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Nicole Kidman Replaces Rachel Weisz in 'Railway Man'

Nicole Kidman Replaces Rachel Weisz in 'Railway Man'

Nicole Kidman wears a cute brown suede coat as she arrives at LAX Airport on Sunday (March 4) in Los Angeles.

It was recently announced that the 44-year-old actress will be replacing Rachel Weisz in Railway Man, according to Variety.

Railway Man will center around the autobiography of “Eric Lomax…[and] his horrific experiences as a Japanese prisoner in World War II.” Colin Firth will play Eric Lomax, Nicole is set to play Eric’s wife, and War Horse‘s Jeremy Irvine will portray young Eric Lomax during the flash back scenes.

Rachel had to drop the role due to commitments filming other projects.

FYI: Nicole is wearing a Tod’s trench, carrying a Tod’s Signature Tote, and finished her look with a pair of Tod’s sunglasses.

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  • http://MOIANU58@YAHOO.COM kiss

    Is beautiful,but too skinny.

  • Nicole

    She needs to stop with that botox. she’s getting really ugly…!!!!

  • Moh123

    What a classy Lady *_*

  • Moh123

    She is very stylish lady, and her movie roles is amazing

  • Moh123

    Sick haters, please stop saying bad things

  • Roger

    Another great part for her. 2012 and 2013 should be fantastic years for her with ‘Hemingway and Gellhorn’, ‘The Paperboy’, ‘Stoker’ and ‘The Railway Man’.
    I love that, at the age 44, she still gets great roles like that. That’s extremely rare for a woman in Hollywood and that just shows how respected she is by her peers.
    And that also shows that nasty, angry, bitter, superficial people who like to yell “Botox!!!” everytime they see a picture of her don’t matter at all and have absolutely no effect on her career.

  • Frozoid

    She should be on Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her plastic surgery fish lips would fit right in. See her in Dead Calm from 1989. She had the thinnest lips.

    Why she keeps getting hired is beyond me and my friends. Her movies bomb and bomb and bomb and bomb….

  • Roger

    @Frozoid: Ever heard of something called “talent”,dear Frozoid? The way you (and your “friends”) always focuses on Nicole’s physical appearance says a lot about you and how you judge actors/people. Superficial, much?
    A great actress like Kidman brings talent and prestige to a movie, that’s why she keeps getting hired. Just like Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett or Tilda Swinton.
    You say her movies always bomb, that’s not even true. “Just go with it” made $215 million worldwide. By your logic, that makes Adam Sandler the greatest actor in the world, huh?

  • http://comcast Dee

    @Frozoid You arer back !! I follow any article I see with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban and I see you do too, but for a different reason. I have never seen such hate you have for someone you don’t even know. Why don’t you send a picture of yourself,and put it next to Nicoles pic and I am sure we would all have BIG LAUGH. I know you will be coming up with different names now defending yourself. You definitely do need help.

  • nes

    oh come on admit it she is a user of botox, it is just no way at tat age of 44 she got hardly any wrinkles.

  • we know you

    @Frozoid: We you keep obsessively following her when you hate her so much is beyond me and my friends. You’re attempts to bring her down bomb and bomb and bomb. She’s still married to Keith. :)

  • Jen

    I love the jacket. Nicole gets hired because she’s talented and a Hollywood icon. Thanks for more pictures.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    According to Forbes Magazine Nicole Kidman was just voted one of the most overpaid actors in Hollywood. I wish Rachel Weisz had stayed with this part – an excellent actress and I like her much better.

  • arthur

    I too wish Rachel had stayed in this part. Although Nicole is a good actress when she’s in the right role, her frozen immobile face has become a distraction to me when she’s in a movie now. Prefer Rachel’s natural movable loveliness.

  • Roger

    @nes: WTF? She DID admit using Botox. In an interview, at least a year ago. That doesn’t change the FACT that, at the age of 44, she is still very much in demand and keeps getting great parts and working with talented people. Those who matter in the movie industry obviously don’t care whether she uses Botox or not (after all, she’s not the only actress who does, look at Julianne Moore, Sandra Bullock or Angelina Jolie). Those who keep talking and obsessing about Botox are pathetic haters like you who desperately NEED to find something to criticize her about.

  • Roger

    “Dave from Canada” and “arthur” are the same person. That’s very obvious.

  • Angel

    @Frozoid: Why??? Because she’s NICOLE “f—–g” KIDMAN that’s why!!! Haters can bash her 24/7 and still wouldn’t make a damn difference to the people that matter in the biz. hahaha. They will bend over backwards, follow her to Nashville, Australia and wherever else, work around her schedule, just to have her. A career expanding almost 3 decades, of course, there will be hits and misses, bottomline is TALENT… cant be denied. Yes, it is beyond you and you friends’ small brains to fathom …stew in it!!! Good things happen to good people too. You should try it instead of hating…

  • Roger

    @Dave From Canada: Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, Leonardo Di Caprio and Reese Witherspoon were also on the Forbes “most overpaid actors” lists.
    Rachel Weisz is a good actress but she has yet to give a truly great, “tour de force” performance like Kidman did in “Moulin Rouge”, “The Others”, “To Die For”, “Birth”, “The Hours”, “Dogville” or “Rabbit Hole”.

