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Zac Efron: 'Lorax' Meeting With Fans!

Zac Efron: 'Lorax' Meeting With Fans!

Zac Efron flashes a smile at a meeting with his fans to promote The Lorax held at the Corte Ingles store on Thursday (March 8) in Madrid, Spain.

The 24-year-old actor was joined by Spanish actress Angy for the meet and greet, where he signed posters and posed for pictures.

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Earlier in the day, Zac attended the photo call for the film.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron attending a meeting with his fans to promote The Lorax

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Credit: Carlos Alvarez; Photos: Getty
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  • Ana

    Él fue muy lindo con todas nosotras!! yo estuve ahí y hubo un momento en el que se le levanto su camisa y pude ver su ombligo en persona!!! mas sexy que en las fotos!! simplemente hermoso Zac Efron!!

  • Bella

    First. Beat that Lauren.

  • J

    Wow! He looks young. And hot.

  • Bella

    Btw spanish doesn’t count haha

  • Wes

    Hot! Hot! and HOT!

  • http://justjared mig345

    zacy is so hot !!! he’s so awesome.

  • amanda

    i dont think he’s hot. hotness is a lot of factor. douchiness takes a lot of the hotness.

  • http://justjared mig345

    @amanda , Why all u haters always have to post a comment and try to start thing. this is ridiculous and unnecessary. why can’t u say nice things about him or just keep it to yourself, u judge people too much. Since u hate him , post comments on someone u do like. it’s that simple.

  • whatever

    @mig345: You’re not the boss of everyone, mig. We can think he’s a douche for GOOD reasons, and that doesn’t mean we are hateful, pathetic, small minded people. We have seen his behavior, and just don’t like him.

  • http://justjared mig345

    @whatever: Ok so don’t get mad when I say mean stuff about those stupid demonized twilight people and justin Gay beiber , selena and vanessa. Cause for now on I am just going to post my comment and ignore u haters comments and just go on cause this is ridiculous and stupid, if u think about.

  • kami

    he looks healthy–his skin is nice and no bloating–so he must be living clean these days. that’s good.

  • nobody

    @whatever: elaborate please

  • amanda

    nuthin really nice to say about him. the condom saga leaves on.

  • VanFan

    Yes, that is exactly what it means. Decent human beings don’t go around looking to start trouble. They don’t get joy and satisfaction at other peoples’ expense. You can’t wait for a new Zac thread so that you can come here and post your stupid hateful comments. That makes you hateful, pathetic, small minded people.

  • amanda

    if crazy fans can express their delusions over some talentless actor then normal people can share their opinions, too!

  • Maria


    “the condom saga leaves on.”
    Is English your second language?

  • Amanda is Wack

    You are a monumental biotch.

  • amanda

    no it’s my third! and who cares! i made my point. :]

  • hezacspeen


  • Amanda is Wack

    If your point was to show that you are too stupid to write a simple English sentence, then, yes, you made your point.

  • From Z to D

    I’d rather watch andrew garfield, robert pattinson, liam helmsworth, josh hutcherson because these young actors can really act and they can carry a film. he is a D actor maybe he should join kathy griffin’s life on D list

  • amanda

    Not as stupid as you who worships a talentless actor. lol i love that you get so upset. bring it on!

  • amanda

    I love how you pick on grammar of posters but you think your “golden” boy is so perfect. hahaha now who is wack, you or me. lol

  • Amanda is Wack

    I don’t worship any actor. I enjoy films, tv, theater, so I enjoy watching good actors, including Zac. One isn’t stupid in believing that a particular actor is talented, because that is just a matter of opinion. I am not upset at all. I’m not sure why you think that I am.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Look, I have nothing against Zac, but would it be possible to not post anything else about him on this site for at least the next 15 minutes?!

  • Amanda is Wack

    It wasn’t your grammar, honey. It was the wording. Apparently, you’re too stupid to even know what was wrong with the sentence.

    I don’t think Zac is perfect. I just don’t like people telling lies and half truths about him or exaggerating things they think he did wrong.

    Who is wack? Still you.

