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Stacy Keibler: Audi Beverly Hills Opening!

Stacy Keibler: Audi Beverly Hills Opening!

Stacy Keibler hits the red carpet in Asos at the grand opening of Audi Beverly Hills on Thursday (March 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress and girlfriend of George Clooney was joined by the mayor of Beverly Hills, Barry Brucker.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Stacy Keibler

“Hi Everyone! Take time today to love yourself for how unique u are. There is no one else exactly like you :),” Stacy told her Twitter followers earlier in the week.

FYI: Stacy finished her look with Christian Louboutin heels and H. Stern earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Stacy Keibler opening Audi’s Beverly Hills dealership…

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168 Responses to “Stacy Keibler: Audi Beverly Hills Opening!”

  1. 1
    faz Says:

    She’s getting all these promo jobs just because she’s dating george clooney… it’s kind of sad

  2. 2
    Dr Goodlove Says:

    Dating Clooney has been good for her. She looks hotter than ever.

  3. 3
    lol Says:


  4. 4
    Aenneken Says:

    Sorry, but she looks like 10 years older …

  5. 5
    KissThis Says:

    She’s only popular right now because she’s dating George Clooney. As soon as he dumps her just like he always does, she’ll be a nobody again.

  6. 6
    Sara Says:

    Each girlfriend is a few years younger than the last. Before you know it, George will be dating high schoolers.

  7. 7
    :-P Says:

    What a vile looking woman. Top to toe!
    Lame & cheap even spruced up & dressed in designer.
    CLOONEY’S PR team & management are corrupt, greedy & useless.
    They get 50% of Stacy Kyborg’s appearance fees.
    They guaranteed him this hook-up would net him an Academy Award.
    What a loser!!! The village idiot thought he was worth it…LOL..LOL…
    Kirstie Alley’s learned her deportment & elocution schools on a pig farm in Kansas. Hence she’s passed them on to her hooker protégées she trains as Clooney’s publicity escorts.

  8. 8
    Stan the Midget Rosenfield Says:

    @ :-P
    That’s right! We get a substantial cut from every appearance.
    Clooney owes us.
    And we’ll milk the situation dry.
    Without Clooney’s name, Stacy wouldn’t be earning these appearance fees.
    We like to sell the Pretty Woman concept to the public:
    “downtrodden former sleazy bimbo, hitting hard times. Not beautiful. Not even Jennifer Aniston girl-next-door plain. Just below average to flawed.
    Washed up & easy…. Then we dress her up in designer. No frou frou. And sell the idea of class.”
    Yeah, well, it could have worked.
    Clooney thinks he’s a Mensa candidate but couldn’t see this as a FAIL FAIL.
    We’ll try harder next time.
    Kirstie is working on Maria Menounos. I’m sticking to the blonde theme.

    Give George liquor 24/7 and he’ll do anything.
    Dumbass, thinks he’s a physics major science genius. Cowbulls!!

  9. 9
    Dazed and Confused Says:

    Gross looking woman!
    No one believes Clooney would date someone so unattractive.
    unless…. he’s gay?? Nah, maybe experimental bi. Most people are.
    The last 2 official girlfriends were hideous.
    A hermaphrodite coke head.
    Followed by a gargantuan big-boned balloon head with no lips and a pe*nis vein on her forehead.

  10. 10
    ZZ Top Says:

    How can anyone sell the notion that she has great legs?
    They’re huge & butch:

  11. 11
    Bilderberg Says:

    @ZZ Top: look, you drum it in to her fans (approximately one quarter of a million factory workers, gas station attendants, McDorks staff and janitors) that she’s hot, and they’ll buy it. Manipulation of the masses. Not many given the US population is over 320 Million. Still….

  12. 12
    :-P Says:

    oh, dear, I got a thumbs down by a PR gnome on patrol.
    Was that for a typo?
    Gee, let me correct that then:
    —> Kirstie Alley learned her deportment & elocution SKILLS on a pig farm in Kansas. Hence she’s passed them on to her hooker protégées she trains as Clooney’s publicity escorts.

  13. 13
    bobbi Says:

    She’s a stunning woman. Georgeous without any botox–natural beauty.

  14. 14
    Ghostwriter Says:

    Clooney the fool thinks he’s acting on celluloid. So, he might as well act his real life too. Make money while he’s at it. So accepts the publicity agreements. And can’t even feign it.
    Just phones it in.
    And drinks himself till he passes out every evening coz he hates it.
    His pathetic PR claim it’s required to generate media exposure that’s ingrained in the public’s consciousness. Namely gossip magazine & tabloid female readers.
    To sell the Clooney playboy image.
    What a buffoon!
    It backfired big time.
    He’s perceived as a sleazy, shallow vacuous man, with AWFUL taste in women.
    Just look at Stacy the Huge Rodent.
    String hair, orange tan, no lips, Charlie Brown sized cranium and squinty small eyes. As for her massive body with Hulk Hogan proportioned legs….. BARF!!!
    A hooker who services film investors and other fat rich uncles who want to sample what Clooney “has.”

  15. 15
    Vince McMahon's sloppy seconds Says:

    @bobbi: loser PR gnomes. Can’t keep up can you?
    The whole world can see she’s lame looking.
    That’s why she never made it as an international model.
    Nor as an actress.
    Oh, she tried.
    But ended up as a sleazy wrestler.
    Vince McMahon’s rejects.
    Tossed out.

  16. 16
    Anna Wintour Says:

    she sure can’t do class & elegance.
    Still tacky.
    Just not beautiful.

  17. 17
    rich fat uncle Says:

    given her muscular size, she’s good for wearing a strap-on and hardcore pegging. Hardened from all the steroids.

  18. 18
    Carine Roitfeld Says:

    No wonder Paris Fashion Week completely ignored her.
    She has no Audrey Hepburn refined elegance. Not for Paris.
    And… mon Dieu, let’s not ever forget the tittie tape faux pas!

  19. 19

    Tweet of the Day:
    # Inhaling a dozen helium balloons thru-out the day keeps a gal’s voice high-pitcheD & prepubescent girlie.
    YAAYY!!! Goes with my 2 digit girlie girlie IQ.
    And detracts attention from my 2 meter body frame.

  20. 20
    Pay Dirt Says:

    She’s jinxed George Clooney.
    He could’ve won an Academy Award as best Actor.
    Instead, he lost to the mute unknown Frenchman..
    Ha ha ha

  21. 21
    nes Says:

    yeah george certainly is a big help to building ya career.

  22. 22
    Ghostwriter Says:

    Brad Pity has a taste for filet mignon..
    George Clooney goes for spam out of a can.

  23. 23
    George Clooney Says:

  24. 24
    Saph Says:

    George is in Cabo and Stacy is cutting ribbons and putting gas in her car. Something tells me the official split is coming. Stacy is far from beautiful pretty in a very common way, you see girls who look like her and way better walking down the street. That dress is just ugly looks like she had a fight with it and ripped it up, the girl needs to show skin to get people interested in her. All Stacy has is her body she has no actual talent. Unless dating talented, rich men is one. Elisabetta is now with Steve O so who will Stacy end up with?

  25. 25
    Sabrina Says:

    @bobbi: ‘

    No botox??!! She is shot up with botox more than any 32-year-old I’ve ever seen. So much so that she has the “botox vein” down the middle of her forehead.

  26. 26
    Anne Says:

    Stupid girl. Empty and talentless.. Hollywood is turning into a very fake place.. In our days, if you want to be a star, you just need to date some famous or actor or actress. Sad reality.

  27. 27
    Amy Says:

    And how is a D-lister wannabe actress/model at a car dealership opening newsworthy? I think I’m done with this website.

  28. 28
    Gossipgirl Says:

    Oh look! Another photo of Clooney’s rent a ho…..doing what comes naturally, famewhoring.

  29. 29
    Guest Says:

    Wow she went from Red Carpet events, hanging out with A-list Celebs to the opening of car dealerships. I can’t wait to see her career after she breaks up with Clooney. I guess the Clooney connection isn’t working in her favor too much. I love Just Jared how you always give her the title of George CLooney’s Girlfriend, pretty sad that is the only way to make her relevant to the public.

  30. 30

    “Hi Everyone! Take time today to love yourself for how unique u are. There is no one else exactly like you :),”

    WOW–thank you stacy–you just changed my life…how “DEEP” you are.

    can someone please tell the ho to stfu?
    thanks,but i don´t need to hear **** like that from the new wh@re in george clooneys life.

    she is attractive–yes,she is–but please–don´t quote her again..

  31. 31

    Wow! A ribbon cutting ceremony! How famous she is! LOL.

