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Hayden Christensen & Rachel Bilson Do Lunch in L.A.

Hayden Christensen & Rachel Bilson Do Lunch in L.A.

Rachel Bilson and boyfriend Hayden Christensen leave a restaurant after having lunch on Friday (March 2) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress graces the cover of Lucky‘s April issue – check out her photo shoot in case you missed it!

“I don’t mind being the center of attention as a character, but in real life it’s not for me. Zoe‘s from New York and very fashion-savvy. She wears shorts, a lot. It’s her ‘thing,’” Rachel told the mag.

“I like to be comfortable and don’t like to be cold,” she added about her own style. “I don’t like to wear anything I’m not in the mood for.”

FYI: Rachel is wearing Goldsign‘s “Jenny” jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen leaving lunch in Los Angeles…

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rachel bilson hayden christensen lunch la 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen lunch la 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen lunch la 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen lunch la 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen lunch la 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen lunch la 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen lunch la 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen lunch la 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen lunch la 09
rachel bilson hayden christensen lunch la 10
rachel bilson hayden christensen lunch la 11

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  • Lisa

    Hey Hayden


  • V

    They are an odd couple. Who cares if the paparazzi catch a picture of them holding hands or doing normal couple things. They’ve been together for years and use to be engaged.

  • Lisa

    Their body language is terrible. They don’t look “together” or happy.

  • KissThis

    cute couple, but they look very awkward together in these photos.

  • tina

    Lisa, that’s because the media purposely leave out the pictures of them ever smiling. Controversy to the media is so much more interesting. They can shape the story any way they want by leaving pictures in or out. Ugh

    It’s been almost 5 years and we don’t see them 24/7 but something must be working for them.

  • WhatATool

    Hayden was good in Takers he should find more parts like that.
    Bilson is just boring


    Hayden’s best fansite ever is shutting ….the Webmiss has lost interest in her idol.
    Can’t blame her. Hayden has turned into a gossip filler just like his Beloved one super talented other half LOL

    Hopefully 2012 will bring him success, and positive people and things….

    He thinks that being seen with Miss OC brings him positive lights….Well, I’ve never seen him so low in popularity and in everything he is doing since he started dating Miss OC.
    Mismatch, bad Karma, Bad luck for both of them, especially for him. She is like a vampire sucking his shine…..on the contrary, to him she was able to get another TV job….

    A wind of change must blow very soon towards Mr Christensen…just saying

  • echos

    “I don’t mind being the center of attention as a character, but in real life it’s not for me.”

    HAHA, good joke, Rachel.

  • Katie

    Whoo, hooo, Hayden you are looking good! Good luck on your next film, The Diplomat. I see it is now in pre-production. Can’t wait to see it when it comes out in 2013 or so! There are about 47 of your fans in my little town and when one of your movies come out at our local theater we all go every night it’s there – we have such fun…you know whistling at the screen, etc.! Ha ha!


    he looks great–she very,very short.

    wish he´d get more roles..he is a good actor imo.

    well,she is cute..but not a good actress–

  • aria

    The webmistress of is busy working full time and taking college classes, she said she is closing the site because she does not have the time to run it anymore. She made a point of saying she is still a fan of Hayden. She did a great job running the site for 10 years on her own, she is entitled to move on with her life. There are other Hayden fansites out there.

    Hayden looks great! Hayden and Rachel look like they are wearing similiar outfits, black shirts with jeans. I agree with Tina, after 5 years, something is working for them. I wish Hayden luck with his two movies in preproduction, hope they both get made this time.

  • Too tight

    Her denim is too tight in the crotch area (bulging).

    Will she stalk him when he will film in UK? I bet she will to arrange photo op to promote her show there.

    Hayden is looking good and pouty.

  • R U MAD??

    Hey! It is about Jen the Pen grows up and stops stalking Hayden! I do not think it all about being busy in college. She has been in college a long time now. I think she realized Hayden has made it very clear that he does not want her as his personal PR. He has made that abundantly clear and gave her the cold shoulder. Perhaps, he told her to f**k off already and stop stalking him and his woman. Her website was a joke anyway. All praise on Hayden and could not even mention her. Too bad! Hayden did not want that crazy fat redheaded stalker PR wannabe. Karma has hit the arrogant Jen the pen and she has been put in her place. Get a real job BIACTH!!

