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LeAnn Rimes: Under The Weather at LAX

LeAnn Rimes: Under The Weather at LAX

LeAnn Rimes keeps a low profile as she lands at LAX Airport on Saturday (March 10) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old singer has been feeling under the weather lately – she tweeted, “Happy Saturday everyone. Headed home to rest. The flu is no joke. I can’t remember the last time I had it. Thx for the luv.”

LeAnn also tweeted about John Mayer‘s hiatus announcement. “What he has is serious and as a singer devastating and hard to deal with. It’s your gift & when your gift isn’t there it’s heartbreaking,” she said.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes landing at LAX Airport…

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leann rimes lands la 01
leann rimes lands la 02
leann rimes lands la 03
leann rimes lands la 04
leann rimes lands la 05
leann rimes lands la 06
leann rimes lands la 07
leann rimes lands la 08
leann rimes lands la 09
leann rimes lands la 10
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  • Lia

    She acts as if she is dying with her constant tweeting about every move she makes.
    Another thing, I think she has had mouth surgery and also something done to her cheeks or that area.
    She has been looking a lot different lately, maybe that’s why she is covering herself.
    Normally she LOVES the attention she gets from everything and she calls them herself.
    Also that staged photoshoot with Brandi and Eddie was really funny.
    On other pages you could see that Brandi was talking to Eddie and her son walked from Eddie to Brandi.
    LeAnn wasn’t looking at them she must be so jealous.
    Now starting a clean act as if she is such an angel. No-one buys that dear

  • ha ha

    she’s so ugly how can her husband not vomit, they both must be on drugs

  • Courtney

    Oh please— she’s still well enough to apply some shiny loss to her itty bitty lips.

  • pikatchu

    oh em gee she can’t help preaching in EVERY SINGLE tweet can she
    “I just pooped. Everybody don’t forget to poop because it’s good for you people. Have you told your poop you love them today ? you should be thankful for your poop every day. Don’t be haters, stop hating the poop, everybody makes mistakes, let’s move on to a new happy poopin. And also don’t forget to praise the Lord for allowing us to poop for only He can judge our poop, *insert random self-help quote* Amen”
    SHUT THE EFF UP!!!!!

  • jasper

    who is she and why is she famous, and WHY is she being posted about ALL THE TIME? she’s not even that ridiculous or hot.. infact she’s a little bit repulsive

  • http://aol Patti

    How selfish to expose everyone on the plane to your illness. WTF.

  • tucker


  • I don’t believe any of it

    SERIOUSLY DOUBT she was with the flu, since she coincidentally CAN get thru her sequence of shows when EC is with her, but can’t, and ends up cancelling, when she has to leave him at home by himself. I mean, c’mon, it’s gotten so common, it’s predictable. And wasn’t she out ’til 2am the night before at Karaoke?

    Her fans are just not the brightest, at all. Methinks she was hungover and thought it a great excuse to get home and keep tabs on EC. I mean, does this sound believable?

    I’m so sick with the flu and dehydrated. So sick I had to go to the hospital.
    Doc says I’ll be fine tomorrow. So I’m going to tweet every 2 seconds then this whole day while I’m waiting to fly out and screwed over all the fans. Blessings!
    Look! It’s the next day and I’m recovered! Time to go do stuff!

    Good lord. How gullible do you have to be to believe that? Can’t believe people keep booking her. Maybe XFactor would still be watchable if she gets a hosting job….it’s not like she’ll ever be there. She’ll be out with the “Flu.” LOL.


    Fake ASS lying sack of shit. LeAnn is insecure and paranoid and CRAZY. She couldn’t reach Ed so she freaked out and flew home. Ed was spending his weekend (overnight) with two beautiful women, racing.

    Bitch is psycho. Can’t wait till Ed dumps this freak right after he clears of enough cash. AND HE WILL.


    @tucker: Ed won’t impregnant this loser. Guaranteed.

  • Sally

    Eat once in awhile and you you wouldn’t be sick all the time.

  • Teresa

    Her hands look so SWOLLEN! Lips look same no injections! ODD!

  • Juan Everett

    I think there very talented singers. i love leeann rimes the best though,

  • huh?

    @Teresa: you can see her injections in her “heart monitor” twitter pic. that’s why she’s starting to get the “joker” smile.

  • Helen

    It’s funny how she acts like she is beautiful


    And what do you feel about wives whose husbands are no longer there because homewreckers grabbed those men for themselves?


    Lele only cares about keeping Ed and hurting Brandi and Ed’s image of Brandi. Brandi kicked Ed to the curb. He never wanted to leave his family, although he cheated on them.

    Lele doesn’t care about Ed’s kids either. She would probably prefer they weren’t in the picture but because they are, she presents a bogus bonus step-mom. Man I hate this bitch.

    This lunatic. I just can’t with her anymore.

    Her ridiculous fans, a few of which tweet 9, 10 hrs constant about/to Lele are just as freaking insane as Lele.


  • Tamra


  • dobbi


  • OhioGirl

    I am SO SICK of celebrities lying about stuff that were GONNA FIND OUT DUH!!! I heard that she is going to be on the next Real Housewives which would suit her right down to the everlovin ground because we all know that REALITY TV means LYING.

  • Jana

    She probably did feel sick from insecurity. Eddie was away, surrounded by attractive woman. As self absorbed as her Twitter comments show her to be, even she must realize that he will stray. Funny how she always cancels shows when he isn’t there. I guess, “the show must go on” doesn’t apply to her. Wasn’t she tweeting the night before that she was drinking and singing karaoke with her band? Sounds more like she was hung over than sick with the flu like she claims. I guess compulsive liar can be added to her ever increasing list of personality flaws.

  • Camille

    Her lips look same! LOSERS on Twitter wasted a weekend for nada! HAHAHAHA

  • Jane

    She acting like a cry-baby because she wants attention…PERIOD.

  • Mariabella

    Funny how she always cancels shows when he isn’t there. I guess, “the show must go on” doesn’t apply to her. Wasn’t she tweeting the night before that she was drinking and singing karaoke with her band? Sounds more like she was hung over than sick with the flu like she claims.