom and siblings, never with his dad.same with the other children. Look at the body language here. That’s a loving father?

  135. 135
    Truth Says:

    Brad’s pr camp should focus on brad and leave ange alone.

  136. 136
    Truth Says:

    @Rose: so strong that’s why she weighs less than her youngest kids? Brad , his pr camp, and the media destroyed her self esteem

  137. 137
    juju Says:

    from JJB @ 03/02/2012 at 12:17 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +5

    Cr afrobella

    The Academy Awards Experience

    After most of the stars hurried past and into the theater, there was a bit of a lull as we all waited for arguably the most famous couple in Hollywood. And all of a sudden there they were! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie create a veritable frenzy wherever they go. They didn’t have time to work the press line, but they did pose for a few shots, and in person Angelina is slender, certainly. But she certainly isn’t frail or emaciated. She’s slim and looks really toned. And Brad Pitt is an undeniably stunningly handsome man. They’re almost too gorgeous to look at.

  138. 138
    Truth Says:

    @shoes4life: I hope one day Maddox asks brad why did you let the media and your pr team trash my mommy? And then all of the other kids will chime in and brad will look flustered and red faced. Then they will drop the Pitt from their name because they realize what their dad allowed the media to do to their mother.

  139. 139
    teri Says:

    You nuts should be filling theater seats for maniston, haven’t you noticed she needs your support. hahah

  140. 140
    most legendary bully Says:

    Interesting read:
    We’ve read — and written — a lot about “Bully” lately. The R rating, followed by the Weinstein protest, followed by a screening for kids, followed by NATO’s counterprotest. And all of it has produced the sort of PR bonanza for which the Weinsteins are known. “Bully” has also produced a curious side effect: Irony. Earlier this week, Movieline’s S.T. Van Airsdale weighed in with his essay, “Harvey Weinstein’s Bully Problem — and Ours:” I privately vowed not to succumb to this most ironic of Weinsteinian pursuits: The most legendary bully of the modern Hollywood era releasing a movie about bullies, and then publicly bullying the MPAA over the last week with his outraged! Campaign! To overturn Bully’s R rating for language! For the children!

  141. 141
    umm Says:

    @Truth: @from JJB:
    Take your meds please.

  142. 142
    juju Says:

    the crazy stupid miserable
    residente troll
    nd her usual crap
    that she will
    repeat trought the day
    usual xxxxxx names
    poor thing

  143. 143
    Casi Says:

    @from JJB:
    Everyone has seen Angie in person says she is slim but not frail. Haters should just give up their bs.

  144. 144
    juju Says:

    the crazy stupid miserable
    residente troll
    nd her usual crap
    that she will
    repeat trought the day
    w/ her usual xxxxxx names
    poor thing

  145. 145
    juju Says:

    sorry for the duplicate

  146. 146
    awwww Says:

    Maddox is growing up. I guess he is the musician in the jolie pitt family.

  147. 147
    Rose Says:

    truth is: SS movie BOMBED BIG TIME AT THE BO
    truth is: SS movie BO weekend total was less than 7m$
    Truth is: SS Bombed at the BO while Angelina was the Sex Bomb at the Oscars
    Truth is: NO ONE wants to see SS movie
    Truth is: SS movie lurched from hippie chick to puerile nastiness
    Truth is: SS needs to go back to tv and do sitcoms.
    Truth is: SS is a has been actress

  148. 148
    JA manipulator of hate Says:

    @Truth: Wrong.JA camp. A Fact.

  149. 149
    Dc Says:

    @Angies name mentioned – I had turned the tv and saw that Pinsky was on the view and I turned it off. I had this feeling Angie’s name was going to be brought up and I did not want to hear lies/negative comments from that quack. I don’t consider him a reputable dr. and I will not watch him. I cannot stand joy Behar she has gotten worse so I don’t really watch it.

  150. 150
    Maddox Says:

    “As soon as I learn ‘Witchy Woman’ I will play it for my mom”

  151. 151
    juju Says:

    What did i say?
    same crazy
    new name
    this crazy b i t c h is
    a waste of air nd space

  152. 152
    Jen the Hag Says:

    Truth @ 03/02/2012 at 12:31 pm

    Please Maniston HAG .. Angelina Jolie don’t need a PRETEND FAN like you. Go back to FUGLYFEMALE site and talk with the same crazy, ugly, obese people like you over there.

  153. 153
    Jen the Hag Says:

    Maddox @ 03/02/2012 at 12:56 pm

    Go watch your idol’s FLOP MOVIE instead of posting hate 24/7 crap on the site of a person that you don’t like it will only will make you do crazy thing.. oh don’t forget to take your meds or you’ll end up like a crack head bwahahahhah!!

  154. 154
    Maddox Says:

    - also learning ‘Jezebel’ ’cause I know mom will appreciate that one.

  155. 155
    who Says:

    They’re just mad because Maddox CHOSE Brad to be his dad. ‘Truth’ can’t handle it.

  156. 156
    andu Says:

    angie can you say skinny. but others say it can not be fat.
    I do not understand the truth.

  157. 157
    hmmm Says:

    hmmm…interesting rumor that “the leg” was used to distract from a baby bump. What do other fans think?|main5|video-module|sec1_lnk1|140069

  158. 158
    Just Sayin Says:

    Why nobody asks why Gwyneth Paltrow is so thin? I thought she looked thinner than Angie at the Oscars. She looked like a stick.

  159. 159


  160. 160
    juju Says:

    Just Sayin @ 03/02/2012 at 1:26 pm
    because gwyneth paltrow
    doesn’t give those tv wackos
    the atention they want
    no one cares about gwyneth paltrow
    like no one cares about Rooney Mara
    Guliana Rancic Melanie Griffith
    nd all the others
    i don’t know why people r
    still talking or caring
    about what these wackos say
    they’ve been saying the same
    for almost 8 years
    the same w/ tabloids
    nd all of these years have proven
    that it makes no diference
    on angelina life
    she doesn’t need to answer or do anything
    time just shows the truth
    nd their crap had no impact
    on her life or career

  161. 161
    andu Says:

    Just Sayin
    I agree with you
    angie can you say skinny. but jennypooo other people as you can not say fat.
    I do not understand the truth.
    because they have this negative attitude with angie when she skinny actresses Zoe, ronney mara, audrey h other.

  162. 162
    andu Says:

    I agree with you:
    angie can you say skinny. but jennypooo other people as you can not say fat.
    I do not understand the truth.
    because they have this negative attitude with angie when she skinny actresses Zoe, ronney mara, audreyh,diane k other.

  163. 163
    andu Says:

    angie can you say skinny. but jennypooo other people as you can not say fat.
    I do not understand the truth.
    because they have this negative attitude with angie when she skinny actresses Zoe, ronney mara, audrey h other.

  164. 164
    Nangelina Says:

    Did Bradders make poopoo in his onesie again?

  165. 165
    Rose Says:

    @andu, I believe you are asking why are people calling Angie skinny and no one says anything, but calling someone fat there would be a lot of people saying you have no tight to say that. Am I right? Those are the breaks. Angle is beautiful woman. A lot of people are jealous of her so to feel better about themselves, they try to put her down. However, Angie will always come out on top in the end.

  166. 166
    from JJB Says:

    Cr HuffPo

    Rob Reiner On Prop 8, Marriage Equality And Bringing ’8′ To The Stage
    Actor and director Rob Reiner, one of the founders of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which formed to challenge Proposition 8 in the courts, is confident that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision ruling Prop 8 unconstitutional will stand.

    “We will prevail,” he said in an interview on my SiriusXM radio program two days before the star-studded premiere of “8,” a dramatization of the Prop 8 trial, written in by Dustin Lance Black and which Reiner performs in and helped to bring to the stage. “Whether or not we prevail in California or for the whole country remains to be seen. But we will prevail.”

    Regarding the star-studded performance of “8,” a benefit for AFER and which includes George Clooney, Jamie Lee Curtis, Martin Sheen, Brad Pitt, Christine Lahti, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jane Lynch, and a slew of other big names, Reiner said the play was made to rebut the successful court attempts by Prop 8 proponents to keep videos of the trial from the public.

    “We decided we’re going to make a play out of it,” he said, “and we’re going to let everyone see it. And that’s happening this Saturday, and we also decided we’re going to broadcast it on YouTube.”

    Reiner spoke about the commitment of HoIlywood actors to the project. “I think it means a lot,” he said. “One thing that’s wonderful about the Hollywood community is that we don’t ask for anything in return. We give our time. We give our money. There’s no quid pro quo. These are things we believe in. So when George Clooney and Martin Sheen and Brad Pitt show up, it’s because they believe in it. This is not a career move. It’s something they believe deep down.”

    Of his and his wife Michelle’s commitment to the cause of fighting Prop 8, Reiner said: “I was raised in a political family. Civil rights issues were talked about around my kitchen table. People say, ‘Do you remember where you were when President Kennedy died?’ Well, I remember where I was when Medgar Evers died. This was something I was raised in. [Gay rights] is an extension of the civil rights movement. There are basic civil rights denied to people.”

  167. 167
    andu Says:

    angie judge when there are lots of skinny actresses.
    angie can not blame being skinny. had its curves is true, but things change motherhood and makes you worry more for the people you love than yourself.

  168. 168
    andu Says:

    angie the judge, when there are lots of skinny actresses.
    angie can not blame being skinny. had its curves is true, but things change motherhood and makes you worry more for the people you love than yourself.
    maybe I misspoke earlier, but I want to make clear what I am.
    ANGELINA is a lovely woman by what is seen and always hear and see with your family that is the most beautiful thing in life.

  169. 169
    andu Says:

    angie the judge, when there are lots of skinny actresses.
    angie can not blame being skinny. had its curves is true, but things change motherhood and makes you worry more for the people you love than yourself.
    maybe I misspoke earlier, but I want to make clear what I am going.
    ANGELINA is a lovely woman by what you see and always hear and see with your family that is the most beautiful thing in life.

  170. 170

    wow–maddox aways looks miserable..

    besides that he gets more and more ugly.
    oh well and brad–no comment.

    he looks smelly as usual

  171. 171
    woman spanish Says:

    I have seen Angelina’s movie and do not have words to express what I sit…is striking, hard, intense
    My admiration for Angie!

  172. 172
    Yoco Says:

    @queen jolie: I think we have to be careful in accepting tabloids or gossip site headlines as fact. i have read many interviews with Jessica and she always refuses to answer the age question. She has stated that in the last few years she was able to play roles from a teen to Brad’s wife in TOL. Personally I look younger than I am . Do I lie about my age? No do I correct people who assume I’m younger than I am ? Generally No. There is a difference. If I was an actress I would not divulge my age because I know a casting agent/ producer would be reluctant to see for the role of a college studing if I was 35. If someone can provide a link of an interview in which Jessica stated she was a certain age than I will apologize. I will not buy into the Cel*bitchy headline Jessica lied until I see proof. How many times have headlines abot Brad and Angie been incorrect? Hundreds

  173. 173
    Truth Says:

    @who: He looks like he regrets that now. When the fans go crazy over a comment you know they must think there’s some #truth in it.

  174. 174
    Truth Says:

    @Rose: I know wanderbust was a bomb. Keep bringing that up because the media seems to be ignoring it but can you blame them? Angelina is much more newsworthy.

  175. 175
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Jennifer Lopez moves on from Oscar nip slip to ‘Idol’ Jolie-ing

    It seems that dressing takes a lot out of “American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez. She’s always forgetting something.

    On Thursday (Mar. 1) night for the big “Idol” reveal of the Top 13 contestants, Lopez remembered to cover up her breasts (no way there was going to be a “Hey, what was that?” repeat from Oscar Sunday) but appears to have forgotten her pants. Does she think she’s Taylor Momsen?

    But we do like that she remembered to **** her hip and display her right leg in the fashion of the Academy Awards’ other buzzworthy fashionista, Angelina Jolie.
    Pic shown is Lopez copying the Jolie pose. Looking great. Courtesy zp2it.

  176. 176
    Yoco Says:

    IGNORE People Magazine boycotters(smile) The new People has great pics of Angie and Brad at the Oscars. On page 3 Brad standing back staring at ANgie. Page 72 AJ Best dressed.Page 98 Brad with other People sexiest men. I never knew Nick Nolte was a sexiest man. What year 1950? Lol. Lastly on pages 112-113 Brad and Angie in 2 page spread. Lovely pics

  177. 177
    Truth Says:

    Why does the kid look so gawddamn miserable?

  178. 178
    Truth Says:

    Angelina is anorexic, Shiloh wants to be a boy, Maddox looks so gawdamn miserable, pax loves weapons. What is brad doing to this family?

  179. 179
    anon Says:

    I was a skinny kid and a skinny young adult (but I was very fit also). I didn’t like being skinny but the old man often told me I was in better shape than a lot of adults he knew. My sister used to always tease me about being skinny but it was never done with anything but affection. The bottom line is NO ONE is perfect and as like I heard in the old westerns, “When you say that brother, smile!” If I was Angie and some acquaintance or non-friend started talking and giving suggestions about what to do about my weight I would give them such a dressing down that they would be left gaping like a breathless goldfish. I wonder if she ever has. I think she practices a form of mental Aikido and gently just deflects all this cr*p hurled her way.

  180. 180
    MJ Says:

    Haters really don’t have common sense. They keep claiming that Angie is so thin and fragile, look at her pictures of her the day after Oscar, she has the strength to carry her 3 years old daughter. I am sure those fat moms don’t have enough strength to carry their kid. Angie haters underestimate the slim women. I have sister in laws all are slim like Angie. They are very energetic. They have at least 4 kids of each own and mostly boys. Participate lots of activities in school and outside school. They are very impressive because they have a lot of things they accomplished than those normal size women. Most slim women are tougher than you haters think. I am sure if those women who keep complaining about Angie’s weight, I’ll bet if they run against Angie in the race tracks, Angie will definitely win. These haters don’t have brain. How many times they’ve been saying it about her weight? Did Angie gain weight since then? No. These insecure women just want to hate on Angie because she’s so powerful. Angie’s weight is just the haters excuse nothing else.

  181. 181

    Aniston pays men to be with her. Now that is a real wh@re. She has no career, no talent and no man. She is a loser.

  182. 182
    Lenny Says:

    Hey All,

    All JJ Angie & Brad fans love to trash Aniston, to you know, deflect negative attention from Angie’s leg. They love to copy and paste information on her movie’s box office performance. In that same spirit, here are a few stats on Angie’s bombs. Listed are from the domestic box office:

    In The Land Of Blood And Honey, $289, 078
    You read that correctly. Total and complete bomb!

    A Mighty Heart, $9,176,787, production budget $16 million
    Not a great performance was it JJ fans?

    Changeling, $36,739,802, production budget $55 million

    I bet the JJ fans will not be posting these stats right?

  183. 183
    Kim Says:

    I read this is the same guitar shop as in MB is that true?

  184. 184
    Lenny Says:

    Maddox doesn’t look too thrilled about being used by his parents to garner positive publicity for the couple after Angie was the joke of Oscars 2012.

  185. 185
    Lenny Says:

    Any one know who the blind item Trent Spent is about? I wonder if Pitt knows him? Do you think he knows the BI Fake A La Ferocity?

  186. 186
    deea Says:

    cool! both of them are cool.

  187. 187
    Jenny Says:

    @Truth: She was an anorexic lesbian cutterwith a stolen baby(Maddox adoption illegal) before she met Brad. she destroyed his life

  188. 188

    Why would we deflect ANUSTON’S FLOP from Angie’s leg? Angie’s leg is the BOMB! While Anuston’s movie BOMBS! Hahahahhahah Get real hen. Hahahaha LOSER!

