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Miranda Kerr: Modeling Could All Stop Tomorrow

Miranda Kerr: Modeling Could All Stop Tomorrow

Miranda Kerr arrives at LAX Airport to catch a flight out of town on Thursday (March 1) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old Aussie model recently returned to the U.S. after spending time in Sydney, where she took part in a runway show for David Jones.

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Miranda also covers HauteMuse‘s latest issue and revealed that she knows that she won’t be modeling forever but is excited to do other things, too.

“It could all stop tomorrow with modeling; it really wouldn’t faze me,” she said. “”It’s not going to be around forever and that’s okay because I have so many other things that I want to do in my life.”

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr arriving at LAX…

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  • Anonymous

    For some reason I don’t believe that for a second. She seems to thrive on the attention and paparazzi — and modeling is the only thing keeping her in the spotlight, so I HIGHLY doubt she’d stop anytime soon. That’s just my take on it.

  • Lola

    Agree with number 1. And it’s also easy for a super-rich supermodel to say that she wants to do other things in life, when she has opportunities at her feet.

  • Sandy

    She’s one of the best supermodels out there right now. Maybe she wants to go into acting or do something completely different from modelling. Nothing wrong with that. She is a successful woman. The fact she started her own organic skincare line is great and that she promotes a healthy lifestyle is an excellent role model to young women. She also may want to spend more time with Orlando and Flynn and want to have more kids so there is nothing wrong with her trying new things. She and Orlando have both stated that they are private people and it’s understandable if she wants to pursue new things or take a break.

  • MissKate

    Maybe she’s showing off that she’s going to be a good retired model and that she’s going to behave her age. She shouldn’t jump the gun.

  • Mikado

    I would love to see her do other things in her life than exposing her baby-son to the paps and drooling for affection from the cameras herself. What are you waiting for Miranda? Prove what you say. You do not have to be a model for the money, you’re rich enough now. Prove by doing something worthwhile, that you can do more than modelling and fooling people with empty words.
    Ha! I bet this won’t happen. I bet this will never happen.

  • :)

    I like those giant sunglasses on her face, they cover up her big face, which is good..keep it up MK.

  • Laura

    If that’s how you really feel Miranda then why did you go back to modeling 2 months after having your baby? You had previously said that when you had your first child you were going to move to Australia and live on a farm. Natalie Portman has taken time of after having her baby, Liv Tyler took 2 years off after having her son, Jessica Alba has too after Haven’s birth. If she really wanted to spend more time with Flynn she would, she’s worth $12 million and her husband $32 million, they can afford not to work another day for the rest of their lives. They are choosing fame and money. Poor Flynn has spent half his life on planes. Experts warn against flying frequently due to the high levels of germs, circulating air, close proximity to other passengers which increases your risk of illness, and cosmic radiation levels. Babies are especially prone to illness as they do not have robust immune systems, they also don’t get the adequate rest they need on planes. She’s at airports with Flynn twice a week on long-haul flights. She tells the press everything about her life, her hair removal methods (waxing, laser and shaving if you’re interested), that she made her husband pee in a bottle, that she answers the door wearing nothing but knickers (she told People magazine that), how she gets her husband in the mood on Chelsea Lately, posted a photo of herself breastfeeding with a with just a white robe (pulled up to her crotch to show off her legs) and red heels staring seductivly at the camera not her baby. It seems like she reveals intimate details about her life every week. She makes sure the bad stuff stays hidden though. She always says she loves her Grandmother Ann Kerr and how close they are, but Ann said she didn’t know about her wedding until afterwards, she also said on Australian TV that she found out about Flynn’s birth on TV after it had been confirmed to the press on Miranda’s website. When their house burned down David Jones gave them new free furniture (but not those who lost their homes in the 2011 floods), their rich granddaughter did not, an Australian TV show paid for them to go to LA to meet Flynn not Miranda. Her ex fiancé Adrian Camilleri was convicted of fraud. In an Australian courtroom it was revealed that Miranda’s mother received commission for introducing him to investors, & that he spent the money he stole on AUS$10,000 business class plane tickets for her to move to New York, a grand piano for her, luxury holidays for them, and other “lavish gifts’. That info is public record and is readily available if any of you doubt me. What kind of woman makes a man feels that he has to spend that kind of money on her! She preaches an organic lifestyle, but has used peroxide to bleach her hair blonde in 2009, and has in the past said that she uses Frederic Fekkai haircare products which aren’t organic. She’s paid by VS to promote their products, but since launching kora she’s tried to create this Organic image, she now goes on about RMS makeup not VS, and has said she doesn’t wear fake tan any more because she can’t find an organic one she likes. Why are VS paying her when she won’t even mention their products? New York Magazine called her “less a person than a production”. They wrote a scathing article on her after interviewing her. She also makes people test different lighting while she looks in a mirror before TV interviews to check which one makes her look best. She makes a point of saying her skincare line is vegan and how disgraceful people treat animals yet has worn fur in the past but is regularly photographed wearing leather miniskirts & trousers, & was recently seen carrying a Prada bag in Sydney with her Mum. Does she think animals don’t suffer when they’re skinned, especially as almost all animals are skinned alive. She said she wanted all women to be able to access good skincare but KORA is shockingly expensive US$48.51 cleanser, $59.30 exfoliator, $53.91 mask, day & night cream $64.70 plus shipping. It uses rose quarts infused water for the vibrations of love (nuts!) & and her beloved noni which has been linked to liver and kidney failure. I has got very poor reviews on makeup alley (breakouts, dry patches). Far cheaper award winning brands. Miranda is not a chemist, she’s not the brains behind KORA just taking credit for someone else’s work. She’s clearly attention seeking, she craves the publicity her modeling career brings. She lies so much I don’t believe a word that she says. The biggest hypocrite in the modeling world!!!!!