    As far as Hayden and Rachel looking awkward or something around each other. They have grown used to each other perhaps. They are still together still. Just sayin’!!

  • lillybell05

    I really thought by now she would have fallen for one of her co-stars.

  • confusing

    They look really strange and awkward with eachother o.0 for some reason. @tina: JJ wouldn’t leave out pictures of a happy couple. JJ is one of the blogs that can’t seem to get enough of the happy celeb couples like Vanessa Hudgens and her new bf ETC. There just don’t seem to be many happy pictures of these two. They sort of look like a couple that just got in a fight and haven’t gotten to calm down from it and talk before their pictures got taken.
    Out of all the couples in Hollywood Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have always been one of those couples on that “strange or lack of chemistry list that just seems to confuse people. They just happen to be one of those weird pairings that has lasted at least this long.
    From these pictures you would think they were miserable together or something. After this long WHY cant they just hold hands and act like a normal couple? Its not like they are some BIG secret anymore.

  • Voice of Reason

    Perhaps it’s just as simple that Hayden does not like PDA-that perhaps he takes the whole relationship serious and does not want to make a “joke” of it. Like some other people do.

  • karo syrup

    @ lillybell05 & @ confused

    On the Yahoo Thread Shine back in October 2011 there is a video of Rachel talking about Hart of Dixie, and she says regarding the men in Hart of Dixie that “the guys are like my brothers”, quote from the video. According to Rachel, she views Cress, Scott, and Wilson as “brothers”, and she also said the same thing about Tom Sturidge in an interview for Waiting For Forever, “he’s like my brother”. She wouldn’t be falling in love with guys she viewed as brothers, would she?

    There are other photos of the two of them from this photo shoot that are on RacheOnline, one of Rachel’s fansites. JJ did not put all of them up. It shows them getting into Hayden’s Audi, and standing near each other before crossing the street. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors, but they smile when they want to (the Toronto airport when Hayden picked Rachel up at Christmas for example). Paps have also said they try not to be photograped together. Who knows why they do that. The other poster said it well, something is working for them for 5 years. Could they( shock) actually be in love? That would explain alot wouldn’t it?

  • stacy

    No, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but this photo set doesn’t really suggest two happy people. And I’m sorry, they’re nowhere near important enough for paps to stalk them so I don’t buy the whole annoyance with the paparazzi excuse. They aren’t exactly Brad and Angelina after all. Maybe they were just having a bad day. It happens in long relationships.

  • just me

    @Voice of Reason: its not a serious relationship anyway all that has gone and she knows this why would she only take pictures with when he comes there.That’s why she does. Rachel always calling the paps when he comes there. She never call them when she be by herself i notice that. Its only for attention and you all know that. The relationship isn’t going anywhere it seems. He never go off by hisself anymore like he use to. He always hanging around la with her. That’s what she want anyway someone she can use. If he was getting notice about his work instead are hanging with her it would be something. That’s all he does now with hisself since there is no work for him to do.Rache won’t say nothing about what he does she do not want to stop him from coming there.She invent another break up story so she won’t say nothing about what he’s doing there. He’s soon leave again like he always do.And you won’t see her again like always. How can she keep this lie up anyway? They are not happy and they never do hold hands Rachel is still jealous are natalie and what she have. She can not come close to what Natlie have. So she need to stop trying. Hayden only come there for work and nothing else. Don’t she suppose to be working on her show now? Still understand why she don’t come out alone by herself sometimes and he does.They are not happy and it show in the pics and there are no excues about it. Their relationship is over why can’t Rachel see that? She still think that its chance that they can make it work and they can not. No boyfriend jared just her hanging with her ex. Rachel was the one that said that was her boyfriend he did not say anything being her boyfriend at all. .She says that cause he won’t say nothing about it. How can hayden can be happy when her other co-star is more popular than him. Rachel can not make hayden look good to people cause she hook up with him when he come there.That’s all she does. If he was working she would have hook up with someone on the show and she soon will. This is only act for now.If you not happy with each other why do pics anyway. One are them for attention and its rachel bilson. And Hayden should know better than to hook with her anyway if you do not want to.Rachel just showing that hayden hasn’t gotten ahead are her in the media department. Rachel you not going to be in the movie with him. Stop stalking him like that and find someone else to be with. it going happen anyway. Soon as he find work to do. Hope he get to do battlecreek in april like he suppose to do. Hayden do not want you Rachel and you don’t want him either.It shows here when he’s with she just deperate to be with him and run behind when he come there.

