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Kate Bosworth: Little Black Dress in Beverly Hills!

Kate Bosworth: Little Black Dress in Beverly Hills!

Kate Bosworth rocks a little black dress as she shops the day away on Friday (March 9) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress kept it simple with minimal accessories and a pair of brown sandals.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Kate‘s beau, director Michael Polish, recently tweeted a picture of Kate, with the caption “Friday I’m in Love @katebosworth #TheCure” to which Kate responded, “me too ;)”

In case you missed it, check out Kate in the new fashion film for her latest JewelMint collection!

For more pics, visit X17online!

Bigger picture inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
kate bosworth little black dress 01

Credit: Fabio; Photos: x17
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  • Slu

    God, she and her troll boyfriend are freaking gross on twitter.

  • Sure

    Someday we will notice how they have sex

  • Jeannie

    I’m sorry, but the point of this post is….?

  • Dieter

    GORGEUS !!!!!!!!!!!

  • HA HA

    Yeah she is out and about. Right after she heard that Alex is…oh you all know.

  • summer

    i’ll say something nice. i do like her outfit and the shoes are cute.

  • Môd

    Unfortunately, I’m afraid it’s already done … ^^

  • Môd

    @Jeannie: And what do you thinks about Lindsay Lohan red hair ?

  • ladybug

    @Môd: If they’d just had sex, shouldn’t she look happy?
    The fact that JJ is reposting their tweets is gag-inducing.
    @Jeannie, the point of this post is that she’s still relevant. Really! Either that or she’s not really got anything to do and so shops because she’s bored.

  • Jeannie

    @Môd: Lol!! It looks ok?

    @ladybug, Oh, you’re right!! How could we forget? She won’t let us.

  • Jenny

    That’s a really good Angelina Jolie impersonation she’s doing.

  • ladybug

    @Jenny: Angelina may also be very slender but she’s got better legs. And actual talent.

  • Lea

    @Môd: OMG! what is wrong with that guy?! disgusting.

  • Moh123

    OMG! i thought that she is Nicole Kidman, they look sooo A like.

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: Do you think they’ll go to Coachella? I really can’t picture MP there.

  • Dieter

    @Moh123: I am a great fan of Nicole’s and Kate’s – they are so beautiful and talented and work so hard !!!!!

  • Laurie

    She’s so naturally pretty. Love her!


    kate,honey–with thin hair like should cut it short—that doesn´t do you any favour..

  • Lois


    This is just another black dress like the one she wore with the same sandals a few days ago. The sandals will be seen all summer …like those nasty ankle boots. She even fails as a fashionista.

  • Lois


    I can see MP at Coachella being the try hard poseur he is with his fameHO never really has been girlfriend.

  • ladybug

    @Moh123, either you’re being very sarcastic, or you’re years overdue for a visit to the eye doctor.
    @Jeannie, I’m with Lois, MP will make an appearance with KB at one of the Coachella weekends.
    I don’t mind MP’s taste in music (well most of it), but they way they use song titles as puns on their Twitter feeds is nauseating. I’m sure they think it’s cute, but it’s not.

  • Lois

    Why won’t she go away? WHY?????????

  • Alex new date charlize

    Hey Kate you must be really pissed to know Alex is dating CHARLIZE THERON an actual blonde not dyed natural beauty an Oscar winner, 5ft 10 almost 6ft with heels, all those nice sexy hot limbs rapped around Alex at night.

    No wonder Alex was pissed in public with you knowing what he had to bed at night , I hope he closed his eyes I dread to think when u took your clothes off all Alex was sha**ing was rib and bone poor poor Alex he really needs charlize to cure all the
    Pain and suffering you caused Alex

  • Golden

    Kate seems very happy with her boyfriend and I doubt she cares if AS is dating CT. She moved on long ago, AS has moved on (I hope), it’s time for some posters here to move on!

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: @Lois: I hope they go. The pictures will be hilarious.

  • Lois


    For someone so “private” about her relationships KB seems to have a need to shove her “happiness” down people’s throats. It’s almost like she needs to prove that somebody wants her and is not embarrassed to show it.