  32. 32
    Reality Check Says:

    @ANGELINA JOLIE IS A WH@RE: No, moron. You’re obviously trying to use reverse psychology to emphasize what is evident to everyone but a minority few, afflicted with acute myopia, and low-class riff raff blue collar males who enjoyed watching her rub her excrement on wrestling ring ropes: STACY KEIBLER IS NOT AN ATTRACTIVE NOR GOOD-LOOKING WOMAN. FACT!
    Survey results unanimously state so.

    She’s VERY plain looking… & that’s being polite.
    And with a massive body. Spawn of Andre the Giant!
    Clooney is a loser (in the literal sense). Trying to save face by addressing congress on humanitarian aid at Capitol Hill next week, to indicate that despite his desperate & pathetic attempt to get an Academy Award, he’s still a noble person!
    But then, judging by your username you’re probably a hideous mongrel who is jealous of real beautiful women like Angelina Jolie!

  33. 33
    la Gioconda Says:

    No decent, respectable, beautiful woman would want to date Clooney after the last 2-3 hideous whor*es he’s dated. It’s an insult to her integrity!
    (Naive? My asss!)
    By association, he’s linked to these vile, repulsive, cheap trash cans. GROSS! Ignorant & quite ugly to top it all off!
    Clooney is disgusting!

  34. 34
    whatthehickey Says:

    George Clowney is a far cry from the womanizer of yesteryears – Warren Beatty. WB dated women with more class and he finally settled blissfully I guess with a total class act Annette Benning!!!

  35. 35
    annemarie Says:

    so much money spent on trying to spruce her up, turn her into a lady:
    Haute couture designers
    cosmetic enhancements for her ZeppelinKopf cranium
    lessons in elocution & deportment
    Prosthetics and treatments for her limp string, sickly hair.
    She’s still not a pretty sight.
    BTW, on one prfofile angle her nose is hooked like it’s been broken. pobably kicked in the head wrestling! such a lady!
    On the other, it’s small and pinched.
    Nothing elegant nor beautiful about Stacy Kiebler.

  36. 36
    LOL Says:

    She’s going for a world record:,27488/

  37. 37
    keshaluv Says:

    gotta love the keibs!

  38. 38
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    I don’t know why, but I slightly feel sorry for her. Deep in her eyes, you can see a sadness. Despite the fake plastered Joker smile, you sense that she’s something is preoccupying her.
    And it’s not the cost of gas.
    Nor the plight of Sudanese refugees.
    Granted, she accepted to pretend to be his girlfriend. Maybe their relationship is based on a phony contract and Clooney does have physical intimacy with her. But neither seems radiate being in love.
    Shame on Clooney!
    Shame on your deception!
    What a shallow man.
    And Keibler is so desperate to do this for the money.
    That’s all.
    Lending her services as a contract publicity escort.
    Pretty sad state of affairs.
    Lost respect for Clooney!
    Only redeeming quality Keibler has is that she’s not as repulsive and obnoxious as Canalis. Now, that was filth. Fugly butch hirsute *****.
    And Clooney slept with it and dated it officially for 2 years.
    How nauseating.
    He makes me cringe.
    Sandra Bernard is sexier than his last 2 girlfriends!
    Actually she looks like Kirstie Alley…. sort of…

  39. 39
    Hetaera Says:

    In Stacy Kyborg’s defense, she told her folks & 2 digit IQ bimbo bestie girliefriends that the agreement was to “enhance her career.”
    HA HA HA!!!
    What career??? Rubbing excrement from her an*us on wrestling ring ropes? Bending over to show her wide rump & tree trunk thighs to the factory workers & janitors in the audience with “come and rim me, boys” messages??
    Oh, how vile!
    Still…. she’s not as ugly as Canalis. That’s got to be the ugliest hooker Clooney dated. Is he maso*chistic? Self-loathing? So he pickest the lamest options?
    And in his defense, the Buffoon thinks he’s extending his humanitarian services to assisting these hookers who have reached a stalemate in their careers… A favor. By royal decree of King George the Benevolent! The Henry Higgins Humanitarian Award.
    And Kyborg Tweeted: Yay! I’m the luckiest hooker in the world, last year. She landed a well paying trick despite her lack of beauty, grace, elegance, and refinement.

  40. 40
    Statler & Waldorf Says:

    @Hetaera: can you imagine the heckling and disdain he’ll receive at Capitol Hill next Wednesday? It’s bad enough the AMPAS members couldn’t stand him.
    Landslide defeat in their voting for DuJardin, it’s been leaked.
    I can just visualize the snide remarks made at his expense for the wrestling monstrosity embarrassment.
    No one will take him seriously. No senator. No congressman.

  41. 41
    Stacy Keibler Says:

    Come and rim my fat ass, boys!

  42. 42
    Can't Standya Says:


  43. 43
    frenchy Super Jean Says:

  44. 44
    the PRESIDENT Says:

    Ohhh toi Stacy tu est La plus belle merveille du monde … avec Ton carosse…
    Only Molière digne de votre boutte

  45. 45
    Pepé Le Pew Says:

    @frenchy Super Jean:

    Touché, Georgie Boy!
    Victory is mine :-)

  46. 46

    Tweet of the Day
    # The best way to alleviate (oooeeee long word) a*nal fissures and hemorrhoids from a girlie’s ass, is to floss on wrestling ring ropes.
    So fun!!!!!

  47. 47
    Kirstie Alley Says:

    @STACY KEIBLER: I tried that when you first told me during Dancing With Stars, but my ass swallowed the rope.
    Ouch! I got rope burn too!
    But it gave me a good idea for the Clooney story I co-wrote for Rolling Stone magazine last November. About his first sexual experience on a rope. I didn’t show the village idiot until after it was printed.
    Mind you, he’s too drunk most of the time to notice.
    What a tool!

  48. 48
    Jean Valjean Says:

    Once a loser, always a loser, n’est-ce pas?
    Loser in love…
    Loser at work…
    Loser at play…

    “What a waste” – in the words of one of your ancestors.

    You should hear the jokes circulating in Washington DC about you already. And not just the Republicans.
    And not because of Ides of March. The latter some liked.
    Your life, fool!
    And the filthy ugly women you choose as your consorts.

  49. 49
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    Ah there is silverscreen, using a million different names and thinking that Clooney gives a **** about her hate campaign against his girlfriend…YES ahahahahah

  50. 50
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    @Ah…Bite Me!:
    no, imposter, Stan & your useless PR gnome parasites.
    You know what’s really going on.
    Your useless antiquated PR strategy is a total fail. Corrupt midget!
    Concentrate on Robert deNiro mess right now.
    Surrogacy is it? Nice cover up. At least Grace HighTower will raise it.
    You’re a disaster of a publicist. Think you’re a genius?
    *Short man complex salivates at the sight of any woman over 5ft10.*
    What are you? 5ft/ 140lbs?

  51. 51
    Yuri R Says:

    @Stan Rosenfield
    - yes, Stan, what really happened to Ronni? Did you ever find out?
    Well… OJ Simpson got away with it too….

  52. 52
    On a Rampage Says:

    @50 –
    no, it’s not Stan. It’s George in his Whipped Honey b*itch persona.
    He doesn’t like anyone pointing out his errors.
    Thinks he’s a winner always.
    Pity not to many clients wanted Stacy Kyborg’s services. HFPA wanted cash bribery to vote for a Golden Globe. Cheap fugly hoookers like Kyborg are available at any rundown seedy bar and are too easy.
    Pass on her servicing them….

  53. 53
    RANTING Says:

    @On a Rampage: oh, you mean #49 is actually George. Nah… he’s too busy gloating about his delusional sexual prowess at an online forum with his seven b*itch PR team who take on multiple sockpuppets.
    You’ve seen them. His entourage. They were sitting behind him & Grant that evening in Venice. He pays them to tell him how remarkable he is.
    Tall, suave, charming, handsome…. :-P…. yuck
    And, hey… they’re getting paid.

  54. 54
    On a Rampage Says:

    @RANTING: yes, staff correspondents/ PR team. They work for the fool.
    Easiest boss to manipulate. He thinks he’s so cute and they can’t resist his charms….AH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!
    They ridicule him constantly.

  55. 55
    RANTING Says:

    @On a Rampage: No kidding!! I even heard that years ago, he wrote the Batman Codpiece story that was released in the press: hi suit had to be adjusted for an increased size codpiece given his…. endowment..
    Well…. word got around. One of these PR gnomes (the short mature, long blonde-haired one who Stan fancied) told some friends at a tupperware party… Or was it Kirstie Alley who leaked it again?
    Whatever… but it became the butt of bad jokes.
    And don’t get me started on how much he encouraged them to write about his ass during Solaris.
    Jeez… this guy has such an ego.

  56. 56
    Ocean Says:

    and as for the Anna myth..
    there isn’t one. At least, he hasn’t found her yet.
    Just a figment of his imagination.
    An illusion.
    A past vision.
    If anything.. a game played to entertain his PR gnomes, Kirstie Alley, Stan… whoever…
    And then,
    she was “killed off.”
    Now the new contract publicity escort is being arranged.
    And so on….

