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LeAnn Rimes: Thank You, Dad & Mom!

LeAnn Rimes: Thank You, Dad & Mom!

LeAnn Rimes carries a USPS box after shopping at Planet Blue on Tuesday (March 6) in Malibu, Calif.

“Just called my dad to say ‘thank you’ that’s all. Most kids don’t ever say that to their parents, thought I’d be one that did. On to mom!” the 29-year-old singer tweeted the day before.

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Over the weekend, LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian‘s ex, Brandi Glanville, sat next to each other at son Jake‘s first soccer game.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes leaving Planet Blue in Malibu…

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  • nunya

    Didnt she sue her dad when she was younger?

  • allieesq

    Dear Leann: You need to eat a sandwich and do some butt workouts. Seriously, it’s not sexy. You have no a$$ at all. You’d be flat all over if not for your floatation devices. Your outfit is adorable though, so thumbs up for that! Oh, and moisturize. Your face is looking a little hard.

  • blah

    Next tweet:
    ” Hey everyone just got free after pooping, it smelled just like me xoxo”

  • doll

    Leanne you look great, im probably smaller than you, my matabolism is just high, and I get compliments all the time, im sure you do too, other than just mean people that just exudes negative. She’s wearing jean and a plain top, out and about minding her business…not about being sexy. People can be mean when their insecure about themselves.

  • julie

    sorry, now i see why she had to trap eddie by calling the paps before they got together, he would not have ever left his beautiful wife to look in this face for ever, what an ugly person, inside and out, poor eddie, ha ha, he’s stuck now. oh and calling people mean, well…so is this fame seeking troll.

  • Cassandra

    Leann’s really very pretty! LOVE to have her body too

  • KissThis

    I know she’s a petite girl, but damn! What happened to women wanting to be sexy and having curves?? Leann, you look ill!

  • KissThis

    @doll: honey, good for you for having a high metabolism, but leann has never been this thin. She actually used to be much larger. Something is up with Leann and I doubt it’s her metabolism.

  • Mrs. Gaston

    i don’t think everyone would hate her so much if she would just shut up. her tweets are annoying and silly.

  • Britt

    Does anyone else find her as annoying as i do? im suprised she doesnt announce when shes shitting

  • feliz

    could she be any more self-complacent??

  • Mari

    Why do I feel patronised by this sentence: “Most kids don’t ever say that to their parents, thought I’d be one that did.”

    She really does not know how much she alienates people, doesn’t she?

  • Maie

    @nunya: #1
    She is a such older person now, she has grown up.

  • dobbi

    Bonus psycho.

  • Anonymouse

    I like Leann, always smiling, always sweet. AWESOME talent..girl rocks.

  • noob

    ‘Thank you for raising me to be a home wrecker, couldn’t have done it without you’

  • Michelle

    Yet another inane, banal post about a faded celebrity, desperate to change her PR trajectory. Yet another epic

  • Sheila

    Aw yes…”Thanks Mom and Dad for raising me to be a self-absorbed, selfish, man-stealing, annoying, narcisitic, completely unware of how others perceive me, person”.

    And in case she forgets “Thanks also for my fugly squinty-eyes and overall Whoville character face”.

  • Grace

    How lame. She must have phoned the paps again.

  • Anonymous

    I hope she invested her money real well because she needs it to support the lifestyle that Eddie has become accustomed to. Dude is unfortunate to wake up to her face every morning so he has to be compensated in some way.

  • Prezes

    “OMG, look at me, I’m SO perfect. My life is perfect. I go to church, I thank my parents for being there with no occasion, I’m a bonus mom, and my body is so AWESOME ! Look at me ! ME !” Not into herself at all. She’s so modest, this perfect woman.

  • Cam S

    WOW trying SO HARD to makeover her image. First Brandi, now her dear ole Dad (who she sued). She sure is makin the rounds… Next up- she’ll be saving kittens from house fires

  • Cam S

    Side note: Is that the same purse Brandi had at the kid’s soccer game? Except Brandi’s was black.

  • Gossipgirl

    Did she conduct a scientific survey?? How does she know that most people do not thank their parents?? Bitch please, just shut up already.

  • Joyce

    @nunya & Cam S etal: I believe LeAnn “The SK@NK” Rimes is referring to her mom’s (Bulging Belinda) significant other which LeAnn often refers to as her dad ( not her biological father that she sued and didn’t attend her wedding to “Ediot”).

  • Piper

    @Cam S: She’s trying soooo hard isn’t she? The problem for LeAnn is, just like her latest album, people don’t buy it anymore. The new one she is bragging about will be another bomb. The public can’t stand her or her alcohol edema poster boy husband. They have both dug themselves into their own graves in the PR department.

  • doll


    I see your point.

    Addressing other comments directed at muah…

    Home wrecker, I think everyone is meant to be who they are with, everyone has choices. Clearly Eddie nor Leanne were happy with their spouses, this happens everywhere. If you’re unhappy, you find happiness. They should have divorced first, but no one’s perfect. Being stuck in an unhappy relationship/ marriage is cowardly. Be strong and do what you must to be happy. Whether it’s relationships, family, career, etc… Neither Eddie and Leanne seem to have a problem leaving whom they were in a relationships with, them being together, proves they are still happy, at the moment. Cant tell the future. You can only make the best of everyday. Live with a smile everyday. Those that frown more, should change that. It’s not healthy.

    Never read any of her twitters, I’m not a twitter follower. For those that are annoyed by her twitters, should probaly not read them. :)

  • Jane

    After reading this…I am sick—utterly sick to my stomach. She has hit an all time low with this one.


    I totally disagree with Doll…

    Ed was off shooting a movie in a remote town, out of the country. Ed drinks a lot. And he is a womanizer but I firmly believe he loved and still loves Brandi. Anyway he screwed Leann and from that point on she relentlessly stalked him.

    He called Leann a speedbump to the whole world. She even moved closer to him and Brandi. It wasn’t until Brandi found out about Schaena that she kicked Eddie out for good.

    All that was left to support him/pay for his child support, etc was Leann and her bank account. This is still true to this day.

    When the money runs out or he’s banked a good portion of her money, he will leave her. It is inevitable and I personally CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH THE FALLOUT.

  • MissyM

    What kind of site is this? All the ‘nice’ comments get deleted and all the nasty, mean ones stay? WTF?

    Bunch of hard arsed, nasty slags, this site sucks!

  • Claire Louise

    @MissyM: That isn’t really true of the site, just the LeAnn Rimes threads and threads with people like Kate Gosselin and for some reason, Kate Bosworth. Usually, people don’t like the negative comments. LeAnn is just out of public favor in a big way at the moment for various reasons. Avoid the threads mentioning her or her husband and you should be able to see a lot of glowing comments on display.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t think everyone would hate her so much if she would just shut up. Her tweets are annoying and silly.