  189. 189
    Lenny Says:

    I wonder which of the Jolie kids we will get to see tomorrow? Maybe it’ll be all of them, while munching on Cheetos while waiting in the drive thru at McDonalds. Purpose? To get rid of those pesky rumors that Pitt & Angie don’t eat,

  190. 190

    Anuston is a BIG FAT LIAR, a FRAUD and a MAN-STEALER! Geez, no wonder why her KARMA is soooo bad! She is a BAD PERSON with a BAD FACE! Hahahahah Again, WANDERLUST IS A BIG FLOP! That’s the real TRUTH hen.

  191. 191
    Lenny Says:

    What do you all think was happening with Pitt and Jolie at the Oscars 2012. The delusional JJ fans seems to think they are always all over each other, but photo assumption indicate Pitt may have been embarrassed by Jolie at best, but really it most looked like he could have cared less if she was there or not.

    They weren’t even interviewed together. I wonder why?

  192. 192
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    Here is the breakdown for Changeling. Did you see the wide opening weekend. 200 less theaters than Wanderbomb. It made 9 mil. Angie got a best actress nomination. Also, this movie is a drama.

    Limited Opening Weekend: $489,015
    (#20 rank, 15 theaters, $32,601 average)
    Wide Opening Weekend: $9,351,560
    (#4 rank, 1,850 theaters, $5,055 average)
    % of Total Gross: 26.2%

    Would you like me to give you a breakdown of the other 2?

  193. 193
    Lenny Says:

    Jane Pitt, AKA mama Pitt, described Angie as the “Ultimate” when asked how she felt about her. But did you guys see the expression on her face when see said it? There couldn’t have been less genuineness and warmth in her deliver. What do you guys think?

  194. 194

    I wonder when we will see Anuston and her adopted child, Mcbaldy? After all, she pays for his things. He even dresses him like a serial killer that he is. Hmmmm..Not looking good hen. Anuston’s movie is a FLOP so she’ll be in hiding. But why bother non? All her movies are FLOPS.

  195. 195
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    but photo assumption indicate

    That means that’s your assumption. Keep assuming moron.

  196. 196
    Brad in 8 - Angie? never 8 Says:

    how is a leg where the knee joint is wider than the calf and the thigh anything other than starvation?

  197. 197
    hehehe Says:

    Nutcase ‘Lisa’ is back as “Lenny’, but sitll a nutcase.

  198. 198
    Lenny Says:

    Angie said she was going to take time off to be a mom. Has that happened yet?

    Angie said she’s only slept with 4 men? Do you believe her?

    Angie said she would never forgive herself if she slept with another womens partner? Ask her mother, Laura Dern and Jennifer Aniston about that one.

    Angie said Brad found her at the bottom of the shower crying. Wait, I can’t answer that one, because I’m too busy laughing.

    Angie said she wrote the screenplay of In The Land of Blood And Honey in two days while sick with the flu? Do you believe her?
    Given her lack of credibitlity, I say, NO!

  199. 199

    Can you give us the link hen? Oh that’s right! Its all in your big head! Hahahahha WANDERLUST IS A FLOP! Again, WANDERLUST IS A FLOP! By the way hen, this is what Mama and Papa Pitt said about Angie:
    “We’re proud of her and we help her all we can,” Bill told Billy.
    “We love her very much,” Jane added
    . See hen? Its a legitimate source. Not delusions. Hahahaha Suck it!


  200. 200
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    I know. This idiot troll must be so bore.

  201. 201
    Lenny Says:

    Remember JJ fans have tunnel vision when it comes to Angie and a certain body part.

    They see her as thin, not emaciated, slender not skeletal, happy not drunk/drugged, sexy not gross or awkward.

  202. 202
    anustin Says:

    Maniston message to her fans…..ya all are narrow minded.hhehehee check out her moronic interview bit.ching her fans with gayle king.bwahahahaha

  203. 203
    plez Says:

    Brad should call his friend from Soundgarden to give Maddox some lessons. Pretty cool to have great musicians as friends.
    Ignore the trolls.

  204. 204
    POOR TROLL Says:

    Name-changing troll has lost it! Gotta earn a living courtesy by Huvsie. What a sad troll. We need new paid troll with new materials. She’s boring. Lisa/Laranjen now Lenny? Whats with the “L”? Better use the name Loser while your at it. Bwahahaha

  205. 205
    Lenny Says:

    Remember one has to use the correct adjectives when talking with Angie. She makes up her own language.

    When asked if Shiloh is a tomboy, Angie responds that Shiloh has “Montenegro” style. Whatever that means.

    When Angie is asked if she employs nannies. A term were all familiar with, Angie responds and says they use, “Laddies”. She also makes it clear that she and Brad never work at the same time. Why? To reinforce the impression that they alone take care of all 6 children under the age of 10, without giving credit to the nannie and bodyguards. Let’s face it, on all the public photo ops at Arties in NYC, the bodyguards and nannies are kept out of the paps photos on request.

  206. 206
    Mom's a HoBag Says:

    the name of Madd’s new 7-car garage band

  207. 207
    lol Says:

    You poor loser, you really are obsessed with Angelina, ain’t you? lol.

  208. 208
    Lenny Says:

    Remember when Brad & Angie got together when they had a photographer take pictures of them in Africa with Maddox in the sand.

    Total set up. They want to rub their relationship in everyone’s face. If another woman would have done this to Angie, she’d probably be back at the UCLA Psych hospital. I remember when it was all over the news many years ago. The story then was that Angie was going nuts because it seemed Billy Bob might go back with his fiancee Laura Dern.

    We know that they are seen when they want to be seen.

  209. 209
    so true Says:


  210. 210
    Lenny Says:

    I think if you’re going to call Aniston a PR manipulator, you also need to step back and look at Pitt and Jolie, because not only do they exploit their relationship, but they also use their children.

    They have made millions off selling their children’s pictures to charity. I don’t buy that every cent or even the majority goes to charity, given their credibility issues.

  211. 211

    After the HO was dumped by Brad Pitt, here is the list of men she banged then the men dumped her because she is a Crazy Lunatic:
    Paul S
    Vince V
    John M
    Gerard B
    Bradley C
    Grip Boy
    Jason S
    Cougar Boy who called her “Sports f.uck”
    the list goes on and on…
    and now, Stumpy also known as Breakdancing Loser.

    See hen, your idol is a big ugly w.hore.

  212. 212
    BW Says:

    Maddox is a rock star in the making. Cool.

  213. 213
    anustin Says:

    Maniston got all the urination from vaughn,meyer,sculfor dump in the street of nyc.hehehehe

  214. 214
    Lenny Says:

    I can’t wait how Jolie is going to characterize her behavior at the Oscars? I know one thing. I wont belive a word she says.

  215. 215
    POOR TROLL Says:

    Who does this troll think she is? Does she really think that WE BELIEVE or CARE what she says? She really think were that stupid. Hahaha C’mon now! Delusional much? LOL

  216. 216
    Lenny Says:

    Did any one see The Tourist? The joke of the Golden Globes.

  217. 217
    anustin Says:

    so obviously,Maniston’s uterus is closed and kaput!

  218. 218

    It may be a joke at the Golden Globes but the biggest joke is YOU.

    The Tourist Worldwide: $278,346,189 Give it up hen, ANUSTON’S CAREER IS DEAD. RIP.

  219. 219
    anustin Says:

    faniston are very narrow minded if Maniston cant be happy w/o baby.i know,i know…….keep on praying to all the no souls.

  220. 220
    hmmm Says:

    to:Lenny @ 03/02/2012 at 3:38 pm in response to your post 199:

    SS 5 years ago said she was going to be a mom. is she?
    SS told her roommate it was important to be f__ckable. How selective can she be?
    SS has had a career painting herself as the wronged woman but what about Heidi? And since you mentioned laura dern, ask her about BBT’s 2nd wife since she stared living wih him while he was sill married to the 2nd wife.
    SS said she cried when she found a grey hair.
    SS said she’d burst if she didn’t direct but all she’s managed to direct in the last 10 years are 2 ten minute segments.
    Who’s the real fraud?

  221. 221
    Lenny Says:

    Any one heard about the latest delusional antics of the JJ fans. They are actually calling up Pitt & Jolie’s attorneys to inform them when anyone says negative things about them. I’m not making this up. One of these times was when they heard Dr. Drew recently saying Jolie might have an eating disorder. While I am not a fan at all of Dr. Drew, I think it’s crazy the extent these fans will go to protect the Pitt brand.

    They’re nuts. Call up their attorneys. Please you think they don’t already know or hire people to keep up with what is said about them. These two are very controlling of their public image. The NY Times even wrote an article about this.

  222. 222
    Saffron Says:

    I love the trolls….they’re desperately hilarious. I love the fact that they’re owned by Brad & Angie to the point where they can do nothing else. It’s freakin’ funny to see. My favorites are the Cats & Lisa/Lenny idiots. Don’t read their crap but they both post so much it’s obvious they are pathetic losers. WTH…just get a life….it’s not too difficult to do.

  223. 223
    Lenny Says:

    Now keep in mind that while they think they are doing the Pitts a favor, I wonder if the attorneys are billing Pitt for the time their JJ fans are taking to call in when they see, read or hear about negative comments made about them. Usually attorneys charge at least $350 an hour and more for high profile attorneys.

    Way to go JJ fans.

  224. 224
    anustin Says:

    Maniston playing the baby card for the last 7 years.guess what fckniston… un unhealthy uterus.

  225. 225
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Worth Reposting. Thank you, Neer.
    “What is so surprising & touching was that Brad’s parents were very supportive of AJ. They really gave her their all out support! They were with her when she was interviewed by Tina Brown in New York plus the screening too. They seemed very close in fact. And very happy.
    The elder Pitts happily spoke to reporters, saying they were “very proud” of her work and that they admired her knack for doing everything well – including being a “really good mom.”
    “They listened to her smart answers during interviews, so they must be very proud to have AJ in their family. They saw her loads of beauty, brains, talents 8 kindness. They saw how the public love & respect AJ. That’s why AJ earned the love & respect of the Pitts because of who she is and how beautiful she is inside & out.”

  226. 226
    cee Says:

    You have to laugh at the trolls who stick around here all day bashing Angie . No wonder they are Aniston fans they have no lives just like her. Oh and by the way Wanderbust $8mill BOMB! The Tourist $278mill The BOMB! Angie is magnificent even her so called Bombs make $278 mill and not a mere $8mill. SO keep hanging around Aniston fans and make us JP fans smile all day with your silliness.

  227. 227


    Universal’s alleged comedy Wanderlust bombed worse than even the studio expected:lousy tracking for this R-rated nonsense had indicated the film would open below $10M. Audiences gave it a mediocre ’B-’ CinemaScore. The combination of Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd proved toxic to moviegoers. FYI: this greenlight was the studio’s payback to Role Models director David Wain and and his creative partner Ken Marino and mogul/producer Judd Apatow. Unfortunately the budget was $30M which is cheap by any standard except when a pic flops this badly. Sad, really, because Aniston’s flack-from-hell Stephen Huvane pulled out all the nauseating stops by exploiting her personal life — as usual.

    cr Deadline

  228. 228
    Kim Says:

    @Lenny: Really because in VF Angie says Shiloh wants be one of the brothers. She also talked about the multiple multilingual teachers and nannies that travel with them and there are dozens of pics of the nannies. It must be miserable being obsessed with a family you hate, Squiggy- oops I mean Lenny. So cool Mad taking flying lessons and studying the guitar also being multilingual. Angie the highest paid $20 Miliion/film most sought after actress in Hollywood will be joining an impressive group of woman in less than a week at the Women in the World Conference can’t wait. Brad coming out of the Oscar where 2 of his films he produced up for Best Picture. I understand the why the trolls are in pain.

  229. 229
    Susan Says:

    Is CRACK on discount this week.
    Only a SICK person would be getting bent out of shape about someone, who don’t know they exist.
    Angie is not going to pay a publicist to deny nonsense, that Ticky way of doing business. Haters keep on hating that all you’re good for along with being ignored.

  230. 230
    Lenny Says:

    In the tunneled world of JJ fans they only characterize negative comments made towards the Pitt’s as libelous, defamatory, etc. However, this doesn’t apply to Aniston, who they disparage in a mean spiritied way, willful way.

    Jolie has confessed to being into drugs, cutting, etc., If one brings this up they say, she has changed. People change. Fine.

    Aniston has recently said, she is happy as a singe woman. Know JJ fans are holding her accountable, saying she’s inconsisten. JJ, I thought you said people change.

    Major hypocrites!

  231. 231
    Lenny Says:

    Keep in mind on JJ, the fans love to copy and paste from the work of other journalists. The ability to paraphrase apparently aludes them.

    That and their hypocricy in trashing Aniston, while claiming that they will contact Pitt’s attorney’s to report any defamatory comments made towards them.

    JJ fans there’s a major double standard here. Again, major hyporites.

  232. 232
    Lenny Says:

    These so called fans have major blinders on. They characterize Aniston as being a media w, call her every offensive name, however, they never seem to question why all of a sudden when there’s a movie or project to promote, the Pitt’s will bring out the twins, the parents, the plane, Angie in some foreign country with a veil, the kids eating Cheetos, etc.

    Guess what? The Pitts are also doing it for publicy.

  233. 233
    Saffron Says:

    Reposting excerpts from a hilarious Celebitchy article.

    Usually when the words “Jennifer Aniston” and “bombed” appear in the same sentence, it’s about how Aniston drunkenly slurred her way through some interview or appearance or Mexican vacation. But today we must discuss another kind of “bombed” – the kind that is so bad, a Nicolas Cage SEQUEL beats you (in its second week!).

    After promoting Wanderlust for weeks, on multiple magazine covers and in several television appearances, Jennifer Aniston’s latest leading-lady turn flopped in a huge way. This wasn’t some barely-promoted independent film – the studio spread out a lot of money on commercials and ads. How bad was it? Wanderlust opening weekend = $6.6 million. It came in #8 in the top ten films of the weekend. Rough.

    Do people not want to see the film where she and Justin Theroux got together? Did all of the threats/promises of nudity not help at all? Were Justin’s bangs of doom a harbinger of things to come? Is Paul Rudd simply not enough of a “star” to carry this film alongside Aniston?

    Not enough people were interested in seeing “a Paul Rudd movie” even though it was being billed as “A Jennifer Aniston Movie with Paul Rudd.”

    This whole “Jennifer Aniston is a lead actress who can carry a film” idea needs to go away.

    And since it’s all about the comparisons, remember when The Tourist tanked (in the middle of December when half the country was under feet of snow)? The Tourist opened that weekend at #2 with $16.5 million and went on to make $278 million worldwide. And remember how everyone howled about that “FLOP”? I’m just saying.

  234. 234
    Kim Says:

    @POOR TROLL:She would forget what name she is using so she sticks w/ the Letter L. I’ve read these paid trolls get paid by the comment rather than by the hour. Is that true? I know when she was using Lisa she posted about 30 comments in an hour. She is a hard worker.Not very bright but very diligent.

  235. 235
    Lenny Says:

    Any one know the Domestic box office for The Tourist? No, well you wont here the JJ fans post those figures. Why? Because people in the US did not see the movie. It was considered a major box office failure, esp., considering there were two major A list stars appearing. They will only quote world wide figures. Why? Because the movie did much better overseas.

  236. 236
    to crazy lisa or lenny Says:

    @Lenny: hummm really , you compare
    AMH = critical acclaim movie ( drama ranting R) , GG+ SAG NOM’s
    ILOBAH= critical acclaim movie ( drama ranting R ) , GG + PGA + NCAAP
    CHANGELING ( ranting R) = GG+ SAG + OCARS NOM’s + 113MILLIONS

    a stupid comedy ???

