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Adam Levine Launching Fragrance for Men & Women

Adam Levine Launching Fragrance for Men & Women

Adam Levine has his sights set on scents!

The 32-year-old Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice coach is launching his first fragrance in May 2013.

222 by Adam Levine will reflect Adam‘s “personality and style,” according to a press release, and will be sold in 1.0, 1.7, and 3.4 fluid ounce bottles ranging from $36 to $65 in both men’s and women’s varieties.

Adam is a performer with tremendous charisma – both on stage and on TV. Endeavoring to capture that in a bottle has thus far been very exciting and we’re certain the final products will be even more so,” ID Perfumes chairman and CEO, Ilia Lekach, shared.

Adam recently created his own record label, also named 222, and signed Glee‘s Matthew Morrison.

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  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …well isn’t he original.

  • Clark Griswold

    The scent of mediocrity

  • dodo

    It’s gonna smell like desperation and famewhoring.

  • ivz

    Smells like him?

  • alexis

    I’m totally going to look into it. If it smells like what his personality and style would smell like, then I’ll buy 2! He is so hot and love his music. oxoxoxox

  • Excited

    Am I the only one so far who actually seems excited about this?!

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Another celebrity launching their own line of cologne(there’s such a shortage of them out there!!). I love the line – Adam is a performer with tremendous charisma….endeavoring to capture that in a bottle. I suspect he’s trying to capture our money instead. Adam, I’m not buying your smelly stuff, so get used to it.

  • Chloe

    Why do I get the impression that this is more about trying to impress and name drop his girlfriend in order to make an even bigger name for himself? Isn’t he the same one that looked down on other celebrities for cashing in on the whole fragrance franchise? I am guessing by the end of the month or so, we’ll be hearing how he’s found the ‘perfect’ person to cater to the women’s line. He’s trying way too hard. I hope he’s doing it because he really believes that he can give consumers a believable product; not simply doing it as a whim as a way to ride Anne’s coattails. If he’s doing it mainly to keep him and her name out there for their publationship, then it’s a pity.

  • Jerry

    Oh Adam… so much ‘no’ about this whole idea…

  • Gag

    This tweet was posted by Adam Levine less than a year ago:

    “@adamlevine I also would like to put an official ban on celebrity fragrances. Punishable by death from this point forward.”


  • Sandy

    Unfortunately, Adam Levine is ridiculous. He changed his mind about this matter (or would be someone else next to him…)
    Hello Adam, focus more on your music than on other stuffs (including Anne “V”). Music is your business, if it fails, you’re dead.

  • dodo

    He really shouldn’t have a twitter. Love him on The Voice…..and that’s it.

  • Carbon Copy

    We need another fragrance as much as we need another pop song from him.

  • Eve

    It’s obvious the man changed his mind; which there is nothing wrong about it. What I’m guffawing about is how folks are pulling up his past words to use against him, some of those including people who then turn about face and in the same breath, kissing his ass on how proud they are of him. Who’s the fake? Him for changing his mind or the ones that are in a tizzy over the realization that he’s moving forward and away from the band at some point?

  • omd

    the smell of douche

  • Maroon 5 fan

    Oh he’s moving away from the band, he’s making that clear. He cancels part of his Euro tour so he can take part in The Voice. Then has dates, promo and an album release schedule re-arranged so he can commit to a 3rd season – the second in a year. He walks the red carpet with his girlfriend at the biggest music event of the calendar year The Grammy’s (note MUSIC event, it should’ve been about his band and his music NOT his relationship) then doesn’t even sit with his fellow band mates at said event. Wonder if his fragrance will go the same way as his clothing line that was also launched in a blaze of publicity? Nowhere. It’s disappeared, and no-one mentions it now. A bit like his band mate and co-founder of Maroon 5 – Jesse Carmichael. This dude hasn’t played with Maroon 5 since NYE. There’s something not right behind the scenes with that band. I expect the blame lies at the door of Mr Levine, who’s priorities have clearly changed.

