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'Hunger Games' Stars Cover 'Entertainment Weekly'

'Hunger Games' Stars Cover 'Entertainment Weekly'

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence gets ready to shoot an arrow on the cover of Entertainment Weekly‘s latest issue, on newsstands Friday (March 2).

Here’s what the stars of the movie had to share:

Woody Harrelson, on checking out Lenny Kravitz‘s clothes: “Lenny had these racks of all these different clothes for his stage show, or I suppose just for him in life. We’d all try on his jackets and shirts and wild clothes and take pictures and laugh. I mean, I’m telling you, this was a great group of people.”

Josh Hutcherson, on getting ready for Hunger Games insanity: “I’m constantly texting [Jennifer], like ‘Oh, boy, here we go,’” he says. “It’s kind of like we’re getting ready for our own Hunger Games.”

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Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …she looks like a duck in that picture.

  • lola

    Why is this movie getting so much free press and hype?

  • LaraCroft

    “Josh Hutcherson, on getting ready for Hunger Games insanity: “I’m constantly texting [Jennifer], like ‘Oh, boy, here we go,’” he says. “It’s kind of like we’re getting ready for our own Hunger Games.””

    These actors have had people put it in their heads so much that they’re going to wind up like the Harry Potter/Twilight trio, that they are hyping themselves up so much. There is nothing organic happening with this franchise. Lionsgate saw what happened with HP and Twilight and are specifically copying the Twilight marketing down to perfection. I’m sure it will be successful, but wait until things actually happen before these actors have a hard attack. Especially Jennifer who is doing every interview talking about how her life is about to change. She was nominated for an Oscar last year, pretty sure that was life changing enough.

  • LaraCroft

    @LaraCroft: *heart* attack.

  • MeggieDear

    @LauraCroft if you read the book you would understand.

  • Lena

    @ LaraCroft: I agree with some of the points you made. I think we should wait for the movie to come out before we get too excited. And if it’s anything like Twilight I’m sure as hell not gonna watch it. Went to watch the first one hoping that it would be great, but it was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Haven’t watched the rest. So let’s hope it’s NOTHING like Twilight.

  • Bill

    Did Jennifer say in the interview how rich she is for a 21-year-old?

  • JKK

    I’m not understanding how this movie is going to be so HUGE…it has a large budget, and I’m not seeing *phenomenon* Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t seem to have an enormous fan base like Kristen Stewart quickly developed…plus there’s something off putting about her talking about how rich she is in a country where people are struggling to make 5 dollars an hour…as far as these men are concerned, I doubt they will be as hot to trot as Robert Pattinson was. All I’m seeing is a a marketing push, not a phenomenon. Reminds me of the press for the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo…and that wasn’t this huge enormous thing they thought it would be. Rooney Mara’s attitude also reminds me a bit of Jennifers

  • Tegan’s love

    @Bill: Don’t worry Bill, she has a month worth of interviewing coming out. I’m sure she’ll remind us again! You know, she likes keeping it real and all :)

  • Tegan’s love

    @JKK: I agree. Liam is hot, but not really a great actor and has no star quality. Josh is the better actor, more charming, but not hot. These boys are not becoming sensations as much as people would like them to be. Jennifer LAwrence is the only draw here.

  • mel

    @Tegan’s love: I agree with you but people that have seen the movie said that it looked cheap and the acting was bad so the Oscar nominee is not really helping on that department.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    It will be interesting if this is huge just to see how Jennifer ‘I can’t stand when actors complain’ Lawrence copes with it and if Kristen will be vindicated if Jennifer has a nervous break down because some dude is camping outside her house at 4am in the morning and she wants to be left alone.

  • Emily

    That is one ugly magazine cover. She looks horrible. Whoever said duck face nailed it exactly.

  • kingkasyski

    Jennifer already said shes in the eye of the hurricane right now,i can understand Rpattz saying that becasue of all the hypes surround him ,but this girl,since when is she in the eye of the hurricane?

  • moot

    @kingkasyski: SO true. The girl never gets it as bad as the guy heartthrob does. So WTF is she talking about?

  • Ashley

    lol at the twilight fans in here

  • Hype

    @kingkasyski: Exactly. On what planet is Jennifer Lawrence even in the same sphere as the Twilight trio, especially Robert Pattinson? This girl thinks way too highly of herself. I think HG will make huge money but I don’t think it will reach phenomenon level like Twi or HP.