  237. 237
    Saffron Says:

    For your entertainment…..From BOM: BlunderBust is the only top10 film that went down in revenue on Wednesday. After 7 full days, it did not crack $9 million – a box office number they were probably hoping for the first night.


    -0.1% / $245
    $8,640,815 / 7

  238. 238
    anustin Says:

    i soooo remember Maniston “PEOPLE’S MAGZ cover….and a baby.bwahahaha…see that one trollniston idol is now backtracking ya all are “very narrow minded.SHE CAN’T BORE A CHILD!

  239. 239
    Lenny Says:

    Greetings to all JJ fans.

    To nonJJ fans, one must make only 100% positive comments, otherwise they will hide all your comments. Yup, they have their blinders on you see, and they cannot be influence by anything even remotely negative about their favorite stars. Even if you say 5 positive things and 1 negative, doesn’t matter, they will hide and bury your comments. They’re out of their minds. However, they have no trouble bashing Aniston.

  240. 240
    Saffron Says:

    Sorry…that should read Thursday not Wednesday

  241. 241
    Saffron Says:

    Heck…I’ll just repost it correctly. The box office numbers are just as funny the second time around…..

    For your entertainment…..From BOM: BlunderBust is the only top10 film that went down in revenue on Thursday. After 7 full days, it did not crack $9 million – a box office number they were probably hoping for the first night.


    -0.1% / $245
    $8,640,815 / 7

  242. 242
    anustin Says:

    moronistons words”relax people” its gonna happen!!!!! bwahahaha very narrow minded faniston!!!

  243. 243
    Lenny Says:

    Golden globes don’t mean a thing. Those awards seem to mostly be influenced by how well known an actor is.

    Even more prestigious awards, like the Oscars, are majorly influenced by “campaigning”. This is why you saw Pitt all over the media in the run up to the Oscars. It doesn’t seem to so much be based on talent, but who knows who. Even Eastwood receives a lot of acclaim, but his movies really haven’t been very good.

    Compare Chastain to Jolie? Please, no comparison. Compare Weisz to Jolie? Weisz everytime.

    Jolie used to be good when she was younger, but she’s lost it and only has a very limited range.

  244. 244
    lol Says:

    I don’t understand why the idiot Lenny is wasting her time here, her posts are all hidden. What a fool. lol

  245. 245
    anustin Says:

    you all FF fckers are stoopide asking BRAD TO RUN AWAY AND TAKE ALL THE BIOS beg WONDERSL.UTNISTON to accept them as hers?bwahahahaha!!!anjie is Lara Cropt and Mrs Smith eh!!

  246. 246
    Lenny Says:

    How well has the movie Tree of Life done?

    I hear crickets.

  247. 247
    Lenny Says:

    I would love to hear a rational, logical explanation on how it’s ok to bash and disparage Aniston and other celebrities on this site, but one comes here to do the same, and they can’t take it. They threaten you. Good luck with that JJ fans.

  248. 248
    Saffron Says:

    lol @ 03/02/2012 at 4:21 pm

    I don’t understand why the idiot Lenny is wasting her time here, her posts are all hidden. What a fool. lol


    I know….isn’t it hilarious?? It’s funny to see how many posts she’ll waste her time with before realizing no one is reading them.

  249. 249
    jp fan Says:

    What do you expect from dumb Maniston hens? They all are stupid.

  250. 250
    anustin Says:

    yeah and obviously wodersl.utniston is not well known.ur words!!! to me she’s well know in dumpin by so many peen.

  251. 251
    Lenny Says:

    Jolie looks emaciated, not thin or slender. She was probably drunk not happy. Her legs did not look elegant no matter how many times you say it.

  252. 252
    SMH Says:

    Is that you, Jennifer Aniston? Go get help. SMH

  253. 253
    anustin Says:

    i mean why is it that the faniston got lied by der idol about wanting a baby,bit.ching every interview:norrow minded hehehehehee

  254. 254
    2lenny Says:

    lenny — you’re right golden globes don’t mean a thing — that’s why ss most prestigious award –people’s choice doesn’ t cut it — is one in the tv category.

  255. 255
    Susan Says:

    If Ticky’s mouth is moving, lies are falling out.
    She rode the Gravy Train for SEVEN YEARS, people got tired of her playing a VICTIM, that is why she is all over the place saying she is happy.
    She can’t make it on her own without a lead actor or in an ensemble, oh I forgot the DOG.
    She will soon have her paid ESCORT, snorting and shooting up again, living with her, would put any one over the edge.
    Ex-Husband needed two year of Therapy, then he took off.
    Vince Vaughn met a college girl in a Bar, then she in his hotel room and sold the story, then he married the next girl that came along.
    John Mayer had to dump her twice to get away, said he was too young to be petting dogs, he wanted to be a NINJA.
    The model ran away, too much coke.
    Now poor Gerald Bulter had to go to rehab, if he did not stick his fingers and other parts in her bum, then he would’ve not resorted to kissing strangers.

  256. 256
    beth Says:

    Angelina so beautiful.

  257. 257
    beth Says:

    Thanks for this information.For your entertainment…..From BOM: BlunderBust is the only top10 film that went down in revenue on Wednesday. After 7 full days, it did not crack $9 million – a box office number they were probably hoping for the first night.


    -0.1% / $245
    $8,640,815 / 7

  258. 258
    gracie Says:

    Saffron, thank you for the update, I was about to ask how WANDERBURST was tracking — if it’s still down in the DUMP or has SUNK into the sewer. Do we need to ask mr Ian pig to ship down some toilet papers from his recycled books so Anuston fans can clean up the stink from WANDERBURST. Their idol will appreciate the support since they didn’t support her movie. She is too embarrassed to show her face in public since her movie BOMBED. Lol.

  259. 259
    Love the JoliePitts Says:


    A comedy? No, Jennifer Aniston’s latest movie is a boring, boorish stinker

  260. 260
    Saffron Says:

    @ beth & gracie

    You’re welcome…it was my pleasure. It is quite funny that we haven’t seen hide nor hair of Ticky since it came out, isn’t it? We’ve only seen Squiqqy out with those 2 women but no Ticky. Well, maybe she’s just hiding out because she’s had another one of those cosmetic surgeries that she swears she’s never had.

  261. 261
    Curious George Says:

    LOL.. so now we have L****… too funny. But the pattern remains.. ONE fool changing names.. Wanderlust is a BUST and the reason the fans are saying so is because the trolls spent forever claiming The Tourist was a bomb and even Moneyball. But now they don’t want to hear about BO. That is the biggest joke of all.

  262. 262
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Since she promoted it so much this Title belongs to her!
    Jen Aniston’s Wanderlust Is Box Office Bomb
    “By Radar Staff

    Fans wandered away — well, actually they ran away — from Wanderlust at the movie theaters this weekend. The Jennifer Aniston – Paul Rudd comedy was a major box office disaster.

    Studio expectations had been soft, but it’s even worse than that. Consider Wanderlust D.O.A. = DEAD ON ARRIVAL!

  263. 263
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Almost could feel sorry for the old girl!

    The actress’ new movie Wanderlust TANKED in its opening weekend, debuting at No. 8 with $6.6 million.
    Aniston hasn’t had a No. 1 box office debut since her appearance in the 2009 ensemble rom-com He’s Just Not That Into You.

  264. 264
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Where were the old girl’s 3 fans???
    “Jennifer Aniston invested a lot of time and effort into promoting her most recent movie, but it would seem that not even the possibility to see where she and Justin Theroux met and fall in love could get her fans into theaters to see it.
    ““Wanderlust” is considered a dud by industry people. “

  265. 265
    Curious George Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts:

    DON’T you dare feel sorry for her. LOL

    like I said her nastass fans were saying Brad and Angie’s films that made more in ONE day then her film has in a week were bombs Now where the hell are they. They should be here apologizing for being the dunbasses they were. See serves them right. Whatever they throw out comes back on them harder.

  266. 266
    angierocks Says:

    The hens are losing it going on JP threads posting cr ap and dang even in Youtube commenting on JP vids,what a joke.Angie’s legs made wonderbust her bit ch!

  267. 267
    busted Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts:

    Wow the film has not made 10 million. and where is the fan base. Where are the millions of fans that the hags say she has. Oh.. I know. they were watching The Oscars for Brad/Angie.. and then on Monday they were online talking about Brad/Angie.. and again on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.. then tomorrow they will be on youtube watching Brad.. Then on Sunday talking about Brad. then Monday they will be talking about how they don’t like talking about Brad. Then once again they will not be at a theater near them watching the magic of TheAnis meeting and falling in love..

    But you can’t really have 2 jobs and do them both well. When push comes to shove and they have to pick.. TheAnis or The Jolie-Pitts.. well Brad and Angie win every single time.

    ROTFLMAO at the crazy of the Hags.. I’ll never understand. But then to understand you have to be a damn fool.. So I’m fine with living in the dark.

  268. 268
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    @Curious George:
    I agree. They love to throw out their lies and Aniston’s coat tailing trash at the JoliePitts but funny how every hateful thing they wish against this beautiful couple always comes right back home to Aniston where it belongs.
    They are a hateful bitter bunch. But they are Aniston fans, so that is to be expected.

  269. 269
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! So true.
    And yes! Do NOT try to understand the madness of the Aniston fan. Understanding anything they do will prove dangerous to your mental health. :)

  270. 270
    Passing Through Says:

    # 107 manny=fail @ 03/02/2012 at 9:32 am
    # 108 Media Wh@re MANiston @ 03/02/2012 at 9:35 am +10
    # 109 Media Wh@re MANiston @ 03/02/2012 at 9:43 am
    Aniston told Butler to seek help, citing her beau Justin Theroux as a shining example of how to beat drug addiction. “Jennifer saw that Gerard was in need of help and told him to pack his bags and head to rehab,” said a source.
    This story is from the NE? I guess they forgot that not 5 years ago they printed a plea asking for anyone with information on Ticky’s drug problem to contact them and sell her out. Even the people at Page Six were laughing at the NE. Ticky’s coke problelm is/was one of the worst kept secrets in show biz, so her giving Bloatler advice to seek help is a riot. There was one she and Owen wilson did in 2008 for The Dog Flick where the two of them were obviously jacked up on something. Around the same time the NE did a story about how PMBP dumped Ticky because hanging with her and her hens was testing his sobriety. They said he dumped her because Ticky and the Coquettes and her hens partied too much and there was always piles of coke around. Plus, she’s borderline alcoholic. Every time she’s been interviews on the RC or at a recorded interview she’s been high as a kite. And now they’re claiming Ticky advised Bloatler to go to rehab? Puh-leeze.

  271. 271
    annie Says:

    Ahhhhh was waiting for the new pics of Jolie-Pitts and here they are, just love them all, Maddox has grown much and he’s looking so good, like dad like son.

  272. 272
    Passing Through Says:

    # 129 Angies name mentioned. @ 03/02/2012 at 11:43 am
    ROTFLMAO. “Certain people” being US Lies Weakly, which is where Joy Behar got that info. These peoples’ obsession with wanting something to be wrong with Angie is has gotten so ridiculous that it’s about to get it’s own classification the DMS-IV. When is The View going to do a show on why Joy Behar and Drew Pinsky are obsessed with wanting Angie to have the problems THEY think she has based on looking at pictures of her or seeing her on TV or reading tabloids that have been lying about her weekly for the last 7 years when not one single thing they’ve ever said has proven true? If anybody’s sick with something it’s these imbeciles who sit around WANTING something to be wrong with a woman with 6 kids to raise. Crazy fvckers.

  273. 273
    Angie is the best publicist Says:

    It’s funny how they invest so much time and money into a film but they couldn’t pay for the publicity Angie made off her one leg.

    When Angie is tired of acting she should be a publicist.

  274. 274
    beth Says:

    The View needs to dump Behar.

  275. 275
    Angie is the best publicist Says:

    @busted: nah, nobody will be talking about brad unless Angie shows up.

  276. 276
    Angie is the best publicist Says:

    They are not obsessed with brad. Even on a brad thread the topic is Angelina. Angelina is the number 1 topic for everyone everywhere. Brad is lucky if he’s second .

  277. 277
    Bad Break Dancing Says:

    Money OUTSIDE the USA isn’t important- WOW that is so arrogant & ignorant. Why is the whole of the US debt held by China if $$ outside the USA does not count?? WORLD WIDE box office counts or Brad & Angie wouldn’t be paid so VERY well. Name just about EVERY actor in that room at the Oscars and Brad & Angie have not only better resumes, they have bigger bank accounts- as much as I love Gray O, he def has more stinkers on his resume than Brad- George C- TONS of stink- the list goes on. Tiny stolen troll boy should have break-danced better so the granny manny’s movie wasn’t such HUGE a failure…the harder and more embarrassingly that granny manny fails, the more agitated the troll(s) get

  278. 278
    Golddustwoman Says:

    I’m watching a very popular British chat show on tv right now. They’re discussing Angelina’s leg.
    Goldie Hawn is one of the guests with John Cusack. She’s saying Angelina looked great in that dress and is demonstrating how wearing a dress like that requires certain movements to show it to its full effect. She’s a star of the old school and knows her stuff. She sees it for the fun it was.
    John is talking about how kissing Angelina in Pushing Tin was a ‘good day at the office’ even if she did kiss him but fall in love with BBT!
    Overall the guests, host and audience are finding the whole legbombing pictures hilarious. John can’t believe Angelina’s leg has its own twitter account.
    The leg is international news!!

    Btw – the promotion for Wanderbomb in the UK is very luck-luste. It’s as if they just want this stinker to die a quick death so they can forget it.
    The reviews are pretty poor with most noting that Aniston and lame rom coms are synonomous!

  279. 279
    cjc Says:

    off topic………………………rush limbaugh is a fat sweaty pervert who probably never had normal sexual contact with grown women……………..every man who is married or in relationalship with a woman knows who birth control works

  280. 280
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    I think Aniston’s two paid hens play a game every day called …..
    “Tag, you’re it – my turn to post on a JP thread. You go see her boring movie.”
    They are so bored with anything she does, or any movie she makes they’d rather waste their time getting thumbed down on a JP Thread than watch her in anything.
    They probably hate her too for paying them so little money they refuse to spend it on her.
    And she wants people to think she has a real fan base.

  281. 281
    shoes4life Says:

    My first psot did not make it????

    Again fans here is a nice tribute to Angie past red carpet sexy, leg baring gowns.

  282. 282
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    The Europeans are not as conservative as the U.S. They are more open. They probably don’t understand why people in the U.S. especially the haters made it a beg deal. I haven’t seen any international media attack Angie. The probably think it is sexy.

  283. 283
    WBPfan Says:

    I’m so excited I didn’t think I’d be able to see ILOBAH until it came out on dvd since I don’t live in a big city but I was just checking my on demand movies (I have ATT- Uverse) and ILOBAH is already available(in the Just In category)!!! I’m going to watch it tonight!

  284. 284
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    We should save this so whenever the haters b itch about Angie’s leg incident we should shove this in their faces.

  285. 285
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Thank you, Saffron, for posting this. Wonderbomb is a certified FLOP and Huvaniston can’t spin it any other way.
    Who will Aniston blame for this major dud? We know she takes no responsibility.

  286. 286
    Too Funny Says:

    This is D-Listed take on Ticky Instyle Magazine interview

    …And she’s so annoyed by it that she brought it up again.

    The human mutation of Cathy is out selling that Wanderlust movie, which looks to me like the brain dead “didn’t pull out in time” baby of Flirting with Disaster and Wet Hot American Summer, and you know what that means? It’s that time again when Jennifer adds fuel to the fire by bringing up Brangelina to sell her damn movie. After posing for a bunch of pictures, which can double as a Chico’s ad campaign, for InStyle’s March 2012 (via The Berry) issue, Jennifer talked about what misconception annoys her the most and how she isn’t copying Justin Theroux’s style.