  • Môd

    @Alex new date charlize: Really ?!!!!

  • Dieter

    Charlize is way to classy for a fool like Alex (and so is Kate). She, just likes Kates, wants to check out his cock for a few rides before letting this untalented piece of junk go !!!

  • Sick of hearing it.

    I am so sick of hearing charlize………. charlize ……..charlize JEEZ it was bad enough hearing Olsen ……Olsen,……..Olsen, just because they were spotted at some bar not alone with his or her pals and stupid gossip sites making up something out of nothing, …………………
    But until Alex says charlize is his girlfriend Or further sightings occur or some women shows up by his side he is single and living up to it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dare say I blaime any women who fancies there chances with him even if it just a one night stand …………………..

  • Tulip

    I love her outfit. I need an LBD like that. She looks beautiful.

  • Peanut Gallery

    Where’s Wilson!!! Miss you….

  • Linda G.

    Kate is a beautiful woman. All the haters who say nasty things about her are just jealous.

  • veronique

    @Linda G.: Very true. Very true. So many jealous girls at JJ. They hate on everyone except hot guys.

  • mforman—

    She is just so absolutely disgusting looking, that I can not explain it. There was a magazine, I am not sure which one that said she looked good in black and now all of a sudden we see her in black dresses that all look alike. Really what is the purpose of this post? We all know the creature doesn’t work and has nothing and I mean nothing lined up or to do with her time that might be of some use (oh sorry, I forgot her meaningful JM commercials), so we need to know that “she shopped the day away”, seriously what else does this creature have to do with her time and how come she is wearing no JM pcs. JJ must have gotten a nice check or a call from the other famewhore KB pays to be her friend Robin B, with promises of who knows what scoop on what celebrity she exactly gets paid to rep. This post is truly a joke.
    Why does MP have to keep posting those disgusting tweets and then she retweets them and then JJ (being under her thumb) also posts it. I mean seriously why keep posting these things. I thought after that after s*x photo, “Just Like Heaven”, and the negative publicity that brought about, we would get some sort of a break, but now it is getting worse. Who knows what either of them will post next.
    I truly wish we would stop mentioning poor AS on this famewhores posts, he doesn’t deserve it, but unfortunately that wont happen, and I am sorry but I really do not believe he is dating CT or EO, this poor man cannot go out without this happening. I am glad he is single and enjoying it. He has a career that this creature couldn’t even wish for, and she will never have that because she has no talent.
    I would love to know if she has done anything for charity besides signng a ping pong table. Remember when KB told Jared that she wanted to help girls in school. We never heard anything about that or even an explaination as to what that meant, it didn’t even sound right, but what do we get a post of her “shopping the day away”, she truly is a disgrace to the wonderful, talented and charitable women in HW.

  • Meep



    mforman: I’m sure Kate doesn’t pay nearly as much attention to magazine articles about her looking good in black or whatever as you do! You’re so absolutely disgusting and obsessed that I can not explain it! Take your meds and go to bed.

  • jenny

    @ladybug: no doubt, ladybug.

  • Hayden

    I’ve posted this before but I’ll post it again, I met Kate at a restaurant in LA and she couldn’t have been nicer. She’s so sweet and even more beautiful in person.

  • mforman—

    HAHAHA—The disgusting creature pays more attention to blogs, magazines and posts about herself then any other celebrity. I have never denied reading a variety of magazines, but my proof ( which once again I am giving you), is that they mentioned the thing that wont go away looked good in black and low and behold all we see is her wearing black, and the funniest part is the LBD’s are pretty much identical, since the article appeared. It really will be funny soon because we know she reads this site and posts about herself under various names, and has people post for her, she will all of a sudden change up her outfits. I wonder if that will make a believer out of you, but that I doubt because for some reason you feel the need to defend the poor little creature, we all know how innocent and defenseless she is (ha, ha) but you do enjoy posting only nasty, negative things about me, that are all basically the same. I wonder do you have any type of vocabulary because all you repeat is, and I quote, “take your meds and go to bed”, seriously and how do you know I am disgusting, unlike KB I have hair and friends that I do not pay and best of all a man that lets me be my own person and have my own interests, he has never, and more importantly I have the self confidence not to morph into whatever he likes, sorry to say but the same cannot be said for KB.
    It is so sad to say but she thinks any little mention that she gets no matter if it is good or bad keeps her relevant. A lot of us have noticed that after she is mentioned , she either will change herself (again), get a little facial, botox treatment ( check out all the photos of her face and lips red and swollen), the worst of it is so obvious.
    The worst of all of this is why does she and MP have to keep tweeting and retweeting the most ridiculous things and the photos. I mean who does that?