  57. 57
    Charlotte Says:

    Who cares?
    Next hooker is already waiting around the corner.

  58. 58
    lou Says:

    i see that the jealous troll is posting the same psychotic posts as before under different names of course. how else can you talk to yourself. you do realize that even if George were to come your way you would have absolutely no chance with him? the people at work are really going to love this group of posts. you know, i don’t know if it’s really true that George has decided he wants to have a child with Stacy after all. but if it is true i have no doubt that your posts will be more than priceless; you will give psychotic rants a new name.

  59. 59
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    Yes that’s it nitwit…continue to rage on! Everyone knows it’s you silverscreen and no one cares! ahahahahaha

    Stan and George actually have lives/careers and they don’t live alone in the dark, like you do and type crazy rants about people they don’t know, like you do.

    But you are entertaining to say the least! tehe

  60. 60
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    @lou: is that right, STAN ROSENFIELD & loser PR TEAM.
    LOSERS WHO PROMISED GEORGE CLOONEY he would only get an Academy Award is he had media exposure with another failed fugly *****. And so you can make more money for the corrupt management syndicate behind him.
    You’re panicking that independent people read here and I’m airing your dirty laundry.
    Now, keep working on the next promise you made him. He’ll get an Academy Award for sure for Monuments Men.
    If so, it won’t be on the grounds of your pathetic company’s ridicule and phony PR spinning.

  61. 61
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    Using my name too. I’m not the other posters above.
    There are several people in the industry who are fed up of STAN ROSENFIELD’S CORRUP PR SPINNING.
    Sure Clooney accepts this as his management. He’s in too deep.
    But you’ve made a spectacle of him as a loser who dates hideous who*res. Those you can pimp off to film investors.
    Those who make money for you in appearance fees.
    AND HIS FAT MAD COW’S DISEASE AFFLICTED COHORT KIRSTIE ALLEY. They select the bimbos and palm them off to Clooney. Who can’t even stand the FIASCO ANYMORE.
    Yes, he reads and posts here.
    And on as IT’S ME.
    Most bloggers know. From Lainey to Perez Hilton.

  62. 62
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    Such a fake public persona for an amiable actor.
    Just because he clowns around and is fool enough to think that this was the best way to promote his public image.

    The seven bit*ches who work for Stan Rosenfield are part of the Clooney PR entourage. OK they take orders from the midget. Probably one of them posting above to diffuse from the truth in case anyone wonders.
    Destroying his public image.
    Then allow him to participate in his humanitarian work to balance it off, they argue.
    Sure he’s a womanizer. But not with these hideous who*res you show off to the world. He sneaks off and sees those he likes privately.
    Those you deem unworthy for the preservation of brand Clooney.

  63. 63
    The Truth Says:

    The loser PR team behind Clooney was SO desperate to campaign for that elusive Oscar that they even desperately showed a tour of his home, adding photos of Stacy Kyborg as last minute props to make it “real.”
    Even trying to gain popularity by showing Einstein his dog (probably to appeal in the way Uggie did in The Artist).

    Using antiquated phony publicity exposure.

  64. 64
    Chouchou Says:

    Loulou First marriage will be very still and after baby …

  65. 65
    The Truth Says:

    Timekeeper…lou… charlotte… Saph…Joanna…KatieDot…DavidaRochelle….Kiki…CindyGirl…annemarie..
    several of the names used by Team Clooney..
    Now they even used Ah…Bite Me! above (without the ®) to cause confusion. To deflect from the truth. To provoke and antagonize.
    Oh, because they think they’re so intellectually superior.
    Access to surveillance through illegal means gives them that deluded perception.

    As for silverscreen/ signage, I’d say she’d be a little too conservative to write some of the comments written above… Ah… but you know that.

  66. 66
    The Truth Says:

    @Chouchou: if George wants to have a child with Stacy Kyborg, if hypothetically this isn’t part of his PR spinning (which it stinks of Stan & Kirstie at work), then I pity the gene pool. The embarrassment of a mother.
    The ugliness from the mother’s features.
    Good luck to GEORGE CLOONEY. He’s the ultimate LOSER!
    Jinxed and always will be.
    Fundamentally empty, shallow & lacking true happiness.

  67. 67
    lou Says:

    no, psychotic troll; i don’t work for team George as you call it. i don’t work for any pr firm for that matter. nor am i “silverscreen”sorry to break that to you as well. i think you should talk to your therapist about learning to handle your feelings of jealousy concerning George’s relationship with any woman that isn’t you.

    you’ve got to know that once he and Stacy are finished there’ll be another woman around the same age as the others; in her early 30′s if not younger. many rich and successful men like George want their women much younger than themselves. it’s what makes these men happy and it is after all their business. which reminds me, one of the lawyers in my office has suggested that the reason you fly off the handle into psychotic rants over George and his younger girlfriends may be because you lost your previous partner to someone younger. interesting idea!. if so, another subject to bring up with the therapist.

  68. 68
    The Truth Says:

    @lou: You’re definitely one of Stan Rosenfield’s staff. With your usual names of KatieDot, etc.
    I know that for a fact.
    You monitor anything that is written in the blogs about Clooney.
    First of all, I’m much better looking and more youthful than Stacy Kyborg.
    She’s deemed ugly by many people in the industry and public.
    Secondly, I haven’t lost any man and you well and truly know who I am.
    You’re the psychotic control freaks. I’m not silverscreen/ signage.

    I don’t need a therapist. You’re panicking that I’ve exposed the truth.
    Clooney dates UGLY who*res by FORCE.
    He can’t stand the fiasco.
    You know it.
    Find him a beautiful one next time round, will you? Maybe he’ll fall in love with that one. LOL..It comes so easy falling in love to him. Because he thinks with his pen*is you argue, right?
    You & the reset of the CORRUPT STAFF AT STAN ROSENFIELD.
    The same scum who post on the DAILY MAIL & other publications.
    Oh, dear crisis alert. The gnomes are panicking I’ve exposed the truth and they’re attacking me…
    NOT BECAUSE BRAND CLOONEY WILL self-combust if he doesn’t follow the strategy you impose on him.
    And he tried to get out of it!

  69. 69
    Bilderberg Says:

    It’s all about control.
    A corrupt syndicate who delegates how Clooney is promoted.
    CIA operatives and sleeper agents monitoring anything to do with him.
    Ultimatums and orders given.
    Manipulating him and controlling.
    He’s a willing participant.

    And he can enjoy his life with the vile Kyborg and the next bimbos lined up for him.
    Very few beautiful women exist in Hollywood. Brad Pity has one of them.
    Clooney will be stuck with more refuse ….. same story as usual.
    STAN ROSENFIELD AND SCUM ASSOCIATES will find another hard luck ugly fallen hooker and try the PRETTY WOMAN THEME.
    As long as he makes a lot in commercial advertising & publication revenue, they select the FAKE relationships.

  70. 70
    The Truth Says:

    ” many rich and successful men like George want their women much younger than themselves. it’s what makes these men happy and it is after all their business. ” QUOTING CORRUPT ASSSHOLE STAN ROSENFIELD & CO.
    *George’s parents have been blissfully married for eons with only several years apart* A REAL COMPANION IS ALL HE WANTS. He hasn’t found one yet.
    Like most imbeciles you promote this PHONY PUBLICITY AGREEMENT.
    Stacy Kyborg (as George calls her) sn’t one of them either.

    Now go and take YOUR medication. YOU NEED IT!

  71. 71
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    YOU hyjacked MY name…not the other way around douche!

    YOU are a serial stalker and you get your rocks off bad mouthing the “girlfriends of” because they aren’t YOU….and the only loser around here is YOU. Your rants are always the same, different day. It’s so easy to spot your neurotic self.

    Relax, you’re going to pop a vein spewing all that venom. And it doesn’t hurt Clooney one iota but you keep consoling yourself with the delusion that you’re doing some good here. It’s laughable that anyone would take anything they read here seriously but you go ahead and convince yourself that somehow, you’re doing womankind a great service. LOL

  72. 72
    The Truth Says:

    @STAN ROSENFIELD & scum associates/ Lou

    So how does Clooney get out of sleeping with Stacy Kyborg??
    Still nursing an old injury? Right? Is that what she was told?
    That’s why he needed to do this PR stunt…LOL
    Can’t perform his conjugal duties.
    Oh, I see. Hookers don’t care what the John states, as long as they’re getting paid.
    And Canalis (with whom he did have sex for a while) was led to believe he’s bisexual. That Waldo was his secret lover….
    More baloney?
    But looking like a Hermaphrodite, Canalis thought she’d win him over.
    Pathetic lousy PR. Corrupt to the core. And then they unleash Kirstie Alley’s lack of creativity all over the blogs, forums, boards as :
    PrefertoRemainAnonymous … Timekeeper….. Cinderella.
    Always feeding the PUBLIC lies.
    Clooney is not innocent.
    He’s willing, albeit reluctant.
    Just another puppet-on-a-string.

