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Gwyneth Paltrow: Louis Vuitton & Marc Jacobs Exhibition!

Gwyneth Paltrow: Louis Vuitton & Marc Jacobs Exhibition!

Gwyneth Paltrow poses at a photo call for the Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs exhibition at Les Arts Décoratifs on Wednesday (March 7) in Paris, France.

Kristen Stewart, designer Karl Lagerfeld, and Sarah Jessica Parker also came out to support Marc Jacobs, who arrived in a bright pink outfit.

“Conceived as a tale of two men, the multimedia exhibition examines fascinating, vastly different periods in the fashion industry: the 19th-century world of steamer trunks inhabited by founder Louis Vuitton, and the razzle-dazzle global business energized with potent seasonal fashion shows by Marc Jacobs, Vuitton‘s artistic director since 1997,” WWD reports.

Earlier in the day, SJP checked out the Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week.

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  • Margo

    Just because you are a top designer Mr. Jacob’s doesn’t mean that it is acceptable to walk out of the house with this head to toe mess of a look! smh

  • Second

    Kris looks lovely.

    I wonder if the best dress-brigade will mention anything about Marc Jacobs and how inappropriately he is dressed, to his own fashion event, no LESS!! I hope he is not being a special snowflake and expect special treatment !! No one wants to sit next to an unshaven, hairy legged cross-dressed man in a pink polo dress and tattoos down his arms.
    Or is this arbitrary dress rule only applies to young people, not the old and ugly?

  • jazzy

    Gwyneth looks a mess.

  • jazzy

    Gwyneth looks a mess

  • Dieter

    I just came on the beautiful ass of Gwyneths !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Soap

    I’m no fan but Gwyneth Paltrow looks really good in that suit. Kristin Stewart looks horrible. Too much eyeliner + wild hair.

  • Farmer Ted

    @jazzy: She has great legs. Shame about the horse face.

  • twenty-two

    The suit is too small for Gwyneth and her hair looks greasy.

  • gemini

    Both ladies should tone down the eye liner.

  • Lea

    Wait…….does he have a spongebob tattoo up his arm?????? Is Patrick on the other arm, holding on a my-best-friend-is-on-the other-arm banner???

  • pony

    Apparently people aren’t much of Kristen Stewart Fans (I’m captain obvious :D) But she looks sexy and beautiful here. The hate is because all the preconceived things people think about her, but I’m 10000% sure that if another hollywood girl had had that look everyone would have LOVE IT!!! But because is KS people say she looks trashy, wash your hair and blah blah blah… Yes, I’m a KS fan but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna hate all the other actresses, that seem pretty childish to me. If she doesn’t want to wash he hair and doesn’t care being photographed that way then let it be, she’s happy and sooooo young, even if she’s in the showbiz since 8 that doesn’t mean that the rude comments don’t hurt … I hope this doesn’t get -45 hahahaha … I didn’t insult anyone or said rude thing … Excuse my english, Is not my first language :D

  • Dieter

    Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman are the most beautiful woman alive !!!!!!

  • cayenne

    I took a second look at Marc and was intrigued by the look but if you go a little deeper and read about why this event is titled then it bears no explanation! His dress represents “period in time”. Essentially Marc has acheived his interpretation of what that represents in fashion of our time being today!

  • Carbon Copy

    So…. What was Marc Jacobs thinking when he left his house? Does he really think he looks trendy or good? The fact he’s gay doesn’t mean he needs to look crazy.

  • boo

    @Lea: I thought the same thing. They must be fake!

  • Gossipgirl

    Ugh….Goop still flat-ironing her hair like it’s 1997. Goop it is 2012 out there!

  • jolie

    I have nothing against Kristen, in fact I like her but I just think she’s way too overexposed. You know when you start seeing a celebrity at every party, event, magazine, it gets annoying. And in what world did Marc Jacobs think that wearing something like that was appropriate to wear in public?

  • my2cents

    @Dieter: Gwynnie has seen better days. Cammie’s looking rough. Nicole seems to be laying off the botox. Hopefully she’ll get her old face back. Of these three, she was the only truly beautiful one before she started with the botox.

  • ha!

    celebrity hobos!

  • Lena

    Marc Jacobs looks ridiculous.

  • Susan

    It’s kind of weird to see this side of Kirsten Stewart. I kind of like the skinny jeans, t-shirt’s and converse side of her. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me but it almost made her less Hollywood when she dresses down.

  • YUCK…


  • YUCK…


  • katie

    Someone please help me figure out why on Earth Gwenyth Paltrow is famous and gets to be so privileged while being so cocky and self-righteous.

  • Pepsi

    Kristen looks better in casual clothes.
    Gwyneth is a 40 year old trying to dress like a teenager.

  • ex nihilo

    a reason right here why i’ll never get caught dead in any jacobs anything

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Is that a man wearing a pink dress – or whatever it’s supposed to be? He looks like something left over from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  • ms. Pendleton

    very pretty shirt dress
    I not know the brand but I like to buy one for my husband and my doctor

  • der

    They all look dirty.

  • name

    Marc Jacobs is so poorly dress, how disrespectful. If Rob or Kristen showed up at an event this poorly turned out (or leaving a fine dining according to some people), they would be toast my haters. I guess ugly old men don’t get measured with the same stick.


    i actually don´t like gwyneth..but i have to admit her style gets better and better.
    the minimalistic thing she is doing is very hard to pull..only few women can..and she does it very well.
    kristen on the other hand…no no..she might be a pretty girl,but don´t like her “sexy” style at all..i think she looks a million times sexier in jeans and t-shirt–at least more natural.
    she just looks awkward to me

  • SFRowGuy

    >.< Marc, are you trying to show up Karl in the weird department? Please go back to wearing the kilts.

  • JJ

    Gwyneth looks greasy and she has raccoon eyes.
    Not a good look.

  • Mejay

    Her mom is a well known actress and her dad a producer and director; it’s simple…nepotism. That being said, I don’t really mind her, is she an elitist? Of course, her mom is a well known actress and her dad a producer/ director, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, so she is what she is. I think she is well intentioned, her acting isn’t bad, and she has a great sense of style (or a great stylist). Although it is annoying, I cant really fault her for her elitism, she’s lived on a cloud and has probably never had to come down to where the rest of society lives.

  • ms. Pendleton
  • Norberta

    His dress represents “period in time”. Essentially Marc has achieved his interpretation of what that represents in fashion of our time being today!