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Kesha Speaks Up for Seals

Kesha Speaks Up for Seals

Ke$ha is speaking out against the slaughter of baby seals in this new video released by the Humane Society of the United States.

“Every year, thousands of baby seals are clubbed to death by Canadian fisherman,” the 25-year-old pop star explained in the video. “You can help by pledging to boycott Canadian seafood.”

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To find seal-friendly restaurants and grocery stores near you, download Protect Seals, a free app for the iPhone and iPad.

Kesha Speaks Out for Seals
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  • YOU

    poor baby seal :((
    at least she’s doing something good,

  • huytttersong

    sorry no good spokesperson …

  • Shawna

    Every year a million women and children are sold into slavery. Maybe a better cause to lend your voice to. Sure, seals are cute but I can’t muster up any energy to focus on that when women and children are being tortured as we speak.

  • Anita

    Yeah let’s boycott seafood from Canadian fishermen who make close to a poverty line salary in a volatile industry!

  • whosit

    I don’t support the seal hunt at ALL, but I find it extremely difficult to take Kesha seriously.

  • marcus

    Shut up Kesha.You know as much about this as that dingbat Heather Mills.We’re trying to re-establish our fisheries on the east coast.You can’t do that when seal populations are multiplying out of control.This is now the most humanely run hunt on the planet,despite your attempts at sensationalization.
    How about you worry about the alligator hunts in the US where up to a day on a hook and line is the norm.Or how about the snake round-ups.Or the kangaroo harvest in Australia.

  • Beth

    PR people lay out a wide choice of charities,celebs choose one or more ‘caue it’s good for business,but ythey should probably pick something they are remotely connected to or expeienced with or it looks cheesey.

  • Carbon Copy

    I work with marine mammals rehabilitation and bring some of these animals back where they belong, in the wild. I do not support Inhumane treatment of any animal but sometimes the truth doesn’t always surface until you do your own research and these celebrities (I’m using that loosely here) don’t do that.
    If you really do want to help these animals volunteer at your local aquarium, zoo or shelter and if you’re going to donate your hard earned $ find a reputable and worthy foundation.

  • IndiaJones

    While clubbing seals to death seems like a gruesome way to implement population control measures, the fact still remains that there is an overpopulation of seals. I remember going to a wildlife talk and at the time they were saying for every 1 person on this planet there are 3 seals. I agree as much as the next person that seals are really cute. However their overpopulation is comprimising the wellbeing of other species and like any imbalance found within nature, it needs to sort itself out.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    God Bless Kesha and LEAVE THE SEALS ALONE!!!

  • Str84NOH8

    It is possible to care about human trafficking *and* seals. I don’t support either. Just as when someone brings up a bad situation happening outside the US and others use the fact that there are bad things happening here as a justification for doing nothing, it makes no sense. I do not in any way support animal cruelty, and clubbing baby animals over the head and skinning them – many times while they’re still alive – and leaving their bodies behind with their mothers – if that’s not cruelty, nothing is.l

    There is much misinformation floating around about this issue, as with most others. Don’t take my word for it or anyone else’s. Educate yourself and make up your own mind. A good place to start is

  • Lea

    @Carbon Copy: wow! is really cool to know there are people like you who work to protect these animals. My admiration and my respect.

  • Dee

    This is a load of bullshit! We don’t even club seals anymore. And it’s making us look like we’re a bunch of muderers. I don’t agree with killing baby animals, but seriously, what’s the difference between seals and other animals. I don’t see any videos about saving the pigs or cows. This is part of some people’s culture, so I think people should just leave it alone

  • Jaded

    Um…Dee, Canada does club seals. The seal hunt is going on as we speak, with an expected quota of well over 300,000 baby seals. They have to be clubbed with picks so as not to destroy their fur. Approximately 95 percent of seals killed are between the ages of two weeks to three months old. The sealing industry claims that over-population of seals causes the fishing industry to collapse, however most Canadians believe it’s over-fishing that’s causing it to collapse. In any event, many countries are now banning the import of seal products and although I’m not a fan of Keisha’s music, it’s a good thing to draw attention to this shameful annual bloodbath. Baby steps, Dee, one animal species at a time.

  • lola


    I’m sure you’re doing absolutely NOTHING to help those women and children…so just shut the F up! Stop judging, start acting!

    If everyone who slams people for trying to help animals would do something for the cause they believe in, the world would be a much better place than it is right now.

  • CdnSW

    I think it’s unfortunate that so many celebrities discuss situations they know nothing about. The fisheries in Canada are suffering due to the population of seals and therefore coastal communities are also suffering. Seals are adorable – there’s no doubt there. Would I club a seal? Hell no. But – it’s happening for a reason and as long as it is done properly, it is no different than other forms of hunting. If seals were a bit uglier, like a moose let’s say, I doubt Kesha would be saying much of anything. Seals are not killed for sport, they are killed to maintain the fish population, which would otherwise be diminished tremendously by the seals. Ignorance is annoying!

  • errr


    Yeah ignorance is annoying – like yours for example.
    Let’s kill seals because they…ummm…eat?!
    Following that “logic” – let’s kill fishermen too, like those greedy bastards who are responsible for fish decline.
    Check the facts – it’s predicted that if people continue to fish as much as they do right now there won’t be enough fishes in the sea by 2020 = the fishery will collapse either way and killing these poor seas is just a distraction from the real problem.

  • errr

    * seals

    p.s. don’t forget about the profits they make from seal FUR – for me this is what’s all about. Money, money, money…

  • Madeleine

    I hate her music, but i think it’s really great that she’s speaking out against this slaughter.

  • Penelope

    I do not in any way support animal cruelty, and clubbing baby animals over the head and skinning them – many times while they’re still alive – and leaving their bodies behind with their mothers – if that’s not cruelty, nothing is.l