  73. 73
    The Truth Says:

    @Ah…Bite Me!: lacking originality & creativity as usual. You’re all so pathetic.
    I don’t pursue Clooney. You know that damn well.
    George once said he liked the name I use Ah..Bite Me!, so now you’re stealing it. Big deal.
    ONE IOTA? Hmmm?
    DON’T FORGET YOU LOSER SCUM FORCED HIM into the Kyborg contract. You loser scum cost him an Oscar with the world’s most PATHETIC CAMPAIGN.
    Instead of endearing him to the public, you made him seem like unsophisticated sleaze no one can take seriously.

  74. 74
    Bilderberg Says:

    they’re also aware that Stacy reads here (as does Elisabetta,) and a host of others, so they’re covering up big time with accusations of insanity, stalking etc.

    However, as these readers are aware that Kirstie Alley is involved and that what is leaked here is the truth, then Lou’s ruse to cover up will be very dubious to them.

    Everything written above against scum Stan Rosenfield & George Clooney’s FAKE publicity arrangements is bona fide reality.

  75. 75
    The Truth Says:

    FAKE @Ah…Bite Me!: MY! My! My! You’re the one whose blood pressure is skyrocketing.
    The bald basterd midget must be as stressed as he was on the red carpet right now.
    Yes, folks, they’re well aware who will win the ACADEMY AWARD way before the event. Enough time to appear the gracious loser, but not enough time to conceal the disappointment.
    Why the panic, Lou/Stan & co??
    I’m revealing too much?
    I haven’t signed a disclaimer. I can write whatever I like.
    It’s a matter of anyone with intelligence to understand the truth.
    And your scurrilous, slanderous attacks back at me are indicative of your panic. Your desperate need to cover up.

  76. 76

    Guys keep me out of this s*h*i*t*! I am on Team Anna!

  77. 77
    bugiardi Says:

    @The Truth: btw, no one “FORCED” Clooney to accept the Stacy Keibler publicity phony relationship agreement.
    He accepted it. A unanimous vote amongst team Clooney.
    No one twisted his arm.
    He thought it was in his best interests to win an award.. & for profit.
    “Anna” is a myth. And they’ll keep it that way.
    Timekeeper/ Kirstie claims its some mix-raced black woman she’s created. A ruse.
    Signage has her idea…
    New hookers are pre-planned for the next few years.
    George is just as guilty and disgusting in deceiving the public.
    But Mr Hollywood has to impress Washington DC at present. Everyone from his Bohemian Grove posse to the government officials.

  78. 78
    sono bugiardi Says:

    *“Anna” is a myth….
    Timekeeper/ Kirstie claims its some mixed-race black woman she’s created. A ruse.

    Bottom line, Clooney has Klobber and he’s not even happy.
    To a midget like bald ******* Stan Rosenfield, Stacy Klobber is a trophy.
    I mean, a weasel like him fantasized about Amazonian sized freaks of nature. Hard-faced and cheap.
    So, he pimps them off to the Buffoon.
    Clooney of course, samples the goods. In case, post-split one of these hookers divulges unfavorable information through the grapevine.
    “What’s he like in bed?”
    blah.. blah….
    A real lady never kisses and tells.
    No matter how famous her lovers.
    She’s supposed to protect their privacy. Not fame-ho off them.

  79. 79
    lou Says:

    to Truth

    i have to thank you! i just bet two of the lawyers in my office that you would go into a psychotic rant about Stan what’s his name almost immediately. i was right so now i’m 300 dollars richer. Since I don’t work for Stan, and never have, i’m not likely to know who you are for which i thank fate, the man upstairs and who ever else. you’re exposing the truth are you! this coming from the same poster who claimed that Stacy was responsible for putting a black widow spider in your laundry basket because she wore a black dress “that looked like a spider in the back”? by the way, how did that go over with the therapist you claim not to have.

    as for your claim that you haven’t lost any man the lawyers don’t believe you. these are men who spend their days in court rooms listening to angry wives, which you apparently sound like, who have lost their husbands to younger women. by the way, i do agree that George should date who he wants. notice the words “who he wants”. not who you want him to date.

  80. 80

    @lou: oh, go get a frontal lobotomy, SCUM CLOONEY PR!
    I AM NOT THE PERSON WHO WRITES about the spider and Opus Dei crap conspiracy insanity.
    You mentally unstable asswipes come up with ruses for sensationalism.
    Kirstie Alley’s Timekeeper & Silverscreen persona.
    Mentally deranged morons. You think you can deceive everyone with your verbal diarrhea. Exploiting George Clooney like a billboard poster-boy fantasy so desperate women who love the corporate look can dream about him.
    No one would buy the insanity.
    I’ve been monitoring you for some time. With Canalis, the story was that she had terrorist connections.
    And Clooney finds this amusing, does he?
    Entertains the smug PR gnomes who run his publicity.
    He’s always in touch with his feminine side.
    Poor Georgie. Online with the gnomes to cure his loneliness.

  81. 81
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    @lou: HEY, Mongrel Lou, since when do you work on a Sunday? Full staff, huh?
    Ultimate loser CLOONEY PR TEAM.
    SMUG Clooney.
    Boy, you should hear the jokes in Washington DC about him right now.
    Haters? Republicans?
    Nope… He’s the butt of bad jokes.
    As bad as his taste in the hookers STan Rosenfield selects for him.

  82. 82

    Oh here we go again. You clowns! So is this reverse psychology bulls*h*i*t* now? What’s the matter? Still licking the wounds from the a*s*s* whooping you idiots got courtesy of Anna. You racist slogs! Everything else is falling apart at the seams and you are p*i*s*s*ed off that the white trailer trash is not winning any fans. That is what is really the issue and you clowns are too stupid to realize many of us know that is your real issue. Spreading around crap and words like n*i*g*g*e*r* did not work, so you are trying a different tack. If it was up to you honorary KKK members every person of color in Hollywood would not exist. Keep talking and I am sure the rest of your dirty deeds will come to light. Ask Rosenfield about the imaginary Anna who he got his a*s*s* kicked by when he went and start spreading lies to people who were her friends. Idiots, just idiots. What’s next Obama is really Chinese?

  83. 83
    Can't Standya Says:

    The world doesn’t revolve around George Clooney.
    The ultimate loser.
    A waste of precious time.
    Agreed to scum publicity because he’s an insecure patronizing elitist.

  84. 84
    Can't Standya Says:

    Are you desperately trying to digress from the reality?
    Your version of Anna is a myth based on a character you created last year Clementina.
    “Anna” is just a figment of George’s elusive true love (who does NOT exist) and if ever he falls in love, the insatiable sharks that control him, will not allow her to be with him. At least, not openly.
    Your stories are lies.
    The Warner Bros intern psycho myth.
    You’re deliberately encouraged to write this garbage.

  85. 85
    signage Says:

    Anna warned George, but he wouldn’t listen. Thought he and his “team” had to know better than some silly little female such as Anna. Perhaps if she were ugly, George might have realized she was smarter than the idiots who surround him. No, he patted her on the head and told her to go crochet something and be quiet like a good little girl. Now she has a title suggestion for George’s future memoirs: “Bonfire of the Sanities”

  86. 86
    Can't Standya Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Hey, Kirstie, haven’t you got any other twenty year old Ukranian illegal immigrant toy-boys to entertain your lard ass? Service your needs?
    There is no BLACK ANNA. No Anna.
    I doubt that even soulmates exist.
    George has no love interest.
    Just the liquor cabinet for solace.
    He scares away any woman for whom his heart stirs.
    Settles for the lame-dog cheap whores scrubbed up in designer themes.
    Because he’s a CONTROL FREAK.

  87. 87
    lou Says:

    I AM NOT THE PERSON WHO WRITES about the spider and Opus Dei crap conspiracy insanity.
    keep saying that to yourself for all the good it would do. I know better and so do others. by the way, you’re starting to get delusions that you control this board again. won’t do you any good because i’m not going any where. now, please continue with your rants; we have a very hectic week ahead at the office so we all need some good laughs.

  88. 88
    Can't Standya Says:

    @signage: I haven’t worked out if you’re another TimeKeeper/ Kirsty Alley sockpuppet or the YouTube user JillAngie conspiracy theorist &/Or a CIA operative.
    You seem to be privy to a lot. But you manipulate all the time.
    My argument here is simply GEORGE CLOONEY IS A PHONY!!!