    On how she doesn’t purposefully dress like Justin Theroux and how the first time he came to her house she didn’t secretly steal his favorite leather jacket to make a twin of it for herself: “First of all, he has great style – it’s very specific, and it has been his style forever. Has it influenced mine? No, but I know people say it has.’Oh, look, you’re dressing alike.’ And I think, no I’m not. I’ve had this jacket for three years!”

    On the biggest mistake of her life: “I’m not sure. Just walking out of the house can be a risk!”

    On how she’d be a director or a dermatologist if she wasn’t a professional line memorizer. Basically, she loves facials: “Directing. I was very proud of producing and directing for the beautiful project ‘Five.’ Or I’d love to be a dermatologist. I’d be so obsessive about it. I’m fascinated by skin, products, and lasers. I go on the Internet and read all about it. I call it ‘laser porn.’”

    On how she hates that fake Brangelina feud talk, but can’t stop talking about it!: “Which one? There are so many. I would say the triangle with my ex-husband – and that there’s a feud there. It’s constant. It’s a story headline that won’t go away, but it’s a money thing – [people make money off] a story that has nothing to do with reality.”

    Oh ho, please. It’s so annoying that this ***** threw it up again. Aniston knows very well that quote just earned her the cover of every tabloid for the next few weeks. Star Magazine needs to send her a bouquet of Maddox voodoo dolls, because she just gave their asses a perfect cover headline that will read: “Jennifer Aniston says: ‘The triangle with my ex-husband….there’s a feud there!”

    Why didn’t Aniston leave that Brangelina **** on the ground next to the dead horse and instead bring up the misconception that when she fights with Justin, she locks herself in her bedroom. Then she makes her Justin Theroux Cabbage Patch doll apologize to her before handing her a bowl of happy soup (aka melted ice cream with uncooked room-temp cookie dough balls in it). That’s because it’s not a misconception! It’s a truth straight from my Maddox’s Burn Book Tumblr.

  287. 287
    anustin Says:

    thanks goldust!!! cute!

  288. 288
    The Chin Says:

    Wanderbust has only made 9mil in 7 days? Bahahaha. OMG. Is that a new low for The Chin? Is that why she and her rent-a-boyfriend have been invisible since the film opened? And speaking of her faux hipster now over tanned, and over plucked metrosexual … did you guys read the hilarious post on him at Dlisted? Hilarious.

  289. 289
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    @Passing Through:
    “f anybody’s sick with something it’s these imbeciles who sit around WANTING something to be wrong with a woman with 6 kids to raise. Crazy fvckers.”
    Isn’t that the truth!
    These two are obsessed with Angelina and for no good reason.
    Well, HLN kicked her off of their network and now there is a petition to remove her from The View. See Below:
    Remove or replace Joy Behar from The View
    Intended Recipient:
    Producers of The View
    Joy Behar is getting more rude and nasty every day on The View. She has become just downright mean. After reading comments on the petition to get rid of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, it seems to me that the problem is really with Joy. Let’s see what we can do to make this once great show enjoyable again…at least tolerable.
    Drew is next.

  290. 290
    LOL Says:


    I would say BABY BUMP story is to distract the LEG show.

  291. 291
    Saffron Says:

    The Chin @ 03/02/2012 at 6:31 pm

    Wanderbust has only made 9mil in 7 days? Bahahaha. OMG. Is that a new low for The Chin?


    You’re giving it too much credit….it’s only made $8.6 million. It’s going to take half of today to get it to 9 million. LOL!!

  292. 292
    Angie is the best publicist Says:

    Lol thumbs down because y’all don’t like the fact that Angelina has more people obsessing over her than brad does. It’s true so deal with it

  293. 293
    Etta Says:

    Hey, what is the name of the chat show, I wanna search for it on the net?

  294. 294
    Ivermom Says:

    Brad dresses like a homeless person. Mad is growing up!

  295. 295
    Angie is the best publicist Says:

    Did anyone know or care if brad was at the oscars? No. LoL

  296. 296
    Angie is the best publicist Says:

    The prop 8 play should have begged Angie to participate! Her and her leg = hottest thing in pop culture at the moment.

  297. 297
    Saffron Says:

    Love the JoliePitts @ 03/02/2012 at 6:28 pm
    Thank you, Saffron, for posting this. Wonderbomb is a certified FLOP and Huvaniston can’t spin it any other way.
    Who will Aniston blame for this major dud? We know she takes no responsibility.


    You’re welcome! I enjoyed posting it….and it is, indeed, a FLOP!!! You’d have thought she produced with her laughable Echo company. $8.6 mil in 7 days….that’s just funny. Where are all those people that flocked to JGWI & HB because she was in them?? Funny how they didn’t seem to make it to the theater this time around.

    I’m quite sure it’s Paul Rudd’s fault or it wasn’t marketed properly. Nevermind…I forgot….It’s probably Angie’s fault somehow.

  298. 298
    seriously Says:

    I don’t know why the studio even invested in Maniston’s stupid rom-com, or Reese W’s rom-com, it was alread bad to begin with.

  299. 299
    ha Says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow was at Mario Batali’s new show, The Chew, Mario made fun of Angelina’s funny leg pose at the Oscar, Palltrow said “I keep silent’ on Angelina but you can tell she was laughing at Angelina also.

  300. 300
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    @Angie is the best publicist:
    You are being thumbed down because you are hating on Brad, the man Angelina loves, and you are calling the fans haters?
    Something is seriously wrong with you.

  301. 301
    an oldie Says:

    Watching Moneyball again. Brad is so handsome, and I love the script. It should have won the Oscars.

  302. 302
    an oldie Says:

    I just bought ITLOBAH from Amazon to watch on TV. Will watch it tonight.

  303. 303
    beth Says:

    Angelina is number 1.The most beautiful woman of all times.

  304. 304
    gracie Says:

    Golddustwoman, most people see the leg thing for what it was — Angie out with her man and having a good time. The only people who are losing sleep over it are ugly bitter jealous overweight Anuston fans and enablers. They can’t handle Brad and Angie’s happiness and successes. The public are no fools; they know why these jerks are attacking Angie. It’s been going on for 7yrs. The more successful Angie grows and Anuston movies continue to BOMB, the bitter these low lives become and take it out on Angie. In their eyes, all Anuston misfortunes and miseries are Angie’s fault. The guy who mimicked Angie even said he meant it as a compliment and that Angie owned it on the RC and looked great; everyone admires Angie and they know her STAR POWER, this pisses the C-list rom-com POISON and her fans off.

  305. 305
    ha Says:

    I bet all of Brad’s exes are laughing at Angelina. Brad should dump Angelina. She is an embarrassment to him.

  306. 306
    queenbee Says:

    Donald trump was just interviewed on Access Hollywood….when asked about Angelina at the Oscars, he said that “Angelina is a beautiful woman, and i thought her pose was fine.”.

    Leave it to The Donald to point out something the the REETards and the haters fail to grasp…LOL!

  307. 307
    Dc Says:

    @ha- I thought the same about Paltrow, *****. She’s doesn’t look good -I never liked her

  308. 308
    LOL Says:

    Angei would even open a Twitter account by Angei’s Uterus…to distract the LEG..

  309. 309
    Susan Says:

    @queenbee: Donald want people to watch his show on NBC, the ratings are not great. It was not long ago that he was attacking Angie, so who cares what Donald says today, he is just as nasty as joy behar.

  310. 310
    BA+6 Says:

    to Etta #293. The show is on youtube. It’s graham norton show.
    You can watch it there.

  311. 311
    lylian Says:

    Aniston told Butler to seek help, citing her beau Justin Theroux as a shining example of how to beat drug addiction. “Jennifer saw that Gerard was in need of help and told him to pack his bags and head to rehab,” said a source. “She said it’s not too late for him to get his life back on track, and it takes a bigger man to admit his problems.”
    Wow oh wow!! I never thought SS had it in her to be sooo generous. Certainly its not possible to tell from her treatment of her own mother.
    But anyways, it’s still so generous of SS to care enough to tell Gerard Butler to get rehab after she allowed him to stick his finger up her bum publicly (and goodness knows what else privately)

  312. 312
    lylian Says:

    On Joy Behar:
    I was wondering what Joy B looked liked and google.
    LOL! Whilst I’d not call her obese, the kindest thing I can say about her weight is that she’s over the top of her BMI band and not on the healthy side. No wonder she’s so obsessed about Angelina’s weight.

  313. 313
    andu Says:

    madoox future musician of the family

  314. 314
    CAM Says:

    I don’t why people keep saying SS fans. They are not her fans, they just don’t like Brad and Angie because they seem to have it all..Looks, talent, smarts, rich with beautiful children. They couldn’t care less about SS. If they were truly her fans, they would have watched her directorial debut..1.3 mil viewers in the U.S. and supported her movies that didn’t include ensembled cast with popular male actors..

    I dare them to name one movie where SS was the sole star and it was a box office hit. As much as they want to tout the 10 year old “Good Girl” that she has good acting chops. To me, it was Rachel with a bad southern accent that didn’t earn her an Oscar nom or any other award consideration.

    She’s just the average/cute looking girl who happened to marry the HW hunk that no one would ‘ve cared about today if she never married the hunk who moved on to love a sexy, beautiful, younger and smarter woman.

    I remember the media so didn’t like this match-up that when Brad filmed the “Mexican” with Julia Roberts they were looking for them to hook-up and Brad and SS were barely married.. If you look at the videos from that premiere SS looked so intimidated of Julia Roberts she was watching Brad’s every move with Julia.

    Remember she reads the blogs..

  315. 315
    ha Says:

    Angelina Jolie became a worldwide laughing stock overnight. haaaaa…

  316. 316
    ewww Says:

    isn’t that michael meyers outfit?….serial killer.. Angelina can have him; he’s disgusting

  317. 317
    cee Says:

    The only people talking negatively about Angie are the haters and the usual suspect like Dr Drew, ,Joy B and a few other known haters/ So funny that the haters think that just because they something it must be true . In that case Aniston is a C list actress and has a drinking problem. Oh and she was always a laughing stock from the time Brad ran away from her.

  318. 318
    truth Says:

    There is agroup that has been formed to contact Angie’s attorney re Dr Drew’s comments and a petition being started to send to CNN re his slanderous statement about someone he not only does not know but has never even been in her presence and is using her for publicity. Dr Drew is a quack tabloid shrink.

  319. 319
    andu Says:

    in Latin America and Europe worship angelina and do not understand the American media are sensationalist.
    we found it really beautiful

  320. 320
    andu Says:

    in Latin America and Europe worship angelina and the American media are sensationalist.
    we found it really beautiful she is one of most charismatic people in hollywood

  321. 321
    beth Says:

    Awww Bittersweet.Thanks Love the JoliePitts .Since she promoted it so much this Title belongs to her!
    Jen Aniston’s Wanderlust Is Box Office Bomb
    “By Radar Staff

    Fans wandered away — well, actually they ran away — from Wanderlust at the movie theaters this weekend. The Jennifer Aniston – Paul Rudd comedy was a major box office disaster.

    Studio expectations had been soft, but it’s even worse than that. Consider Wanderlust D.O.A. = DEAD ON ARRIVAL!

  322. 322
    Susan Says:

    76 Tornadoes today and more expected tonight, this is real life. Indiana hit the hardest so far 9 deaths search and rescue continues.

  323. 323
    juju Says:

    in my opinion
    u all r giving those
    tv wackos
    what they want
    they been repeting this crap
    for almost 8 years
    in other years
    they even said
    more disgusting things
    it made no difference
    in angelinas life
    they r just wackos wacking

  324. 324
    lylian Says:

    I know people don’t want to read politics here but I’ve got to get this off my chest: Rush Limbaugh is a pig. A woman who wants to get contraceptives is a **** and a prostitute.
    OMG! I don’t have access to rush’s show but if I did, I would surely be sending messages to the advertisers to tell them that I would never ever buy their products if they continue to advertise in this MISOGYNISTIC, mean minded A R S E HO LES show.
    Any woman who actually agrees with Rush must be, simply must be, a *********.

  325. 325
    Lol Says:

    .@andu: the American media/public bully celebs until they start using drugs or stop eating and then when the celebs die the media/public loves the celeb again. Check Michael and Whitney for examples. The public/media hated those two until they died. This only happens with the icons, really. The celebs like brad the media/public doesn’t care enough to hate him.

  326. 326
    Lol Says:

    The public has emotional connection to Angelina that why she is so loved and equally hated. Brad does not hit the emotions like Angie does. People are indifferent to him. Meh.

  327. 327
    cats and rats Says:

    Silly. Goldustwomen. Tell. Some not importin. Her. Lie. No scoop. Show. Name. Bbc. Amerian

  328. 328
    Lol Says:

    I bet now brangelines want the media /public to hate brad. He is not Angie. Sorry. He never will be on her level and he’s older and has more movies than her. Her Iconic Oscar pose will live on forever. Booya

  329. 329
    busted Says:


    I get the upset. but the fool is stating an opinion.. UNEDUCATED but an opinion.. And unfortunately everyone gets to have one. Thing is the fans really should stop talking about what he is saying. It is giving it more attention and making his opinion important. Which it is not. He needs ratings and is using this to get ratings. I don’t see him talking about Gerry Butler or that guy from Hawaii Five O that is in Rehab. So I don’t watch his show. And sure won’t be watching The View again. EVER. will it matter. don’t know.. but it will make me feel good. Barbara Walters and her Bitter HAGS on that show know that Angelina and Brad won’t be sitting in that seat. So why Dr. ASS is even commenting is beyond me. But I’m done giving this man any more attention.

    But if it you want to contact someone then by all means do so. I just don’t know what is going to happen. We fans in our upset sometimes help to keep this stuff out there.

    The haters will always be where they have been for almost 8 years.. All up the JP’s asses.. It must be more lush then one would imagine. Who knew living up someone’s ass was like a 5 Star resort. But these bit@hes just won’t leave.

  330. 330
    Heeee heeeeeeee Says:

    Ain’t it shocking what love can do?

  331. 331
    andu Says:

    for my angie will create a trend.

    otherwise the ex brad do not have to talk to are extremely hypocritical and they are ridiculous because they can not overcome anything in your life.

  332. 332
    cats and rats Says:

    Ange moms easy fool to people. Me want leeway back. I like German man. Bret. Babe. Teeth no tam welter bath

  333. 333
    Heeee heeeeeeee Says:

    @andu: mellisa McCarthy was trying to do it to but /mean comment/ she was too fat to put her foot forward

  334. 334
    juju Says:

    Lol @ 03/02/2012 at 8:34 pm
    michael nd whitney
    problems had nothing to do
    w/ the media
    or w/ the internet
    bulling crazy envy jealous
    miserable trolls
    they weren’t hated
    they were loved by millions
    don’t confuse the celebrity world
    internet nd magazines
    which is very small
    w/ the rest off the world

  335. 335
    juju Says:

    Lol @ 03/02/2012 at 8:34 pm
    i forget to add
    bulling crazy envy jealous
    miserable trolls

  336. 336
    Susan Says:

    @Lol: You’re not telling the truth, Whitney had so many chances to get her life together, and she was loved.
    Blaming the public/media for someone personal demons, is childish.
    You had to get your little dig in at Brad, hope you feel better.

  337. 337
    MJ Says:

    @lylian: I think Ticky just felt guilty of what happened to Gerard B. You know why Gerard B. is addicted to drugs? Is because at first he just want to take drug just to get rid of the stench in his finger because stupid Gerard did not know that Ticky’s butt is so stinky. See, look at what he got for fingering Ticky’s butt. Drugs did not help either to get rid of it that until now he still suffering from the bad stench. Poor Gerard. He ruined his life because of just one fingering incident. Poor guy.

