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Lindsay Lohan: 'Saturday Night Live' Ratings Success!

Lindsay Lohan: 'Saturday Night Live' Ratings Success!

Lindsay Lohan helped score huge ratings in her hosting gig for the popular NBC sketch show Saturday Night Live, which aired last night!

The 25-year-old actress, who has hosted the show multiple times, brought the show to the number one time slot last night, beating out all other shows on the major networks.

Additionally, Lindsay‘s episode was the second most watched SNL of the season! NBA legend Charles Barkley takes the top spot for the show’s 37th season ratings win thus far.

Behind Charles and Lindsay, other popular hosts this season have included Jimmy Fallon, Melissa McCarthy, and Daniel Radcliffe, who round out the top 5, ratings wise.

Also pictured inside: Lindsay and her siblings Aliana and Cody shopping at Rag & Bone on Sunday (March 4) in NYC.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Lindsay Lohan’s Saturday Night Live episode?

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Credit: NBC/Mary Ellen Matthews; Photos: FameFlynet
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  • LURN

    The Disney princess was pretty hilarious! I don’t personally blame her, though she failed to remember her lines. The writers were AWFUL! They could have written something good…. BETTER.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Lindsay’s back on top! I knew she could do it! Good for her and contined success!!

  • sarah

    SNL allowed her on the show for ratings. She only had a few words in some of the skits. And she couldn’t even get those lines out without looking a the cue cards. Pretty sad that a woman who has done so many illegal things is allowed to go on TV and joke about them. She’s not even an actress anymore. For the entertainment industry to kiss her a-s the way they do is sickening.

  • Dave

    I’m BY NO MEANS a Lindsay fan but I really think people should stop bashing her and lighten up on the girl a little. The writing for SNL has continued to go downhill over the years and last night was no exception. I’m glad she’s trying to do what she has to do to get her career back on track. She did a fair job last night imo

  • SemorePhillips

    Finally a halfway funny SNL. They should just make LL the regular host of the suffering show for the rest of the season. Maybe that would inspire their PC producers who are looking over their PC writers’ shoulders to sharpen their pencils.

  • opinionated

    SNL has way too many commercials- it is rude. In a 20 minute period there wa slike 5 minutes of shoe and 15 minutes of commercials.
    Lindsay is not a good acctress but at least she showed up and tried. The last SNL I had watched had as host that pretty red head girl who was in the help- forget her name- and she could really act! She was in so many of the skits and really took it away. Lindsay can’t act but at least she is trying I guess.

  • Jessi

    The people who said Lindsay was hilarious are as delusional as she is – and most probably it’s the people around writing these positive comments, monitoring the entertainment sites and posting that she was ‘great’. Newsflash, just because you do that, doesn’t make her performance any less bad.
    She was bad, all she had to do was read a few lines off the cue cards and she had trouble doing that.

  • cindy

    People tuned in to see if she would do good. She was bad and reading from cue cards. The girl has lost it. Kristen Wigg should have hosted it imo.


    of course…everyone loves Lindsay

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …a lot of people watched to see if she’d fail, others watched because they knew lindsay’s so desperate for a “comeback” that she’d allow SNL to hit her where it hurts. it was a success for her, let’s see if she can keep the ball rolling.

  • JMHO

    She got good ratings because people wanted to be there to see if she would crash and burn. Put her on again next week and nobody will watch.

  • Gossipgirl

    Success according to who, Jared? All the critics panned her awful performance and obvious lack of rehearsal. Lohan is a star in her own mind, she really needs to just fade away and give it up already.

  • Terri

    I didn’t watch never do anyway. At least she is trying to redeem herself.

  • ha ha

    It got ratings as expected, people who don’t usually watch SNL did for curiousity, doesnt mean it was any good

  • Dave

    @Jessi:I don’t even think it’s that t. We ALL know she wasn’t amazing and could have done better but the “LINDSAY IS A TRAINWRECK!!!!” “SHES A HASBEEN!!!!!!!” “LINDSAY IS SO OLD LOOKING!!!” arguments are so old and redundant. People hate on the girl way too much and it’s getting to become pathetic. I’m all for support someone who’s at least putting in effort, no point in kicking people while they’re down.

  • WAlterBisho[

    I bet most ppl watched SNL with her for several reasons: 1) to see her finally after such a long time (in Machete she what got like 1 minute screen time) 2) to see her screw up

  • urbigfatass

    all the SNL supporting actors were the ones who should get good ratings, ho ho just stood there making pouting lips and big eyes all night , she was just terrible , just terrible !

  • Sassy

    The show just sucked all around. Lindsay did her best with what they gave her but the writers should be fired. Lindsay’s acting was spot on despite what the haters want to say.

    SNL you blew it with the whole show. ZERO funny.

