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Kirk Cameron: Homosexuality is 'Unnatural' and 'Destructive'

Kirk Cameron: Homosexuality is 'Unnatural' and 'Destructive'

Kirk Cameron is interviewed by CNN’s Piers Morgan and makes some radical comments about his stance on homosexuality in this segment which aired Friday (March 2) on the news channel.

“[Homosexuality is] unnatural… I think that it’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization,” the 41-year-old actor-evangelist said.

“Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve,” Cameron said to Piers. “One man, one woman for life till death do you part. So I would never attempt to try to redefine marriage. And I don’t think anyone else should either. So do I support the idea of gay marriage? No, I don’t.”

Watch Kirk‘s interview with Piers below…

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  • .

    Wow, how disgusting he is.

  • IamKevinSmith

    He is a big FA**OT himself! HYPOCRITE!

  • Jennifer


  • Wes

    Well screw you Kirk and not literally!

  • Mari

    The only thing unnatural and destructive here is his brain, or what is left of it. I am really scared to know that he has so many children to teach this b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t to.

  • Ismail

    You’re the one who’s unnatural and destructive!
    So MEDIEVAL! Jesus would be ashamed!

  • http://@debbymuna muna

    Its d truth no mata how normal we try to make it look its still a sin in d eyes of god….pls just read Ūя̲̅ bible nd am nt sayin pple shudn’t av a right to d person they love…d fact I̶̲̥̅̊$ dat he I̶̲̥̅̊$ right

  • clara

    Kirk, bullshit, and you know it :)

  • kary

    What a moron this guy. .. gays are human being and they deserve the same rights like everyone else… I just can’t believe that there’s still people who have this closed mind

  • Ahorseofcourse

    Shut your trap you Homophobe.

  • Vivian

    So that’s his stance.
    Do some of us agree with it? Yes.
    Do some of us disagree with it? Yes.
    But in the end, that’s HIS point of view. Kirk Cameron’s point of view.
    He’s entitled to it.

    So let us not become concerned and enraged. No point.

  • Dave

    Why does he care?

    I’d like to know. How does it affect him? Two gay people being gay by themselves minding their own business not bothering anyone else. Why does he care what they do in private?

  • wow

    big thumb up. lez is fine pron. gay is not. marriage is still a bit blah. thought’s connect is enough. :P

  • glenn

    how sad and pathetic this guy is, he is really a disgusting person


    WHY is it considered “radical” just because he disagrees with homosexuality?? When someone is against the homos, they are automatically HATED on. This is a FREE country. Alot of ppl say oh yes homos dont bother me, until its their own SONS! Everyone has their own opinion, so let him be. He’s not saying anything crazy hurtful to them or about them, he just says he disagrees. So live with it!!


    oh, please, kirk is a majah queen himself.

  • jane

    Wow, Kirk Cameron is enlightening us in regards to human nature? I am getting so sick of these evangelists who couldn’t be further from “enlightened” than the dirt he references when he speaks of marriage so profoundly. Haha. This man is a fool!

  • Samantha Sophia

    He is a Christian and not a half way one and not one due family affiliation. It is what the bible says about all things considered sin. When I became a Christian, not just one that went to church for and with my family. I became dedicated to reading and studying the word of God. I learned about a slew of things that I believed and I was doing that is sin according to God’s law which is merely as the devil’s attempt to separate us from God and destroy us.

    God finds it abhorrent when we:
    -Talk ill of one another and do not help one another.
    -When give into the flesh out side of marriage inclusive of porn, child sexual abuse and yes doing it with your girlfriend. Sexual sin both in the physical and mental. And God has defined marriage.
    -Making money the most important thing
    -Serving self interests instead of and at the cost of others.

    Are Gay people evil, heck no. WE ALL have sinned and fallen short, being a Christian is about having faith in God and dedicating ourselves to being men and women according to his word. There are some people that make homosexuality the worst and most condemned sin when all sin is the same to God, lying killing, etc. I hope I make sense.

  • vicki

    I won’t even waste my time listening to the interveiw. There’s no fixin’ stupid. I feel sorry for his kids being taught that kind of hate. Sad.

  • Guy

    Of course because GOD said it, he know nothing of what happened in the days of Adam and Eve. He knows what has been spoon fed to him since he was a child and now he mistakes that for reality. I have nothing against religion or anything, if you can find something to believe in then that is wonderful and god bless you. I do have a problem with people saying they know what Jesus said when they know NOTHING, no one knows what he said and to say that you do or that something is wrong because it says so in a book, that is just ridiculous!

    You are as good as you make yourself, if you are a kind person, thoughtful, and hard working THOSE are the qualities that make a person a good person. If you want to spit out some nonsense about eternal damnation to those who don’t believe as you do then that is not being a good person. Also, doesn’t the bible say not to judge others? I think your breaking that rule right now buddy.

    I’m tired of these alleged “Christians” taking the bible into their own hands and telling people they will burn in hell if they do not repent for their sins. It is not his right to force his thoughts and ideas on young children either, they should be allowed to choose what faith they wish to believe in or even if they want to have one! People like HIM are the ones who are unnatural and destructive to the foundation of civilization!

  • Ryleabits

    It’s funny because there’s been rumours for years that he’s gay.

  • OK

    His way of thinking is a poison to happiness.

  • itziar

    What is detrimental and destructive is your archaic mentality.

