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Orlando Bloom: 'Zulu' with Djimon Hounsou!

Orlando Bloom: 'Zulu' with Djimon Hounsou!

Orlando Bloom makes his way through Heathrow Airport on Wednesday (March 7) in London, England.

The 35-year-old English actor was spotted leaving Los Angeles with his cutie pie son, Flynn, earlier in the week.

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Orlando‘s wife, Miranda Kerr, walked the runway during the Chanel presentation at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday!

It was recently announced that Orlando has joined the cast of the upcoming film Zulu! He’ll team up with Djimon Hounsou to play police officers investigating the murder of a rugby player’s 18-year-old daughter. Filming will begin in South Africa in July.

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  • Soap

    I think Orland Bloom should play edgier characters and really avoid swashbuckling films for at least the next decade. I can’t vividly remember a single film he has been in except for LOTR and Pirates.

  • zoe

    Yuck! He looks d*mn gross. Seriously hide that face please. Miranda really deserves someone better.

  • lol

    For those who dare to hire him again…they should have known that most of his films bombed big times due to his lack of talent and popularity.

  • bronte

    He looks really unattractive these days, double chin, wearing the same clothes day after day, he is really ugly, can’t believe he was ever considered hot, Miranda really needs to upgrade, he drags her down!

  • flower girl

    I never noticed he has Woman’s hips.

    anyway.. I think it is just crazy that he can’t land a good role. Love him in LOTR, but that was a sure bet. I don’t know why he can’t translate. He is a good looking man. Charming but something is not clicking.

    He and his wife are getting lots of media attention because of the baby. I would like to see him in a good role. But don’t see what is coming up next for him

  • Wsabi

    Why would anyone hire this guy? His own movie that he co-produced “THE GOOD DOCTOR” WAS NEVER RELEASED IN CINEMAS ANYWHERE, AND WAS ONLY SHOWN ON TV IN JAPAN!!! How hilarious is that? He is a D-LISTER who needs to gtfo!

  • Frozoid

    He looks jowly and dissipated. Is he a boozer?

  • LOL!

    Sad, hateful, loser trying to insult a man who has it all?
    P A T H E T I C !

  • yes!

    Love that gorgeous man!

  • yikes

    That’s one ugly wash up man-child. Why is he even featured on JJ in the first place? I can’t understand why his fangirls continue to fawn over this loser. He is seriously a 2/10, nothing more.

  • hmm

    That’s funny.
    Most of these sock puppet posts sound exactly like some posts on delphi. But that can’t be, can it? Could those losers be posting here since their own site is so dead? But no, the delphites claim that they don’t even visit this site, much less post. And we know that they never lie, right?

  • Gossipgirl

    I love Djimon! I will definitely be seeing this movie.

  • No Way

    I shall never understand why people come here when a picture of Orlando is shown and suddenly bash him. You bash him for his looks, but if you traveled from LA to Paris to London in a matter of days with never the chance to rest up and get needed sleep, how do you think you would look? Pictures do not do him justice. How do I know that? I’ve had the priveledge of seeing him in person. You also bash him on his acting. If you ever read anything about him, you would know he did not want to do any larger films like Pirates. Delphi? Didn’t know who they were until a mate told me where they were. Sorry I looked. If anyone is a loser, its that bunch. Very vicious people who refer to Flynn as “the prop” and “flunky”. What goes round, comes round so hope fate bites them all on the backside. Stupid women over there.

  • Ahh

    Orlando Bloom peaked in 2002. Why is he still relevant?

  • Sandy

    I Think Orlando is a great actor. He was great in LOTR and Pirates but he has done other great movies too. He was great in Ned Kelly and Calcium Kid and Kingdom of Heaven. I thought he did a great job in Haven and Elizabethtown and Troy as well. He has said that he does not want to do blockbusters but wants to focus on doing indie movies. There is nothing wrong with that. I want to get the movie sympathy for delicious because I read he did an excellent job in it. I want to see the good doctor when it comes out. That movie looks really intriguing because he plays a doctor. Does anyone know if main street is available on DVD yet? He also did a fabulous job in the three musketeers. He is going to be in cities soon with Kirsten dunst and the movie sounds interesting. Zulu sounds like it will be a good movie just from reading the storyline. Orlando is a great actor and is just treated unfairly by the critics. He is also a handsome man and his wife is beautiful and Flynn is so cute. What’s with the Orlando bashing? He has talent as an actor and he comes across as sweet and down to earth.

  • @Ahh

    Because he married a supermodel whose name is Miranda Kerr and is big enough to make even her puppy famous.

  • Yuck!

    Look at that fugly dog face. He should feel ashamed of himself and disappear forever. What are you expecting Orlando? Such a talentless fame seeker. Miranda and Flynn would be much better without you!

