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Willow Smith: Green Hair!

Willow Smith: Green Hair!

Willow Smith just debuted a brand new hair style…a green dye job!!

The 11-year-old singer posted a series of photos to her Instagram account that showed off her new green locks.

Earlier in the month, Willow bleached her hair after debuting her newer shaved head!

Willow recently set her fans straight about her life as a celebrity child.

“I am regular person…. forget that… Nobody has a PICTURE PERFECT life… I am still just a child…” she tweeted.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Willow Smith’s new green ‘do?

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willow smith green hair 01
willow smith green hair 02
willow smith green hair 03
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willow smith green hair 05

Credit: Instagram
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  • D’oh

    The poor kid has gone bonkers !

  • Margo

    Just NO

  • Asha

    I think they give her too much freedom to do what she pleases. She is 11 and has shaved off half her head, shaved off her head completely, and dyed it multiple colors. 11 is just to young whether she is the child of famous parents or not. If she is doing stuff like this at her age, I can only imagine what she will be up to when she is 16.

  • KissThis

    not cute at all. What happened to parenting?

  • hello777

    jada needs to control this lil girl.

  • Rose

    I don’t like to comment publicly on other people’s children, but when my daughter was younger, I would have been wary of her having this child as a friend. This child to me is exposed to too much too soon and has too much freedom.

  • ?

    She tries wayyy to hard to be “cool” and a “rebel” to the point where its desperate like really. One your 11 what are you rebelling against??
    and where the heck are her parents Will, Jada come on, yea she should be allowed to make her decision but at least wait till 16 or 15 not 11, thats way too young


    I can see her marrying Suri one day.

  • One love

    Oh dear…

  • marq

    I love bright colored hair and I have always liked Willow Smith, especially since Autumn Miller also appears in Willow’s huge-hit music video, Whip My Hair.

  • Kirsten

    I’m all for letting children express themselves but she acts so grown and she has way too much freedom. It seems as if Will and Jada don’t mind that she is exposed to this overwhelming, adult life. I never comment on Ms. Willow but I find that a bit concerning and sad.

  • Bikey

    Nobody who says “I´m just a child” is just a child anymore.

  • csa

    Where the hell are her parents? She will end up taking drugs before reaching 15!!! And she is ugly with that hair!!!!

  • csa

    She looks like a boy!!!!

  • denise

    You snotty bitches so jealous of the Smith’s. …LOL it shows it every thread about them.

  • jenn

    What a cutie pie she is. Let her express herself.

  • Jean

    She is a well adjusted little girl. She is not hung-up on hair, that it has to be long and flowing. She expresses herself freely. She is not caught up in the Hollywood cookie cutter mode.I like this about her. She is going places and she will be a dynamic woman some day.

    She is a well adjusted self-assured girl, who will grow into a dynamic woman.

    Do your thing, baby.

  • Leah

    As Will and Jada Smith count their money, they are not bothers by what you envious b*tches say about their child. They can buy and sell you jealous cows many time over.

  • http://k Mann

    @Leah: Haha so true the kid is just having fun and the Smith’s are too busy making money to care what anyone thinks.

  • Jordyn

    She’s how old? Eleven?? Seriously, what will she do next to get attention? How can her parents allow this, or have they already lost control? This is not cute. This is scary.

  • julie

    she is really ugly!

  • Mary H.

    If you’re “just a child”, Willow, then you need to act like one and stay in a child’s place, for the lack of a better term. At the age, if I even thought about behaving like her, I would of been in trouble. What are Will and Jada thinking? She has way too much freedom. Instead of being mature for her age, she comes off as an melodramatic try-hard.

  • Paty

    She used to be such a cute kid but now she has turned herself into an ugly and creepy kid! She worked really hard to get so ugly, since she used to be so adorable! Where are her parents? What´s she trying to prove at just 11? I wouldn´t want her anywhere near my kids, that´s for sure!

  • Tres.Stars

    Come on people, imagine if she was your child and people were saying things like what you all are saying publicly about this child. Would I allow my child to do this, no, but she isn’t mine (or yours). I would however allow my child to be her friend because I have faith in my own parenting abilities, and if I thought her parents weren’t doing what they could to teach her to be respectful and respected as a person, I would hope that something she saw or heard in my home would encourage her. Let’s remember we are talking about an eleven year old child and be respectful of that fact. None of us know how involved her parents are in her life or what their beliefs are. But you have to appreciate the fact that she has to confidence to even have her head. I’m 42 years old and couldn’t do it.

  • Karla

    This child is not cute, never was, never will be. She is crying out for attention. I agree she needs some parental guidance. I don’t like her mother, what an attitude, so I can see where she gets her spoiled ways.

  • Kira

    That hair is just.. no. But for the people going “QQ 2 MUCH FREEDOM!!1!”
    that’s not right either. Too much freedom is letting her go out until 1am, eating so much artificial crap that she gets diabetes and things along that line. But letting this kid look and be who she actually wants to be? No, that should always be allowed. You don’t want her to grow up hating adults because they are oppressing her. I’ve had blue hair since grade 7 and it’s awesome, I like myself better and am more confident because of it. My mom taught me to be myself and stop caring so much of what other people think of my looks.. So stop judging her.

  • Mr. Chatterbox

    Willow Smith looks TRAGIC, T-R-A-G-I-C, TRAGIC, TRAGIC, TRAGIC. Her parents need to be more in contro, with their childs life, im 14 yaers old and my parents would never let me do this my head. I feel sorry for her, she’s letting fame go to her head, and we see were that’s lead. smdh ;(

  • DAR

    So attention seeking. Poor thing. I think its the mother behind all this mess. Jada’s career is dead so she is pushing her daughter to stand out in the crowd. WHAT NORMAL 11 YRS SHAVES THEIR HEAD!

  • Brittany

    She worked really hard to get so ugly, since she used to be so adorable! Where are her parents? What´s she trying to prove at just 11? I wouldn´t want her anywhere near my kids, that´s for sure!