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Stacy Keibler: Audi Beverly Hills Opening!

Stacy Keibler: Audi Beverly Hills Opening!

Stacy Keibler hits the red carpet in Asos at the grand opening of Audi Beverly Hills on Thursday (March 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress and girlfriend of George Clooney was joined by the mayor of Beverly Hills, Barry Brucker.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Stacy Keibler

“Hi Everyone! Take time today to love yourself for how unique u are. There is no one else exactly like you :),” Stacy told her Twitter followers earlier in the week.

FYI: Stacy finished her look with Christian Louboutin heels and H. Stern earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Stacy Keibler opening Audi’s Beverly Hills dealership…

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stacy keibler audi opening 01
stacy keibler audi opening 02
stacy keibler audi opening 03
stacy keibler audi opening 04
stacy keibler audi opening 05
stacy keibler audi opening 06
stacy keibler audi opening 07
stacy keibler audi opening 08
stacy keibler audi opening 09
stacy keibler audi opening 10
stacy keibler audi opening 11

Credit: Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • faz

    She’s getting all these promo jobs just because she’s dating george clooney… it’s kind of sad

  • Dr Goodlove

    Dating Clooney has been good for her. She looks hotter than ever.

  • lol


  • Aenneken

    Sorry, but she looks like 10 years older …

  • KissThis

    She’s only popular right now because she’s dating George Clooney. As soon as he dumps her just like he always does, she’ll be a nobody again.

  • Sara

    Each girlfriend is a few years younger than the last. Before you know it, George will be dating high schoolers.

  • :-P

    What a vile looking woman. Top to toe!
    Lame & cheap even spruced up & dressed in designer.
    CLOONEY’S PR team & management are corrupt, greedy & useless.
    They get 50% of Stacy Kyborg’s appearance fees.
    They guaranteed him this hook-up would net him an Academy Award.
    What a loser!!! The village idiot thought he was worth it…LOL..LOL…
    Kirstie Alley’s learned her deportment & elocution schools on a pig farm in Kansas. Hence she’s passed them on to her hooker protégées she trains as Clooney’s publicity escorts.

  • Stan the Midget Rosenfield

    @ :-P
    That’s right! We get a substantial cut from every appearance.
    Clooney owes us.
    And we’ll milk the situation dry.
    Without Clooney’s name, Stacy wouldn’t be earning these appearance fees.
    We like to sell the Pretty Woman concept to the public:
    “downtrodden former sleazy bimbo, hitting hard times. Not beautiful. Not even Jennifer Aniston girl-next-door plain. Just below average to flawed.
    Washed up & easy…. Then we dress her up in designer. No frou frou. And sell the idea of class.”
    Yeah, well, it could have worked.
    Clooney thinks he’s a Mensa candidate but couldn’t see this as a FAIL FAIL.
    We’ll try harder next time.
    Kirstie is working on Maria Menounos. I’m sticking to the blonde theme.

    Give George liquor 24/7 and he’ll do anything.
    Dumbass, thinks he’s a physics major science genius. Cowbulls!!

  • Dazed and Confused

    Gross looking woman!
    No one believes Clooney would date someone so unattractive.
    unless…. he’s gay?? Nah, maybe experimental bi. Most people are.
    The last 2 official girlfriends were hideous.
    A hermaphrodite coke head.
    Followed by a gargantuan big-boned balloon head with no lips and a pe*nis vein on her forehead.

  • ZZ Top

    How can anyone sell the notion that she has great legs?
    They’re huge & butch:

  • Bilderberg

    @ZZ Top: look, you drum it in to her fans (approximately one quarter of a million factory workers, gas station attendants, McDorks staff and janitors) that she’s hot, and they’ll buy it. Manipulation of the masses. Not many given the US population is over 320 Million. Still….

  • :-P

    oh, dear, I got a thumbs down by a PR gnome on patrol.
    Was that for a typo?
    Gee, let me correct that then:
    —> Kirstie Alley learned her deportment & elocution SKILLS on a pig farm in Kansas. Hence she’s passed them on to her hooker protégées she trains as Clooney’s publicity escorts.

  • bobbi

    She’s a stunning woman. Georgeous without any botox–natural beauty.

  • Ghostwriter

    Clooney the fool thinks he’s acting on celluloid. So, he might as well act his real life too. Make money while he’s at it. So accepts the publicity agreements. And can’t even feign it.
    Just phones it in.
    And drinks himself till he passes out every evening coz he hates it.
    His pathetic PR claim it’s required to generate media exposure that’s ingrained in the public’s consciousness. Namely gossip magazine & tabloid female readers.
    To sell the Clooney playboy image.
    What a buffoon!
    It backfired big time.
    He’s perceived as a sleazy, shallow vacuous man, with AWFUL taste in women.
    Just look at Stacy the Huge Rodent.
    String hair, orange tan, no lips, Charlie Brown sized cranium and squinty small eyes. As for her massive body with Hulk Hogan proportioned legs….. BARF!!!
    A hooker who services film investors and other fat rich uncles who want to sample what Clooney “has.”