  • Jeannie

    @Hayden: That’s great that you had that experience. I’m really glad you did, and yes I’m being serious. I’ve not had that experience with her, ever. Someone kind of summed her up in a previous post, she’s different in public than she is behind closed doors. When you grow up where I did, you meet celebs all the time. Some are fantastic, some are not. I dislike her due to what I’ve experienced with her time & time again.

  • 27 pics of Kate ??

    27 frikkin pics of Kate shopping REALLY?? 27 for doing shit all on a regular basis, how about earning some money for once like GETTING A FILM JOB oh I forgot no one will hire your worthless ass. So you have resorted in being paid to shop instead.

  • Belle


    Hi Jeannie, I think for the benefit of all those unbelievers out there on this thread & who follow JJ thinking Kate is real nice and sweet and all the other bollox, perhaps you could furnish us with some of your experiences of the fameho druggie/anorexic yourself? I have never met her but feel that what you’re able to tell us will be more than just a bit illuminating. Yours in anticipation…

  • chelle

    @Tulip: If your into the concentration camp look. She looks like Sh** on a stick! No amount of designer clothes or spackled on make up or any man can make her anything but a useless waste of space. She needs to just dry up and go away and for the love aof all that’s sane please take that discusting twitter feed with you.. Her and hobbit man seriously need to get a life and a real job other than kissing wach other’s talentless asses.

  • Notsure

    I actually think she looks okay here. The twitter feed concerns me. A read flag always goes up when I see a couple that need tot show everyone how in love they are with each other. My experience is that they almost always tend to be very needy, insecure people.

    The thing I also don’t get is that her relationship is the only thing she choses to highlight. I mean she is pretty fortunate in that she gets to travel to great places and meet cool people. Yet, she doesn’t tweet anything of substance or interest. I mean these two could just sit and text or e-mail this sh#t to each other and spare us all.

  • chelle

    @veronique: @Linda G.: I personally have absolutely nothing to be jealous of. I actually have a wonderful wonderful career as well as an amazing hubby… and I ddn’t have to bounce from bed to bed to find him, plus we ARE true life partners in every sense of the word… I also do not look like a good breeze will snap me like a freaking twig (size 6 so no fatty comments). IWe don’t need a gag inducing twitter to prove to people that we are “in love” And to beat it all I am a natural blonde….Sorry for the 2 rants but but some of these delusional people really get on my nerves and I lost another freaking teenager last night to GD texting and driving……please forgive me for being rude.

  • Jeannie

    @Belle: @chelle: Chelle, I’m so sorry to hear that.

    Belle, I could tell stories all day long, but those of us that don’t like her will still be labeled as ‘jealous fat haters’. So many have called her out, on her behavior, not just on this blog, but others as well. People are going to believe what they want & that’s their right. She’s only nice to those that can advance her ‘career’, and the occasional fan when she feels like it.

  • Tulip

    @27 pics of Kate???: The heading says Kate is shopping but it looks more like an office building than a mall! I think she’s somewhere job related.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: Well, it’s possible that the photographer/agency got it wrong, but shopping doesn’t mean she’s at a sprawling suburban mall. Especially in Beverly Hills. Could be a mixed-used building, who knows?

  • DailyNightly all day with no shopping bags to show for it? And looking like she’s in a rather pissy mood? My guess is that her latest offer of a BJ in return for an acting job got turned down. Oh well.

  • teehee

    Perhaps she’s shopping for a job in retail?