  89. 89
    Can't Standya Says:

    @lou: Hectic day, Elmer Fudd Rosenfield’s SCUM PUBLICITY.
    Covering up Robert DeNiro’s partying with cokehead hookers behind his wife’s back. Pregnant party hookers can be surrogate mothers, can’t they? Bought off?

    Busy week trying to appease Georgie Clooney’s loss at the OSCARS by highlighting his humanitarian work. Oh, that should pacify him.
    Win back respect. The desperate Oscars campaign soon forgotten.

    Busy week selecting the next hooker for Clooney. Candidates still in elimination process. Clooney hasn’t decided.
    Kyborg, he says, is worse than the waitress Sarah & the horse Canalis.
    He hated all three.

    Busy week still settling the Chalie Sheen mess….
    Whatever the f*uck you losers do, you’re corrupt deceptive morons.

  90. 90

    Can’t Standya you blonde bimbo b*it*c*h*! I know EXACTLY who you are! You obtain your info from inside of Clooney’s camp! In fact my colleagues told me about how your ex took his key back from you because you were snooping! Anna does exist, but your trashy a*s*s* had designs on George but was stopped in your tracks. You need to go off and do a global trek you two faced sneaky a*s*s* b*i*t*c*h*! George needs to fire some of his inner circle namely your EX!

  91. 91

    Another thing, I am not Kirstie Alley! You called Anna names and tried to s*cre*w with her head. Your ex does some kind of security or technical stuff for George. He told you all about Anna. You sneaky a*s*s* b*i*t*c*h! All of you including George needs a serious a*s*s* whooping!

  92. 92
    Can't Standya Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: ah-ha-ha!!! You’re too funny, Kirstie! Now you’re making me laugh.
    Never once saw you on any episode of M.A.S.H or whatever you were on in the 1970s. Hang on, Cheers or Welcome Back Kotter, but I think you’re insane anyway.
    You’re his buddy. I never had designs on him at all.
    You were in cahoots with him last year. Baiting me for your games.
    To impress the big shot!!

  93. 93
    Can't Standya Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: What was your name last year, Fatso? Lol..Oh Coolest?
    or Lola Pandora as Winky called you!
    Phony cow and your bald basterd weasel Stan Rosenfield advised him to accept Stacy Kyborg.. Now you’ve got another lined up.
    You’re a disgrace. But then his sorry asss probably asked for it.
    George accepts this hooker publicity agreements.
    Consumed by his contempt, avarice and insecurity.
    Good luck to the lot of you!

  94. 94

    Yeah keep laughing. You are real nervous and you should be. Unfortunately for your trashy a*s*s* I am not Kirstie. I am your worst nightmare. YOUR VERY WORSE NIGHTMARE…..

  95. 95

    No you stupid ho all you have to do is ask your ex who I really am. Then again by now you just might be in line for a a*s*s* kicking. I am using Anna’s equipment so they know EXACTLY where I am right now. You are the one that needs the luck. Winky as you say from what you blab had a thing for Lola Pandora or so you claimed. Yeah there has been long discussions about your sneaky two timing self. As for George selecting the next ho, he will go further down the toilet JUST LIKE YOU!!! It is no big secret about DeNiro. His wife probably gave him a beating within an inch of his life, and he will have to toe the line financially. Why? She could clean him out legally. No big secret. She knows where the skeketons are buried just like Anna. Keep digging, your hole for your grave has just got bigger. Ha ha yourself wench!

  96. 96
    lou Says:

    I AM NOT THE PERSON WHO WRITES about the spider and Opus Dei crap conspiracy insanity.
    oh, really! well, it took me some time to find it but post 19 at
    when you were posting under “not dead yet” ; here it is
    “Around the time of the Toronto film festival, someone on the JJ blog posted with the name “Silk Route” and posted the word “Widower” on the same day I found a black widow spider in my laundry basket. After that, I realized that the first black dress that Keibler wore in Toronto resembled black spider legs in the back, and the second hairdo worn in Toronto resembled a spider’s nest. I posted about this on the JJ blog and elsewhere. I will take any number of polygraphs regarding the black widow incident, and swear on a stack of Bibles, because it’s the truth” do you remember it now?

  97. 97
    Can't Standya Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: yeah, you are a nightmare alright, whack job. And so are the hookers you and Stan select for George.
    Go make another spectacle of yourself on Dancing With the Wannabes!

  98. 98
    Sono Bugiardi Says:

    @lou: Oh, you bothered to find and remember the rubbish you regurgitated on the threads last year, did you?
    NO ONE BELIEVES YOUR DERANGED CONSPIRACY CRAP ABOUT terrorism, Opus Dei, spiders, stalkers….
    You’re part of Clooney’s PR with specific instructions to play the insane tangent. This creates confusion, amusement, sensationalism to anyone who believes it. In fact, it’s so preposterous that no one believes it.
    I suppose that’s why you do this for a living. Lack of creativity.
    You’re all so pathetic
    Stan Rosenfield, Kirstie Alley & Clooney’s defective management/ PR corrupt scum team. Manipulating the public with LIES. Deceiving his followers. So much respect for them by feeding them false stories about his life. PIMPING CLOONEY FOR PROFIT.
    A huge cut of Stacy Kyborg’s appearance fees, advertising revenue, etc
    A nice formula you created for the contract. Lasts a few years post split too.
    Oh, you’re such geniuses.
    And Clooney accepts due to his insecurity. Preserve the status quo.
    His biggest fear is losing popularity.
    But it’s happening. His “emotional connections” are a mockery and a bore to many. Lonely, pathetic loser.
    Unless he severs ties from the scum who surround him.

  99. 99
    The Truth Says:

    Reinvention is what he needs.
    To break away from the loser team that manipulate him.
    They actually hate him so much that they’re objective is to make money off him, first and foremost.
    Secondly, ridicule him publicly and deprive him of any happiness in his personal life.
    They claim he’s unstable and an alcoholic.

  100. 100
    The Truth Says:

    Reinvention is what he needs.
    To break away from the loser team that manipulate him.
    They actually hate him so much that their objective is to make money off him, first and foremost.
    Secondly, ridicule him publicly and deprive him of any happiness in his personal life.
    They claim he’s unstable and an alcoholic.

  101. 101

    YAAYYYY!!! I’m such a popular gal!
    i hit 100 comments just on my ribbon cutting appearance on JJ.
    Can’t be bothered to read what they’re saying but I know it’s about me!!!!
    Luv ya long time, Kirstie!!!
    ThnX 4 the fashion tips & stories you write on my behalf in the press, sweeteeee!!!
    YAAAYYYY!!! I’m the luckiest gal in the world.
    Time for another HELIUM BALLOON cleanse….

  102. 102

    My signature pose!!
    For all the boyz at Capitol Hill on Wednesday…
    LUV YA!!!!
    Anyone wants a shot at the title, Stan Rosenfield takes bookings for me..

  103. 103

    words of wisdom:
    ANYONE CAN BUY BOOBIES, but U R born with long bulky legz like me & Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant.
    YEP, we were blessed with GIGANTISM, my doc explained.
    Like, big word & stuff but it paid off for me.
    We’re the FREAKS..

  104. 104
    ms. Pendleton Says:

    Very unfortunate that our beloved George the Businessman not take you with him in SUDAN
    With your corpurel potentian
    business is done very Quickly &Easy

  105. 105
    La Gioconda Says:

    @ms. Pendleton: the slime bags who selected Kiebler the Giant bend-over fetishist certainly damaged Clooney’s credibility.
    I’m embarrassed for him.
    Krista Allen may have done naked photos, but she was sexy & feminine.
    This is a JOKE of monstrous proportions. Like Canalis and the nun habit.
    And why does he accept it when he hates the lies?
    He’ll used good-natured humor to fizzle it down in Washington, but the scorn and scoffing will be there like Chinese whispers.
    Aaahhh… the lady in the making….

  106. 106
    LMAO Says:

    And George Clooney, the naive buffoon thought he could win an Academy Award on the grounds that he was popular, with an embarrassing fugly freak as arm candy.
    WHAT A JOKE!!!

  107. 107
    LMAO Says:

    Coz bald dwarves like Stan Rosenfield live vicariously through pretending they’re A-listers like George Clooney & can date tall freaks…
    Everything their overbearing Jewish mothers frowned upon.

  108. 108
    Timekeeper/ Kirstie Alley Says:

    @LMAO: do you know how many bimbos in Hollywood are begging for a chance to pretend to be Clooney’s girlfriend????
    He just accepts the lamest ones as favors to his friends (Kid Rock/ Rande Gerber in Larson’s & Keibler’s cases) (Berlusconi & the mob underworld re Canalis)..
    But the idea is they make for an EASY EXIT. Plus hookers get paid so he doesn’t feel guilty. Bc poor Georgie hates to hurt another human being. Since he’s such a philanthropist!
    That’s right!
    He told Obama that he was “helping” Stacy out.
    Kickstarting her career.
    In reality, once the contract is up, no one wants to know about them anymore. Cavalli withdrew from Canalis asap once she was “dumped.”
    It’s Clooney’s name they seek.
    Keibler will fade into oblivion once this contract is up. But she can retire on her savings and give birth to gigantism defective babies… just like mommy… Unless she breeds with Stan Rosenfield. Two defective mutants may produce an averaged sized, albeit ugly critter.

