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Adam Lambert Covers 'Fault Magazine' Spring 2012

Adam Lambert Covers 'Fault Magazine' Spring 2012

Adam Lambert gives a deep stare with his piercing blue eyes on the cover of Fault Magazine‘s Spring issue.

Here’s what the 30-year-old entertainer had to share with the mag:

On choosing the album title Trespassing: “The title track serves as a great mission statement for me as an artist and for how I live my life. I also wanted to give a name to what listeners would be doing by listening to the album. They’re essentially trespassing into my world, getting to know me much more in-depth than ever.”

On things his fans don’t know about him: “I’m a crazy hedonistic rebel who wants to liberate the masses. There are songs on the album that embrace my rock n roll spirit and my love of club culture. Yet, underneath it all I’m not always as strong and confident as I may seem. I work hard to project pride and poise when faced with judgement and heartache. That is how I cope. I feel a bit of pressure to set a certain example that suggests that I deserve my place in this industry. Im hard on myself and critical. There are songs on Trespassing that deal with that anxiety. . Until I met my current boyfriend, I was always falling for the wrong guys which caused my self worth to suffer. This is just some of what the album explores.”

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Credit: Avo Yermagyan (styling); Photos: Miguel Starcevich/Fault
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  • jared

    He needs to be on the cover of a magazine called “Perfection.

  • noplace

    jared @ 03/03/2012 at 3:01 pm
    He definitely does. Adam is gorgeous in and out.

  • noplace

    Adam should be in top celebs for easy access, he belongs there!

  • jared

    I just love Adam Lambert more and more.

  • faul

    I wonder Adam’s natural hair color red!

  • jared

    fans adam cute.

  • hetars

    He is a perfect stunning model:)
    Those eyes are killers!!!

  • christina

    very sexy!!love this pic!Excptionally stunning picture of Adam… just look into the eyes

  • terry

    @scott: He isn’t “always” photoshopped ya goose. This one is deliberately over the top shopped that’s all. It’s just a stylistic thing FAULT chose to do.

    Adam joked about this shoot in a tweet – something about being a ‘Photoshopped pale mannequin’. He doesn’t need photoshopping – as any casual browse at his recent acoustic video performances & Elton John party pics will tell you. People just like to play with Adam’s image – his face is just so beautiful – it’s perfect for getting all creative and artistic with.

  • Cathym

    Adam is too darn hard on himself, I love any look Adam chooses but I have to say I am partial to Chapter 2. He is in person stunning, no joke, I wish him well, not often you find such an honest genuine celebrity.His talent so outshines current artists today, I think his time is here NOW!

  • noplace

    I love the fact that he is not afraid of being who he is.

  • Michael

    Wow. That has to be the most nonsensical celebrity statements I have read all year. What the hell does that mean? He sounds like one of those male models that try to be deep by stringing words together in an effort to seem intelligent. Too bad he don’t look like one…It’s kind of hard to project pride when beating your boyfriend or air humping your Guitarist. This guy is such a lame douchebag.

  • ben

    This jerk’s main problem is that he believes all the overthetop hype he was given on Idol (seriously, he hasn’t accomplished ANYTHING like what they predicted) & his delusional fans only reinforce his egotism. There’s nothing more annoying than an arrogant celebrity… unless it’s an arrogant celebrity with acne.

  • andi

    @Chauncy: Those are pretty strong words for someone who has know near the integrity, poise, heart or charisma this man does!!! Jealous much!!

  • annie

    @ben: @Michael: There sure are a lot of insecure men with low self esteem commenting on this site. Keep dogging Adam Lambert if it makes you feel better. What a bunch of losers!!
    And @Ben he did not beat his bf. Goes to show how much you really know about him!!


    Adam doesn’t have to be photoshopped because his inner beauty shines from within like the rays from sunshine. His mesmerizing blue eyes just pull us into the windows of his soul and we can drown in those beautiful orbs! Everyone can use a touch of lipstick, so what? But NO ONE has the magic of Adam Lambert to reach out to everyone the way that he does with his soothing velvety voice that can reach down into your soul one minute and then the next he can rock your heart and body straight out into the Universe with him as those vocals hit the highest level of the stratosphere possible! But No other man in the music industry or HAH modeling world either for that matter had the looks, the poise, the total package that Adam has and IF no one else can see it, well point Adam in my direction if and when Sauli gets tired of him! lolz And nope I’m not a guy, I’m a female and I might be a cougar but there’s still some life in me yet!

  • Mar

    OUTSTANDING GORGEOUS SEXY MAN! In every picture he looks better than the previous one and every live performance is better than the one before. Every time when you hear him talking he’s softer and sweeter than last time……………YOU GOTTA LOVE ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • noplace

    ZANECMIDNIGHTW @ 03/04/2012 at 12:16 am #66
    spot on! love your comment. Adam rocks!

  • christina

    he looks like he can slap a few handswith a ruler.

  • glam

    Simply breathtaking.
    Love art/fashion shoots of Adam. Favorites are Details Magazine, Flaunt magazine head shots with sunglasses, People Magazine’s Most Beautiful, shots by Mike Ruiz (SNL photographer), inside Rollingstone photos, Parisian photo shoot, and LeeCherry’s work(i.e. motorcycle shots and exotic photos for GNT–both of which I believe Gaga has attempted to copy). FAULT Cover & Adam in bluewith that little Adamized dog (Yah, I’d know that look anywhere :) are now on that list. Simply gorgeous.
    The only change I might have made on the FAULT photos are his eyes. I saw them in person and will never forget them. They are this incredible shade of pale gray blue. Stunning. Don’t know that the turquoise works better than his own color here, especially given the lovely icy coloring in these shots.
    Would love to see him photographedby Annie Leibovitz or on the cover of Vogue. To me Adam IS a work of art. Love everything about him. ALL his styles and looks. I don’t want him to dummy down for the masses. He’s a deliciously sohpisticated multifaceted work of art.
    Kentucky Fan

  • thetruthhurts

    this is a spiritually filthy man. You people are stupid.

  • Messiah_Yo

    Such a beautiful Boy~~I love him soooooooooo Much!!!!!!!


    @thetruthhurts …. You wouldn’t know truth if it hit you in the head. Move along now, shouldn’t you be reading the Bible so you can be further brainwashed?

  • kat23

    ummm…hello…no celeb…tv stars…movie stars and even musicians walk onto a stage or are in photo shoots without makeup. 99% of famous people do not look the same without makeup…Adam looks the same with exception of his freckles …I have seen a pic of him sans makeup…beautiful too.

  • Nicole

    I love Adam. I am straight and a female but I love how he doesn’t insult or subjugate the female race to Un-equality. No instead he embraces us females into his music video’s and he doesn’t show vehemency towards us. Also I love it because he understands us women, were both going after the same thing: Guys. So he understands how finding “the right one” is harder than shit, he also understands who girls who are a little “bit” bigger, in between big and slender fight to find someone who will look beyond the weight and instead see their true beauty in and out. Adam is simply inspirational, as for American Idol I don’t think it was his preference that lost him that chance, I believe it was that the judges realized that “even” if Adam lost he still already had his foot far into the media doorway, someone was defiantly going to grab his tush regardless. “When your famous you have things pushing against you such as: Fame, fortune, riches, popularity, fans, ect. However it’s up to you as a celeb to realize the differences between being a “idol” and being a “jack ass”, you’ll realize which one you are soon enough”-Gappers.

  • Consuela

    Too bad he don’t look like one…It’s kind of hard to project pride when beating your boyfriend or air humping your Guitarist. This guy is such a lame douchebag.