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Elle Fanning To Join Angelina Jolie in 'Maleficent'?

Elle Fanning To Join Angelina Jolie in 'Maleficent'?

Elle Fanning may be joining Angelina Jolie in the upcoming film Maleficent, according to Deadline!

The 13-year-old We Bought A Zoo actress is in talks to join the Disney film as Princess Aurora, the sleeping royal in the fairy tale. Angelina, 36, has already been attached to the project for some time, and confirmed her desire to do the film at the Berlin premiere of In the Land of Blood & Honey.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE Elle Fanning play the Princess to Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent???

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# 1

Isn’t 13 a little young to play this role?

# 2

It feels like it’s been years since that movie is going to be filmed. When is it comming up?

# 3

Good. They weigh about the same.

# 4

@Cari: You’d think…but apparently not in Hollyweird.

# 5
Jennifer is True Light @ 03/08/2012 at 7:30 pm

At Least Jennifer Aniston has LIGHT in her own soul. if you believe that Angelina shines in any way she must have stolen light from someone else because I feel nothing but something mean emulating from inside Angelina. She can’t change it no matter how many kids she adopts to cover up what she really is.

# 6

I don’t care what anyone says Angelina is prrrrrrfect for this part. I just hope they don’t water it down. It needs to be dark.

# 7
speaktruth @ 03/08/2012 at 7:36 pm

Sounds like an awesome movie! Of the Disney villians, Maleficent definitely scared me the most when I was younger.

# 8

Haters gonna hate. What’s new?

The biggest haters are gonna be p’od because as stated on deadline hw the movie is moving forward because Angelina spoke of her interest in playing the part. Power player.

# 9
girly lol @ 03/08/2012 at 7:39 pm

These people forgot that the thread is more about Elle Fanning.
@Cari: I agree with you; but, if you remember Disney movies, princesess used to be teenagers.

13 is too young t o play aurora maybe Dakota should play her,

In the original Grimm tale, wasn’t Sleeping Beauty supposed to prick her finger on the spindle on her 15th birthday? If so, Elle Fanning’s about a month away from her 14th birthday… so it’s not that big a stretch after all.

Those that concerned with Elle’s age, you are aware that she isn’t the first actress nor would she be the last to portray a role that is either younger or older than her actual age, right? get a grip.

My goodness. Angelina looks beautiful in that picture.

Lets hope its a dark movie, unlike Mirror Mirror!

@Jennifer is True Light …. Riiiight, you know the Chin has light in her soul. Did you read that in Men’s Health too? The hack mag that named Chin Chin the sexiest woman ever. Bawahahaha. You’re a tool.


I was just going to post that. She can play older than

Jennifer is True Light @ 03/08/2012 at 8:21 pm

@Liz: Jennifer emulates light it’s that simple. Angelina does not. If you are not your own person and sensitive to feelings you won’t understand. You are obviously someone that SERVES ANGELINA and forgets about yourself. Very sad.
At least admire a celebrity that is worthy of your time and attention and not someone that leaves you drained.

Elle is definitely looks the part! I totally approve! Now to cast Prince Phillip… My dream choices would be Zac Efron or Chace Crawford.

@Jennifer is True Light: WHY she leaves you drained, because you have to put on your thinking cap for any interview that missboreme about hair, skin, nosejob is not in.

It wont be a dark movie. It will end up like Mirror Mirror because it is created by Disney

I can’t wait to see it, anything Angelina or Brad I’ll be there. Elle is such a cute girl I think she’ll do a fine job.

cats and rats @ 03/08/2012 at 9:10 pm

Ange must run run fest. Her. Be. 40 yaer. In five. Yaer commingled. Soon. No movies. Big to rerembe she. Sad

Poor Heidi B @ 03/08/2012 at 9:14 pm

Heidi Bivens knows the truth- granny manny is lower than dirt- no light, just moldy old desperation and nastiness to all.

Sadly, this will end up like Mirror Mirror

I think they can find someone better for the princess role. Aurora is supposed to be 16 someone who actually looks 16 would be a better option.

cats and rats @ 03/08/2012 at 9:26 pm

Ange 7yer son like he mom harir cut nice

Elle looks 18. Teens are ageing so much quicker now a days.

@Jennifer is True Light … oh, honey. You’re more messed up than I thought. Let me break it down to you. Angelina is an actress. I’m a fan. She makes movies. I watch them. She has a post in JJ, I’ll read it and move on. I do not know her personally or attempt to claim I do by what I read. Now you on the other hand your obsession with the Chin is abnormal. You see the light in her. How? From pictures in gossip sites? Before you start with the lightness of being jibber jabber you better go back to that spiritual book of yours because I’m sure you can’t see that light in a person from watching reruns of Friends. You really are a tool.

@cats and rats: yes, she is 3 years from turning 40 and I bet she will accept it greatly and fantastically. She is a wonderful mature woman.

Omg I can’t believe my girl is almost 40. She will be the fiercest in her 40s.

