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Stacy Keibler: Audi Beverly Hills Opening!

Stacy Keibler: Audi Beverly Hills Opening!

Stacy Keibler hits the red carpet in Asos at the grand opening of Audi Beverly Hills on Thursday (March 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress and girlfriend of George Clooney was joined by the mayor of Beverly Hills, Barry Brucker.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Stacy Keibler

“Hi Everyone! Take time today to love yourself for how unique u are. There is no one else exactly like you :),” Stacy told her Twitter followers earlier in the week.

FYI: Stacy finished her look with Christian Louboutin heels and H. Stern earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Stacy Keibler opening Audi’s Beverly Hills dealership…

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168 Responses to “Stacy Keibler: Audi Beverly Hills Opening!”

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  1. 76

    Guys keep me out of this s*h*i*t*! I am on Team Anna!

  2. 77
    bugiardi Says:

    @The Truth: btw, no one “FORCED” Clooney to accept the Stacy Keibler publicity phony relationship agreement.
    He accepted it. A unanimous vote amongst team Clooney.
    No one twisted his arm.
    He thought it was in his best interests to win an award.. & for profit.
    “Anna” is a myth. And they’ll keep it that way.
    Timekeeper/ Kirstie claims its some mix-raced black woman she’s created. A ruse.
    Signage has her idea…
    New hookers are pre-planned for the next few years.
    George is just as guilty and disgusting in deceiving the public.
    But Mr Hollywood has to impress Washington DC at present. Everyone from his Bohemian Grove posse to the government officials.

  3. 78
    sono bugiardi Says:

    *“Anna” is a myth….
    Timekeeper/ Kirstie claims its some mixed-race black woman she’s created. A ruse.

    Bottom line, Clooney has Klobber and he’s not even happy.
    To a midget like bald ******* Stan Rosenfield, Stacy Klobber is a trophy.
    I mean, a weasel like him fantasized about Amazonian sized freaks of nature. Hard-faced and cheap.
    So, he pimps them off to the Buffoon.
    Clooney of course, samples the goods. In case, post-split one of these hookers divulges unfavorable information through the grapevine.
    “What’s he like in bed?”
    blah.. blah….
    A real lady never kisses and tells.
    No matter how famous her lovers.
    She’s supposed to protect their privacy. Not fame-ho off them.

  4. 79
    lou Says:

    to Truth

    i have to thank you! i just bet two of the lawyers in my office that you would go into a psychotic rant about Stan what’s his name almost immediately. i was right so now i’m 300 dollars richer. Since I don’t work for Stan, and never have, i’m not likely to know who you are for which i thank fate, the man upstairs and who ever else. you’re exposing the truth are you! this coming from the same poster who claimed that Stacy was responsible for putting a black widow spider in your laundry basket because she wore a black dress “that looked like a spider in the back”? by the way, how did that go over with the therapist you claim not to have.

    as for your claim that you haven’t lost any man the lawyers don’t believe you. these are men who spend their days in court rooms listening to angry wives, which you apparently sound like, who have lost their husbands to younger women. by the way, i do agree that George should date who he wants. notice the words “who he wants”. not who you want him to date.

  5. 80

    @lou: oh, go get a frontal lobotomy, SCUM CLOONEY PR!
    I AM NOT THE PERSON WHO WRITES about the spider and Opus Dei crap conspiracy insanity.
    You mentally unstable asswipes come up with ruses for sensationalism.
    Kirstie Alley’s Timekeeper & Silverscreen persona.
    Mentally deranged morons. You think you can deceive everyone with your verbal diarrhea. Exploiting George Clooney like a billboard poster-boy fantasy so desperate women who love the corporate look can dream about him.
    No one would buy the insanity.
    I’ve been monitoring you for some time. With Canalis, the story was that she had terrorist connections.
    And Clooney finds this amusing, does he?
    Entertains the smug PR gnomes who run his publicity.
    He’s always in touch with his feminine side.
    Poor Georgie. Online with the gnomes to cure his loneliness.

  6. 81
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    @lou: HEY, Mongrel Lou, since when do you work on a Sunday? Full staff, huh?
    Ultimate loser CLOONEY PR TEAM.
    SMUG Clooney.
    Boy, you should hear the jokes in Washington DC about him right now.
    Haters? Republicans?
    Nope… He’s the butt of bad jokes.
    As bad as his taste in the hookers STan Rosenfield selects for him.

