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Matt Bomer: LAX Check In With Partner Simon Halls!

Matt Bomer: LAX Check In With Partner Simon Halls!

Matt Bomer and his partner Simon Halls navigate their way through LAX Airport on Thursday (March 8) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old actor and his love checked in at the entrance before heading towards the security gate.

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Matt‘s guest starring episode on Glee is fast approaching! He will play Darren Criss‘ character’s older brother on the April 10 episode of the hit series. Matt will also reportedly be singing a duet on the episode, titled “Big Brother”!

Bigger picture inside…

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  • Wes

    Simon is one lucky guy!

  • Miranda R

    They look so good together. Thank god now we can TALK about them openly. Because my comments mentioning Simon were always deleted on JJ, like a taboo word.

  • Asha

    Matt is so hot…I really wish he wasn’t gay.

  • Ava

    One happy couple! Bless them!

  • Londa

    Even if he is straight, you’d never get a chance to date with him anyway. Face it!

  • Londa

    My above comment was to @Asha:

  • Jennica Panettiere

    @Miranda R: Are you kidding, if people are allowed to call Jennifer Aniston a man on here, then I highly doubt Jared, a gay man, would be offended with someone mentioning Matt’s partner.

  • Drew

    At quick-glance, I thought Simon Halls was George Clooney. Which would be hot.

  • Jacklyn

    @Miranda R: It was a taboo indeed. “S****” word was treated like “F*****” on Matt’s past threads. Now can we talk how they look together, just like other celeb couple? I honestly think…they look like a father & a son. lol

  • Micha

    Where are their three children? Are they traveling without them..?

  • hotter

    @Drew: LOL hell no, or you’ll think I am Charliez Theron at quick-glance!

  • Emily

    Simon was dropping Matt off at the airport. He’s flying to Puerto Rico for a week (or some amount of time) to start filming season 4 of White Collar.

  • Emma

    Matt is the hottest man on earth, love him!

  • tiki

    I read he was growing a beard for the first few episodes.Scruff looks so sexy

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    With that expression on Matt’s face, he looks like he’s about to be mugged.

  • Sue

    Handsome couple and you got it right Wes,Simon luckiest man on earth.

  • lily

    Dam* his husband is hot. I know no one has a chance with Matt because of his surrealistic beauty, now it’s a double no chance ever because of his hot “love”. Ok, let’s stick to starring and listening to Bomer for hours then.

  • sarah

    I kind of expected Simon to be more attractive but maybe this is just a bad picture. Not to say Simon isn’t (because he is) but I guess it’s hard to look that good next to one of the most gorgeous guys you’ll ever lay your eyes on!

  • samantha

    Nice picture. I think Matt is going to Puerto Rico for season 4 of white collar. Glad to see Simon and Matt together.

  • Dixie

    Gorgeous pair.One of the most powerful mated with the hottest and one of the most talented.

  • maria

    I feared that Matt’s partner would look like an ugly troll, especially when standing next to the most beautiful man alive, but he’s actually very charming, not in the top-model-directly-from-GQ kind of way but in the mature and charismatic way. *Matt Bomer’s fan approval stamp*

  • Matt Bomer sizzles

    Yay, the filming of White Collar season 4 has started! I can’t wait. For now, I will be looking forward to his appearance on GLEE. Happy to see an updated picture of him. Great looking couple :)

  • Annah

    Matt is freakin GORGEOUS! I was planning on marrying him but it seems like thats never gonna happend now (JUST KIDDING but come on how many girls here havent dreamed about Matt Bomer?!?!?!?)
    But I just wanted to say that Im very happy for them! Its so good that we can be as open about this, eventhough the world still has a far way to go! Gay or not gay, his partner should consider himself lucky (as Im sure he does) :)

  • Laura

    Simon reminds me a bit of a young Jeremy Irons, which is a good thing IMO :)

  • nes

    why are ta good lookin ones gay :(

  • lexi

    if people are allowed to call Jennifer Aniston a man on here, then I highly doubt Jared, a gay man, would be offended with someone mentioning Matt’s partner.

  • Ava

    @lexi: Why are you repeating what @Jennica Panettiere: said? Weired..

  • Natalie

    Matt looks like this guy’s son. But this is none of my buisiness, good luck to them.

  • Toni

    Why is Simon look so pissed off?

  • Masha

    Ahahahahaha hahaha, is this Matt’s love, his husband? Sorry, Matt My dad is way better looking and look younger! The idea that Matt would crash on my dad makes me laugh haha

  • Winter

    Just beautiful!

  • Love em

    Wonderful role models and Matt looks great here,reminds me of his sexy Bryce Larkin super spy days on Chuck.

  • guest

    Matt’s ponytail and his partner’s pants are totally fugly, but all the rest is awesome. Great couple, super hot Matt Bomer, I like it.

  • Kim

    Matt’s poneytail? His hair is not long enough lol

  • hmm

    his partner looks like a serial killer

  • Chad

    serious hollywood power couple

  • WeHo

    Bottom Bomer, it’s real…

  • Anne

    Matt’s partner looks like his father. I had no idea that Matt’s sexual interest is an old grey-haired guy. Simon Halls isn’t ugly, but not good looking either.

  • Ramanie

    Didn’t know Simon was so handsome but Matt could snap his fingers and have any man or woman so Simon is lucky man

  • http://@QueenAnaliz Annaliz

    Its true that White Collar filming will start in Purto Rico??

  • Chauncy

    Oh my God, what a grease ball couple. Put them on a plane over the Bermuda Triangle. Maybe they will be gone forever. Matt is so gross looking. Bye, I’m going to puke.

  • lax

    Matt is one of God’s most beautiful creations

  • Natali

    @lax: Then, so am I. LOL

  • A biz in WeHo

    Matt Bottom B meant Matthew Bomer for years in WestHollywood for a very long time. He’s been very open about it.

  • FZncy HW

    Zach and Jonathan, NPH and David are much prettier together, but at least Simon & Matt is prettier than Elton’s even includes a baby.. Elton’s are the real grease ball..

  • wme

    But none as sexy or pretty as matt and none as good actors

  • Miranda

    I always thought Matt Bomer is so girly, talk like a girl. Now I understand why. He probably loves being a girl with an old comfortable man.

  • Jessy Y

    I’m not the one who wrote #45 @FZncy HW, but I really have to disagree with @wme: wrote. Zachary Quinto, Jonathan Groff, and NPH are all really good actors. Groff is even nominated for Tony. @wme have no good eyes about actors, poor girl.

  • Jessy Y

    ….or guy. the name @wme doesn’t mean the person is a girl.

  • wme

    I guess when one of them is asked by 3 of the best directors for 3 movies in one year they will be as good.