  • @ just me

    So Hayden and Rachel haven’t wanted each other for the last 5 years, even after breaking up and getting back together again almost a year and a half ago, LOL!? And living together in LA when they are with each other isn’t a serious relationship, for 5 years? Continue to live in dreamland, honey, if it makes you feel better, lol!

  • sterling

    I wonder how many times She gets a ‘stiff neck’ everytime she look up His shoulder?!?!
    Tsk… it’s really hard not only being a midget in brains & talent but most esp in size isnt it?!
    And Midge(t) is looking more having a bad day; most likely receiving a CW news that her TV show is next for cancellation after the Ringer huh!

  • gilmorie

    Imho, it was DH’s webmistress’ BEST personal decision ever made to close her fansite. She should just support an actor or a celebrity who leads an interesting career; and why keep the site open if all there to report were just candids of running trivial errands & doing beach vacations?!
    … and who really knows if she’ll really will/still support this SW celeb after her site’s closure?! Making some lip-service would be much more easier to digest by her followers most esp. to those who put some donations on it.
    Anyways, “Just Jared” is still existing, as we all know its this SW celeb’s another/next exclusive fansite next to DH.

  • tennille

    Ever care to wonder why they’re still wasnt married yet (even after their on & off engagement hulabaloos) – and its not like that they have busy or bankable or even working acting careers to think of… DUH???!!!

  • periwinkle

    Mr. Christonesen seems to forgot to take his happy pills again. He only smiles when he’s promoting his (nowadays) small-time movies & doing Carribean vacations. Get a clue, boy. Only 20 people in America think you’re actually talented & still bankable, and the rest, NOT (3xxx) really…

    A 12 year old tweenie-doodle-diddle-dumb trapped in a clueless & shallow 30 year old never-ever-been starlet – thats all there is!

  • kingkasyski

    Hayden used to be a famous good actor ,what happen to him?Uggie the dog is more famous than him now.

  • AJ

    @ sterling, gilmore tennile & periwinkle You had nothing better to do for 3 hours than to post under multiple names four times in a row on Hayden and Rachel’s thread? And you don’t even like them? It looks like you are the one with no career going nowhere fast, dude! Get a life, man!

  • comrade

    Perhaps that we might see these forever odd couple for a bit a l-o-t- here in JJ… see this lil’ moe’s 0-rating show is on a month break & on the brink of cancellation (like as always); so she badly needs a lot of media hype these days for her show to survive if ever; and her doomed-looking bff is there to lend whatever rescue – and as if he can, even a bit!? Isnt it that all if not most of his fans had an eternal hate to his in-significant other?!

  • Candy

    From Rachel’s Lucky Magazine interview…
    “On dating a co-star: “I just had absolutely no idea that all that—being on The O.C., dating Adam [Brody]—was going to end up being so invasive.”
    All these years later and she still has nothing more relevant to talk about than The O.C and Adam Brody? Seems like she talks about OC in every interview still and even still Brody after being with Christensen all this time.
    If dating a co star was such an invasive and horrible thing than why did she do it twice back to back first with her OC co star and then with her Jumper co star? Seems stupid to repeat the same thing twice if you didn’t like the results or attention it brings to your personal life you know.
    OC was great, Summer and Seth were a cute couple on it and Rachel and Adam were cute together in real life but that was such a long time ago so why does she STILL talk about it! I could understand a question every once in a long while about the OC because it is the biggest thing she ever did in her acting career but you would think the Brody questions would be something left in the past.