  7. 82

    Oh here we go again. You clowns! So is this reverse psychology bulls*h*i*t* now? What’s the matter? Still licking the wounds from the a*s*s* whooping you idiots got courtesy of Anna. You racist slogs! Everything else is falling apart at the seams and you are p*i*s*s*ed off that the white trailer trash is not winning any fans. That is what is really the issue and you clowns are too stupid to realize many of us know that is your real issue. Spreading around crap and words like n*i*g*g*e*r* did not work, so you are trying a different tack. If it was up to you honorary KKK members every person of color in Hollywood would not exist. Keep talking and I am sure the rest of your dirty deeds will come to light. Ask Rosenfield about the imaginary Anna who he got his a*s*s* kicked by when he went and start spreading lies to people who were her friends. Idiots, just idiots. What’s next Obama is really Chinese?

  8. 83
    Can't Standya Says:

    The world doesn’t revolve around George Clooney.
    The ultimate loser.
    A waste of precious time.
    Agreed to scum publicity because he’s an insecure patronizing elitist.

  9. 84
    Can't Standya Says:

    Are you desperately trying to digress from the reality?
    Your version of Anna is a myth based on a character you created last year Clementina.
    “Anna” is just a figment of George’s elusive true love (who does NOT exist) and if ever he falls in love, the insatiable sharks that control him, will not allow her to be with him. At least, not openly.
    Your stories are lies.
    The Warner Bros intern psycho myth.
    You’re deliberately encouraged to write this garbage.

  10. 85
    signage Says:

    Anna warned George, but he wouldn’t listen. Thought he and his “team” had to know better than some silly little female such as Anna. Perhaps if she were ugly, George might have realized she was smarter than the idiots who surround him. No, he patted her on the head and told her to go crochet something and be quiet like a good little girl. Now she has a title suggestion for George’s future memoirs: “Bonfire of the Sanities”

  11. 86
    Can't Standya Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Hey, Kirstie, haven’t you got any other twenty year old Ukranian illegal immigrant toy-boys to entertain your lard ass? Service your needs?
    There is no BLACK ANNA. No Anna.
    I doubt that even soulmates exist.
    George has no love interest.
    Just the liquor cabinet for solace.
    He scares away any woman for whom his heart stirs.
    Settles for the lame-dog cheap whores scrubbed up in designer themes.
    Because he’s a CONTROL FREAK.

  12. 87
    lou Says:

    I AM NOT THE PERSON WHO WRITES about the spider and Opus Dei crap conspiracy insanity.
    keep saying that to yourself for all the good it would do. I know better and so do others. by the way, you’re starting to get delusions that you control this board again. won’t do you any good because i’m not going any where. now, please continue with your rants; we have a very hectic week ahead at the office so we all need some good laughs.

  13. 88
    Can't Standya Says:

    @signage: I haven’t worked out if you’re another TimeKeeper/ Kirsty Alley sockpuppet or the YouTube user JillAngie conspiracy theorist &/Or a CIA operative.
    You seem to be privy to a lot. But you manipulate all the time.
    My argument here is simply GEORGE CLOONEY IS A PHONY!!!

  14. 89
    Can't Standya Says:

    @lou: Hectic day, Elmer Fudd Rosenfield’s SCUM PUBLICITY.
    Covering up Robert DeNiro’s partying with cokehead hookers behind his wife’s back. Pregnant party hookers can be surrogate mothers, can’t they? Bought off?

    Busy week trying to appease Georgie Clooney’s loss at the OSCARS by highlighting his humanitarian work. Oh, that should pacify him.
    Win back respect. The desperate Oscars campaign soon forgotten.

    Busy week selecting the next hooker for Clooney. Candidates still in elimination process. Clooney hasn’t decided.
    Kyborg, he says, is worse than the waitress Sarah & the horse Canalis.
    He hated all three.

    Busy week still settling the Chalie Sheen mess….
    Whatever the f*uck you losers do, you’re corrupt deceptive morons.

  15. 90

    Can’t Standya you blonde bimbo b*it*c*h*! I know EXACTLY who you are! You obtain your info from inside of Clooney’s camp! In fact my colleagues told me about how your ex took his key back from you because you were snooping! Anna does exist, but your trashy a*s*s* had designs on George but was stopped in your tracks. You need to go off and do a global trek you two faced sneaky a*s*s* b*i*t*c*h*! George needs to fire some of his inner circle namely your EX!

  16. 91

    Another thing, I am not Kirstie Alley! You called Anna names and tried to s*cre*w with her head. Your ex does some kind of security or technical stuff for George. He told you all about Anna. You sneaky a*s*s* b*i*t*c*h! All of you including George needs a serious a*s*s* whooping!

