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Angelina Jolie: Women in the World Summit - Watch Now!

Angelina Jolie: Women in the World Summit - Watch Now!

Angelina Jolie waves hello at the Women in the World Summit on Thursday (March 8) at New York City’s Lincoln Center.

The 36-year-old actress, who wore Gucci, will be joined at the event by some of the brightest names including Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, genocide survivor Sandra Uwiringiyimana, Meryl Streep and more.

Angelina will be addressing the crowd with a speech at 8:25 pm EST at the annual meeting. This is a three day event which will “address the most urgent challenges facing women and girls.”

Watch the summit now, and look out for Angelina‘s speech at 8:25pm EST!

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Credit: Jason Kempin; Photos: Getty
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# 1
Media Wh@re MANiston @ 03/08/2012 at 6:50 pm

Go Angie! So proud of you.

# 3

Here we go! So looking forward to seeing and hearing Angie.

# 4

These women are the prime examples of how all women should be. Caring and compassionate and fighters for a cause. Thank you Angie for inspiring me! I wish them and all of you a happy International Women’s Day!

# 5

So proud of Angelina.

# 6

Angie is amazing. It’s so nice to see an intelligent, compassionate, beautiful woman who cares about the world and others. She is truly an inspiration.

# 7

Angelina has done so many wonderful things to help others around the world. She stands with the best.

# 8

God bless all the women! I hope we keep making diference and doing good!

# 9
Richard P @ 03/08/2012 at 7:04 pm

My girl Angie

Proud of Angie

Thank you Jared for this new thread.

Good day Peeps.
# 242 Neleh @ 03/08/2012 at 7:00 pm 0
Pardon.didnt link.
Check this page & scroll down 2 Lara’s post 9636, it has the links.
cr Lara

Ive gotten mail-Jareds video isnt working 4 a bit.
Try this page, scroll down.
Soo exciting, Hi Teri.MWM.Lara.Every1.

So excited and proud of Angie and all the women participating.

ahhh ….my baby anjie.thank you anjie.bless ur heart.

poppa pitt is very proud of u.

I can’t even imagine how proud Brad is of his lovely lady….

not the same one on jjb…?

Did she stand there with her stupid leg out the whole time? Ugh

joanna molloy ‏ @NYDNMOLLOY
Angelina Jolie showed she is brainy as she is beautiful as she talked about Somalia and more at the Women in the World Summit in NYC Thurs.

What a diva! I love her

She looks so gorgeous. Must be the most beautiful lady in Hollywood.

How wonderful to see Angie with other amazing women. Talking about real issues.

not all that superficial crap that won’ t help or change anyone’s life. She is amazing. And in the company of her peers. Strong intelligent women that are influencing and changing the world.

BRAVO Ms Jolie.. and yes.. I imagine Brad Pitt is beyond proud.

groundcontrol @ 03/08/2012 at 7:31 pm

Wonderful to see this woman of substance make the most of her talents and passion. The world is a better place for it and for her.

A woman of substance. Beautiful Angelina, I am a proud fan. You are are inpiration to me and my young daughter. Brad and the kids must be so very proud of you.

Hello, Queen Maleficent!

Love ya , Angie! Don’t care what the haters say. F’ em.

Angelina is an amazing young woman. I know she is an inspiration to women all over the world. Keep up the good work, God bless you and your family. Beauty and brains, can’t beat that.

womansworld @ 03/08/2012 at 7:45 pm

@Eeee: Don’t worry because her fans will f’ the haters.

I’m just glad she covered up her arms. So not attractive.

One of these days, Angelina will get an award for being a “Woman of Substance” and the trolls will be asking why? Why her? And all of us fans will just have to enumerate her attributes and accomplishments over and over again.

Congrats to Angie for being who she is…a real woman of substance, a woman of her times.

She this anorexic, she would have to get help as Demi Moore

Angie is in the company of Albright, Clinton, Streep, etc., while Elle’s idol hangs with Handler. Polar opposites in beauty and brains. Bravo, AJ!

@anorexia: she is the prrrrfect weight for maleficent. Maleficent is not a fatass. She is very skiiny.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 03/08/2012 at 7:52 pm

Thanks JJ for the new pictures.


It is dressed in white and is just bones
It ended in relax as Demi

Hi Angie!! This made my day :-)

@anorexia: come back when she’s done owning and dragging aurora and complain about her weight. For now she’s prrfffect the role of evil queen.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 03/08/2012 at 7:56 pm


Angie is joining other great women to speak about Women Of The World. Women who suffer and don’t have a voice. You are here bashing about her look. Are you sure you are on the right thread? Shouldn’t you be at MANiston’s thread. This is not a superficial thread. You need to go to MANiston’s thread.

JJ’s link doesn’t work, go to JJB, they have the good one.

Watching livestrream now and Madeline Albright still on with Charlie Rose. I think they’re running an hour behind schedule since Albright was supposed to be on at 7:35 ET and Angie at 8;35 ET.

Thank you Angie. You have a nice healthy heart without envy.

Wonderbust @ 03/08/2012 at 8:07 pm

Madeline Albright is trending on twitter..menthinks Angie will trend soon when she comes so proud of her..In college I studied global health(graduated 2 years ago) so this stuff is interesting to me especially the story about telling the girl to put a spoon in her about Jeffrey Sachs in college so of course I loved MTV diaries with Angie..i really dont understand how ppl criticize Angie when she has done so much humanitarian work, has she ever even said anything negative about other ppl? why the hate..i became a fan because of her humanitarian work..was indifferent to Jen until I came across her psycho fans who bashed the innocent JP kids

Where are Lara Crof curves?

Thta’s a pretty evil lineup

oh good god, who dresses her @ 03/08/2012 at 8:13 pm


Most Urgent for Ang: Eating @ 03/08/2012 at 8:14 pm


My girl Angie!! show those HW airheaded bimbos how to stay in the game with your intelligence and beuaty. Can someone name one of them in Angie’s age bracket that is so revered? I can think of older/deceased actresses but actresses in her age group or pushing 40′s feel that they have pose nearly naked on magazine covers or have to be seen in a bikini on the beaches of Malibu, Hawaii Mexico, to stay relevant. My goodness it’s 2012 and with their wealth, they should be starting their own production companies or workshops that would provide young women/men and minorities an opportunity in the arts.
I say the arts because I don’t believe they have to travel to third world or war-torn countries like Angie to be admired and loved around the world.. Although it’s one of main reasons I love and admire both she and Brad is for their charity here in the US and the world. But at least do something of substance that would make us all proud.

Wonderbust @ 03/08/2012 at 8:16 pm

what does angies body have ANYTHING to with this thread..this is about womens rights and freedom..instead of worrying about Angie’s body how about you watch the live video and hear the Congolese woman’s testimony, educate yourself and let Angie worry about her own body

yay more Refugees @ 03/08/2012 at 8:19 pm

Isn’t Hillary trying to start yet another war in Syria and Iran and…___?
I’m sure Angie will keep her selfish trap shut so she can keep her career going. No truth to power – worthless attention wh@re.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 03/08/2012 at 8:20 pm


Don’t talk sense with a 12 year old. I hope this Anorexia troll is not an adult. If she is, that’s really sad.

This is very boring.I can’t wait to party on Saturday in N.ORLEANS
Thanks for being in New York, lady leg

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 03/08/2012 at 8:23 pm

Angie is on.

Angie's shiny 5 head Vein @ 03/08/2012 at 8:24 pm


Angie is speaking right now.

Notice the people that try to put down Angie are the DO NOTHINGS, there are piss because, the more they try to knock her, the stronger she gets.
They thought the leg pose, was going to hurt her, but instead the pose is named after her, and women are doing it all over.the place.
Angie is more comfortable dealings with issues to improve lives, than being in the front row of at a fashion show.

urgent challenges @ 03/08/2012 at 8:28 pm

-Getting my daughter shi in a dress so she doesn’t end up with a neck beard

beautiful as always!

Your fans are soooo proud of you,me included!!!

Tomorrow PDA with all children

where in the F is mom now
i spend more time with the pool cleaner

Passing Through @ 03/08/2012 at 8:35 pm

I just watched Angie’s piece on the livestream. I thought she was going to be participating in a discussion with Madeleine Albright. Did I miss read that or was it rescheduled?

Seriously, jared, there comes a time particularly tonight when there is a focus on something rather deep and serious………can you not just delete these cockroaches??