  • reba

    Wow. I write legal briefs shorter than that.

  • haha

    Poor Miranda for being consistently bashed by those evil jealous girls. She may not be the most beautiful or honest woman in the world but is definitely far much better than Orlando Fugly Bloom. Isn’t it interesting that without Miranda by his side, no pap even bothers to take his pictures. Apparently no one cares about that loser. I hope he would just disappear for good, an air crash maybe?

  • bang!

    @Laura: Laura Jessica Alba was unemployed before she got pregnant. She had no choice but to become a housewife.

  • LOL!

    WOW, someone has a lot of time on their hands. *cough*Laura*cough* And a whole lot of jealousy.
    You seem to know every single detail of her life.
    You must be one of those delphidiot stalker-haters.
    So I guess that we are back to the hater idea that any woman who returns to work is not a good mother? That’s a horrible thing to say to all of those working moms out there, isn’t it?
    Or are you saying that only rich, successful women should give up their careers?
    Please explain THAT misogynistic double standard.

  • Effy

    It’s sad that there are loads of rude comments about her on here, when I bet none of you even know her. I really don’t get how hating on celebrities is doing anything positive.

  • Wow


    I read about all you said so good on you for speaking up.

  • Wow


    Why is everyone saying how wonderful she is and is raging on Orlando? He has done more with his life than she has. You make him out as if he’s the devil incarnate and she’s Mother Theresa – get a grip. The only reason she is relevant is because of Orlando Bloom. No one knew who she was until she dug her claws into him.

  • lol

    Please dont call her a supermodel. That word seems perfect for Naomi Campbell. And people hating on her husband should know, she actually started getting the spotlight due to him !!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah

    Laura I agree with every word that you said, she’s the biggest lying hypocrite out there. Ann Kerr also said that Miranda & Orlando have a night nanny, sleepless nights are part of being a mother, if you aren’t prepared for that you shouldn’t have a child. Miranda originally said that she and Orlando did all the childcare & only had help when they were both working, however in a later interview she said that they had a woman who helped at night but that she didn’t come as often as Flynn was sleeping through the night (probably only because her grandmother had revealed her little secret). That’s nice, leave the hard work to the nanny & then take over when it’s easy. Only hands on when the cameras are around. She’s a really wonderful granddaughter not telling Ann about the wedding or Flynn’s birth, and making other pay to replace the furniture that got burned in the fire & fly her grandparents out to LA to meet their great-grandson. My cousin works in the office of a paparazzi agency & he said that Kerr & Bloom or their people constantly call in saying where they’ll be and if Flynn will be with them. Lots of celebrities complain constantly about the paparazzi, but most of them call in because they know that without the paps they’d have a lot less in the bank!

  • ha ha

    i just want her louis bag, who cares about her?

