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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: McDonald's Quick Stop!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: McDonald's Quick Stop!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie make a quick stop at their local McDonald’s for some food on Saturday (March 3) in Los Angeles.

Angelina, 36, and Brad, 48, drove through the drive-thru. Brad placed the order, while Angie passed the food to the kids in the backseat – we wonder which of the six little ones were there for the special treat!

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Earlier in the week, Brad took his son Maddox out to a music center to pick out a guitar and amp! So cool!

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174 Responses to “Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: McDonald's Quick Stop!”

  1. 1
    dodo Says:

    hope she eat something!

  2. 2
    Jim Says:

    Cute :-)

  3. 3
    Fassdong Says:

    They’re regular folks just like us! Eating Mcdonalds. Love them <3

  4. 4
    Saffron Says:

    Lucky folks at McDonald’s – they’ll have something to talk about for months to come!

  5. 5
    sam Says:

    Hope Angie does eat a few extra calories. Everyone is noticing how thin she is. Now, I’m hungry and need to make a run to McDonald

  6. 6
    hello777 Says:

    adorable! love it!

  7. 7
    jaliah Says:

    @dodo…go get a proper job, this one doesn’t really pay much does it? Why would you hope ‘hope she eat something’? ‘She’ has everything you don’t.

  8. 8
    Lara Says:

    Wonder which of the little ones were in the back. How stunning is Angie’s profile, and those lips. Love Brad in his glasses.

  9. 9
    sweet Says:

    Just normal parents out with the children.
    I love A and B and family.

  10. 10
    trt Says:

    For those who says Angie needs a burger, here it is. She’s out eating at McDees. Now they can’t accuse McDees of promoting obesity.

    So glad to see the whole fam out having fun. Papz must have been waiting at the gates.

  11. 11
    plez Says:

    Hope the family had a nice outing.
    Thanks bdj for the articles you posted on the last thread.

  12. 12
    sam Says:

    I think it’s very sad that all of Angie’s fans defend her skeletal frame and diss everyone who brings it up. And eating disorder is a sickness. Even Dr. Drew sees that she is malnourished:

    “I just see malnutrition for some reason there, and we shouldn’t look at that as an ideal of beauty. She’s a beautiful woman, but she needs to be better nourished.”

  13. 13
    Stress Says:

    They are so cool but I think they should leave them alone sometimes

  14. 14
    Susan Says:

    Is MsDonalds the one with the happy meals?
    (or is it Burger King) maybe the younger kids like the toys that comes with the meal.
    Yes their parents an buy then anything, but with kids you buy them toys and they still want to bang saucepan covers, and drive you nuts.

  15. 15
    Susan Says:

    @sam: Dr. Drew maybe a PIMP but not a Medical doctor.
    Was his wife on HERION?
    When the so call dr answers that question, and one person that go on his joke of a rehab show, stays sober and clean from whatever addictions, then he can give advice to someone that needs it.

  16. 16
    hopeso Says:


  17. 17
    Meli Says:

    @sam: yes, they are not real fans, they do not care if she is okay. They defend like crazy the idealized and utopian “image” but not really support her wellbeing and health.

  18. 18
    Sonia Says:

    awwww :)
    cute but kinda sad they can’t even order through drive thru w/out getting photograph
    still wish he get a hair cut and a shave

  19. 19
    hohum Says:

    Jared – the 2nd paragraph should be corrected …. and, wow, those are some lucky fast food workers!!

  20. 20
    Ahorseofcourse Says:

    Let’s just all say a prayer that Angie eats a burger. And drinks a few vanilla shakes to wash it down.

  21. 21
    bdj Says:

    Hmmm let’s hope Baby Jane get those thunder thighs, chipmunk cheeks and hairy chest under control. Laser is your friend Jen.

  22. 22

    since my other post will be “hidden”–i have to post in titles

  23. 23
    also Says:

    awww, very sweet family- JPs are the best!! Yes, Dr Drew needs to worry about the addiction issues in his own household- I think those (now adult) kids of his have health problems stemming from what his wife was up to- nice. Dr Drew wanted to be in show business (opera singer) & he failed- went to med school instead- seems like he is still trying to break into show business- who cares what lies he tells as long as he gets attention.

  24. 24
    trt Says:

    @sam: You know, we wouldn’t have to defend if yoou critics don’t continually hammer the fact that she is sickly thin. Do you say that to Maria Schwarzenneger? No! That woman and her mother has always been thin with their cheeks sunken in. It’s only Angie you say that to and you keep comparing her to her weight in Lara Croft. She had to add pounds for the role and after, she shed those pounds off to go back to her normal weight. The Tomb Raider body was for the film only. If she had to make another movie where they require her to gain more weight, then she would.
    The thing about you critics not liking her fans to defend her is you don’t want anyone to. You want to justify your claims and satisfy your ego to make yourselves feel better. Well, Angie is rich enough to buy and eat anything she wanted. She eats at the best restaurants and at parties where your kind can only dream of. She’s not a martyr who fasts so she can save mankind. She likes seafood and has exotic tastes besides having an enviable metabolism. We like her and I for one wishes her to be healthy…but if she can’t gain more pounds, then so be it. She’s not sickly or you trolls would be the first ones to jump on it.
    Her legs may not be fleshy nor her arms but they are strong, smooth and toned., If they weren’t, I’m sure Brad would probably be the first one to tell her so.

  25. 25
    trt Says:

    @Ahorseofcourse: She’s not a glutton like you so keep your prayers to yourself.

  26. 26
    Jennica Panettiere Says:

    It’s nice to see them giving their kids the experience that kids deserve, the chance to ask for a Happy Meal and find out what toy you get.

  27. 27
    )))(((* Says:


    hence your tag as “in the title” troll.
    you’re the one responable for 200 posts in a 1000 post thread.

  28. 28
    Rose Says:

    Beautiful Angelina is out with her beautiful family. I wonder where SS is hiding? I heard her movie bombed big time at the BO. One of the movie reviewer said, Wonderbomb is easily a strong contender for worse film of the year. Hens go support SS movie and leave Angelina alone.