  • can’t help laughing

    Isn’t it amusing? I just see one lonely fangirl trying desperately to pretend different people defending her beloved Orly aka Hasbeen. I’m sorry hon but the majority would never agree with you. A real woman would never be fascinated by such a loser who only lives by his wife’s fame and money and even cash in on his dearest son. How can silly girls falling for Bloom when there are George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal or even the young Robert Pattinson is far much better.

  • Laura

    I really don’t understand how people can hate so much someone they don’t even know. It’s not healthy and it’s definitely not normal. You are not obligated to care about him, or to click on a post about him or to seek information about him, you can even close your eyes during his parts on a movie.
    But it doesn’t make sense. You don’t know him, I know stardom gives you a sense of knowledge but it’s not real, he is a person with feelings and parents, who you don’t know.
    And saying Flynn is better off without him, please, no child is better off without a father, especially since Orlando seems to be a loving one.
    So do yourselves a favor and stop this viciousness, it only does you harm, it doesn’t affect him at all. Haters, curiously enough seem to be the ones that care more about a celebrity, so set yourself free of these terrible obsession. Get out of the computer, out of your anonymous name and get some air, decide that there are better things for yourself other than blind hatred .
    Live your life, and let him live his

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    He doesn’t look like Orlando Bloom anymore.

  • just notice

    Anyone can easily see that Flynn looks so much happier with his mommy and vice versa, or maybe I should say that they seem to be more comfortable without Orlando around. Miranda surely can balance well between motherhood and jobs and still look so effortlessly gorgeous. So I guess Orlando is not that important or more likely, is unwanted.

  • haha

    He should be banned taking pictures again. Looking awful as always.

  • Laura

    You haters live very sad lives. Can’t imagine how empty you must feel inside

  • LOL!

    That’s rich.
    The hater SOCKPUPPET claiming that there is only one Orlando fan here.
    P A T H E T I C ! ! ! !

  • go away

    I hope that poor lonely shipper and Orlando Bloom himself would just go away and disappear. Miranda please open your eyes and watch out! Is this loser going to share with your life like forever? Do you really want to watch this old face everyday just like awful nightmares? Hey be nicer to yourself girl!

  • hmmm

    I think that it is funny that one minute the delphi and delphi junior girls are calling Orlando a has been who no one cares about. And in the next breath that are claiming that Miranda is only getting HF work because of Orlando’s popularity. ?? Which is it, ladies? It can’t be both.
    As for your taste in men? well, you really don’t have much, do you.
    George Clooney? Serial womanizer who only dates so that he will have arm candy for public appearances.
    Brad Pitt? There’s a winner for you. A pothead who cheated on his wife. What a great guy!
    Johnny Depp? A man who supported a pedophile, and insulted his home country because we were too smart to pay to see his horrible films? No thank you.
    Ryan Gosling? BORING!
    Jake Gyllenhaal? Closeted
    Robert Pattinson? Ugly, no talent, dirty slob who will dissappear once that idiotic twilight cr@p is over.
    You would pick those guys over handsome, talented RICH, successful, altruistic, kind, intelligent Orlando?
    You really are stupid, aren’t you.

  • @26

    OMG to put down all those great actors who will win life time achievement awards at the Oscars someday then call orlando bloom “handsome, talented RICH, successful, altruistic, kind, intelligent ” is plain delusion talking. “shakes head”"” I pray there is still some common sense in this world.

  • Mag

    Putting down hate with more hate doesn’t make anything better.
    It just shows that all you people filled with nothing good to give away have very serious issues. Therapy works, I hear

  • Sandy

    I think orlando is handsome and a very talented actor. He is definitely successful and rich and intelligent and comes across as sweet and kind. You can see he is an excellent father to Flynn and is very loving and protective of Flynn. What’s with the bashing and hatred towards Orlando? Miranda married him because she loves him. I don’t get why there are so many insults towards him. He wants to do indie films and there’s nothing wrong with that. He still is very successful as an actor.

  • hmmm

    All those great actors? And you included Ryan, Jake and ROBERT in that mix??? LOL! Now THAT is funny. Especially if you consider Robert a great actor. That is hilarious, and certainly explains your bias.
    George and Brad are great actors, and Johnny used to be great, but he has become a joke.
    But is great acting your only qualifier for what would make a good husband? Eveything I said about their personal lives is true. Just as everything I said about Orlando is true.
    The only one here who is delusional is you. Delusional and blind.

  • @26again

    I think that it is funny that one minute the delphi and delphi junior girls are calling Orlando a has been who no one cares about. And in the next breath that are claiming that Miranda is only getting HF work because of Orlando’s popularity. ?? Which is it, ladies? It can’t be both.
    ————Because they are not the same group of people. You big idiot!

  • hmmm

    Oh sweety. Just visit their site and you will see them trade off on those ideas on the same page.
    Same posters, same hypocrisy. Check it out yourself…..idiot.
    But wait, you’re probably a member. That’s why my comment touched a nerve and you reacted so strongly. You know that I’m right! LOL!

  • omg

    @hmmm: Are you living in Mars? Bashing those award-worthy superstar and making Orlando Bloom saint? OMG this is just beyond ridiculous. Now we know how nasty your taste is.