  • wow

    So many lying hater sockpuppets.
    Do you really think that you are fooling ANYONE?
    And replying to yourself? That is hilarious.
    The delphidiots do that, too. They make fake blogs, or twitter accounts to spread the hate, then pretend that it is coming from other people. They get caught in their lies all of the time. Usually when they are so stupid that they forget to change their avatar between personalities. *waves at bealze-beautiful tongue-kerrazy-kerr plop*
    Oh, and anyone gullible enough to think that these hater posts aren’t sockpuppets, or that *hanna’s* brother’s friend’s cousin’s neighbor’s uncle’s friend works at a “paparazzi agency” (first clue…the agencies don’t refer to themselves as paparazzis), then I’ve got some swamp land that I’ve been trying to sell.

  • Cierra

    to the ones that wrote rude coments: WOW O_O

  • @Laura

    You must specialize in lies, half truths and blatant misinformation. And I find it funny that you are able to quote which interview was in what magazine. I doubt if even her biggest fans can do that. You haters who stalk her across the internet must have a lot of time on your hands. And you use that time to hate a total stranger. What a bunch of sickos.

  • Sandy

    What a bunch of haters and losers who are insulting Miranda and Orlando. I don’t get why there is so much hate for Miranda and Orlando? She is successful and beautiful and orlando is a great actor and handsome. Orlando and Miranda are excellent hands on parents with Flynn. Miranda is a supermodel and isn’t a hypocrite. I don’t get why there is so much hatred going towards this couple. They are a lovely family.

  • @Sandy

    Yeah keep saying whatever you believe. Idiot!

  • piaf

    time for her to put her money where her mouth is.

  • @22

    “Yeah keep saying whatever you believe. Idiot!”
    Says the loser that has to make up lies to try to justify her irrational hatred.

  • miranda

    She’s too perfect for Bloom. He’s the luckiest son of b*tch.

  • http://Justjared @14 wow

    I agree thank you im glad you said that.

  • http://Justjared @7

    Im glad you said that too she does love it all.

  • ta

    She’s so gorgeous!
    Love her!

  • @Laura

    LOL, where to begin?

    “You had previously said that when you had your first child you were going to move to Australia and live on a farm”

    That’s what some people call changing their mind. Big deal.

    “Babies are especially prone to illness as they do not have robust immune systems, they also don’t get the adequate rest they need on planes. ”

    Babies don’t give a damn where they are, as long as they’re with their mom and can sleep on her lappy.

    “She tells the press everything about her life”

    All she tells the press are silly details and anecdotes, most times with humour.

    “When their house burned down David Jones gave them new free furniture”

    So why would David Jones give them new free furniture I wonder?

    “That info is public record and is readily available if any of you doubt me.”

    I don’t doubt you, but you must also take into consideration that none of them were found guilty of anything, just the guy who comitted fraud.

    “What kind of woman makes a man feels that he has to spend that kind of money on her!”

    More misogyny! What makes you think it wasn’t the guy the one who thought he had to bribe women to get them to love him? As far as we know, she doesn’t demand anything from Orlando other than being her husband.

    “She preaches an organic lifestyle, but has used peroxide to bleach her hair blonde in 2009, and has in the past said that she uses Frederic Fekkai haircare products which aren’t organic.”

    Preaching an organic lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to live in a cave in a mountain feeding from wild herbs.

    “Miranda is not a chemist, she’s not the brains behind KORA just taking credit for someone else’s work.”

    This is how these things work. You take the initiative of creating a company and you hire people to do the things that you can’t do, and tell them what you want them to do. The owner of a car company doesn’t make the cars himself, you know.

  • @Hannah

    “That’s nice, leave the hard work to the nanny & then take over when it’s easy. ”

    So what’s so bad and dishonourable about getting the help of a nanny for the hardest tasks about having a baby? Most people would hire one for that if they could afford it.
    And you make it sound as if the nanny was their slave or something. It’s her job, if she doesn’t like it, she can quit.

    “most of them call in because they know that without the paps they’d have a lot less in the bank!”

    I don’t know about Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian, but Miranda Kerr gets her millions from her work as a model, not from being popular and attending parties.