  • mel

    @Hype: I think THG will be fine but the other day I went to see Hugo (don’t judge me, I’m from ARgnetina and only came out here in the pst few weeks!) and the woman next to me was like WTF the global economy is going down and people don’t have money to et and they’re pushing on us a movie called THE HUNGER GAMES?!?!?! And I was like, “And kids kill each other” and she was horrified!
    I think it will do okay but it won’t be Twilight 2.0 because people already know that this WANTS so bad to be Twilight 2.0 and this looks really cheap and with bad acting.




  • kara85

    lol at all the bitter twilight fans
    so glad that this shitty franchise will finally come to an end this year and we will all be spare of their mediocre acting

  • kara85


    You are right, she should feel insulted to be mention in the same phrase as bad actor as R-Pattz
    Th girl is actually really talented and honest unlike the ungrateful actors from Twilight who moan and bitch and whine about paps when he earns millions and mock the twilight fans too in the process, just see some of R-Pattz interviews.

  • Love

    It is actually getting annoying how this Josh kid every time talks about how they are ready for insanity, crazy life blah blah. Dude, calm down. The movie haven’t even released yet and they see themselves as big stars. As I know Twilight became a big thing out of sudden. Nobody expected it to be a multimillion franchise, including the actors themselves. But the Hunger Games actor already see themselves as a star. I don’t like them already.

  • Allie

    The only thing The Hunger Games and Twilight have in common is that they’re both books being made into movies. So seriously, stop with the comparing, it’s getting ridiculous. (coming from someone who has read BOTH Twilight and THG)

    And if you actually watch Jennifer Lawrence interviews you would see just how goofy and humbled she is. She’s also very sarcastic as well, so if you think she’s bragging, you obviously have no sense of humor. (of course she’s rich, she’s an actress. If that bothers you, you really need a reality check… ALL actors and actresses have money) lol

  • Anne

    @kara85: How do you figure the Twilight actors are ungrateful? They always say they are grateful and are nice to the fans. So what if they complain about the paparazzi? They’re just being honest. It is indeed a downside of fame. They are hounded constantly…so they should know! And Rob doesn’t mock Twilight fans. Have you ever seen this guy on red carpets or anywhere with large groups of fans? He will stay out there forever just to make sure everyone gets an autograph. There aren’t many young actors as nice and level headed as Rob is given the hysteria around him. And he appreciated it all.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    Um excuse me…
    Just because I’m defending Kristen doesn’t mean I’m a twilight fan. I haven’t seen any of the movies except the first one. I’ve only become interested in her because of SWATH and the only other movie I’ve seen of hers is Panic Room which I thought she was great in way back when.

    After reading and watching interviews with Kristen before and now that Twilight is drawing to a close, I can tell that she was really overwhelmed by the series and didn’t realise how big of a deal it was going to be.

    I just think people like Jennifer who sneak in little digs like “I can’t stand it when actors complain” and then try to make Kristen feel bad because she wasn’t an UBER fan of the Twilight series before she signed up, should get a little slice of humble pie.

    I actually do hope the Hunger Games becomes this big thing just to gauge Jennifer’s reaction to the hysteria and if she smiles throughout the whole thing, I will commend her for sticking to her word. But if she cries because some crazy lunatic is chasing her down an L.A street, I’m not going to feel sorry for her AT ALL.

  • Mary H.

    She’s a little cocky.

  • Belle


    Jennifer actually has some talent unlike the Twilight trio.

  • Kris

    I don’t think Jennifer’s bragging but even if she was, SHE HAS EVERY RIGHT TO BRAG. She’s a fantastic actress, she has a lot of talent.

    Kristen Stewart has NO acting talent, I mean have you all SEEN Twilight? It’s ridiculous. The girl can’t act yet she’s still famous because a bunch of little teeny boppers and old creepy women LOVE the idea of sparking handsome vampires and hot guys who turn into dogs. If anything, Jennifer deserves ALL the praise she’s getting. On the other hand, Kristen hardly deserves praises. She’s gorgeous but talentless.

    Oh and Twihards can suck it because they’re horrible franchise is about to come to an end this year THANK SWEET BABY JESUS.