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LeAnn Rimes: Beach & Blow Dry Day!

LeAnn Rimes: Beach & Blow Dry Day!

LeAnn Rimes heads to the McMillan Canale Salon on Friday (March 2) in Malibu, Calif.

“Treating myself to someone else blowing out my hair. I have had it in a bun for days, sadly. Feeling better, but ladies you understand,” the 29-year-old tweeted.

Earlier in the day, LeAnn met up with some girlfriends for lunch at Ivy at the Shore in Santa Monica.

“So loving this day,” she also wrote with a pic of the beach, after tweeting, “Having one of those cool, very blessed mornings. Listening to the compilation of songs we are about to record for the new album March 13-19!”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes out with friends…

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes ivy shore 01
leann rimes ivy shore 02
leann rimes ivy shore 03
leann rimes ivy shore 04
leann rimes ivy shore 05
leann rimes ivy shore 06
leann rimes ivy shore 07
leann rimes ivy shore 08
leann rimes ivy shore 09
leann rimes ivy shore 10
leann rimes ivy shore 11
leann rimes ivy shore 12
leann rimes ivy shore 13
leann rimes ivy shore 14

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Lauren

    Oh Leann, your life is so hard, how do you manage to go on? Although keeping tabs on your husband and making sure he doesn’t cheat on you must be exhausting.

  • karih

    12 pictures of her, are you serious? This freak can do whatever she can to take care of herself, she still looks like a 40 years old travestite.

  • karih


  • karih

    oh, 14 pictures, yeah more than I thought! I guess she paid for that.

  • Sash

    If she’s going to try to convince the world she doesn’t call the paps she should at least attempt to make them look more realistic! Most celebrities don’t pose for the paparazzi!

  • KissThis

    Yet another “celeb” that doesn’t deserve any attention from paps. Yes, she’s made new music, but it’s beyond terrible and the main reason her fame has been revived is she’s hollywood’s newest homewrecker. next please!

  • Helen

    Can’t believe she’s 29 she looks 40 something even if se is skinny

  • Ze

    Poor LeAnn, she really got the impression that she is beautiful and she starting to believe it. Ignorant is a blessing to this small minded creature hah

  • kel


  • charity

    That charity she bailed on should sue her butt. kidney stone, what a liar. where has Mr Rimes been 4 the past month, may hap in the dog house or rehab.

  • Jane

    Funny how she is now being photographed with so many “friends” to show how popular she is when I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she paid for their lunches and took them shopping just for this photo op. She wants us to think she has loads of “loving” friends. WEWE McSquinty rides again! It really un-nerves me that all this woman does is party-drink-pose and shop. SOME of us actually put in 50 hour work weeks. It must be nice to do NOTHING for a living.

  • Polly


    People on twitter talk about how she doesn’t seem to have any friends so this photo-op is her response. I’m sure she paid for everyone’s expenses. How desperate is a person to respond in this manner to people making comments on twitter? I’m sure Eddie was glad to get her out of the house, unless he is the one taking the pictures.

  • MeMyself&I

    She has a very strange looking face. She looked better when she had a bit more fat on her bones. Seriously, being so thin has aged her face.

  • Dave

    Poor girl. We should have known this would happen when she was thrust into stardom at such a young age. Lindsay, Britney, ElizabethTaylor, these kids just go cuckoo.

  • Jane

    @Polly: Of course in HER mind her generosity makes her “oh so glamorous and loving”. I’m sure she is going to brag on Twitter “Totally cool friends–good times. Love them! We had the most awesome day!” Wewe McSquinty is one sick puppy. I do not know what was worse; the photo-op with Kim Kartrashian or this lot. Either way—the whole thing is one big clusterf*ck

  • Cam S

    She always looks SO BUDGET! I mean I dressed better than this in high school…. Get a competent stylist Leann

  • bobbi

    Maybe a pair of sunglasses would help.

  • Lucy

    She always wears the most hideous clothes. Maybe it is just the way she puts things together rather than the clothes themselves. Everyone knows she calls the paps herself. You’d think she’s want to look better for these “candid shots”. Girl needs to get herself a stylist ASAP.

  • Mich

    LOL, you so called it! She just tweeted “Has the best time yesterday and some much needed girl time for one of my girlfriend’s b-days. GOOD TIMES” . Something tells me she reads all these comments about her. So pathetic.

  • Claire

    She does look like a transvestite. By the time she’s 40, who knows what plastic surgery will have done to her looks. She looks so awful already, and she’s not even 30. Hope Eddie is worth it.

    You’d have to be clueless to not suspect the kidney stone story. She tweets it’s the worst pain of her life, yet, she’s tweeting every 30 seconds, the entire day, all the way thru the “worst pain of her life. like childbirth.” Um, yeah. Ok….try just a little bit harder to make your lies make sense?

