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LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville Cheer on Son Jake!

LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville Cheer on Son Jake!

LeAnn Rimes sits next to her husband Eddie Cibrian‘s ex Brandi Glanville at son Jake‘s soccer game on Sunday (March 4) in Los Angeles.

Brandi, 39, and LeAnn, 29, shared a laugh after the game as they watched Eddie play wrestle with Jake and Mason.

It was Jake‘s first ever soccer game! “baby Jakes first soccer game ever manana!” Brandi tweeted the evening prior.

“Happy Sunday to all! Full day planned IF we can get out of bed. Brunch, Beach, Family Time and lil man’s soccer game. Sunday’s almost get crazier than any other day of the week. Not complaining, all good bonding time.” LeAnn tweeted earlier in the day.

FYI: LeAnn is wearing a Chelsea Flower blouse.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes, Brandi Glanville, and Eddie Cibrian checking out Jake‘s soccer game…

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leann rimes brandi glanville cheer on soccer game 01
leann rimes brandi glanville cheer on soccer game 02
leann rimes brandi glanville cheer on soccer game 03
leann rimes brandi glanville cheer on soccer game 04
leann rimes brandi glanville cheer on soccer game 05
leann rimes brandi glanville cheer on soccer game 06
leann rimes brandi glanville cheer on soccer game 07
leann rimes brandi glanville cheer on soccer game 08
leann rimes brandi glanville cheer on soccer game 09
leann rimes brandi glanville cheer on soccer game 10
leann rimes brandi glanville cheer on soccer game 11

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  • Concerned

    Why does Leann have so many childless men around kids who have NO relation to her who are SO excited to see little boys who have NOTHING to do with them? Leann married some pretty boy with 2 young sons, what do these boys have to do with random old men Leann surrounds herself with? It’s CREEPY as hell….

  • Claire

    I’m not even gonna talk about that hideous outfit…

    So LR doesn’t want her next album to bomb like the last, and would like to be hated a little less, so she starts playing nice. Wants to bond a little bit with Brandi at Brandi’s son’s game. So she brings an entire posse of people with her? Why did her songwriter and his husband need to be there? They’re not related to those kids. And they along with LR’s other paid/and/or twitter friends call Brandi horrible names on twitter and talk constant crap about her.

    Kudos to Brandi for dealing with that mess.

  • Alexis

    Kudos to Brandi for being able to stomach being next to Rimes and Eddie for her kids. I certainly would not be able to do that.

  • Tamara

    Ohhh what can i say but LR is so stupid in so many ways,not worth posting.

  • Sash

    They cheered on BRANDI’S son Jake… And Leann does nothing that isn’t motivated by the attention it will get her. If she’s playing nice it’s only for the good press it will get her, as opposed to the constant negativie press she attracts. At least the boys benefit.

  • yoyogirl

    Why on earth did Leann bring everyone she’s ever met to Jake’s game? Oh right, because if she’s not constantly getting validation from her posse of a** kissers she withers and dies!

  • Marieme

    Wow. Poor Brandi! Now she has to play a part in this ridiculous charade. And having to hang with Falcor. Ugh. Can her life get ANY worse?


    TWPPUMPKIN you are obviously Leann. You probably will post a ton of comments because the truth is you have about 12 fans. You are a total joke.

    You put out a tweet to have the paps show up, as always. What an attention seeker. So freakin insecure it just makes the world laugh at you and your stupid antics.

    Grow the hell up. You have no relation to those boys whatsoever and never will. You will be dumped as soon as Ed blows through the majority of you cash.

    Good times. Karma IS THAT BITCH.

    No wonder Ed drinks so much. Look in the mirror SKANK.

  • Lena

    I’m not a fan of Brandi, but that must be terrible to have to share that special day with her boys with her ex husband’s mistress sitting next to her. LeAnn should have sat this one out. It’s obviously a family moment.

  • londongirl

    I was wondering the reason why Leann has suddenly started being nice to Brandi even going as far as tweeting her then I realised that she has an album out soon.

    Leann couldn’t be more predictable if she tried. After her last album flooped she needs this one to sell so what better way then to smuggle up to the woman that she has spent the past 3/4 years tormenting.

    FYI Leann. When Brandi posts a picture of her children on the beach and you then post a picture of yourself and K-Ed also on the beach a few hours later, its called SAD.

  • kel

    Brandi will do anything for her boys, even if it means sitting next to someone as ugly and vile as leann. Wait for the day when these boys are grown and know everything about bogus mom.l

  • dobbi

    So staged. As phoney as Leann’s boobs. Eddie is a spineless fool.

  • OhioGirl

    That is the adult way to deal with divorce! They are all such beautiful people inside and out!

  • Michelle

    There is boundary that LeAnn won’t cross to promote herself. She brings her adult business associates to her “bonus-son’s” first game and calls the paps for the photo-op. Brandi is such the bigger and better person. Eddie, is just a Loser. These pictures really sicken me.

  • Elisa

    I don’t know why people keep insulting LeAnn Rimes.
    Okay, they cheated. It was wrong. But they fell in love!
    She’s not the first woman in the world who cheated on her husband and she will not be the last. I think people should get over it because it’s none of our business. Leave them alone.

  • Viv

    That’s not love. That’s opportunity. The bad karma coming to LR and EC is going to be epic.

  • personoffaithpersonofscience

    The biggest person here is the Brandi woman.

