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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Back In LA!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Back In LA!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux make a landing at a private airport on Sunday (March 11) in Los Angeles.

The couple flew in with a few pals, who they chatted with outside the plane on the runway!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Justin Theroux

Later in the day, Justin hit up the John Varvatos Stuart House Benefit held at John Varvatos Los Angeles. Justin even met up with John at the benefit! The event helped the Stuart House, which is a “program serving the special needs of sexually abused children.”

The day before, Justin and Jen checked out of their New York City hotel together after spending several days in the Big Apple.

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jennifer aniston justin theroux la landing john varvatos 01
jennifer aniston justin theroux la landing john varvatos 02
jennifer aniston justin theroux la landing john varvatos 03
jennifer aniston justin theroux la landing john varvatos 04
jennifer aniston justin theroux la landing john varvatos 05
jennifer aniston justin theroux la landing john varvatos 06
jennifer aniston justin theroux la landing john varvatos 07

Photos: Getty, FameFlynet
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  • Dan

    Anniston is a loser.

  • amanda


  • me

    They both look great, and love the smailes on their faces, it’s great to see Jen so happy and relaxed and in love, she so deserve it.

  • G

    let the Angelina and Jennifer Hate Sesh begin loool .. entertainment.

  • Truth Squad

    The biggest losers are the people who keep clicking on Aniston articles even thought they claim to hate her and find her boring etc. So much hate in your hearts. Maybe it’s time you get a life of your own and stop obsessing over hers. Just a thought since I know you’ll be here again when the next Aniston article appears. And the one after that. And the one after that and so on.

  • who cares?

    B & D lister arriving..whoohoo..get a parade out.

    is Huvane paying that much?

  • guest

    OMG–this is such a ugly couple. Her face is hideous…what a mug.

  • Julia

    I really hope those two stay together. I love Jen, and I really hope she finds happiness again.

  • Michele


  • WHO CARES!!!!


  • carrie

    he became famous since he dates her:clever fame move!

  • TOOL

    His little gun necklace makes me giggle. Really.

  • teri

    I simply can’t stand this woman, blah.

  • Self-absorbed Lot

    This pair is so self absorbed. It’s always about housing, dinner dates, exercising, vacation, pet, or their romance. Can’t they ever do something interesting that involves the rest of the world and not just to benefit themselves. This woman’s love of self has become oldand nauseating. JJ, these post have become trite. Enough of the self- absorption already!!!

  • latas

    i see they aren’t going down the fake tan route anymore, not after they realised everyone was laughing at justin

  • nikki

    @<a href="/2012/03/11/jennifer-aniston-justin-theroux-back-in-la/co

    They're not bothering you! Who cares?:

  • cs

    How fitting he attends a benefit for sexually abused kids but hangs out with one of the biggest child perverts in Terry Richardson.

  • Murley and me

    Just saw Maniston in OK ( an article about her fake walk on fame LOL) next to her BFF Chelsea…. Looking fat and bloated, always thought CH is as rough and as I ugly as you can get, wait until you see Chinny next to CH, poor sob… Maniston winning the ugliness and the roughness hands down!!!!!!
    Just to show you, what money CAN’T buy!!!

  • SemorePhillips

    There is nothing finer than a wet hot teenager.

  • tyra

    love them!

  • MJ

    @cs: And add to that Ticky is a friend of Joe Francis who owns GIRLS GONE WILD who uses under age GIRLS and Ticky used to help distributing GIRLS GONE WILD videos and remember, Ticky is a friend of the pervert Woody Allen. These two are not in sync in their actions. Maybe they just follow the order from Huvane. See, look at the pictures right after they landed, Huvane is telling Sqiggy to attend this charity cause he got the money already. Poor Squiggy, no choice, he has to follow Huvane’s order. Poor guy.


    they look so lovely

  • fairplay


    WTH are you talking about the pictures are BLURRY. you can barely make out who is who.

    Leave BP and AJ out of it. Why didn’t the fans here go to see her movie??

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    I want to see justin break dance again his Wittle legs in the air was hilarious!
    WonderBomb is #14, that Stench is the smell of JA Rotten Movie Career

  • carolynlee

    Fairplay her fans did see her movie. That why it did as well as it did . They saw it over and over and over and over !!