Not sure about Elle’s casting. She’s cute, but there’s something really dorky about her. Maybe it’s the tween thing, but I imagine someone different.

Who’s your girl? Fishyth paltrow? She is “almost 40,” at 39. Angie’s 36. If shes almost 40, maniston’s almost 50. But I agree she will be fierce.
Way to bury Angelina’s women in the world speech Jared. How long was it up, 2 seconds?

DirtyDuckie @ 03/08/2012 at 10:40 pm

Wow! Great pairing…

Angie will dive that muff anytime!

to Cari

i was also thinking that Elle is too young for the part. but she could be one of two actresses in the role of Aurora.

didn’t ella fanning play Brad’s daughter in babel .

Love the JoliePitts @ 03/08/2012 at 11:05 pm

Angie to start filming Maleficent in June. (THR)
This is great news. Angie will knock this one out of the ball park for Shiloh.
She said in her interview w/Richard Cohen last year she wanted to do this one for Shiloh. I am soooo happy for her and her baby girl. Shiloh must love herself some Maleficent

yes she played brad’s daughter (debbie jones) in babel.:

Elle isn’t too young, the girl is tall and can easily pass for an older teen. My thing is, SO WHAT – WHO THE FCK CARES?? This is Angelina’s movie, and there’s a reason it’s called Malificient and NOT sleeping beauty, it’s about Angelina’s character.

Elle is a good actress and is 14 next month. She’ll probably be the right age (16) when they film this movie, and even if she isn’t, she’s close enough right now. I’d rather have someone like Elle play Aurora than someone in their 20s… why not have real teenagers play teenage roles? They keep casting grown women and it’s just getting weird. No wonder so many teenage girls have self-esteem issues, wear tons of makeup, and want to look older: the actresses who portray their own age group are actually half a decade to a decade older than they are!

CLINIQUA @ 03/08/2012 at 11:12 pm
It would be fabulous pairing!

@CLINIQUA: Fool, you don’t own Angie. I was talking about Angie, and you know it. 3 years to 40 is basically almost 40. Foo, Angie is 37 this year.

I agree Stephanie, haters prolly wanted Megan Faux in the part, they’re mad a real teen may get it. Lol

Love Ms. Jolie's heart of gold @ 03/08/2012 at 11:36 pm

umm.. Angie would not do this film IF it was not up to par.
writers work overtime into the nights to please her.
Maleficent was her fave as a child she said.
This will be an awesome film!
I got a Maleficent vibe from her Oscar appearance. That laugh was
sultry but naughty.Mysterious that made you want more & more.
She is Lisa Rowe, Evelyn Salt, Lara Croft,Fox, all those interseting powerful characters.
oh man, I cannot wait!!!!!
She is the female Johnny Depp.
a Marlon Brando. You cannot take your eyes off of her on screen.
oh, anyone buying into tabloid crap for 7 yrs is a twit.
Only a few know the real Angelina & her private life.
But, intelligent people know that. :)

groundcontrol @ 03/08/2012 at 11:37 pm

Elle also played the young Daisy in Benjamin Button. Remember her under the table with Benjamin?
She has been getting excellent reviews in her recent movies. She’ll be fine. Angie looks beautiful and scary in that picture. She’ll be fabulous in this.

I CANNOT wait for Angie to make Maleficent.
Does anyone know if it will be filmed in the US or abroad?

she is going to tke that role & sink her beautiful teeth in it like she does always but this one? is for the kiddies.

someone said it’ll be like Mirror Mirror..lmao
You were sitting in on the meetings & read the whole script and conversed with the artists?
oh, how lucky you were. hahaha

@Jill: filming in London in late may.


ha! so Mel was the blessed one to get the lowdown from the writer, director & the producers & Angie told you?

you are funny.
Maybe you should play the ponies or go to Vegas.
What a silly post.
Mel, Angelina does not do cheese. Capis?

I always like Elle more than Dakota. I think she will be great for the role and with Angie.


tx Jass. May? THR today said starts in June (I’m sure scouting already started).
Yass honey, will it be studio or location too?
I was thinking lots of cool special effects.
Whatever it shall be, it’ll rock n’ roll
tx again :)


she’s 36 & will be 37 in June. Hardly almost 40.
But, 40 is a very sexy age, ask my husband
One usually says almost 40 circa one year prior.

but, who cares? Angie will be ravishing at 68.
It’s her inner beauty that shines at any age.
That she has oodles of.

btw..did you guys read about Women of the World?
What a wonderful Summit.
I bow to all the women.
These are the GIANTS of the planet.
The doctor Angie spoke about & her 2 Dr. daughters are ah-mazing!
I hope she gets the Nobel Peace Prize.
What a saint.
I was thrilled to see Angie speak about her. Now, I am in the know.
Angie rolls with the smartest, most succseful people on this planet.
oh, watch the MIR Gala on the 10th & please donate anything you can.
It is an honorable honest Charity.Brad put up 5 mil of his own $ to start. Ellen is very involved too.
Even $10 helps. Or buy a cool T shirt or hat.
wear MIR with pride, you show the morons you help humans in need.
In the US. (even if you are not in the US, sustainable housing will go global Brad says)

