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Orlando Bloom: Frequent Flyer!

Orlando Bloom: Frequent Flyer!

Orlando Bloom strolls through LAX Airport on Saturday night (March 10) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor chatted away with an airline worker who escorted him out of the terminal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Orlando has been quite the frequent flyer recently! He flew out from LAX the evening before, and was also spotted walking through Heathrow Airport in London a few days prior!

Be sure to pick up a copy of Orlando‘s film The Three Musketeers, which will be released on DVD and Blu-ray this Tuesday!

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  • well well

    Hello gorgeous!

  • wow

    Wonder where he is off to?

  • lola_uk

    Man, he looks rough! he looks at least 10 years older here, must be all those sleepless nights thanks to his new baby.

    [ps. to the idiots who i just KNOW will give me thumbs down for stating the truth: FCUK YOU!]

  • @3

    Wow, aren’t you the sweetest little thing.
    Vulgarity in the face of differing opinion? And you wonder why we laugh at you hypocritical haters?
    But you’re right. he does look ten years older. Ten years older than when he filmed LOTR 12 years ago.

  • zoe

    He looks old and ugly as always.

  • YAY!

    Love that gorgeous man!

  • Eve

    He looks better than the other day. Getting enough sleep really helps :)

  • sara

    He’s such a handsome man.
    I wonder if he is going back to NZ?

  • Sandy

    He looks really handsome. He is probably heading to London to start filming the movie cities. The movie Zulu also sounds intriguing. Am excited for the good doctor and the hobbit.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Wow orlando looks good here he dont look 35 i dont think he looks older than that. They will never say he looks good because they hate him but i dont care what they think.

  • @9

    Cities has been pushed back until October or November. *pouts*
    Not sure if he is done filming The Hobbit.
    Zulu sounds like a great role for him. He was very believable as a cop in Main Street, right down to the tiniest mannerism. I’m sure that he will do a great job.
    I haven’t heard whether or not The Laureate is still on, or when that starts filming.
    He looks gorgeous, BTW.

  • Me

    @zoe/whoever is behind those multiple nicknames disorder:
    He looks fine. If anyone can look like him after so much of travelling then we would have a world full of beautiful people.

    From the other hand, you look desperate.

    I wonder how much times these 1-2 girls that bash him on every bit of the related news have on their hands? Have you no one to love? I do believe that there are not many to love you. And I certainly can see why.

    Usually I don’t post comments here but I always read the news about Orlando Bloom. He is an amazing actor and I like this guy a lot. But every time I check on the news about him this couple of haters (or is it just 1, considering the same manner of writing) demonstrate their personal problems and the lack of the good upbringing to the world. Why can’t you just honestly ask for help? You DO need it but you won’t get it by hiding behind the nicknames (no matter how many you create) and bashing the guy who has nothing to do with your own inability to be a better person. Try dealing with you problems without using the people who have nothing to do with it and instead of crying for attention in such pathetic manner. Unless you like looking ridiculous, of course.

  • to the poor lonely fangirl

    @Me: No matter how hard you try to defend your lovely Orly (under different names of course), he won’t give a d*mn about you. And it’s not going to change the fact that you and Mr. Bloom are both losers.

  • http://Justjared ?

    Orlando has got more than 1 fan. Why does orlando get to you so much what has he done to you? So what if girls like him.

  • @13

    So we’re back to that? That no matter what we do, Orlando won’t care about us? *waves at the delphite*
    Well dear, we know that Orlando will never know us as individuals, and that he has awareness of us only as a group. But it’s you haters who sound like jilted girlfriends, not us. Bitter, hateful, sociopathic, jilted girlfriends.
    Why else would you keep stalking him across the internet just to attack him? Sounds personal to me.
    And Orlando is a loser? Wow, there must have been a new definition put out while I wasn’t listening.
    He is a rich, successful, handsome man, loved by fans and peers alike. He is married to a gorgeous woman who is successful in her own right, and mother to his incredibly beautiful, healthy son. And this is the definition of a loser??
    Maybe you were just trying to be ironic?

  • Me

    @to the poor lonely fangirl/zoe/etc.:

    I guess I’ve touched the nerve. Especially with your nicks issue, no? LOL. Your last one is quite amusing, I have to say. :)

    Sorry to disappoint but I haven’t talked to you before and to be honest, I don’t feel like you deserve my time at all. Still, lets give you a little bit more attention since you are craving it so much. When one is so desperately crying for help it would be too cruel to ignore it. But, please, do read attentively this time:

    1. You didn’t like what I wrote about you. However, your behavior looks exactly like I said. If you don’t like looking ridiculous, just…don’t. How? See my previous comment.

    2. Unsurprisingly you’ve missed the point: I didn’t try to defend Orlando. You would be more than depressed if I did. I was trying to bring your attention to YOUR behavior. I consider your behavior as weak and selfish. I do see that you have problems but you will live all your life sinking in deep hate to the man who did you no wrong and who did a lot of good to many others. Ironically, that’s the case when it doesn’t have to be Mr. Bloom to be the subject of your feelings. Be honest for once and ask yourself why you’ve chosen him. The answer wouldn’t be so hard to find.

    3. Your sentence about “losers” was really hilarious. Thank you! :)
    So, “he won’t give a d*mn” about me? – I understand that is 1 of your problems. Not mine. Not his.

    I’d like to hope that one day you will get over your jealousy, self-pity and selfishness and will do something good with your life. Stop blaming others for your unhappiness. Only then you can show that you are more interesting than you continue to display in your comments to all news related to Mr. Bloom and his family. Show that you have something to offer. So far you’ve failed on this department too. Give it a try to be better. Bye now.