  29. 29
    NYC Says:

    No one should feed their kids that crap food.
    Monsanto, McDonalds are destroying this country.
    Organic food only, for everyone.

  30. 30
    SALT 2- Soon, I Hope! Says:

    Angie is super-powerful- not only do they develop scripts exclusively for her, she gets script approval- looks like this draft didn’t pass her muster- I hope one does soon- I LOVE SALT…Angie says that Ev Salt is based on Shiloh!

  31. 31
    Jen Says:


  32. 32
    Jh Says:

    Geez even at the car Angelina is waving to the paps! Since when she became such a media wh*re?
    Kardasian level right there! Sad!

  33. 33
    Love the JoliePitts Says:


    I hope you don’t mind. I am bringing over your post from previous thread because it is so sweet! :)
    “REELZ TV oscar fashion wrap-up said Brad wore Style of Jolie cufflinks, studs and ring at the Oscars!!! How sweet!!!

  34. 34
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    So nice to see them out enjoying family time.
    Love you Brad and Angelina. What great parents you are.

  35. 35
    sasha Says:

    i can’t believe they eat McDonalds. really disgusting. i would not ingest that food if it was the last food on earth. so gross. brad and angelina are rich… buy something quality and healthy for your family/kids instead of that garbage. McDonalds is sooooo nasty.

  36. 36
    teri Says:

    Just a regular family on the go and I bet the children loved it!! Please don’t spew ignorant nonsense on this rare occasion haters. It just ticks me when jenhens rant over something we as families do on the go.

  37. 37
    Rose Says:

    @trt: #25, fans know Angie has always has thin arms. Her legs are always long and lean and beautiful, not short and stubby. That’s the reason the hens are so jealous. And by the way for ten years haters have been saying she is too thin, nothing new. Go worry about your own health.
    Angie has been with one (1) man for seven years going on eight. SS has been with at least eight (8) men in the last 7 years, so shut your filthy mouth.

  38. 38
    plez Says:

    @SALT 2- Soon, I Hope!:
    That is power. I don’t know any other actress these days that are getting scripts written just for her.
    @jh stupid. People come out of stores and fast food places to see Brad and Angelina. How do you know she was not waving at just a plain person.

  39. 39
    briseis Says:

    @Rose: SS fans don’t want to spend the money going to the movies to support Ticky. It’s cheaper to stay behind the computer and rant and rave at Angelina Jolie … otherwise, why do her movies bomb all the time? And I laugh at those who say that JGWI and HB made money because of Ticky. She was almost nude in WL and it co-starred “the love of her life” and no one cared enough to see it. BWAHAHAHA!!!!

  40. 40
    LOL Says:


  41. 41
    gracie Says:

    Anuston is a movie FLOP queen, While GP is an expert at making salad, Anuston is the BEST rom-com STINKER actress. What an improvement for Brad’s rejects.

  42. 42
    briseis Says:

    @trt: Hi there, tita! Long time no see. Glad to see you’re posting a lot more. Mabuhay ang mga Jolie-Pitts!

  43. 43
    trt Says:

    @sasha: Oh, please. Just because McDonalds wouldn’t accept your food stamps doesn’t give you the right to badmouth a worldwide franchise. Don’t tell me you buy organic out of the meager budget you have. You poor thing can only project or live vicariously through people who have means. Stop the pretense and live within your food stamp allowance.
    McDonalds is multi-billion dollar business and can be found all over the world. People grew up eating their burgers. If it was bad for you, then it wouldn’t have been a successful enterprise. They did not invent obesity so quit with the bellyaching. You’re the one who is disgusting.

  44. 44
    Leg Says:


    I noticed that too, LOL. She is waving to the paps. New low for her.
    I bet she wanted them to flash her leg again, LOL

  45. 45
    Rose Says:

    @briseis, they cannot take their eyes off Angie beautiful face they troll the net trying to find her. They were first on this thread. Angle and Brad own their a$$, love it. While their are here SS movies is sinking deeper at the BO, LOVE IT!! Brad and Angie rules!!

  46. 46
    bdj Says:

    Only a paid troll trying to deflect would come up with some of the most stupid inane nonsense. The troll has her script.

  47. 47
    Emily Says:

    Her bony a** needs to eat some few burgers and a high calorie milk shake stat.

  48. 48
    trt Says:

    @briseis: Hi, briseis!!!! Long time no hear. These trolls are funny, aren’t they? I love McDees. Love their shakes and coffees. Also love their McRib and breakfast fare. It’s good to have one nearby when you’re too lazy to cook in the morning.
    How have you been? Is it cold in Chicago? Nice out here in Cali (when it’s not raining). Sun’s out but still nippy with the wind. Have a nice, lazy.. Saturday.

  49. 49
    Sean Says:

    Good. She finally taking people’s advice and eating.

  50. 50
    Emily Says:

    I like Angelina but a lot of people are wondering if she is on drugs or anorexic. I hope she gets it together for the sake of her kids.

  51. 51
    jennifer aniston Says:

    what a lovely couple. bless them.

  52. 52
    jennifer aniston Says:

    i dont want kids:( maybe thats why brad left me!

  53. 53
    trt Says:

    @Leg: Maybe your idol Aniston should wave more to the paps so they at least could add their bottoms to her box office take. As it is, FLOP, FLOP, FLOP is the movie with the boytoy so she can’t show her face until people stop laughing at the joke.
    Go see your idol’s movie and two more bucks to her take. What kind of fan leaves their idol hanging in the wind? They don’t take food stamps either at the ticket booth?

  54. 54
    jennifer aniston Says:

    maybe i should had told him that before we got hitched! ooppps, silly me:d

  55. 55
    jennifer aniston Says:

    to all my fans! go see my damn movie traders!! stop roaming on articles about angelina!

  56. 56
    Yoco Says:

    I love how the JP’s eat where they wan’t to eat, dress how they want to dress and live their lives how they wan’t to live.Critics, trolls, haters naysayers be da*ned. Love the JP’s. As for waving Angie is waving to the fans not the paps. unlike some celebs she always acknowledges the fans.She waves to fans at the airport , outside of Lee’s art store in NYc, etc. In LA and NY When fans see a contigent of paps they go over to see who the paps are photographing.

