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Elle Fanning To Join Angelina Jolie in 'Maleficent'?

Elle Fanning To Join Angelina Jolie in 'Maleficent'?

Elle Fanning may be joining Angelina Jolie in the upcoming film Maleficent, according to Deadline!

The 13-year-old We Bought A Zoo actress is in talks to join the Disney film as Princess Aurora, the sleeping royal in the fairy tale. Angelina, 36, has already been attached to the project for some time, and confirmed her desire to do the film at the Berlin premiere of In the Land of Blood & Honey.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE Elle Fanning play the Princess to Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent???

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  • Cari

    Isn’t 13 a little young to play this role?

  • Rebeca

    It feels like it’s been years since that movie is going to be filmed. When is it comming up?

  • Sean

    Good. They weigh about the same.

  • A

    @Cari: You’d think…but apparently not in Hollyweird.

  • Jennifer is True Light

    At Least Jennifer Aniston has LIGHT in her own soul. if you believe that Angelina shines in any way she must have stolen light from someone else because I feel nothing but something mean emulating from inside Angelina. She can’t change it no matter how many kids she adopts to cover up what she really is.

  • Eeee

    I don’t care what anyone says Angelina is prrrrrrfect for this part. I just hope they don’t water it down. It needs to be dark.

  • speaktruth

    Sounds like an awesome movie! Of the Disney villians, Maleficent definitely scared me the most when I was younger.

  • Eeee

    Haters gonna hate. What’s new?

    The biggest haters are gonna be p’od because as stated on deadline hw the movie is moving forward because Angelina spoke of her interest in playing the part. Power player.

  • girly lol

    These people forgot that the thread is more about Elle Fanning.
    @Cari: I agree with you; but, if you remember Disney movies, princesess used to be teenagers.

  • Creed

    13 is too young t o play aurora maybe Dakota should play her,

  • ladys

    In the original Grimm tale, wasn’t Sleeping Beauty supposed to prick her finger on the spindle on her 15th birthday? If so, Elle Fanning’s about a month away from her 14th birthday… so it’s not that big a stretch after all.

  • s

    Those that concerned with Elle’s age, you are aware that she isn’t the first actress nor would she be the last to portray a role that is either younger or older than her actual age, right? get a grip.

  • Jess

    My goodness. Angelina looks beautiful in that picture.

  • ColinG

    Lets hope its a dark movie, unlike Mirror Mirror!

  • Liz

    @Jennifer is True Light …. Riiiight, you know the Chin has light in her soul. Did you read that in Men’s Health too? The hack mag that named Chin Chin the sexiest woman ever. Bawahahaha. You’re a tool.

  • marq
  • plez


    I was just going to post that. She can play older than

  • Jennifer is True Light

    @Liz: Jennifer emulates light it’s that simple. Angelina does not. If you are not your own person and sensitive to feelings you won’t understand. You are obviously someone that SERVES ANGELINA and forgets about yourself. Very sad.
    At least admire a celebrity that is worthy of your time and attention and not someone that leaves you drained.

  • Lexie

    Elle is definitely looks the part! I totally approve! Now to cast Prince Phillip… My dream choices would be Zac Efron or Chace Crawford.

  • http://cellphone SUsan

    @Jennifer is True Light: WHY she leaves you drained, because you have to put on your thinking cap for any interview that missboreme about hair, skin, nosejob is not in.

  • Johnny

    It wont be a dark movie. It will end up like Mirror Mirror because it is created by Disney

  • teri

    I can’t wait to see it, anything Angelina or Brad I’ll be there. Elle is such a cute girl I think she’ll do a fine job.

  • cats and rats

    Ange must run run fest. Her. Be. 40 yaer. In five. Yaer commingled. Soon. No movies. Big to rerembe she. Sad

  • Poor Heidi B

    Heidi Bivens knows the truth- granny manny is lower than dirt- no light, just moldy old desperation and nastiness to all.

  • mel

    Sadly, this will end up like Mirror Mirror

  • Theresa

    I think they can find someone better for the princess role. Aurora is supposed to be 16 someone who actually looks 16 would be a better option.

  • cats and rats

    Ange 7yer son like he mom harir cut nice

  • Old

    Elle looks 18. Teens are ageing so much quicker now a days.

  • Liz

    @Jennifer is True Light … oh, honey. You’re more messed up than I thought. Let me break it down to you. Angelina is an actress. I’m a fan. She makes movies. I watch them. She has a post in JJ, I’ll read it and move on. I do not know her personally or attempt to claim I do by what I read. Now you on the other hand your obsession with the Chin is abnormal. You see the light in her. How? From pictures in gossip sites? Before you start with the lightness of being jibber jabber you better go back to that spiritual book of yours because I’m sure you can’t see that light in a person from watching reruns of Friends. You really are a tool.

