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Kristen Stewart: Balenciaga Presentation with Salma Hayek!

Kristen Stewart: Balenciaga Presentation with Salma Hayek!

Kristen Stewart and Salma Hayek snap a photo together as they attend the Balenciaga fashion presentation on Thursday (March 1) during Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France.

The 21-year-old Twilight actress, who rocked a pair of leather pants, was also joined in the front row by Charlotte Gainsbourg.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Kristen also spent time in Paris last month to take part in a photo shoot for Vanity Fair.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart and Salma Hayek at the Balenciaga show…

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kristen stewart salma hayek balenciaga show 02
kristen stewart salma hayek balenciaga show 03
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Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Mikaela

    Why can’t she smile?? She always looks bored and it seems like she doesn’t want to be in those places.

  • blue

    What happened to Kristen Stewart? She always loathed these types of things.

  • jo

    She didn’t look too happy being there. It seems like her PR team is making her do all this but I don’t get why. She still has the Twilight fame to bank on.

  • Hanna

    Maybe because it’s her normal face and this dosen’t mean she is bored. By the way neither Salma Hayek is smiling,so what’s the point?
    Stop potrait Kristen as she is always angry or annoyed.

    Anyway they’re both stunning.

  • wow

    She REALLY doesn’t want to be there does she? lol

  • Angie

    I love Kristen’s outfit but she looks very dull at the same time. Like there’s no charisma or life behind her eyes. Salma looks beautiful too!

  • Hanna

    Yeah,she’s always annoyed and bored. She hates to be there.
    I’m sarcastic,of course >_<

  • Evelyn

    Hmmm. She looks super stoked to be there! Balenciaga surrrrrre did choose the perfect spokeswoman for their new fragrance.

  • pan

    She’s the new face of Balenciaga’s perfume (JustJared, you should mention that on this post) that’s why she’s there and to support. She said she’s always loved Balenciaga ever since before she started liking fashion. I think that it’s part of growing up…people change. They grow up, their views and likes are different Just like all of us. So why the hate?

  • pan

    @Hanna: Yea…I don’t why people always say she doesnt smile. She obviously does. It’s because there are more pictures out there and they decide to only post 4-5 that don’t show that.

  • Hanna

    Sorry but did you see Charlotte Gainsbourge (she is the other Balenciaga spokeswoman with Kristen). Did she seem extremly happy or smiling? They’re being normal.
    Jezz it seems that you people are waiting to criticize every celebs.

  • dora

    @jo: Her press team called the paps last time when she was “shopping” at Balenciaga. It’s all press and advertisement. I guess the Twilight fame isn’t enough.

  • hello777

    kristen looks really hot here. leather really suites her.

  • lol

    Balenciaga did the right thing to choose Kristen Stewart to advertise their brand. Just go on twitter and see how many Twihards have already ordered the shoes Kristen is wearing. They cost $700. They’re just cashing on Twihards and they’re dumb enough to fall for it.

  • Scarlett

    Her enthusiasm looks over whelming. She’s not a good fit with Balenciaga anyway, she’s not exactly known for her sartorial edge. The girl looks like she lacks any kind of personality at all frankly. I feel to see what any of the hype around her is about at all.

  • sawa

    she’s still a cool chick. i love that she’s getting more interested in fashion. she’s growing up…she’s 21. c’mon people.

  • Gabby

    @pan: Because the media has to keep reminding us how sullen and sad she they don’t post the pics of her smiling. There are tons of smiling pics of her at every event smiling away. But noooo, don’t post those.

    And her nuetral face just happens to look sullen and serious..nothing wrong with it. But it makes people think shes sad when she isn’t. Kristen purposely flew to France for this event so she obviously wanted to be there.

  • Gabby

    btw love the look, but I wish the pants weren’t so high wasted.

  • sawa

    people only look at the big picture…but they don’t actually see behind it. that’s just crazyness:

  • Lauren

    @lol: That’s CRAZY! OMG. Well congrats to Balenciaga

  • pan

    @Gabby: agreed. when you have people constantly taking your pictures…it’s not like you’re going to have a smile on your face24\7. you’re going to get tired of all the picture taking. i mean, how many pictures can they get of the same damn pose?!

  • pan

    here you go..why don’t you post this picture up JustJared??

  • whatever

    I can’t stand Kristen Stewart anymore. I’m just very used to her complaining about everything and now seeing her do this, contradicting everything she said, really confuses me. Just another fake who says something and does something else for money.

  • Lmao

    Twihards are already buying what Kristen is wearing and Balenciaga is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Hanna

    I totally agree with you Pan and Gabby.
    I’m so sick of people that pretend to portrait her as she hates her job and all the people around her. She has changed over the years. At first she was uncomfortable with all the media,but now she manages that very well.
    And girls like Kristen and Charlotte are the type of woman that Balenciaga likes. They don’t pretend to be perfect,or fake bon ton.

  • Dman

    i don’t care what people think of her. she’s beautiful and chill. I’d date her.