  • kas

    ““You had previously said that when you had your first child you were going to move to Australia and live on a farm”
    Actually, she never said that. She always said that was where she saw herself in ten years (when modeling was over).
    I just find it amazing that some people are so blinded by their hatred that they are willing to set the women’s movement back a hundred years. Or is it just Miranda who is a terrible mother for daring to have a career?

  • Wow

    @wow: WHy do you keep on insisting that the people here who post things that you can’t handle are these so called delphi haters. There are people here who can see their fake relationship so give us credit that we do have brains. Orlando and Miranda are not so relevant that we need to know when they leave the gym, go to the airport and whatever little insignificant thing they are doing in their lives. If you don’t get it that celebrities or their management call in where they will be and what they will be doing, then you know nothing about how their world works.

  • @32

    Because only a delphidiot would show such dedication to their stalking.
    Only a delphidiot would spend more time following a celeb than even their fans.
    Only a delphidiot would refuse to acknowledge the fact that Miranda is a successful model and businesswoman.
    Only a delphidiot would call a marriage and a baby a “fake relationship”.
    And only a delphidiot would use a woman’s success and independence to call her a bad mother.
    if it walks like a duck and quaks like a duck…….
    And you know nothing about how the world of paparazzi works if you can’t understand the simple fact that there are ALWAYS paps at LAX and in certain areas of LA. And since Miranda and Orlando are so popular in Oz, freelance photographers become paps because their pictures sell.
    And if you claim that Orlando and Miranda aren’t relevant, then why do you feel theneed to follow their EVERY MOVE?

  • tasch

    Carmen (yes, that Carmen) has found a home at delphi. That should tell you all you need to know about those haters.
    If SHE feels right at home……..

  • @32

    You’re kidding, right? Do you really think anyone’s going to believe that someone who’s clearly read every piece of news ever written about Miranda through several years is just some random JJ poster?

  • @35

    They forget that most people aren’t as gullible as their few, remaining members.
    They don’t get out much, ya see.

  • @35

    I found it telling that they seemed to know that Orlando had bought Miranda a Bulgari bracelet (that she seem sto be wearing in the most recent pap pics) for Valentine’s Day, when I, as a semi-casual fan, did not. But then, my life doesn’t revolve around Miranda, like their lives do.

  • What I don’t get is, why deny that they are members of delphi? I mean, aren’t they smart and we stupid? Aren’t they enlightened and we blind and seeing everything through pink coloured glasses? Aren’t they supposed to be proud of being members of delphi instead of trying to hide the obvious?
    I’m starting to think that they aren’t that proud after all, and that they don’t really believe we’re stupid. And most of all, that they don’t really believe we’re wrong.

  • faz

    I’m sorry but when people say things like this they are just trying to create a buzz around them… miranda loves the limelight too much to stop modelling now and since she’s 28 she only has a few good years left, modelling ins’t one of those things you can go back to when your 40. I don’t believe her at all.

  • @39

    But she’s said that all along.
    When asked a couple of years ago about why she was starting her own business, she answered the same way. That modeling is a very short career, and she wanted to have something that she could do when it was all over.
    Now she has a family of her own and a successful business to keep her busy. This statement would only sound disingenuous if it came from a model with nothing to fall back on….like Adriana.

  • Piiia

    Wow, there has been a real clicking campaign going on on the first page. Looks a bit silly, really.

  • Sarah

    @ 7
    You are so right. Thank you for speaking it out. And Miranda DO wear fur, you can have a look an her official fanpage:!/photo.php?fbid=392643332540&set=a.392642697540.174370.169571172540&type=1&theater

    I asked an expert, he told me this is real fox, I know she is a model and this is a model picture, but she has the choice which job she makes, and if she should have been forced to do this job, then WHY post it proudly on her facebook account???

    No, I`m so sorry for you greenly belivers, I was one of you, too and thaugt she is fantastic, I were a fan, but after all I have read, I do not belive anything either.

    By the way, don`t you know, that when a baby cries in the night, it needs his MUM and not his nanny?! I bet you do not have children.