Shut up you old obvious bittchy old crone of a fan of Maniston and garbage handler, what kind of fcking fan of Angie’s comes on her thread and starts yapping about not being able to wait til an actress’s turns 40 ( in 3 years time!!)…go fck yourself you piece of sh hit, if you’re a fan I’m Kate Middleton. Plus the fact you don’t think anyone can use the back button and see you responded to some illiterate troll hater who garbled out some hate about Jolie at 40, and you chime in, in response but in perfect English — when the truth is both posts are your own, you dumbass.
Now fck off. Flapping your gums about your supposed fav actress turning 40 is tantamount to being a fan of maniston’s and publicly celebrating her perimenopause, and throwing her a hot flash party.
go fck yourself and leave the beautiful girl alone, loser. I swear, you’d think you dumb ff bishes would be happy now that Maniston has a bought and paid for shrimpy noname dck, even if it has been up terry Richardsons taint….but nooooooo, you gotta come on here and try to fck with a real celebration of a real movie star. May karma fck you up the asss with Justine theroux’s high heeled platforms.

@Brenda: Wow so 37 is not almost 40? Ok, idiot. Round it off. Some of you are so hard headed. Almost 40. Almost 40. Almost 40. 3 more years and she’s 40. Ugh. Lmao

@CLINIQUA: wow and you claim to be an ange fan? Not with the rude tude, lady. I’m darn sure you are older than I am but you come off as immature and coocoo. Get a reality check, you are not Angie and you never will be. You eill not even be her maid or dishwasher. You are not fit enough to clean Angie’s loubitin heels. You see, Angie has something called class and maturity and she is not afraid of a number 40 . You dear coocoo nut will never have class, just a whole lot of assss.

groundcontrol @ 03/09/2012 at 12:42 am

PT, check your email. 2X. I found her.

Love the JoliePitts @ 03/09/2012 at 12:43 am

You are so RIGHT! The name of the movie is MALEFICENT!
Let the teen play the teen. Too many older actresses think they can play these young roles and they do not look right on screen.

Elle will be 15 in April. The princess in the story is awakened by the prince when she is 16 . . . so I would say that yes, she is exactly the right age. Jared has her age wrong.

Sorry, Elle will be 14 in April, my apologies. Still, I think she’s the perfect age to play the Princess since she is 15 in the story before she is put to sleep on her 16th birthday, at least I THINK that’s how it goes ; )

the average age of menarche for girls these days is 11. I was told thats because of all the hormones used in meat these days. So, yes, elle at 14 is probably physically equivalent to a 16 year old girl several generations ago, and thus, quite perfect for the role.

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 1:24 am

# 32 B @ 03/08/2012 at 9:47 pm
The problem is – she’s no “beauty”…which kind of makes the entire premise of Maleficent’s jealousy kind of hard to believe. Any resemblence that remark has to Ticky’s fugness in relation to Angie’s drop-dead gorgeousness is merely a coincidence…


I’m an idiot? huh?
You are a clueless fck then.
I never heard of referring to anyone at age 36 to be almost 40 LMAO
So, that makes Chinnifer almost 47.
OK..I see your logic bwahaha.

so, Maddox Jolie-Pitt is almost 15.Meryl Streep is almost 70.

Don’t you see you are posting hogwash logic?

Dude, even IF Angie would be wth?
People in general do not like to rush their ages. Got 4 yrs or so to enjoy till.
I now believe you were mean & I do not feel sorry for you.

Cliniqua is just p-od at your passive agressive sneaky post.
And..she is a highly intelligent, first class woman.She sees through BS like a fox. In fact, we all do.She gets heated & rightly so because she knows your act, man.
Please, do not insult her OR calling me an idiot & whatever you do in your hundred fake name.
I never did anything to you.
Only my man can joke & call me an idiot. Sexy idiot. LMAO

Now, if you are not an Angie fly away from Angie thread.
Go to Chinny’s thread.
oh wait…there’s no action there.
Even her “fans” din’t go & see her last 3 flops.
Wanderbust was her worst experts say.
She is very lucky the Oscars was on Sunday, so not much coverage on Monday in the media about another flop.
Instead, her over paid puppets,planted, “oh, I’m so happy”, “I prefer L.A. to NY” bla bla..(sad spook she is indeed as quoted in a reputable mag)
and ridiculous things that they try so hard to make her sound relevant.
When in reality, she only has low IQ irrelevant bla bla to say.