  • amanda

    you are entitled to your opinion and so am i. if your standard of good actor is zac then hollywood would have closed shop.
    and you seem to be upset for calling me names. but if i call your idol condom-dropping, strip-club-going, club-hopping just because it’s all over the news you get upset. maybe you should get a life lol.

  • amanda

    @Dave From Canada:
    No one is forcing you to read it.

  • amanda

    and Maria dear, you can change your name but you still stink like zac

  • hezacsdick


  • Amanda is wack

    Yes, we can both have our opinions about actors. That’s why there are so many of them, so that we all can enjoy what we want.
    Again, not upset. Just stating the facts.
    Speaking of getting a life, I think that I will do that for the rest of the evening. Since my husband just got home from work, I am going to spend time with him. He’s much better company. Bye.

  • amanda

    @Maria: who goes by so many names and tries to use mine. I pity you. You really need a shrink.

  • amanda

    Shut up, you a$$.

  • amanda

    Yep, just call me Sybill. But you don’t know who I really am, and you never will. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • amanda

    lol i don’t care who you are and i don’t want to know either. i don’t care to know anyone so nuts. i come here to share my opinion about the most talentless and over-rated actor zac. and im lovin it. copying my name to post good things about your idol doesn’t really change anything.

  • kyle

    Loooove his smile.

  • jellybean

    @Dave From Canada: I know it seems like overkill at the moment, but that is just cos he is busy promoting things at the moment. At least they aren’t just posts about him shopping or dating :) He is beginning to look tired, hope he gets a rest soon!

  • jellybean

    @hezacsdick: of course he does!! All actors do!!


    I’m beginning to think all these hateful comments are from girls who Zac turned down or who opened their legs for him and then got mad he didn’t stick around.
    How egotistical is it to think you’d be the one, that he’d fall madly in love with you? He made no promises. You thought your beauty would twist his mind, but he knew better and escaped!
    You can deny it if you wish, but I will always believe it is the truth, just as you believe you know the truth about Zac.
    As for Zac – he looks beautiful and healthy, and very happy his movie made so much money.

  • LifeRuiner


    You aren’t too far from the truth. These are just some slighted Zanessa fans who took the breakup too personally. Vanessa has moved on but they can’t seem to let go and keep projecting.

    P.S. Zac looks really good.

  • Chiara

    He looks so short. :X

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • eat me

    can’t really stand the hateful comment… I know not all of you can’t appreciate his talent or behaviour but he can’t please any one…. He’s an ordinary person with the big dream and a big responsibility to entertain people…. He’s doing what he thinks is good and working hard to make people happy in his own way…. I know you don’t appreciate him but you don’t have to be mean…. I know you have the right to speak what you think but it’s not right to be judgemental….

  • faz

    he has such beautiful eyes

  • molly

    the amount of stupid comments that get posted by the same people on every zac post are hilarious to read. people really need to step away from the computer and see the sunlight for a while.

  • eat me

    i understand that you have to critisize him cuz his a celebrity, i know you have the right to say your opinion and you want us to respect that but sometimes you have to realize that your comment is below the belt and for us it’s not acceptable…. You have the right to say what you think bout his capabality on acting or as an actor but you have no right to judge his personal life.. Like every body else it’s his prerogative to do what he wanna do in his own life and do what he thinks he’s happy…I understand that not every one will like him,not every one can appreciate his work but his a human being who love to entertain people….he’s doing his job as hard as he can with out thinking people can appreciate it but hoping he entertain them…what i’m wishing is zac will read all of your hateful comments here and try to get lesson from it this is a challenge for him so in that case he’ll work hard more so he’ll be good as the other actors…

  • Deb

    Love your reasoning! And the more I thought about it, I decided that I wish I was one of those girls that opened my legs for him. Except I wouldn’t get mad if he didn’t stick around. I would consider myself very lucky to have had him that one time. LOL


    WERK IT HUNNY!!!!!!


    @Deb: Me too – seeing as I would expect nothing from him, anything would be a treat, esp his hot body, lol.

  • V. A. H.

    I want in on that too! Oh wait……..I did have it, all to myself, but I foolishly let it go. How stupid I was.