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Tom Cruise Starring in 'Star Is Born' With Beyonce?

Tom Cruise Starring in 'Star Is Born' With Beyonce?

Will Tom Cruise hit the big screen with Beyonce in A Star Is Born?

The 49-year-old actor is reportedly being courted by Warner Bros. to star opposite Beyonce in Clint Eastwood‘s remake of the musical.

“While there haven’t been any negotiations, let alone a deal, the studio has been talking to [Tom] to gauge his interest in the project, a prospect that [Tom] didn’t immediately reject, given the chance to work with [Clint] for the first time,” Variety reports.

Previous contenders for the role have included Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE Tom Cruise starring in A Star Is Born with Beyonce?

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  • Cari

    How apropos. Her star is shining, his is slowly setting.

  • Music Lover

    Interesting. when I think of Tom Cruise I think of action.

  • Louise

    Good lord, no! He is such a short, twerp and his actual acting skills are zero to none. He may be able to fly around on a rope, but actual talent he is lacking.

  • BEAN

    Lol you know your career is going down the crapper when you’re working with Beyonce. She can’t act. SImples.

  • Mia

    Horrible idea. Neither has chemistry with each other and I don’t feel either of them are very sexy. Look at the previous versions of this movie. The guy is older, washed up but semi-sexy, not to mention tall. Think Alan Rickman or Liam Neeson. The woman has to be a younger, more innocent fresh face who falls head over heels for him. Chemistry is everything for it to be believable. Tom and Bey would be a big mistake.

  • wren


  • ha ha

    The first one sucked and that had Streisand and Kristofferson, just a boring story anyway, no need to reboot, believe me

  • plez


  • reeven


  • nonsense

    @reeven: True that.
    This will fail IF its true.

  • Paulie

    Beyonce can’t act.

  • huh

    no a thousand times no

    is eastwood losing it

  • faz

    Why do they keep remaking this movie?

  • Camila

    NO! Tom C is just too short. What about Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon or John Mayer both can play washed out bums that die. How about Ray LaMontagne, he has a raspy voice but please no Tom. I’m looking forward to seeing this movie. I love A Star is Born. I’m no Beyonce fan but I think she will do a good job.

  • amensister


  • ali

    dreadful casting choice. why not Denzel?

  • Chauncy

    No, get a white girl for him. No mixed race movies. She can’t act anyway, can barely sing. Look at the Kevin Costner movie with that black lady that just died, that was a flop, could have been a good movie.

  • camillus

    Can you say FAILURE with a capital F. She shouldn’t be given money do her so called acting, she can’t sing shouldn’t she stay home and riase her little ape surragot dau……No more Beyotch Beyonce no More Tommy Girl and his wanting to act. Fuc_ing studpid people giving money to wanna be actors….

  • lola

    what’s up with all those racist comments. You don’t like her? Then don’t read about her .
    Plain and smple

  • Lulu

    Hugh Jackman would be the best fit although he’s been typecast a lot. Leo and Bale would be interesteing.
    Hope Bey can keep up with the acting part.
    Just don’t bring JHud anywhere near the setting; she will steal the show.

    Ha ha John Mayer, good choice. He can’t sing now so switch to acting?

  • afan

    Who are these ridiculous people posting? Tom Cruise not only can act but he is a legend and Beyonce can not only sing and hold her own acting but she is a role model. They are both icons and have set standards in their profession so take your racist and ignorant comments elsewhere.

  • Magan

    What is with all the remakes? I am so tired of them, but at least this one is a little bit older than some of what Hollywood has remade. I think I will pass. I’m not a big Beyonce for Tom Cruise fan. I could have tolerated Beyonce if one of the other actors who was in it. As for Chauncy, Bodyguard is not a flap. It was a very good movie. I heard that Hollywood wants to remake it. I don’t see a big deal about interactial romances on the big screen! The original made $410,900,000 world wide. That’s a modest hit!

  • Diana

    I don’t want to see Beyonce staring in ‘A Star Is Born’ – she can’t act. Why do they continue to give this woman roles? There are so many talented actresses out there in need of a job. I like Clint Eastwood and thought he was able to spot talent but he went terrible wrong with this casting. If she could actually act, then I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but she can’t.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    DON’T make a fourth version of this worn out movie. The last one, starring Streisand was a complete bore. Beyonce can’t act and Tom has one or two facial expressions. Can’t Hollywood do BETTER than this – one more unneeded remake of an old movie?!

  • RachelSun

    The Body Guard was a hit you racist fool!

    But Beyonce cannot act and I don’t care who they cast w/ her it won’t work because she cannot act. She also needs diction lessons and diction has nothing to do w/ her southern accent. There are plenty of good actors w/ southern accents but she is not one of them. There is nothing wrong w/ the leads being interracial. Go back to the 50′s u racist dweeb!

  • Chauncy

    You are probably black, that’s why the vicious dribble. You probaby are fat and have pimply skin also. All you people do, you people meaning you racist pigs. I for one am not racist, just don’t like to see black and white in romantic comedy.

  • Chauncy

    @Mia: Alan Rickman is old as the hills and ugly as sin. Where did that come from.

  • XXX
  • Manfield

    I’m not a big Beyonce for Tom Cruise fan. I could have tolerated Beyonce if one of the other actors who was in it. As for Chauncy, Bodyguard is not a flap. It was a very good movie.