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Gerard Butler Gives His Fans Some Love!

Gerard Butler Gives His Fans Some Love!

Gerard Butler flashes a peace sign as he chats it up with his fans at a cafe on Friday (March 9) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 42-year-old actor then left the eatery and gave a big smile to some onlookers!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

It was recently announced that Gerard will be replacing Eric Bana in the upcoming diamond-heist thriller Brilliant, reuniting him with his The Ugly Truth director, Robert Luketic. Producers are currently searching for a female lead.

WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE play opposite Gerard Butler in Brilliant??

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  • serendipity


  • serendipity

    Jennifer Aniston. :-)

  • IRMA

    Gerry hothothot!

  • Marvin

    It’s time to find some kind of girlfriend Gerry! Do it!

  • kel

    Love Gerry!

  • kristie

    Hope it’s NOT aniston, witherspoon or heigl. Their recent movies have all tanked. I’d like to see his chemistry in PTF with Thurman and/or Zeta Jones before making a wish list.

  • Ally

    How about Nicole Kidman and not any of the usual suspects. Maybe Scarlet Johanson?

  • cupccake

    Its good to see gerry out and about.

  • yayyyy

    love him love him love him
    How about Lena Headey :D The hottie from game of thrones and his co-star in 300 :D

  • kristie
  • kristie

    ooops. Did not mean to underline.Couldn’t do it again if I wanted to. LOL.

  • Solo

    Hello Gerry! Looking nice)).

  • cora

    Anyone but Aniston.
    Looking good Mr. Butler.

  • she

    Jennifer Lawrence is my choice

  • jet

    Halle Berry

  • AM

    Anyone who is married or in a we don’t have to suffer through months of faux romance rumors!!!!


    wish he would do more serious-roles–i think he is better in a deeper character.
    don´t like these romcoms…at all…they are all the same—same,same–same old story

  • J. Aniston Is A Wh@re Too
  • The Noise In The Walls

    Hey Gerry!!! “Peace” to you too :)..:)..Looking good..I heard that he joined Soccer Aid..that is awesome if true!! Take care Bello!! xxx

  • ?

    Looks like Butler is going back to NOLA/schreveport for Playing the Field reshoots – they must have identified some major flaws in the film. Details on WO. According to the last thread he has ladies lined up in advance to keep him amused in the evenings.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I would like to see him in something with Kate Winslet.

  • dargabriel

    great afternoon from high above. Butler you’re looking mighty spiritual,loving it absolutely. Eagle lake is calling and screaming in your direction,lol. Hi Cholita, haha, sag lovers,wow, but truth is they are freaks in bed, I guess the expansion/jovial. I wish butler many,many happy returns, I like the Jesus look, suits you butler, but more so the Gabriel look,haha. Quite the jester @ heart, haha, nice trick this am, almost had me in tears, but thank you for letting me off the hook. I do like to play games, but ones that keep the even flow,lol. Today is a very fine day and I wish everyone a very beautiful day, hello to my many children all my love. Work,work,work,fatten the savings for upcoming travels. Cholita I hope you’re cooking up something succulant today, yum,yum. Peace and light to you,Mr. Butler hottness, and everyone else in this beautiful universe. Peace out,so be it. Love,dargabriel aka archeia HOPE

  • Stacie

    So HAPPY to see Gerry out and about looking happy and rested. Love him . : )

  • ha ha

    demi moore – they were always FWB’s anyway……….

  • ha ha

    and now fellow rehabers

  • cupccake

    It can’t be halle berry gerry had a fight with her boyfriend

  • jolinar

    Emmy Rossum!

    Just not Aniston..ugh.

  • who would want to

    the film and script is garbage

    can’t cast, can’t finance, doubt it will get made, it has stalled so many times already, Butler projects like Anistons have been dropped in HW, they don’t pull weight anymore. especiallly with Butler’s insurance issues.

    fassey, hardy, gosling and idris have the buzz now.

    sorry butler fans but its the truth


    @J. Aniston Is A Wh@re Too:

    LOL–thanks–jen aniston is a wh@re too…and angelina jolie is a wh@re agree..that is somehow funny.
    just a sidenote–i think jen aniston is a wh@re myself… angelina is..

    not everything about angelina is about can hate angelina as you can hate aniston.
    i hate angelina for her fauxmanitarian things and her arrogance.
    and jen aniston for her TERRIBLE movies.

    but this here is about butler. are a nice,intelligent guy..i just would love that he shows that more often in his roles.

  • kelly

    looking good gerry but please shave you look so good when your cut and trimmed love the hair and the curls and im glad your looking healthy

  • curious cat

    I rarely show up this early and have no idea who should play his co-star in a movie I know nothing about.

  • Booo

    /Gerry is gorgeous…no other man…in my fantasy universe…affects me as he does. I do love him. He is so talented, but like the late Errol Flynn…he’s too handsome to be taken seriously by some critics….The fools~

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Info

    He is looking so healthy and just the right weight. Not thin at all, as some people might have thought he looked a couple of weeks ago.
    Oh my…and those arm muscles – he looks like he’s been working out and getting back into shape.
    His beard doesn’t bother me at all – very manly.
    I’am still waiting to find out where he’ll turn up after his stay in LA is done. .