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groundcontrol @ 03/08/2012 at 8:39 pm

Wonderbust @ 03/08/2012 at 8:16 pm +3
what does angies body have ANYTHING to with this thread
What are you gonna do, Wonderbust?
These are the same dysfunctional women who think an intellectual conversation revolves around right wing conspiracy sites about chem trails and monarch slaves of the CIA.
They are just plain dumb. Look at the aging bimbo they admire so much and you need not look any further.
Kudos to Angie for her work. Rather than fritter away her life and money she has become one of the world’s most respected people. Rather than twiddle her thumbs and blow smoke up people’s a.s.s she goes out and gets things done. She is an incredible role model for young girls and boys. Hell, she makes me want to do more.

I was watching it on JJB before Angie came on………then the damn thing starts buffering and windows is bitching about pop ups and I didn’t get any of angie’s speech. Effin’ flash player upgrades every ten minutes and then t.h.i.s……… can someone tell me what her topic was?

Sarah Leshner ‏ @SaritaLesh
Angelina Jolie closes the best event I’ve been to in long time. I laughed and I cried. Congrats @womeninworld & @VitalVoices Thnk you #wiw12

to groundcontrol @ 03/08/2012 at 8:51 pm

you know nothing
that’s why you are here pig

Wonderbust @ 03/08/2012 at 8:54 pm

Notice how Angie came on last..usually ppl save the best for last so its great that Angie got the honor of closing tonights program..i wonder if these trolls ever took the time to actually watch Angies MTV diaries or other youtube videos where Angie is discussing her humanitarian they think Angie cares two shiits about a dammn leg or her body right pretty sure Angie is more concerned with those Somali refugees she talked about that will be displaced today

listen you disgusting troll we know Angie’s beauty and fame and Brad Pitt as her babys’ daddy drives you apeshite, but seriously, you need to fcuk off……… really are a sad pos. Consider an exorcism asap.

@Passing Through:

It’s a three day affair, maybe it’s slated for later.

It begins back account¡¡¡¡
Tomorrow in exclusive PDA of lady leg with all children in any shop or theatre of NY

See you tomorow


She is go check out Angelina Jolie Wallpaper.

This woman is blessed with a beautiful face and a good heart.
Brad and her kids are mighty lucky and oh her dad, Jon Voight must be very proud of Angie.

Did you see and watch LIVE her addressing the crowd in NYC Live on Women in the World.

Angelina Jolie’s ‘Maleficent’ Will Start Shooting in June (Exclusive)
Disney’s Maleficent, a live-action origin story starring Angelina Jolie as one of Disney’s most iconic villians, is eyeing a June start date in London.

Disney Sets Directors for ‘Maleficent,’ Mountain Adventure Movie
Robert Stromberg will direct Maleficent from a script by Linda Wolverton, and is already in the U.K. prepping the film. Malificent is a passion project for Jolie and will be her next acting role.
One possibility for the role of Aurora is Elle Fanning, who is in talks to join the cast. Fanning’s star status rose last year with Somewhere and J.J. Abrams sci-fi movie Super 8.
PHOTOS: 10 Movies That Have Crossed the Billion-Dollar Mark
Jolie, who recently made her feature directorial debut with Bosnian war drama In the Land of Blood and Honey, has long been toying with the idea of playing the famous sorceress in the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale.
In December she told THR her children want her to make the movie and even call her “mom-elicent.” She’s also eager to make a live-action family film after her experience voicing the Kung Fu Panda franchise.
Jolie told THR that she was drawn to screenwriter Wolverton’s revisionist take on the fairy tale and the complex relationship between Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty.
Stromberg was the production designer on Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and Disney’s upcoming Oz the Great and Powerful.

You must do something about your site. A troll calling a fan a PIG is uncalled for.

Angie has given much to the world with her violent movies and low morals. Thank you ever so much sweet stick woman.

@Not Pitt: @Not Pitt: lmao nobody cares about brad pitt.

Is it just us or is Angelina Jolie always glowing? (PHOTOS)

9 out of ten people care about what Angie is doing. 1 out of ten care about what Pitt is doing. Nopitt you are that one. Lmao

Wonderbust @ 03/08/2012 at 9:08 pm

but but but i thought the trolls said angie was finished after leg-gate..i thought she was begging for jobs and unemployable..

That’s why Pitt was pimping the kids for the paparazzi yesterday. ” look at me I’m in Nola on ma bike” = o no1curr okay ” hey look at Angelina’s kids theyre in Nola” = a million comments.

Angelina, you’re inspiring and I hope a few more women (actor & actresses) will follow your great example. That is be involved in making a difference in this world, a better place for her children and family.

Brad is so proud. So is her dad, Jon Voight and brother, James.

I am so PROUD of Angelina and not ashamed to be considered a HUGE FAN.

That was very short part for Angie. I wish it would be longer than that.

Worry about YOUR children, they’re in foster care right now and your chances of getting back are zero.
NORMAL PEOPLE knows most movies are fiction, but not brain dead twits.

Never forget @ 03/08/2012 at 9:16 pm

Finally someone had the balls to say some negative truth about pitt’s moneybomb. Mickey rourke says it was fuking torture to watch that pos.
Isn’t brad supposed to be an international star? Moneybomb made 34 million and some change In foreign box office and 110 worldwide.

The tourist banked more than both of brads last movies.
Tree of life was another dud with 13 million domestic bwhaah and 41 foreign. Wtf happened to his star power? Add the $$ he paid for good reviews and Promotion and they made nada off those pos piitstain movies.
It’s official.. Angelina’s leg has more star power than brad Pitt.

ThomasARoberts 7 mins 50 secs ago Twitter
AJ and me tonight #wiw12

Never forget @ 03/08/2012 at 9:18 pm

Let me repeat that. The BOMB called the tourist banked more than both of brad pitt’s last two movies combined. Lmao

That’s why she gets to do her passion role. Maleficent. I bet maniston was hoping to be cast as the princess Baaha Elle fanning wins and maniston loses

opinionated @ 03/08/2012 at 9:18 pm

She is looking way too skinny.

Love the JoliePitts @ 03/08/2012 at 9:19 pm

What a beautiful woman inside and out. And I think Angie is really loving her Russian Red lipstick. It looks so pretty on her.
I loved what Madeline Albright said and her message should be sent to Handler, Aniston and Rivers.

“There is a special place reserved in Hell for women who do not help other women.”
Those women have been so vile and hateful to Angelina, especially Aniston.
Has there ever been a woman so despicable and hateful and deceitful as Aniston, who knows she is the cause of the demise of her own marriage, but chooses to have her PR continuously focus the entire blame on Angelina?
Yet every hateful thing that Aniston and her FFer’s and troll and PR have perpertrated against Angelina always manage to find there way back to mama Aniston where they belong.
God bless you, sweet Angelina. What a blessing you are to so many people around this world. The number of people your love has touched cannot be counted there are so many. Your love has spread globally and has helped and aided women, children, families, leaders and has been a source of encouragement and hope to so many grateful people.
Let all the good you do for so many return an avalanche of blessings to you and your beautiful family. You are truly appreciated.

Angie and Brad are such inspirations.

Love the JoliePitts @ 03/08/2012 at 9:28 pm

Hi Yoco,
I am responding to your post on the previous Brad thread # 223
I just want to clarify a possible misunderstanding.
When I said Pax and the twins were probably with Angelina. I meant they were probably at home in the house with Angelina while they were there in New Orleans. I said that only because I did not see them with Mad, Zee and Shi walking the dog.

The fans know whenever Angie or Brad is getting good press the haters have a meltdown. Poor fools., keep posting over here, more hits for Brad and Angie making them more popular. Another win for BA and another loss for SS. With fans like hers who needs enemy.

Love the JoliePitts @ 03/08/2012 at 9:41 pm

Passing Through, I am responding to your post #224 from previous Brad thread.
“It’s funny though that you thought she was lying. ”
Come on Passing Through. Has anyone ever known her to do anything other than tell lies when her mouth is moving?
I jest. Only a bit. :)
Apparently the truth can accidentally stumble out of her mouth in between her ummmms,,,,huh?….ahhhhh, hmmmm,….etc..
So Ticky has done some off-off-off wayyy off Broadway stuff?
Well blow me down with a feather.
Let me guess…..she played a “Rachel type” character in all of her theatre skits.
Thanks for bringing me up to date. I would never want to be mistaken or confused when it comes to Tickyisms and Ticky history and especially Ticky lies.

Omg y'all @ 03/08/2012 at 9:44 pm

Taking a break from my regular trolling.yall Angie is almost 40. Tears. My girl is turning into a woman.

