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Zac Efron: I Try to be Green as Much as I Can

Zac Efron: I Try to be Green as Much as I Can

Zac Efron heads back to his hotel after grabbing dinner at a nearby restaurant on Wednesday (March 7) in Madrid, Spain.

The 24-year-old actor has been busy promoting his animated movie, The Lorax, which recently topped the box office.

“I try to be green, as much as I can. It’s hard. I feel like I’m never doing enough,” Zac recently told

“I’ve always been searching for a way to get more involved and to help, and I felt like this movie, with the message that it has, was a really organic way to be able to help and get involved for me as an actor because there are only so many things you can do,” he added. “As they say in the movie it only takes one seed. So, I think we’re planting those seeds.”

In case you missed it, check out Zac singing The Beach Boys‘ “Barbara Ann” on Conan!

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  • Tiffany

    ZAC EFRON is a wonderful human being. i love an actor how really cares about the environment.

  • He Is A Douche

    No he’s not! Was the condom green?

  • He Is A Douche

    Strip clubs green? from what i’ve heard it’s not smoke free there. Alcohol green? Def not. But whatever!

  • He Is A Douche

    There ya go. he dropped an organic condom

  • He Is A Douche

    words are cheap and easy to say. people can see through your fake-ness!!!

  • Zzz

    holy hell you’re gullibel. You really believe every word that comes out of his mouth? He’s promoting a movie and all this is, is a sound bite.
    Want to actually prove you’re being green efron how about trading in you audi for a more enviormental friendly car.

  • http://Fanpopgirl Cherry

    U guys are stupid stop hating him

  • Claudia

    Love you Zac!
    @Tiffany: Sooooo agree with you! People should know how bad the planet is because of themselves…

  • whatever

    Is he trying to say he took this role to make a difference to the environment?? Seriously? He’s even a bigger BS artist than even I thought was possible.

  • kami

    all actors speak in sound bites when they’re promoting a movie. nothing new about that.

  • Tiffany

    wow so much hate towards zac is enough to pollute any environment. WHERE IS THE LOVE PEOPLE. lol

  • Sex slave from Zac

    Saw a new TV Spot from The Lucky One, holy sh*t, what a fu**ing HOT body is this Zac??? This image of you in a underwear will invade my dreams, sorry if I’m unable to say anything about it without sounds vulgar.

  • mindheisttime

    It‘s official. I love him even more now.

  • Brad

    Liking His Leather Jacket He has the greatest Style ever. Saw The New TV Sport For The Lucky One The Movie looks Fantastic Can’t wait For April 20Th.

    Good Job Zac on the all the hard work you have been doing. Can’t wait to see more of the Amazing and Fantastic Movies you have coming Out.

  • Tiffany

    you haters may hate zac but you wait until the PAPERBOY OR THE LUCKY ONE becomes number at the box office. then you all will be choking on your words. just mark my words.

  • 32C


  • kyle

    I agree with you, Tiffany. Actors like him should be emulated because the environment needs people to promote the importance of living green-what better spokesperson will that be than Zac who poses great influences to his fans, young and adult alike, to start caring for the environment. Even if it’s just part of the movie promo, The Lorax, by speaking about going green, Zac has certainly increased awareness about the environment, which is a very good cause to begin with. Hurray for Zac.

  • lauren

    can some of you just stop with your repeat comments?

  • Kelly

    Wish he’d come out already! He plays a Marine, thought they had minimum height restrictions? Well hopefully this will be his first hit movie…

  • Jim

    I still dont get it what this boy did that people hate him so much.

  • devon

    Jeez, so many haters. At least he’s doing something about the environment. If you don’t like him, keep scrolling down the page. Why can’t people actually focus on the article instead of bringing up the past?

  • Derpina

    @32C: Why he needs a hairspray if his hair is short in this movie? =S

  • VanFan

    Yes, you moron. They do have height requirements. He’s well within them. Damn, you’re stupid.

  • ZacRules

    You know, for the most part, the Zac fans have been staying off of the latest Vanessa threads, and haven’t been posting hate there. But if this heaps up, that may have to change.

  • ZacRules

    ….if this KEEPS up….

  • Zzz

    There it is thats the line i was waiting for its always my favorite, i was just wondering how long it would take, im surprised it took this long. Go ahead and and go to her threads, see if i care. Someday someone will have to show me the rule that says if i don’t like zac that means im a vanessa fan cause darn it all i can’t find it. I dont like vanessa or zac or anyone thats come out of disney since hilary duff they all suck.. hell i just remebered shia is a disney boy too, cant stand him either

  • loserwinner


    I don’t question your hatred for Zac, but why you waste your time with this every day?? I just find it weird cause I don’t waste my time with something that I don’t like.

  • 32C

    what do you care if we post on his threads? we still don’t like him. and we don’t care for vanessa either. but zac is a famewhore

  • Zzz

    at first it was just in pure spite for zac but after the reaction i got the first time i posted here,now coming in a close second is mainly for entertainment. you people amuse me too damn much i just can’t stay away. You’re like a little bee hive i get to throw rocks at and see what happens. Plus im bored its a slow wednesday night and its just me and my roomate kicking back, relaxing in our apartment checking out the sports highlights, so i needed to amuse myself before i go to sleep. The fact i don’t like zac is one thing, the other fact that it just seems to piss so many people off and get them rattled up is just an added perk that i just cant resist.

  • eat me

    @zacrules i agree i notice that too…for me zac doesn’t need to prove them any thing he’s doing what he thinks what’s good and be a good example to others i think that’s his goal now and I think his doing the right thing….@zzz i’m not his fan either i was vanessa’s fan but it doesn’t mean i have to hate zac… If you don’t appreciate what he was doing that’s not his problem

  • ZacRules

    So do you hate Justin Timberlake and Christina Agulera too? Pretty narrow minded of you to hate people just because they started out with Disney.