  • Yass

    @cats and rats: yes, she is 3 years from turning 40 and I bet she will accept it greatly and fantastically. She is a wonderful mature woman.

  • Yass

    Omg I can’t believe my girl is almost 40. She will be the fiercest in her 40s.

  • B

    Not sure about Elle’s casting. She’s cute, but there’s something really dorky about her. Maybe it’s the tween thing, but I imagine someone different.


    Who’s your girl? Fishyth paltrow? She is “almost 40,” at 39. Angie’s 36. If shes almost 40, maniston’s almost 50. But I agree she will be fierce.
    Way to bury Angelina’s women in the world speech Jared. How long was it up, 2 seconds?

  • DirtyDuckie

    Wow! Great pairing…

    Angie will dive that muff anytime!

  • lucy

    to Cari

    i was also thinking that Elle is too young for the part. but she could be one of two actresses in the role of Aurora.

  • babel

    didn’t ella fanning play Brad’s daughter in babel .

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Angie to start filming Maleficent in June. (THR)
    This is great news. Angie will knock this one out of the ball park for Shiloh.
    She said in her interview w/Richard Cohen last year she wanted to do this one for Shiloh. I am soooo happy for her and her baby girl. Shiloh must love herself some Maleficent

  • alw

    yes she played brad’s daughter (debbie jones) in babel.:


    Elle isn’t too young, the girl is tall and can easily pass for an older teen. My thing is, SO WHAT – WHO THE FCK CARES?? This is Angelina’s movie, and there’s a reason it’s called Malificient and NOT sleeping beauty, it’s about Angelina’s character.

  • Stephanie

    Elle is a good actress and is 14 next month. She’ll probably be the right age (16) when they film this movie, and even if she isn’t, she’s close enough right now. I’d rather have someone like Elle play Aurora than someone in their 20s… why not have real teenagers play teenage roles? They keep casting grown women and it’s just getting weird. No wonder so many teenage girls have self-esteem issues, wear tons of makeup, and want to look older: the actresses who portray their own age group are actually half a decade to a decade older than they are!

  • noplace

    CLINIQUA @ 03/08/2012 at 11:12 pm
    It would be fabulous pairing!

  • Yass

    @CLINIQUA: Fool, you don’t own Angie. I was talking about Angie, and you know it. 3 years to 40 is basically almost 40. Foo, Angie is 37 this year.


    I agree Stephanie, haters prolly wanted Megan Faux in the part, they’re mad a real teen may get it. Lol

  • Love Ms. Jolie’s heart of gold

    umm.. Angie would not do this film IF it was not up to par.
    writers work overtime into the nights to please her.
    Maleficent was her fave as a child she said.
    This will be an awesome film!
    I got a Maleficent vibe from her Oscar appearance. That laugh was
    sultry but naughty.Mysterious that made you want more & more.
    She is Lisa Rowe, Evelyn Salt, Lara Croft,Fox, all those interseting powerful characters.
    oh man, I cannot wait!!!!!
    She is the female Johnny Depp.
    a Marlon Brando. You cannot take your eyes off of her on screen.
    oh, anyone buying into tabloid crap for 7 yrs is a twit.
    Only a few know the real Angelina & her private life.
    But, intelligent people know that. :)

  • groundcontrol

    Elle also played the young Daisy in Benjamin Button. Remember her under the table with Benjamin?
    She has been getting excellent reviews in her recent movies. She’ll be fine. Angie looks beautiful and scary in that picture. She’ll be fabulous in this.

  • Jill

    I CANNOT wait for Angie to make Maleficent.
    Does anyone know if it will be filmed in the US or abroad?

    she is going to tke that role & sink her beautiful teeth in it like she does always but this one? is for the kiddies.

    someone said it’ll be like Mirror Mirror..lmao
    You were sitting in on the meetings & read the whole script and conversed with the artists?
    oh, how lucky you were. hahaha

  • Yass

    @Jill: filming in London in late may.

  • Jill


    ha! so Mel was the blessed one to get the lowdown from the writer, director & the producers & Angie told you?

    you are funny.
    Maybe you should play the ponies or go to Vegas.
    What a silly post.
    Mel, Angelina does not do cheese. Capis?

  • Alice

    I always like Elle more than Dakota. I think she will be great for the role and with Angie.

  • Jill


    tx Jass. May? THR today said starts in June (I’m sure scouting already started).
    Yass honey, will it be studio or location too?
    I was thinking lots of cool special effects.
    Whatever it shall be, it’ll rock n’ roll
    tx again :)