  57. 57
    hoping Says:

    According to this Wanderbust did not even make the top 10 for the second week out. – Real bomb

    For the trolls – Angelina is already prettier, smarter,sexy without trying, more talented, respected and powerful than most. I hope she does make her body a priority. Then you all and butterface Aniston will be crying even more.

  58. 58
    Benjie Says:


    You’re a big IDIOT, missy.

  59. 59
    Benjie Says:


    And you’re a SKUNK and a bigger JUNK…lol

  60. 60


  61. 61
    huluuu Says:


    angie?is it you?–please stop posing like a total sl+t!!

    you are a joke now–only the crazy fat maniacs on just jared still won´t see how classless you are.

  62. 62
    Emily Says:

    You biscuit -loving -celebrity-worshipping fans should tell Angie to go eat and stay off the drugs. She needs a drug counsellor and rehab. Angie, say no to drugs and yes to a double cheeseburger.

  63. 63
    hello777 Says:

    wow, some of these haters really do get desperate. there are haters on E!, yahoo. this generation must be the worst and the most judgmental, angelina looks beautiful! accept it.

  64. 64

    A s*l*u*t is the worse kind there is. Can’t even get paid a dollar coz men expect a freebie for their desperate need to get attention. Other name for the X is tramp and EZ lay. Oh, and box office poison. LOL!

  65. 65
    Rose Says:

    When your idol has been with eight (8) men in seven years and her movie is #12 at the BO the fans understand why you are having a nervous breakdown. Now take your meds and get some rest. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  66. 66

    @Emily: Lay off her, “Dr.” Drew. You won’t ever get an A-lister to treat so stop dreaming. You are in the ranks of D-list and will always be beneath contempt of the rich and famous.

  67. 67
    Emily Says:

    Why all the negativity about Aniston. This thread is about Angie. Leave Jennifer alone, she’s happy in her relationship and not bothering anyone.

  68. 68
    jmo Says:

    @jennifer aniston: He does not want you to be the mother of his kids.

  69. 69

    @Emily: You leave Angie alone, we leave your idol alone. Yes, she is bothering us…. she has fans like you and won’t ever be happy in her relationships. She’s a miserable bore that’s why her fans are also miserable bores who can’t leave Angelina alone. As you say, this is her thread. We can do or say what we want to piss people off like you.

  70. 70
    trt Says:


  71. 71
    Saffron Says:

    I think it’s a good time to post some entertaining news….

    Open for 8 FULL days…WL has not yet reached $10 Million. I repeat…8 Full days, which included 2 Fridays, and just over $9.7 million.

    From BOM – Friday Estimates


    +124.5% / $549
    $9,741,000 / 8

    Box office for WL increased 124.5% from Thursday to Friday, which sounds good until you look at Gone – it increased 233.6%. Ha ha ha…it may overtake WL yet! Keep your fingers crossed!

  72. 72
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Hypocritical Aniston hen, Emily bringing her hate on board and telling the fans not to talk about Aniston.
    Go to Aniston’s thread, if you can find one, and talk about your drug taking, pot smoking, ugly pock marked faced, big pores ho sleeping idol over there. Aniston has slept with more men than any other actress in Hollywood. And the only reason she has the short Charlie Manson midget living with her now is she had enough money to buy him away from Heidi Bivens.

    Your saint Jennifer is a fork tongued fraud. Stealing other women’s boyfriends and paying her PR to promote her as “hot.” She is the laughingstock in Hollywood. And her movie bombing is proof nobody wants to see her in anything.

  73. 73
    verdi Says:

    Didn’t Brad have a picture of Angie eating a hamburger? I like the black angus beef burger myself once in a while. I have no weight problem and I’m a dietitian.

  74. 74

    Hes a quack so they say.

  75. 75
    Saffron Says:

    That cracks me up….Leave Jennifer alone! Hahahahaha….

  76. 76
    Emily Says:

    So predictable. Try to deflect from the fact that Angie is the talk of the town with her anorexic epic fail attempt to look sexy and ended up looking scary with her skeletal pose. I say this with respect for Angie, she needs a pschychiatric intervention and rehab.

  77. 77
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Why aren’t you at her movie, Emily?
    Oh, that’s right, you really can’t stand to look at her either. And you won’t spend a dime to see her lame acting.
    That’s why you spend all your time posting on Brad and Angelina’s thread under multiple names. – because you are just plain stupid.
    You are as big a fraud as the Aniston fraud you worship.

  78. 78
    Emily Says:

    You are the fraud. For your information I have seen Jennifer’s movie and it’s better than anything Angie has been in. Since you want to make this about Jennifer, I’ll say Jennifer loves her body too much to show up like a skeleton like Angie. She fills out all her clothes nicely whereas with Angie, you want to just feed her.

  79. 79
    true Says:


    Universal’s alleged comedy Wanderlust bombed worse than even the studio expected:lousy tracking for this R-rated nonsense had indicated the film would open below $10M. Audiences gave it a mediocre ’B-’ CinemaScore. The combination of Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd proved toxic to moviegoers. FYI: this greenlight was the studio’s payback to Role Models director David Wain and and his creative partner Ken Marino and mogul/producer Judd Apatow. Unfortunately the budget was $30M which is cheap by any standard except when a pic flops this badly. Sad, really, because Aniston’s flack-from-hell Stephen Huvane pulled out all the nauseating stops by exploiting her personal life — as usual.

    cr Deadline

  80. 80
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Emily, the golden globes were 2 weeks ago, Angie was the same size then, she was best dressed by everyone and flawless and you haters weren’t saying a peep, except saying with her big lips she shouldn’t wear red lipstick…where was your concern trolling then, fat mad cow? This woman is photographed every day and twice on Sundays. Why are very angry witches who claim to be so concerned only just now on this tip? Angie’s been on 101 red carpets between her movies and Brad’s award shows this year. Bottomline: you’re piling on because you’re mad jealous bitter ugly bishes because your fans of floundermusk, starring the tv hack. Try another one losers. Angie owns you.