Such a shame that idiots can’t stop the silliness for one day.
ONE day to let the focus be on this issue facing women all over the world

but then idiots will always be idiots.

Such a wonderful event. Women showing their POWER and influence.

ploypaphat @ 03/08/2012 at 9:48 pm

Wow, Angie’s so beautiful.

Omg y'all @ 03/08/2012 at 9:48 pm

Girl , you’ll be a woman soooon. Don’t let the midlife crisis ruin your family or whatever

Love the JoliePitts @ 03/08/2012 at 9:49 pm

Really enjoying the WIW Summit.

It bounces in and out, but what I get to see is spellbinding.
Thanks to Neleh for the link. And, thank you, Jared.

keep dreaming, dumbass bi*ch.
Phylicia Haartje ‏ @syphylicia
Jennifer Aniston over Angelina Jolie any day. And Jessica Alba above every woman ever.

So how much did Wanderflop take in this weekend?? Five whole dollars? Yup…Karma’s a b!tch…

Here we go again the haters are in meltdown mode. Angelina is amazing beautiful and smart and they just can not accept that. I feel so sorry for them

nakedoldjennifer @ 03/08/2012 at 10:26 pm

I Applaud the women that are involved in this summit, trying to make a difference, to make things better around the world. Keep up the good work Angelina
want to repeat what a fan posted at #90

I loved what Madeline Albright said and her message should be sent to Handler, Aniston and Rivers.

“There is a special place reserved in Hell for women who do not help other women

Hmmm, Are JP fans staying on this thread or the Ella fanning to join Angelina in Maleficent thread?

world exclusive @ 03/08/2012 at 10:39 pm

Madeline Albright is a woman with class, would not talk to a woman of the reputation Jolie
Jolie speech has lasted two minutes!!

Love the JoliePitts @ 03/08/2012 at 10:43 pm

I am so loving this lip color on Angelina. It adds just the right touch of color to her beautiful face and enhances it. Not that she needs any enhancement but this color is so complimentary. She is so stunning. Her outfit is magnificent and so appropriate for this event. Loving that white on whit top with the black trousers, watch, ring shoes. She is just perfection. And her hair is gorgeous. What a beautiful woman.
She has been so busy for the past several months yet she looks refreshingly gorgeous. What would make this picture complete is handsome Brad standing there by her side. (I AM a romantic :) )
Just as Angelina came on I lost my feed so I did not get to hear anything she said. If anyone knows of a video of just her part I would be so grateful to see it. Thank you very much.

all i can think about is her making out with her brother….i mean if they made out in public just think what they did behind closes doors!!! icky lil malnutritioned freak.

Veinzilla speaks.
You listen.

Passing Gas @ 03/08/2012 at 10:50 pm

Angie faarrts… You catch.

groundcontrol @ 03/08/2012 at 10:50 pm

@to groundcontrol:
Bwahahah. I knew that would bring the lunatics out of the woodwork.
Is that you, UTC, or maybe one of your deranged friends? Are you happy with your new sewer to play in? Just more proof of just how dumb you and your ilk are.
Challenging the obsessional conspiracies of crazy people always gets a rise out of them. LOL!

Love the JoliePitts @ 03/08/2012 at 11:11 pm

Angie to start filming Maleficent in June. (THR)
This is great news. Angie will knock this one out of the ball park for Shiloh.
She said in her interview w/Richard Cohen last year she wanted to do this one for Shiloh. I am soooo happy for her and her baby girl. Shiloh must love herself some Maleficent

She looks beautiful as always. If you haven’t seen In the Land of Blood and Honey check it out it’s really, really good.

Angelina is mesmerizing! Her hair looks really pretty, shiny and healthy here ! =)

NO Wedding anniversary for AJ @ 03/09/2012 at 12:37 am

lol so angelina won’t go to pitt’s parents anniversary as she will be filming at that time in london,yet one of you wrote an essay on how she will go unlike aniston and blah blah.funny how things work out and you made a fool of yourself.haha

groundcontrol @ 03/09/2012 at 12:39 am

PT, check your email. 2X. I found her.

Wonderbust @ 03/09/2012 at 12:54 am

@NO Wedding anniversary for AJ:
um last time i checked there are things called planes..unlike Manny AJ is not afraid to fly so flying into Missouri for a day or two prob wont be a biggie especially if her partner and whole family will be going too..yes because Jolie has NEVER left the film set for a day ever and there is no way they would ever let her miss a day or two on set(insert bbm eye roll)

Wonderbust @ 03/09/2012 at 1:05 am

forgot to add you saw how quickly AJ rejected the SALT 2 script and they had to start from scratch did you see how Wanted 2 has yet to be made because Jolie dropped in what universe is someone who has so much pull not going to be allowed 2 days off from set..Angie made Maleficient happen..did these trolls go to college? or even high school. I think the hens are still mad that Brad missed Mannys final taping of friends BWAHHAHA..correct me if im wrong but wasnt Brad in LA? im sure he could have came but he didnt LMAO

I have a feeling that Brad will have a big anniversary party for his parents at Chateau Miraval.

thank you,jolie.

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 1:21 am

# 110 groundcontrol @ 03/08/2012 at 10:50 pm
GC -
I think it’s a Fat Fvcker. They always post as “Passing Gas” like I’m goin go take an insult from the likes of them seriously. If that lame ass nickname is the best they can come up with when I just threw 40 of Ticky’s unrealized failures in their faces then it just underscores how stoopid they really are. Their sticks and stones don’t break my bones and they sure as fvck don’t finance any films for Ticky.

Love the JoliePitts @ 03/09/2012 at 1:57 am

Thank you so very much for the link. What an inspirational presentation Angelina gave and what a wonderful tribute to the lady to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. I hope she gets it.
Living in America, we are so blessed here. Just to be able to live in relative peace, not having to flee your home or your neighborhood is such a wonderful, tranquil thing. Hearing how there is so much turmoil and warring, and raping and all the horrors going on in so many parts of this world makes me ever grateful for this country.
God bless America. Keep her strong. And keep blessing her wonderful people, like Angelina and Brad who do so much good to help so many in need. What a truly beautiful, loving couple they are. They truly are Angels on this earth. I liked the young girl’s introduction of Angelina. How sweet and how true.

POOR TROLL @ 03/09/2012 at 2:11 am

Amazing Angelina!!!!! Beautiful inside and out. For those who missed the livestream, here is another link! Testimony With Angelina Jolie…edium=ui-thumb

the jolie-pitts are a great family. angie, being recognized at the women in the world summit, brad as founder of make it right, talented actors, producer and director, humanitarians, parents of beautiful children who are being reared to appreciate and become contributing citizens of the world. so admirable.

compare that to a woman whose “fans” idolize a plastic fake, shallow, ignorant, aging 43 year old woman who sleeps around, makes horrible moves but so desperately wants to be a movie star. who has strung them along for 20 years with the baby bait but will never “deliver”.

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 2:23 am

# 116 groundcontrol @ 03/09/2012 at 12:39 am
GC -
I replied to one and I’ll get the other one tomorrow.

Surprise Angie is still being harassed by brad Pitt fanatics.

snore. same talking points from jenhags. we all know their directives by now. freaks spam with brad hate and say that he is a coward for not defending angie and another freak or the same freak agreeing in this loser game. move to your idol manny’s thread. me thinks you hags don’t love TheAn_S????????

Do you see Rihanna post topless pix? Ever since she broke up with Chris Brown, she has never been the same, she has gone crazy. I am worried if she can pull off Brad’s charity gala performance this Saturday.

btw just saw jay L. rerun of manny promoting wanderSlut,Slob/Bomb. dayum, now i know why the jenhags are manic on this thread.

I saw pictures of the kids and their dog at pinterest. I was addicted to it so I didn’t have time to come here to check the news of this family. Wow many… Liked them all!
I was searching for an old news of Angelina when she answered an interviewer about someone she hated or something. I don’t remember the name of that a-holloooe she mentioned so I just typed Angelina hates on google search engine. My god, what did I find! Every gossip site talks about her and something they claimed she hated: George’s gfs, the president, new Orleans, thanksgiving, America, israel, Shiloh, the wanderslut hag and her bffs, life, etc. If something is moving, they’d make sure to claim it’s something she hates. This is unbelievable how vile they can be. I know this hatred is not new but bumping into is not pleasant at all. I just wanted to punch all their faces. Those filthy breeds. Yuck

Shoot, hit submit by accident. Here she is with all the powerful women and tries to make a difference. Yet we have a name-changing troll talking about her leg. I really wonder who really is behind the screen. What color is its heart? Is it pumping with blood? Can it feel compassion? Does it understand compassion? Can we dehumanize it?