  • gosh

    Salma looks prettier than Kristen!

  • tooshortislife

    @whatever: How is Kristen contradicting herself? She never said she hated fashion and wouldn’t do a campaign. The only thing this girl has ever complained about is paparazzi attention and the fakeness of fame. Just because she’s starting to be more interested in fashion events doesn’t mean she’s changed. Go look at her pics going to lunch after the show, or her air port pics yesterday, or her shopping in Hollywood the other day…she’s wearing jeans, a t shirt, and sneakers. She’s still very much true to her own style. And her style just happens to coincide with Belanciaga’s which is why they chose her.

  • Hanna

    Complaining about the paps? Yes (But you know,all celbs do,so what’s the difference?) Complainig about everything? No. If you had read/seen some of her interviews,you’d known that she constantly says that she is lucky to had such a beautiful job,that permites her to choose what to do in the future, and that she has to be grateful to Twilight forever.

  • Hanna

    @tooshortislife: Amen! I couldn’t say it better! Actually you told everything I’d like to say.
    Too much hate for a girl that should be appreciate because she’s norlmal like everyone us,even if she is so famous.

  • chase

    Why is everyone hating on Kristen Stewart all the time? She seems like someone I’d like to hang out with. I think people are just jealous. And if you don’t like her…why would you go out of your way to comment on this post then? Weird.

  • letitBe

    She’s so normal and dull that she shouldn’t even be famous. Twilight was useless.

  • good thing

    Probably has something to do with Snow White. Her character also wears a lot of green in the movie posters.

  • Hanna

    @Angie: so true! LOVE Kristens outfit, but her face..? she’s not shining!

  • Hanna

    love what they’re wearing!! :)

  • attractive

    Which one is whiter: the floor or her skin?

  • another hollywood bimbo

    She’s one of those people hwo pretend to hate fame but secretly love it and cash on it.

  • tooshortislife

    @another hollywood bimbo: If she loved fame she would be photographed all over LA where she lives, she would hit all the hotspots where the paps hang out, and she would be seen with her boyfriend a lot more than she is. The fact that you mainly see pics of her in airports and foreign countries tells a lot.

  • om

    Her PR team is good. I’m sure Blake Lively is crying right now. Kristen gets papped every 3 weeks, whether shopping for Balenciaga or advertising Balenciaga. It’s pretty interesting how her PR team works.

  • Chloe

    No matter how much Stewart complains about fame and talking about never selling herself, the truth is she’s doing all this for exposure. You never see Angelina Jolie doing this many covers and press appearances and she’s the last person to complain about this stuff. I never believed her when she said she doesn’t want to be a movie star because with the way she’s going everywhere with her publicist… please.

  • Hanna

    @Chloe: But it’s her job!! She has 3 movies coming out in the next months,it’s promotion!!

  • tooshortislife

    @Chloe: Doing magazine covers is part of movie promotion. It gives exposure to your projects. Every actress does it. The same reason they go on press tours, do junkets, appear at award shows, etc… In this day and age, you can’t simply go to work on set and then expect people to turn up in the movie theatre. What exactly makes Kristen different than other actors? Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Charlize Theron, etc… all do fashion/makeup campaigns. Virtually every big star actress does it and it’s an honor to be asked. It doesn’t mean you’re “selling out.” Selling out is doing a lame romantic comedy for the paycheque even if the script is drivel…basically anything Katherine Heigel is doing these days.

  • Frozoid

    Dang, she’s lost a lot of weight recently. She was in a very good TV movie when she was a teenager where she played a rape victim. She was the skinniest little waif. That’s the size she is now.

  • Comical

    That outfit makes my skin crawl. *shudders*

  • Jill

    She’s got this tough chic look,there’s sth bout it)
    beautiful Kristen

  • pn

    @Chloe: Angelina Jolie is a mom…she’s bound to stay at home with her children. Obviously, you wouldn’t see Angie partying around because she’s at home with her kids. That’s not fair to compare her with Kristen because Kristen is a 21 year old girl. She’s got a lot going on for her. She’s got project and she’s promoting them. She got asked to be the new face for Balenciaga perfume…how can someone turn that down? Esp. when she’s been a fan of the brand. I think Kristen is making great choices for herself. YOU GO GIRL!

    It’s funny how people are so jealous.

  • Que pasa?

    “I want to be an actor not a movie star” Kristen Stewart.

  • Dee


  • KL

    @tooshortislife: You do know that Robert Pattinson refused to do magazine covers during Twilight promotion because he didn’t want the exposure? During Water For Elephants he said he didn’t want to do fashion endorsements and magazine covers. He was offered a $2 million Burberry deal and turned that down. Now that is a person who stays true to his word and I don’t even like him.

  • Gossipgirl

    @Lmao: Twihards cannot afford Balenciaga: I am sure that they have a clientele that will purchase their lines regardless of who is the “face” of their line. And if there is a twihard that owns Balenciaga , then I stand corrected.