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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: McDonald's Quick Stop!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: McDonald's Quick Stop!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie make a quick stop at their local McDonald’s for some food on Saturday (March 3) in Los Angeles.

Angelina, 36, and Brad, 48, drove through the drive-thru. Brad placed the order, while Angie passed the food to the kids in the backseat – we wonder which of the six little ones were there for the special treat!

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Earlier in the week, Brad took his son Maddox out to a music center to pick out a guitar and amp! So cool!

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  • dodo

    hope she eat something!

  • Jim

    Cute :-)

  • Fassdong

    They’re regular folks just like us! Eating Mcdonalds. Love them <3

  • Saffron

    Lucky folks at McDonald’s – they’ll have something to talk about for months to come!

  • sam

    Hope Angie does eat a few extra calories. Everyone is noticing how thin she is. Now, I’m hungry and need to make a run to McDonald

  • hello777

    adorable! love it!

  • jaliah

    @dodo…go get a proper job, this one doesn’t really pay much does it? Why would you hope ‘hope she eat something’? ‘She’ has everything you don’t.

  • Lara

    Wonder which of the little ones were in the back. How stunning is Angie’s profile, and those lips. Love Brad in his glasses.

  • sweet

    Just normal parents out with the children.
    I love A and B and family.

  • trt

    For those who says Angie needs a burger, here it is. She’s out eating at McDees. Now they can’t accuse McDees of promoting obesity.

    So glad to see the whole fam out having fun. Papz must have been waiting at the gates.

  • plez

    Hope the family had a nice outing.
    Thanks bdj for the articles you posted on the last thread.

  • sam

    I think it’s very sad that all of Angie’s fans defend her skeletal frame and diss everyone who brings it up. And eating disorder is a sickness. Even Dr. Drew sees that she is malnourished:

    “I just see malnutrition for some reason there, and we shouldn’t look at that as an ideal of beauty. She’s a beautiful woman, but she needs to be better nourished.”

  • Stress

    They are so cool but I think they should leave them alone sometimes

  • http://compute Susan

    Is MsDonalds the one with the happy meals?
    (or is it Burger King) maybe the younger kids like the toys that comes with the meal.
    Yes their parents an buy then anything, but with kids you buy them toys and they still want to bang saucepan covers, and drive you nuts.

  • http://compute Susan

    @sam: Dr. Drew maybe a PIMP but not a Medical doctor.
    Was his wife on HERION?
    When the so call dr answers that question, and one person that go on his joke of a rehab show, stays sober and clean from whatever addictions, then he can give advice to someone that needs it.

  • hopeso


  • Meli

    @sam: yes, they are not real fans, they do not care if she is okay. They defend like crazy the idealized and utopian “image” but not really support her wellbeing and health.

  • Sonia

    awwww :)
    cute but kinda sad they can’t even order through drive thru w/out getting photograph
    still wish he get a hair cut and a shave

  • hohum

    Jared – the 2nd paragraph should be corrected …. and, wow, those are some lucky fast food workers!!

  • Ahorseofcourse

    Let’s just all say a prayer that Angie eats a burger. And drinks a few vanilla shakes to wash it down.

  • bdj

    Hmmm let’s hope Baby Jane get those thunder thighs, chipmunk cheeks and hairy chest under control. Laser is your friend Jen.


    since my other post will be “hidden”–i have to post in titles

  • also

    awww, very sweet family- JPs are the best!! Yes, Dr Drew needs to worry about the addiction issues in his own household- I think those (now adult) kids of his have health problems stemming from what his wife was up to- nice. Dr Drew wanted to be in show business (opera singer) & he failed- went to med school instead- seems like he is still trying to break into show business- who cares what lies he tells as long as he gets attention.

  • trt

    @sam: You know, we wouldn’t have to defend if yoou critics don’t continually hammer the fact that she is sickly thin. Do you say that to Maria Schwarzenneger? No! That woman and her mother has always been thin with their cheeks sunken in. It’s only Angie you say that to and you keep comparing her to her weight in Lara Croft. She had to add pounds for the role and after, she shed those pounds off to go back to her normal weight. The Tomb Raider body was for the film only. If she had to make another movie where they require her to gain more weight, then she would.
    The thing about you critics not liking her fans to defend her is you don’t want anyone to. You want to justify your claims and satisfy your ego to make yourselves feel better. Well, Angie is rich enough to buy and eat anything she wanted. She eats at the best restaurants and at parties where your kind can only dream of. She’s not a martyr who fasts so she can save mankind. She likes seafood and has exotic tastes besides having an enviable metabolism. We like her and I for one wishes her to be healthy…but if she can’t gain more pounds, then so be it. She’s not sickly or you trolls would be the first ones to jump on it.
    Her legs may not be fleshy nor her arms but they are strong, smooth and toned., If they weren’t, I’m sure Brad would probably be the first one to tell her so.

  • trt

    @Ahorseofcourse: She’s not a glutton like you so keep your prayers to yourself.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    It’s nice to see them giving their kids the experience that kids deserve, the chance to ask for a Happy Meal and find out what toy you get.

