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Jennifer Love Hewitt: 'The Client List' Promos!

Jennifer Love Hewitt: 'The Client List' Promos!

Jennifer Love Hewitt is smoldering in these new promo shots from her upcoming show The Client List!

The 33-year-old actress plays Riley Parks, a woman who is forced to work in a day spa in a local town after being left in financial debt when her husband abandons her and their children. She soon realizes that the spa gives more than massages, but must partner with the parlor’s owner in order to keep food on the table. While helping to run the business, she struggles to discreetly balance two lives – a single mother who must provide for her family and a strong businesswoman working in a unique and frowned-upon business.

The Client List airs on Lifetime and will premier Sunday, April 8 at 10/9c!

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  • shiela

    what’s this?????
    a new series???
    or a sequel???

  • shiela

    i love that!…
    i miss seing JLH in tv series!…….

  • .

    She looks great! Good for her – I’ll give the show a try.

  • allieesq

    Ummm…didn’t she already make a movie out of this?

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! I like her too but come on!! Talk about nonsense!! What’s next – a show about a stripper working her way through college!!

  • Jennica Panettiere

    I love JLH, always seems like a sweet girl but my god she really doesn’t care about being taken seriously as an actress does she? LOL.

  • IllWill

    Damnnnnnnn she sexy yes yes

  • marq

    When I commented previously that “Dance Moms” was arguably the best show on Lifetime television, of course I had to keep in mind that that list also included Jennifer Love Hewitt, in ‘The Client List’.

    JLH may be best known for popularizing “vagazzling”. The role may be comfortable. Yet the characterization that in her role, she is “forced into” the job, risks being misconstrued. Circumstances lead her character to choose that road. Otherwise, the wording simply plays into this same old tired, long-ago thoroughly debunked meme, although always useful moral panic police state terror bugaboo:

    FA Hayek’s, “The Road to Serfdom”, predicts debt servitude and as the economy accordingly globally collapses, the value of human life continually diminishes. Politicians become more and more the scapegoating demagogues. Ever-harsher laws get passed and increasingly-stringent attempts are made to keep people from breaking out of that serfdom. That is why, for instance, that France is currently attempting to trot out the same old tired memes put forward in this country and in England, that were long ago disproved, in order to force that once-free country’s children into common uniforms and to thoroughly deglamorize them, all while robbing their future by borrowing on posterity so that the already-Haves in the world can live large on the backs of today’s kids and future generations.

    Similarly, as a morality play, “The Client List” further victimizes JLH’s character far above and beyond what rigged market capitalism already does.

  • Happy Ending

    Thanks for some Clevage Jennifer LOVE Hewitt…. Whore!!!!!

  • Shana

    Bring back The Ghost Whisperer and her sexy co-star from that show! I miss it.

    this looks bad :(

  • Drive Bye

    So it’s “Hung” with bOObs.

  • offtheproperty


  • Ricky

    Geeze! this girl LOVES her long b00bs..

  • Deb

    @Drive Bye: well, the poster is “Hung with b00bs” lmao!!

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    This series sounds like a parody of a porn soap-opera. It’s actually unintentionally hilarious when you read what it’s all about. Jennifer will be acting with her breasts.

  • Terense

    Disgusting. Isn’t she too fat for this role???
    She’s a size 2 haha!
    size 2 how about size 14 what a fat ass part of her business is to keep shape no wonder she has no work
    She’s nothing

  • Gary

    that’s GAY .she’s HOT no matter what her size is. And her curves are looking delicious !

  • kizbit

    Is she slowly making her way to becoming a porn star? Everytime I see a picture of her lately, she’s practically naked.

  • Philipp

    @shiela: it’s a TV show

  • Philipp

    @Terense: you mean less than you who is apparently just frustrated enough to have to talk sh*t about people online?

  • Philipp

    @Jennica Panettiere: She got rave reviews for her performance in the movie. You haven’t even seen it yet, it could be really good as far as you know.

  • K

    I bet Ryan Phillippe wants to hit that.

  • DeeDee

    It’s called “The Client List?” Does she play a prostitute? She sure looks like one.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt is in love with her own tits. She is even pushing one a little with her arm to make it stand out more. She is obnoxious, self-absorbed and sleazy.

  • Moxiemoves

    This is an embarrassment to an industry, which should pride it’s self on televising material that is more enlightening, inspiring and thought provoking. If you could reach hundred of thousands of people what story would you tell? How would you do a due diligence to your fellow human being? Sadly this industry is blinded by the false perception that sex sells. Indeed it does, but our society will not embrace flat-out immorality. It needs to be wooed, seduced. It must be real, feel real. I believe telling the real story of sex workers will probably lend greater ratings as well as educated people of the dangers. Cut out the lies the fairy tales, the veil of glamor. This is disgusting it’s like watching someone do drugs everyday and come home to friends and family as if all is well. The writer’s suck they give no complexity to the characters and as some have already mentioned it’s really just a big joke, and the punch line is the young girls/women who watch this will believe that this is how it really is. That sleeping with countless men for money will leave you healthy, beautiful, admired and loved by your friends and family. Let’s all laugh, how hilarious.