  81. 81
    Angie Says:

    I’ll have a fry
    and a small diet coke

  82. 82
    trt Says:

    @Emily: How do you know Aniston’s movie is better than Angie’s? Did you see Angie’s movies? If so, then thanks for adding to her box office take. We wouldn’t sit at your idol’s movie for free. So how come she’s tanking at 2,000 theaters? Couldn’t go to all of them, could you? Even with Handler and Manny granny buying tickets for the poor fans, Amanda’s movie is still going to overtake your idol’s film. Poor Tick!

  83. 83
    Desperate Manny Says:

    Manny is so desperate she has Paris Hilton tweeting her 6mil followers about how good Wonderbust is..Manny is so desparate Chelsea did this ”
    “Jen Aniston is in a new movie, ‘Wanderlust.’ I saw it, it’s hilarious, and I want you all to see it. It opens Friday the 24th and to encourage you to check it out, I’m offering VIP seating to a taping of Chelsea Lately from Feb 27th to Mar 7th if you show up here with your ‘Wanderlust’ ticket stub. You must bring your Chelsea Lately ticket along with the ‘Wanderlust’ stub. Once you see the movie and you have your CL ticket then email for your VIP seating.

    Read more:

  84. 84
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Maniston: I’ll have the same salad I have had every day for the last 20 years, but please purée it into baby food for me first.
    Bald middleaged breakdancer: I’ll have a fish sandwich as it reminds me of my ol sugar mama’s dusty twaht. Helll no I’m not paying, the old lady is.

  85. 85
    MJ Says:

    @Emily: Please hater, don’t assume that just because the woman is skinny that she’s on drugs. Look at late Whitney Houston, everyone knew that she was on drugs. Was Whitney H. skinny? Actually, Whitney was in her average woman size. And as for anorexic, Angie is not. The signs of anorexic is not only thin but also low on energy. You don’t see that on Angie. You never heard of her complaining that she needs to take a rest from all the traveling they did. It’s amazing. I remember when Ticky had a tour in EUROPE to promote Marley & Me, when she came home her pr told the media that she was exhausted from her traveling. Angie when she had a tour from EUROPE to ASIA for Salt, we never heard of her complaining plus she still has the energy to carry her daughters at the same time. Don’t underestimate those thin arms because her arms are stronger than you think. Her arms can still carry her kids and Brad Pitt. And look at Angie’s chest, for her size her chest is not boney and compare that to Ticky’s chest consider her size, hers is boney. See, don’t judge so quickly. You don’t know anything.

  86. 86
    Saffron Says:

    Some funny comments from folks who’ve seen Ticky’s movie:

    “Okay, so I knew that Anniston was a bad actress but I thought Rudd could perhaps pull it out. Not so. Bad acting, bad script, not funny, filthy. Bad writing. I can’t say anything good about this movie except that I felt better when I got up and left. A waste of money. No true story line except how bad can this get. I’ve got to wonder about Anniston. Does she just pick bad scripts or are these all she can get?”


    Shockingly Foul, Terrible Movie, Low Brow “Film” – For God sakes DON’T take a date to this movie because it will ruin your evening. I can’t believe that a “film” this terrible would ever get made or that any actor would want to be involved with it.

    Crass humor, foul language, stupid plot – the film made me feel dirty just watching it – I nearly walked out a couple of times but thought it might get better – - no it got worse. Believe me, I’m not a prude when it comes to sex or adult material but I’ve seen porno with more to offer. Jennifer Aniston should be ashamed for participating in this movie and anyone at the studio/distributor level involved with releasing this on the American public should be immediately fired. Uggghhhhh, I can’t begin to express how much I hated this experience.

  87. 87
    Licking Greeazzy Burgers Says:

    makes Angie shine

  88. 88
    Desperate Manny Says:

    did Chelsea even offer this deal for her own movie..Wonderbust still bombed despite Manny asking her friends to help sell movie tickets

  89. 89
    CLINIQUA Says:


    Bahahahaha, dayum Saffron. Lolol

  90. 90
    hello777 Says:

    ps. drugs dont make you “skinny”. angelina did drugs a decade ago! why do the haters bring it up? because no one knows their past to use as attacks, pathetic haters. i feel bad for who ever is in front of the computers in that room wherever that hater is in, just sad and lonely. something people dont realize is some of these haters are mom!!!! you would think they will have respect for another amazing mom like angelina, comes to show that some of the worst people are the ones who never did drugs or dealt with intense struggle like depression because they havent grown up yet.

  91. 91
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Yeah! “Aniston loves her body so much.” Too bad nobody else loves it.”
    Her body is the reason her movie is bombing. Nobody wants to look at her repulsive body. Just ask the 25+ men who ran from her bed in the last 7 years after spending one night with her. And ask Gerry Butler who stuck his fingers up her butt to tell her thanks but no thanks before he, too, said goodbye.
    No one, in their right mind, is going to pay to see her sagging, droopy breasts, her fat stomach and her thick misshapen thighs and hog like legs and her blue veiny feet. And nobody wants to see that fug face of hers.
    No one is delusional about Aniston except you and your multiple disturbed personalities.

  92. 92
    Rob Says:

    Angelina is so pretty.

  93. 93
    Brad Has No McNuggets Says:

    Angie has emasculated the dweeb.

  94. 94
    andu Says:
    she is bella and sexy

  95. 95
    busted Says:

    @Desperate Manny:

    and still they said. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO… HELL NOOOOOOOOO

    Wanderbust was #10 on Friday

    Just shows how far up Aniston’s **** Handler has gone. Dang that girl needs to crawl out and take a breath of fresh air.. She is such an asskisser she needs to pimp Aniston’s film. Bribing her audience to go and see it. WOW talk about low low low promotion.

    Who has to do that or who needs their friends to do that. And still the public said

    Hell nooooooooooooooooo

    Well Handler should have spent time doing that for the film her horseface ass got paid for. OH but maybe she is getting paid for this in fact.