  • charity

    This was not little boys soccer game, this was just an opportunity for leann to promote herself. I’ll think she has really grown up when she allows the MOM AND DAD to go to these games without her hovering around because in the end it should be THE KIDS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO MATTER, NOT LEANN AND EDDIE or her overweight parents,Darrell and his wife, and all Leanns hangerons. Brandi is the much bigger person in all this mess. Leann has been told by label and Pr people she needs to make nice. so obvious that anyone can see through this crap. MY KUDOS GO TO BRANDI AND HER LOVE FOR HER SONS to make nice with that piece of trash

  • piaf

    LeAnn will never be able to hold a candle to Brandi when it comes to the “looks” department

  • arthur

    There is NO WAY when they are all together that Eddie doesn’t look at LeAnn and find himself thinking that Brandi is much hotter and cuter. Brandi is softer and not squinty-eyed with a face like she’s been tortured like LeAnne. But LeAnn (as money and Eddie has no job so that is likely appeal for this loser. Because there is NO WAY a dog like Eddie isn’t checking out his EX and comparing them.

  • Jane

    Boy, Eddie looks worse for wear in these pictures and WEWE looks more and more like white trash every day. Who in their right mind would go to the soccer game looking like that? I dress better to go grocery shopping and get gas. Brandi looks classy and like a lady. This whole issue leaves the worst taste in my mouth. This stupid PR stunt in NOT going to sell CDs. She screwed her career up so much that she wants those two boys to help her make money and make people perceive her as a lovely person. She is not a normal step-mother. Notice how the boys were not hugging and fawning over her? I do hope they are finally getting the clue of what a monster she is.

  • Claire

    @Jane: I think Eddie’s alcohol bloat is really starting to show.

  • Christine


    This has to be one of THEEEE DUMBEST comment I’ve ever read. LeAnn has a lot of gay friends. Does that mean that she has to keep her step-kids away from her gay friends because they will not be able to control themselves around those boys!? St*pid people! SMH

  • Elisa

    How do you all know she wants to promote herself?
    Don’t you think she just want to enjoy an afternoon with her husband and his kids?
    I don’t get it.

  • Vivian

    Good girls.. :)
    It’s not worth it to keep on with the drama.

  • Jane

    @Elisa:Are you for real?? If she wanted to enjoy the lovely afternoon she would have treated the situation like a normal adult-by keeping it private. For what other purpose would the paps been there if SHE didn’t call them? The only way SHE can enjoy herself is if there are camera’s taking pictures of her. She has a severe case of narcissistic personality disorder…if she isn’t CONSTANTLY noticed, she falls apart.

  • mela

    Leann is a wack. Look at her follow Brandi around, sit on Brandi’s blanket, tweet to Brandi after the game, call Brandi’s sons her own “bonus boys”. Whats with this broad Leann. And she clearly staged this photo op, Leann has about a pound of make up on for an afternoon kid’s soccer game. She’s a nut

  • Cam S

    Why does Leann HAVE to tweet that she’s attending the soccer game? Can’t she just say they had fun AFTER the game? Doesn’t she know when she tweets she will be at the game, that the paps will show?

  • Jane

    @Cam S:She is addicted to fame whoring just as much as she is addicted to looking at herself and wanting her picture taken. She is getting worse and worse, just like a true junkie needs a fix more frequently. This is her drug of choice. We are up for either bikini beach shots or another “event” that WEWE insists is stellar when it is not much of anything. She will be wearing some atrocity that will make us say “WTF”?

  • betty

    Leann is the one seeking attention for her own purposes a class act showing how a mother puts kids first and self interest last. Brandi owes Leann nothing she is the insecure one. Brandi tolerates her because of her kids or else Leann would be a non factor.

  • mela

    i’d also like to point out what a LOSER Eddie is for leaving his family for this trick!! good god! him and leann are disgusting!

  • Tash

    @yoyogirl: Ha ha, this made me laugh, so true!

  • ex nihilo

    amazing how Brandi, who is 10 yrs older than Leann, looks markedly better

  • judith

    I thought LeAnn made more money and could afford some nice shorts.

  • Alexis

    @ex nihilo: @ex nihilo: I agree. Although, it should be said that Brandi has had plastic surgery to look like that.

  • Claire

    @Alexis: Which she’s at least admitted to, unlike Leann’s magic boobs which grew while she shrunk…and moved under her armpits!

  • Anonymouse

    @Cam S:

    Brandi did too. So…she is a twat, too?

  • Jeanie

    Well, this was a strange set of photos to say the least. But as a mom also, whose kids also have an overbearing step-mother, I will tell you that Brandi is simply taking one for the “team”, the team being Jake and Mason. Kids clearly love all 3 of them, naturally they will take to mom & dad more-so but LeAnn is a big part of their lives too. I agree LeAnn takes the ‘bonus’ mom thing way too far and she and Eddie were completely in the wrong on how they started out – BUT they are married now, the kids are around her 50% of the time. Brandi, being the good mother that she is knows that it is more peaceful for all if she plays nice and she is probably so happy not to be bothered with Eddie anymore that she is secretly thinking while sitting next to LeAnn , “yep b*tch he’s your problem now”…. all while smiling and cheering. That being said, it is good for the kids if their is a united front. The kids will soon be old enough to make up their own minds about where their loyalties are.

  • Jane

    @Jeanie: Very true—however, I am waiting for the boys to grow up and find out for themselves what type of person Bonus Mom WEWE is. They are pretty sheltered from the drama, but when it comes time, the boys will easily look onthe internet of hear from someone how their father slept with another woman who was stilll married to Mom and did a whole lot of lying. No doubt they will find out that their Bonus Mom is a manipulative woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Those poor kids—I feel sorry for them and the garbage they will endure. They do not deserve this.

  • retrobanana

    i bet all leann’s “:friends” are really her therapists…

    i cant believe brandi is 10 years older then her looks the other way around to me…

    eddy is the biggest dummy though

  • Brittany

    Leann couldn’t be more predictable if she tried. After her last album flooped she needs this one to sell so what better way then to smuggle up to the woman that she has spent the past 3/4 years tormenting.