  • Vince McMahon’s sloppy seconds

    @bobbi: loser PR gnomes. Can’t keep up can you?
    The whole world can see she’s lame looking.
    That’s why she never made it as an international model.
    Nor as an actress.
    Oh, she tried.
    But ended up as a sleazy wrestler.
    Vince McMahon’s rejects.
    Tossed out.

  • Anna Wintour

    she sure can’t do class & elegance.
    Still tacky.
    Just not beautiful.

  • rich fat uncle

    given her muscular size, she’s good for wearing a strap-on and hardcore pegging. Hardened from all the steroids.

  • Carine Roitfeld

    No wonder Paris Fashion Week completely ignored her.
    She has no Audrey Hepburn refined elegance. Not for Paris.
    And… mon Dieu, let’s not ever forget the tittie tape faux pas!


    Tweet of the Day:
    # Inhaling a dozen helium balloons thru-out the day keeps a gal’s voice high-pitcheD & prepubescent girlie.
    YAAYY!!! Goes with my 2 digit girlie girlie IQ.
    And detracts attention from my 2 meter body frame.

  • Pay Dirt

    She’s jinxed George Clooney.
    He could’ve won an Academy Award as best Actor.
    Instead, he lost to the mute unknown Frenchman..
    Ha ha ha

  • nes

    yeah george certainly is a big help to building ya career.

  • Ghostwriter

    Brad Pity has a taste for filet mignon..
    George Clooney goes for spam out of a can.

  • George Clooney
  • Saph

    George is in Cabo and Stacy is cutting ribbons and putting gas in her car. Something tells me the official split is coming. Stacy is far from beautiful pretty in a very common way, you see girls who look like her and way better walking down the street. That dress is just ugly looks like she had a fight with it and ripped it up, the girl needs to show skin to get people interested in her. All Stacy has is her body she has no actual talent. Unless dating talented, rich men is one. Elisabetta is now with Steve O so who will Stacy end up with?

  • Sabrina

    @bobbi: ‘

    No botox??!! She is shot up with botox more than any 32-year-old I’ve ever seen. So much so that she has the “botox vein” down the middle of her forehead.

  • Anne

    Stupid girl. Empty and talentless.. Hollywood is turning into a very fake place.. In our days, if you want to be a star, you just need to date some famous or actor or actress. Sad reality.

  • Amy

    And how is a D-lister wannabe actress/model at a car dealership opening newsworthy? I think I’m done with this website.

  • Gossipgirl

    Oh look! Another photo of Clooney’s rent a ho…..doing what comes naturally, famewhoring.

  • Guest

    Wow she went from Red Carpet events, hanging out with A-list Celebs to the opening of car dealerships. I can’t wait to see her career after she breaks up with Clooney. I guess the Clooney connection isn’t working in her favor too much. I love Just Jared how you always give her the title of George CLooney’s Girlfriend, pretty sad that is the only way to make her relevant to the public.


    “Hi Everyone! Take time today to love yourself for how unique u are. There is no one else exactly like you :),”

    WOW–thank you stacy–you just changed my life…how “DEEP” you are.

    can someone please tell the ho to stfu?
    thanks,but i don´t need to hear sh1t like that from the new wh@re in george clooneys life.

    she is attractive–yes,she is–but please–don´t quote her again..


    Wow! A ribbon cutting ceremony! How famous she is! LOL.

  • Reality Check

    @ANGELINA JOLIE IS A WH@RE: No, moron. You’re obviously trying to use reverse psychology to emphasize what is evident to everyone but a minority few, afflicted with acute myopia, and low-class riff raff blue collar males who enjoyed watching her rub her excrement on wrestling ring ropes: STACY KEIBLER IS NOT AN ATTRACTIVE NOR GOOD-LOOKING WOMAN. FACT!
    Survey results unanimously state so.

    She’s VERY plain looking… & that’s being polite.
    And with a massive body. Spawn of Andre the Giant!
    Clooney is a loser (in the literal sense). Trying to save face by addressing congress on humanitarian aid at Capitol Hill next week, to indicate that despite his desperate & pathetic attempt to get an Academy Award, he’s still a noble person!
    But then, judging by your username you’re probably a hideous mongrel who is jealous of real beautiful women like Angelina Jolie!

  • la Gioconda

    No decent, respectable, beautiful woman would want to date Clooney after the last 2-3 hideous whor*es he’s dated. It’s an insult to her integrity!
    (Naive? My asss!)
    By association, he’s linked to these vile, repulsive, cheap trash cans. GROSS! Ignorant & quite ugly to top it all off!
    Clooney is disgusting!

  • whatthehickey

    George Clowney is a far cry from the womanizer of yesteryears – Warren Beatty. WB dated women with more class and he finally settled blissfully I guess with a total class act Annette Benning!!!