  109. 109
    KatieDot Says:

    @Timekeeper/ Kirstie Alley: I like how he chooses the trashiest options just for me and the PR gnomes.
    To throw them in the snake pit so we can all poke fun at them.
    Love George’s humour…

  110. 110
    ms. Pendleton Says:

    @Timekeeper/ Kirstie Alley:
    Why not with him
    there she is very happy…and very good chance of Sumo JAPANESE

  111. 111
    lou Says:

    Sono Bugiardi @ 03/12/2012 at 3:37 am

    what you forgot is that every thing posted on the net remains for a very long time. words can come back to haunt. you were the one who said “I am not the who writes about the spider…” so, I went back to last year’s thread because that post is still one of the best psychotic rants of all time. i found it and reposted it because you seem to have a very short memory. what do you do? you start behaving like a five year old caught with her hands in the cookie jar.

  112. 112

    Whoever is impersonating KNOCK THE S*H*I*T* OFF!!! You are doing this s*h*i*t* because you are trying to distract from something else! Everyone keep your eyes peeled in all directions! Something is being planned and is in motion! This is what this diversion crap is for. No one is that stupid TEAM CLOONEY.

  113. 113

    Oh like Obama is that popular with women in America! Word has it he is gearing part of his campaign to convince women to hitch to his bandwagon and vote for him. Uh yeah right!!!!! Why is that huh????????Karma is going to b*i*t*c*h* slap you idiots. ALL OF YOU! George is a member of Council of Foreign Relations. Harumpf! Go ahead and give me a thumbs down. You idiots are in line for a a*s*s* whooping and too stupid to realize it yet. Give it a rest will ya?

  114. 114
    signage Says:

    Keibler’s father was obsessed with the movie “Golden Girl” and wanted his daughter to be a super athlete, so he injected her with growth hormones when she was a child, telling her the injections were “vitamins” to help her grow big and strong. She believed it, and she did grow big, but alas, she did not become a super athlete. Despite her artificially increased size resulting in a deformed cranium, jawline, and body, she would not become an Olympic caliber athlete, not even close. Instead of a Golden Girl super athlete, her all her father got was a daughter who wrestled in little girl outfits to appeal to pedophiles and other perverts and turned tricks in Hollywood in an effort to become a celebrity of any sort.

  115. 115
    FOX NEWS Says:

    Dears return of Soudan …yes
    George is not alone he found far from Village LA
    The famme of his life and mother of his child and
    He married in this village in the tradition

  116. 116
    signage Says:

    @signage: This is the movie:
    Keibler’s father thought he could make it happen.

  117. 117
    signage Says:

    @ms. Pendleton: Fifty bucks sayz she let the fat dude in the suit peg her cornhole for an extra thousand bucks.

  118. 118
    signage Says:

    @signage: I meant the fat dude in the suit at the Audi dealership.

  119. 119
    Timekeeper/ Kirstie Alley Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: you can KNOCK the S.H.I.T off, PHONY!
    I have over one million followers on Twitter.

    Out of 70million obese Americans. And I’m working on the remaining. So they can buy the constipation pills I endorse….
    I’m a major cultural leader.
    Clooney does as he’s told! He owes me.
    I delegate. Bully antics OR NOT!!

  120. 120
    signage Says:

    How many impostors are on this thread, anyway? All this obfuscation in an attempt to divert attention away from the publicity idiots’ latest failures. I hope that George’s lack of credibility won’t keep his message about Sudan from being heard and taken seriously.

  121. 121

    Signage you are right. Something is brewing and they are working real hard to create chaos and confusion. What do you expect from Team Clooney? What doyou expect out of a bunch of constipated lab rats? Guess George is bored to tears wherever he is hiding. Idiot (s)

  122. 122
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Maybe he went to Sudan to look for his mojo? LOL. Anna has his mojo.

  123. 123
    CLOONEY Says:

    Hi albino or mosquito
    My libido! comes from a very great song:)

    in Sudan The “healer”of village
    The “Healer”of village cured me

    i have now an increase in sexual tenshion or sexual desire
    my libido…a denial -NiRVANA LA LALA

  124. 124
    The Pigiste Says:

    Extract of

    Mojo Dojo is a figure of speech used in reference to a man or woman experiencing something that increases their ability to attract and satisfy sexual partners.
    After the break-up with Stacy I felt as though I lost my way with the ladies. Hooking up with Candy Love got me back in the game. She was my sensei at the mojo dojo….

  125. 125
    Can't Standya Says:

    @The Pigiste: maybe George should have found a voodoo priestess to exorcize him instead. Empower him with good taste.
    With his experience, don’t think he needs a Teach-Me-Tiger sensei at the mojo dojo. He’s tried it all. Complacency & lack of visual and sensual stimulation is what took it away.
    And the hard liquor numbed it out…
    Yeah, smells like teen spirit to me, too.

  126. 126
    Timekeeper/ Kirstie Alley Says:

    Oh, boy! If I was George I wouldn’t be showing up in Washington DC on Wednes. If only I was a fly on the wall in one of the Bohemian Grove private cigar & whiskey bars. The jokes about George & Kiebler are just about as bad as Berlusconi’s Sardinian recycled hooker. LOL….LOL…
    His PR team should be shot in the knee caps.
    Whoever chose this strategy… GRIN…
    Killing Georgie slowly :-)))) But he had a taste for big blondes last year this time.. So, he got what he deserved. Once the novelty wears off, the numb-nuts have to pay her off and find the next hooker. To appease his ego and convince him he’s still “got” mojo.. That’s his biggest fear. Losing his appeal…LOL

    Piers Morgan still jokes about George’s reply from his interview straight after his last visit to Sudan.
    “What would you want more an Academy Award or peace in Sudan??”
    And George replied, ” An Oscar!”
    13 months later, the Buffoon made a spectacle of himself.
    Yes I advised him to do the Keibler fiasco. So did Stan the midget & co.
    And the village idiot thought he was guaranteed the AWARD.
    Mush, you huskies!!

  127. 127

    Okay Timekeeper/Kirstie it is time for the moment of truth. Why aren’t you guys telling all the TRUE details behind Ronni Chasen’s murder AND Stan’s link to it? Why aren’t you telling that it was a mob hit due to Ronni doing something EXTREMELY stupid? Since you idiots are so well versed in voodoo don’t you know Ronni’s spirit is still around seeking justice? That the man who was suddenly killed was just a stooge? A patsy? Stan , Ronni are all tied into the same mafia ties and that Stan was not only sad for his friend, but scared s*h*i*t*less for himself? Did you know Ronni IMMEDIATELY after death was all over the place seeking help with her murder? Why don’t you idiots elaborate on that will ya? Oh! Also that money going into Obama’s campaign is dirty money that is being funnelled from the wise guys? If you are going to f*u*c*k*i*n*g* impersonate me and call me Kirstie, GET IT RIGHT!!!!!

  128. 128

    Also that Stan can NEVER admit all of this to anyone? That these goons are also behind giving George these lame a*s*s* orders? That these fools are in so deep an air tank and snorkel CANNOT help their a*s*s*? That these goons are the one and same who threatened Anna’s life and family whom you a*s*s* wipes not good enough for toilet paper are now promoting as non existent? In fact one of them is a short, squatty dark haired fellow, short hawk/beak like nose, gold rim glasses, and drives one gorgeous Rolls Royce! He likes to cross his arms and look tough! Talk on that you dim wits.

  129. 129
    Gioconda Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Yeah, right! More ruses. More conspirasy crap courtesy of Clooney management fun & games.
    So King George, Kirstie & co laugh at the expense of other innocent people. Because on Just Jared, King George feels safe & democratic.
    In reality, he wants no trace of him playing & humiliating his prey.
    And obsessissve psycho Kirstie (who aspires to be more powerful than Oprah one day)’ can flood the boards & blogs with crap. Baiting anyone who reads here with a Ronni Chasen/ Stan conspiracy now.
    The status quo will remain as has been these last few years.
    More hookers in the usual mold (cheap & flawed) are being lined up for him whenever Kyborg’s expiration date is up.
    The “Anna” notion is another fabrication to play people.
    Kirstie Alley is Timekeeper, Prefertoremainanonymous on imdB, Cinderella & Davida Rochelle on….
    And George is mean-spirited and insincere. Why humiliate someone that never did anyone wrong?

