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Stacy Keibler: Audi Beverly Hills Opening!

Stacy Keibler: Audi Beverly Hills Opening!

Stacy Keibler hits the red carpet in Asos at the grand opening of Audi Beverly Hills on Thursday (March 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress and girlfriend of George Clooney was joined by the mayor of Beverly Hills, Barry Brucker.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Stacy Keibler

“Hi Everyone! Take time today to love yourself for how unique u are. There is no one else exactly like you :),” Stacy told her Twitter followers earlier in the week.

FYI: Stacy finished her look with Christian Louboutin heels and H. Stern earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Stacy Keibler opening Audi’s Beverly Hills dealership…

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168 Responses to “Stacy Keibler: Audi Beverly Hills Opening!”

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  1. 126
    Timekeeper/ Kirstie Alley Says:

    Oh, boy! If I was George I wouldn’t be showing up in Washington DC on Wednes. If only I was a fly on the wall in one of the Bohemian Grove private cigar & whiskey bars. The jokes about George & Kiebler are just about as bad as Berlusconi’s Sardinian recycled hooker. LOL….LOL…
    His PR team should be shot in the knee caps.
    Whoever chose this strategy… GRIN…
    Killing Georgie slowly :-)))) But he had a taste for big blondes last year this time.. So, he got what he deserved. Once the novelty wears off, the numb-nuts have to pay her off and find the next hooker. To appease his ego and convince him he’s still “got” mojo.. That’s his biggest fear. Losing his appeal…LOL

    Piers Morgan still jokes about George’s reply from his interview straight after his last visit to Sudan.
    “What would you want more an Academy Award or peace in Sudan??”
    And George replied, ” An Oscar!”
    13 months later, the Buffoon made a spectacle of himself.
    Yes I advised him to do the Keibler fiasco. So did Stan the midget & co.
    And the village idiot thought he was guaranteed the AWARD.
    Mush, you huskies!!

  2. 127

    Okay Timekeeper/Kirstie it is time for the moment of truth. Why aren’t you guys telling all the TRUE details behind Ronni Chasen’s murder AND Stan’s link to it? Why aren’t you telling that it was a mob hit due to Ronni doing something EXTREMELY stupid? Since you idiots are so well versed in voodoo don’t you know Ronni’s spirit is still around seeking justice? That the man who was suddenly killed was just a stooge? A patsy? Stan , Ronni are all tied into the same mafia ties and that Stan was not only sad for his friend, but scared s*h*i*t*less for himself? Did you know Ronni IMMEDIATELY after death was all over the place seeking help with her murder? Why don’t you idiots elaborate on that will ya? Oh! Also that money going into Obama’s campaign is dirty money that is being funnelled from the wise guys? If you are going to f*u*c*k*i*n*g* impersonate me and call me Kirstie, GET IT RIGHT!!!!!

  3. 128

    Also that Stan can NEVER admit all of this to anyone? That these goons are also behind giving George these lame a*s*s* orders? That these fools are in so deep an air tank and snorkel CANNOT help their a*s*s*? That these goons are the one and same who threatened Anna’s life and family whom you a*s*s* wipes not good enough for toilet paper are now promoting as non existent? In fact one of them is a short, squatty dark haired fellow, short hawk/beak like nose, gold rim glasses, and drives one gorgeous Rolls Royce! He likes to cross his arms and look tough! Talk on that you dim wits.

  4. 129
    Gioconda Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Yeah, right! More ruses. More conspirasy crap courtesy of Clooney management fun & games.
    So King George, Kirstie & co laugh at the expense of other innocent people. Because on Just Jared, King George feels safe & democratic.
    In reality, he wants no trace of him playing & humiliating his prey.
    And obsessissve psycho Kirstie (who aspires to be more powerful than Oprah one day)’ can flood the boards & blogs with crap. Baiting anyone who reads here with a Ronni Chasen/ Stan conspiracy now.
    The status quo will remain as has been these last few years.
    More hookers in the usual mold (cheap & flawed) are being lined up for him whenever Kyborg’s expiration date is up.
    The “Anna” notion is another fabrication to play people.
    Kirstie Alley is Timekeeper, Prefertoremainanonymous on imdB, Cinderella & Davida Rochelle on….
    And George is mean-spirited and insincere. Why humiliate someone that never did anyone wrong?

  5. 130
    Gioconda Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: What’s your objective? Controlling & profiting from him, that’s for sure. Or are you in this together?
    It’s always about control. I don’t know why he accepts these fake publicity agreements. I know he’s not gay. Maybe occasionally bi/ experimental but most people are anyway.
    Humiliating someone who you consider naive might be just for entertainment.
    But spreading these far-fetched hysterical conspiracy theories of yours only reinforces ridicule. What a waste of precious time.
    I hope he does fall in love with some woman one day. You can’t control how his heart stirs, but you sure will try to sabotage him.
    But maybe he’ll feel a strong connection & true happiness. Strong enough to ignore your obssesive, negative influence.

