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Michelle Williams: M Cafe With Matilda & Busy Philipps

Michelle Williams: M Cafe With Matilda & Busy Philipps

Michelle Williams carries her daughter, Matilda, out of M Cafe on Wednesday (February 29) in Los Angeles.

The mother-daughter duo grabbed lunch with Michelle‘s BFF, Cougar Town‘s Busy Philipps.

Before attending the Oscars, Michelle, 31, hit the Film Independent Spirit Awards where she was named Best Female Lead for My Week With Marilyn.

“My friend said, ‘You’re like the Susan Lucci of the Independent Spirit Awards,” Michelle – who had been nominated four times before – told reporters after picking up her award.

10+ pictures inside of Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps leaving M Cafe…

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49 Responses to “Michelle Williams: M Cafe With Matilda & Busy Philipps”

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  1. 26
    jill Says:

    Why is she carrying that big girl, of 6 years old. That child is as big as her. She looks ridiculous carrying that big girl.

  2. 27
    sam Says:

    When Suri is being hauled around like a baby, you people are really critical . Well, Michelle is doing the same thing. That child has walked many times, so she is not afraid of the paps.
    Michelle looks ridiculous carrying around a child who is almost as tall as she is.
    How many 6 year old and younger celebrity children do you see walking with their mothers/fathers, MANY.

  3. 28
    tempany Says:

    Why don’t read comments more thoroughly next time,I didn’t say every other celebrity child just the ones that get carried like Suri Cruise as example. I wasn’t trying to be mean or implying any celebrity child is better than the other just merely a question?Your’e the dumb a***.

  4. 29
    denise l Says:

    Michelle looks like a clown carrying that big girl. Mahilda should be carrying Michelle.

  5. 30
    annab Says:

    We assume she is afraid of the photographers…but maybe she doesn’t feel well. My 7 year old wants to be picked up sometimes when we are out if she gets ill.

  6. 31
    jilli Says:

    matilda is going to be tall like her daddy.

  7. 32
    Female Says:

    They were followed into the cafe and some paparazzo called Busy a b!tch because she said for them to stop filming Matilda!

  8. 33
    Michele Says:

    God, you people are so critical. Whether it’s Katie carrying Suri or Michelle carrying Matilda, WHY DO YOU CARE? It’s not your life!

  9. 34
    Bobby Says:

    If she had been a boy she would have been a clone of Heath. She almost is anyway. It’s really uncanny.

  10. 35
    tracy Says:

    to pickles

    sorry, but you should be reprimanded. it is not your place to tell Michelle, or any other mother, what she should and should not do when it comes to her child.

  11. 36
    JAY Says:

    That is a big 7 year old

  12. 37
    chriss Says:

    no matter if she wears a dress or head to toe pink, she looks like a boy..poor thing.

  13. 38
    madmax Says:

    Matilda is the spitting image of her dad. The paps are relentless. that is why Heath had moved to Brooklyn to get away from them (also why he had to sell the home he had in Australia because of the Paps hounding them) they say unkind things, they act like teen age bullies. Michelle is just visiting her friend Busy for a few days and they won’t leave them alone.

    That is also why Jake Gyllenhaal is living in NY now, Don’t know if he’ll ever live in Calif again. I think he’ll keep a home there but not live full time. He can go around NY and not be bothered by the paps, but when he was in LA for the Golden Globes in Jan they were all over him. Just like they are all over Michelle I’m sure she’ll be taking Matilda back home soon and we won’t be seeing her and Matilda for a long time.

  14. 39
    Atila Says:

    I wish that posting photos on celebrity kids was illegal.

  15. 40
    Atila Says:

    oops… I mean “of” instead of “on”.

  16. 41
    jill Says:

    It looks odd and awkward seeing someone carrying such a big child.

  17. 42
    Public Pity Says:

    I understand what pickles is trying to explain. Just because you are a fan with no life of course you will come on here and defend Michelle even if she is the SCUM that terrorized Heath for custody. She trapped him and then set wild dogs on him called LAWYERS to win custody for no other reason but to PUNISH him for dating Gemma Ward. That kind of stuff can upset a person but I guess because Michelle has to
    DRAMATIZE this photo by carrying the child everyone should give into what she just sold you. Pickles didn’t buy it and I don’t either. Michelle is a master at selling you what she wants the public to feel for her. She learned well from her own father.
    Larry teaches the public about trading?

  18. 43
    tangy Says:

    When I was 6 I was never carried and acted like a baby either
    I looked after myself.But still was cleaned by guys though
    is that strange?

  19. 44
    jennifer Says:

    is michelle dating jason segal now?

  20. 45
    Mary Says:

    I too think Michelle is transmitting her angst on the kid, and she did the same to poor Heath. He never got to enjoy the awards season for BBM because of Michelle and her attitude.

    I also don’t buy Michelle’s act. She would do anything to be famous, and that includes to milk poor Heath, the guy who HAD LEFT HER and was happy with Gemma Ward. No mention of Gemma EVER from Michelle, no, she pretends she was his widow, even though we all know that is a LIE.

    I wouldn’t be surpised if Michelle was dating Jason Segal, she would date anyone who has pulling power in Hollywood, and Segal has.

    Jason is too good for Michelle though, she DESERVES to go out with someone as ruthless as herself. Neither she, nor her ‘poor little me act’ trick me for one minute.

  21. 46
    Jackie Stratham Says:

    Judging by how fast Matilda seems to be growing, she’ll soon be too big for Michelle to carry. Still, Matilda needs to understand that she’ll probably be followed by paparazzi her entire life and burying her face into her mother’s shoulder is not going to be the best choice in ten years. Hopefully Michelle will teach her that it’s better to ignore them and stay silent rather than to swear and/or use the middle finger (which, by the way, does not make celebs look “cool” or “badass”).

    Someone I know who lives in Brooklyn told me that she once saw Matilda screaming “Go away!” and sticking her tongue out at the paps. Looks like the girl is following in Michelle’s footsteps; for my sake, I hope she moves to Timbuktu or something soon, because another spoiled celebrity child is NOT what the world needs.

  22. 47
    qwerty Says:

    @Mary: I thought Michelle ended her relationship with Heath

  23. 48
    Jinko Says:

    Are you people blind?

  24. 49
    Stanislaus Says:

    If she had been a boy she would have been a clone of Heath. She almost is anyway. It’s really uncanny.

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