  130. 130
    Gioconda Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: What’s your objective? Controlling & profiting from him, that’s for sure. Or are you in this together?
    It’s always about control. I don’t know why he accepts these fake publicity agreements. I know he’s not gay. Maybe occasionally bi/ experimental but most people are anyway.
    Humiliating someone who you consider naive might be just for entertainment.
    But spreading these far-fetched hysterical conspiracy theories of yours only reinforces ridicule. What a waste of precious time.
    I hope he does fall in love with some woman one day. You can’t control how his heart stirs, but you sure will try to sabotage him.
    But maybe he’ll feel a strong connection & true happiness. Strong enough to ignore your obssesive, negative influence.

  131. 131

    Lol! Good try Giaconda. At least you picked a name that rhymes with Anaconda. For you are a true snake. I am not fooled and no one else either. What I said is not conspiracy theories. The true conspiracy is why in the h*e*l*l* George keeps a*s*s*holes like you around. That is the true question. I have no fear of any of you clowns, but on the other hand YOU DO! It has been talked about for a long time what I just posted. What we want to know is what was the disagreement was about in the last few conversations Ronni had. One of them a man who looked like Stan, but we don’t think it was Stan having a disagreement/heated discussion with Ronni. It is thought that perhaps this man was trying to drill some sense into Ronni’s brain. Too bad she did not listen. She might still be alive today. Oh by the way, drop dead. Well at the rate you idiots are going that will happen soon enough. God bless you. You surely need it.

  132. 132

    Yeah Timekeeper/Kirstie his handlers deserve to be shot but the connection they have it can be guaranteed it will NOT be in the kneecaps. It is absolutely S*H*I*T*T*Y* the farce you idiots has set up! Set up the crap, and then hover like buzzards posting your manaical crap and posing like you are someone else posting. Give us a F*U*C*K*I*N*G* break! You all should burn and rot in h*e*ll! Stupid, just stupid! Have you idiots done enough damage? Sheesh!

  133. 133
    Rambling Rose Says:

    G, wot would I know?
    I’m just…. fluff.

  134. 134
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    ahahahaha someone is really off the meds again!

  135. 135
    Saxophoniste Says:

    @Ah…Bite Me!: yeah, you, Looney Bin. With your multiple sockpuppets.
    Elmer Fudd Rosenfield, the worst PR spokesman in Hollywood.
    Rendered insane from all the lies he’s been spinning for years.
    And the vultures who work for him.
    With his untamed shrew accomplice Kirstie Alley (George Clooney’s unofficial manager)… Sabotaging… destroying…
    Scared Charlie Sheen off.
    But here he is two nights ago having a good damn time:

  136. 136
    Saxophoniste Says:

    yeah, good to see Charlie broke free from the shackles of Rosenfield exploitation & ridicule.

  137. 137
    Rambling Rose Says:

    And George is confined to a hermitic existence, pretending to date a woman he doesn’t want.
    Because in reality he hasn’t found what he wants? And if he had, he scared her off. Back into her cocoon.
    Allowing others to delegate how his public image is projected. Making a spectacle and mockery of him. Fake George.
    Real George the recluse.
    Because it’s the price to pay for fame & fortune.
    The Borgs blindly hunting and idolatrizing an illusion projected upon them.
    But it’s a Catch-22. Mass hysteria popularity nets the lucrative contracts….
    Hence George the Businessman accepts to fake date.
    So… disturbing… the whole concept.

  138. 138
    Wolfgang Gunnerson Says:

    To any of you imbeciles who post on, could you correct the idiot who wrote that Grant Helsov is born in 1965.
    NO he’s born in 1963. 2 years age difference with George.
    And Lysa Heslov, Grant’s beloved wife, is 51 years old.
    I’ve been blacklisted from posting there by KatieButtPlug & It’s Me the Control Freak.

  139. 139
    Rambling Rose Says:

    George doesn’t need these fake publicity agreements for lucrative commercial contracts.
    He can’t be that intelligent if he believes what they tell him.
    He should be ashamed of himself.
    That’s why karma got him.
    I’ve lost respect for him.

    I’m sure the next one they have lined up for him is smaller and slimmer than Kyborg. The idea is that they hope he “warms” to her, unlike the last two who were quite plain to unattractive.
    That’s how they manage George. Like a puppet-on-a-string.
    Pathetic robotic premeditated existence.
    No initiative.
    No spontaneity.

  140. 140
    theresa Says:

    Wolfgang Gunnerson @ 03/13/2012 at 8:25 pm

    i’ve never head of this But I did look up this Grant Helsov. On IMDb they have him listed as Born: May 15, 1965 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. that could be why the people on the website have his date of birth wrong.

  141. 141
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    hey nutjob…do you actually keep a catalog of all your alters? It must be very confusing which person you are at any given time…with all those voices in your head, it must get really LOUD! ahahahahahaha

  142. 142
    Wolfgang Gunnerson Says:

    @theresa: well, they’re wrong. I changed it.
    But imdB is more anal retentive than KatieDot of Stan’s PR employee/ cyberspace gnome.
    So it will take some time.
    Grant turns 49 this year.

  143. 143
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    @Ah…Bite Me!: talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
    Stan Rosenfield the vertically challenged ******, mentally unstable Kirstie Alley & the pathetic robotic PR gnomes.
    A defunct outfit that juxtaposes Clooney’s image:
    Z -LISTERS. So Stan can perpetuate his PRETTY WOMAN downtrodden Hooker theme. Albeit, unlike Julia Robert’s Vivien character, theres who*res are UGLY insatiable bi*tches. Mainly Canalis & Stacy Kyborg.

  144. 144
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    * oh, shucks, RE*TARD is also banned on Just Jared.

  145. 145


    STAN, BABY, *** & toss my salad again, you naughty midget.
    I know you can do it standing up, like last time.
    YAY!!! My babe’s at the White House.
    I’ve been doing so many HELIUM BALLOON cleanses, that I won’t make a mess….

  146. 146

    OOOOPS… cu*m and toss my salad, STAN baby.
    Or are you over me already. You little devil
    Where will you ever get big muthertrucker legz like mine to wrap around you puny torso???
    Except maybe Hulk Hogan. But like, you’re straight aren’t you?
    I’ll do extras if you prolong my contract…
    George does exactly as Kirstie Alley orders anyhow….
    G’night Tweeples!!!
    Helium Balloon’s are da bomb!

  147. 147
    new strategy Says:

    the conscientious humanitarian:

    And all is balanced out.
    For now he’s a pillar of international relations.

  148. 148

    Wow! So much for distracting bs this week….huh guys? Lol!

    Did Federal Officials “Raid” The SAG P&H Plan Offices?

    BY NIKKI FINKE | Tuesday March 13, 2012 @ 8:09pm PDT

    Email This

    EXCLUSIVE: SAG sources tell me that federal government agencies “raided” the SAG Pension & Health Plan offices last Friday. Unmarked cars arrived around 5 PM, stayed for five hours and left with several dozen boxes. Insiders believe the feds were either FBI or Department of Justice. All, including the Department of Labor and the Securities and Exchange Commission, had been contacted regarding the alleged embezelment claims surrounding SAG’s P&H Plan and the Craig Simmons filings. It now looks like this entire matter is being investigated by federal officials. I’ve asked SAG for confirmation, but on matters of the P&H Plan the guild normally points out that it’s separate from the union. I’m out of town but will have more on this Wednesday.

    SAG Health & Pension Plan Fund Scandal: Hundreds Sign Petition For Impartial Probe
    Bad Health & Pension News For SAG Member
    Comments (4)
    Thank GOD I don’t have Pension & Health.
    oh… wait.
    Comment by TV Fan — Tuesday March 13, 2012 @ 8:37pm PDT  Reply to this post
    Anybody have any of this on film? Sounds like a good pilot.
    Comment by jade — Tuesday March 13, 2012 @ 8:43pm PDT  Reply to this post
    And so it begins.
    Comment by Matt Mulhern — Tuesday March 13, 2012 @ 9:02pm PDT  Reply to this post
    This is just the tip of the ice berg. No on merger.
    Comment by Tina — Tuesday March 13, 2012 @ 9:27pm PDT  Reply to this post

  149. 149
    theresa Says:

    @Wolfgang Gunnerson

    I finally got a chance to look at that website Wow, that Katiedot really thinks she’s God’s Gift to Creation doesn’t she? can’t say anything negative about the girl friend of the month. all her rules and regulations you’d think she was dealing with children. just wondering, what did you do that got you blacklisted by Her Holiness Katiedot: I understand if you don’t want to say.

  150. 150
    Wolfgang Gunnerson Says:

    @theresa: well, theresa/ katiedot/ & your other host of names. Since you’re part of team Clooney, you already know.
    So, I won’t act the mischievous character of Wolfgang right now (to spare myself of your patronizing tone) & I’ll spill it to you:
    I was constantly provoked by members of Team Clooney (namely the people behind the bulllshit publicity about him & Stacy Kyborg), who post on your phony forum.

