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Nicole Kidman & Faith: Gym Gals

Nicole Kidman & Faith: Gym Gals

Nicole Kidman carries her adorable daughter Faith as they step out on a sunny Thursday (March 8) in Studio City, Calif.

The 44-year-old Australian actress, who is set to appear on the big screen later this year in The Paperboy, took her 14-month-old to a kids’ gym.

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Earlier this week, Nicole was in France for Paris Fashion Week! She attended a private party for Tod’s on Monday night.

Over the weekend, it was announced that Nicole will replace Rachel Weisz in the upcoming film Railway Man.

FYI: Nicole is carrying a Tod’s signature tote.

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138 Responses to “Nicole Kidman & Faith: Gym Gals”

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  1. 76
    taco Says:

    I’m laughing at the part where Mimosa keeps insisting she doesn’t care. OMG does she care!

    Hey “Because”, Leery is Leery. Another lie you’ve been telling ever since RJ changed personalities into a grandma who knows all of KU’s secrets. Old Leery is I’m Still Leery. It’s all in the name, dope. It’s been a while since we’ve been told we’re someone else like paid employees but nomorefan already tried it this year. So if you are going to tell us we’re Leery, and we’re planting this nonsense to make you look bad, you don’t have enough tin foil hats in your collection. It all comes back to you nuts. The love of his life brunette and the other mythical girlfriends stowed away in various cities don’t exist but you did create them. Blame everything that’s happening on the neg thread on yourselves. You could have just stopped and gotten a life but you had to keep going. Where’s good ole MADISON to back up Leery’s lies!

  2. 77
    taco Says:

    LMAO! Mimosa quoting chapter and verse the old bankruptcy laws, not before the GFC but before the new bankruptcy filing laws were enacted in 2005 is really going to help her case. Not!

    Note to Mimosa: You and Leery are digging the same grave. ba freakin’ ha!

  3. 78

    Love the pictures of Nic and Faith, they are both so pretty! Nic looks wonderful and happy! I hope she continues on this wonderful journey she has chosen!

  4. 79
    Susan Hummel Says:

    It was not all that long ago that we saw Nicole carrying Sunday just like this. Those babies a spitting images of each other. They are just adorable. God Bless Nicole, Keith and these beautiful girls! I love this website as I can watch them grow!

  5. 80
    hannah Says:

    @Been There @bahaha! @taco
    Where’s all their Nashville connections now? You’d think one of them could direct Leery to the real location of Keith’s old house. Haha.

  6. 81
    watching you Says:

    once again we have the multipersonality skewer-mistress party


  7. 82
    we know you Says:

    @watching you
    Aren’t you the hypocrite that pleaded to keep the comments off other posters? Or do you mean everyone else but you? In case you haven’t looked, which I doubt, Skewer Mistress hasn’t posted anything since January and that post was about Keith and Nicole, not you losers. And since you like to throw out the old multipersonality crap whenever the fans show you haters in your true light, and how you’d love to pawn oh so looney off to us, I’ll remind you that the nutjob has been around in many forms for a looonng time.

    Registered: 11/29/06
    “Well astilbe, he probably didn’t want to get to close. You never know what could rub off!!!! (((giggles)))))))))))))” -”Maybe, we could take up a collection and buy him for her!!!!!((giggles)))))))”

    Registered: 5/27/06
    “Or were you just talking to me because I’m nicer then the rest of the darkside???((giggles)) we sure are chatty eh???”- “((giggle))i have noticed Keith forgets alot of things….(may be he has a brain injury)”

    She’s your alcoholic nut, not ours. And if you want the link to nomorefan talking to her other usernames, I can give you that too.
    Like my name says, we know you.

  8. 83
    we know you Says:

    Oh Mims, you know none of you haters would go see him at the Opry! What do you care anyway? You hate him. And why are you talking to the very people who told everyone they saw the brunette when you say there isn’t one?

    “astilbe and I were together when the rumor was confirmed. September and October was time well spent with the Brunette! ” – ” I was there with an open mind and thought the Brunette was just a fabricated story, and was blown away. I had a different perspective on his music from one night to the other after what we discovered.”


    “There was a brunette in Atlanta with him before rehab. Mum was with. Keith played chess and lost 2 out of 3 times. The last time was given to him but don’t let him know that. He was worried about the sound. The Fox has a curfew but he got it bumped back so the sound check went on for hours after. The brunette watched the chess game, very intimately”. – “Yes, she arrived with the brunette Friday night ”

    So what is it Mims? Your besties say they saw her. They must be liars. Oh wait, we already knew that.