  • Monica

    Well I guess its a good thing, we don’t give a SHIT what a dude from growing pains thinks..ASS HOLE

  • yep

    I don’t understand why everyone isn’t in title to their opinions isn’t that what our constitutional right. America is a melting pot of different races and religious belief. It takes a lot to be different especially when you already know the hate is coming. I understand what he is saying and agree there is not hate involved he is following the Lord that he worship.

  • cute

    I actually heard rumors that he’s gay…sooo…you’re a fk*** loser, pal!!! Thank god he’s only in those stupid Left Behind movies and we don’t actually have to see him ugh deplorable

  • marq

    Mala Santorum

  • Jass

    Whatever happened to;” judge not lest ye be judged” Kirk? Isn’t that a major tenet of Christianity?

    Sure, the guy has the right to his opinion, BUT when his opinion is discriminatory against a group of people, and could incite hatred against them, then that’s a big problem. In that case, he should just shut his trap and keep his opinions to himself.

  • Paul

    who is kirk cameron ;) nobody cares what he thinks…

  • Guy

    @yep: You are entitled to your own opinions but there is a way to say things. he could have said, “I don’t agree with homosexuality” very simple and to the point but when you have to go into the whole “They are unnatural and destructive to society” that’s when they take it too far. So never be afraid to voice your opinions, it’s your right but at least have some respect.

  • Sayer

    Remember when he used to be cool? Now, he’ a luntatic. Thank goodness his career is over. Phew!

  • Sayer

    I love how religious folk quote the Bible as if it’s “history.” It’s not history or truth. It’s Jewish mythology you’re too stupid to realize is myth.

  • icefire

    who is he again? why should anyone care what his opinion is?

  • Lilian

    I am a Christian and will never allow people “claiming to be one” to be judgmental toward others, this is absolutely against what Christ stands for. Many religions or churches may be so, but they are imperfect because they were built by men. Just be pure in your heart and stop judging other people. RESPECT FIRST AND FOREMOST!!!

  • Saara


  • CNS

    The whole point of this post was to crucify this guy for having an opinion that differs from the majority that visit this site. Hooray, you found an audience to support your dislike of this guy and his opinions!

    His opinion does not equal hate of a person or a people group. Just because he believes that someTHING (homosexuality) is unnatural and detrimental to society doesn’t mean that he hates those involved with it. The two things are not mutually exclusive, and I believe he understands that and acts accordingly. I’m not sure that those who support homosexuality understand that and therefore assume that you must hate both the thing and the person. That’s simply not true.

    For everyone who is spewing vitriol over his opinion……how tolerant you all are!

  • What!


  • Mari


    Thanks Lilian! I hate it when people are under the impression that being a Christian or “religious” means fanatic, homophobic etc.

    I am a Christian in a fairly “old-fashioned” community and I know that most of the people there would be disgusted by the hate he spewing here.

  • Effy

    It’s people like him that make me so angry! I’m a Christ Follower, but I accept heterosexuals AND homosexuals. PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. Another persons preference in a partner isn’t going to affect your life. He is washed-up and seeking attention.

  • marq

    There’s some pretty hard history attached to events surrounding adherence to something casually dismissed as myth:

    Malleus Maleficarum:

  • Kat

    I agree with him 100%

  • alice

    @Samantha Sophia:
    What you wrote does make sense. However, I think relegion should guide people to be more confident with themselves, enhance tolerance and respect and not make you think that you are an evil sinner everytime you do something imperfect. I think you can chose not to lie, you can chose to help others, care for others and chose to serve people’s interest before you’re own etc. But I don’t think you chose to be gay. When you chose to come “out”, you chose to be happy, you chose yourself, you chose love. And basically, that ‘s what religion – and I’m not only talking about Christian faith but all kinds of faiths – should be : about love & tolerance, to others and yourself. Being happy and try to get better as a person is what counts in life, not if you please “God” or not. You have to have faith in yourself.

    This Kirk Cameron is a douche by the way. Typical of narrow-minded & hateful person claiming at the same time to be Christian. Jesus must be horrified.

  • Marie

    Lack of knowledge!!! We are able to learn many things in our life but we can NOT learn the way we feel. We are born a certain way and it is genetic. Some are straight, some a gay and some people are born as transgender. I am a believing Roman Catholic and I am angry and sad how narrow-minded and dumb some people are. You have to distinguish between parables written in the bible and modern science and knowledge. JESUS WOULD NOT AGREE WITH WHAT HE IS PROMOTING!!! That is for sure!! This IDIOT still denies the theory of evolution. Why do they even interview him?!
    Hope his wife is smart enough to divorce him, what is he doing then?! :D

  • Jass

    @Lilian: Exactly Lilian! Religion is not about judgment at all and it’s unfortunate that there are extremists around who use the words of the bible and twist them. True religion is about love and acceptance.

  • char


  • Caroline

    He has the right to speak his mind so stop hating alright we can’t go anywhere with hatred and it’s not because you hate me or whatever that he’s going to change his point of view so just stop wasting your time people. Get on with your life.
    I think we can love whoever you wan’t he don’t do I hate him. No. Why ? Because not everyone can agree with you on everything people are just people and love is just love.

  • Cher

    The comments on here is ridiculous. Everyone has a right to their own believes even if it differs from their own. I dont agree with his statements but i respect them.

  • Paige

    @Guy: Wonderfully put.

  • Me



  • marq

    Which Bible?

    And, The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses are freely available on the Internet and contain vast numbers of spells and invocations for both benevolent and malevolent Spirits.

    If you are a real fanatic about the supernatural, of course there’s Fred Getting’s “Dictionary of Demons”, guide to demonology and quite instructive for wreaking havoc.