I can go on, but why? lol..I’m almost 40 so time is ticking. LOL

right on sista!

loved the :
I swear, you’d think you dumb ff bishes would be happy now that Maniston has a bought and paid for shrimpy noname dck, even if it has been up terry Richardsons taint….but nooooooo, you gotta come on here and try to fck with a real celebration of a real movie star. May karma fck you up the asss with Justine theroux’s high heeled platforms.

tx for the laugh Clini.
My niece is 12, oh wait..almost
(we totally missed the tween yrs..oopps)

ANISTON IS A WH@RE @ 03/09/2012 at 2:21 am

reposting this wonderful gem from PT. I hope you don’t mind PT. This is like an ammunition for the troll paid by Huvane who keeps on telling lies about Angelina.

# 318 an oldie @ 03/07/2012 at 11:43 am
RW is almost as full of caca as Ticky is but at least she can get a movie green lighted on her name. Ticky can’t get anything financed then takes crappy projects that are already financed and turns them in to a red numbers on the balance sheet. Which…leads me to my “weekend project”…
Soooooooo…when What-a-bust was bombing I got to think about those 2 flicks that Ticky and Huvsy leaked to Deadline last month, which is basically her attempt to drum up an offer for a movie that’s already financed. No takers so far so that might have backfired on her. But, what it did do was make the wonder how many projects Ticky has “announced” or been “attached” or boasted about that have never seen the light of day or that went to other actresses for various reasons.
Every actor has projects that don’t work out and never make it to production for tons of reasons. That’s just how the business is. There are probably thousands of scripts floating around Hollywood that have been optioned by someone and never get made. However, sometimes an actor just plain sucks and is like a black hole where scripts go to die – that’s Ticky.
When I embarked on this little project I expected to do about 30 mintues of Googling and wind up with a list of 10 or so movies. Er…it didn’t quite work out that way. Over the course of a couple of days I’ve spent about 6 hours reading through articles and LMAO. Y’all are not going to believe how many projects Ticky has tried to get off the ground over the years. I ended up finding stuff going all the way back to 1998.
As you read through this list look at the pattern that emerges –
- Before Brad…a handful of projects she produced or tried to get financed.
- With Brad…a whole bunch of projects were acquired their 2 production companies with Ticky claiming the intent was to, “…lay track for what happens after ‘Friends,’ and I know well that films like ‘The Good Girl’ are very hard to come by.” The intent of the company wasn’t solely to proved Ticky with post-Friends projects. That was HER objective but not the 2 Brads’. Because she had the 2 Brads backing Plan B Ticky and Kristin Hahn were able to get a lot of scripts that she otherwise wouldn’t have had a shot at. Also, re: the “2 production companies” – at first it was the 2 of them together with Kristin Hahn but Hahn was NOT a partner. Then they partnered with Brad Grey and formed Plan B. (Which, BTW, I found the original announcement of the company that states very clearly that Brad and Brad Grey were “50/50 partners” with Ticky coming on board as an “equity partner” due to the fact that she and Brad had formed a partnership between them and added Kristin Hahn. There was a company, but it never had offices and was abandoned when Brad Grey approached BRAD to form Plan B. Kristin Hahn who claimed to have started Plan B with Ticky was part of the company that Brad and Ticky had and moved to Plan B as a producer and was NEVER a partner in either venture.)
- Post-dumping – Initially Ticky was blanked, then she gradually started to acquire script rights and eventually formed Echo Films with Hahn in 2008. Also, remember that there are projects that I’ll never be able to find (unless someone startings blabbing) because she auditioned for movies and got turned down. The nitwit admitted that in an interview, so God knows how many auditions she went on and didn’t get the job.
Okay…that’s background…now here’s the list of projects that I found. These are all projects she was planning to either star in or produce and does not include the handful of films that she did make. These are things she tried to get financing for and hasn’t been able to squeeze a dime out of anyone to make a wish a reality. As you read the list count up all the projects that actually saw the light of day WITH TICKY, without Ticky and those sucked into that black vortex known as Box Office Poison Tickytown…
- Animal Husbandry (retitled Someone Like You, released in 2001 with Ashley Judd & Hugh Hunkman…er…sorry…Jackman)
- Something Wicked
- The Virgin Mary (acting + producting)
- Waking Up In Reno (she wanted to co-star with Brad…who eventually nixed the idea and signed on to do The Mexican instead. At the time Fincher was slated to direct but later dropped out. This movie was being directed by James Gray and producted by…drum roll please…Billy Boob Thornton. Like I said…Brad has known BBT for a long time.)
- I Am Sam (the studio wanted to hire Ticky and Brendan Fraser, the writer said, “Hellz no! Over my dead body!” and took the movie to another studio where it was made with Sean Penn (who got an Oscar nomination) and Michelle Pfeiffer)

