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Jude Law & Ruth Wilson: New Couple Alert?

Jude Law & Ruth Wilson: New Couple Alert?

Jude Law and Ruth Wilson walk down Abbot Kinney Boulevard on Sunday (March 11) in Venice, Calif.

The 39-year-old English actor is reportedly dating Ruth, who he co-starred with in the London production of Anna Christie last year.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jude Law

A source told the Daily Mail that Jude and Ruth, 30, were spotted kissing at London’s Groucho Club earlier this month and “seemed [to be] an item.”

During the play’s initial run, Ruth praised Jude, saying, “He instantly disarms you because he’s so generous and open.”

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  • dolorescraeg

    glad to see jude dating again. they were both brilliant in anna christie…..

  • Olivia and Walter

    Nice jacket ;)

    Ecclesiastes 3:11

    New International Version (NIV)
    11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet[a] no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

  • Celeste

    Ruth was great on my fave BBC TV show Luther (as Alice).

  • nope

    would not want to date that cheater

  • friscosangel

    What the hell is he wearing??????? Ever heard of a thing called shirt??????

  • sheryl

    Jude, I love you. Don’t love the shorts. But I love you.
    *blows kisses at Jude*

  • sheryl

    I don’t think they’re dating, but I could be very wrong. I do think they are good friends, though, I think they hit it off when they did Anna Christie. I’ve seen Ruth in Luther, and she’s awesome. I wish I could have seen them in Anna Christie.

  • Boston

    I’m sure he’s fine with that.

  • cellphonedriverssuck

    she def ain’t with him for his looks that’s obvious , someone get him a wig or shave that brillo pad of the top his head, creepy all the way around

  • TwiHard

    Jude is a sexy-azz mofo.

  • Rudeposterssuck

    @cellphonedriverssuck: Jude is very handsome and sexy. You, sir or madame, are just rude and not nice.

  • JudeLawGuardian

    SO nice to see him with a down-to-earth, lovely woman finally. :D Ruth seems sweet and very normal, as opposed to having the makeup and clothing of a common streetwalker. Enough with the loser skanks/whores/golddigger, i.e. Whorenna Miller, Psycho Sadie Frost, etc. (And PLEASE shut the hell up about “Waaaaaaaaah! POOR SIENNA! HE CHEATED ON HER!” Yeah. AFTER she cheated on him and f’d everything that moved. Good for Jude.) Jude’s a wonderful, giving and conscientious humanitarian who deserves someone who is caring, not an attention whore or slut like the ex wife & ex girlfriend. He was never treated right by either of the two slags that the tabloids made such a ruckus over, yet for some reason, caught all the garbage for them. I hope this is a relationship that will be good for both of these people—it’s about time Jude has someone worthy of him. Anyone who disagrees with that can go take a flying f*** at the moon and drop dead. Way to go, Jude! ♥

  • YesTheyDo

    @Rudeposterssuck: He certainly is wonderful! And everyone else with the PlSSY comments on here are just idiots who’ve got no life beyond reading & believing every piece of excrement from the tabloids.

  • Stacie

    LOVE LOVE Ruth . She’s crazy good on Luther . :D

  • AmazingBeautifulJude

    @JudeLawGuardian: AGREE 1000%!!! FINALLY someone who gets it RIGHT! Fuque Sluttienna & the ex-hag who was bangin’ Kate Moss…LOSERS! I’m sure Jude is grateful to have a decent woman in his life for a change. :) People on here who don’t get that are nothing but chicken shite losers anyway. :

  • be

    her face is…err .. interesting. Neither of them are going to win any beauty contests.

  • judegirl

    Judesie, ya big silly, the hellz u iz wearing, my boy??? Back off to tumblr to look at your sexy-asssss in a tux – gotta get this taste outa my mouth. Baaahaaaahaaaahaaaa
    <3 <3 <3

  • May

    Jude Law is one of the most annoying douche celebs – can’t stand him. Not a good actor anyway!

  • http://veryverysexy!! sharyllee

    Beautiful couple!! <333333 Jude!!