  • Hilary

    @Roger: Julianne Moore does not use Botox. Did you see her face in “The Kids Are All Right”? Just admit Kidman uses Botox already.

  • Roger

    @Hilary: Yes, Kidman has used Botox. She has said so herself. And Julianne Moore definitely uses it too. It’s very visible when she smiles.
    Where did I say Kidman doesn’t use it? What I said is: ‘who cares?’. Using Botox is not a crime, you know.

  • FF

    To each their own. I prefer Kidman over Weisz. Weisz is attractive but overrated in the acting department, imo. Something about her rubs me the wrong way. Kidman is a proven star. Great cast. Sounds like a good movie.

  • nes

    she has insisted that she no longer uses it, there is just no denying that she still gets it done.

  • KellyInNash

    I don’t think she does. She has crinkles around her eyes and mouth. It’s obvious she takes good care of herself and she’s a healthy person. She works out and gets facials and massages. But even if she did, so what? It’s her choice. She looks great at 44.

  • Hannah

    Love Nicole! She always picks artsy movies.

  • abbie

    She has such class. Go Nicole :)

  • n3rmAl

    Nicole hasn’t been at Fashion Week in so long. Excited to see if anything comes out of it for her.

  • Melissa

    Now there’s a classy lady! Love her! Her husband isn’t bad either!

  • http://comcast Dee

    What the hell difference does it make whether she uses botox or not, she is still one of the most beautiful women in the world. If you don’t think so Frozoid, and your other ten names, her husband sure does. I think her gorgeous husband Keith Urban is your real problem. Keith loves his wife and his daughters. He’s not going to leave beautiful Nicole. Sorry Frozoid.

  • apple

    I love her sunglasses.

  • kary

    So classy Nicole, as always… nice sunglasses btw… I love that she has been on spotlight lately she’s obviously promoting Hemingway and Gellhorn.

    And of course haters gonna hate… they’re really obsessed with Nic , always reading all her news and critizing every picture of her. .. so sad you really need to get a life… Nicole is fabulous and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • holly

    Hurray! More pictures of Nicole! . She’s just gorgeous. You know who else thinks she’s gorgeous? Keith Urban.

  • Louise

    Classy, talented lady. She does Tods products justice. So what if she uses botox. Those that complain simply cannot afford botox for themselves and feel a need to bash those that use and can afford. We all use what products we can afford to retain youth. This is America; good looks and youthfulness are very important .

  • kris

    Must be great to be Nicole Kidman Urban!!

  • me3

    LOL at the man behind her. Likes what he sees.

  • me3

    Really. So what if she denies it? She isn’t obligated to tell you every little personal detail of her life. Lots of people use botox now. I wouldn’t personally, but I do use makeup and hair color and under eye cream etc. etc. etc. etc. Looking good requires much effort and SHE’S looking good!

  • me3

    Keith Urban is a happily married family man. He is no longer a single party boy. He grew up. Show some respect for him and his family. God bless them.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    A reply to Roger: I can assure you that Dave From Canada and Arthur are Not the same person. I can only assume that Arthur it a guy who lives somewhere in the United Stated. A tip for Roger: don’t become a psychic anytime soon.

  • oy

    Talented actress. Stylish, except for the red wax lips.

  • watching you

    @Dave From Canada:

    Roger is one of many pseudonyms that this person uses on every thread and who has a habit of accusing anyone of being another person
    … a particular person that she has a ‘problem’ with. You’ll find her arguing and arguing (to put it mildly) until the thread reaches about 200 comments … she is always trying to get the very last word … by doggedly crushing ANYONE who she feels is a besotted Keith fan, upset that he didn’t marry them, hoping that Keith will leave Nicole for them. She is nothing less than a cyber-stalker on a mission. She uses multiple emails and usernames in order that she can do all the thumbing down; of any comment that she doesn’t like – and also not to appear obsessive, which she would if she used just one name throughout. She uses names like ‘skeptics are stupid’, ‘we know you’ (pretending to be more than one – well she is, if you count her many “personalities”), and many others.
    If she is not being paid by the Urbans, then she has a serious problem in being so obsessed about defending the Urbans.

  • ariana

    I’m so angry with this nicole, God gave him one of the most beautiful faces in the world and ruining esjusto that this horribly with both Botox and surgery is not fair to be honest also a good actress does haci lake, I that this obcecionada with verce nicole young and has been the worst botox with is such a beautiful face he has, and her hair also looks maltrado, it looked more natural, nicole hope you read this and understand that your beauty is natural were beautiful and natural, and eliminates the botox and happy learn to do nothing of Surgery …

  • hugo

    jesus..are you really going to post this message in every discussion about nicole kidman?!? really? GET A LIFE LOSER!

  • ariana

    yes Hugo yes

  • @watching you

    Watching you said : “Keep it about the thread and NOT the commenters … we don’t need you to spin the thread out of control AGAIN! ”
    Just sayin’.

  • Brittany

    She has said so herself. And Julianne Moore definitely uses it too. It’s very visible when she smiles.