ANISTON IS A WH@RE @ 03/09/2012 at 2:22 am


- Untitled TV pilot project based on a play called “Parental Discretion” that Ticky was producing for her father to star in.
2001 and 2002
- I didn’t find anything but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any. It’s just that after 6 hours (strung out over a couple of days!) I had reached my Ticky saturation point. Unlike those crazy ass hens and trolls there’s only so much time I’m willing to devote to making fun of this trick…
- The Case Study
- Zora
- The Senator’s Wife
- Top Dog/Underdog
- The Time Traveler’s Wife (was finally made with Rachel McAdams in the role Ticky wanted)
- Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day (Frances McDomarmand was playing Miss Pettigrew. Ticky was interested in a supporting role that later went to Amy Adams. The film didn’t get made until 2007.)
- A Mighty Heart (We all know what happened to this one…Mariane Pearl wanted Angie to play her and the hens had a group conniption fit.)
- Diary (According to several articles I found this was supposed to shoot in Sept 2005 and was cancelled in May or June. The guy who was going to direct, George Hickenlooper, hen went on to film Factory Girl with Sienna Miller in Dec 2005)
- Untitled Dickey Chappelle Project (Did the world really need Ticky as a WW II photojournalist? I think not.)
- A Soapbox Opera (With Luke Wilson…let’s all heave a big sigh of relief that this got shitcanned)
- The Gambit (The Coens wrote the first draft of the script but it was in the process of being re-written by someoen else when Ticky was attached. Colin Firth was attached to star, as was Ben Kingsley. This finally got made in 2011 with Cameron Diaz in the role Ticky wanted.)
- Wanted (With La Streep…and then without cuz Meryl signed on because of Brad and then dropped out when it was just Ticky. This is one of the 3 projects Ticky supposedly took with her when Brad kicked her out of Plan B.)
- Family and Other Accidents
- Over the Hedge 2 (voice work, but Katzenberg ended up not making this movie)
- The Boring Girls (Yes, folks, Ticky has been trying to make this movie for almost 6 years)
- Since Yesterday (This was a play in NYC Ticky claimed she was “looking at” doing. She said she started in the theater and would love to go back to it. It was off-Broadway not Broadway…for which every actor trodding the pines on Broadway is deeply grateful for…)
- You Are Here (With Sam Rockwell…who’s friends with Brad AND VV and said they didn’t gcare if he did a movie with Ticky cuz it was work and not like he was having an affair with her…not that they’d care about that either…that was MY interpretation not Sam’s.)
- The Pentogram (With Adam Brody…who co-starred in M&MS. He said he thought Ticky has hot. Luckily for him this movie didn’t happen because “hot” is the last thing his career would have been afterwards.)
All of these films were announced in the press release for starting Echo Films with Hahn…
- The Divorce Party
- Getting Rid of Matthew
- counter-Clockwise
- Chemisty
- Love: Todd (producer only)
- Also of note…Ticky tried to get hired for a Woody Allen movie – either You’ll Meet A Tall Dark Stranger or Midnight In Paris. This is my theory of how it went down – First she had dinner with Diane Keaton in June…then 6 weeks later she had lunch with Woody and his child bride. Then they were never seen together again. You do the math and tell me 2+2 doesn’t equal “Woody laughed so hard he almost choked on the fish he was gumming.”

- Pumas
- Holler (producer only. This film is about a biracial girl and I wa shocked Ticky didn’t cast herself and claim she was trying to “stretch” her acting chops…)
- The Boring Girls was supposed to start shooting in Jan 2010 and she kept pimping it, so I’m going to throw it every time she claimed she was about to make it…
- Buttercup (with Tommy Lee Jones…who promptely decamped as soon as she announced she was on board and signed on to 3 other movies instead.)
- The Boring Girls…talking about it AGAIN…
Ticky claimed she was taking the year off…but…
- While pimping Horrible Movie in London she claimed she wanted to come to London and do a play with Kevin Space at The Old Vic where he’s theatrical director. Kevin Spacey had no comment.
- There’s a variety story that says Jerry Weintraub is producing a movie for Ticky at Universal, but doesn’t give the name of the movie.
- The Place Beyond The Pines – with Closet Boy (I’d seen some scuttlebutt that she’d been cast in it and mentioned it here, but it turned out she didn’t get the role. It went to Eva Mendes instead.)
- The Boring Girls…STILL talking about it…

ANISTON IS A WH@RE @ 03/09/2012 at 2:23 am

- Miss You Already aka Beaches Redux
- The Switch (#2. Apparently she’s cornering the market on movies named “The Switch”.)
- The Boring Girls…rears it’s ugly head again cuz it’s “stuck in development”
- Claims she has a movie she wants to direct, but didn’t say what it was.
Whew…I counted 38 movies, 1 play and 1 possible, maybe, if-only play – 41 if you want to count the 3 times after The Boring Girls was announced that she claimed she was making it and never did. Of those 38 REAL projects -
- Only 6 of them have been made
- None of 6 that were made have HER in them
- This means that Black Hole Ticky has sucked in 33 projects which will probably never again see the light of day.
Now, somebody remind me again…Why is Ticky supposedly considered an “A-list movie star”?


great post.