  • One love

    He sure ain’t wasting any time!!

  • Ze

    Hahah jude law is the only dude can pull this oufit and still look cool :)))

  • fatazz

    he needs to buy a wig b/c that hairdo is just not working, looks creepy teacher like !

  • elle

    sweet couple :)
    thanks Jared ;)

  • youyou

    jude the pure hotness and great actor

  • jlw

    If they are a couple, I wish them all the luck in the world. They are both incredible actors, and as a bonus….very attractive.

  • LOL

    She seems nice, but there’s something bad boy about Jude that says..I will do something like ruin a good thing by cheating with some random fan, even though I have a nice woman who likes me.

  • dolorescraeg

    jude had to shave his head for his role in anna karenia starring opposite keira knightly and aaron johnson. hence the short hair. it will be full grown in a couple of months…..he looks sexy either way…..

  • lua j

    funny but i would never have imagined jude dating a girl like ruth, i mean she’s the opposite of all the other women he ever dated (sienna, cameron, lilly cole, even he’s ex wife sadie are all the same type : girly girls who are all high maintenance). and the same goes for ruth, i couldn’t have imagined her with a guy who’s a fashionista and who spends more money monthly on beauty products than she does during all her life.
    well if they’re happy.. :)

  • shambolic

    Judsie, don’t forget to say hi to Robert while you’re there!

    @lua j:
    Back that up a minute, you know how much he and she spend on “beauty products”? Do share the info, I always love to hear from people who say they know crap. But watch out cause if you’re just pulling my leg, just know that I don’t put up with that douchey crap. You better deliver, dipsquat.

  • BuckeyeBadger

    Hmmm. Hard to tell from this. It is, of course, possible for two adults to be seen shopping on a sidewalk and not actually be in a relationship. She doesn’t seem his type (historically) but that could be a good thing for a change. Also, his fashion choices typically go a little wonky when he’s with someone and he is dressed a little oddly here…. All in all, the jury is still out (but if they are an item, I say good for them. She seems a decent person and I hope they have fun together as friends or Friends with Benefits.

  • lua j

    @shambolic :
    it wasn’t my intention to be mean to jude or something, I like him actually. and my assumption on his spending habits came from here :
    and some other sites where he claims liking “la mer” products (which are quite pricey), google jude law and beauty products and you’ll see yourself.
    and it wasn’t a critic or something, i was just pointing out how high maintenance he is (that’s why he looks good after all). about ruth, i’ve never read anything about her “beauty habits”, but from different candid pics i’ve seen, you can tell she doesn’t seem to care much about appearances.
    i don’t know if i sounded rude or offensive or whatever, if so i apologize it wasn’t my intention at all but no need to be disrespectful in return.
    anyway, it’s just my opinion! yours is different and that’s all right! i can agree to disagree.

  • shambolic

    @lua j:
    Behold, it’s quoting the National Enquirer the beacon of absolute unadulterated truth. snort snort. I’m insulted you bothered to offer that inky dinky junk as proof of Jude’s buying habits. If he bought 3,000 dollars in product can you know how long it lasts him. Ruthie should be proud to know she looks unwashed in her pictures. snort snort snort.
    Opinion, schmopinion, herpty derp. There’s mine sucka.

  • Kim

    He is yummy and gorgeous. Her not so much. She reminds me of Rachel Dratch. To eaxch his own I just hope he is happy.

  • pretty.nice.

    Hey there Handsome!

    I support the Peace cause too!

  • FYI

    FYI: I doubt they are together together

  • lua j

    @shambolic :
    lol seriously? i don’t even get the point of what you’re saying. you call me stupid on several occasions when i’ve never been disrespectful to anybody only to say what? he’s low-maintenance? who cares?
    you seem to take to heart very unimportant things, especially stuff that weren’t even critics.
    and of course i was going to quote gossip stuff, do you think bbc or cnn would talk about that? if it will make you feel better i read all about his love for ‘crème de la mer’ and ‘ren’ in Elle.
    all i was doing is observing from far far away and expressing MY opinion (and i’m oh so sorry it sounded soooo ridiculous to dear you).. and all YOU did was insulting me, because you have no proof to say i’m wrong either (and no need to take every word seriously you know, saying he’s spending more monthly than her along all her life was a metaphor…)
    i just don’t get what we’re arguing about, it’s all semantics, we could twist words all day.
    let’s just wish jude and ruth a very happy future together, that what this post is about after all.