What is anorexia nervosa?

Anorexia nervosa, commonly referred to simply as anorexia, is one type of eating disorder. More importantly, it is also a psychological disorder. Anorexia is a condition that goes beyond concern about obesity or out-of-control dieting. A person with anorexia often initially begins dieting to lose weight. Over time, the weight loss becomes a sign of mastery and control. The drive to become thinner is actually secondary to concerns about control and/or fears relating to one’s body.

@Passing Through:
They always post as “Passing Gas” like I’m goin go take an insult from the likes of them seriously.
Can I just say, I’ve always been rather disappointed that after all these years, I’ve never actually attracted a stalker?? Wish you could share me some of yours!! LOL!

@oh boy:
Rihanna and Pitt?Saturday is going to be a wonderful gala
She is a beautiful woman with curves

Rihanna and Pitt, they would be a smoking hot couple. Brad has history of dating black women.

Passing Through when I first read about your “Weekend Project” I was very intrigued & was on tender hooks what’s it going to be? And couldn’t wait to hear from you! Well I must say “We are not Worthy of you” you blew my mind with your “dedicated research material” all that time you spend digging dirt sorry facts of her illustrious film career lol, showing Tricky’s feckless and lack of first choice movie offers oh the life of a wannabe A list star .
Cannot wait to see/hear from your next “Projects” like I said “We are not Worthy of You Passing Through”

I am and will always be proud of you Angelina Jolie.

I see Angie continues to lend her voice to worthwhile project. Her children will be very proud of her when they are old to understand all she do to help others make a better life for themselves and others.

About the narrow minded fools wasting their time on this thread on someone they obviously dislike they are denser than a ton of rocks. Don’t you understand no one here cares what you have to say, you are being thumbed down every time. You are white noise, no one is listening to you.

I see no one is writing about Goldie Hawn drinking display of embarrassment for a 66 y.o. Grandmother, who was unable to walk to her car without assistance, and falling down on her butt into the car. Yet, the haters are here 2 weeks later talking about a young woman showing her right leg. IMO this just goes to show that Angelina is the biggest
star in the world. If Angie was insignificant like SS no one would care that she showed her leg. I remember seeing SS naked on the cover of a magazine and no one was talking about her two weeks later, seeing SS breast plop out of her gown at a dinner and no one talked about it two weeks later. Fans knows haters are here because they too cannot get enough of seeing Angie’s beauty., admit it haters Angie owns you.

That’s the power of the Jolie, haters sucks to be you.

Brad Pitt’s New Orleans Charity Gala Will Feature Rihanna, Sean Penn, Sheryl Crow and More

She will not be at the gala.Preparing your next movie: A bag of bones

ANISTON IS A WH@RE @ 03/09/2012 at 7:04 am

So how’s WanderBust doing this week paid troll? You do know that by posting on a JP thread means additional hits to a JP thread non? You make the JPs more popular and more powerful than ever! Sucks to be you! Hahahahahha

anorexia your brain is affected. LOL Once again you are suffering a meltdown because of the amazing Angelina Jolie. Oh and by the way get ready to explode this week end. Proud to be a Jolie Pitt fan. Sad for Ticky fans they have nothing to be proud of.

Jen the Hag @ 03/09/2012 at 7:42 am

anorexia @ 03/09/2012 at 6:54 am

So if Angelina Jolie is not in the GALA will it make you sleep soundly tonight??? will it make your day sunny and bright?? WOw i never knew Angie has a power to make your LIFE MEANINGFUL ..BWAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!

@Jen the Hag:
My pleasure will be how you are going to justify the absence of bag of bones, in the gala more important



Why would anyone have to justify anything. What Brad and Angie who simply adore each other choose to do together and separately is really none of your biz…………they are typically inseparable but if they do something ‘separately’ gee, like most married adults I think they’ll survive a day apart….it’s not like Brad is going to disappear for six months like he did with the boring fraud. He hates being away from his gorgeous wife and his precious and most highly valued in life’ children’……….so go suck on that giant wart on face. Just when I think you can’t get any stupider you ………….do. LMAO jealous hater.

Brad loves Angie @ 03/09/2012 at 8:13 am

Only one person needs to love that beautiful body of Angie’s that you mock- BRAD. Guess what- he does- over & over -in actions and words- for many years now. You know who else loves that body? Hollywood- so much so that Angie is the highest paid actress in the world- and one of the very, very few that get back end $$.

You silly twit, we don’t have to justify anything to you, both are great causes. BIG WOW if Angie don’t make it to NO, BRAD is a not joined at the hip to Angie, he can function on his own.
Guess the anorexia thing is not working for you, because you Still can’t see your whole body in the mirrol.
Run along and go play with your fat rolls.

Angelina Jolie, she is the embodiment of what is beautiful, what is right in America. She is a beacon of light, giving warmth & vitality in her wake. Her good heart speaks a universal language of compassion, caring. Way to be, live & shine Ms. Jolie!!!

brad LOVES angie’s body(especially sweet bum)

ANISTON IS A WH@RE @ 03/09/2012 at 8:48 am

bag of fats and oils is miss anuston the homewrecker. where is she now by the way? is the troll midget she stole from heidi still with her? hahahahaha sucks to be a fan of the fraud.

While Ange was mingling with world leaders in the fight for life for women, the tart was at home petting her pup while three people worked on her body……and her sychopants are here trying to tear Angie apart like a starving pack of skinny wolves trying in vain to attack an elephant. If only the HASBEEN cared about you. She laughs up her azz at you. She thinks fans are annoying.. especially when they don’t have the money or inclination to sit through her flops.

Good grief are people still going on about how Angie stood at the Oscars? You know what? That pose wouldn’t even have registered with me if not for people going on and on about it – all I’d have noticed was that it looked like Angelina was letting her hair down a little and having some fun and looking radiant to boot. Like Jon Voight said: she was just being Angie! It just goes to show this woman is such a star that all she needs to do is stand in a new way and it creates a sensation! I notice other celebs are always sticking out their legs/asses/boobs desperate for attention and nobody talks about it. Angie doesn’t even have to try to turn heads.

okay, now for some levity; you fans MUST go over to dlisted and read the thread on Marc Jacobs……it is LOL FUNNY. Too hysterical….great comedic comments………sitting here belly laughing.

lafamepoma @ 03/09/2012 at 9:16 am

just see a huge head in a small body, c’mon eat somthing or you’ll go to rehab

gummybearsareyummy @ 03/09/2012 at 9:17 am

ew she looks unattractive in these pics like she could be a character in desparate housewives one of the old ones not Gabby.

Angelina is surly a woman of great inspiration, and she’s looking lovely.

Beautiful pixs at site

Tears and hugs as Mette-Marit and Angelina reveal the women who inspire them

09 MARCH 2012 For Princess Mette-Marit it was her own mother and daughter; Angelina Jolie cited “women fighting against the odds for the survival of their families”; meanwhile, Michelle Obama paid warm tribute to a Sudanese activist.

On International Women’s Day, the world’s most high profile female figures turned the spotlight on those whose courage impresses them.

Closer to home, Angelina mentioned her “wonderful mother” Marcheline Bertrand who died in 2007.

“I learned a lot about women through her.

“I have great daughters who teach me a lot about the strength of women and little girls.”

Meanwhile, US first lady Michelle and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined forces to honour 10 female activists, among them human rights campaigners Hawa Abdallah Mohammed Salih of Sudan and Shad Begum from Pakistan.

SEC Tournament notes: Bulldogs tour New Orleans’ Ninth Ward

NEW ORLEANS – The last time Mark Fox came to New Orleans was in 2007 when he was head coach at Nevada. The Wolf Pack was 28-4 and came for the NCAA tournament as the No. 7 seed in the South Regional.

That happened to be just two years after Hurricane Katrina devastated this city. So Fox took his team down to the Ninth Ward to survey the residual damage. He has never forgotten what he saw there..

“It really was staggering to see it up close,” Fox said.

Five years later, Fox took a different team back to that area on the banks of the Mississippi River. The Georgia Bulldogs surveyed the neighborhood early Wednesday as they awaited their turn to practice at New Orleans Arena for the SEC basketball tournament.

“I just felt it would be good for our players to see what people went through in this region and to see what the after-effects of a hurricane are like,” Fox said. “All these guys followed it through the news and just to see some still-damaged homes, to see the ones that have been rebuilt, I just felt like it could be a great educational thing to do.”

