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Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire: Mobli 2.0 Launch

Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire: Mobli 2.0 Launch

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire smile for the camera at the launch of Mobli 2.0 on Saturday night (March 10) in Austin, Texas.

The costars in the upcoming film The Great Gatsby both posted to the social media platform from the event last night! You can check out Leo‘s Mobli page here and Tobey‘s here.

Mobli is “a brand new site where users can share moments and see the world through other people’s eyes.”

Other Mobli 2.0 launch party attendees included Erin Heatherton, Jared Leto, Kevin Connolly, and Lukas Haas.

Just Jared on Facebook
leo tobey mobli 01
leo tobey mobli 02
leo tobey mobli 03
leo tobey mobli 04
leo tobey mobli 05

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    they all look high

  • carrie

    take off your cap Leo!

  • Jessica

    Love Leo!

  • One love

    I prefer Tobey McGUIRE <3

  • Duh

    DICaprio looks like he is due for a bath.

  • Party

    Ohh!!!! What? No Erin pic???
    I mean she was at the party too… or maybe she’s not THAT important or relevant..LOL

  • Dieter

    JARED !!!!! You have pictures with Erin’s and Leo ????? They look so cure together !!!!

  • MadisonPierce

    I wonder if Erin Heatherton has given up her life, friends, family and identify to become Leo DiCaprio’s lapdog.
    I don’t recall any of his previous girlfriends acting like that in the past. He was able to see his friends without a girlfriend sticking to him like that. Incredible. She’s probably the possessive type or is lacking confidence as she needs to follow him everywhere. How long he’ll be able to tolerate that.
    I think Tobey is aging in a sexy way.

  • Dieter

    I just heard that ERINS is pregnant !!!! How beautiful would be that !!!!

    Erin = Cutest VS Angel ever !!!!

  • @Dieter

    A smoker like her can not have cute kids.

  • Anon


  • Dieter

    ERIN is no smoker. All models, like it or not, smoke occasionally to suppress the hunger – Erin’s smokes like 4 to 5 cigarettes a week which is actually healthy as it helps to clean your lungs. You must have a strong character not to get addicted, but Erin is very disciplined, she is also not an addictive person !!!!

  • carol

    Jaaared looking good

  • sunny day

    team Jared :)

  • @6Party


    Erin.: “I can take pictures with Leo’s friends and put them on Twitter! Thank you Mr. Leo, thank you!”

  • Yass sir

    Let’s go Raiders!

  • CokeEyes

    Kevin is their hook up. He’ll knock down your bathroom door if he needs to get his coke on.

  • @

    @Dieter, Just stop. Your embarrassing yourself.

  • Dieter

    I have revisited these pictures – they look indeed high. If any of these idiots offer my favourite Angel Erin drugs, I am gonna kill them !!!

  • @6Party

    As long as she’s not posting pictures of herself with Leo, she’s safe in keeping her priviledges as his GF. She knows the rules.

  • Pull Your Hat Up, Dbag

    You look like a fool

  • Fassdong

    Awww cuties!
    Love the pose Leo does in the 4th pic!

  • Message

    @CokeEyes: A lot of people think that’s part of the reason Leo wears the baseball caps all the time. He pulls them so low to hide his eyes. Don’t know if there is any truth to that, but these pictures make a strong case. He looks banged up or something… JMO.

  • Dieter

    I have no problem with these guys doing drugs if that does not include Erin at any circumstances !!!!

  • dating

    they are dating, so they will have to spend spme time together, don’t be surprised ifthey are in same room

    everyone knows this isn’t serious but dang, they will hang out time to time

  • WhatReallyMatters

    It doesn’t matter where Erin is or how many pictures she posts. It only matters that Lukas is always there.

  • @26

    Lukas is more of a real girlfriend than any girl has ever been to Leo. HE IS ALWAYS THERE IS RIGHT.

  • who cares…

    … about the little fact that Lukas is also an investor in mobli? That`s irrelevant so of course we will believe people claiming Leo and Lukas are an item without any proof.

  • Maria

    why does he not take off his hat and show his beautiful blue eyes.

  • @28

    @who cares…: you’re an idiot. The fact is he’s always there whether its this Mobli thing or the beach or Europe or his house, vacation upon vacation guess who’s lurking in the background?! He is always always there, not just this function tonight. Not saying Leo is gay and if he is who cares, its possible he is though.

  • and

    @who cares…: …..what about the other 2313243429320930954000000 times he’s lurking in the background???? staying at his house???doesnt matter if he is or isnt, no one knows for sure…

  • kate

    Leo is tired he flew in from New Orleans he is working on Quentin Tarantinos new movie Django long day on set. They only stayed for a few hours.

  • Ka

    Thanks Jared. Finally we have a new post. They both looked tired.Kate maybe you’re right. That’s why he had to hide his eyes.

  • oy

    Maguire’s hair looks like a sandcrab is sitting on his head. Are those patch elbows on DiCaprio’s shirt? Now every Raiders fan in Oakland will want him to return the hat.

  • Ka

    Oh, just check out Leo’s mobli page and he uploaded a pic showing his eyes.

  • @30

    Take it easy, m*ron. If you can’t take it that not everyone agrees with your stupid observation and what you insinuate then you shouldn’t post.

  • xXx

    Another article about the party,..not flattering..

  • Too bad for Erin
  • @38

    Another example of saying what needs to be said in interviews. He doesn`t like pretentious and opportunistic women? Really? Blake Lively screamed pretentious and basically all of them are opportunistic. Give me a break!

  • Too bad for Erin

    @@38 : I know, you’re right, he also said he wants a wife like his mother, so he can’t say he loves them pretentious, opportunistic and superficial,
    Saying that he loves dumb blondes, it’s not good for his image, but everybody knows that’s the truth.

  • stale stuff

    Those interviews are old.
    The Sun newspaper is just collecting Leo quotes of 10+ years to turn into an ‘exclusive interview’.

  • @41

    I don`t think it matters whether it`s new or old. I also had the feeling I have heard that stuff before. But I don`t think it`s going to change the fact that he doesn`t live up to his words. Even if he said it years ago clearly he didn`t mean it, right? Because he acts totally differently. Same applies to interviews he gave months ago while promoting Hoover.

  • Sandi

    Tobys hair! lmao

  • Stupid gay puppy

    @Too bad for Erin:

    He sounds pretty stupid (as always) – it is obvious that a “type” of woman that he described in his pretentious words doesnt like immodest trashy morons like leo – that is why he is and WILL BE FOREVER (lol) with his equals like Erin.Pretty funny that he still can’t make this easy conclusion

  • Mr. Fond de Teint

    I am glad that I can make even a pig face looking good.

  • @44

    Oh, he did make that conclusion. But he is a movie star who has to sell his movies and he has to put out an image while doing interviews. So clearly he can’t say that he is after shallow and pretentious women and he is into looks not brains, can he. What I think he hasn’t realized yet is that people are not dumb and it’s noticed that he says one thing but he acts differently. He is a phony and he s full of himself meanwhile he is trying to convince the world that he s a down to earth and normal guy.

  • @kate+8


    They were not filming this weekend. He was tired from partying. He acted like that because he’s a spoiled baby. Not cool Leo, not cool.

  • Too bad for Leo

    The interview is not new. His pr puts out old interviews and fake gossip to make him look good. He’s pretentious, shallow, and vindictive.

  • pants


    tobey losing his hair but least he has ballz not to hide behind hat. leo try hard to be hip. is not working son.

  • 50


    You need to become informed. I can’t believe what you just wrote.