  • annemarie

    so much money spent on trying to spruce her up, turn her into a lady:
    Haute couture designers
    cosmetic enhancements for her ZeppelinKopf cranium
    lessons in elocution & deportment
    Prosthetics and treatments for her limp string, sickly hair.
    She’s still not a pretty sight.
    BTW, on one prfofile angle her nose is hooked like it’s been broken. pobably kicked in the head wrestling! such a lady!
    On the other, it’s small and pinched.
    Nothing elegant nor beautiful about Stacy Kiebler.

  • LOL
  • keshaluv

    gotta love the keibs!

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    I don’t know why, but I slightly feel sorry for her. Deep in her eyes, you can see a sadness. Despite the fake plastered Joker smile, you sense that she’s something is preoccupying her.
    And it’s not the cost of gas.
    Nor the plight of Sudanese refugees.
    Granted, she accepted to pretend to be his girlfriend. Maybe their relationship is based on a phony contract and Clooney does have physical intimacy with her. But neither seems radiate being in love.
    Shame on Clooney!
    Shame on your deception!
    What a shallow man.
    And Keibler is so desperate to do this for the money.
    That’s all.
    Lending her services as a contract publicity escort.
    Pretty sad state of affairs.
    Lost respect for Clooney!
    Only redeeming quality Keibler has is that she’s not as repulsive and obnoxious as Canalis. Now, that was filth. Fugly butch hirsute skank.
    And Clooney slept with it and dated it officially for 2 years.
    How nauseating.
    He makes me cringe.
    Sandra Bernard is sexier than his last 2 girlfriends!
    Actually she looks like Kirstie Alley…. sort of…

  • Hetaera

    In Stacy Kyborg’s defense, she told her folks & 2 digit IQ bimbo bestie girliefriends that the agreement was to “enhance her career.”
    HA HA HA!!!
    What career??? Rubbing excrement from her an*us on wrestling ring ropes? Bending over to show her wide rump & tree trunk thighs to the factory workers & janitors in the audience with “come and rim me, boys” messages??
    Oh, how vile!
    Still…. she’s not as ugly as Canalis. That’s got to be the ugliest hooker Clooney dated. Is he maso*chistic? Self-loathing? So he pickest the lamest options?
    And in his defense, the Buffoon thinks he’s extending his humanitarian services to assisting these hookers who have reached a stalemate in their careers… A favor. By royal decree of King George the Benevolent! The Henry Higgins Humanitarian Award.
    And Kyborg Tweeted: Yay! I’m the luckiest hooker in the world, last year. She landed a well paying trick despite her lack of beauty, grace, elegance, and refinement.

  • Statler & Waldorf

    @Hetaera: can you imagine the heckling and disdain he’ll receive at Capitol Hill next Wednesday? It’s bad enough the AMPAS members couldn’t stand him.
    Landslide defeat in their voting for DuJardin, it’s been leaked.
    I can just visualize the snide remarks made at his expense for the wrestling monstrosity embarrassment.
    No one will take him seriously. No senator. No congressman.

  • Stacy Keibler
  • Can’t Standya


  • frenchy Super Jean

    Ohhh toi Stacy tu est La plus belle merveille du monde … avec Ton carosse…
    Only Molière digne de votre boutte

  • Pepé Le Pew

    @frenchy Super Jean:

    Touché, Georgie Boy!
    Victory is mine :-)


    Tweet of the Day
    # The best way to alleviate (oooeeee long word) a*nal fissures and hemorrhoids from a girlie’s ass, is to floss on wrestling ring ropes.
    So fun!!!!!

  • Kirstie Alley

    @STACY KEIBLER: I tried that when you first told me during Dancing With Stars, but my ass swallowed the rope.
    Ouch! I got rope burn too!
    But it gave me a good idea for the Clooney story I co-wrote for Rolling Stone magazine last November. About his first sexual experience on a rope. I didn’t show the village idiot until after it was printed.
    Mind you, he’s too drunk most of the time to notice.
    What a tool!

  • Jean Valjean

    Once a loser, always a loser, n’est-ce pas?
    Loser in love…
    Loser at work…
    Loser at play…

    “What a waste” – in the words of one of your ancestors.

    You should hear the jokes circulating in Washington DC about you already. And not just the Republicans.
    And not because of Ides of March. The latter some liked.
    Your life, fool!
    And the filthy ugly women you choose as your consorts.

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    Ah there is silverscreen, using a million different names and thinking that Clooney gives a shit about her hate campaign against his girlfriend…YES ahahahahah

  • Ah…Bite Me!®

    @Ah…Bite Me!:
    no, imposter, Stan & your useless PR gnome parasites.
    You know what’s really going on.
    Your useless antiquated PR strategy is a total fail. Corrupt midget!
    Concentrate on Robert deNiro mess right now.
    Surrogacy is it? Nice cover up. At least Grace HighTower will raise it.
    You’re a disaster of a publicist. Think you’re a genius?
    *Short man complex salivates at the sight of any woman over 5ft10.*
    What are you? 5ft/ 140lbs?