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Brad Pitt: Morning After 'Make it Right' Gala

Brad Pitt: Morning After 'Make it Right' Gala

Brad Pitt steps out on a sunny Sunday (March 11) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The evening before, the 48-year-old actor held a charity event for his organization Make it Right.

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The charity supports the rebuilding of homes in the 9th Ward that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Ellen DeGeneres co-hosted the benefit with Brad!

Brad‘s partner, Angelina Jolie, and the couple’s children are in New Orleans, too – earlier in the day, they were spotted out on a walk together!

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  • Koala

    Love his hair.

  • Jill

    raspberry lip balm lips;))

  • выше

    i dnt get the jumpsuit brad…but he smtms look young

  • Not

    Back to the monkey suit I see…

  • amy

    You can tell there’s trouble with the Hollywood Couple, Angie with the pathetic leg/sexy/desperate attempt for attention…and EVERYONE was laughing at her. Brad is smoking the wakey tobbacie again. Watch …..he’s there for the kids. This time next year you’ll be hearing they’ve seperated. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  • bdj

    Papa Pitt is mighty fine. Mama Angie is simply gorgeous. Great couple making a difference in the world. Poor hen stuck on stupid. Go support McNeedy and McGreedy. That fake romance definitely has an expiration date. Congrats to BP and MIR for a successful evening. It is all good.

  • daral



  • bdj

    The stars aligned in New Orleans for Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation on Saturday night. The Hollywood megastar, along with Ellen DeGeneres, hosted “A Night to Make It Right” benefit gala to raise money for the completion of 150 eco-friendly homes in the hurricane-ravaged 9th Ward. Kanye West, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Sheryl Crow, and Seal were among the artists who lent their voices to the cause at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans.

    A blonde Rihanna stormed the stage in a shimmering gown with her smash “We Found Love.” Fresh from Paris, Yeezy made a grand entrance to “Gold Digger,” accompanied by Jamie Foxx, and brought back RiRi for “Run This Town.”

    Watch some footage from the star-studded fundraiser below.

  • Lara

    He looks relaxed and happy after a very successful night for MIR and NOLA. Well done to all involved!

  • Lmao

    @amy: there for the kids? The kids don’t even like him. Lmao

    Looks like his pr team is paying for the paparazzi airbrush treatment again, haha.

  • bdj

    Brad Pitt works for New Orleans

    om Darden, who is executive director of the Make It Right Foundation, said Pitt made the goal of rebuilding according to standards of sustainable construction clear from the beginning, but equally important was finding ways to reduce construction costs.

    “Brad said ‘We’re going to build the best house we possibly can build and figure out how to make it affordable,”’ Darden said.

    It was a tall order, but through several years of studying sustainable building techniques and amassing a team of contractors who are familiar with the methods, the foundation is gradually bringing its costs down, Darden said.

    At a current average price of $130 per square foot, which Darden said includes permitting, design and engineering, Make It Right homes have become price competitive with traditional construction, he said.

    Darden emphasized that while Make It Right was formed to help low-income residents remain in the neighborhood where generations of their families have lived, the initiative is not about handouts.

    Applicants for the Make It Right homes must pass an approvals process that requires showing proof of income and the ability to make payments on a mortgage, along with insurance and maintenance costs.

    Another goal is to apply the techniques learned in New Orleans to other areas in need, Darden said, noting that Make It Right has recently begun new projects in Newark, New Jersey and Kansas City, Missouri.

    “Brad is our visionary,” he said. “I think for him it’s largely a social justice issue and he wants to help as many people as he can,” Darden said.

  • Lurker

    The kids are cute, Love Z’s hair and Viv is a cutie. To be honest, Pax seems to be a handful. As for Brad, I don’t get the jumpsuit.

  • JPS

    JPS has pictures of the whole Jolie Pitt family arriving at the airport and leaving NOLA

  • Saffron

    Both he & Angie look fantastic for not getting any sleep the night before. I always look like crap the next day no matter what I do….lol.

  • bdj

    Yep the whole family is together leaving New Orleans after a successful visit and fund raising. Meanwhile, the Hen whines about nothing aided by a rabid paid hen moderator. Too funny.

  • Repost

    FYI @ 03/11/2012 at 12:51 pm
    Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.
    “They’ve raised millions over the past 7 years yet have been in the process of building the same 150 homes for years which most can’t qualify to purchase anyway. “Make it Right” is nothing more than a tax shelter/money laundering scheme.”
    “BTW, the area lost over 5300 homes……Make It Right raises MILLIONS but only pledged 150 home and in 7 years has only completed 40+ of them. Why are they having another fundraiser, what happened to all the money already raised?”
    Comments from radaronline

  • awww

    Both Brad and Angie look great after a long night event.

  • daral


    what agency?

  • bdj

    Hmm if you are going to repost nonsense, then get your facts straight. Quoting fugly first nutjobs does not count.