  • loser jen

    Maniston looks hideous without make-up. lol she is no longer carrying smartwater, she has been dropped as their endorser. she also said she didnt care whether she had fiji water or smart during one of her interviews. lol!

  • shallow

    these two must really be shallow people, i believe they always have dumb conversation about pop culture, nothing substantial at all.

    they deserved each other! both HASBEENS!

  • lying aniston

    they are back in LA? so what happened to what jen said that she wants to travel and this time for real? soon she will start filming for her new flop again. this woman just lies all the time!!

  • d-lister justin

    the guy is simply a nobody in HW, look at how he posed for this kind of event mainly for D-listers.

  • yep

    Awesome! It always wonderful to see people give!


    Maniston and her paid gigolo.


    Maniston and her paid gigolo. Look at Justin grin in the first picture, he is enjoying his new life…the good life, all expenses paid by the old bimbo.
    Get it Justin. As Mayer said, he only dates the stupid ones…


    So sick of these two trolls. I wish she would move to another country. I would never pay to go see a movie with J.A. in it. All her movies are the same. BAD!

  • oy

    She’s back in LA? Did Mexico run out of pot and Coppertone?

  • DD

    Wow so much hate on this planet for 2 people you don’t even know!! Get a life you dumb haters!!! Idiots! Jen does not give damn what you haters say about her she has millions of dollars in the bank! Unlike the haters who are lurking behind the computer screens!

  • Belle22

    @carolynlee: #25 Am trying to work out if your post is meant to be serious or a joke???You do know that it opened at #6 at $6mill and is now out of the top 10 having only taken ww 13mill. These results after her and Justine did a masssive publicity tour and her vile friend Handler tried to give away tickets to this mess!! LMAO either way

    BTW==Hate those ginormous scarves she has always worn to try to deflect away from her huge chin–It does’nt work


    How embarrassing. Why is Maniston always stalking Brad with her creepy little rent a dates. Oh, look, brad has a massive foundation event and star studded fundraiser in NOLA, and maniston’s middle aged balding Shrimpy poseur is ordered to some storefront charity where he smirks for the cameras. Utterly pathetic. That’s the creepy thing, these weird poseur types seem more enamored of brangelina than they are Maniston. Mayer was the same way…he stalks brad and Angie to their Oscar ceremony, he makes some weird video imitating Benjamin button. It’s just plain creepy the way her or flack attaches this mediocrity and her hangers on to brads coattails. The two flops, decide to make an appearance and hit up a fundraiser…yah, what a coinky. So obvious.

  • AJ

    @Jen MANASTEALIN: you seem to have a lot of problems with jen…shut the f*** up!your anjelina b**ch ice queen is sooo perfect right..just like you???get a life pal which does not include hounding jen!!

  • JL

    @Belle22: Belle, thousands of women use the same ‘scarves’ because it’s looks elegant.
    They don’t know about your GINORMOUS problem with Aniston’s chin.

  • olivia and popeye

    Looking super duper happy:)

  • olivia and popeye

    @carolynlee: Well I guess Angie doesn’t have enough fans to go to her movies, even over and over cause her last three were flops;)

  • cs

    You’re right forgot about Ticky’s Joe francis and Woody Allen connections.

  • http://yahoo Guest

    She discourages the coactor of a movie always. Nobody wants to appear in the same movie as her.

  • what the f

    Goodlord, take a bath please. Jenho and her paid for boyfriend look like the stank to the max. Two of the uglies people on the planet.

  • JL

    @what the f: after you

  • Streisand and Herman Munster

    Who cares if Barbara Streisand and Herman Munster are in La? Seriously is there no news out there?

  • personoffaithpersonofscience

    carolynlee @ 03/11/2012 at 10:39 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +8

    Fairplay her fans did see her movie…….
    All four of em

  • devil’s advocate

    Did they show Wanderlust on board during the flight???

  • Nothing But Love

    Love this couple, wish all the best life has to offer.


    @JL: and YOU ARE AFTER WHAT THE F…..and you will say im next..nah……