  9. 84
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @hannah: No matter how many links and actual facts they post, that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the lies they’ve spread. I am surprised one of them has not posted the wrong photo of Keith’s home, the one that the tabs were claiming was his!

    Nicole has been spotted in the past in Cool Springs hanging out which is how Loony has probably concocted her story. Keith never had a home there. There’s more than a few very nice upscale suburban areas in Nashville. Cool Springs is just one.

    These are women posting and living without brains. Like cars running down the interstate with their mufflers fallen out on the side of the road.

  10. 85
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @we know you: Yep. Leery started out with various user names before the Nashville insider persona. The infamous one was Red Jasper where she admitted she was a miserable alcoholic with some major problems. She really showed her true colors when she said after the wedding that she would see Nicole in hell. As Leery she changed it to death threats.

    Reading those old comments a thought came into my head. She must be pretty pi$$ed that the ones left no longer back up Stephanie’s story (a/k/a tattler and MADISON). Obviously she’s got it out for them. And they take the bait every time which is pretty funny considering they think they see things no one else sees lol

  11. 86
    we know you Says:

    Leery was making death threats when she was cheyenne:

    “..i honest to god hope to meet her in ****..and i hope that the devil let’s me have my way with her.,.call me psycho..i expect it..and i do not care…simple as that..and bottom line….let the bashing begin..because yes ido wish the * itch dead..literaly or figuitively ”

    “as soon as i locate that bus driver that is willing to carry out my evil deed..i will let you all know..(grin)”

    ” may we be reading of her eulogy soon..”

    Cheyenne and Stephanie were kicked off of every skeptic board they were on because of their stories. Even the skeptics called Stephanie out when she posted as tattler. They’re playing games to get back at the skeptics. They knew nothing then and they know nothing now. They’re sick liars. Notice how ‘youneverknow’ came to Leery’s rescue? Keith never ever had a house in Cool Springs but this person backs Leery. Yeah right. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the remaining bottom feeders over there.

  12. 87
    poor skeptics Says:

    They walls are tumblin down. Karma.

  13. 88
    Because Says:

    You can’t see the forest for the trees!!!

    Think about it.

  14. 89
    Been There Says:

    @Because – Oh, I see the forest just fine. There’s only about 4 trees in that forest and they’re rotted and full of termites.

  15. 90
    Missy Says:

    I guess that would make them full of holes…like their stories.

  16. 91
    Oh brother Says:

    How many lies can you fit in one thread over at the lamEbrain board.

    Keith never lived in Cool Springs. Keith never had a house or built a house in Cool Springs. He was living out of a hotel in Nashville with most of his belongings and awards in storage. This he said many times in interviews if you weren’t already aware. I’m Still Leery is creating pure fiction. Nicole Kidman pandering for a library? BAHAHAHAHA!

    Keith’s house in Forest Hills was the one next to LeAnn Rimes’ house. nomorefan knows the gate was left open – how dumb is she to admit that but she’s “not a stalker”. Too bad for her, the gate now to get to the Urbans’ current residence is always closed.

    Youneverknow is a bold faced liar. Keith never had visa problems that left him detained in Los Angeles. He was never arrested for his drug use (something the nuts have a chip on their shoulder about), never detained by immigration, never in trouble with the law. They paint him as an ungrateful mooch but Keith knows how lucky he is. If you blinked you missed it – Keith addressed the legal ramifications of being an addict on a radio special in the summer of 2007. He would pass by prisons on the highway while he was on tour and thank his lucky stars that was not him in there for his past transgressions. Would not put it past the haters to have the audio saved on their computers.

    Mimosa is full of s-h-i-t. Keith’s people did not find a loophole in the visa game to keep Keith in the country. When he first got here he actually did what he had to do – left and came back. The “O” and “P” class visas are legal exceptions put in place by immigration for people in Keith’s position. Once he had the qualifications to apply for that kind of visa he did so and that’s his right. You still have to go through all the paperwork and rigamarole of getting a visa.

    Skeptics need to change their name to Losers R Us.

  17. 92
    just sayin' Says:

    Somebody might wanna tell Leery that it’s Cool Springs, not Cool Spring and that Brentwood High School isn’t between Cool Springs and Brentwood. It’s in Brentwood. Just sayin’. Somebody might also wanna tell her that Cool Springs isn’t a city. The Cool Springs area is actually in Franklin. It’s the area around the Cool Springs Galleria. Just sayin’.