I never understood calling women 3-4 yrs older either btw.
I guess Clooney is almost 54 & my newborn is already 4.
WOW. (thank God, I missed the teething , potyy training & the terrible 2′s..pheww)

that poster’s remark or “logic” is insane

Never forget @ 03/09/2012 at 2:35 am

Never forget @ 03/09/2012 at 2:30 am
Finally someone had the balls to say some negative truth about pitt’s moneybomb. Mickey rourke says it was fuking torture to watch that pos.
Isn’t brad supposed to be an international star? Moneybomb made 34 million and some change In foreign box office and 110 worldwide.
The tourist banked more than both of brads last movies.
Tree of life was another dud with 13 million domestic bwhaah and 41 foreign. Wtf happened to his star power? Add the $$ he paid for good reviews and Promotion and they made nada off those pos piitstain movies.
It’s official.. Angelina’s leg has more star power than brad Pitt.

Never forget @ 03/09/2012 at 2:36 am

Let me repeat that. The BOMB called the tourist banked more than both of brad pitt’s last two movies combined. Lmao

Never forget @ 03/09/2012 at 2:38 am

No1curr about Pitt
That’s why Pitt was pimping the kids for the paparazzi yesterday. ” look at me I’m in Nola on ma bike” = o no1curr okay ” hey look at Angelina’s kids theyre in Nola” = a million comments.
And I guess Pitts pr team paid to keep this thread glued to the top.

Angelina will be filming Maleficent this June. It looks like no Angelina movie out in 2012. Fortunately Brad has two movies in 2012. I am looking forward to all Brad and Angelina movies.

Do you see Rihanna post topless pix? Ever since she broke up with Chris Brown, she has never been the same, she has gone crazy. I am worried if she can pull off Brad’s charity gala performance this Saturday.

I always pictured Dianna Agron as Princess Aurora

Total Lifetime GrossesDomestic: $67,631,157 24.3%
+ Foreign: $210,715,032 75.7%


= Worldwide: $278,346,189

Tourist ROCKED!@!!!

MB get Oscar nom. woohoo & great reviews.
Micky a drunk druggy…jealous jerk

They make important films
AOOJJ flopped at BO & it was art…it has legs.

@Never forget:

TOL a dud? Wait till 20 yrs from now. It is a masterpiece.
It got amazing reviews. So it did not have BO # BFD..pffft.
Don’t bash clueless fck.
Both Angie & Brad make quality films with messages.
AMH was Angie’s fave film & it did not have BO#’s BUT AMH will also be talked about 20 yrs from now.
My point? Brad doesn’t give a hoot about BO#’s
He is our best story teller & and fantastic important producer.

as far as their film career; they are Cristal Rose & Ticky is Cold Duck.

Brad or Angie do NOT need to “pimp” their kids to get press.
They are happy if they can be stealth.
You are on meds or forgot to take it?
I know, dumbed down Reality Shows are your choice of TV and airhead films are in your collection.

The Artist did not do well, even after the Oscar win.
btw..TOL was limited release but you are too busy watching genius films with your Mensa friends, OK, I get it.

Google Brad’s films..from Troy to Oceans(he got guy)
to BAR to othes..1/2 billion $ just for Troy.
Please do not post stupidity.
Tx fo PT’s wonderful research of Ticky’s film failures, Aniston is a Wh*re

Please don’t bash Mr. Brad Pitt.
He is a talented versatile actor & producer.
What he did with MIR is to respect immensely!
He gave 5 million $ of his own $ to start .Still is involved hands on.
He is a sweet, good heartd, down to Earth fellow
which is WHY Angie fell head over heels in love with him.
Not to mention, he is the best Daddy.

What did Chin ever give to the needy?
oh, I forgot, she poses stiffly with a St. Jude child at Xmas time. LOL

LEAVE BRAD PITT sound very stupid & extremely jealous.

@Never forget:

you mean creaton. Very very mistaken witch/warlock.
not to mention sharp as a wooden knife.

Kardashians pimp, dude; not the Brad (what, he can’t ride his fave bike finally?)
what idiotic people that come here to rain on a parade.

night all

Tyler Durdan @ 03/09/2012 at 4:19 am

Worldwide Gross
11/18/2011 Happy Feet Two Will the Krill (Voice) $21,237,068 $64,003,134 $119,603,134
9/23/2011 Moneyball Billy Deane $19,501,302 $75,605,492 $110,563,252
5/27/2011 The Tree of Life Mr. O’Brien $372,920 $13,305,665 $62,305,665
11/5/2010 Megamind Metro Man $46,016,833 $148,415,853 $321,887,208
8/21/2009 Inglourious ******** Lt. Aldo Raine $38,054,676 $120,831,050 $320,389,438
12/25/2008 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Benjamin Button $26,853,816 $127,509,326 $329,809,326
9/12/2008 Burn After Reading Chad Feldheimer $19,128,001 $60,355,347 $163,415,735
9/21/2007 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Jesse James $147,812 $3,909,149 $15,148,636
6/8/2007 Ocean’s Thirteen Rusty Ryan $36,133,403 $117,144,465 $311,744,465
10/27/2006 Babel Richard $389,351 $34,302,837 $130,612,374
6/10/2005 Mr. And Mrs. Smith John Smith $50,342,878 $186,336,279 $478,336,279
12/10/2004 Ocean’s Twelve Rusty Ryan $39,153,380 $125,531,634 $362,989,076
5/14/2004 Troy Achilles $46,865,412 $133,298,577 $497,398,577
7/2/2003 Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas Sinbad the Sailor (Voice) $6,874,477 $26,483,452 $80,767,884
12/31/2002 Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Cameo $87,199 $16,007,718 $33,013,805
8/2/2002 Full Frontal Himself $739,834 $2,512,846 $3,438,804
12/7/2001 Ocean’s Eleven Rusty Ryan $38,107,822 $183,417,150 $450,728,529

this is for the moron, if it can count.

