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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Hotel Check Out!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Hotel Check Out!

Jennifer Aniston and her beau Justin Theroux leave their hotel with a dolly full of luggage on Saturday (March 10) in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City.

The couple spent a few days in the Big Apple, but headed to the airport to jet away!

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Have you checked out Jennifer and Justin‘s new film Wanderlust yet? The duo star in the flick about a couple that travels to a commune to experience free love. The movie is in theaters now!

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Current/Elliott’s The Boyfriend in Whiskey.

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247 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Hotel Check Out!”

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  1. 1
    sarra Says:

    nice to see them…

  2. 2
    maria Says:

    Jen plans a greek wedding in the summer in Chania, Greece !

  3. 3
    jayne Says:

    she’s scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

  4. 4
    mismatch Says:

    He’s such a hipster. She is so not. I don’t see them last for years, just like with John Meyer. Time will tell.

  5. 5
    nani Says:

    Don’t go to see their movie. It’s horrible! JA is a talentess actress.

  6. 6
    nani Says:

    Don’t go to see their movie. It’s horrible! JA has no talent at all.

  7. 7
    cool Says:

    they seem nice and down to earth.#
    thanks for posting

  8. 8
    guily Says:

    i love her…shes so lovely

  9. 9
    Michele Says:

    WanderBUST!! She is becoming irrelevant.

  10. 10
    truth Says:

    Her movie is a bomb and is it any surprise that Brad and Angie had two big events this week end and surprise they pop up. Oh and by the way where are all the scary paps who cares so much about her? She is becoming a joke and her BF is weird.

  11. 11
    weird Says:

    @truth: Shut up seriously. Brangelina lunatics. Im not an Aniston fan. but you people are sick i swear. Angelina is the joke of the year i guess , oscar chicken leg alert!

  12. 12
    HAHAHA!! Says:

    No JJ, and neither has anyone else!!

  13. 13
    maniston is D list. Says:

    As you read through this list look at the pattern that emerges –
    - Before Brad…a handful of projects she produced or tried to get financed.
    - With Brad…a whole bunch of projects were acquired their 2 production companies with Ticky claiming the intent was to, “…lay track for what happens after ‘Friends,’ and I know well that films like ‘The Good Girl’ are very hard to come by.” The intent of the company wasn’t solely to proved Ticky with post-Friends projects. That was HER objective but not the 2 Brads’. Because she had the 2 Brads backing Plan B Ticky and Kristin Hahn were able to get a lot of scripts that she otherwise wouldn’t have had a shot at. Also, re: the “2 production companies” – at first it was the 2 of them together with Kristin Hahn but Hahn was NOT a partner. Then they partnered with Brad Grey and formed Plan B. (Which, BTW, I found the original announcement of the company that states very clearly that Brad and Brad Grey were “50/50 partners” with Ticky coming on board as an “equity partner” due to the fact that she and Brad had formed a partnership between them and added Kristin Hahn. There was a company, but it never had offices and was abandoned when Brad Grey approached BRAD to form Plan B. Kristin Hahn who claimed to have started Plan B with Ticky was part of the company that Brad and Ticky had and moved to Plan B as a producer and was NEVER a partner in either venture.)
    - Post-dumping – Initially Ticky was blanked, then she gradually started to acquire script rights and eventually formed Echo Films with Hahn in 2008. Also, remember that there are projects that I’ll never be able to find (unless someone startings blabbing) because she auditioned for movies and got turned down. The nitwit admitted that in an interview, so God knows how many auditions she went on and didn’t get the job.
    Okay…that’s background…now here’s the list of projects that I found. These are all projects she was planning to either star in or produce and does not include the handful of films that she did make. These are things she tried to get financing for and hasn’t been able to squeeze a dime out of anyone to make a wish a reality. As you read the list count up all the projects that actually saw the light of day WITH TICKY, without Ticky and those sucked into that black vortex known as Box Office Poison Tickytown…
    - Animal Husbandry (retitled Someone Like You, released in 2001 with Ashley Judd & Hugh Hunkman…er…sorry…Jackman)
    - Something Wicked
    - The Virgin Mary (acting + producting)
    - Waking Up In Reno (she wanted to co-star with Brad…who eventually nixed the idea and signed on to do The Mexican instead. At the time Fincher was slated to direct but later dropped out. This movie was being directed by James Gray and producted by…drum roll please…Billy Boob Thornton. Like I said…Brad has known BBT for a long time.)
    - I Am Sam (the studio wanted to hire Ticky and Brendan Fraser, the writer said, “Hellz no! Over my dead body!” and took the movie to another studio where it was made with Sean Penn (who got an Oscar nomination) and Michelle Pfeiffer)
    - Untitled TV pilot project based on a play called “Parental Discretion” that Ticky was producing for her father to star in.
    2001 and 2002
    - I didn’t find anything but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any. It’s just that after 6 hours (strung out over a couple of days!) I had reached my Ticky saturation point. Unlike those crazy ass hens and trolls there’s only so much time I’m willing to devote to making fun of this trick…
    - The Case Study
    - Zora
    - The Senator’s Wife
    - Top Dog/Underdog
    - The Time Traveler’s Wife (was finally made with Rachel McAdams in the role Ticky wanted)
    - Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day (Frances McDomarmand was playing Miss Pettigrew. Ticky was interested in a supporting role that later went to Amy Adams. The film didn’t get made until 2007.)
    - A Mighty Heart (We all know what happened to this one…Mariane Pearl wanted Angie to play her and the hens had a group conniption fit.)
    - Diary (According to several articles I found this was supposed to shoot in Sept 2005 and was cancelled in May or June. The guy who was going to direct, George Hickenlooper, hen went on to film Factory Girl with Sienna Miller in Dec 2005)
    - Untitled Dickey Chappelle Project (Did the world really need Ticky as a WW II photojournalist? I think not.)
    - A Soapbox Opera (With Luke Wilson…let’s all heave a big sigh of relief that this got shitcanned)
    - The Gambit (The Coens wrote the first draft of the script but it was in the process of being re-written by someoen else when Ticky was attached. Colin Firth was attached to star, as was Ben Kingsley. This finally got made in 2011 with Cameron Diaz in the role Ticky wanted.)
    - Wanted (With La Streep…and then without cuz Meryl signed on because of Brad and then dropped out when it was just Ticky. This is one of the 3 projects Ticky supposedly took with her when Brad kicked her out of Plan B.)
    - Family and Other Accidents
    - Over the Hedge 2 (voice work, but Katzenberg ended up not making this movie)
    - The Boring Girls (Yes, folks, Ticky has been trying to make this movie for almost 6 years)
    - Since Yesterday (This was a play in NYC Ticky claimed she was “looking at” doing. She said she started in the theater and would love to go back to it. It was off-Broadway not Broadway…for which every actor trodding the pines on Broadway is deeply grateful for…)
    - You Are Here (With Sam Rockwell…who’s friends with Brad AND VV and said they didn’t gcare if he did a movie with Ticky cuz it was work and not like he was having an affair with her…not that they’d care about that either…that was MY interpretation not Sam’s.)
    - The Pentogram (With Adam Brody…who co-starred in M&MS. He said he thought Ticky has hot. Luckily for him this movie didn’t happen because “hot” is the last thing his career would have been afterwards.)
    All of these films were announced in the press release for starting Echo Films with Hahn…
    - The Divorce Party
    - Getting Rid of Matthew
    - counter-Clockwise
    - Chemisty
    - Love: Todd (producer only)
    - Also of note…Ticky tried to get hired for a Woody Allen movie – either You’ll Meet A Tall Dark Stranger or Midnight In Paris. This is my theory of how it went down – First she had dinner with Diane Keaton in June…then 6 weeks later she had lunch with Woody and his child bride. Then they were never seen together again. You do the math and tell me 2+2 doesn’t equal “Woody laughed so hard he almost choked on the fish he was gumming.”

