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Lily Collins: Nylon Cover Party!

Lily Collins: Nylon Cover Party!

Lily Collins is pretty in a pink Honor dress at the celebration of her Nylon cover held at Scarpetta on Tuesday (March 6) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 22-year-old Mirror Mirror star, who finished her look with Brian Atwood shoes and a Coach bag, was joined by celeb pals Chord Overstreet, Zelda Williams, Ashley Madekwe, Christa B. Allen, and Nylon Editor-in-Chief Marvin Scott Jarrett.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lily Collins

Also spotted: Shenae Grimes, Victoria Justice, Ryan Rottman, and Josh Henderson.

Be sure to check out Lily‘s March 2012 Nylon cover, spread, and interview if you haven’t seen them yet!

FYI: Nylon and Coach hosted the fab event.

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Credit: Michael Buckner; Photos: WireImage
Posted to: Ashley Madekwe, Chord Overstreet, Christa B Allen, Lily Collins, Zelda Williams

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  • lauren

    Dont get me wrong shes pretty , somthing about her screams fake

  • Robsten_Fan

    Love her… <3

  • Cindy

    I really like the pink dress. Who is the designer?

    Lily looks great

  • Sara

    KONY 2012 #StopKony

  • dany

    beautiful! :)

  • jelly

    Her eyebrows make her face looks…. weird.

  • penelope

    well, where’s her boyfriend? oh, i forgot, he don’t support his girlfriends, just use them when needed.

  • creep

    @lauren: oh lauren, is sad to see you’re trashing the girl, just because she is the new gf of your golden boy, really, get a life, buddy.

  • lauren

    uh no. its not that,
    and ”new gf” when clearly its not?
    also look whos talking? your trashing me. how bout you get a life?

  • creep

    @lauren: i’m not trashing you, i’m trashing your attitudes… Well, he spend valentine’s with her, i guess thats pretty much what boyfriends and girlfriends do, right? lol.

  • Sara


    What do you call sticking with Vanessa whenher naked pics leaked? Guess how many people told him to break up with her for that.

    He’s not there to support Lily he’s a jerk. He’s there people would say it’s publicity and he’s a jerk. He can’t win.

  • penelope

    @Sara: well, i couldn’t care less about vanessa. I don’t like HIM, that doenst mean that i like her lol.

  • Lisa

    Lily looks soooooooo B E A U T I F U L !

  • lauren

    uh yea, but again when you hear things like how this is all a pr stunt and etc it makes you wonder on both ends? no?

  • creep

    @lauren: If she was an A-list celeb, i guess it would make me wonder, but shes not, so the pr stunt would only work for her… Don’t think that Zac’s agents would agree with a deal that doesn’t benefit him.

  • Sue

    @penelope: he was actually on a plane going to London for work. He does work

  • penelope

    @Sue: whatever you say won’t be enough to change my mind, so why are even maing an effort? I still think that he a douche, probably the new Dicaprio (in the relationship department, cause he will never be close to Dicaprio when it comes to acting skills)

  • click here

    Who cares people. Go live your lives for god sakes.

  • lauren

    zac is considered A-list?
    i think its more on him or both his or her teams tbh,
    lily team cus she’s not well known, and her ‘dating’ launter and all that kinda didnt work? but his team because idk they want to make him so ‘player” dude or whatever.

  • creep

    @lauren: he’s not A-list, but he’s well known, probably if they wanted to make a pr stunt they would put him with idk…. taylor swift.

  • lauren

    yea..but i think his team of ppl are trying to do anything to make him somthing he’s not?idk

  • creep

    @lauren: well, ppl say that his pr team had something to do with the zanessa break up… idk, but if they did that, i think they are capable of everthing…

  • lauren

    yea who knows what is going on honestly.
    sorry if i came off a bitch :0

  • Emma

    Lily looks stunning, she becoming one good actress

  • KissThis

    Not really a fan, but her acting could get better. I’m pretty sure she’s only famous because her dad is Phil Collins.