  • bdj
  • Oh why…

    Oh why is he so stinking handsome? sigh.

  • Um Amy…

    @amy: Amy, go take your meds. quickly.

  • fyi
    Actor Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie pack up their stuff and their children to head to the airport in New Orleans, Louisiana to head to their next destination on March 11, 2012 in a hurry.

  • well

    Brad was in NOLA since Wednesday, I guess they are going back to LA.

  • Aniston flops

    Thanks Lara, but no airport pic there

  • from JJB
  • Lara

    I do not post as fyi, only as Lara.

  • JPS

    @Aniston flops:
    Check out the second picture posted by bdj. It was them at the airport.

  • jj only has a few pics

    Brad, Angie and the kids flew back to LA this afternoon from NOLA. They were papped driving to the airport in 2 SUVs, Brad drove the smaller white one with Angie riding shotgun and a BG drove what looks like a Lincoln Navigator SUV to Louis Armstrong Airport in NOLA where they boarded a private plane.

    They are probably at least 1/2 of the way to LA right now of like a 4 hour flight…..

    Pitiful to see some losers, less intelligent than plaster trolls, still posting negative crap here. This loving totally supportive family is for real, in for the long haul, and very happy and grateful to have each other.

    GIVE IT UP FOOLS!!!! 8 calendar years of stupidity is a sign of mortal mental illness.

  • Aniston flops

    Thanks bdj and JPS for the pictures and thanks bdj for the links.

  • Aniston flops

    @Lara: sorry

  • uh oh

    Lol, they’re still laughing ant aniston flop movie,lol

  • cute

    I think mama Angie was buying snacks and things for kids on the plane this morning. Bravo to Brad and Make it Right for doing wonderful jobs for rebuilding NOLA.


    Melissa S. ‏ @Mixed_Lissa

    Looks like everybody that went to the Brad Pitt event last night had a good ass time cause they all have hangovers

  • Love the JoliePitts

    I would think Brad, Angelina and all the children have been in NO probably since late Tuesday evening.
    The kids and Brad were seen on Wednesday. (Maddox, Zahara and Shi walking the dog and Brad on his motorcycle). Twins and Pax were probably at home with Angelina. Angelina was then seen arriving in NYC from NO on Thursday early afternoon along with Pax.
    Angelina and Pax left NYC for NO on Friday probably late afternoon and Brad and Angelina were seen on Saturday headed out to the MIR Gala.
    Today, Sunday, the entire family is seen leaving NO on an airplane.


    William H. Holla ‏ @Carlos_Marcello

    Damm Rihanna and Kanye West was in the city last night Brad Pitt brought the stars out

  • Lucy

    I really don’t like the jumpsuit, but Brad still looks hot. He can poll off anything.

  • annon

    Production Design for Brad Pitt’s ” A Night To Make It Right”
    By RE:BE Design


    Odd, a poster named brosbit on jjb put up the JJ pics of ange and the kids in Nola, and summer11, quick as u please, locked it. All of a sudden JJ pics can’t be posted over there or something? Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Sure summer1- aka Huvane employee.

  • Wow

    Amazing stage design.

  • It`s Erin not Summer11

    It`s Erin. She hates JP fans

  • anustin

    lol cliniqua.summer needed the dough!!! put up who.reniston pix,be it nekkid showing her labz with the boyz and it’ll stay der forever.

  • success

    Ron Howard tweeted this in response to a query about bringing his family along on movie shoots:
    “When your kids were smaller and you worked far did you take your whole family for long shoots?” Yes — Ron Howard (@RealRonHoward)

  • anustin

    lmao… that JJB shi.t gets a hella lot of dough from the JPs now erin brokobi.tch hates it. talk about waste of brain.

  • anustin

    bahahaha….b/c that brokobi.tch is a Maniston fan.she said to my P.M b4 she banned my gorgeous azz….”jen is lovely in person”.hikhikhikhik.

  • anustin

    its easy for me to say Maniston is lovely or beautiful if its true.but don’t cry out loud(melissa manchester)lol.stevie wonder said…nah ah.

  • bdj

    Here’s the Video

    When awarded the position of Production Designer by MIR & Brad Pitt for his “A Night to Make it Right” fundraising gala, Beese immediately went back to mindset of architecture, creating a signature overall production design for the event hosted by both Brad Pitt and Ellen DeGeneres. There was a need for two stages to accommodate such performers as Sheryl Crow & Rihanna for the Gala and Kanye West, Seal & Snoop for the after party. The idea: create a design that would speak to the architectural language that Make It Right is about.


    @It`s Erin not Summer11:
    No surprise thanks for the 411


    Jermaine Reed ‏ @JermaineReed

    Thanks to Brad Pitt and Ellen DeGeneres for hosting “A Night to Make It Right” with special guests Drew Brees, Randy Jackson, Aziz Ansari…


    Wow, no kidding weng? No surprise x2. Bet Huvaniston wines and dines the people they bribe.ugh.