    I suspect she prob’ly had work done. She usually lies about illnesses when she has plastic surgery. She looks puffy, and in the photos taken from the side, you can see the “duck lips” action going on. Maybe the “kidney stones” story was to cover up more lip injections.

    I honestly wonder why her good “girlfriends” dont’ tell her to get her boobs fixed. But, then, look at Liz….not sure she’s a good judge of plastic surgery , herself. Not sure how those two can sit across from each other with a straight face.

    And I don’t think all those women are her girlfriends. Just Liz. The rest look like fans asking for a pic taken, but who knows. Someone called it right on though when they said she would tweet it. ;)

  • elaine

    I agree, eddie has not been seen with her for about 6 weeks. Maybe SHAME finally caught up with him, nah sure he’ still getting his allowance

  • all about ME

    Leann is one ugly fugly duck. Did notice that she had her teeth cut down to more normal size. doesn’t help much. stringy hair, squinty eyes, emaciated body, short stick legs and boobs going east and west. Eddie sure is making his money

  • Tony

    She isn’t any worse than Miranda Lambert who also is a homewrecker. The only difference is that Eddie has kids and Blake doesn’t. They are both hos and low class. They are black marks on country music and their music is lame. Leann used to sound good when she was a teenager but her vocals are terrible anymore. Miranda mumbles lyrics and you can not understand what she sings at times but they are both better than Swift who can not sing at all.

  • liverwurst

    She needs her eyelids done.

  • Riley

    That is one messed up face. You can tell she’s had a ton of plastic surgery. Funny, I thought plastic surgery was supposed to make a person look younger and more attractive – not older and unattractive like Leann Rimes. Her personality matches her face.

  • Jane

    @Riley: Totally agree. However, all the plastic surgery in the world cannot help ugliness on the inside. She will forever be known for her behavior and other problems.

  • Jane

    @Mich: Yes, honey–. I DO know how to call it because she is very predictable. This is her life: first she does loads of bragging about clothes, shoes, tats and jewelry, then there are the beach babe shots, then she brags about good times and drinking/partying it up. Then she insists she is performing the “coolest show ever” making it seem as if she is playing a full stadium when it is a low trash casino. She then does event phot ops (with an awful dress with those boot shoes that make her feet look HUGE) followed by the infamous airport photo ops.

    She fits in the shopping shots, I’m going out with my wonderful cool girlfriend(s) photo ops. Then she eats at Nobu or another “to be seen at” restaurant. Then she has to single-white-female Brandi. After that there are the “I’m such a good bonus Mom routine with Eddie’s boys. When people start giving her trouble then she makes up some sob story about excruciating pain: injured foot, hurt mouth, kidney stones—or whatever. Then the whole process starts over again.
    Let’s see—haven’t seen and kissy-suck-face shots with Eddie and Mommy time with the boys. She’s about due for that next.

  • betty

    Where were Leanne cool friends when she was “ill”never her a tweet about them helping their”friend”when she was on her sick bed too bad for her she has never experienced true friendship the chicks she hangs out with aren’t friends but associates too bad she don’t know the difference.

  • Ellen

    What HAS she done to her face? Puffy and now looking very strange. Typical overdone LA face from a cosmetician who is paid too much to tell you when to stop. You are only 29 Leann. ENOUGH with the botox and fillers please as it is aging you. At 29 you should be looking your prettiest and now you simply look like an overdone aging starlet. Very sad to see.

  • TJ

    Although I am of the belief that her body does not look that bad, outside of her bolted on looking implants. I don’t think the strict dieting and grueling workout routine has done her face any favors. Her face looked a bit softer when she had a little more weight on her. That said, as frequently as she poses for the paparazzi these days, it’s clear that she is quite pleased with how she is looking these days. More power to her. Though personally, I’m not that impressed with her new look.

  • Claire

    @Jane: You won’t be waiting long Jane for the bonus mommy photo-ops. She already, bright and early this morning, did her “hey paps! this is where I’ll be!” tweet about BG and EC’s kid’s soccer game.

    DM has new photos of their lunch yesterday. Eddie looks sooooo bad. He’s not taking care of how he dresses anymore, he’s gone gray in the face, and he just looks haggard. The only thing missing was the alcohol in his hand – a rare time he’s seen without it nowadays. Wonder if he’s getting depressed over his situation.

  • Jane

    @Claire:LOL-like I said, she is so predictible.

  • mela

    clearly staged, she’s wearing fake lashes.

  • Sigourney

    She really got the impression that she is beautiful and she starting to believe it. Ignorant is a blessing to this small minded creature.