  338. 338
    andu Says:


  339. 339
    Lol Says:

    @juju: Lalalal have you been living under a rock? Go read the YouTube comments and the cover of tabloids from before Whitney and Michael died.
    Pre death Michael= perv, weirdo, plastic surgery freak.
    After death Michael= wonderful, caring, father of the year, misunderstood face, icon
    Pre death Whitney= junkie, crackh0, can’t sing anymore, hoodrat, lost her voice, loser

    After death Whitney = wonderful, kind, caring, best singer in the world, misunderstood winner

  340. 340
    cats and rats Says:

    Now. Gaeve dirt Brit. People rating to show. Mom no go any. Mo home mom mom home sta

  341. 341
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    This is nice to hear Andu.
    Anyone with an ounce of intelligence and an appreciation for kindness, generosity, beauty and talent could not help but love who Angelina Jolie is and what she does.

  342. 342
    juju Says:

    Lol @ 03/02/2012 at 9:03 pm
    lord ur stupid
    those r to completly differnet things
    michael nd whitney
    problems had nothing to do
    w/ the media
    or w/ the internet
    bulling crazy envy jealous
    miserable trolls like u
    ofcourse when some dies
    people change their tune on them
    it doesn’t just happen w/ tabloids nd celebrities
    it happens w/ common people

  343. 343
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    That says it all about Manny’s fan base doesn’t it?
    You are very welcome. :)

  344. 344
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    WHY is he even still on the air? Maybe this is his last hurrah. Surely the public has had enough of that obnoxious, self righteous man.

  345. 345
    Lol Says:

    @juju: lmao at you calling someone stupid.

  346. 346
    juju Says:

    Lol @ 03/02/2012 at 9:03 pm

    it won’t happen w/ u though
    im sure when u gone
    all the people around u will be happy

  347. 347
    Lol Says:

    You have no idea what caused their problems. The media/public pressure sure didn’t make things easier on them, you name calling bully. Go have a seat and calm your balls.

  348. 348
    juju Says:

    Lol @ 03/02/2012 at 9:24 pm
    u r stupid
    only a very stupid nd crazy person
    would spend her time
    in a blog of people she doesn’t like
    posting the same crap over nd over
    under *** different names
    for the last 7 years

  349. 349
    juju Says:

    Lol @ 03/02/2012 at 9:27 pm
    me saying u r a stupid crazy
    envu jealous miserable b i t ch
    is not name calling
    its facts
    it’s what u r

  350. 350
    Lol Says:

    @juju: only a crazy person would lose their cool over an opinion about a celeb. This is not a fan site. If you want a fan site with only positive comments go somewhere else. Your bullying won’t scare me out of here, Ok, cyber bully? You sure did get pissy over my comments re: brad not getting the hate because the media/public gets more emotionally involved when it comes to Angie. It was an opinion and wasn’t directed at you anyway. Put some ice on your butt.

  351. 351
    Tina Says:

    It is wonderful to see Brad and Maddox out and about. Boy, Maddox grows big. I miss Shiloh and princess Z.

  352. 352
    juju Says:

    Lol @ 03/02/2012 at 9:34 pm
    losing my cool
    because im calling u out?
    u r a troll
    a troll that spends her time nd life
    in here making up crap
    nd posting it under xxxx difernet names
    for the last 7 yeas.
    even what u just wrote isn’t true
    brad gets crap nd hate as angelina
    he just gets as much
    ’cause hes a man
    u crazy envy jealous b i t c h e s
    that troll the internet nd by tabloids
    like to go after other women
    especially if they r beautiful
    intelligent skinny sexy rich
    strong successful
    like angelina
    the good thing is that u r
    just a few
    the rest of the worl doesnt
    care about this crap
    that why almost 8 years
    of tabloid nd internet garbage
    had no impact in angelina life or career

  353. 353
    juju Says:

    he just gets – he just doesn’t gets

  354. 354
    dawne Says:

    rush limbagh should be run off the air waves after such an atrocious comment; who the hell does he think he is???????

    This is not about politics anymore it is so mysogonistic it is repulsive and not fit for public consumption in a civilized society. He has taken it a step too far.

    I hope this gets the women to the polls in November…….show these crazy azzholes what the consequences of trying to take women back to the dark ages……..this pig must still be ‘takin’ his prescriptions’ …friggin addict has the nerve to denigrate women and categorize them as sl*ts if they use birth control……………take him by the hair, oops, doesn’t have any……..take him by the scalp and throw him back in the cave.

  355. 355
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    I agree.
    These interviewers are dying for viewers and internet hits to keep their shows on the air and they will talk about anything and anyone. They have no loyalties, unless there is a quid pro quo., e.g. Huvane.
    The public sees thru these disgusting interviewers rather quickly and once the public stops watching, mercifully it’s over. Perfect example…..Joy B. No more HLN for her.

  356. 356
    lylian Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts:
    You know, JP fans get together and say they would call companies and boycott their products for advertising on programmes which are nasty to the JPs. whilst I’m all for affirmative action, I’d have to say that the JPs would be the first to say: “Just ignore the haters.”
    With rush limbaugh however, I just cannot get over what he called this young lady. And I haven’t googled, but I’m pretty sure that rush is NOT pro choice.
    Look, whatever a person’s views about abortion, there can be NO dispute about the right of women to get contraceptives for all women. Contraceptives help PREVENT abortions if used correctly. It prevents the heart break of having to choose whether to keep an unwanted pregnancy or not.

  357. 357
    an oldie Says:

    I just saw on the nightly news that 3 companies are pulling their ads off RL’s show.

  358. 358
    dawne Says:

    no corporation or politician can afford to be associated with this jerk and his sexist mouth. Hope they all pull out, no pun intended.

  359. 359
    William Bradley&The Jolie Says:

    Just popping in for a minute. For those pervs amongst us who may be interested, you should check out the Daily Fail’s photos of The Bradness and young prince Maddox, especially the first pic.

    Um, Mr. Pitt appears to be packin’. All that, with 30 some years of experience behind it. La Jolie is no fool. That is all.

  360. 360
    MJ Says:

    @dawne: I am a woman but I am sorry that I agree some of Rush L. argument. I am not a conservative, I am just a practical woman. The scary about this free birth control is most women will take advantage of that free stuff that there is a tendency that it’s hard for them to control on their sex activities. What the government should do is teach these young women how to control their sex life. If the birth control is free for all I am sure the government expenses won’t stop there because of too much taking of the free birth control, there is a consequences, don’t forget about the side effects and who do you think who will going to pay for their medication from the side effects? It’s the tax payer. Maybe one of the reasons why there are lots of young pregnant women is because they all got a free stuff from the government. Imagine that, they got food stamps already because they’re out of work because got pregnant and after having a baby, they still get a free milk formula instead the government should push them to breast feed their baby unless if the woman has a problem in breast feeding. That’s how easy it is for them to have sex and have a baby. It’s not only that, the government didn’t stop giving free stuff not until the kid is either 5 or 6 years old. How about if the government will give free stuff, they should do it after one kid and if the woman cannot afford for more kids, then that’s the time the government need to step in. In force the IUD. Taking it out should be free when the woman is ready mentally and financially to have another kid/s. The government should teach women to have control in their sex activities not appreciating or rejoicing it. And that’s should be the rule of the parents too first and not the government.Don’t take it seriously if you don’t want to, I just use my common sense. Do you have one too?

  361. 361
    Mia Farrow Tweets Says:

    I agree with Mia 100 percent- Dr screw is a HUGE hypocrite!
    mia farrow ‏ @MiaFarrow “Doctors who seek out celebrities, watch out for that ” Dr Drew discussing celebrities on the View #PotKettleBlack.

    1h Cathy Johnson Cathy Johnson ‏ @CathyCjohnson @MiaFarrow THANKYOU Mia!!!! This guy makes my skin crawl! Why o why is he on tv?????

  362. 362
    chriss Says:

    mia is also a naturally thin person…

  363. 363
    lylian Says:

    MJ, you should like a good woman. I wonder how old you are but I’m about 48 years old. I ask you think about some of the issues you’ve raised – with an open mind and see if you can move some way from your existing stance.
    Contraceptives are not provided free by the government. Insurance companies are paid to provide them. Your healthcare through your employer is not free.
    You say that the government should teach women to control their sex activities. I’d respond by saying:
    (a) I find it interesting you do not say: the government should teach MEN to control their sex activities. Is it only or mainly the woman responsibility?
    (b) in the 1960s, women married in their early 20s. In the 1940s, women married in their late teens. For most of human history, women got pregnant in around the same time they reached puberty – marriage at 14 or 15 was the rule, not the exception in every culture in the world. Today, the average age a woman marries in in her late 20s or early 30s. Yet the average age of onset of menarche is falling so that 50% of girls have menarche by the age of 11. Women have to delay marriage and children to pursue their studies and careers and build a sound financial base before having children. So, You are expecting 20 years of abstinence because you are afraid that the PILL will result in long term medical problems. You say you are a practical woman, then as a practical woman, is 20 years of abstinence practical?
    (c) I wonder if you say, NO to preservatives, hormones and anti biotics in your food chain because of the KNOWN effects on your health.
    (d) what about if you just want 2 babies and not 12? My grandmothers had 10 and 13 respectively. That’s still many years of contraceptives or are you suggesting that a man and woman should control their sex activities within lawful matrimony
    (d) studies of equivalent population in Sweden and other scandinavian countries show fewer health related problems in their young women then in america. From AIDS to STDS to abortions. Contraceptives enhances a woman’s life.

  364. 364
    lylian Says:

    @an oldie:

  365. 365
    MJ Says:

    @lylian: Contraceptives prevent from having abortion specially to young women “if they will use it correctly”, yeah for sure but if they won’t they will still get the problem right? For young women whose sexual activities are so intense, do you think they have the ability and time to read the proper precautions for the birth control before taking it? In the end, these young women will still get suffer from all the birth control that they will going to take. How about teach these young women how to behave like a decent one. If they’ll get pregnant, if they want to abort it, it’s their choice but that should be the women’s expense and not from all of us and if the women chose to have the baby, just give the parents, her and her baby a support and teach her to learned her lesson that make it sure it won’t happen again. Don’t forget to use your common sense people. God gave you common sense, use it.

  366. 366
    Danny Says:

    Just finish watching Angelina Jolie ITLOBAH, I am in awe of this young lady, what a truly thought provoking movie. I would never believe this is a 1st time director if I didn’t know it was . She did an amazing job and I am so proud of her. I saw it on Comcast on demand and I am still going to get the DVD. Amazing job Angie

  367. 367
    Dr Drew's Drunk Wife Says:

    I saw a picture of Dr Drew’s wife and I’m “concerned” something seems “off”. There are reports that Dr Drew’s wife had/has a drinking problem*- several reports- is Drew going to do something? Joy Behar, any thoughts? How about your daughter- she isn’t attractive at all- is this a cry for help? You certainly can tell this from looking at picture- ask Dr Drew. Also, Drew’s triplets (fertility problems, Drew?) are 20 and could be looking for work- will employers hire them with their history of addiction? What history of addiction? Well, the EXACT same history that Drew cited for Angie- “reports/rumors”- gosh, I hope these kids don’t have problems getting work because of MADE UP SH*T- that would be bad, but, hey, Dr Drew needs ratings or ummm he’s just trying to “help”.
    * From what I understand, she isn’t working right now- has she ever worked? Is this because of addiction issues? I think this must be the case- I looked at pictures & a video- she definitely is looking for attention or is this a cry for help- something looks off.

  368. 368
    Passing Through Says:

    # 298 seriously @ 03/02/2012 at 6:57 pm
    I don’t know why the studio even invested in Maniston’s stupid rom-com, or Reese W’s rom-com, it was alread bad to begin with.
    But…the studio DIDN’T invest in a Ticky romcom. Universal financed a JUDD APATOW PRODUCTION. He has a first look deal with Uni and has for a while now.. That movie, like almost every other Ticky flick, was green lighted long before Ticky was cast. Nikki Finke wrote last week that green lighted it was payback from other successful Apatow productions. Ticky came on board because Paul Rudd got her the job. Nobody told Ticky to take the POS but she had no other offers on the table – and still doesn’t. Speaking of which…when I get around to it I’m going to do a little research on something this weekend and get back to this little lack of work problem of Ticky’s…problem for her not for us…

  369. 369
    MJ Says:

    @lylian: So, your argument about the contraceptives are not free from the government, it’s from your health care provider but most of these young women are still in college which most of them are not under their parents insurance or they don’t have a job yet because they are still studying, so these young women that don’t have insurance because they don’t have jobs they cannot get it right? See what I meant?You don’t know the cause and the effect of who will pay for it. See, if they have insurance, that will be the reason the insurance premium will go up for everyone and private company cannot afford to pay for all of the insurance, so that will be the reason to cut off some jobs and of course if these women don’t have jobs and they still keep going in their sexual activities who do you think will going to provide the contraceptives? Look at the cause and the effect first, okay?

  370. 370
    Passing Through Says:

    # 306 queenbee @ 03/02/2012 at 7:27 pm
    Who GAFF what Donald Trump thinks even if it was positive? The doofus ragged on Angie a few years ago when she hadn’t reconciled with JV yet. He’s friends with JV so now that Angie’s speaking to JV she’s suddenly “fine”? The Donald can fvck off. Angie doesn’t and never will need his approval.

  371. 371
    beth Says:

    @Mia Farrow Tweets: I agree with Mia 100% about Dr.Drew.

  372. 372
    Passing Through Says:

    # 331 andu @ 03/02/2012 at 8:46 pm
    LOL. That’s the second one I’ve seen today. You know Ticky is kicking herself that she doesn’t have anything to promote so she can’t copy it, too. She probably spent the week drunk-dialing Uni and begging them for European premieres for What-a-bomb.

  373. 373
    Bella Says:

    is Angie?–not-a-kind-employer-blind-riddle

  374. 374
    Passing Through Says:

    # 361 Mia Farrow Tweets @ 03/02/2012 at 10:56 p
    Good for Mia. I’ve caught parts of the Dr. Drew show and the show is god-awful. He has no concept of how to interview someone and have a give-and-take exchange. He doesn’t ask questions he just preaches and then wait for the person to tell him he’s right. Or he let’s the person tell their story and THEN he preaches to the audience about why the person is sick/addicted/troubled/wrong. They could have left Joy Behar on. It’s armchair psychology at it’s worst. He makes Dr. Phil look good – and I never thought that’d be possible.

  375. 375
    Saffron Says:

    @ Passing Through

    Speaking of which…when I get around to it I’m going to do a little research on something this weekend and get back to this little lack of work problem of Ticky’s…problem for her not for us…


    Oh good….can’t wait to read it….lol

  376. 376
    Bella Says:

    no answer? is Angie?–not-a-kind-employer-blind-riddle

  377. 377
    Zenith Says:

    Brad and Mad look cute, can’t wait for Brad’s 8 Play Reading tomorrow.

  378. 378
    Tess Says:

    @Bella: I certainly 100% believe its not Angie….my source: Brad, Jane and Bill Pitt who have experienced living or being with Angie 24/7…Brad and his parents all said that Angie is such a wonderful mom. Say all you want about Angie, but you can not say she is not a good mother. I know she is because she grew up with a mother who loved and supported her no matter what. I cant say the same for the other woman who I believe is your idol….

  379. 379
    Bella Says:

    @Tess: thanks for your answer. You are very kind. I do not know of whom you speak, but to keep it simple, I have no idols. Sometimes I come to these gossip sites to hang out and have fun but the celebrities do not interest me enough to become a fan.