Fox was amazed at the both progress that has been made in the Ninth Ward since he last visited and the work still to be done. He lauded the efforts of movie star Brad Pitt, who through his “Make It Right” project has built homes with solar-panel roofs and some that can actually float in the event of another flood.

CHARITY GALA: Hyatt Regency, 601 Loyola Ave., New Orleans. Brad Pitt and Ellen DeGeneres will host “A Night to Make It Right” with special guests Randy Jackson and performances by Rihanna, Sheryl Crow, Seal and Dr. John and friends. Host Committee members for the event include Josh Brolin, Djimon Hounsou, Spike Lee, Blake Lively, Bennett Miller, Chris and Jada Paul, Sean Penn, Wendell Pierce and Kevin Spacey. The gala program includes VIP reception, seated dinner, performances and live auction. After-party tickets are $150-$600. or (504) 620-3200.

ITLOBAH BO @ 03/09/2012 at 9:37 am

ITLOBAH will be better than Mangement at box office ?

ITLOBAH box office
Domestic ( for 11 weeks, still showing at several theaters) – $ 301,305
Foreign ( for 1 or 2 weeks ) – total $520,544
( box office from BiH etc not included. )

Austria – $57,381
Belgium – $19,630
Croatia – $149,425
France – $147,414
Germany – $82,265
Serbia & Montenegro – $14,163
Singapore – $8,755
Slovenia – $28,442
Spain – $13,069

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 03/09/2012 at 9:38 am


We’ve been justifying for 7 years and you still don’t get it so what’s the point. Is not the fans’ fault that you don’t get it. Is because you are too fcuking stupid to get it.
Angelina Jolie praised for refugee work
Mar 9, 2012

Angelina Jolie was thanked for ”doing incredible things” at the Woman in the World summit last night (08.03.12).

The 36-year-old actress – who is a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador – spoke about the plight of Somali refugees at the event at the Lincoln Centre in New York and was introduced by Rwandan genocide survivor Sandra Uwiringiyimana.

Taking to the stage, Sandra thanks Angelina for ”taking justice into her home and hands and doing incredible things,” with the actress appearing visibly moved by the touching introduction.

During her address, Angelina told the story of Dr. Hawa Abdi, who runs a medical camp in Somalia which is now being overrun by militants and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her work.

She said the story ”illuminates the nightmare of tens of millions around the world the internally displaced and the ones homeless within their homelands”,

She added: ”It is, right now, Friday morning in Somalia. In a few hours, 400 human beings are about to become, once again, displaced.”

Other speakers at the three-day summit include politician Hillary Clinton and actress Meryl Streep.

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 9:41 am

OMGF…it’s too early in the morning for this shite…Jared actually has a thread at the top of his page saying Hohan dyed her weave red. That’s thread worthy? Seriously? No wonder we can’t get a decent number of J-P pix anymore…

Angie’s body is saying, ” Feed me, feed me please”

Video at site

Jolie’s Stunning Entrance

The flash bulbs were blinding as Angelina Jolie approached the red carpet at this years Women in the World Summit. The actress turned director spoke about her new movie and shared her feelings about Dr. Hawa Abdi.

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 9:58 am

# 138 Phool @ 03/09/2012 at 6:04 am
Phool -
Don’t be too impressed because I’m about to fess up – of the 6 hours I spent on this project, only 4 of them were actually spent finding the names of the projects she’s been attached to. I now admit that I spent 2 of those hours reading hen comments while slumming at various hen sites and was LMFAO. For the record – I didn’t slum at Fat Fvckers or Mr. Useless’s sites. They don’t have any info on Ticky. They only have psychotic rants about Angie.
Anyway…Y’all…the hens are effin’ cray cray! And clueless. OMG…some of the convos they had about how Brad was cheating Ticky out of “her production company” and being “mean” to her by not giving her all the projects she wanted. And then when Angie was signed to AMH because MP asked her to play the role – ballistic! I was LMAO at all the stuff they had wrong that time has proven them to be wrong about. Reading this stuff got be like crack to me. I was mersmerized by how ill-informed they were about Plan B and the fact that Ticky wasn’t a full partner. All they had to do was Google the info or go to an industry site like Variety and look it up. Apparently that taxed their brains too much so they just whined in ignorance and misplaced outrage instead.
Soooooo…like I said…it really didn’t take much effort and the main reason it took so long was that initially I was only going to do post-dumping to present. Then I started finding all this stuff about projects Plan B was buying and ran across articles from the late ’90s and decided to include that as well to give the full scope of how long HW has been reluctant to pump huge chunks of cash banking on Ticky’s profitibility margin. It’s very telling that during all the time she was amassing these projects at Plan B she was simultaneously having to take work outside Plan B – just as she has to do now with Echo Films. Basically…it really is true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…not that she won’t or can’t DO new tricks…see: Squiggy…

Angie is a true woman of substance. She has it all and most of all she is a very smart woman. The only thing the haters keep talking about is her weight but I honestly like her thin frame because I am the same way. I don’t like fat insecure women or manly face women. The point to this is that Angie is a woman with substance and the haters are talking about nonsense…this is what bitter women are becoming instead of be proud of woman like Angie…silly bitter women with no substance…it’s sad and pathetic. Go Angie and make your fans proud.

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 10:02 am

# 140 Rose @ 03/09/2012 at 6:48 am
The Goldie Hawn thing didn’t bother me. She’s always been in denial that’s she’s aging. She was Demi Moore before Demi was Demi – and she’s never grown out of it. What I want to know is why haven’t been been asking who that she’s with is and where was Kurt Russell? That’s what they’d do if this were 66 year-old Angie…

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 10:12 am

# 163 ITLOBAH BO @ 03/09/2012 at 9:37 am
Hmmmm. Troll logic is impressive – measuring the BO of a subtitled, graphic anti-war movie that wasn’t made to be a box office cash how against a fluffy romcom intended to at least make back it’s production budget. Of course that makes total sense to complete idiots…

This month, actress-singer Miley Cyrus and the goodwill ambassador for United Republic of Tanzania Doug Pitt (brother of actor Brad Pitt) are set to visit Tanzania for charity.The two stars will be joined by Global Angels founder, Molly Bedingfield. They are set to visit water and health projects and will try to develop a direct partnership, with Maji-TechEngineering, a water drilling company based in Arusha.

The organisation was founded in 2002, it has provided safe drinking water for over 1.25 million people in East Africa. A US TV company will also accompany them on the trip to film a documentary on the water issues in Africa. Molly has also promised to pledge a percentage of her income every month to provide safe drinking water to the communities. She said, “I’m looking forward to seeing how many families and whole villages will be transformed by my gifts over the next few years and it’s so exciting to have my gifts match funded.”

@ PT, that question will never be asked. Those kind of questions are only reserved for Angie or Brad. Right now the trolls are worrying if Angie will be with Brad tomorrow night. The strange thing is, SS is missing since her movie bombed and her fans are not interested in her whereabouts, all they are interested in is Angie’s and her man’s business. PT, do you know if Angie participation with WIW will be for only one day?

Hmm even Miley is trying to make a difference while the lonely teen sits in her basement as the fan club president of the “whiny Jen society” spamming Just Jared. Happy Friday.

Angie is a stud.

She always looks so elegant. And I love what a strong woman she is.

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 10:27 am

# 134 lylian @ 03/09/2012 at 4:13 am
Lylian -
You’ve really never had a stalker here? Wow…I’m shocked. I thought you were being suffiently cold and belittling enough to have irked one of those idiots, but all that tells me is that they’re IQ levels are even worse than I thought. It must be your smooth talking lawyer-y ways. I guess telling people flat out to eff off attracts a lot more interest then saying it in such a way that they have to read between the lines to get the diss. So really, it’s kind of your own fault that they can’t understand you enough to stalk you. They probably get half way through your posts, bactract to re-read, repeat a few times, then scratch their heads and say, “Fvck it.” You’ll heve to do a better job of making sure they understand that you’re mocking them – cuz apparently they don’t know the meaning of the, “Ya ha ha ha ha ha ha ha” that you end some of your posts with. The secret to my success at attracting stalkers is all in the wrist…

excerpt :”Women of the World. Take it from an adulterous divorced unwed absentee mother of six, we women have many Urgent Challenges facing us today ((echo)). I intend to face up to mine ((echo)) and eat dinner tonight “

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 10:37 am

# 173 bdj @ 03/09/2012 at 10:18 am
Good on Doug – and Miley. That’s a very interesting pairing…cuz you know that Miley has been desperate to meet Angie for years. I’ve seen her talk about her “crush” on Angie every since I unfortunately found out what a “Hanna Montana” was. I hope she doesn’t spend the entire trip trying to pump Doug for info or an intro.

