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Kate Bosworth: JewelMint Video Directed by Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: JewelMint Video Directed by Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth stays hydrated with a bottle of water while leaving her agent’s office on Monday (March 5) in Century City, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress recently released a new fashion film for her latest JewelMint collection with her stylist, Cher Coulter.

The short 1-minute clip – which was directed by Kate‘s boyfriend, Michael Polish – is set to “Mistaken for Strangers” by The National and shows her around Los Angeles wearing the latest accessories.

Check it out below and head on over to to see the March collection!

Kate Bosworth – ‘Mistaken for Strangers’
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kate bosworth agents office 01
kate bosworth agents office 02
kate bosworth agents office 03
kate bosworth agents office 04
kate bosworth agents office 05

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  • Kevin

    Does she honestly think she looks good at this weight? It takes away from her natural beauty.

  • Effy

    I’m sorry, but being that thin just looks absolutely disgusting and corpse-like. It’s not cute at all!

  • Really!?

    The National is one of Alex’s favorite bands. Kate,you are sooo predictable and cheesy. Get a Life!

  • Rachel ()

    Lol. I can’t believe I just paused a music video by one of the greatest musicians of all time to watch a Kate Bosworth “fashion” film. You would think the chick would look a bit more depressed walking out of her agent’s office…….
    I’m sure their meeting went something like: “Kate, it’s great that you’re doing JM films, but are you ever gonna land a film that lasts more than a minute?Or one that’s directed by someone you aren’t f*cking?”…….no, doubtful.


    wonderful, Kate is great

  • Dieter

    I love the full round ass of hers !!!!

  • jack

    @Rachel (): one of the greatest musicians of all time? lol

    i wonder if you would be saying that if it wasn’t alex’s favorite band

  • ladybug

    @Rachel (): reposted from the earlier thread:
    “where are her film projects?”, now, now, she’s got L!fe Happens coming out at the end of the month and the Italy project and Black Rock and of course Big Sur!* And all those JewelMint films!
    *None of which have release dates as of now.
    JJ, this isn’t a ‘fashion film’, it’s a commercial.Calling it a ‘film’ reeks of pretentiousness.
    Though I’m glad to see you’ve started posting ‘random’ pap shots of her again, when the shopping photos from last week didn’t get picked up, I was getting a little worried that you’d lost the urge to publish pointless posts about her.

  • Shannon

    These videos are so pretentious. “Fashion film?” Just like Bilson’s “short films” for Magnum ice cream? lol

    Make-up does this girl a loooooot of good.

    She & her boyfriend deserve eachother. They’re just so pathetic.

  • Kiki

    So this “Actress” basically just wears stuff.

  • ladybug

    @Shannon: I actually prefer her without the makeup.
    @Kevin: “Does she honestly think she looks good at this weight? It takes away from her natural beauty.” I think she does think she looks good at her current weight.
    But really, she looks better with more weight/muscle on her. She’s naturally slender, yes, but I don’t think she’s this naturally slender. She doesn’t need to got back to her Blue Crush weight, but even 5-10 lbs of added weight would look fine on her.

  • Rachel ()

    @jack: Oh, I wasn’t talking about the Nationals. I paused a Youtube video. Lol. Guess i should have clarified.

  • uhmmm

    Who do they think thay are kidding?
    Do they think that for even one second that people will believe that Kate rides a motorcycle?
    Her little boney body couldn’t keep one upright long enough to get on, much less ride one.

  • Lea

    she thinks she’s so cool. Lame

  • loric

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  • KissThis

    I always worry that her legs are going to break! She’s like a toothpick. She looks weak. Gain some weight, build some muscle!

  • Tulip

    I think the one minute JewelMint films Kate and Michael are doing are great! Much much more creative than most stuff out there! Kate is a huge music fan. She might have turned AS on to The Nationals. Who knows.

  • I don’t think so.


    I don’t think so. Alex is a huge music fan and he has many friends who are in the music world like Lykke Li, Moneybrother and David “Dada Flair( aka SSD) to name a few. This twit morphs into whatever her current boyfriend likes. She has absolutely no taste or identity of her own. That’s why she looks like the living dead most of the time.

  • @uhmmm

    I don’t know. It looks like she’s riding the bike to me.

  • chelle

    What the hell is up with that stoopid ass grin on her face… names me wonder if she is thinking ” oh boy!!! The paps are here!! They justice happen to follow me EVERYWHERE!!! ”

    So basically she copies the runway style ( literally ) and makes commercials for her junky cheap-ass jewelry, created a twitter account that truly tests the gag reflexes that she only posts pictures from her try hard “life partner ”

    why is she still relevant again?

  • chelle

    OMG!!! sorry about errors… ever loving freaking auto correct!!!

  • @uhmmm

    That’s definitely her hand on the gears of a moving bike.

  • Actually…

    @@uhmmm: I wouldn’t say that was “definitely her hand on the gears of a moving bike.” First it’s just a small, pale hand with a ring. Secondly, that shot would be easier to fake then to get on a bike being driven. If the person were actually riding the bike you would have to fit a high quality camera on their helmet at *just* the right angle and make sure that they looked at their hand and kept their head perfectly still all while riding. OR you could stick a handle over the side of a vehicle that is moving, or just green/blue screen the moving background in. Even if she did ride the bike (which I personally doubt because I didn’t see any shots that proved it was her, but I’m not strongly opposed to the possibility) it would make infinitely more sense to fake that shot.

  • Jerry

    Do not want. I hope The National sues them for using their brilliant music for such pointless, vain crapola.