  18. 93
    Oh brother Says:

    Drunk ISL throws out names and sees if she can make any of them stick.

  19. 94
    holly Says:

    Oh darn, just when I was starting to believe Looney’s personally told ‘sterile from diphthera’ story she goes and blows her credibility. Har har har..

  20. 95
    mave Says:

    youneverknow is sweetness, still full of crap.

  21. 96
    Oh brother Says:

    That’s the skeptics for you. Keith is mentoring up and coming artists and promoting All For The Hall. Nicole is about to play a woman helping her husband through wartime post-traumatic stress disorder, and promoting women’s issues. The morons of E are arguing over where Keith lived almost 10 years ago. Now THAT’S karma!

    BTW taramaclenhitndumb you just gave yourself away as maclen again. Asking if she’s lurking and posting the name as MACLEN, the way she used to on an old “I hate Nicole Kidman” thread

    Tara’s been pretty quiet on UMyths while her alter ego has been typing away like an idiot.


  22. 97
    Because Says:

    @Oh brother:

    Right on!

  23. 98
    Oh brother Says:

    Tara responds as maclen in under 30 minutes. Dumber than as bag of rocks!

    Anyone else feel like pizza? Lol

    BA and HA!

  24. 99
    watching you: SM Says:

    As the saying goes: “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

    Practically all of the latest posts are by you, Skewer Mistress. So, you have only posted once as SM? That doesn’t mean that all of these other ‘personalities’ are not you. Clear as daylight. Don’t you get bored talking to yourself all the time? Mind you, you must be very busy keeping track of your VAST archive of copy&paste quotes and links, dates, different emails for multiple logins; allowing you to do all the thumbing down, etc etc etc etc, also, you must have huge charts up on your walls, to keep track of all of your persona, what they say and to whom, just so that you don’t slip up. Busy girl! Imagine what the thread would look like if you submitted ALL your posts under ONE name only! Got it? Yeah, you would look insane and obsessed.

    To add to your massive collection of tidbits, here is some factual information for you: I am not a “hater”, or a “skeptic”, (I am interested in Kidman’s fashion and films, not that I like ALL of it), nor do I know any of these people you stalk and attempt to ‘out’, nor do I care about them, or the bottom-feeding sites you continually refer to. Should you continue propagating mis-information about me, you are merely perpetuating a LIE; you know, that thing you hate so much!!

    Tell me, how is it that you (think you) know who I am? How is it that you (think you) know better who I am than I do? Wild guessing gone very wrong, and which smacks of desperation on your part. I guess you need some sense of satisfaction from your many-years-long campaign to out and annihilate that person (Sue?) that you hate so much. Btw, that makes you a ‘hater’ too; different subject, but HATE nevertheless. You probably also HATE that I have blown your cover! Hate will eat you up! And so will your arrogance and obscenities. I suppose, if you were to abandon your ‘cause’, you would be left with a huge hole in your life. Perhaps now it has all become an addiction for you, into which you are trapped. You can only be pitied, really.

  25. 100
    Been There Says:

    @watching you – Nobody cares.

    @taco, hannah, Skeptics are Stupid, we know you, oh brother – I remember a story from a skeptic – might have been Red Jasper – saying Keith had a house built in Cool Springs for her friend the love of his life brunette and her 2 kids. Supposedly the brunette’s kids played with Niki’s kids and they were friends, The other brunette seen around with Keith in 05 was only his trainer. Her friend was the real girlfriend. This skeptic/Red Jasper also gave wrong info about the Nashville/Franklin/Cool Springs area including where churches and stores were located and false info about Keith’s past like Leery is doing. One of the other skeptics – might have been MyChemicalRomance – called her out and she stopped posting. Leery signed on after that.

    Keith Kitty also pushes that story. “There is one particular brunette that Keith met in 2004 and that he was madly in love with and “left” her to do his Kidman PR. However when Keith threatened to go back to this woman, Kidman became angry and vowed to hurt this woman and her family. And that is all I can say about this woman. Kidman is dangerous and I don’t want any information out there that can be traced to where this woman is.”

    If, in makebelieve land, Nicole vowed to hurt somebody, why would that somebody’s friends go on board after board telling complete strangers about it? And why would Keith date some music row chick if her was madly in love with, buying houses for, and apparently hiding somebody else?

    It’s the same ridiculous 7 year lie told by the same people, just different usernames. You can trace ((((giggles))))) back to 2006 in some form.

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