    - Pumas
    - Holler (producer only. This film is about a biracial girl and I wa shocked Ticky didn’t cast herself and claim she was trying to “stretch” her acting chops…)
    - The Boring Girls was supposed to start shooting in Jan 2010 and she kept pimping it, so I’m going to throw it every time she claimed she was about to make it…
    - Buttercup (with Tommy Lee Jones…who promptely decamped as soon as she announced she was on board and signed on to 3 other movies instead.)
    - The Boring Girls…talking about it AGAIN…
    Ticky claimed she was taking the year off…but…
    - While pimping Horrible Movie in London she claimed she wanted to come to London and do a play with Kevin Space at The Old Vic where he’s theatrical director. Kevin Spacey had no comment.
    - There’s a variety story that says Jerry Weintraub is producing a movie for Ticky at Universal, but doesn’t give the name of the movie.
    - The Place Beyond The Pines – with Closet Boy (I’d seen some scuttlebutt that she’d been cast in it and mentioned it here, but it turned out she didn’t get the role. It went to Eva Mendes instead.)
    - The Boring Girls…STILL talking about it…
    - Miss You Already aka Beaches Redux
    - The Switch (#2. Apparently she’s cornering the market on movies named “The Switch”.)
    - The Boring Girls…rears it’s ugly head again cuz it’s “stuck in development”
    - Claims she has a movie she wants to direct, but didn’t say what it was.
    Whew…I counted 38 movies, 1 play and 1 possible, maybe, if-only play – 41 if you want to count the 3 times after The Boring Girls was announced that she claimed she was making it and never did. Of those 38 REAL projects -
    - Only 6 of them have been made
    - None of 6 that were made have HER in them
    - This means that Black Hole Ticky has sucked in 33 projects which will probably never again see the light of day.
    Now, somebody remind me again…Why is Ticky supposedly considered an “A-list movie star”?

    @reply | Flag This
    # 182 Saffron @ 03/08/2012 at 12:42 pm +10

  14. 14
    Ann Th Says:

    Justin <3

  15. 15
    BWahahahaha!! Says:

    Aniston is wearing a wig bun!! They are so DOA. Why even post on her or them anymore. All these post get is squabble between her 4 fans and the JP fans! Seriuosly, Aniston is years ago trash that finally has been put out to the dump.

  16. 16
    amy Says:

    Love these two. They’re both GORGEOUS and not snobby…very down to earth. Make such a great couple.

  17. 17
    Shelby Says:

    @maniston is D list.: Seek help honey…you have serious mental issues.

  18. 18
    #16 Says:

    How do you know they are down to earth and not snobby????

    Do tell??

    What have they done for anyone else lately that amkes you think this or is it just because Aniston has a new paid c@ck, you assume this?

    I assume your knowledge is based on the later, like the rest of her fans.

  19. 19
    LUNATICS! Says:

    they are obsessed with Angelina Jolie……calm down people!

  20. 20
    personoffaithpersonofscience Says:

    @maniston is D list. #13

    I read this by a blogger called Passing Through and at the time I was going to leave a comment to say: I am SO very, very glad she didn’t get the role in Someone Like You. It was a small movie but exactly how a romantic comedy should be. It was intelligently acted by Ashley Judd, all the cast members were great and it was thoroughly enjoyable, charming and lovely. If JAnston had been in it, it would have become a rom-com made for tv, sitcom type of thing, a little cheap and totally unbelievable.

    I think JA is suited to TV in a sitcom with an ensemble cast or possibly tv movies as I see her in the category just below Melissa Gilbert and on par with Susan Lucci.

  21. 21
    JL Says:

    @maniston is D list.: You are a BLAH-BLAH-BLAH CHAMPION!
    The A-list hater.

  22. 22
    amy Says:

    @#16: Umm, are you okay? You seem to really be a little out there. As a fan of alot of the celebrities. I am assuming that Jen and Justin are down to earth. Just like other celebrities that I like. They don’t seem snobby. It’s just an opinion. Seriously, are you Okay, you seem to be having anger issues when it comes to Jen.

  23. 23
    maniston is D list. Says:

    pain to accept the truth.

  24. 24
    JL Says:

    @maniston is D list.: This is something VERY PERSONAL for sure. Are you John Mayer? Or Jolie’s brother? Don’t say you are Heidi Bivens :)

  25. 25

    Ha Ha Ha. According to box office mojo, as of March 8th, Wanderlust’s domestic box office total is only $13.8 million. This was released on February 24th. THIS MOVIE IS A FLOP, FLOP, FLOPPITY, FLOP. Is this a record for her?

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