ANISTON IS A WH@RE @ 03/09/2012 at 10:44 am

Aniston- The wannabe A-list star who stole Heidi Bivens midget Theroux, liar, conniving b@tch, sl#t who wh#res around men and got dumped by all of them. An alcoholic and loves pot. Don’t have any talent at all and her latest movie FLOPPED. All of these are FACTS. Yours are just delusions and came from tabloids. Hahahahhaha What a way to celebrate Women in the World!!! Hahahahha

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 10:46 am

# 174 Rose @ 03/09/2012 at 10:19 am
No, I don’t know how long Angie’s supposed to be at the WIW forum. I would think she’d be in NOLA tomorrow night for the MIR fundraiser. It’s a huge night for Brad and they’re always there to support each other for things like that. I looked at their schedule for the next 2 days and don’t see anything Angie’s scheduled for, but I did see that the original announcement did say that Angie and Madeleine Albright would discuss Bonsia on Day 1 in a segment called “The Price of War” with Charlie Rose moderating. I wonder why that was later changed to Albright being interviewed and Angie talking about Dr. Abdi.
Thursday, March 8, 2012 • Purchase Tickets
Topics include:Forced Marriage: Are Mothers to Blame?; The Price of War featuring Madeleine K. Albright and Angelina Jolie moderated by Charlie Rose; Exclusive Solo Performance from the Highly Anticipated New Broadway Production of Evita; and Special Dinner Presentation: A Conversation with Christine Lagarde and remarks by Brian Moynihan, Bank of America**
Friday, March 9, 2012 • Purchase Tickets
Topics include: Women in Combat: Where are the Women at the Top?; Holland Taylor as Governor Ann Richards: Ladies, You Must Participate!; A Conversation with Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee; One Year Later: The Women of Egypt; Security is Women’s Work!; Cracking the Code: Gender Parity, Growth and Jobs; Murder and Machismo: Women in Peril in Central America; Hi-Tech Health for Women; Delegate Lunch Event: China’s New Tiger Women**; Women in Combat: Fighting on Two Fronts; A Conversation with Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi; Changing the Minds of Men; Views from the Crisis Zone: An Interview with Tzipi Livni; Jobs: Good News for Women?; The Women’s Economy; Hidden Scandal: The Invisible World of Domestic Workers: Mothers of Invention: The Soccket Rockets; and How Television Could Save the World.
Saturday, March 10, 2012 • Purchase Tickets
Topics include: The Responsibility Gene; Africa: A New Dawn; Africa: Bagging Hunger; Africa: A Few Good Men; Fighting for Justice; Women World Leaders: Force Multipliers; Girls in the World; Mother of Invention: Asenath Andrews; Women in the World on Campus; Mother of Invention: Talia Leman and; The Digital Lives of Girls; Girls Can Change the World; Suma’s Song; Burma: A Door Opens; A Special Tribute to Meryl Streep; and a Surprise Finale.

Never forget @ 03/09/2012 at 10:58 am

@ITLOBAH BO: Finally someone had the balls to say some negative truth about pitt’s moneybomb. Mickey rourke says it was fuking torture to watch that pos.
Isn’t brad supposed to be an international star? Moneybomb made 34 million and some change In foreign box office and 110 worldwide.
The tourist banked more than both of brads last movies.
Tree of life was another dud with 13 million domestic bwhaah and 41 foreign. Wtf happened to his star power? Add the $$ he paid for good reviews and Promotion and they made nada off those pos piitstain movies.
It’s official.. Angelina’s leg has more star power than brad Pitt.

i love her look. it’s so classy and beautiful

people who calling Jolie “unhealthy” because of her size are insane since when person’s health is associated with somebody’s weight? a person with perfect weight can also be ill or unhealthy and a person with a skinny size can be perfectly healthy. I am skinnier than Jolie and I am strong as a horse.

ANISTON IS A WH@RE @ 03/09/2012 at 11:23 am

reposting this wonderful gem from PT. I hope you don’t mind PT. This is like an ammunition for the troll paid by Huvane who keeps on telling lies about Angelina.

# 318 an oldie @ 03/07/2012 at 11:43 am
RW is almost as full of caca as Ticky is but at least she can get a movie green lighted on her name. Ticky can’t get anything financed then takes crappy projects that are already financed and turns them in to a red numbers on the balance sheet. Which…leads me to my “weekend project”…
Soooooooo…when What-a-bust was bombing I got to think about those 2 flicks that Ticky and Huvsy leaked to Deadline last month, which is basically her attempt to drum up an offer for a movie that’s already financed. No takers so far so that might have backfired on her. But, what it did do was make the wonder how many projects Ticky has “announced” or been “attached” or boasted about that have never seen the light of day or that went to other actresses for various reasons.
Every actor has projects that don’t work out and never make it to production for tons of reasons. That’s just how the business is. There are probably thousands of scripts floating around Hollywood that have been optioned by someone and never get made. However, sometimes an actor just plain sucks and is like a black hole where scripts go to die – that’s Ticky.
When I embarked on this little project I expected to do about 30 mintues of Googling and wind up with a list of 10 or so movies. Er…it didn’t quite work out that way. Over the course of a couple of days I’ve spent about 6 hours reading through articles and LMAO. Y’all are not going to believe how many projects Ticky has tried to get off the ground over the years. I ended up finding stuff going all the way back to 1998.
As you read through this list look at the pattern that emerges –
- Before Brad…a handful of projects she produced or tried to get financed.
- With Brad…a whole bunch of projects were acquired their 2 production companies with Ticky claiming the intent was to, “…lay track for what happens after ‘Friends,’ and I know well that films like ‘The Good Girl’ are very hard to come by.” The intent of the company wasn’t solely to proved Ticky with post-Friends projects. That was HER objective but not the 2 Brads’. Because she had the 2 Brads backing Plan B Ticky and Kristin Hahn were able to get a lot of scripts that she otherwise wouldn’t have had a shot at. Also, re: the “2 production companies” – at first it was the 2 of them together with Kristin Hahn but Hahn was NOT a partner. Then they partnered with Brad Grey and formed Plan B. (Which, BTW, I found the original announcement of the company that states very clearly that Brad and Brad Grey were “50/50 partners” with Ticky coming on board as an “equity partner” due to the fact that she and Brad had formed a partnership between them and added Kristin Hahn. There was a company, but it never had offices and was abandoned when Brad Grey approached BRAD to form Plan B. Kristin Hahn who claimed to have started Plan B with Ticky was part of the company that Brad and Ticky had and moved to Plan B as a producer and was NEVER a partner in either venture.)
- Post-dumping – Initially Ticky was blanked, then she gradually started to acquire script rights and eventually formed Echo Films with Hahn in 2008. Also, remember that there are projects that I’ll never be able to find (unless someone startings blabbing) because she auditioned for movies and got turned down. The nitwit admitted that in an interview, so God knows how many auditions she went on and didn’t get the job.
Okay…that’s background…now here’s the list of projects that I found. These are all projects she was planning to either star in or produce and does not include the handful of films that she did make. These are things she tried to get financing for and hasn’t been able to squeeze a dime out of anyone to make a wish a reality. As you read the list count up all the projects that actually saw the light of day WITH TICKY, without Ticky and those sucked into that black vortex known as Box Office Poison Tickytown…
- Animal Husbandry (retitled Someone Like You, released in 2001 with Ashley Judd & Hugh Hunkman…er…sorry…Jackman)
- Something Wicked
- The Virgin Mary (acting + producting)
- Waking Up In Reno (she wanted to co-star with Brad…who eventually nixed the idea and signed on to do The Mexican instead. At the time Fincher was slated to direct but later dropped out. This movie was being directed by James Gray and producted by…drum roll please…Billy Boob Thornton. Like I said…Brad has known BBT for a long time.)
- I Am Sam (the studio wanted to hire Ticky and Brendan Fraser, the writer said, “Hellz no! Over my dead body!” and took the movie to another studio where it was made with Sean Penn (who got an Oscar nomination) and Michelle Pfeiffer)