  6. 131

    Lol! Good try Giaconda. At least you picked a name that rhymes with Anaconda. For you are a true snake. I am not fooled and no one else either. What I said is not conspiracy theories. The true conspiracy is why in the h*e*l*l* George keeps a*s*s*holes like you around. That is the true question. I have no fear of any of you clowns, but on the other hand YOU DO! It has been talked about for a long time what I just posted. What we want to know is what was the disagreement was about in the last few conversations Ronni had. One of them a man who looked like Stan, but we don’t think it was Stan having a disagreement/heated discussion with Ronni. It is thought that perhaps this man was trying to drill some sense into Ronni’s brain. Too bad she did not listen. She might still be alive today. Oh by the way, drop dead. Well at the rate you idiots are going that will happen soon enough. God bless you. You surely need it.

  7. 132

    Yeah Timekeeper/Kirstie his handlers deserve to be shot but the connection they have it can be guaranteed it will NOT be in the kneecaps. It is absolutely S*H*I*T*T*Y* the farce you idiots has set up! Set up the crap, and then hover like buzzards posting your manaical crap and posing like you are someone else posting. Give us a F*U*C*K*I*N*G* break! You all should burn and rot in h*e*ll! Stupid, just stupid! Have you idiots done enough damage? Sheesh!

  8. 133
    Rambling Rose Says:

    G, wot would I know?
    I’m just…. fluff.

  9. 134
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    ahahahaha someone is really off the meds again!

  10. 135
    Saxophoniste Says:

    @Ah…Bite Me!: yeah, you, Looney Bin. With your multiple sockpuppets.
    Elmer Fudd Rosenfield, the worst PR spokesman in Hollywood.
    Rendered insane from all the lies he’s been spinning for years.
    And the vultures who work for him.
    With his untamed shrew accomplice Kirstie Alley (George Clooney’s unofficial manager)… Sabotaging… destroying…
    Scared Charlie Sheen off.
    But here he is two nights ago having a good damn time:

  11. 136
    Saxophoniste Says:

    yeah, good to see Charlie broke free from the shackles of Rosenfield exploitation & ridicule.

  12. 137
    Rambling Rose Says:

    And George is confined to a hermitic existence, pretending to date a woman he doesn’t want.
    Because in reality he hasn’t found what he wants? And if he had, he scared her off. Back into her cocoon.
    Allowing others to delegate how his public image is projected. Making a spectacle and mockery of him. Fake George.
    Real George the recluse.
    Because it’s the price to pay for fame & fortune.
    The Borgs blindly hunting and idolatrizing an illusion projected upon them.
    But it’s a Catch-22. Mass hysteria popularity nets the lucrative contracts….
    Hence George the Businessman accepts to fake date.
    So… disturbing… the whole concept.

  13. 138
    Wolfgang Gunnerson Says:

    To any of you imbeciles who post on, could you correct the idiot who wrote that Grant Helsov is born in 1965.
    NO he’s born in 1963. 2 years age difference with George.
    And Lysa Heslov, Grant’s beloved wife, is 51 years old.
    I’ve been blacklisted from posting there by KatieButtPlug & It’s Me the Control Freak.

  14. 139
    Rambling Rose Says:

    George doesn’t need these fake publicity agreements for lucrative commercial contracts.
    He can’t be that intelligent if he believes what they tell him.
    He should be ashamed of himself.
    That’s why karma got him.
    I’ve lost respect for him.

    I’m sure the next one they have lined up for him is smaller and slimmer than Kyborg. The idea is that they hope he “warms” to her, unlike the last two who were quite plain to unattractive.
    That’s how they manage George. Like a puppet-on-a-string.
    Pathetic robotic premeditated existence.
    No initiative.
    No spontaneity.

  15. 140
    theresa Says:

    Wolfgang Gunnerson @ 03/13/2012 at 8:25 pm

    i’ve never head of this But I did look up this Grant Helsov. On IMDb they have him listed as Born: May 15, 1965 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. that could be why the people on the website have his date of birth wrong.

  16. 141
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    hey nutjob…do you actually keep a catalog of all your alters? It must be very confusing which person you are at any given time…with all those voices in your head, it must get really LOUD! ahahahahahaha

  17. 142
    Wolfgang Gunnerson Says:

    @theresa: well, they’re wrong. I changed it.
    But imdB is more anal retentive than KatieDot of Stan’s PR employee/ cyberspace gnome.
    So it will take some time.
    Grant turns 49 this year.