  380. 380
    Bella Says:

    @Tess: one more thing, how brilliant that you Know personally to Brad, Jane and Bill Pitt, and that they tell you their feelings and that they trust you that Angie is a great mom. You must be a celebrity in disguise. Are you George Clooney?

  381. 381
    Bella Says:

    OMG why you thumb me down? you are so mean :(

  382. 382
    MJ Says:

    @lylian: Contraceptives are not the only solutions not to get pregnant. Learn and educate yourself how to prevent unwanted pregnancies by not taking drugs. There is always a way, the natural way. I’m still young and so as my husband. We are married for 10 years now. We didn’t have another one yet because maybe a little of financial reasons because we are both thinking, if we will going to have another kid, we will make it sure we won’t ask the government any financial support. If we are capable of having it then we’ll have it. But, through all the years we’ve been married, I never took any contraceptives, we just do it in a normal way. Our sexual activities are still very high, I would say twice a week if we could, it depends on our work schedule. And I didn’t get pregnant. I’m the type of person that if possible I don’t want to take any medicine . If I’m sick I just do it the normal way and it feels good. Contraceptives are drugs that are not suit to every women. Before the government push this, they should think it first because at the end, it’s not only the women who will get suffer, it’s the whole country will. And please don’t compare our country to other countries about their data on what percentage of women and men got these health issues because of their sexual activities because population alone is a big factor, and don’t forget their social life and their environment, their culture. These reasons can impact anyone’s sex life. Think of it.

  383. 383
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    As someone has already said. This is beyond politics. This is pure unadulterated disgusting TV.
    Hopefully many women (because he has his a large conservative constituency of women following) listening to him are as disgusted with him as you are because you actually heard him. And as any woman who was subject to his on air verbal abuse and tirade should be.
    Along with a possible boycott of his sponsors, strong letters should be sent to the on air management letting them know his filthy diatribe and disrespect of all women will not be tolerated.
    We still have an FCC that oversees this type of abuse.
    Here is the link to file a complaint. I think we all should use it to report him along with the disgusting Dr. Drew.

    We have become a rather complacent nation letting these idiots rule the airwaves with their garbage. It takes American people getting RILED up and outraged at what this country is becoming to insist on a change.
    People like Rush are running amok and have become drunk with the idea of their own power to say and be and do anything they want expecting no consequences. It is time for the women and men of this country to rise up and demand respectful broadcasters on the air and decent and respectful interviewers and stop the lies and the putting down of decent people. I know I have had enough.

  384. 384
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    @Mia Farrow Tweets:
    Thank you MIA. We need more women in the industry like Mia Farrow who does not hesitate to speak out for what is right.

  385. 385
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    @an oldie:
    Great news. Now for Dr. Drew. He is singularly unqualified to be discussing anybody on air.

  386. 386
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    May I ask you a question?
    You say –
    “The scary about this free birth control is most women will take advantage of that free stuff…..”
    “What the government should do is teach these young women how to control their sex life. ”
    “If the birth control is free for all I am sure the government expenses won’t stop there because of too much taking of the free birth control,”
    “the government should push them to breast feed their baby …”
    “How about if the government will give free stuff, they should do it after one kid and if the woman cannot afford for more kids, then that’s the time the government need to step in. In force the IUD. ”
    “Taking it out should be free when the woman is ready mentally and financially to have another kid/s. The government should teach women to have control in their sex activities not appreciating or rejoicing it. ”
    Finally you sum up with -
    “and who do you think who will going to pay for their medication from the side effects? – IT’S THE TAXPAYER! ”
    My question to you is -

    Who do you think will be paying for all the things you have suggested the government should be doing?

  387. 387
    Observer2 Says:

    Ooh, PT, you’ve got me curious. Let me know what you’re up to. ;)

  388. 388
    hag Says:

    hello JP fans. am sooo disappointment brad did not win at AA’s, but most winners are losers. their careers take a nose-dive.

  389. 389
    Meme Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts @ 03/03/2012 at 1:00 am

    You say…
    “It is time for the women and men of this country to rise up and demand respectful broadcasters on the air and decent and respectful interviewers and stop the lies and the putting down of decent people. I know I have had enough.”

    I assume you are including Howard Stern, Jon Stewart, etc. in your list of broadcasters that need to go. They put down people all the time too. Everyone in the media has basically put down someone at some point or another. Look at all the vile, mean and nasty things that have been said about Sarah Palin. Should everyone that has said horrible things about her be banned as well?I have an idea your answer would be no. Why, because in your opinion she deserves it? That’s a matter of opinion just like Rush calling that co-ed a **** is a matter of opinion as well and also freedom of speech. Howard Stern has done more to degrade women in one episode than Rush has in 10 years. Why not write letters about Howard? Is it just because Rush has different views than you and therefore should be silenced?

    And as far as the contraceptive thing goes, I was on it for many years for medical reasons. I don’t have a problem with women being on it at all. My problem is expecting the government to pay for it. I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck most of my life and have had my struggles with no health insurance for a lot of it. I never once thought, you know the government really should be giving me this for free. It was part of the rest of my bills every month. I acknowledge that lots of different kinds of women are on it. But, why does it have to be free? Anyone and everyone can currently get birth control if they so wish. It’s not like it’s under prohibition. Condoms are cheap and like someone mentioned, the men can get it themselves too. I don’t see birth control as a life or death necessity like say, food. Food stamps are one thing, having sex for free is another. I see sex as a luxury item not a mandatory thing. Heck condoms are pretty cheap too so it’s not like there aren’t cheaper alternatives. Actually Planned Parenthood gives out condoms for free. Why doesn’t the government pay for my friends diabetes medication. She is on a very tight budget and has problems paying for it each month. That is life and death, why not pay for that? Because this whole contraceptive thing is just another case of gimme, gimme, gimme and I deserve to get anything I want for free.

  390. 390
    tish Says:

    Brad Pitt and seeing him with his maddox is so cute.

    Brad had an armload of trophies in the award dept so am not concerned with The Mr. Pitt ever being a loser. I am sure his name will be around as one of the best long after i am gone. And too it’s not just acting and winning awards in Brad’s honor he is into producing and so up there in his MIR or Make It Right organization , also him and Angie are two of the biggest philanthropist known all over the world for having hearts of gold. Brad couldn’t get much higher up there in Hollywood.
    LOL Tk goodness he is not no where near his old X is status -wise. What an embarrassment .Lourdy Lourdy OUCH!

    Congrats Brad!!

    ps.. .

  391. 391
    Ako si Gladys Says:

    Asia is included….Asian people adores and loves Angelina J…..
    I know it because I’m one!!!!!:-)))

  392. 392
    goopiness Says:


    Contraceptives prevent conception. They aren’t all one thing. There are injections, barriers, foam, pills, condoms, IUDs etc.

    Please become better informed MJ before you criticize others so harshly.

  393. 393
    JP videos Says:

    Were these videos from YT posted yet?

  394. 394
    Moo Cow Says:


    The government isn’t paying for contraceptives for the young woman that Rush Limbaugh defamed. Nor is it proposed.

  395. 395
    JP videos Says:

    Onee more.

  396. 396
    Saara Says:

    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $13,303,319 24.5%
    + Foreign: $41,000,000 75.5%
    = Worldwide: $54,303,319
    Domestic Summary
    Opening Weekend: $372,920

    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $35,739,802 31.6%
    + Foreign: $77,280,454 68.4%
    = Worldwide: $113,020,256
    Opening Weekend: $489,015
    Production Budget: $55 million
    Wide Opening Weekend: $9,351,560
    Widest Release: 1,896 theaters
    Close Date: January 8, 2009
    In Release: 77 days / 11 weeks


  397. 397
    gracie Says:

    Stupid Bella, you’re dumber than your idol and all the other trolls that come here. You spin so much lies, you forgot your multiple posts give you away. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out your motives with your persistent posts and multiple names. Go take your med; it will calm you down before you have a heart attack chasing after every negative comment on the internet to smear Angie with. Angie is living her life to the fullest and you’re too insignificant for her or JP fans to take notice of. You will be more appreciated in helping Anuston by going to see her movie and stopping WANDERBURST turning into Worldwide BO POISON and downgrading your idol to a D-list actress. The way things are looking right now, she is heading towards that fast.

  398. 398
    Tess Says:

    @Bella: my source are articles and interviews from Brad and his parents. Just google it. Brad once said that the greatest gift he can give his children is Angelina to be their mom. For me, that’s the biggest compliment Brad gave Angie.

  399. 399
    gracie Says:

    JP videos, thumbs up for posting that video. I love it. Angie is walking it and I’m glad people with common sense can see it and get it. Angie’s pins are the BEST and no one is talking about the Oscars. You go girl, make the haters go crazy with ENVY. No one can compete with The Jolie. When the Queen turn up on a RC, the rest become too insignificant, not Angie’s fault, everyone only wants to see The King and his Queen. Haters, your idol stands no chance, she will always be second fiddle to Mighty sophisticated mesmerising gorgeous Angie. That’s the way it is, you either have it or you don’t and Angie has it in abundance.

  400. 400
    gracie Says:

    CAM @ 03/02/2012 at 7:51 pm +18

    I don’t why people keep saying SS fans. They are not her fans,

    Haha. They are embarrssed to be associated with her — who isn’t? The serial dumpee and a perpetual loser, I will deny knowing her too if I was her fan. Lol.

  401. 401
    wfb Says:

    Changeling is a flop? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT? Maybe in trolls imagination. Bwahahahahahha

  402. 402
    lylian Says:

    LOL! MJ. I don’t know how much sexual activities decent women have before getting pregnant, but I’m confused, is this about quantity of sex or the number of men decent women have sex with.
    My grandmother had sex with just one man in her life, but she had 14 children. I’ve had sex with 14 men in my life, and I’ve got one child. The reason why my grandmother and women of her generation had 14 children was because they did not have access to contraceptives. The reason why I and women of my generation by and large have less than 2.0 kids in the developed world is because we have access to contraceptives.
    Now, don’t be insulting to me and telling me to use my common sense. I’ve been as courteous to you as possible.
    The PILL is NOT expensive. From Planned Parenthood, it’s about 15 to 20 dollars. If you PAY for your health insurance – and YOU DO pay for your health insurance, then when the health insurer gives you the medication, – whether it’s the PILL or some fancy anti cancer drugs, YOU’ve paid for it. If you get your health insurance from your employer, YOU’VE paid for it because it’s accounted as part of your Human resource costs.

  403. 403
    busted Says:


    I guess the Oscar recognition for those movies didn’t matter..

    but the hags never dream of Oscar.. OH wait.. they did think that Jennypoo would get recognition for HB. but nope. and just think.. Melissa McCarthy got an Oscar nomination and HUGE critical recognition for doing comedy. But as they say TALENT rules out. If you have true talent it shows. Melissa is smart and funny. Something that Aniston is not.

    Can’t wait to see if the HagArmy went out on Friday to try and up the WanderBust BO.. I mean this was their first time to see the chemistry between TheAnis.. Why not the 50 million opening.. I mean I’m Shocked. and thew World is Shocked that the public said.. We don’t care

    maybe Jenny should work with Angie’s Right leg.. She would get way more attention and media coverage

  404. 404
    jen the hag Says:

    R.I.P.Angie @ 03/03/2012 at 7:06 am

    Are you stupid or something do you think Brad or her in-laws will ignore it if Angelina is suffering from Anorexia.. puleasee hag stuff you concern in you tubby a s s .. you’re just an IGNORANT hater just like that doctor who diagnosed something just by looking at her picture. Stop your fake concern .. Angelina’s body is not your business it’s BRAD. You’re the one who’s gonna DIE BECAUSE OF YOUR OBESITY.. U KNOW Hypertension, diabetes and all sort of disease because of your being too fat!! YES REST IN PEACE YOU UGLY FUGLY HATERS!!

  405. 405
    fake concerns Says:

    @R.I.P.Angie: We are all going to die someday.Every day you get up you are closer to death.Do not worry about Angelina.Angelina has Brad and lovely family.Angelina is not filled with hate like you and your idol JA. We know how you feel about her wellness.You are a fake and hateful.You sound so miserable so early in the morning.

  406. 406
    )))(((* Says:


    thumb it down

  407. 407
    besane Says:

    Indeed life is short, and having a mother who died so young, Angelina unfortunately has the genes. But as “fake concerns” said, we are all going to die one day, and at the pearly gate, what you did in your life defines you. No one can argue, if Angelina and Aniston die today, who did more and who mattered more. Angelina decided to live the life so that every single day counts, giving and loving and creating. This is what attracted Brad and made him join her, leaving the boring and superficial life behind.

  408. 408
    dawne Says:

    Mia, you go, girl!!! Mia has a heart as big as Angie’s and surely admires Angie’s work.

    I agree with PT about Drew’s interview style……he is lecturous and arrogant and thinks he”s the final word on all addiction disorders.

    Instead, he’s a preachy egotist. Like all arrogant, narcisstic types, he will step in doo doo often……he took on someone far too esteemed this time. Isn’t it ‘first do no harm”…………he and Limbagh should be run outat Dodge with their tails between their legs.

  409. 409
    dawne Says:

    I loathe ‘assumptions’ particularly from a so called ‘professional’……..just because someone is thin you are not entitled to use the ‘anorxia’ word without layered knowledge of the individual.

    I’m sure Angie has a doctor who is outraged as well. The only person who can speak to her health is her own physician. What a presumptuous *******.

    I just don’t know where these people get off. Because someone is a public persona they think they can say or do anything without consideration of professional ethics or boundaries.

    He needs to be taken to task over this one. Anyone who knows Angie says she’s one of the hardest working women in show biz with six kids and she is thin by nature anyway. But it is clearly obvious she is strong and energetic. This dickbrain just wanted to ride on her ‘leg’ popularity and like so many others, just saw an opportunity to inject himself into the global conversation. He’s just another fameho among many who ride the JP’s for personal gain. Disgusting puke that he is. I will be writing him a wee love letter this weekend when I have time. I’m sure Clinqua did already, would love her to post it.

  410. 410
    tazzy Says:


    Forget about a IUD, Why not have all women wear chastity belts; you included, with only the government having the key? Once you can prove you are a responsible woman, say in your thirties or your forties, then the government unlocks your belt. Doesn’t that sound like a grand plan, MJ? (Major eye rolling going on here).

  411. 411
    anustin Says:

    lol behar is a FATZO! jealous of anjie.

  412. 412
    tazzy Says:



    Well said.

  413. 413
    Rose Says:

    @dawne: #410, I agree with what you are saying. If dr Drew was so concern about Angie, wouldn’t it be more appropriate for him to send an email to her people and states his concerns? Why go on tv and diagnosed someone he has never met?, I believe all he is doing is for ratings for his show? Predicting doom on gloom on Angie is not helping her. He knows there are a lot of haters out there with the Internet and social medias who feeds off hate. His actions is nothing less than bullying. Dr. Drew if a disgrace to the medical profession. I know a lot of fans said to ignore him, however, if someone wants to make a change you have to speak up when you see an
    injustice. And I’m saying this not because it’s Angie, I would say this for anyone who was treated unfairly by a professional.

  414. 414
    dawne Says:


    Bang on re the ‘bully’ part. And he is so sanctimonious regarding bullying…..for that alone he should be bish-slapped.

    As for the professional side of it he should be sanctioned by the AMA.

    Regardless of whether someone is a public persona or not..when it comes to the medical field, I don’t think the ethics are nullified because Joe Doctor wants to practice on television.