@Passing Through:
PT, you’ve got your fairy tales mixed up! Snow White’s step mother was jealous of Snow White’s Beauty. Aurora was of course meant to be beautiful and all that too, but: Maleficent didn’t curse Aurora because of her beauty but because she had her nose put out of joint because Aurora’s parents wouldn’t invite her to the christening party. She was excluded, poor thing! LOL!
It’s gonna be interesting how the story tellers spin Maleficent’s story.

Tyler as of 2 MOS ago just MB DVD sales were:

Moneyball – DVD Sales
DVD Sales Performance
Released on DVD: January 10, 2012
DVD Units Sold: 937,181
Consumer Spending: $16,601,982
See full information for Moneyball

not mentioning since, rentals or On Demand.
I think Sony is a happy Camper w/MB.

Disney producing a movie with a woman who does not eat
A great example for kids

@Jennifer is True Light:
ahhahahha…..what the heck did you say? You make it sound like Angelina murdered someone. Go back under the bridge you troll.

ANISTON IS A WH@RE @ 03/09/2012 at 7:09 am

Greatest example for kids is showing your v@gina in front of the paps! That’s Maniston the Hag for you! Your Box Office Poison Idol. RIP Maniston the Homewrecker! Hahahahahhaha

From Paris @ 03/09/2012 at 7:15 am

Can you tell me what brad said about Angie and Kids in this interview ?

CLINIQUA or whatever your name is, stop embarrassing yourself you ghetto black b*tch! African Americans want to poison other communities with their sh*t now!? Just stop.
Angelina wouldn’t want your pathetic a*s defending her. And I am a huge fan of her but seriously, get off her cl_t.
You’re a joke.

lol true lies is more convincing for Wonderbombniston.

why dont you,fckniston fans find ur FUGGY IDOL. she’s messing right after her wondersl.ut tanks in the 7

elle is so lucky! I wish I could work with angelina, or even just meet her!!!!

Angelina is not a role model. She is teaching young women that anorexia is ok. This is a real disease and people are dying from it.

Moneyball was supposed to make 110 in domestic boxoffice but that’s what it made worldwide. Omg rememba when the first weekend box office mojo said it would have to make 25 million opening weekend but if fell short and they ignored that fact for brads pr team hahaha

Lol @ posting his other numbers, happy feet wasa bomb and most of his other movies were way too expensive to make even.

Brad is b list.

lmao..Maniston is fake light!!!…. i mean cant u hear,read what P.T. said????????????????????her lips is moving……………….”she is!

Now just like aniston they will have to pretend the production is cheaper than it really was. Who believes after scrapping the original moneyball with that other director that it was really only a 50 million dollar budget? Bwhahaayay

ANISTON IS A WH@RE @ 03/09/2012 at 10:55 am

we don’t care what you think of Angelina paid troll. you must be so delusional to think that we care what you think or believe in. sorry to burst your egotistical bubble but WE DON’T CARE. Millions of people around the world loves and respects Angelina Jolie versus YOU, idi@t whose main job is trolling the internet. Oh my, whom should we believe non? Hahaha SUCKS TO BE YOU.

ask Maniston to organize a Men in Summit” hehee let her twirl her hair in the stage.bumbniston all the way.

ANISTON IS A WH@RE @ 03/09/2012 at 10:58 am

Brad is b-list in your own little delusional world starzilla. We know its you, Brad hater. Thing is, no matter what you say, NO ONE is going to believe you. Just like your friend, Ellie/Laranjen/Lisa. So really, your wasting your time here unless you are getting paid by each post. Get a real job for f@ck sakes. By the way, where is your A-list idols Stumpy and Maniston? hahahahah that’s right, they are in hiding after that BIG FAT BOMB just like their face! hahahhaha

Never forget @ 03/09/2012 at 11:02 am

@ANISTON IS A WH@RE: bbbb- list bbbb list and you know it. Poor thing he’s jealous of the attention Angelina’s leg received. The only way he receives that kind of attention is by being Angelina’s date fans, and even then he barely gets attention. Bahwabha

Never forget @ 03/09/2012 at 11:03 am

He is definitely on the B list. He will Neva be a permanent A like Angelina.

love miss Biven

nah ah…brad is A + list.moron!

