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Sophia Bush: Chateau Marmont Night Out!

Sophia Bush: Chateau Marmont Night Out!

Sophia Bush leaves the Chateau Marmont after a fun night out on Wednesday (February 29) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress looked great in a navy blazer, rust colored pants, booties, and an ornate turquoise studded necklace! Super cute!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Sophia Bush

Earlier in the week, Sophia spoke out that gay marriage is a civil issue, and that “anyone who says that it isn’t is misinformed.”

10+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush leaving the Chateau Marmont after a fun night out…

Just Jared on Facebook
sophia bush chateau marmont night out 01
sophia bush chateau marmont night out 02
sophia bush chateau marmont night out 03
sophia bush chateau marmont night out 04
sophia bush chateau marmont night out 05
sophia bush chateau marmont night out 06
sophia bush chateau marmont night out 07
sophia bush chateau marmont night out 08
sophia bush chateau marmont night out 09
sophia bush chateau marmont night out 10

Credit: Dave Tonnessen ; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, AKM-GSI
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  • Bugger

    Who is she sleeping with now?






    DRINK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHA

  • ;)

    Apparently, she’s been hanging out with Topher Grace a lot. He might be her next catch! ;) She slept with him in the past, so with not again?

  • fashioninmysoul

    She gets around.. When should we expect her to create more set drama on her new show?

  • Ana

    You nasty haters can’t stop telling lies. OTH is over. Kenzie has CM. leave it alone. Maybe if Joy gets a show you’ll finally move on.

  • Mary


    I doubt she’s sleeping with Topher since he’s gay and everyone in WeHo knows that.

  • Crystal

    I can’t wait to see Partners. Sophias’ new show sounds hilarious. The casting looks good. David Framholtz and the others are so funny. Go CBS.

  • SexOnLegs

    Wasn’t she dating this Austin guy? What happened?

  • Nan

    Apparently they broke up. Some gossip magazine quoted a “source”. Could have been any jealous tool. Sophia and Austin have said nothing about it. Haters gonna hate.

  • @Nan: Justjared confirmed and sophia pays them for publicity so she did confirm it…

  • Nan

    Sophia pays them for publicity! ROTFL!!!!!!!!!
    JJ posts about celebs who bring hits to their website. Your jealousy and stupidity spills through my screen.

  • @Nan: umm a lot of celebs pay sites for publicity especially when they have new projects. I wasn’t hating on her or anything. Anyways Jared confirmed and Sophia never denied it, make of it what of will. But considering how you believe everyone is telling lies make I doubt you would agree with me…

  • heyya

    so pwetty!

  • Meela

    My goodness, what on earth is she wearing?! No, Sophia!!!

  • Zac or Adrian?

    Which one is Sophia screwing?
    Zachary Levi or Adrian Grenier? Or another one?

  • Bella

    Poor Austin….dumped so she could live the Hollywood high life now that she is back in LA. He was good enough for Wilmington to keep her bed warm after Chad and James. That’s a hotel….I wonder who she just left?

  • Ari

    My my. The jealousy some of you haters have that is consuming your pathetic little brains to the point that most of you don’t even have a single functioning cell in your body is just laughable.
    It’s a FACT that while Sophia has NUMEROUS and ENDLESS fans, the woman also has a handful of haters who seem even MORE obsessed with her then some of even her diehard fans.
    But then again, I can’t really blame none of you idiots for being jealous of her. After all, she IS grogeous, beautiful AND without a doubt the MOST popular, famous, and successful person to walk away from OTH.
    She’s is now under the umbrella of the most famous and top notch talent agency in the world and has a brand new show in the works. It’s no wonder some of you are having such a hard time wrapping your teeny tiny brains around the awesomeness that is Sophia Bush.
    Oh well…..just keep on hating.
    If anything, you’re idiotic posts just drive up the the number of comments on all Sophia Bush posts hence why Jared LOVESSSSSSS writing about Sophia every chance her gets. ;-)

  • Cindy

    This!!!!!!! So true. Go Sophia!

  • charlie

    Lots of people around LA are saying that she’s “seeing” Zachary Levi. And her and Topher are just good friends.

  • Alex


    True story.
    A LOT of people in LA are saying she’s seeing him but isn’t Zachary still dating Caitlin Crosby ?

    And Caitlin met Sophia a few days ago, and she seems to love her so this is kind of messed up if she was dating her ex?

    That’s why I was more keen to believe the ones saying the guy who Sophia is seeing is Adrian Grenier.

    Topher Grace is not gay, well he wasn’t when he was sleeping with Sophia a few years ago.
    They are just good friends now.

  • Creepy

    You people are nuts. How do you think you know any of this? Because they have attended events together? What a joke. You try to find anything to slander this woman. No matter how you say it your vile hearts so through.

  • charlie


    Nah, Zachary and Caitlin broke up like 2 years ago, but they stayed good friends. I didn’t know Caitlin met Sophia though, but I don’t think it changes anything. He and Caitlin have been over for a while, so I don’t think she cares about who he’s seeing! :) Maybe she’s just happy that he’s seeing someone like her!

    Like you said, lots of people are talking about Zac & Sophia…There’s no smoke w/o fire! :)

  • Enough

    This talk is because nuts like yourself are talking about CMM and SB getting back together on the forums. And the cheating by CM which caused their break up. Stop already. You’re competing for who is better. Sophia, Joy. Chad, Shantel whatever. STOP all the lies and rumors. This whole cast is talented and kind human beings. You posters are the mean, nasty ones. The cast says nothing and yet you continue to make up BS.