  415. 415
    Premalee Says:

    Angelina Jolie – Strict Dad Brad Pitt
    03 March 2012 11:00:18 AM

    Angelina Jolie says her partner Brad Pitt has become more of a disciplinarian with their six kids than he used to be.

    Angelina Jolie says Brad Pitt has had to become tougher on their children.

    The Oscar-winning actress raises six children with the actor – Maddox, 10, Pax, eight, Zahara, seven, Shiloh, five, and three-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – and while she has always been the stricter parent in the past, Brad has now had to be more involved with the discipline.

    She said: ”I used to be the tougher parent but since the birth of the twins, Brad’s had to play bad cop more often. It also depends on which of the children we are talking about. Brad has always had this incredible bond with Mad, who’s very smart, and Brad loves teaching him about history and art and culture – it’s an amazing thing to watch them together. I think I’m a little closer to the girls, maybe, but he’s always making them laugh. The children are usually very well-behaved though.”

    Angelina says she and Brad love having a big family and like to spend quality time together before they all go to bed.

    She told Britain’s OK! magazine: ”Our happiest moments are probably in the evening before the kids go to bed. We often play together in our pyjamas after dinner and it’s like having a party sometimes where we’re all dancing and jumping around and being silly. That’s when you really feel the beauty of having a family. It’s our little world.”

  416. 416
    Rose Says:

    @Dawn, I was one of the people who called BP lawyers office. I was so outraged, I said to myself, this may not change anything but I’m making this call anyway. The receptionist was very appreciative for my call. If he dr drew is concern about people with anorexia why not do a show on that? Why mention Angie’s name when he has no idea of her medical history. And if he was her treating dr he would have to abide by the HIPPA laws.

  417. 417
    gracie Says:

    # 405 jen the hag, you missed out dying of depression and anxiety. It’s a known fact that depression kills and this troll already show the symptoms, sleepless nights figuring out how to bring Angie, depressed from not finding true love, depressed cos Brad ain’t leaving Angie, depressed cos at 45 or more, she is childless and will dye alone and miserable.

  418. 418
    remember Says:


    Universal’s alleged comedy Wanderlust bombed worse than even the studio expected:lousy tracking for this R-rated nonsense had indicated the film would open below $10M. Audiences gave it a mediocre ’B-’ CinemaScore. The combination of Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd proved toxic to moviegoers. FYI: this greenlight was the studio’s payback to Role Models director David Wain and and his creative partner Ken Marino and mogul/producer Judd Apatow. Unfortunately the budget was $30M which is cheap by any standard except when a pic flops this badly. Sad, really, because Aniston’s flack-from-hell Stephen Huvane pulled out all the nauseating stops by exploiting her personal life — as usual.

    cr Deadline

  419. 419
    LLM Says:

    LOL bottom line, Brad will NEVER NEVER BACK TO TICKY, suck it up haters LOL

  420. 420
    LLM Says:


  421. 421
    Guest Says:

    So Paris Hilton tweeted her 6mil followers about how she enjoyed Wonderbust and Jen is gorgeous. Methinks someone is desperate to sell tickets. I also heard idk if its true that last week if u show your wanderbust ticket stub u can get on Chelsea handler show. Sidenot. Kim k tweeted during the golden globes that angies dress was everything to her.

  422. 422
    real Says:

    Why go on tv and diagnosed someone he has never met?,
    Dr Drew loves getting attention and is a arrogant sob. How would calling privately show the world how great he is. Also rather than making this a general discussion if he cared so much about the subject he decided to attack one person. Does he not care about SJP, Victoria Beckham, etc. No those women would not get attention for him. The View certainly would not have rushed to bring him on if he had called out those women.

  423. 423
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Saw the new Hollywood Reporter w/ OSCAR coverage, Brad and Angelina are ruling that rag again…muahahahah….they have an ENTIRE HUGE page to themselves of course while all the others have to share. Muahahahah. It starts out the 84th ACADEMY AWARDS, first page, big azz photo: BRAD PITT & ANGELINA JOLIE Best actor nominee Pitt (in Tom Ford) and Jolie (in Atelier Versace) greeted fans as they made their way down the red carpet at the theatre at Hollywood & Highland, Jolie dazzled in 2.5 million worth of Neil Lane diamonds, but the real scene stealer was the thigh high slit on her gown; the presenter made a point to keep her toned right leg on display throughout the course of the evening, even causing The Descendants writer Jim Rash to playfully strike a similar pose onstage.
    SUCK IT HATERS!! :-p
    Oh, and you might want to check page 10 also. On THE THR HEAT INDEX, Jennifer Maniston has a big fat DOWN ARROW next to her name. Bahaha. They say: “Wanderlust flops with a 6.5 million opening weekend, her lowest wide release since the FRIENDS actress became a film star.”
    Muahahahah! I disagree of ourse with that film star comment, as they themselves point out about ‘the friends actress,’ she’s just a tv star who makes bad movies. Not even on SJP’s level.
    As for Joy Bey-WH*RE, shes been suspect for years now with her nasty little snark and snipe towards Angelina. No surprise. My guess is she’s ramping it up this year since she’s been fired from HLN, and lost her sh*t show (karma much? B*tch!!) – I get the feeling she’s angling for some Chelsea handjob type enablement complete w/ book deals from a certain Maniston PR flack. Maybe she’s the latest rabid old horse willing to sign on the dotted line for one of those, ‘Pittbulls for Aniston’ contracts – the old broad knows what she has to do to get one, as demonstrated by garbage candler. Drew Pinsky too. My guess, perhaps like be-ho’ he’s either rep’d by (or wants to be rep’d by) some pr agent/agency or entity that wants a mouthpiece to be anti Brange. Consequently, he will occasionally slanderously flap his gums. One too many times, and he gets threatened with lawsuits.
    It’s one thing to make an off the cuff bish asss comment out of left field that shows your bias or envy. It’s another thing to consistently and periodically make negative almost slanderous accusations against a woman you don’t know who’s as accomplished as Angelina Jolie, and whose life has been about growing, being productive, helping the less fortunate. This isn’t Lindsey lohan or Demi Moore were talking about. They are constantly snarking on a woman at the top of her game, acting, directing, being recognized for achievement, raising her children, being a supportive partner, chairing philanthropic organizations, helping people and doing good in the world who’s always poised and on point who never stumbles… drunkk slurred presenting at award shows (Maniston), no drunk appearances(Theron), no arrests (lohan), no collapsing and being hospitalized (Demi Moore) no admitted hospitalization after not being able to ‘connect’ with their newborns (Fishyth, Brooke shields)….I could go on and on….but you get the point. It’s like they’d love Angie to fck up or be afflicted with something like those bishes, but she never does…always marches forward to amaze us even more. She’s superwoman, and they hate it…so even the most trivial non story they hope will be her downfall.
    But she has enemies, and those are usually the agencies that realize if everyone took a page out of Angelina’s book, they’d be out of business. So I call either a pr flack or agency doing the dr shew and bey-wh*re egging on.
    Like I said…karma is coming. Look at garbage candler, she’s box office poison, so are her friends, her sitcom is tanking and people LOATHE that bish and call her fug every chance they get.
    Have a great weekend fans…the JPS rule the world! Going to eat some grub, b back a lil’ later! :)

  424. 424
    LLM Says:

    I wish HLN will get rid of that despicable fake Dr Drewasshole after the contract end, I never watch his show. HLN lower it reputation by hiring low quality people like Joy Behar and Drewasshole.

  425. 425
    Rose Says:

    @Premalee: #416, nice find, thank you.

  426. 426
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Oh, before I go….okra, pulling out all the stops…just saw this, lol:
    Oprah Winfrey Lands First Interview with Whitney Houston’s Daughter, Bobbi Kristina
    By Yolanda Sangweni

    Don’t count Oprah Winfrey out just yet.

    The media maven, who’s namesake network is struggling for ratings, has scooped an exclusive interview with Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown. The talk will air on OWN’s Oprah’s Next Chapter next Sunday, March 11 at 9pm EST, according to a release from the network. Bobbi Kristina is expected to share personal memories of her mother and address “rumors and speculation surrounding Houston’s death.”

    PHOTOS: Whitney Houston’s Funeral

    The special, which was taped last week, will also include interviews with Houston’s manager and sister-in-law, Patricia Houston, and her brother Gary Houston. Prior to the interviews, OWN will also re-air Remembering Whitney: The Oprah Interview, which features Oprah interviewing Houston in 2009.

    PHOTOS: Whitney Houston’s Life in Pictures

    Bobbi Kristina has been keeping a low profile ever since Houston’s death on February 11, but family members maintain she is doing well, after being hospitalized shortly after her mother’s death.

    Read more:

  427. 427
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Oh, and one last thing re the dominating Brange pic in THR, I was discussing…’s a diff shot, brad has his arm around bb Angie, and is practically cupping the side boob, as they look up and wave to fans…too much gorgessity for words…hotness!!! Okay ttyl!
    Just read that Fishyth was on that tanking cooking show her fat chef friend has, the Chew – gag me (btw, guess its the only thing Huvane could book her on to pimp her out…can you see angelina being booked on, oh, say, the talk, the day after Oscar? Yeah me neither – real movie stars don’t do that shizz. Yet another Huvane misstep), she was discussing how she can eat anything she wants…blah blah blah…bish can’t go 2 minutes without being loathed anew by the masses. Lolol apparently Angelina and her dress pose came up, of course, they said the bish stayed silent…probably much to huvane’s disapproval, he was probably hoping shed do some kind of modified handler. She’s smarter than she looks apparently. Heh. Lol.

  428. 428
    Rose Says:

    Fans, check out video at #393 and #393 up top.
    Also, fans Neleh from JJB has some beautiful photos of Angie and Brad on page 216. Thanks Neleh

  429. 429
    2bella Says:

    2 bella; fyi; the BI on Not a doting mother is clearly Kate Goselin (kate +8) rumors of her affair with the bodyguard have been around since the divorce and on her show, she was always snapping at the kids.

  430. 430
    Rose Says:

    @CLINIQUA: If you have access to US weekly, browsing at the supermarket, check out page six, Ciara and Anne V wearing dresses with more legs showing but no outranges.

    Also, page #22 Brad and Angie has entire page as best dressed at the Oscars.

  431. 431
    Dr Drew Sux Says:

    #393- Thanks for the videos- I wonder if Dr Drew analyzed Angie in that video from just a couple of weeks ago where the “German Government Donates $2.5M to UNHCR in Honor of Angelina Jolie”. Is there a cause for CONCERN- she looks like she is even thinner here than at the Oscars- HOW IS SHE NOT COLLAPSING- egads…even some “fans” say Angie looks thinner than usual- find a picture where she is FAT- you can’t- even pregnant with twins she had long, skinny arms- SO WHAT- I would argue that Angie and her skinny arms are far healthier than some of the chubby mothers who can’t carrying their kids without getting winded. NOBODY looks better as they get older- you lose that youthful glow, your skin is less elastic andthin people look thinner/more gaunt & fat people look fatter/dumpier- everybody gets grey hair and wrinkles- Dr Drew needs to worry about his own messed up life- I guess it is easier to weed (or slander/libel) someone else’s garden than to take care of you own. This video is awesome esp bc they recognize that Angie has been on over 40 trips to help others, all despite being so unattractive in Dr Drew’s eyes.

  432. 432
    PJ Says:

    Love the JPs.

    Just for fun read on.

    Weekend films by Allan Hunter ( Daily Express 2nd March)


    This Means War may be pretty awful but Wanderlust is an unmitigated stinker.
    It is easily a strong contender for the worst film of this year. What possessed everyone?
    Was it funded as part of a tax-loss scheme?
    Were people blackmailed into appearing?
    The stench of collective madness is almost overpowering. Linda (Jennifer Aniston) and George (Paul Rudd) are New York yuppies who have just purchased a micro apartment when he loses his job and her documentary is rejected by HBO. They throw themselves on the mercy of his boorish brother in Atlanta but en route they stop at Elysium an “intentional community” in the countryside.
    That’s a hippie commune to you and me.
    You may have assumed the comic mileage in hippie commune expired around the time Doris Day stopped making films.
    Nobody told the writers of wanderlust.
    We dutifully revisit the hilarity of vegans, nudists, tie-dye clothes, and free love and hallucinogenic drugs. Linda and George decide to stay. She blossoms. He wilts but by then you will have lost the will to live.
    I recently had a kidney stone. Sitting through Wanderlust was more painful.

  433. 433
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    If you know anything about this country you would know WHY we have Federal Communication Regulators overseeing the airwaves.
    It is their function to monitor OBSCENE and INDECENT programs that are broadcast over TV, Radio, etc,, and that list would include the Howard Sterns etc., of this country whom I do not agree with either.
    Demanding interviewers be respectful and refrain from being obscene on the air is NOT demanding they be banned. It is demanding they show respect for the listening public.
    Please do NOT put words in my mouth. I said nothing about Sarah Palin or anyone else for that matter. And there is one thing to have an “Opinion” there is a MAJOR problem with saying OBSCENE and INDECENT things on the air as Rush did.

    This is a country of LAW and ORDER and RIGHTS and RULES and REGULATIONS.
    If you have a problem with what any broadcaster is saying you have the RIGHT to issue your complaint to the FCC.
    That is a lawful way to go about voicing your opinion to try and make a change. That is what I do and that is what I am saying you have the right to do as well.

  434. 434
    from JJB Says:

    Cr newsblaze

    The Modern American Classic- Brad Pitt
    One of today’s strongest and most versatile film actors, is also a successful film producer. Brad Pitt was an Academy Award nominee for his performance in David Fincher’s THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON and Terry Gilliam’s TWELVE MONKEYS, for which he won a Golden Globe® Award. He was also a Golden Globe Award nominee for his performances in Edward Zwick’s LEGENDS OF THE FALL and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s BABEL.

    Brad Pitt stars in and produced MONEYBALL, appearing as Billy Beane for Bennett Miller. Moneyball (Sony Pictures Releasing) was Produced by Michael De Luca, Rachael Horovitz and Brad Pitt. This is the first nomination for Brad Pitt in this category. He was nominated for his supporting role in 12 MONKEYS (1995) and for his leading role in THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON (2008). He is also nominated this year for his leading role in MONEYBALL and THE TREE OF LIFE (Fox Searchlight). The previous year, Brad Pitt starred in Quentin Tarantino’s INGLORIOUS ******** as Lt. Aldo Raine.

    Prior to INGLORIOUS ********, Mr. Pitt appeared in Joel and Ethan Coen’s comedy thriller BURN AFTER READING, which had its world premiere as the opening night attraction at the 2008 Venice International Film Festival. The previous year, he was named Best Actor at Venice for his portrayal of Jesse James in THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD directed by Andrew Dominik. Opposite George Clooney, his BURN AFTER READING co-star, he also appeared in Steven Soderbergh’s hits OCEAN’S ELEVEN, OCEAN’S TWELVE and OCEAN’S THIRTEEN with him.

    Born in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Brad Pitt grew up in Springfield, Missouri, and attended the University of Missouri at Columbia where he majored in Journalism. Right before graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to study graphic design, but instead began to pursue an acting career, studying with the late Roy London. Soon after, he began securing roles in television, including the series “Glory Days” and the acclaimed telefilms “The Image” directed by Peter Werner and “Too Young to Die?” directed by Robert Markowitz.

    It was Mr. Pitt’s role in Ridley Scott’s Academy Award-winning THELMA AND LOUISE that first brought him national attention. He soon went on to star in Robert Redford’s Academy Award-winning A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT, Dominic Sena’s KALIFORNIA and Neil Jordan’s INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. He has also starred in Tom DiCillo’s JOHNNY SUEDE, which won the Golden Leopard Award for Best Picture at the 1991 Locarno International Film Festival; Ralph Bakshi’s COOL WORLD, Tony Scott’s TRUE ROMANCE, Barry Levinson’s SLEEPERS, Alan J. Pakula’s THE DEVIL’S OWN, Jean-Jacques Annaud’s SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET, Martin Brest’s MEET JOE BLACK, and two previous David Fincher films SE7EN and FIGHT CLUB.