ANISTON IS A WH@RE @ 03/09/2012 at 11:23 am

- Untitled TV pilot project based on a play called “Parental Discretion” that Ticky was producing for her father to star in.
2001 and 2002
- I didn’t find anything but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any. It’s just that after 6 hours (strung out over a couple of days!) I had reached my Ticky saturation point. Unlike those crazy ass hens and trolls there’s only so much time I’m willing to devote to making fun of this trick…
- The Case Study
- Zora
- The Senator’s Wife
- Top Dog/Underdog
- The Time Traveler’s Wife (was finally made with Rachel McAdams in the role Ticky wanted)
- Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day (Frances McDomarmand was playing Miss Pettigrew. Ticky was interested in a supporting role that later went to Amy Adams. The film didn’t get made until 2007.)
- A Mighty Heart (We all know what happened to this one…Mariane Pearl wanted Angie to play her and the hens had a group conniption fit.)
- Diary (According to several articles I found this was supposed to shoot in Sept 2005 and was cancelled in May or June. The guy who was going to direct, George Hickenlooper, hen went on to film Factory Girl with Sienna Miller in Dec 2005)
- Untitled Dickey Chappelle Project (Did the world really need Ticky as a WW II photojournalist? I think not.)
- A Soapbox Opera (With Luke Wilson…let’s all heave a big sigh of relief that this got shitcanned)
- The Gambit (The Coens wrote the first draft of the script but it was in the process of being re-written by someoen else when Ticky was attached. Colin Firth was attached to star, as was Ben Kingsley. This finally got made in 2011 with Cameron Diaz in the role Ticky wanted.)
- Wanted (With La Streep…and then without cuz Meryl signed on because of Brad and then dropped out when it was just Ticky. This is one of the 3 projects Ticky supposedly took with her when Brad kicked her out of Plan B.)
- Family and Other Accidents
- Over the Hedge 2 (voice work, but Katzenberg ended up not making this movie)
- The Boring Girls (Yes, folks, Ticky has been trying to make this movie for almost 6 years)
- Since Yesterday (This was a play in NYC Ticky claimed she was “looking at” doing. She said she started in the theater and would love to go back to it. It was off-Broadway not Broadway…for which every actor trodding the pines on Broadway is deeply grateful for…)
- You Are Here (With Sam Rockwell…who’s friends with Brad AND VV and said they didn’t gcare if he did a movie with Ticky cuz it was work and not like he was having an affair with her…not that they’d care about that either…that was MY interpretation not Sam’s.)
- The Pentogram (With Adam Brody…who co-starred in M&MS. He said he thought Ticky has hot. Luckily for him this movie didn’t happen because “hot” is the last thing his career would have been afterwards.)
All of these films were announced in the press release for starting Echo Films with Hahn…
- The Divorce Party
- Getting Rid of Matthew
- counter-Clockwise
- Chemisty
- Love: Todd (producer only)
- Also of note…Ticky tried to get hired for a Woody Allen movie – either You’ll Meet A Tall Dark Stranger or Midnight In Paris. This is my theory of how it went down – First she had dinner with Diane Keaton in June…then 6 weeks later she had lunch with Woody and his child bride. Then they were never seen together again. You do the math and tell me 2+2 doesn’t equal “Woody laughed so hard he almost choked on the fish he was gumming.”

- Pumas
- Holler (producer only. This film is about a biracial girl and I wa shocked Ticky didn’t cast herself and claim she was trying to “stretch” her acting chops…)
- The Boring Girls was supposed to start shooting in Jan 2010 and she kept pimping it, so I’m going to throw it every time she claimed she was about to make it…
- Buttercup (with Tommy Lee Jones…who promptely decamped as soon as she announced she was on board and signed on to 3 other movies instead.)
- The Boring Girls…talking about it AGAIN…
Ticky claimed she was taking the year off…but…
- While pimping Horrible Movie in London she claimed she wanted to come to London and do a play with Kevin Space at The Old Vic where he’s theatrical director. Kevin Spacey had no comment.
- There’s a variety story that says Jerry Weintraub is producing a movie for Ticky at Universal, but doesn’t give the name of the movie.
- The Place Beyond The Pines – with Closet Boy (I’d seen some scuttlebutt that she’d been cast in it and mentioned it here, but it turned out she didn’t get the role. It went to Eva Mendes instead.)
- The Boring Girls…STILL talking about it…

ANISTON IS A WH@RE @ 03/09/2012 at 11:24 am

- Miss You Already aka Beaches Redux
- The Switch (#2. Apparently she’s cornering the market on movies named “The Switch”.)
- The Boring Girls…rears it’s ugly head again cuz it’s “stuck in development”
- Claims she has a movie she wants to direct, but didn’t say what it was.
Whew…I counted 38 movies, 1 play and 1 possible, maybe, if-only play – 41 if you want to count the 3 times after The Boring Girls was announced that she claimed she was making it and never did. Of those 38 REAL projects -
- Only 6 of them have been made
- None of 6 that were made have HER in them
- This means that Black Hole Ticky has sucked in 33 projects which will probably never again see the light of day.
Now, somebody remind me again…Why is Ticky supposedly considered an “A-list movie star”?

Do not click on the Filthy ***** Panties Troll post #181, it only has 5 thumbs down but it’s hidden. I put my cursor on the “click here to see”, and it showed the link to the virus site that troll always posts.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 03/09/2012 at 11:34 am

@Passing Through: @Never forget:

Since when Mickey Rouke’s opinion matters. When was his last hit.
If this troll wants to knock Brad down, it has to come up something better than the MR crap. At lease MB did better than Wanderdomb. I thought comedy suppose to do decent at the BO. This Wanderdomb couldn’t even beat a baseball flick. How sad?

We haven’t seen or heard from anistoned because she is too busy drunk dialing t.v. producers and making agonizing ‘Sophie’ type choices regarding her ‘spring’ extension colour.

@Media Wh@re MANiston:

So effing what if one person dissed the movie…,really it’s just sour grapes for the beaten down deadbeat that is Rourke……….he would ‘kill’ for Brad’s career………doncha kid yourselves, haters. You give new meaning to dumb and desperate.

@ PT you are the go to person, thank you. I’m hoping if Angie is not on WIW schedule for anything today and tomorrow she will be home to her family soon.

Re: Mickey Rouke’s comment. Why is his opinion more important than 70% of the people who say that movie who say they loved it.

Liverwurst @ 03/09/2012 at 12:08 pm

She is way out of her league and will distract everyone with her HUGE bobble head!

Whatsupwitdat? @ 03/09/2012 at 12:10 pm

Why does Angie alway wear 3/4 length sleeves or pull them up to 3/4 length?

POOR TROLL @ 03/09/2012 at 12:17 pm

Why are we defending Brad and Angie from this paid troll? Her opinion doesn’t matter. We fans are above that. I’m so PROUD OF ANGELINA. She is A GOOD ROLE MODEL TO YOUNG GIRLS AND ADULTS AS WELL. What a WOMAN!! Amazing and Gorgeous just like her HUSBAND BRAD. Regarding MR, who cares what he thinks! Brad couldn’t give a damn, so why would we? I don’t even know who Mickey Rourke is so I have to look him up. LOL

Robin Givens told Perez Hilton that she and Brad explored a lot “things’ while she was dating Brad Pitt.

Robin Givens is still so gorgeous. Blacks age so great.

ANY thing Robin GIVENS said is suspect, after the pounding in her head from Mike Tyson. And of course she did not graduate from HARVARD.
Twenty years later and the woman is still talking about brad, but she is not the only Heifer doing it.
WHAT IT IS ABOUT BRAD, that none of these women can move on, they’ve been married, deliveried kids, cheated and been cheated on, funny thing is, BRAD don’t mentioned them, as Ticky’s friend that said Brad acts, as if TICKY never existed and he was married to her.

@SUsan: that says something about a man that can’t stay friends with his exes. Angie probably thinks he’s weird as she is friends with both of her ex husbands and would still be cool with Jenny shimizu if whatever happened that caused the rift didn’t happen. I think Jenny told people Angie wasn’t the housewife type and that pizzed ange off.

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 1:23 pm

# 200 SUsan @ 03/09/2012 at 1:04 pm
Robin Givens was already a professional pathological liar and manipulator BEFORE Mike Tyson walloped her. We’ve had this discussion here in the past but basically she and her mother scammed Mike Tyston and got him drugged up on psych meds and then fleeced him. Anything she says is suspect. She and “truth” ain’t, never have been and never will be BFFs.