  • Sara


    I didn’t say it was about liking or hating but I said it pointing out you are wrong to say he doesn’t support girlfriends cuz he supported Vanessa in a bad time when a lot of people would have left.

  • Effy

    I think she’s really pretty and in interviews, she sounds very genuine.

  • Stan

    Love Lily

  • savannah

    Really pretty :) She looks so innocent and nice!

  • Sue

    @penelope: Just get the facts straight that’s all I could care less who you like or don’t like

  • penelope

    @Sue: stupid b1tch, if you “could care less”, that means you care a lot lol, learn how to use expressions right, lol

  • Sue

    @penelope: why are you being so hostile .I did not insult you or call you names, all I said was Zac was working that is probably why he was not with Lily. Did that mean you have to call me names and be insulting. I will not play this game with you and stup to your level and insult you. I hope you have a nice day.Hate Zac all you want that is your right

  • tina

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012Crashing Zac Efron’s movie DATE!
    Haven’t blogged in a couple of days because, I have been working everyday! I really don’t want to blog about work! A few things have happened recently….LINDSAY LOHAN has signed an autograph in NEW YORK! This is a SHOCKER! Lindsay hasn’t signed an autograph in years!!….years!! I’m seriously shocked!! As she was heading some where after hosting SNL, she signed an autograph on the way out of a restaurant. LA is next, we want autographs from Lindsay!!

    The other day after work I got a call from someone that Zac Efron was seeing a movie at Universal City walk, with a girl. I’ve been wanting a picture with Zac Efron for awhile. Well it turned out Zac didn’t take pictures with anyone, I guess he doesn’t like pictures of himself. He just seems really shy in person. We approached Zac with things to get autographed. Lily Collins who was with him just kept giving dirty looks, and tried pulling him away from us! She was extremely rude with us and she acted a little jealous that nobody wanted a picture with her! Sorry we crashed your movie date Zac Efron, but Lily Collins….I am NOT sorry! I mean did they really expect nobody to know they were going to be at the movies!? This is Hollywood!?! The autographers, and photographers know their every move! I will NOT be seeing Mirror Mirror because of her behavior the other night! I usually will still see movies with these actors if they are rude when I meet them….but this time NO! Just the way she treated us fans was rude! I mean really Miss Collins?….you have ONLY 36,000 followers on Twitter, don’t treat the fans like that! I mean Kim Kardashian has over 13 MILLION followers, and she takes the time to talk to her fans and take pictures!! A few photographers were there and one of them was to busy TEXTING that he didn’t even get the shot of Zac & Lily together!! There are STILL no pictures to prove they are together!! The photos would have made HEAD LINES, WORLD WIDE! Those pictures

  • nobody cares for him

    l@lauren: now you’re starting to hate on your idol’s current b? lol you’re so pathethic

  • nobody cares for him

    @Sara: In that regard I agree with penelope, he’s really a jerk!

  • offtheproperty

    Pictures of Lily.

  • kimmie

    @tina: wow, i don’t know if that’s true, but if lily was really like that, like, a total… Then it’s a OTP with Zac, since he is a jerk lol.

  • whatever

    Sorry, but that’s got to be the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen. Shiny, hot pink, and ugly style. Could NOT get worse. And she’s just NOT attractive. And who told her she was an actress? Ugh, so sick of little rich girls and models who wake up one morning and decide they are now going to be actresses. What a slap in the face to those who have been working in the business since they were young, developing their skills and auditioning, only to have parts go to untalented people like Lily, who have nepotism in their pocket. So wrong.

  • lauren

    @nobody cares of him?
    uh no.
    its called being realistic,
    go eff yourself

  • Norberta

    I still think that he a douche, probably the new DiCaprio (in the relationship department, cause he will never be close to DiCaprio when it comes to acting skills)