  • kaleigh

    RB – Oh here’s the paps! Hey Hayden smile and look at me!
    Look at me dammit! The paps are here!
    HC – Yeah right geeesh!

    Obviously & accurately… that they’re each other personal & professional’s version of albatross / vacuum.

  • maya

    they are amazing i really love them, but that’s right they are together since 2007 they’ve been engage after they slipt then they came back together so they have to be engage?!! again no!! we see them together rarely a don’t know why and i think they are accostumed one to another but they don’t look loving each other, damage they look so good together and i like them so much

  • deshaun

    @28 – That interview is simply stupid and the interviewee is simply much much more stupid!

  • Voice of Reason

    Perhaps people should actually read the whole interview instead of what is taken on the web…She does mention Hayden nobody here seems to mention that, all you have is a snippet from the web in regard to her EX-Boyfriend.

  • Miguel

    They are both desperately in need of work, so they made a few calls, called out a couple of paps and had lunch. I’ve heard he has been desperately in love with her, she has been iffy about him, and both of them continually look like the last place they really want to be is with each other. It’s not a media distortion, it’s just the way things are. At this point, I’m curious if either of them have much money left, certainly him. When’s the last time he worked? 2010 in that awful horror film? His IMDB profile doesn’t look like much is going on. Shame he is turning into the Mark Hamill of the prequel trio, though it’s funny that it’s the female this time who has the biggest career. “Hart of Dixie” ranks near the bottom of all major network TV shows, if you consider the CW “major.” Disaster. They need to stop awkwardly “not posing” for staged photos and get to WORK!!

  • Drika

    Strategy of photography? Oh yeah … See Rachel always there, behind Hayden like a little girl , and he feet away from her with the hand in his pocket all the time, in every picture, really, “is a strategy of photography “, i can see! It was the paparazzi who put she behind him!ALL THE TIME! yep… ¬¬

  • Drika

    Hayden is way off what they say around him. He prefers it that way, I understand, and think it’s cool, but it would be nice to be more careful and stay alert, because repair: Every time since Hayden started dating Ms. Bilson, we just heard about her all the time ! It’s always BILSON ,BILSON THERE, BILSON HERE, BLA BLA BLA … I think unintentionally, I ended up knowing about Rachel Bilson ‘s career ,and Hayden, whose which interests me, I see nothing. ¬ ¬ This stupid thing for dating, ends, odd couple, and that hell it is, is calling more attention than the work of Hayden. Damn, man!

  • R U MAD??

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  • a crazy person

    Lady, you sound totally nuts! Call the police yourself if you have proof of this stuff. Wierdo.

  • anita

    The last day of filming Hart of Dixie for season one was Friday when they finished the last episode for season one, the day these pics were taken. Maybe thats why Rachel looks a little sober, especially if there is no word about a season two yet or not.

  • drewlard

    Actually SHE acts better when she’s speed-dialling the paps than doing acting even if its just on a small-tube. So no wonder that her show would get axed as aside from its tanking ratings; her acting is just awful.

  • cute

    What a great couple they are! These photos do not do them justice. Hayden and Rachel look stunning together in real life.

  • Obviously u’ve never met them


    Looks like the PR machine does not work anymore.
    Remember a few years back when these 2 would bring about 300 comments, not barely 40ish the good days.

    Hayden is the big looser in this silly game. Nobody takes him seriously now,not even his own loyal fans.
    He downgrades himself with a Gossiper filler with no substance.
    He lost everything. Sienna Miller is expecting and has a career; Portman is an Oscar winner and a mom and married to a nice French guy…

    .Hayden is stuck in a weird relationship, with a not talented at all brat that still exists thanks to her granpa’s and papa’s connections (and Schwartz)!
    Hayden turned himself into a joke,wasting his talent away; his time with a average girl who convinced him that she is a big name in Hollywood.


    SAD SAD SAD…..such a waste!!!

  • trisha

    @Obviously u’ve never met them:

    And you’re saying you have met them? You know them? Put up or shut up. Either way you’re just a gossip filler, gossipmonger yourself.

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