  • Maria

    Good point.

  • Zzz

    You don’t read well do you? i said i havent liked anyone from disney since hiliary duff meaning after her. I believe justin and christina came before her but since you mentioned it. i liked justin until he tried to acting, stick to music dude. I prefer brittney to christina.

  • Zzz

    sticks and stones may break my bones, but your insults suck ass.

  • http://justjared mig345

    OMG!!! people shut up, if u hate him, don’t post any comments!!!! Why do u haters have to make a big deal out of every little thing zac does, U wouldn’t like it if someone did that to u. U people judge people too much! Your just saying mean things, so u can feel better about yourself, your jealous. This isn’t even necessary to do this everytime zac has some new pics or news. this is ridiculous, he probably has enough problems. U people don’t do all this to vanessa.

  • Zzz

    see now this was fun. i truly enjoyed myself you people never disappoint and amusse the hell out of me. But its late and im getting tired. Maybe you’ll get lucky and i’ll be to busy tomorrow to come here. Then again maybe you won’t. Until we meet again :)

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Hot guy ever…..><

  • whatever

    @mig345: Uh, YES, they do the same to Vanessa, always have. I love how Zac Rules thinks this doesn’t happen to her, yeah riiiiiight. You musta just woken up from a 5 year nap. Honey, Zac fans have ALWAYS hated on her, cause she dated him, and they were pissed that she wasn’t good enough for golden boy. She’s been dealing with this crap for years. But some of you need to realize, it isn’t just V fans that dislike Zac, so quit pointing fingers. If you read carefully, the poster above hates Disney alumni, and he’s not the only one.

  • bunnylover

    @He Is A Douche: Isn’t not contributing to over populating the planet green? Shame that the parents of some people on here didn’t use a condom!!!

  • nicky

    @Jim: What he did? Absolutely nothing. The brainiacs hate him for no reason. They find nothing so they create the weirdest stories to hate him. They probably also hate him, because his mother gave birth tho him. Everything they say and do will come back to them but at least 10 times worse.


    @Zzz: Sadist (n): a person who enjoys being cruel.


    sa.dist (n): a person who enjoys being cruel.

  • Tiffany

    @Jim: my point exactly i mean have zac pooped in their cereal or something? i will never understand it but whatever.

  • jaded

    @Jim:Two things FWIW: I think the people who are most vehement against Zac..I’m talking about the ones who absolutely go for the jugular are not fans of of Vanessa Hudgens either. They don’t care for Vanessa but they hate Zac even more. So for his fans to think that the majority of the ZE haters are Vanessa supporters is a moot point. To me, he comes off a little as a politician e.g the lines are a little too smooth, he has the charisma to persuade and he does use his looks to his advantage. In fact, if he weren’t an actor he would probaby make a good politican. For others, I think they are waking up to the fact that what you think you see may not be what you get with him. His actions don’t always match up with what he says in interviews in regards to who he is. There is just something about him that isn’t quite seem genuine. But it’s okay because he’s an actor not a neurosurgeon. I’m not saying it’s good or bad or right or wrong. It’s just how I see it. I say this as someone who is neutral. Not a hater but not exactly a fan.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Maria

    @Zzz, @32C, @Kelly, @He Is A Douche, @amanda, @whatever:
    I feel sorry for all of you.  You must be so unhappy with your lives that you feel the need to come here and spew hate.  You must live such worthless lives that you feel the need to bully people.  Does it make you feel good to hide behind a computer screen and type hateful things about a person that has never done anything to you; a person that you don’t even know?  Does it make you feel like a big person to come here and upset people with your comments?  You are all sad, sorry cowards with small, uncreative brains.  How pathetic and pitiful you all are.

  • whatever

    @Maria: And guess what? You couldn’t be more wrong. We are not pathetic or pitiful. Just honest. Having a differing opinion of some actor does NOT make me pitiful. I call it as I see it. We have repeatedly given our GOOD reasons for disliking him and his character, yet the dumb ones whine that we couldn’t possibly have reasons to hate on such a wonderful human being. *gag*. You dimwits must be deaf, dumb, and blind, cause we have spelled it out for years, but you just can’t fathom anyone not liking pretty boy. Well, we don’t, for many reasons, and that does NOT make me a sad, sorry coward. I admire men of integrity, honesty, and Zac is merely a creature who cowers to his image, has no backbone, and is totally missing a sensitivity chip toward women. He is spineless, and THAT is my honest opinion. I respect your clueless opinion, and it’s time you shut up and respect other’s opinions too. Like someone said, there’s no sign at the door here that says you have to be a fan to comment.

  • VanFan

    No, Maria is right. You are pathetic and pitiful. And it isn’t because you have a different opinion. It isn’t because you don’t like Zac. It’s because all of you come here and intentionally cause trouble. You call him terrible names. You accuse him of terrible things – most of which are either complete lies or exaggerated half truths. There is no way that you are gonna convince the Zac lovers that he is a bad person, so what is the point of posting such despicable things about him? It’s because you are haters and live a sad, lonely existence. And you’re right. There isn’t a sign that says you can’t post here. But if you were a decent, respectable human being, you wouldn’t come to EVERY Zac thread and post the same stupid crap over and over again. And guess what? Since I am a fan of both, I see the same stuff on Vanessa’s threads. And the same goes for the haters that do it there too. So maybe it’s time for ALL of you to shut up and stop posting hateful lies about both of them.

  • LoveNessa

    Here! Here! You go girl! Tell ALL of the haters where to go!

  • cutie

    looking good Zac!!