  • )))(((*


    hence your tag as “in the title” troll.
    you’re the one responable for 200 posts in a 1000 post thread.

  • Rose

    Beautiful Angelina is out with her beautiful family. I wonder where SS is hiding? I heard her movie bombed big time at the BO. One of the movie reviewer said, Wonderbomb is easily a strong contender for worse film of the year. Hens go support SS movie and leave Angelina alone.

  • NYC

    No one should feed their kids that crap food.
    Monsanto, McDonalds are destroying this country.
    Organic food only, for everyone.

  • SALT 2- Soon, I Hope!

    Angie is super-powerful- not only do they develop scripts exclusively for her, she gets script approval- looks like this draft didn’t pass her muster- I hope one does soon- I LOVE SALT…Angie says that Ev Salt is based on Shiloh!

  • Jen


  • Jh

    Geez even at the car Angelina is waving to the paps! Since when she became such a media wh*re?
    Kardasian level right there! Sad!

  • Love the JoliePitts


    I hope you don’t mind. I am bringing over your post from previous thread because it is so sweet! :)
    “REELZ TV oscar fashion wrap-up said Brad wore Style of Jolie cufflinks, studs and ring at the Oscars!!! How sweet!!!

  • Love the JoliePitts

    So nice to see them out enjoying family time.
    Love you Brad and Angelina. What great parents you are.

  • sasha

    i can’t believe they eat McDonalds. really disgusting. i would not ingest that food if it was the last food on earth. so gross. brad and angelina are rich… buy something quality and healthy for your family/kids instead of that garbage. McDonalds is sooooo nasty.

  • teri

    Just a regular family on the go and I bet the children loved it!! Please don’t spew ignorant nonsense on this rare occasion haters. It just ticks me when jenhens rant over something we as families do on the go.

  • Rose

    @trt: #25, fans know Angie has always has thin arms. Her legs are always long and lean and beautiful, not short and stubby. That’s the reason the hens are so jealous. And by the way for ten years haters have been saying she is too thin, nothing new. Go worry about your own health.
    Angie has been with one (1) man for seven years going on eight. SS has been with at least eight (8) men in the last 7 years, so shut your filthy mouth.

  • plez

    @SALT 2- Soon, I Hope!:
    That is power. I don’t know any other actress these days that are getting scripts written just for her.
    @jh stupid. People come out of stores and fast food places to see Brad and Angelina. How do you know she was not waving at just a plain person.

  • briseis

    @Rose: SS fans don’t want to spend the money going to the movies to support Ticky. It’s cheaper to stay behind the computer and rant and rave at Angelina Jolie … otherwise, why do her movies bomb all the time? And I laugh at those who say that JGWI and HB made money because of Ticky. She was almost nude in WL and it co-starred “the love of her life” and no one cared enough to see it. BWAHAHAHA!!!!

  • LOL


  • gracie

    Anuston is a movie FLOP queen, While GP is an expert at making salad, Anuston is the BEST rom-com STINKER actress. What an improvement for Brad’s rejects.

  • briseis

    @trt: Hi there, tita! Long time no see. Glad to see you’re posting a lot more. Mabuhay ang mga Jolie-Pitts!

  • trt

    @sasha: Oh, please. Just because McDonalds wouldn’t accept your food stamps doesn’t give you the right to badmouth a worldwide franchise. Don’t tell me you buy organic out of the meager budget you have. You poor thing can only project or live vicariously through people who have means. Stop the pretense and live within your food stamp allowance.
    McDonalds is multi-billion dollar business and can be found all over the world. People grew up eating their burgers. If it was bad for you, then it wouldn’t have been a successful enterprise. They did not invent obesity so quit with the bellyaching. You’re the one who is disgusting.

  • Leg


    I noticed that too, LOL. She is waving to the paps. New low for her.
    I bet she wanted them to flash her leg again, LOL

  • Rose

    @briseis, they cannot take their eyes off Angie beautiful face they troll the net trying to find her. They were first on this thread. Angle and Brad own their a$$, love it. While their are here SS movies is sinking deeper at the BO, LOVE IT!! Brad and Angie rules!!

  • bdj

    Only a paid troll trying to deflect would come up with some of the most stupid inane nonsense. The troll has her script.

  • Emily

    Her bony a** needs to eat some few burgers and a high calorie milk shake stat.

  • trt

    @briseis: Hi, briseis!!!! Long time no hear. These trolls are funny, aren’t they? I love McDees. Love their shakes and coffees. Also love their McRib and breakfast fare. It’s good to have one nearby when you’re too lazy to cook in the morning.
    How have you been? Is it cold in Chicago? Nice out here in Cali (when it’s not raining). Sun’s out but still nippy with the wind. Have a nice, lazy.. Saturday.

  • Sean

    Good. She finally taking people’s advice and eating.

  • Emily

    I like Angelina but a lot of people are wondering if she is on drugs or anorexic. I hope she gets it together for the sake of her kids.