  17. 92
    Can't Standya Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: ah-ha-ha!!! You’re too funny, Kirstie! Now you’re making me laugh.
    Never once saw you on any episode of M.A.S.H or whatever you were on in the 1970s. Hang on, Cheers or Welcome Back Kotter, but I think you’re insane anyway.
    You’re his buddy. I never had designs on him at all.
    You were in cahoots with him last year. Baiting me for your games.
    To impress the big shot!!

  18. 93
    Can't Standya Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: What was your name last year, Fatso? Lol..Oh Coolest?
    or Lola Pandora as Winky called you!
    Phony cow and your bald basterd weasel Stan Rosenfield advised him to accept Stacy Kyborg.. Now you’ve got another lined up.
    You’re a disgrace. But then his sorry asss probably asked for it.
    George accepts this hooker publicity agreements.
    Consumed by his contempt, avarice and insecurity.
    Good luck to the lot of you!

  19. 94

    Yeah keep laughing. You are real nervous and you should be. Unfortunately for your trashy a*s*s* I am not Kirstie. I am your worst nightmare. YOUR VERY WORSE NIGHTMARE…..

  20. 95

    No you stupid ho all you have to do is ask your ex who I really am. Then again by now you just might be in line for a a*s*s* kicking. I am using Anna’s equipment so they know EXACTLY where I am right now. You are the one that needs the luck. Winky as you say from what you blab had a thing for Lola Pandora or so you claimed. Yeah there has been long discussions about your sneaky two timing self. As for George selecting the next ho, he will go further down the toilet JUST LIKE YOU!!! It is no big secret about DeNiro. His wife probably gave him a beating within an inch of his life, and he will have to toe the line financially. Why? She could clean him out legally. No big secret. She knows where the skeketons are buried just like Anna. Keep digging, your hole for your grave has just got bigger. Ha ha yourself wench!

  21. 96
    lou Says:

    I AM NOT THE PERSON WHO WRITES about the spider and Opus Dei crap conspiracy insanity.
    oh, really! well, it took me some time to find it but post 19 at
    when you were posting under “not dead yet” ; here it is
    “Around the time of the Toronto film festival, someone on the JJ blog posted with the name “Silk Route” and posted the word “Widower” on the same day I found a black widow spider in my laundry basket. After that, I realized that the first black dress that Keibler wore in Toronto resembled black spider legs in the back, and the second hairdo worn in Toronto resembled a spider’s nest. I posted about this on the JJ blog and elsewhere. I will take any number of polygraphs regarding the black widow incident, and swear on a stack of Bibles, because it’s the truth” do you remember it now?

  22. 97
    Can't Standya Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: yeah, you are a nightmare alright, whack job. And so are the hookers you and Stan select for George.
    Go make another spectacle of yourself on Dancing With the Wannabes!

  23. 98
    Sono Bugiardi Says:

    @lou: Oh, you bothered to find and remember the rubbish you regurgitated on the threads last year, did you?
    NO ONE BELIEVES YOUR DERANGED CONSPIRACY CRAP ABOUT terrorism, Opus Dei, spiders, stalkers….
    You’re part of Clooney’s PR with specific instructions to play the insane tangent. This creates confusion, amusement, sensationalism to anyone who believes it. In fact, it’s so preposterous that no one believes it.
    I suppose that’s why you do this for a living. Lack of creativity.
    You’re all so pathetic
    Stan Rosenfield, Kirstie Alley & Clooney’s defective management/ PR corrupt scum team. Manipulating the public with LIES. Deceiving his followers. So much respect for them by feeding them false stories about his life. PIMPING CLOONEY FOR PROFIT.
    A huge cut of Stacy Kyborg’s appearance fees, advertising revenue, etc
    A nice formula you created for the contract. Lasts a few years post split too.
    Oh, you’re such geniuses.
    And Clooney accepts due to his insecurity. Preserve the status quo.
    His biggest fear is losing popularity.
    But it’s happening. His “emotional connections” are a mockery and a bore to many. Lonely, pathetic loser.
    Unless he severs ties from the scum who surround him.

  24. 99
    The Truth Says:

    Reinvention is what he needs.
    To break away from the loser team that manipulate him.
    They actually hate him so much that they’re objective is to make money off him, first and foremost.
    Secondly, ridicule him publicly and deprive him of any happiness in his personal life.
    They claim he’s unstable and an alcoholic.

  25. 100
    The Truth Says:

    Reinvention is what he needs.
    To break away from the loser team that manipulate him.
    They actually hate him so much that their objective is to make money off him, first and foremost.
    Secondly, ridicule him publicly and deprive him of any happiness in his personal life.
    They claim he’s unstable and an alcoholic.

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