    More recent films include the massive 2005 hit – Doug Liman’s MR. AND MRS. SMITH, Wolfgang Petersen’s TROY, Patrick Gilmore and Tim Johnson’s animated feature SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS, Tony Scott’s SPY GAME, Gore Verbinski’s THE MEXICAN, Guy Ritchie’s SNATCH, as well as cameo roles in Soderbergh’s FULL FRONTAL and Clooney’s CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND.

    Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment develops and produces both film and television projects. Plan B has thus far produced numerous outstanding films including Martin Scorsese’s THE DEPARTED, which won four Academy Awards®, including Best Picture and Best Director, Michael Winterbottom’s A MIGHTY HEART, for which Angelina Jolie received Golden Globe, Independent Spirit, Critics’ Choice, and Screen Actors Guild Award® nominations, Robert Schwentke’s TIME TRAVELLER’S WIFE, Rebecca Miller’s THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE, and the Oscar nominated THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD starring Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck, and directed by Andrew Dominik.

    Considered one of Hollywood’s most handsome men, the early sex symbol adored by women around the world has evolved today as not only the ruggedly handsome, charming man that he is, but also a massive talent as a notable producer, and powerful, daring actor. Brad Pitt is truly one of the greats of our time in modern cinema, and what is even more remarkable, is that he gets better and better.

    An artist who has evolved greatly not only as an actor but as a human being, he once stated, “I believe you make your day. You make your life. So much of it is all perception, and this is the form that I built for myself. I have to accept it and work within those compounds, and it’s up to me.” An absolute gentleman, and a star worthy of the title, Brad Pitt is a true class act whose talent has and will continue to lift up audiences around the world for time to come.

  435. 435
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Lovely article. Thank you for sharing it.

  436. 436
    Dr Drew Sux Says:

    Don’t lose focus or confuse the issue. Howard Stern is a comic who makes jokes (that annoy and/or entertain) and he claims ignorance rather than any sort of expertise. Dr Drew is a medical professional (and always reinforces this by constantly citing his credentials) who offering his “expert” diagnosis- that is dangerous.

  437. 437
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    “It is easily a strong contender for the worst film of this year. ”
    Wow! That is pretty bad!
    No wonder no one has heard a peep out of Aniston since she dropped her latest bomb on the public. :)

  438. 438
    Sweet Says:

    REELZ TV oscar fashion wrap-up said Brad wore Style of Jolie cufflinks, studs and ring at the Oscars!!! How sweet!!!

  439. 439
    Susan Says:

    @LLM: CNN also needs to get rid of Piers Morgan, what a tool, he is from Rupert Murdock cesspool.

  440. 440
    anustin Says:

    lolz…too obvious,jealous of brads baby momma.why not talk demi moore? those ugly bi.tchez got nothing to say.haha

  441. 441
    anustin Says:

    wtf!!! i mean,how bad is the bad?lol setting through WONDERSL.UT is more painful.bwahahahaha

  442. 442
    bdj Says:

    Entire article at link

    Saturday, March 3, 2012

    Everyone is talking about Angelina Jolie’s leg.
    Cartoon of Angelina Jolie holding the globe

    Her right leg, to be specific. The actress presented at the Oscars last week in a striking Versace dress with a thigh-high slit—and proudly stood so as to highlight her stunning gam.

    I’d like to bring your attention to another part of Angelina Jolie’s body, one that doesn’t get the notice it deserves: her brain.

    Two months ago, I met Jolie when she came to Washington to promote her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey. I’d interviewed plenty of celebrities, from Los Angeles to New York City, but I’d never witnessed a scene as electric as that in the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown as reporters awaited their appointments with the actress. Grown men who normally affected a cynical pose about the famous people they met were too nervous to sample the complimentary food and drink. My sister in rural Alberta was treated like a star for being close to someone meeting Angelina Jolie.

    Forbes has called her Hollywood’s best-paid actress and the most powerful celebrity in any field. The paparazzi follow every move she, Brad Pitt, and their six children make. Most important, she’s gorgeous.
    Related Stories

    And, like most bewitching women, she has trouble being taken seriously. With Jolie’s time at a premium, I met her with two other reporters. They approached her much as they might have Marilyn Monroe five decades earlier. But what do you ask one of the world’s most beautiful women?

    In the Land of Blood and Honey is set in the brutal Bosnian war of the 1990s. “Is it a political film?” one reporter timidly ventured.
    Jolie is goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. I knew she’d been to Syria in 2009 to visit Iraqi refugees—alongside Syrian president Bashar al-Assad—and last year met Syrian refugees in Turkey. So I asked her point-blank—hey, she’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations—whether she’d support a U.N. resolution to oust the murderous Assad.
    “It’s not for me to say, because I don’t know what the repercussions of that are. I know that something must be done,” she responded. Regime change might be necessary, but it wouldn’t be a simple solution. “We have to make sure that if he is removed, who comes in next is not worse,” she said. “It’s not just, we replace it, and then a neighboring country takes over, and it’s just an expansion of one of its neighboring countries that might be even more extreme.”

    It took some effort to hold my jaw in place. I ask a woman better known for her tattoos than her thoughts about deposing a dictator; she brings up the Islamic Republic, warning we shouldn’t allow Syria to devolve into a satellite of Iran.

    Some professional pundits haven’t thought that far ahead. But Jolie had visited Libya—after Qaddafi was killed. That morning, she’d called the U.N.: Syrians are crossing into Lebanon and she wants to meet them. Going into Syria itself makes little sense. “Even if you were allowed in, you’d be directed in what access you’d be given. So I don’t trust it” (a tip for Sean Penn the next time he visits his friend Hugo Chávez).

    Jolie won’t run for office any time soon—and let’s face it, attractive women haven’t fared well in the arena. But she has strong sentiments about the American political scene. “This should not be a Democrat or Republican issue, but I’ve spent a lot of time visiting soldiers in hospitals, and I feel that it is a sad day when citizens of a country really can feel so distant from our young men and women who are at war across the world, and dying and in hospitals. It just ended in Iraq and they’re coming home, and they should be able to, whether you’re for or against the war, hold their heads high with the service that they did. They risked their lives.”

    But to address the question you really want answered: Angie, as she’s called, looked angelic. Her white blouse was too loose to confirm much about her figure. Her right leg, however, did stand out in a slitted skirt.

  443. 443
    bdj Says:

    Entire article at link

    Will Pakistan’s Oscar Help Stop a Disfiguring Crime Against Women?

    When Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy became the first Pakistani filmmaker to win an Oscar last weekend, she saw it not just as a rare moment of global pride for her country, but also as a source of hope for its struggling women. “All the women in Pakistan who are working for change,” she said on stage while holding aloft the small golden statue, “don’t give up on your dreams, this is for you.” In the audience, actress Sandra Bullock could be seen applauding as she struggled to suppress her tears.

    It was a historic moment in the decades-long struggle to counter violence against women in Pakistan. Saving Face, the winning documentary short, tells the story of hundreds of Pakistani women who endure acid attacks that disfigure their looks and devastate their lives. The attacks have been carried out with impunity for decades. But, as Obaid Chinoy told TIME in an interview, her film shows that some Pakistanis are now fighting back. “It’s a film about acid violence in Pakistan and what these women go through on a day to day basis,” she says. “But it’s not just a film about despair, but also about what people are doing to change that.” The heroes of the story include Dr. Mohammed Jawad, a British surgeon of Pakistani origin, who abandons his lucrative practice in London to travel to Pakistan in order to help rehabilitate the suffering women, using his own revolutionary techniques.

    The Oscar win has won much notice for the issue and a buzz of publicity. Angelina Jolie praised Obaid Chinoy and said she would watch the documentary, which airs on HBO on March 8th. Harvey Weinstein told her that it made him, “feel good to know the kind of work we do as filmmakers.” When Obaid Chinoy returns to her native Karachi, she is planning to use the success to launch “an educational outreach service in Pakistan.” There will be radio and television public service announcements raising awareness of the acid attacks. And versions of the film will be dubbed in local languages and played in the affected areas.

  444. 444
    bdj Says:–Led-8-Live-Stream-Tonight-20120303

    Tune In for George Clooney, Brad Pitt- Led 8 Live Stream Tonight!

    Saturday, March 3, 2012; 11:03 AM – by BWW News Desk


    George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Chris Colfer, Kevin Bacon, John C. Reilly and Martin Sheen are amoungst the stars that will be featured in tonight’s one-night performance of Dustin Lance Black’s 8 at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in LA. Fans will have the oppertunity to support the cause and tune in to the performance online. Don’t forget to tune in for the live stream, which will take place at 7:30pm EST HERE.

  445. 445
    bdj Says:

    March 10

    In New Orleans, Brad Pitt will host his annual Gala to benefit The Make it Right Foundation. This is Pitt’s foundation which he started to fund the building of new homes for lower income folks in New Orleans. The Gala is always a BIG deal. Actors & actresses & celebs mosey on down to give the big bucks for a good cause — including more than a few superstars of the music world. There is the main event and the After Party. For the after party, the entertainment confirmed so far is: Seal, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and The Soul Rebels.

    Yes, you heard right, us, The Soul Rebels. There maybe more musical heavyweights tacked onto the bill. Check back here on March 11th for the backstage photos.

  446. 446
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    No wonder Brad looked especially extra handsome that night! :)
    Wearing Style of Jolie added that extra bling. How cute they are.

  447. 447
    bdj Says:

    Next week, inspiring women from around the globe will convene in New York City for Newsweek & The Daily Beast’s third annual Women in the World Summit. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the newest leader to announce her participation—she will join recently-minted Oscar-winner Meryl Streep for a special on-stage finale to the three-day event. Also in the lineup: Nobel winner Leymah Gbowee, Angelina Jolie, Madeleine K. Albright, IMF chief Christine Lagarde, and many more.

  448. 448
    bdj Says:

    Happy Saturday. What’s up Weng
    The spamming paid hen has given up. Too funny. Nothing can make wanderbust a success, not even smearing the lovely Jolie. Just goes to show that Baby Jane and her PR bulldog should just throw in the towel and head back to TV Land.

  449. 449
    anustin Says:

    awwww …miss bdj,thank you so much lady.

  450. 450
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    What an EXCELLENT article, BDJ.
    Angelina is a phenomenon! What an incredible woman!
    I love this -
    “I’d like to bring your attention to another part of Angelina Jolie’s body, one that doesn’t get the notice it deserves: her brain.”

    “It took some effort to hold my jaw in place. I ask a woman better known for her tattoos than her thoughts about deposing a dictator; she brings up the Islamic Republic, warning we shouldn’t allow Syria to devolve into a satellite of Iran.
    Some professional pundits haven’t thought that far ahead.
    She literally blew his mind!
    And he could not get past her beauty and how “bewitching” she is. He said, “She is gorgeous!” And ” But what do you ask one of the world’s most beautiful women?”
    Loved his closing statement
    “But to address the question you really want answered: Angie, as she’s called, looked angelic. Her white blouse was too loose to confirm much about her figure. Her right leg, however, did stand out in a slitted skirt.”
    Very interesting and informative article, and fun too. Thank you for sharing this. Loved it!

  451. 451
    bdj Says:

    RT @ajatic : Last night saw “in the land of blood and honey” from Angelina Jolie. Remarkable movie, help us not to forget. · Twitter · 7 minutes ago

  452. 452
    anon Says:

    @Dr Drew Sux:

    Dr. Drew is the medical equivalent of Nancy Grace’s legal show. Both are disgraces to their respective professions and sadly to American TV culture in general. I don’t waste time with either of them and I am rather dismissive of any comment of theirs I happen to hear about.

  453. 453
    Golddustwoman Says:

    Sorry to lower the tone by mentioning Aniston’s bombs, but below is an extract from something I wrote last year. It must have been about The Switch – it’s hard to remember, there are so many stinkers! lol.

    Oh, and to everyone who commented on my last post – thank you each and everyone. if I don’t respond it’s usually because I’m in a different time zone and when most of you post I’m tucked up in bed! But thanks again and yes I agree with all your observations about the difference in the American coverage and that in Europe about ‘the leg’. Sadly, most of the really nasty, hateful stuff about Angelina emanates from the USA. It does get picked up here but never starts in our press or tv.

    Anyway, here is part of what I wrote last year.

    The questions came as Iggy Pop lookalike Ms Aniston unleashed her latest cinematic **** on the world last week and the weary world responded by giving her an embarrasing $8million back.
    Even for a cheap film, (the only sort Aniston is offered) it was a kick in the teeth for the National Enquirer queen. With a large publicity budget to be added to the $16 million production cost the film can be filed under major flop since Aniston films make negligible money outside the USA.
    The world seems increasingly disenchanted with the dreariest woman in showbiz whose tabloid fame and film offers are now entirely based on her milking her 5 year old divorce. Even people who were initially taken in by the cynical way she expoited her personal life (a Vanity Fair interview in which she cried on cue and got the cover page which was originally going to Paris Hilton started the ball rolling) seem bored with ‘poor, desperate Jen’ now.
    She’s just dull, dull, dull and utterly predictable. She spends 6 months of her life filming rubbish then the next 6 months promoting it. The film is is always the same, as is the promotion; early release of stills from the film showing her in cut off denim shorts or a bikini, followed swiftly by ‘reports’ of a ‘hot romance’ with her D list male co-star, followed by wall to wall Aniston on tv shows and magazine covers.
    In all of fthese efforts, what is striking is that ‘Jen’ never comes across as likeable or funny. Despite her genre being comedy Aniston is utterly humourless in person.
    And now even the patient public seem to have had enough.
    Time to enter the Friends dumper, Jen.

  454. 454
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    “And now even the patient public seem to have had enough.”
    Bravo! Well written and well said.

  455. 455
    correction Says:

    correction to BDJ’s post 444, the Prop 8 live stream start is 7:30 PACIFIC time not EST.

  456. 456
    Saffron Says:

    @ Golddustwoman

    Love it….I only wish everyone else would write articles similar to yours. Maybe we could get rid of the Tick much sooner. The major portion of the world is crossing their fingers, hoping this last bomb will get her looking for a pilot to shoot for TV. The only problem with that is every time she did a guess appearance for a TV show….the ratings went DOWN. I’m sure that particular statistic wasn’t lost on the powers-that-be at the networks. For some reason, I can’t even think of the shows she was the guest on except Cougar Town…..I didn’t see any of them.

  457. 457
    new thread Says:

    ———— new thread————–

  458. 458
    Lara Says:

    —————————-New Thread—————————-

  459. 459
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Excellent article from the weekly standard BDJ, thanks so much for all the news that fits babe! :)

  460. 460
    Premalee Says:


    Thank you so much for the articles.

  461. 461
    JP videos Says:

    Since there are the usual Jen nut job 3 fans online; how about a great Brad video saying how much he loves his Angie, sorry haters…NOT! OK tlll we get the live feed maybe this video from SAG awards will drive them to really go insane! LOL

  462. 462
    Jade Says:

    These are really cute pics. Maddox is seriously growing up fast. I wonder if he’s showing an interest in being a musician. For some reason, I see him as being this huge Indie performer as he gets older. lol

  463. 463
    Guitar lessons Orlando Says:

    Good to know about great guys and their love to music.

  464. 464
    Socrates Says:

    Brad look great with long hair. Anyway, ever consider the fact that Angelina likes his hair long. After all, it’s her opinion that matters not yours.

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