  • @42

    Not even an “expert” *cough* could tell if that was real fur from that picture. That’s ridiculous.
    And she has never claimed to be vegan, herself. Her skincare range is vegan, meaning that it does not test on animals, but she has never stopped wearing leather, or eating meat. And she never said that she did.
    “…but after all I have read, I do not belive anything either”
    So you don’t believe the lies and twisted truths from the haters? Or do you only believe the bad things that you read about her? You don’t consider the source and make intelligent judgements on your own?
    Are you stupid, or just a hypocrite?
    And I’m sure that when Flynn cried at night, mama was right there. Being a breast fed baby, she had what he needed after all. But the nanny could watch him between feedings if he needed a nappy change.
    And I think that the only people here claiming that she is a horrible mother because she had a nanny to help at night are the ones who don’t have children. Anyone who has had a baby would tell you that they would have jumped at the chance to have a night nanny if they could aford it. Why drive yourself to exhaustion if you don’t need to? Sleep deprivation makes you irritable and frustrated. Sleep makes you calm around your baby. Not a darned thing wrong with having a nanny.
    Let’s see how well you enjoy getting up every two hours (if you’re lucky), every night for weeks. Never being able to slip into REM, thereby depriving your brain of rest. I bet that you would change your mind about nannies pretty darned quickly.

  • sammi

    Just found out why none of the HF-crossover angels are in Paris.
    Miranda, Candice and Doutzen are in Florida for a VS shoot.
    They are all looking gorgeous, I might add.

  • Sarah

    @ 43
    yeeesssssss high fashion industry use fake fox.. hahaha, what a nice world that would be, wouldn`t it?! I wish it would be like this, and I wish, models wouldn`t post such pictures. that`s my personal opinion not stealed from haters.
    and miranda do say, she is against violence against animals, but fur IS violence.. I didn`t say anything about leather or eating vegan, so please read correctly. animals are killed only for the fur in a bestial way.. I don`t care if she weares leather but fur is an other thing and she does not need to post such pictures.
    and I build my new opinion because of interviews, I watched, or do you think, they imitated her voice, but thanks for caring. I bet you are her personal assistant, because you know her so much better, lol.

    I work as an therapeut and I can tell you, that babys get it, if it is the nanny who changes the nappy or if its mum or dad. babys build their attachement very fast and they need their attachement persons in that moment, because for a baby is EVERY contact after crying an existantial contact, even it is “only” a full nappy. partycularly in the first month of life. thats a fact. surely it is very hard to do this for such a long time, that`s why you have to catch up your sleep when the baby sleeps.. .
    And I do not call her a bad mum or said, that she does not feed her baby at night, where should I get such details?! I just said, that a baby needs his mom not a nanny, because some of here, you included, said, it is ok, when the nanny do things like nappy changing. no, it is not ok. so if you can`t stand the pressure and sleepless nights, then let it be with having babys.

    You can love her your whole life, because that is your personal opinion, I can accept that, but you fans have to accept, that there are other opinions about her, too.. and not every person with an other opinion is a hater *eyeroll*

  • Sarah

    PS: Sorry, I wrote, what I read, my mistake, I mean the interviews I listened to. Satisfied?!
    And surely you could not deny this picture with fox. By the way, my “expert” is a member of the fashion industry, he knows the materials used by the designers and he is as fighter against fur, I am proud of him!

  • Wow


    Listen – open up your big ears and for once keep your big yap shut. You have no idea who I am or what industry I work in so how dare you tell me I don’t know about the world of celebrity. I have no clue, nor do i give a flying fart who these delphi people are, but take your rose colored glasses off and face one fact. She is a fame seeker- if you can’t see that, then go get your eyes checked – moron.

  • @wow

    Why don’t you say that ALL celebrities without exception are fame seekers then? You say that you know for a fact she loves the paparazzi because of the ‘world she lives in’, so that rule must be applied to every celebrity. Right? Why do you focus on this particular woman if all celebrities are the same?
    And please control your anger. If you can, that is.

  • @Sarah

    I’d dare to say that pretty much all mothers ask a friend, or their mom, or their sister, or someone else, from time to time to please change the baby or keep an eye on him for a while. If you believe that the average mother never asks anyone for a little help with the baby, you don’t live in the real world. In fact, I think it’s better for both the mother and the baby that someone else gives a hand here and there.
    Yes, a baby suffers if he’s separated from his mother, but not because occasionally someone else changes his diapers, Geez!

  • @sarah

    As a matter of fact, most HF designers use fake fur now. Very few use real fur. And until you can show her wearing real fur in her everyday life, you can’t condemn her. Go after models like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. They DO wear real fur.
    Save your vitriol for those who deserve it. Not Miranda.