  • ladybug

    @chelle: That’s what struck me, the look of surprise on her face. Of course, it’s entirely possible that she didn’t call the paps on herself and that’s why she’s so surprised “Why are you here? I didn’t call you!”
    @Actually, for whatever reason I believe it’s probably her riding the bike.
    @Jerry, they won’t sue if the JewelMint paid for the rights to do so. I’d like to think the Mint parent company isn’t that stupid to use it without getting permission, but who knows.

  • This chick

    She called the paps. She always call the paps. She is smiling because she knows that she will get featured. It’s been so long since the overplayed of Luv at VF. Which no one cared about reporting.

  • Sad

    that this is the only acting gig she can get these days. She has really fallen from grace or casting couch. But you know she will milk this until she can get something better which doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon.

  • DailyNightly

    At least she is not doing the lop-sided head tilt, about to drool, needs to wear a helmet pose. Oh wait, she is wearing a helmet……..

  • Jeannie

    @Sad: She did it to herself.

  • Crew Member

    When you film cycle scenes there is a rig that can either pull or push a bike so those that cant ride can appear to be masters at it. It enables the cameraman to move around and get shots of the road beneath the bike. If he wants front tire shots you push the bike. If he wants rear shots you pull it. The speed is achieved by the camera speed not how fast the bike is moving and the instrument panel numbers are manipulated digitally Toby Keith used one in his “I Wanna Talk About Me” video because he had never driven a Hawg before.I am sure this is what they used in Kates video. You dont see her in any distance shots. You see only close shots that a cameraman could get from the platform of the rig. You see her mount the bike but no free driving shots only closeups. She is not driving the bike. I have been in on the filming of a few of these types of scenes and can tell you it is a set up sho tand not her truly driving the bike.

  • danielik25

    She has the meal in the hand for all the day…

  • DailyNightly

    She looks like she is being escorted OUT of her managers office.

  • DailyNightly

    They used the fruit roll-up as a lure to get her out of the office. That will take care of her grocery bill for the week.

  • ladybug

    @Crew Member: How much would that cost? I’m presuming they’re doing these commercials as cheap as possible.

  • Crew Member

    @ladybug: I am sure he could get on for cheap. It is simply a trailer like contraption pulled/pushed by a pickup. You rent it for the night or day. Not sure of cost but not a big ticket item at all.

  • So true.


    I bet her manager had her escorted out of the building, as Kate is now unemployed and working for $0000 the manager had to let her skinny a@@ go
    she is making he or she no money lol :)

  • Eresyn

    She literally looks like a bag of bones!!! shouldn’t be using a black AND baggy dress , it looks horrible in her. I like the sandals, though.

  • Lois

    She is such a pointless @sshole.

  • Rachel ()

    In the class I just got out of we’ve been studying eating disorders, and KB often comes to mind. I really don’t think she has one, but she is certainly underweight. I don’t know that dissing her about it is gonna help her with that…..Some ppl on here hard-core ridicule her about it. There are so many other, better reasons to make fun of her.
    @Eresyn: When you are that thin, you don’t want to wear skin tight things that accentuate your frailness. I much prefer the bagginess. It makes her look way healthier.

  • Tad

    @crew member: The sort of rigging that you’re talking about is expensive because it involves the pickup, connections, camera connections, special film, crew members. It’s beyond a budget for projects like this. I ride and I can tell she’s on a bike that’s actually being driven and is moving fast. In fact, she’s on a Harley-Davidson.

  • Eresyn

    @Rachel ():
    Rachel, you’re right, now that i think it, she looks worse in tight clothes…ok, i really don’t like the baggy dress, but maybe if it were on a lighter color, i could stand it ;)
    And no matter if she wears tight, baggy or whatever she NEEDS to eat!!! i would be happier if she was carrying a sandwich instead of a water bottle…

  • Golden

    Kate’s very pretty with a natural, no-makeup look but it’s fun to see her in this video with heavier eye makeup. She hardly ever does that and it looks good too.

  • ?

    Someone seems to be looking for new management at ICM . She probably got cut from UTA. Can’t be with a talent agency when you have no public talent.

  • Blackcat99

    Is it just me? Every time I see a clip of Courtney from “the Bachelor” she reminds me of Kate. Her mannerisms and she is so FAKE! Also, that irritating baby voice and what a master manipulator. She turns herself into exactly the kind of girl Ben wants but when she is around just the girls her true self comes out.

  • Lois

    JJ must have gotten an extra payment since she’s now a main feature.

  • USC

    I’m just a lowly film student but IMO this is very well done.

  • Lois


    There’s a reason you’re a LOWLY film student since you can’t recognize trite, unoriginal, uninspired crap. Keep working on it and one day MAYBE you’ll be able to understand the works of von Trier, Cronenberg, Bergman, Scorsesi, etc.

  • Taryn

    The video would be so much better if she had a really cute, tall Scandinavian guy crossing the street with her, like they just left a concert or something…oh wait she tried that back in October of 2010…if the crappy jewelry didn’t sell then; it never will……


    she is still anorexic?

    i thought she looked better few months ago..
    awful–this is what anorexia does to your body..she looks older than she is and HER HAIR IS FALLING OUT!!

    i know she never had a full head of hair..but she seems to get bald..

    i feel sorry for her..she seems nice..but she has a problem–why can´t she see that?

  • chelle

    @Tad: seriously?? Her scrawny ass couldn’t even hold up a Harley let alone try to ride/ drive one…. I tried and almost killed myself and I sure as hell weigh more than her….. my right boob weighs more than she does….. and no I’m not a fatty….just saying