  • hmmm

    The truth is not bashing. What exactly did I say that wasn’t true?
    Come on, I want to hear it.

  • @32

    No sorry but you really need to get some REAL brain. Not everyone likes your prince charming. Actually most people now don’t even care about him. As for people who care, some of them may really adore him, while the others are just taking him as JOKES! Not all haters are Delphi.

  • @32

    Ryan Gosling is boring = true? Oh maybe just in your fantasy world.
    Jake Gyllenhaal = Closeted is just like Orlando Bloom = Gay
    Robert Pattinson = Ugly, no talent?! Um hello? Who is more popular? Orlando Monkey Bloom or Mr. Pattinson?

  • hmmm

    I never claimed that everyone liked him, did I. I was simply pointing out the ridiculous hypocrisy of you haters.
    And joke? Again, rich, successful, talented, handsome, kind, altruistic and intelligent can’t be a joke. Sorry.
    And no, not every hater is a delphidiot. But as someone said on another thread….if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

  • @37

    @hmmm: You know what? You sound like an alien by saying rich, successful, talented, handsome, kind, altruistic and intelligent about Orlando Bloom. Jokes, both you and your dear Prince Charming.

  • hmmm

    Ryan is very bland = boring
    Jake is closeted = everone knows, so he should just come out. Just like everyone knows (except one or two tinhat holdouts) that Orlando is straight.
    Robert is only popular because of that horrible movie series. Once that is over, he will be shoved aside by the teen girls for the new flavor of the month. That happens to every heartthrob, and the only way to survive is to have real talent. I hope that Rob is saving his money. And yes, I think that he is ugly in normal life. In the films, with makeup, a hair dresser, and someone to make sure that he showers regularly, he is passably cute. But classically handsome? Not a chance.

  • for bloom haters

    Calm down. Be nice. Let fans live in their fantasy world if they want. Orlando is so incredible that the whole world should love him or it must be illegal to speak. You know, just let them dream.

  • @39

    It’s your opinion, not the majority. And actually you are minority, so get over yourself. Shut up.

  • hmmm

    An alien? That makes no sense whatsoever.
    And yes, Orlando is all of those things.
    Rich = worth over 40 million
    Successful = starred in two of the biggest franchises in history, and also has a successful lead career. He continues to make movies that interest him, and he continually gets great reviews.
    Talented = great reviews and the respect of his peers. he was also nominated for best supporting actor for the Australian film Ned Kelley. Handsome = absolutely, IMO
    Kind = everyone from his fellow actors, to reporters, to educators and his fans talk about how incredibly kind and compassionate he is.
    Altruistic = give his time and money to numerous charities. Even being named an ambassador for UNICEF
    Intelligent = again, people are always mentioning how “bright” he is.
    Prove me wrong. Come on.

  • hmmm

    Again, please point out where I claimed that the entire world should love him.
    Calling haters on lies and ridiculous statements is what a fan does. If debate bothers you, then you’re on the wrong site. Isn’t that why you guys left JJ in the first place? Those pesky fans wouldn’t let you lie to your heart’s content?

  • hmmm

    Exactly, it’s my opinion. An opinion that I am entitled to.
    No matter what idiot tells me to “shut up”

  • @42

    Why should I reply to your total nonsense. It’s all your imagination, after all.

  • hmmm

    In other words, you can’t prove me wrong. LOL!
    You post all of that garbage but when faced with facts, you tuck tail and run.
    Typical hater. Facts are your enemy.
    Off to bed now. It’s been fun….for me, anyway. LOL!

  • @46

    No. you are the one who fail to see the FACT. Orlando Bloom, yes I’m talking about your prince charming, is a nobody in the industry. If he’s indeed that popular as you try to prove, then tell me why all those promising projects never give him lead roles? Why? Are those directors insane? No, you are just too crazy to see the fact he is a Dlister at best.

  • B-)

    JJ does have special interest in this hasbeen, well that’s how a popular wife would benefit you right, Orly? Don’t you know your are so 2005 B-)

  • career dead, officially

    If anyone is going to hire him, they should at least recheck his popularity. He’s no longer popular as he was. Actually haters seem to be more than lovers. It’s not too surprise that he has been jobless for so long –> since Orlando Bloom lead = Bomb

  • ss

    His wife only started getting popular since she’s been dating him actually. And she makes 4 million a year while he makes 1 million for only 2 minutes in a movie. And he is much more know worldwide than her, if I went on the streets pretty much nobody would know who miranda is, not because she doesn’t have talent but because she;s not important
    I agree he’s not that talented but there’s no need to bash him, don’t see how him not doing well in the industry nowadays affects your personal life. Probably because you DON’T have a personal life. But oh well, can’t judge.
    So just back off, u really have to be a nobody to take time to bash someone, so work it out and try to be someone
    You’re all pathetic in the end of the day. Take comfort on that