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Want to bid on a visit to the PTF set and meet GB?? Bid is currently at $2901. How high would you go to win this? =),name,107904,auction_id,auction_details#d90af8afdef3

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Oh dear 1

    Gosling, and Fassbender are definitely the hot ones now.  Butler star has well and truly waned.  But hey,  he still gets to go to loads of HW parties, get loads of  se/x. Have loads of faux friends  and on top of that he’s made a lot money. So to many the boy’s done good. 

    But when it comes to his work,  his legacy will be cursory at best.

    The good thing is at least if he is no longer the hot new thing has three choices:

    Disappear into obscurity and do something far more constructive with his life.  

    Concentrate on doing some good work either as an actor and/or producer. 

    And the third choice which would  be too sad for words and that’s to be a  desperate ageing second rate actor, hanging on to  past very mediocre glories and doing even crapper movies for TV as well as the odd reality show while trying to ban/g far too young chicks  to keep his sagging ego in check. 

    But hey the guy has choices, and that’s always a good thing. 

    Hmmm mm.. I wonder which one it will be? At the moment the third one  is looking uncomfortably plausible. Fingers crossed he’ll get his preverbals together before it becomes to late.

    The looks and the body won’t last forever.

     In  the end the only think truly worth having is your health – in every sense of the word. And that is a fact. Fingers crossed for Butler boy.

  • thetruth

    you guys won´t believe me now..but i swear to god i don´t lie.

    years ago when butler did the phantom..i really,really loved his looks..i thought he was such a hunk.
    i guess he still is a hunk to some.
    BUT–he looks EXACTLY like my father is 56 and has more grey hair..but he looks exactly like gerard.
    i can´t see him as hunk anymore–that would be weird.
    but he aged a lot in the last years.
    i still like him as an actor though–

  • thetruth

    the second pic.
    that is my dad—this is how he looks like.
    lol–that is so funny to me

  • justsayin’too

    Butler has reached that age where he can’t rock the dirty frat boy look anymore. He ‘s going to have to make some effort and clean up and shave if he wants to get back his hotness. Pitt and Clooney are in the same boat and only look good now when they are clean shaven and dressed nice. I have to say it is nice to see that the men have to make effort like the women. LOL

  • Hollywood Gossiper

    @Oh dear 1: Can’t say I understand why Gosling is so hot because frankly I find him very one note but that is so typical of American leading men which is why I tend to like the non Americans – Fassbender now it makes perfect sense that he is hot, the boy has versatility same with Hardy though hopefully his one foray into romcomdom is enough to last him for a while. Heard Hardy has his own production company now.

    If Brilliant has a brilliant script which I doubt or why did Bana run, if they pick actresses that are more dramatic than comedic and are not predictable romcom choices maybe there is hope. I’m thinking Emily Blunt or people had mentioned Thandie Newton or Lena Headley now that would be interesting, someone with a strong screen presence and can hold their own with Butler and then some. But if they need financing they will go for a big [read boring and predictable] name.

    Personally I think a lead role in a decent cable series would do wonders for the Butler’s career, key emphasis on well written! something like Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire etc etc. Even just some cameo appearances on those kind of shows if he can’t make more of a commitment.

    Maybe he can do that with Pinkerton. Sure done wonders for Emmy Rossum’s career. I actually am impressed with her acting chops after watching Shameless which is dead funny. But methinks Team Gerry thinks TV is beneath him which is such an 1980s attitude.

    But you get the exposure of a TV audience and you actually get to show your acting chops and a character arc which could prove he is a better actor than he is perceived. And you can keep making movies because the shooting season is short now, 13 episodes instead of the old 22 and some shows even less. Mr. Shannon is keeping himself quite busy.

  • ahem….

    Does his hat say Boobie Shack?

  • yep!

    It sure as shi/t does, lol, not as subtle as the rooster hat,
    good to see he trimmed his co/ke nail,
    now if he would just trim his beard!!!

  • numpty
  • numpty
  • JL

    Grey beard

  • Oh dear 1

    @ Hollywoodgossiper

    I agree, an excellent tv series is just as good as any decent movie – better if the truth be told.   But going by Butty boy’s track record… well…what more do I have to say on that point.

     I also agree a really good actress as a co-star someone like … ummm…I’ve suddenly realised I can’t think of any really versatile thirty something actresses who could fit the bill. Winslet  is way too up market. Newton a little too serious. The other thirty something high profile actresses in HW  - apart from Theron who is way too up market and serious and Jessica Biel who is so beige she almost disappears when she’s in a magnolia coloured room- have all done their best work in their twenties and have gotten rich, complacent and lazy and stick to doing by numbers romcoms. The only actress I can think of who would be really good in a film like ‘Brilliant’ and would lift its profile is fortysomethng and that’s Sandra Bullock.  As long as Butty boy is not producing it someone like Bullock would make him raise his game. JMO

  • Reviews

    Gerry really looks good
    I don’t know what this means but here it is
    “The notorious ladies man would surely have been extra keen to be friendly, given the fact a pretty lady was enjoying a refreshment at the table.”
    and this statement, wtf is that?
    “They’re planning to meet up again. Her friends are worried she’s heading for trouble but she thinks he’d be a great way to mend her broken heart.”
    I doubt she has a broken heart. The divorce was welcome by both of them. It’s just crazy reporting.

  • numpty

    dead thread

    times are a changin?

  • numpty

    oops guess there is a wee bit of life afterall