Jonny miller is Maddox godfather and billy is known as uncle billy. Lmao

she looks sooo sick…

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 1:53 pm

# 89 Lmao @ 03/09/2012 at 10:53 am
Bullcacadoody. Moneyball was tracking in the upper teens to $20MIL. It was NEVER projected to earn $100MIL let alone $110MIL. When it opened just short of $20MIL Nikki Finke said the studio was going to be happy with a multiple of 3-4 for the total. That put the studio’s projection in the $58-80MIL range. Moneyball finished at $75,605,492, which made the multiple 3.88 – right where the studio projected it to be.
Oops…I did math…the troll is probably taking off her socks right now…

@SUsan, it would appears Robin G. has not been getting any press recently. She knows anyone who mentions Brad’s name will get press. By the way, how long was the relationship between Brad and Robbin, six months?

angelina jolie is in washington d.c right to follow soon.left new york early today and has just been spotted in d.c with her twins.

Will Robin Givens be tomorrow at the gala?I can’t wait

@just fyi:

And all for not being at the gala tomorrow, as it is not the center of attention
Lady leg is pathetic

hey no fair
|FILTHY|JOLIE|VVHORE|PANTIES| 181 fake – steal my name!
jolie biggest vvhore ever
FJWP everwhere now
did all nyc and more
make u puke
maybe radioactiv
need thickest rubber
hazmat suits
big boots
gaz mask too

Entire article at link

Helping entrepreneurs in the Crescent City
I made my first visit to the Gulf Coast as a Red Cross shelter manager six weeks after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. What I witnessed there made me believe in the potential for individuals and businesses to come together to rebuild a community devastated by disaster. Every year since, I’ve returned to New Orleans to engage in and lead much of Google’s commitment to the area, which has included the direct use of Google Earth to aid in rescue efforts, search tools to help during the aftermath and many service hours put in by Google volunteers.

On Saturday, March 10, we’ll be working with Brad Pitt’s foundation, Make It Right, to help the organization engage with supporters globally during their NOEW charity event. At 8:00pm ET the Make It Right Google+ Page will host a live hangout with Brad Pitt and special guests Ellen DeGeneres, Randy Jackson and Aziz Ansari. Following the hangout, real time updates from the evening will be posted exclusively on the Google+ page, and visitors can view photos, ask questions of celebrity guests and watch videos from the evening.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 03/09/2012 at 2:45 pm


She looks sick in your opinion but in our opinion you are actually sick. Mental sick.

serious kick ass @ 03/09/2012 at 2:57 pm

people calling Angie anorexic are insane, she is still got healthy BMI , she always been naturally skinny the only reason her body look skinnier now is that she lost muscle mass, she used to have good muscles in Lara Croft days which she used to do a lot of workout to bulk her muscles but now she have six kids and a lot of humanitarian work so she doesn’t work out any more so her body lost the muscles which made her look skinnier.


Love the JoliePitts @ 03/09/2012 at 3:03 pm

New Brad Thread _________

Those legs are better off hidden, thank you very much for the laughter angie you gave us at Oscars.

serious kick ass @ 03/09/2012 at 3:30 pm

Anuston fans are insane for calling Jolie anorexic she still can kick some serious ass.
Angie didn’t lose any fat she just lost muscle mass because she used to train her body to build muscles but now after 6 kids, two pregnancies and a lot humanitarian work she just doesn’t train herself any more that is why she lost mass muscles which made her look skinnier.

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 3:38 pm

Here’s how little faith Uni had in Wanderbust – this week 782 theaters dropped it. As we discussed yesterday – that probably means that’s all they were contractually obligated to deliver. The other 1220 theaters apparently agreed to longer timeframes before dropping it. It’s probably going to finish the weekend anywhere from 12 to 15. Not good…but typical…

RachelSun @ 03/09/2012 at 4:58 pm

@Dc: Thanks for posting I did miss it.

I commented on CB how I thought their latest thread on Angie was insensitive, inappropriate and disrespectful not only to Angie , women at the forum , but to the the people ( women and children) of Somalia. They posted a video of Angie at the forum and then the next paragraph was some tab bull **** that Angie is going to fire her stylist. about showing her leg ,,,I didn’t haven’t a problem with them posting snarky gossip but it should have been on a separate thread.

But of course my comment didn’t appear or is in moderation.

What is wrong with these bloggers they don’t seem to care about the human race and instead like to incite stupid tab gossip to get hits to their blogs.


@Passing Through: # 173 bdj @ 03/09/2012 at 10:18 am
As I wrote in an earlier post, Miley impressed me the other day with her very mature response to haters on twitter.
So long as she stays off the really bad drugs, go out into the world – which she appears to be doing now, and figure out that there’s a lot for her to do and be grateful for, I think she may just turn out OK.
I’ll be hoping…

@Passing Through:
You’ve really never had a stalker here? Wow…I’m shocked. I thought you were being suffiently cold and belittling enough to have irked one of those idiots, but all that tells me is that they’re IQ levels are even worse than I thought. …. The secret to my success at attracting stalkers is all in the wrist…
Thanks for your attempts to console me PT. One day perhaps, you can share with us who desire stalkers, the secret in the wrist action??

she is all kinds of ugly :/

Angelina and also Brad both know their careers are soon to be over.
Eventually when their children grow up, they will grow apart anyhow but that is not my point. It is more about the media.
As someone said before, Brad’s movies are bombing big time and also are Angelina’s.
If it wasn’t for their kids and the drama after Mr and Mrs Smith.. they even wouldn’t be THIS famous.
He has made a couple good movies the last year, such as Babel and so on.. but he isn’t IT anymore..
Angelina has changed him into something else..
And everytime there is an interview it is so fake and they act all the way through it.
They actually should win an Oscar for that, acting with eachother.. everywhere.
And don’t get me wrong.. I do believe they fell in love and all that.. and they love eachother.. but it is mostly just showing how perfect their life is.
And everyone knows not EVERYTHING is perfect in life and especially not relationships.
However the fans here only want to see the bright side of them.
And JJ, delete my comment because everyone is flagging it, I don’t care.
The fans know they are delusional but hey, they love to spend money on their rolemodels, so their rolemodels can have all the luxury in the world :D hahaha that’s how the world turns everyday

Aussie Girl @ 03/09/2012 at 9:49 pm

@Lia: BLAH BLAH BLAH All that is your opinion only. Brad is almost 50,maybe HE does not want to be an IT boy any longer,he now has other things in his life than movies, 6 kids,a loving partner, Make it Right and other charaties.And did’nt he say recently that he does not want to act forever,maybe get into producing and/or directing!
Oh Almost forgot that Brad has been nominated for Oscars TWICE in 09 @ 12.

Anyway–I am a proud J-P fan,but I sure as h*ll don’t think they are perfect they are normal human beings who have/will make mistakes just like every-one.

ploypaphat @ 03/09/2012 at 9:52 pm


There is so much hate in your heart. I pity you.

Aussie Girl @ 03/09/2012 at 10:20 pm

@lylian: Sorry to mention a Ticky troll but it has relevance to name changes/stalkers. Two days ago I stupidly checked Ticky’s thread to see if she had shown her ugly mug ssince her mega-flop. Well myself and another poster were stunned by trolls claim that Brad only married Ticky b/c she was on Friends and her Dad was in showbiz–LMAO
Anyway when I said Ticky she/it posted “does it make you feel big and stong to say Ticky and you say Ticky b/c “you have nothing to say”
My point is she then started calling me A*S*S*E Girl and made sure it Hypocrite Much—-Mini Stalker???

Anyway sorry to pollute lovely Angie’s thread with that talk,will NOT go on her thread again. So proud that Ahge has been invited to speak and be incuded with such other amazing woman. She is a rare person indeed.

Could any-one confirm or not if Brad/Ticky announced there separation in Jan of 05 and the Kenya beach pics of Brad & Maddox were in approx April????

That’s our Angelina. She’s a recognized international leader who continuously recognizes others as influences first and continues to be humble. Maleficient is in pre production and can’t wait for Angelina to start filming that. Tomorrow, Make It Right event with Brad in NOLA. Love it!
Waving to all JP fans from all over the globe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stalker Much? @ 03/10/2012 at 1:38 am

Ok, I saw the picks of you know who. Is she wearing the same glasses that brad has on here??? they look very similar. Also, do her eyes look brown to you that have viewed the photos? This person is Brad’s worse nightmare, he’s moved on but she finds someway to stay connected in the littliest, but creepy way.

Congratulations Angie!!!! ITA Life is a better place b/c you are in it.

Not only your millions of Fans but especially your Brad is so proud of you.

This is one happy woman, busy yes but with all of her passsions she still manages to have a warm beautiful life with Mr. Pitt and her 6 children. Bravo Angie baby !!!!!!

She looks so gorgeous. Must be the most beautiful lady in Hollywood.

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