    Talk about PATHETIC. and the hags were saying crap when Angie gave tickets to the victim of rape to see her movie. See that is how is goes. Just show how a suppose Alist actress (gagging) needs her friend to run giveaways to get people to see her film..

    Damn the more I think about it I’m ROTFLMAO.. that is priceless..

    To get audiences in the seat there has to be some kind of Giveaway some free crap… and still they didn’t go.

    That is so funny

  96. 96
    andu Says:
    she is soo bella and sexy

  97. 97
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    You tell her MJ. Great post!

  98. 98
    Angie's Filet-O-Fish Says:

    is worn out and diseased

  99. 99
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Here are some more

    “It’s really sad that they had to advertise “you’ll see Aniston naked here” just to sell this movie. How degrading!”
    “Just from the previews you could tell the film was an inane DUD! Suppose she actually read the script?”
    “What a surprise. Another box office bomb from Aniston. Wake me when she makes a movie that’s worth the price of my popcorn.

    And the lists goes on.

  100. 100
    Susan Says:

    Chelsea is really desperate to help Ticky, hope she did the same for her Stinker with Reece.
    If you want your movie to be a sure BOMB, go on the Chelsea show, some of her loser dust rubs off.
    Did Paris show her sex tape to get that many followers? her self life is over, no more 250000 for an appearance, the Kardashians are next with Lemar getting sent down to D-ball.

  101. 101
    CLINIQUA Says:

    @Desperate Manny:
    You know why Chelsea handjob is breaking her azz more for Maniston than she did her own movie?? Because she knows dammn well the power PR flack Huvane didn’t sign her to his stable to make HER into a movie star that gets better deals and roles that Maniston could be getting?? Her own movies were no part if the Huvane deal. Her Huvane deal required her to fellate Maniston, beat up Angie and fellate Maniston some more.
    Huvane wasn’t interested in signing a crass cable tv show host that could steal scripts from Maniston and enjoy Melissa McCarthy like success on the big screen. She wouldn’t dare do that(not that she could) Hahaha.
    No. Handjob knows WHY she was signed. She was signed…to shore up Stephen huvane’s main cash cow Maniston. To be maniston’s Pitt bull. So she’s trying to meet her obligations and do her due diligence to be maniston’s one-woman billboard praising her wonderfulness. Seriously, THAT is why she landed that bish’s power flack. Her job is simple, she promotes ‘Jen’ praises her in the press, and periodically attacks Angelina. For that reason, Huvane took her on, and tries to represent her in return in his very spare time.

  102. 102
    a fan Says:

    Since the X’s PR team are not above anything to keep the X’s name out in circulation, why is no one talking about how she look pregnant in the current issue of People and in last week’s issue.

    As for Angie, she just makes a pose and the whole world reacts. She is an icon. So it doesn’t really matter what we say here on this board. Angie shows a leg in a pose others have also done. But only Angie makes the world react. That is an icon. This year Michelle Williams played an icon (Marilyn Monroe) but so many have played MM in the past that I don’t know why that movie got the recognition it did. It was more like a made for TV movie. And there was a TV movie similar to the Michelle Williams movie. But I digress. My point is that someday there will be others portraying Angie in movies about her. Angie is MM, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn all roled into one and yet she is uniquely differenct that all those women. But like them, the world reacted to their auras, their personas. So talk all you want about her size. Many find her sexy and sultry and beautiful just the way she is. She is a slender woman with a naturally full bosom. Many find her sexy, sultry and beautiful and smart and bold and articulate and knowledgeable and just in a league by herself. Who else can write and direct a movie like INTLOBAH and sit on the Council on Foreign Relations and still pose sexy and sultry at the Oscars?

  103. 103
    Love the JoliePitts Says:


  104. 104
    trt Says:

    @Desperate Manny: Now that’s a desperate move indeed. Imagine, guesting Paris Hilton on Chelsea so she could tweet her followers to watch a movie? How funny! Nobody wants to see and sit through it, I betcha even with the SOS.
    The tick and her friends should stand outside the movie theaters and pull the customers in with a promise of a naked Ticky doubling their money back.
    Wonder what their next move is?Probably misleading theatergoers with arrows pointing to Lorax when it’s really Wonderbust!

  105. 105
    Shi held out Says:

    for a Hungry Man Dinner

  106. 106
    GottaLoveThe JPs! Says:

    @Lara: loool @Lara I noticed that too. She has them lips beautiful Angie I love her!

  107. 107
    Saffron Says:

    CLINIQUA @ 03/03/2012 at 5:20 pm

    Maniston: I’ll have the same salad I have had every day for the last 20 years, but please purée it into baby food for me first.
    Bald middleaged breakdancer: I’ll have a fish sandwich as it reminds me of my ol sugar mama’s dusty twaht. Helll no I’m not paying, the old lady is.


    LOL….but it should be Orange Bald middleaged breakdancer

  108. 108
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    That is the only way that PR hack operates….. Quid pro quo!
    His philosophy is the same one Aniston adopted.
    “You’ve gotta be fckable to get ahead in Hollywood.”

  109. 109
    Saffron Says:

    Love the JoliePitts @ 03/03/2012 at 5:36 pm

    Lol…there are so many to choose from. It almost makes you wish Ticky would keep making movies just for the amusement of reading the hilarious reviews & comments that are sure to follow. I said ALMOST…..

  110. 110
    anustin Says:

    lovin the Mc do.

  111. 111
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    What is worn out and diseased is Aniston’s face and Vajaya….

  112. 112
    anustin Says:

    lmao… look the pix of Maniston on cb VF cover 2005…was that fckable????maybe fug-like a cable.

