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Taylor Kitsch: Exclusive Interview!

Taylor Kitsch: Exclusive Interview!

Taylor Kitsch poses for an exclusive photo shoot at the Four Seasons Hotel late last month in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 30-year-old actor sat down with to chat about his new movie, John Carter, which hits theaters this Friday (March 9).

Taylor also opened up about his fit physique, whether he’d do a Friday Night Lights movie, and what he considers his biggest accomplish so far in his career.

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JJ: The billboards for John Carter are all over Los Angeles. How are you feeling with this film’s huge release?
TK: It helps when your so proud of it and the work you did. It makes it a lot easier when I’m excited about it. You know what you’re getting into when you sign up to do something like this.

JJ: How did this project come about?
TK: I just got a call from my manager and she asked if I would take a general meeting with [director] Andrew Stanton, so it wasn’t a question. It was basically a meeting just to get to know one another, just because it’s a three picture deal, hopefully. They were saying before that this could possibly be a 10-year job. I had the meeting and it was amazing. I walked out of that meeting ready to do anything to get that role, and then that process came in to play. I did cold reads and then I earned the screen test and did two 14-hour days in wardrobe and everything.

JJ: The Mars aspect must have been fun for you as an actor. What else attracted you to the project?
TK: I think Stanton as a storyteller. You walk into this first meeting and it was floor to ceiling preparation. You see the world he’s created and you just want to be a part of it. His energy is so infectious. The character is incredible. I wouldn’t have taken the role if it were just action for the sake of action or just to be a part of a big movie. That’s not what drives me in any way shape or form. It was the character [Andrew] talked about. He didn’t talk budget and didn’t talk about effects in that meeting and I think that’s when you know you’re hanging around the right kind of people.

JJ: What was the process for you to get ready for this role?
TK: I wish I walked around looking like that! (laughs)

JJ: You might have to keep up that figure for the next 10 years!
TK: It’s a challenge, put it that way. It’s more of a marathon to keep it that way, which is very tough, especially when you’re working as well. It’s not like I was just working out and resting. I hope to do another one!

JJ: How did your workout change?
TK: It’s just discipline, even more of it. I worked out at 4:30 in the morning before work, surrounded every meal with protein, taking in twice as much food and then the discipline truly comes with the training, but more with just the diet.

JJ: It’s rumored a Friday Night Lights movie is in the works. Would you do it?
TK: I don’t know. I haven’t read the script. For me personally that the fans were a huge factor is the reason for us going five seasons. I really have felt the love since [the show] has ended – people coming up to me and saying, “Oh my God, I can’t believe it’s over.” I loved playing that guy.

JJ: What would you say is your greatest accomplishment so far in your career?
TK: I think we have a f—— amazing year coming out, man. I’m very proud that these guys are completely different, from working with Andrew Stanton to Pete Berg to Oliver Stone. Working with [John] Travolta to Willem Dafoe, really just growing as an actor and as a person.

JJ: You have some awesome films coming out this year, including Savages.
TK: That’s going to be an incredible movie! I haven’t even seen it and I just feel that way. It’s just one of those things that while you are doing it, you’re just like, “Oh man, this is going to be good when you cut this thing.”

JJ: Did you enjoy working with Blake Lively in that film?
TK: I didn’t have a lot [of scenes] with Blake. She’s very sweet, but she gets kidnapped in the beginning of the story. I did a lot with Travolta and Benicio Del Toro and Aaron Johnson.

JJ: Awesome cast!
TK: Oh yeah, self explanatory.

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  • Someone Else’s Anus

    So gritty!

  • Pattycake

    Big fan here! I think this will be Taylor’s time, and well deserved. He’s a very good actor.

  • fat loss

    Looks like more of an old school actor… cool

  • Kiki

    Love him!!!

  • One love

    Hotness overload

  • Britta

    love me some him!!

    How to Stop Racism ..Once & For All – <– this could work!

  • KissThis

    he’s so freakin sexy! omg…. lol

  • joyce

    of course just jared finds some way to fit in blake lively. whatever, i love taylor kittsch

  • Ruby

    You caught that too, huh, Joyce?

    It’s certainly odd that Taylor had two extremely explicit sex scenes with Blake in this film, but tries to get out of having to say anything about her because “they didn’t have a lot of scenes.”

  • mel

    wtf Blake lively? how much does her team payou jared?

  • Sandrine

    Stupid guy who doesn’t know anything about geography. Best part is this douche doesn’t even know where his plane landed! Idiot!!! Doesn’t matter if you’re hot if you have nothing between your ears. I’ve never seen someone as moronic! Ugh!

  • Hummmm WTF


    Dear Sandrine, Is it possible for you to watch the interview again and figure out that it is Letterman who said “Philippines” ? … His only mistake is that while telling the story about customs he didn’t correct Letterman word … If you want to find moronic people, please watch Kardashians Sisters on E!

  • K

    Sex scenes? Blake Lively? Sign me up!

  • Ruby


    The complete insanity with which the Filipino people, up to and including his Wikipedia page being hacked, thousands of people tweeting Oprah/ HuffPo/calling him a stupid American (LOL)/ hurling homophobic epithets/ etc. on Twitter, and including the President of the Philippines demanding he make a public apology (for what, exactly? Not listening closely enough to Letterman to make sure the host didn’t insult the Philippines? Because that makes total sense), far outweighs anything the severity of anything Taylor Kitsch has ever said. And Hummm is right – Taylor never said “The Philippines” in the first place.

    Let it go. Y’ALL LOOK CRAZY.

  • Maria

    I’m a Filipino and I think he’s amazing
    he’s so hot

  • Just Sayin

    @Ruby They can call him a stupid American but he’s neither stupid or American.

  • Jerry

    I’m hopelessly in love with him. He comes across as a real gentleman. Tim Riggins forever!

  • Reina

    Actually, I think he managed to offend Filipinos AND Indonesians, with all the comments on corruption. Very unfortunate way of expressing oneself.

  • Hummmm WTF

    On which planet are you living ? People gets crazy about this tiny incident that will at the end not change anything except the fact that people act like sheeps following without knowing. Why don’t we concentrate on more important thing because making him apologize for something he hasn’t said is insane. Corruption exists and if he experienced it in Indonesia, he like anybody has the right to say so, He never said all indonesian people were corrupted…. He never said Philippines and Indonesia are the same … This is a talk show not G20 or UN … please !

  • Ruby


    Actually, he couldn’t have possibly offended Indonesians, since the Indonesian government has identified the officer who harassed and extorted Taylor, suspended him without pay, and is currently being investigated. That is, Taylor was telling the TRUTH about what happened to him and Letterman screwed up the story. Get. Over. It.

  • Reina

    @Ruby: I still think that, true or not, it was awkward and inopportune. If he had discussed something else it would have been better. Especially if you are there to sell a movie worldwide.

  • Sandrine


    Yes! He should have listened to what David was saying and corrected him when David made the mistake. Problem is, he is accusing someone of corruption. Yes, he has the right to tell that story but he should get his facts straight. It was a sin of omission on his part.