    I made some honest comments, pointed the truth. Then fake usernames like DavidaRochelle continued to provoke & flood me through private messages. So I can act in a hostile manner perhaps. Who gives a shi*t anymore. It’s history.
    GEORGE IS STUCK WITH STACY KEIBLER for as long as the morons who control him can enforce it.
    And mad Kirstie Alley manages her public comments word for word concerning Clooney. ALL SO DERANGED & PREMEDITATED.
    Don’t know, maybe Clooney didn’t want to persevere with the DISASTER OF A PR STUNT Stan & Co forced upon him, in the first place. But he did. The hideous giraffe overpowering him on the red carpet. With the CHEESIEST GRIN in the business.
    He was reassured that it was a guaranteed Academy Award campaign.
    AND it proved to be a TOTAL FAIL.

  151. 151
    lou Says:

    Wolfgang Gunnerson aka Signage etc. etc. etc.

    tell me, how many names do you actually post under? it’s obvious why; it’s because you have this need to make it look like other posters agree with your more than demented theories. your sock puppets must be missing you.

  152. 152
    lou Says:

    Wolfgang Gunnerson aka Signage aka Timekeeper aka Ah..Bite Me aka theresa aka cowbulls etc. etc. etc.
    George does as he’s told.
    He signed up to this.
    Boy, we did a number on him by selecting the last two. Ugliest, cheapest, washed up ho-bags available.
    Keibler was the worst joke we could play on him. Straight after Canalis.
    Little by little, we’ll drive him around the bend.
    Gettin’ there.
    With photoshopped pictures of Stacy to even make her mammoth tree trunks look slimmer, George fell for it.!/StacyKeibler
    Any schmuck can tell half her thigh size is photoshopped off in these photos.
    We just had to make a spectacle of him.
    BECAUSE WE REALLY DO HATE HIM. NOT BECAUSE HE’S A GOYA SMARTASS. NO, just to profit off him and then destroy him.

  153. 153
    lou Says:

    Dippy doey eyes, squinty wrinkled balloon head Stacy the Giraffe.
    George is stuck with her now.
    We got the schmuck big time. We can’t stop laughing at his expense.

    “YAAYYYY Babe!!! You know it’s true love when your bf takes u on the red carpet dressed as the Golden Statue to make up for his loss & ridicule.”
    “YAAYYYY Babe!!! You know it’s true love when your bf lets you tower over him making him look like a puny putz”

  154. 154
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    @lou: unfortunately for you, lou/ Stan/ katiedot & co, all it takes is for one seed of doubt to be planted and people (who are clearly suspicious of your antics and FAKE PUBLICITY REGARDING GEORGE CLOONEY’S PERSONAL LIFE) will be dubious.
    You’re panicking because people are airing your dirty laundry.
    So many industry insiders know the truth about what is going on.
    The general public is dubious. George’s popularity will be effected by YOUR PATHETIC DESTRUCTIVE FAKE PR STRATEGY.
    No one has more FAKE sockpuppets than you:
    a myriad of them here, on imdB, on
    You lied and deceived him about securing an Academy Award with this fake campaign. You just wanted more profit. He wanted an Oscar.
    The truth hurts.

    Panic & stress, loser, because ultimately George will do what HE wants.

  155. 155

    YAAYYY!!! I was such an entrepererenaeur (whatchacallit , like, biz person kinda thing) when I was a kid, that my mom found a note where I tried to sell my tooth to the tooth fairy. Yep, soliciting at such a young age.
    And now I’m a bonafide rent-a-red-carpet-escort.
    Ok…ok… I’m no Megan Fox or Angelina Jolly but, like, hey, George is no Brad Pitt.
    I’m living life to the fullest while I fill my bank account.
    YAAAAYYYY!!! Go the Ravens!!!!
    YAAAAAYYYY, Babe!!! We’re going to Greese (sic?)
    Time to inhale more helium balloons….

  156. 156
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    @lou: if you’re going to select hookers to play the part of publicity girlfriends for George Clooney in the future (which I’m sure you will), make sure the next ones are sexy, petite and pretty, at least. Never mind the usual ditzy brain capacity. That’s fine… servers its purpose.
    But he can’t even climb Mt Vesuvius with this current Towering Inferno.

  157. 157
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    hey wacko…no matter who they pick, you can be SURE it won’t be you!

  158. 158
    Reality Bites Says:

    @Ah…Bite Me!: This isn’t about who they pick, Stan & losers. How presumptuous of you to think I’d want it to be me.
    Clooney is publically associated with unattractive, badly aged & processed, cheap women becaue of your corruption. Not of his own caliber. As you scum promote him.
    As if I’d lower my standards to want to be with a man who is seen with women SO vile looking, talentless, vacuuous & immoral. Total ridicule!
    You know damn well how many media & film industry insiders are aware od the public deception.
    Awwwwww…. Stressed because I’m exposing you?
    But you sure have sabotaged brand Clooney.
    Boy, some of you scum must really hate him.

  159. 159
    Davida Rochelle/ Kirstie Alley Says:

    He was forced to do the bogus KEIBLER relationship because he lost a bet last October.
    In fact, he lost it in May but he thought he’d still try to get out of it….

    yes, I do write all Stacy’s public comments regarding George.
    never could write an original screenplay, but this is pretty creative of me, don’t ya think????
    And all my conspiracies on imdB as Prefertoremeinanonymous!!!!

  160. 160
    no disclaimer Says:

    Oh & let’s not forget the other bogus usernames on like JOANNA, annemarie, etc… Who are part of Stacy’s PR..
    Lying & perpetuating the myth.
    It’s always about power.
    The only reason they’re biting back here is because truth was exposed.

  161. 161
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    Not ONLY am I NOT Team Clooney…I’m not even in the near vicinity! Try at least 2000 miles away doofus!

    YOU GOOF you think everyone is in on the “phony” conspiracy you dreamed up yourself….FREAK!

    And whom exactly are you exposing here on Just Jared, fool? hahahaha that’s the most deluded comment yet!

    Do you think the mainstream press will pick up on your mindless conspiracy theories? Sorry dipsh*t…you’re not that important and you don’t really have any “late breaking news” worthy of media exposure.

    LMAO The ONLY loser here is YOU! FACT!

  162. 162
    Reality Bites Says:

    @Ah…Bite Me!: you’re panicking and trying to cover up the truth.
    You use my name.
    The relationship is part of a washed-up strategy.
    It won’t hit the press unless George allows it. Unless George ends it.
    These are facts that I know directly from the source.
    So go to hell. You know too & trying to antagonize me.
    For all I know, you could be hideous c.u.n.t Stacy Godzilla posting but more than likely you’re a defunct PR moron.
    George Clooney is not even in love nor attracted to the ugly, wrinkly overgrown Stacy the FECES scrubber Keibler.

  163. 163
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    cheap hoooker, no-lipped, hair extensions, small wrinkly eyes…
    Never made it as a model.
    Just a cheap tacky wrestler who bends over with her Godzilla sized legs and rubs her excrement to relieve herself on wrestling ring ropes.
    Just look at her low-life clientele.
    And then they teamed her up with George Clooney for a profit making scam!!!!

  164. 164
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    GEORGE CLOONEY is backed by a corrupt syndicate who arrange fake publicity agreements.

    He is deceiving the public.
    The “relationship” with Stacy Keibler is a LIE.

    They make profit off her appearance fees and advertisements. 50% off her revenue.

    Trying to get as many commercial/ public engagements in, while her name is linked to Clooney.

    HIS PARENTS ARE TOO POLITE TO QUESTION HIM. They have faith in their son & turn a blind eye to “his public business affairs.”


    No, he’s not gay. THIS IS SIMPLY ABOUT MONEY.

    *I have not signed a confidentiality clause, so I can post this*

  165. 165
    we know all this Says:

    Stacy Keibler is an ugly escort reject who even Vince McMahon didn’t want. He said she was bigger than most men & with the lamest looking face.
    So now the corrupt dirty ugly hoooker is Clooney’s publicity escort. Though even Harvey Weinstein thought she’s an embarrassing joke.
    AMPAS members stated that he insulted their sensibilities polluting them with such an ugly wh*ore.

  166. 166

    Did she get kicked in the head???
    Gross looking:

  167. 167
    Sane Says:

    So sad – that all the vitriol on these posts stems from pure jealousy – while you are wasting your lives posting blatant lies, fabrications, need I go on! Stacy sits on GC’s couch in GC’s home cuddling up to him – win/win situation for both (the smiles on their faces says it all)

  168. 168
    Mariabella Says:

    She’s only popular right now because she’s dating George Clooney. As soon as he dumps her just like he always does, she’ll be a nobody again.

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