Close to c list @ 03/09/2012 at 11:29 am

What does brad pitt do when his career is circling the toilet drain? He gets a more famous woman. Too bad for him they don’t come more famous than jolie. Bwhay he dumped maniston right when Troy was being trashed for being the shiiit that it is.

ayayyyay…someone needs medication.troy is trash???? ok just to make ur azz happy.fyn!

Maniston hens are really loosing it, ain’t they? hehehe

Just Sayin @ 03/09/2012 at 11:42 am

Brad and Angelina will be the King and queen of HW for at least another 10 years. Go scream at ocean trolls.

here’s comes the news Dennis wife devorcing his azz .and Eva longowhorea and kid bf split! hehehehe.

Fed Up with Trolls @ 03/09/2012 at 12:59 pm

What a snake’s pit this place has become. It’s hard to find a post worth reading lately. Jared wish you would look up the troll’s IP address and ban them. I’m outta here until he cleans this up. Gleckh!

Th difference of opinion in all forms is what makes this blog interesting.

He's a natural b lister @ 03/09/2012 at 1:35 pm

@Just Sayin: ange will always be the queen. Brad will always be second fiddle to whoever he’s dating or married to ATM. He’s even second or 7th fiddle to his own kids and they ain’t even teens yet.

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 1:54 pm

# 89 Lmao @ 03/09/2012 at 10:53 am
Bullcacadoody. Moneyball was tracking in the upper teens to $20MIL. It was NEVER projected to earn $100MIL let alone $110MIL. When it opened just short of $20MIL Nikki Finke said the studio was going to be happy with a multiple of 3-4 for the total. That put the studio’s projection in the $58-80MIL range. Moneyball finished at $75,605,492, which made the multiple 3.88 – right where the studio projected it to be.
Oops…I did math…the troll is probably taking off her socks right now…

Note on Jennifer Anuston @ 03/09/2012 at 2:54 pm

She was given the Hottest Woman of All Time award. She bared her body in her latest movie, and the movie TANKED, bigtime. ROTFLMAO!
Looks like the world already knows everything about Jen is a lie. Jen couldn’t make a living out of the idiots left who support her.

Love the JoliePitts @ 03/09/2012 at 3:02 pm

New Brad Thread ___________

When you negate Brad as a man and/or father than you are negating Angie because she chose him to be her life partner and the father of her children. If Brad is a punk/coward/loser etc than she is less than a loser for choosing him to be a father/ role model for her kids,right. Think about that” Angie only” fans/ Brad haters. How can you be a fan of a woman who you don’t respect regarding the most important thing in her life, her family? BTW I think is Elle is a great choice.

Passing Through @ 03/09/2012 at 3:39 pm

Here’s how little faith Uni had in Wanderbust – this week 782 theaters dropped it. As we discussed yesterday – that probably means that’s all they were contractually obligated to deliver. The other 1220 theaters apparently agreed to longer timeframes before dropping it. It’s probably going to finish the weekend anywhere from 12 to 15. Not good…but typical…

@Just Sayin:
lmao @ trolls, If king of Hollywood is b-list, there is no A- list in Hollywood at all.

I commented on CB how I thought their latest thread on Angie was insensitive, inappropriate and disrespectful not only to Angie , women at the forum , but to the the people ( women and children) of Somalia. They posted a video of Angie at the forum and then the next paragraph was some tab bull **** that Angie is going to fire her stylist. about showing her leg ,,,I didn’t haven’t a problem with them posting snarky gossip but it should have been on a separate thread.

But of course my comment didn’t appear or is in moderation.

What is wrong with these bloggers they don’t seem to care about the human race and instead like to incite stupid tab gossip to get hits to their blogs.

@Passing Through: PT, she was never jealous of the princess. Maleficent was pissed off that she was never invited to the christening of the baby princess. Nor was she asked to be one of the fairy godmothers. She found out on the day of the christening about the slight and so she crashed the party and cursed them and the princess. The princess will fall under the spell once she pricks herself on a spindle. She will sleep for a hundred years and so will her people. She will only wake up from a kiss of true love from a prince but of course, Maleficent is there to prevent anyone from getting close to her.

@Fed Up with Trolls:

so agree with this.
one name, 1 account.

Elle Fanning is perfect as is AJ for this movie. AJ always plays a badass better than anyone else. So she is perfect as a malicious, evil being.

Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, and a wicked-woman king are always beauties, and are A list actress. it is creditable.

The Life of Lost Liz @ 03/16/2012 at 5:24 am

Liz you are another one of Angelina’s very disturbed fans. Messed up describes your life Liz.

Toilet Fame @ 03/16/2012 at 5:33 am

@Close to c list:
Trust me Angelina’s fame will not last.

Elle Fanning have ugly nose!

Sorry to say @ 06/20/2012 at 5:22 pm

Elle Fanning has ugly nose!

She is so lucky! I wish I could work with Angelina, or even just meet her!!!!

My goodness. Angelina looks beautiful in that picture.

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