  18. 143
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    @Ah…Bite Me!: talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
    Stan Rosenfield the vertically challenged ******, mentally unstable Kirstie Alley & the pathetic robotic PR gnomes.
    A defunct outfit that juxtaposes Clooney’s image:
    Z -LISTERS. So Stan can perpetuate his PRETTY WOMAN downtrodden Hooker theme. Albeit, unlike Julia Robert’s Vivien character, theres who*res are UGLY insatiable bi*tches. Mainly Canalis & Stacy Kyborg.

  19. 144
    Ah...Bite Me!® Says:

    * oh, shucks, RE*TARD is also banned on Just Jared.

  20. 145


    STAN, BABY, *** & toss my salad again, you naughty midget.
    I know you can do it standing up, like last time.
    YAY!!! My babe’s at the White House.
    I’ve been doing so many HELIUM BALLOON cleanses, that I won’t make a mess….

  21. 146

    OOOOPS… cu*m and toss my salad, STAN baby.
    Or are you over me already. You little devil
    Where will you ever get big muthertrucker legz like mine to wrap around you puny torso???
    Except maybe Hulk Hogan. But like, you’re straight aren’t you?
    I’ll do extras if you prolong my contract…
    George does exactly as Kirstie Alley orders anyhow….
    G’night Tweeples!!!
    Helium Balloon’s are da bomb!

  22. 147
    new strategy Says:

    the conscientious humanitarian:

    And all is balanced out.
    For now he’s a pillar of international relations.

  23. 148

    Wow! So much for distracting bs this week….huh guys? Lol!

    Did Federal Officials “Raid” The SAG P&H Plan Offices?

    BY NIKKI FINKE | Tuesday March 13, 2012 @ 8:09pm PDT

    Email This

    EXCLUSIVE: SAG sources tell me that federal government agencies “raided” the SAG Pension & Health Plan offices last Friday. Unmarked cars arrived around 5 PM, stayed for five hours and left with several dozen boxes. Insiders believe the feds were either FBI or Department of Justice. All, including the Department of Labor and the Securities and Exchange Commission, had been contacted regarding the alleged embezelment claims surrounding SAG’s P&H Plan and the Craig Simmons filings. It now looks like this entire matter is being investigated by federal officials. I’ve asked SAG for confirmation, but on matters of the P&H Plan the guild normally points out that it’s separate from the union. I’m out of town but will have more on this Wednesday.

    SAG Health & Pension Plan Fund Scandal: Hundreds Sign Petition For Impartial Probe
    Bad Health & Pension News For SAG Member
    Comments (4)
    Thank GOD I don’t have Pension & Health.
    oh… wait.
    Comment by TV Fan — Tuesday March 13, 2012 @ 8:37pm PDT  Reply to this post
    Anybody have any of this on film? Sounds like a good pilot.
    Comment by jade — Tuesday March 13, 2012 @ 8:43pm PDT  Reply to this post
    And so it begins.
    Comment by Matt Mulhern — Tuesday March 13, 2012 @ 9:02pm PDT  Reply to this post
    This is just the tip of the ice berg. No on merger.
    Comment by Tina — Tuesday March 13, 2012 @ 9:27pm PDT  Reply to this post

  24. 149
    theresa Says:

    @Wolfgang Gunnerson

    I finally got a chance to look at that website Wow, that Katiedot really thinks she’s God’s Gift to Creation doesn’t she? can’t say anything negative about the girl friend of the month. all her rules and regulations you’d think she was dealing with children. just wondering, what did you do that got you blacklisted by Her Holiness Katiedot: I understand if you don’t want to say.

  25. 150
    Wolfgang Gunnerson Says:

    @theresa: well, theresa/ katiedot/ & your other host of names. Since you’re part of team Clooney, you already know.
    So, I won’t act the mischievous character of Wolfgang right now (to spare myself of your patronizing tone) & I’ll spill it to you:
    I was constantly provoked by members of Team Clooney (namely the people behind the bulllshit publicity about him & Stacy Kyborg), who post on your phony forum.

    I made some honest comments, pointed the truth. Then fake usernames like DavidaRochelle continued to provoke & flood me through private messages. So I can act in a hostile manner perhaps. Who gives a shi*t anymore. It’s history.
    GEORGE IS STUCK WITH STACY KEIBLER for as long as the morons who control him can enforce it.
    And mad Kirstie Alley manages her public comments word for word concerning Clooney. ALL SO DERANGED & PREMEDITATED.
    Don’t know, maybe Clooney didn’t want to persevere with the DISASTER OF A PR STUNT Stan & Co forced upon him, in the first place. But he did. The hideous giraffe overpowering him on the red carpet. With the CHEESIEST GRIN in the business.
    He was reassured that it was a guaranteed Academy Award campaign.
    AND it proved to be a TOTAL FAIL.

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