  113. 113
    Desperate Manny Says:

    yall think jen jen reads jj i honestly think she does..this is the same chick that wrote Perez a letter(or was it Huvane that wrote it) for bullying her this is also the same chick that confronted Perez in person about him making fun of her this is also the same chick that befriended Chelsea so she wouldnt get made fun of,,um being made fun of comes with the celebrity territory, AJ has never cared about ppl who talk ish about her thats why i think jen reads jj because she actually cares about what ppl think about her

  114. 114
    Sue Says:

    wow thats so newsworthy….do they also use the bathroom like anyone else because i really think everyone should do a report on that. duh

  115. 115
    Crushed McNuggs Says:

    Angie wanted a hot Big Mac with dripping secret sauce
    but Bradley could only deliver a limp kid’s meal

  116. 116
    Vena Says:

    I love the fact they are just like us regular people, eat at McDonald’s

  117. 117
    Angie's Beauty Secrets: Says:

    Keep a wrapped greasy cheeseburger in your purse; quickly pat yourself down with it for those sudden Photo-ops

  118. 118
    busted Says:


    she showed her leg and the internet went insane.. so this is news..

    look if you don’t like it don’t read it. I see random stories everyday on this site. So and so goes hiking, or to get coffee, or to exercise, or lunch. This is no different then all the other stories on this site. Do you complain about them.. or are the JPs just the lucky thread you hit upon today.

    This is not earth shattering news. And if that is what you are expecting then you should stop visiting gossip sites.. It ain’t that serious.

  119. 119
    gracie Says:

    Emily, if you have seen WANDERBURST, shouldn’t you be on your idol’s thread trying to sell it to your mates cos the number is still a STINKER. I guess you have nothing good to say about the BIG FLOP, that’s why you’re back on Brad and Angie’s thread, they are interesting and exciting couple better than boring uninteresting Anuston and her equally boring and stupid fans hm.

  120. 120
    jennifer aniston Says:

    ahhhhh… ohhhh. huuhh. hahahaaha! cacy! cdlm el ce

  121. 121
    Jess Says:

    Brad and Angelina are so down to earth.

  122. 122
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    I hear you.
    I am shocked Huvy has not done more to stem all the bad reviews, and negative publicity she is receiving. She did bring a lot of this on herself by personally promoting this bomb so fiercely.
    As Passing Through says, “Huvy is the hardest working agent for his client in Hollywood.” (Words to that effect! ). I guess he tried deflecting with his lame and probably untruthful…Aniston tells Gerry to get to rehab. Well, it did not work.
    Aniston can’t even help herself w/o a village of publicists and pr people working 24 hrs a day to keep her own admitted marijuana, drug use and messed up alcoholic double talking personality out of the presss. Thinking her capable of advising anybody positively about anything, especially drug related, is ludicrous.
    Don’t know how much more the old broad can take. The old thing had a breakdown when Kimberly Stewart called her “Homely,” which everyone knows she is, including Emily. Justin better hold her together if he wants to continue eating his cake and having it too. That is if she hasn’t already kicked him out and blamed him for this big mess which he must know is coming.

  123. 123
    Along For The Ride Says:

    Ang just wanted the Kid’s Meal toy.

  124. 124
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    Love the Brangelina bunch. Brad and Angelina can get dressed up like Hollywood Royalty. Then Dressed down just like two regular parents pick up lunch.

  125. 125
    fyi Says:

    “Brad Pitt and Kevin Bacon in rehearsal. #8LA”

  126. 126
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Bringing over from last thread. Thank you BDJ for posting it!
    Entire article at link
    Saturday, March 3, 2012
    Everyone is talking about Angelina Jolie’s leg.
    Cartoon of Angelina Jolie holding the globe
    Her right leg, to be specific. The actress presented at the Oscars last week in a striking Versace dress with a thigh-high slit—and proudly stood so as to highlight her stunning gam.

    I’d like to bring your attention to another part of Angelina Jolie’s body, one that doesn’t get the notice it deserves: her brain.

    Two months ago, I met Jolie when she came to Washington to promote her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey. I’d interviewed plenty of celebrities, from Los Angeles to New York City, but I’d never witnessed a scene as electric as that in the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown as reporters awaited their appointments with the actress. Grown men who normally affected a cynical pose about the famous people they met were too nervous to sample the complimentary food and drink. My sister in rural Alberta was treated like a star for being close to someone meeting Angelina Jolie.
    Forbes has called her Hollywood’s best-paid actress and the most powerful celebrity in any field. The paparazzi follow every move she, Brad Pitt, and their six children make. Most important, she’s gorgeous.
    Related Stories
    And, like most bewitching women, she has trouble being taken seriously. With Jolie’s time at a premium, I met her with two other reporters. They approached her much as they might have Marilyn Monroe five decades earlier. But what do you ask one of the world’s most beautiful women?
    In the Land of Blood and Honey is set in the brutal Bosnian war of the 1990s. “Is it a political film?” one reporter timidly ventured.
    Jolie is goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. I knew she’d been to Syria in 2009 to visit Iraqi refugees—alongside Syrian president Bashar al-Assad—and last year met Syrian refugees in Turkey. So I asked her point-blank—hey, she’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations—whether she’d support a U.N. resolution to oust the murderous Assad.
    “It’s not for me to say, because I don’t know what the repercussions of that are. I know that something must be done,” she responded. Regime change might be necessary, but it wouldn’t be a simple solution. “We have to make sure that if he is removed, who comes in next is not worse,” she said. “It’s not just, we replace it, and then a neighboring country takes over, and it’s just an expansion of one of its neighboring countries that might be even more extreme.”
    It took some effort to hold my jaw in place. I ask a woman better known for her tattoos than her thoughts about deposing a dictator; she brings up the Islamic Republic, warning we shouldn’t allow Syria to devolve into a satellite of Iran.
    Some professional pundits haven’t thought that far ahead. But Jolie had visited Libya—after Qaddafi was killed. That morning, she’d called the U.N.: Syrians are crossing into Lebanon and she wants to meet them. Going into Syria itself makes little sense. “Even if you were allowed in, you’d be directed in what access you’d be given. So I don’t trust it” (a tip for Sean Penn the next time he visits his friend Hugo Chávez).
    Jolie won’t run for office any time soon—and let’s face it, attractive women haven’t fared well in the arena. But she has strong sentiments about the American political scene. “This should not be a Democrat or Republican issue, but I’ve spent a lot of time visiting soldiers in hospitals, and I feel that it is a sad day when citizens of a country really can feel so distant from our young men and women who are at war across the world, and dying and in hospitals. It just ended in Iraq and they’re coming home, and they should be able to, whether you’re for or against the war, hold their heads high with the service that they did. They risked their lives.”
    But to address the question you really want answered: Angie, as she’s called, looked angelic. Her white blouse was too loose to confirm much about her figure. Her right leg, however, did stand out in a slitted skirt.