  • Lol

    He changed his mind about celebrity fragrances, he changed his mind about reality television. Money it would seem, changes everything, even Adam’s (what used to be) strong opinions. Good on ya! Way to lose respect from the fans who put money in your pocket in the first place :-)

  • So Real

    With so many balls in the air, I believe everyone is waiting until everything comes crashing down. He used to laugh and make fun of those in the fashion business; then turned around with a line that went up in poof of smoke. Now he wants to put his hat in the fragrance ring? We all know that he’s going to use girl as much as he can for this line. As Chloe pointed out, this is strategy to spotlight his relationship because we all know he will have his girl front and center.

    It’s a shame how he prattles off how he loves his fans; yet he drops concerts without a care in the world and for what? Television? Granted The Voice is an amazing show, I just sour at how he keeps saying how it’s good for the band’s image. If that were the case he’d put his attentions on the band and little less time parading his social life. That’s all he yammers about every chance he gets via interviews (and let’s not forget his gush fest on Stern) for magazines, television and web; his relationship and The Voice. Now add his roles on a golf show, a record label and now fragrance line. Is it still all good for the band’s image, Adam? If you think that, then you really have insulted a many fans intelligence.

  • Frustrated

    He needs a good smack and a reality check. You’re a musician Levine, let’s get back to making records & touring huh? The band are gonna live to regret the day he signed up for The Voice. Sure it gave them a huge hit with Moves Like Jagger but it also created a self indulgent monster.

  • Whatever

    It already stinks… Of sell out.

  • Sandy

    @Maroon 5 fan: JUST PERFECT! Well said!

  • Sandra

    @Maroon 5 fan:
    Jesse Carmichael just left Maroon 5. They said it’s temporary, but I don’t believe. Sad news.

  • sad…

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t think there’s anything sincere about Adam Levine left. There doesn’t seem to be any passion behind all these different endeavours of his. Even with the new album Maroon 5 is making. They are pushing it early to CAPITALISE on the success of Moves Like Jagger. And this isn’t an assumption, it was actually said. Seriously, how can someone who GENUINELY cares about music do that? That disgusts me way too much to even have a thread of respect for him.

  • Maroon 5 Fan

    @Sandra: I agree, that is really sad news but why take so long to announce the news? Maroon 5 fans are so loyal & vigilant, they noticed he was missing after 1 show. 3 months later they decide to share why? I hope he’s ok. PJ Morton is a great musician and has been playing on tour with them for a couple of years now so the replacement isn’t shocking to the fans, PJ is well liked and respected. It should be a seamless transition it won’t however be the same without Jesse but I wish him only good things.

    I look forward to the new album, and to the one after that when Jesse returns.

  • Sandra

    @Maroon 5 Fan: If he returns…..

  • Chloe

    I had to comment on this that just came out:

    (WENN) – Adam Levine is proud to be releasing a perfume despite previously criticizing celebrity scents because he is adamant his fragrance will be “done properly.”

    What the hell does he mean by “done properly”? Is he trying to imply that his scent will be beyond better that his peers that have had celebrity scents way before him? He said this same nonsense when he pushed out his now defunct jeans line. That venture didn’t even make it to a year, and he wants us all to sit here and believe that he will be a much better fragrance marketer than those who have three to four scents to their name, and who, quite frankly, could be doing well with.

    He should be going into politics rather than the fragrance business. He’a quite the expert in double talk and downplaying past snipes/comments he’s made. Not only that but since when has he EVER been big on fashion? I’m still scratching my head on that statement he keeps yammering about.

  • Sandy

    @Chloe: Dear, he’s dating Anne “V”….He lost his mind.



    yeah! ur right.. he’s soooo damn HOOooottt.. :))

  • Norberta

    Adam Levine is ridiculous. He changed his mind about this matter (or would be someone else next to him).