  • John

    @Sassy: So it’s only the writings fault she’s bad, not because she was unprepared and just couldn’t do the lines, right? It’s never her fault when she screws up. Keep enabling!

  • R U MAD??

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  • Elle

    Ratings do not reflect the quality if her performance. People just wanted to see if she was going to mess up (which she did a couple times) or what was the “nothing’s off limits” as she claimed (which nothing was funny about). The cast was very funny in the first half of the show and every time she opened her mouth not a single person laughed. She acted the same way as an athlete acts on SNL. You know, someone who has no clue how to act. And it was painfully obvious she’s trying to make her past a big joke. And it is wayy too soon for her to be doing that. She’s hasn’t proved anything yet and she’s winking at the audience going, “Woops, see how silly I was?” Robert Downey Jr actually went to jail, got help, and it still took him a few years to get back on top. She’s trying to make it happen instantly but fortunately I think she’ll just fade out altogether. She didn’t have that much talent beforehand and it’s very obvious now that she has none at all.

  • http://aol Patti

    I hope she can stay on the straight and narrow.

  • Bella

    alot of people who visit celebrity gossip blogs don’t want her to get her act together because in some sick way people like laughing at her and they find enjoyment out of her mishaps. which explains why the actual positive comments all get thumbs down, pretty sad if you ask me

  • Madeleine

    I agree Bella.

  • jasmine

    @Bella: Or there getting so tired of celebrities who literally get away with things because they think they are entitled. She has been given more chances when it comes to the justice or lack of justice system. Some of us come on to celebrity sites to see celebrities, not convicted has beens.

  • futuremrsdicaprio

    That was painful. And no, I’m not a hater just because I don’t say Lindsay was “amazing.” It wasn’t he writers’ fault either— she looked and acted pretty good in the bit where that one “chick” kept getting run over, and she seemed pretty lucid in the crank call skit. But her lack of rehearsal or focus or whatever showed so obviously in the scared straight skit. She kept messing up lines, she wasn’t doing much physically, and it was obvious she was reading from cue cards. That skit was a total washout, and it was all her fault. I got second-hand embarrassment just from watching her.

  • KissThis

    I thought it was alright. I’ve seen funnier. I thought she looked rather uncomfortable and like her mind was somewhere else in a few of the skits.

  • Liz

    Tuned in for Jack, not Lindsay. Sure a lot of JW fans did too.

  • Barbara

    OMG Jared…who put coin in your picket…she was just awful

  • lohan#1

    hell yeah she is great….give her an oscar

  • tamara

    Lynsay did okay for SNL setting her up to fail so yeah the writing WAS off but thru out it all she did fine.

    I always liked Lynsay ‘s acting so would love to see her come back. She’s trying and can only work withwhat she’s got. SNL hasn’t been doing that great for awhile due to the writing no matter who it is. SNL sure is not what it use to be so they are not getting the watchers. Good to see ppl tuned in to see Lynsay whatever their reason.

  • SemorePhillips

    The rude guru video was pretty funny. Not a bad idea actually for a full length LL comedy vehicle, even using the same SNL cast, basically.

  • giuseppe sallo

    SNL still sucks. Bring back the good ol’ days of real comedy.

  • Sheila

    What happened to the entire Lohan family??!! Now it’s like even Cody and Ali are looking rough and like they too were hit by a ugly stick lately. Imagine having a f’ed up sister like LL who sucks all the energy out of everything and everyone, her drama likely affecting them all (who wants to hire a Lohan, that name carries alot of negativity). Maybe it’s karma for the Lohans that is finally catching up with them after thinking they were above everyone and that they were “special” like Mama Dina drilled into them.

  • My shoe = better actress

    LL begged to be on the show, the writing was no worse than it ever is, she just made it look worse. And they had to keep reducing her parts because she couldn’t handle what they gave her. They changed the monologue at the last minute and had Jon Hamm on standby. Too bad she didn’t meltdown, he’s much better than she is. It’s sad that SNL was so desperate for ratings they’d let her come on and screw it up.

  • dabest

    I just feel sad for her with such a terrible mother. Dina should be locked in a mental hospital.

  • Actually…

    @futuremrsdicaprio: While she did okay in the crank call skit, you could still clearly see her reading the cue cards that were slightly over the other woman’s shoulder. She’d pause a bit, completely turn her eyes to a few feet to the right and then start reading. Which does happen in SNL, but if that was her BEST skit, it didn’t go very well. (And I personally thought she did better in that one then the dancing skit.)

  • oy

    Rag and Bone? There’s a Gerard Butler joke there.

    If Lindsay keeps her nose clean, who will pay the unemployment for the drug industry that once surrounded her?

  • zyj

    @sarah: the same way they let chris brown sing at an awards show? – they treat this girl worse than an abuser.

  • Sigourney

    Lindsay did her best with what they gave her but the writers should be fired. Lindsay’s acting was spot on despite what the haters want to say.