  127. 127
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    This looks like it will be very interesting. Thanks for the pic.

  128. 128
    Roxy Says:

    Here we go with the “too thin” BS. I’ve never known Angelina to be big. She has always been tall and lean. Anyways they have beautiful kids, and looks so inlove with each other. They are always so complimentary of each other especially Angelina she has no problem saying how inlove she is with her man. I just watched In The Land of Blood and Honey (the English version), and it’s a really great movie. She did a fantastic job directing. There’s some moments where I just started crying. If you haven’t seen the movie I strongly recommend it. BRAVO!!!

  129. 129
    anustin Says:

    thanks fyi.

  130. 130
    bob Says:

    nice get your kids unhealthy at a young age

  131. 131
    Yahoo Headline Says:

    Jennifer Aniston’s $141,037 Beauty Routine
    Angelina Jolie $0 Beauty Routine
    When you are that ugly you got to spend the cash

  132. 132
    Proof That Angie Eats Says:

    See, food was in the car.
    She may have even touched the bag.

  133. 133
    reuter Says:

    Denise Warner, executive editor of, speculated that it might have been an inside joke between her and companion Brad Pitt who was sitting in the front row.
    “We don’t see (Angelina’s) sexy side, even though she’s incredibly sexy, she’s never been so deliberate with her sexuality and that’s why everyone’s latched onto it. Especially now that she’s a mother and she tries to be more reserved. This was completely out of character for her,” said Warner.

  134. 134
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Bahahaha, FlounderFUNK IS NOW # 12 at this link!!! Bahaha…ouchie wawa!!!
    I love this because it’s maniston’s own wide releasing headliner (where its HER movie, no big names attached) and just like her two other recent flops; switch, the **** rom com came out in august 2010, in 2000 theaters it grossed 8.4 mil opening weekend and was #7 at the box office, SHITE HAPPENS, in sept of 2009, On its opening weekend, the film opened with $8,057,010 in almost 2000 theaters (same as FlounderFUNK) at #4 behind I Can Do Bad All By Myself, The Informant!, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Bottomline, without attaching her to bigger stars this is her average, about a 7 mil opener. That’s a FAIL Rachel green. Sarah Jessica’s numbers are higher. Lifetime is calling fuggiston.

  135. 135
    POOR TROLL Says:

    @Cliniqua: Maniston on TV? I wouldn’t count on it. Remember, ALL her TV guestings had POOR ratings. B.itch is POISON everywhere! Hoping this dud of hers will be her last dig at “movie stardom”. She should just retire.

  136. 136
    Saffron Says:

    CLINIQUA @ 03/03/2012 at 7:07 pm

    Now there’s a new one….FlounderFUNK?!? LOL!!

    Notice that she’s #12 behind Amanda Seyfried’s Gone. I know these are estimates but maybe they know something we don’t know.

  137. 137
    from JJB Says:

    Cr AccessHollywood

    Will Ferrell Talks Clashing Cymbals At Brad & Angelina At Oscars: ‘Highlight Of My Career’

    LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Will Ferrell set off a flurry of Twitter buzz suggesting he should be the next Academy Awards host as he and Zach Galifianakis took to the Oscars stage last week clad in all-white formal wear while noisily clanging cymbals in the faces of some of the show’s A-listers.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were among Will’s cymbal victims and the former “Saturday Night Live” star admitted he thoroughly enjoyed jolting the gorgeous couple with his percussion stylings.

    “That was a highlight of my career,” Will told Access Hollywood with a laugh, at the “Casa de mi Padre” junket in Los Angeles on Friday, when asked if he felt any remorse over clanging the cymbals at the power pair. “I want to apologize to them – but I think they had fun.”

    Will said Brad and Angie brought the cymbal attack on themselves, as they exude an undeniable magnetism.

    “Once you get Brad and Angelina in your sight line, you’re just drawn to them – especially if you have a pair of cymbals,” he laughed. “It was just something that had to be done.”

  138. 138
    bdj Says:

    Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Kevin Bacon in Prop 8 play:
    Tonight, an A-list cast led by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Martin Sheen, and Kevin Bacon will participate in a live reading of Dustin Lance Black’s play 8, about the initial federal trial to overturn Proposition 8, which outlawed gay marriage in California. While the reading is serving as a fundraiser for the American Foundation for Equal Rights — the organization behind the effort to overturn Prop 8 — the event will be streamed live tonight on YouTube. It starts at 7:30 p.m. PT, and 10:30 p.m. ET, and you can watch it live here.

  139. 139
    juju Says:

    Roxy @ 03/03/2012 at 6:56 pm
    angelina is not tall
    anyone that sees her in person
    w/ no heels
    says how small she is
    nd that she’s no taller than 5’4′

  140. 140
    Dc Says:

    Brad, Angie and kids, wonderful, down to earth, normal, fun family. Love, heart them all. McDonalds so lucky.

  141. 141
    Saffron Says:

    rom JJB @ 03/03/2012 at 7:24 pm
    Cr AccessHollywood
    Will Ferrell Talks Clashing Cymbals At Brad & Angelina At Oscars: ‘Highlight Of My Career’


    OMG…that is so funny!! Sometimes I just love Will Ferrell…and this is definitely one of those times.

  142. 142
    Lara Says:

    ———————————New Thread————————————–

  143. 143
    plez Says:

    @Yahoo Headline:
    The girl has the most leather skin ever. You see why some people need to spend so much on pr. AlsoThey did not include Aniston 3 nose/chin operations. which made her look less manly

  144. 144
    CLINIQUA Says:


    Hey y’all why’s Reuters getting the thumbs down, this was a good Angie article!