  • wow

    Isn’t it incredible to see that his face is not bloated again?! Shocking news!

  • nah

    @wow: True, but you can still see his double chin, which is rather obvious.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Oh come on he has not got a double chin i think you have had your say now no need to keep coming back to orlandos post if you dont like him we get it. Now go to someone you like so you can stop saying the same thing we know how you feel about orlando. And you know how we feel about orlando and you just have to get use to it. That we fans of orlando love hes work and him so now you can go and feel happy that you have had your say.

  • ha

    Poor haters.
    Their lives will always be lonely and sad. Seeing others successful and happy drives them (literally) crazy. That’s why they hate with such passion.
    Poor, poor haters.

  • sammi

    We really should feel pity for the haters.
    Can you imagine how sad their lives are? I mean their entire exhistance revolves around people that they hate. It must be awful to live in such darkness.
    Poor things.

  • Sandy

    I can’t believe how the haters keep insulting Orlando? What has he done to them? Nothing. If they do not like Orlando, why do they keep coming to his thread? They should just stay away then. There are plenty of fans that admire and respect Orlando due to his work and that he puts his family first. The haters just sound like they are jealous and bitter of the fact that he is successful, rich, married to a beautiful model and has a cute son. If they do not like Orlando, don’t go to his thread. Orlando still has lots of fans and I like his movies and think he’s an excellent actor.

  • Just Curious

    Do Orlando’s fans feel somehow disappointed when seeing most of your comments get more thumbs down than your so-called “minority” haters’. Sorry I’m a bit confused here, is Orlando liked by the majority or minority of people? To be frank, he certainly doesn’t look very well loved judging by all these comments above.
    Anyway, I think he looks cute here. (I may get thumbs down by saying so.)

  • @23

    If you think that the few people who post on this site represtent the sum of his fans, you are sorely mistaken.
    But what is true is that while most of his fans who visit this site, do so once or twice, then leave. One or two will stick around to counter the haters, but that’s it. His fans enjoy seeing his pictures, and reading news, but unlike the haters, we don’t obsess over him every minute of the day.
    The only reason that the fans posts get thumbed down so often is that the girls on the hater sites come here en masse…..all ten-fifteen of them. LOL!

  • @23

    Actually most Orlando fans don’t bother coming to this site. Anonymity brings out the worst in people, and the haters are bad enough as it is. And when given the chance to become viscious sockpuppets, they become unbearable for most.
    There are a copule of us, though, who enjoy the engagement. We love to see the haters scramble when their lies are questioned. We don’t plan on letting them say whatever they want without being challenged.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    I think we get thumbeds down so much is that they do it over and over again. And it can take only 2 haters to do that so it dont mean anything to me.

  • Me

    @Just Curious/etc.:
    I see you’ve got one more nick, yay! :) Oh, my. That’s just more than ridiculous, that’s hilarious, thank you! You actually spent so much effort to come back to this page to press the button to “rate” my posts? Flattering, indeed, LOL. To be fair, it wasn’t hard to see you through.

    Let me answer your question since you are so anxious to see the response (enjoy 1 more point highlighted for you: Mr. Bloom’s fans are usually magnanimous people.). So, you ask: “Do Orlando’s fans feel somehow disappointed when seeing most of your comments get more thumbs down than your so-called “minority” haters?”

    The answer is: “No, Orlando’s fans are quite amused that some unhappy female is spending so much time and efforts to refresh the page and press several times the “thumbs down” button to “mark” the posts that she didn’t like and that she is so afraid of.

    In fact, Orlando’s fans are entertained by the desperate attempts of some girl to get attention to her own persona no matter how ridiculous the said girl looks with her “comments” and rather reduced math skills.

    And, of course, Orlando’s fans are highly impressed and happy to see that Orlando’s stalkers here (all 1,5 of them) are keeping themselves busy with pressing the “thumbs down” button with such a useful skill.”

    Hope this answers your question. Now, there is time for you to start pressing buttons again, yay! :) Go on, live a little! :) Show all you have to offer, LOL.

  • LOL

    @Me: A frog in a well.

  • zoe

    @Me: Yeah go on with your long long dull story. Why do you feel needed to write so long? Does that make you feel more clever yourself since your poor brain is usually too lazy to work. You know what, if you are so carefree about those thumbs down, you could just ignore them and shut your big mouth up. Get it?

  • HA!

    LOL! And now with that writing style and insulting demeanor, you have just PROVED TO EVERYONE that you are using sockpuppets!
    Did you forget to change your name befor posting in that manner??
    *points and laughs*

  • Me

    Tsk, tsk. Such ambivalence. First you want attention. Now you are not happy when you are getting it. Decide what you want, missy.

    So, you consider several sentences as a “long story.” Sure, it’s harder to read than to press the button with a picture on it or to post the same ignorant bashing comments. And that’s not my story, missy. That’s yours. If you consider it dull how can we help it? You’ve chosen this path. Why complain now?

    To answer your question: the length of my response mostly depends on the ammount of amusement that you manage to deliver when you feel “needed” to leave the ignorant comments here. Never underestimate the power of inspiration. ;) :)

  • @31

    Zoe-socks is pretty ridiculous, isn’t she!
    Too darned funny!

  • Mariabella

    He is probably heading to London to start filming the movie cities. The movie Zulu also sounds intriguing. Am excited for the good doctor and the hobbit.