  • FreakMe

    Sophia likes to fu** around.
    Charlie, is this thing with Zachary Levi serious or they’re just messing around?

  • charlie


    I’m not sure…Apparently, it started not too long ago, so it’s probably not that serious…yet! :) It could become though. Never know!

  • OMG

    Lies, lies, lies. Trying to make Sophia awful. It’s not working pyscho…Trying to sound like you have inside info. You are a lunatic. Hiding behind your computer talking trash.

  • FreakMe

    She found a rebond really fast .
    Sophia’s a prime example of a girl that can’t stay single for a month.

  • charlie


    Haha! Lots of celebs get rebounds fast…Look at Ashley Tisdale, she started dating Martin Johnson right after her split with Scott. It’s no biggie in Hollywood! ;)

  • LOL

    She makes herself look that way. No one made her sleep with 3 guys (that we know of) on the same show. That’s tacky and unprofessional no matter what you say and how you try to defend her. It’s a FACT.

  • OMFG

    Sophia was with CM for two years, they were married. Got divorced we all know why. Two years LATER James and Sophia were together for about a year. Shame, shame. Austin and Sophia got together after that and had know each other before. We are talking about a TEN year amount of time. How many people have you been with in ten years. You are trying to make people who were in relationships sound tacky. We are not talking about frivolous dating. However now you are trying to make it sound like that. Shame on you for being so vicious about people you know nothing about.
    This is a personal problem you have with Sophia. If you want to demean people talk about CM and his ways. Oh I guess that isn’t a problem for you.

  • charlie

    She also dated Jon Foster for about 1 1/2 years! People have forget him! :)


    TEN YEARS!!!!!!!!! Gee you all need to shut up. Maybe we should start talking about the other cast members and their dating and carry on.

  • CMM

    CMM was trying to win Sophia back and screwing Kenzie a high school girl who was an extra on OTH. Too bad Kenzie had to have an abortion in high school because of CM she was only 17. And all the extras he scerwed too. Hialrie was doing Ian, a PA on the show and then banging Ian’s best friend, then she met JDM and got pregnant in less than a month. Shantel was screwing James and Mark…there’s lots more dirt on all of them. Do you want to continue nut job?
    Gosh Sophia had a boyfriend, Jon Foster for a year and a half. Thank goodness and Jon is a very nice guy. I can’t believe you are such a sick B*@tch.

  • charlie

    I wasn’t trash talking Sophia btw, just saying what I’ve heard around town. Lots of people are talking about her & Zachary and there’s nothing wrong if they are in fact together. She won’t stay single forever…she’s moving on with her life, so is Austin! There is absolutely nothing wrong with it! ;)

  • Dear Charlie

    Sophia is NOT dating Zach. Who is”lots of people”? a figment of your rumors….No she won’t stay single nor will any of them. Why should they. I don’t see anyone trying out for the preisthood or nunnery. Except maybe you critical ones.

  • purplemonkey

    @CMM: finally my friend like all the others are martyrs and everything is Sophia’s fault.

  • Zachary&Sophia

    They are definitely seeing each other, they are just taking things slow, mainly Sophia after her break up with Austin, but they like each other, the have a lot in common… So they are not literally “dating” at the moment.
    They’re not gonna make it public anytime soon, sure as hell not before the end of OTH for obvious reasons.
    Personally, I think they make a pretty awesome and hot couple.
    After being dumped by Sophia, Austin is dealing with the break up by sleeping with random chicks…
    Even if it was a “friendly” split, Sophia was more okay with the split than Austin, that’s for sure.

  • Too Funny

    @Zachary&Sophia: What planet are you from, Zachary&Sophia? Sell your fiction at a ladies bridge club near you. You know nothing and tell nothing but lies.

  • Jen

    @Too Funny:

    Well Zachary&Sophia could say bullshit like you could, like everyone posting here with so called info, could. Maybe he/she is telling lies or people told her/him lies, but why people should believe you and not him/her? Everyone can tell everything they want online, it could be true or false but people are going to believe what they want to believe and you can’t do anything about that.
    I heard people saying Sophia is dating someone who isn’t famous, maybe it is true, maybe not, it’s the same thing here. Maybe Zachary&Sophia has it right, maybe you are the one right.

  • Jamie

    No, it doesn’t make Sophia a slut. But no matter which way you spin it, sleeping with 3 guys from the same show is completely unprofessional. Then again, this whole cast besides Joy has been unprofessional so it’s nothing new.

  • Please

    Sophias’ personal keeps you up at night .Get the F@#K over it. She’s a great person> Also Sophia keeps get work. I think you have a problem. The cast all seem to be doing well.

  • Oh Please

    Joy hasn’t always been “professional” either. She had her fair share of demons as well. So if you’re gonna start bashing the cast, she should also be included.

  • York

    @CMM: can you all please tell more dirt about the cast? It’s so entertaining! lol

  • Consuela

    She’s is now under the umbrella of the most famous and top notch talent agency in the world and has a brand new show in the works. It’s no wonder some of you are having such a hard time wrapping your teeny tiny brains around the awesomeness that is Sophia Bush.