  145. 145
    new thread Says:

    ————- new Angie thread ———–

  146. 146
    Looselipz Says:

    Angelina Jolie in interviews admits that she suffers from extreme depression and has been suicidal more than once. She also has eating disorders. In high school she was teased for being ugly, hence her insecurities, plastic surgeries and extreme need for attention. Someone with these types of serious entail disorders does not all of a sudden transform over night by adopting children and procreating…clearly she is in some trouble…she’s starving herself and more than likely back on Heroin. Lastly, feeding your children disgusting junk food is irresponsible and selfish. With all their money there’s no excuse.

  147. 147
    Susan Says:

    @juju:She is taller than 5′ 4″ more like 5′ 7″ / 5′ 8″.

  148. 148
    anustin Says:

    lovin the togetherness of the JPs.bless u.

  149. 149
    liverpool Says:

    If Angie did not eat she wouldn’t have been able to get pregnant twice (of twins at that!), give birth to three healthy babies and breastfeed them. How do you obsessed trolls explain that huh?
    The whole time she was pregnant she never got fat, she was all belly, her arms and legs remained slim yet she had to eat. If she did not eat before she would have gained a lot of weight cuz you simply have to eat enough when you are pregnant but she didn’t gain a lot of weight haha, goes to show she didn’t have to eat twice as much, she already ate. She wouldn’t have her beautiful hair either.
    I remember the staff of the french hospital where she gave birth, they were not allowed to say much but they simply said she tried to be like any other patient, not a diva at all, and she even had the same meal as everyone else. When she was pregnant in Cannes she was glowing.
    Everybody is obsessed with her weight but she is not the vain one here. Don’t be confused. She’s not the one who doesn’t dare carry babies, doesn’t dare ruin her body, doesn’t dare change her workout schedule, her fake tanning and dermatologist appointments. You folks are looking the wrong way. You are so fooled by Hollywood PR masters of puppets.

  150. 150
    they have PAPARAZZI HUNGER Says:

    the jolie pitts are resorting to getting paparazzi attention, they realize they are slipping in popularity, A list was a long time ago baby, they are now octomom material, big family and starving mom, she could hire a cook to make her meals, but the real trick is to eat it, how low of them to visit the worst ”food” source on the planet and feed their kids that malnutricious cr*p

  151. 151
    trt Says:

    @juju: Your idol is the shorty at 5’4. Angelina is 5’7 to 5’8. Her body isn’t as wide and chunky as your idol’s that’s why compared to her, Angie is slender. She is willowy, graceful and poised while your idol is dumpy and has to show boobies to be noticed.

  152. 152
    toldja Says:

    X17 has pics of Angelina and Brad at Mcdonalds. As I noted Angelina was waving at normal people not paps. Once again stupid trolls were wrong.

  153. 153
    angie4ever Says:

    it’s funny how these jentards attack angie for showing her long, shapely gam at the oscar and dissed her for ‘apparently’ copying maniston’s fave pose. really? that was jawnifer’s fave photo pose? then how come no one seemed to notice????

    hey losers, that only shows how angie mesmerizes each one of us and ppl go gaga over her…. maniston went naked several times (out of desperation to get media mileage) but, no one gave an effing damn, angie showed a little leg and we all saw how it took the internet world by storm. ha ha ha

  154. 154
    anymouse Says:


    Did it ever occur to you that she has a problem gaining weight? Ah, you do realize that some people have that problem, and require taking medicine. Her weight doesn’t seem to hinder ALL her activities? She does everything and doesn’t look tired…….People who starve themselves aren’t very active and don’t have the busy schedule Angelina has……think about it……

  155. 155
    dodo Says:

    @jaliah: Wow, do you know me? I love angie more than you know and this is the reason why i think she has to eat! Idiot!

  156. 156
    gz Says:

    as cool as it must be to be Brad Pitt, it must suck not to be able to even go grab some burgers without having morons snapping their pictures!!

  157. 157
    annie Says:

    Jolie-Pitts are always love to see, they are so cute just love them all :)

  158. 158
    CCURN Says:

    @EMILY—-YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. 159
    doglove Says:

    All hey show is the car, there is nothing to even suggest McDonalds

  160. 160
    alex cranston Says:

    who cares? the media needs to get a grip on what news really is!

  161. 161
    lafamepoma Says:

    angie wrap something or you will turn anorexia

  162. 162
    jilly Says:

    Well, I’m glad that they have time for their kids.

  163. 163
    jilly Says:

    @POOR TROLL: @Yahoo Headline: That’s why Jen is prettier than Angie, haha

  164. 164
    jilly Says:

    @BRANGELINA IS JUNK!!!: Good for you!

  165. 165
    jilly Says:

    I’m new to this site and what I wonder about is, why any comment that’s not 100% in favor of Angie is HIDDEN??? This is a free Country and everyone is entitled to their opinion, don’t you think?

  166. 166
    Jennica Panettiere Says:

    @jilly: It’s hidden because alot of people disagree with the comment. It’s not suppose to reflect anything other than people dislike what was written. Trust me, you can’t take it to heart, when you write something you believe in and people dislike it, you just have to accept it.

  167. 167
    tazzy Says:


    You haters crack me up. You come to a pro Angelina site and whine when your posts putting her down get hidden. There are plenty of sites where you cam spew your hatred, JJ is not one of them. Get lost.

  168. 168
    spazzy Says:

    I do not understand.
    I can not read.
    This is not a gossip site.
    This is not JJ.
    It does not say “comment” on every thread.
    It says,” leave your praise”.
    You are on a fan site.

  169. 169
    Georgina Says:

    Another calculated move — probably tipped off the paparazzi themselves — to make themselves look normal. Nice try, Brangie, but we’re smarter than you think we are.

  170. 170
    Just me Says:

    Really??? Apparently, Brad got ticked off and told the paparazzi off for following them ESP. When they have their kids with them…so, Georgina…they did not tip off paparazzi like you assumed!!!

  171. 171
    Shag Says:

    Gotta give them props. They seemed to be excellent parents.

  172. 172
    Andre Says:

    Alright Angie!!! Give it to them.

  173. 173
    456 Says:

  174. 174
    456 Says:

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