  • FYI

    i don’t wish them a romantic future together. I don’t want them to be married or anything like that. Plus I don’t see it happening. I think this is a lot of wishful thinking on everyone else’s part and its really disturbing actually.

  • mason

    I don’t really see them as a couple, she looks like his weird little sister here.
    But that hoodie oh god my eyes!

  • Irresistable Girl

    This aging beauty I can’t believe that she still want to continue her reputation at the age of 39 years as the biggest slut going in tinsel-town and Jude decided to go back to his cheating ways again to stoop to her level since cheated on his ex-girlfriend Sienna and after Sienna dumped him second time round after their reunion gone two years ago. I tell you folks the reason why these two slutty people (Cameron and Jude) hooking up like this in secret behind there lovers (aka P.Diddy and Ruth Walsh) back because they know they are losing their looks to age and they want to see if they still got it in them to pull anybody that they fancy from the opposite sex even if it’s not serious. God Cameron and Jude talking about stooping so low for attention as soon as you see that your looks are fading to age why you don’t you both do yourself a favor and just don’t waste precious time just be together permanently at least you won’t be breaking other people hearts and lives in the process. You probably both know that you suit each other in looks, personality and you desperately don’t want to be alone or get left on the shelf while you are getting older. So why don’t you both just make a go of it while the attraction or the fiz between you is still going before it runs out. Cameron let me tell you something honey, you might be famous and have plenty of money in your bank account than me, but I would not in million years want to trade places with your sad and glamorous lifestyle even though you can still pick and refuse any guy you want and which you have bump and grind so many of them already. Do you want to know why I wouldn’t want to trade places with you, you have reached 39 years old and you are a very rich spinster and you have slept with so many men and most of them are bachelors and don’t have any baggage like Jude and the sad thing about it not one of them has put a wedding ring on your finger or even have breed (or impregnate) you yet and you think that it’s normal to you in your mentality if a man sleeps with you but don’t eventually marry you and give you any biological children and is that how you want to live your life like that as a sex toy when you and man want’s sexual pleasure you both come out to play. Cameron is that is how you want to live your life like this till you can’t give any man that you fancy no more pleasure because you going through the menopause by then and men realize your pananee (meaning a woman intimate sexual organ) is not pleasurable no more to the men that catches your eye for sex. Let me tell you something Cameron get a life a real life and settle down with a real down to earth man that truly loves you for who you really are and really cares about you and that wants marriage and biological children with you as his wife, because look at yourself Cameron you are not getting any younger no matter what beauty treatments you are using to try and keep yourself looking younger to defy your age because it isn’t working. Your biological clock soon expire and you have to ask yourself Cameron what are you really living for and this sad, lonely glamorous lifestyle moving from one guy to another because you can see you’re not short of male admirers and out all those men you have dated and slept with no marriage and no children to show for it and your saying that you’re not the settling down type and not maternal either and do your think it’s healthy for a biological women at your age not far from the big 4 zero to be saying those things and living your life that is so sad so empty and all you got to show in your life is your fame, your successful career that brought you your glamorous lifestyle of the rich and famous and what rounds it up is your slutty reputation as your only companion. That’s all I’ve got to say to you Cameron that is sad your real sad. I’m not disrespecting you or anything; I’m just keeping it real. I’m not going to slag off or disrespect Jude for hooking up with you because your both two timers between the both of you and put it quite frankly Jude can go out who he pleases because he hasn’t clue how to appreciate or hold unto a good women even if he hits him far or near or if that good women comes in disguise as God angel from heaven. Because Jude don’t really have any class or good taste in women really to be hooking up with somebody like you Cameron who don’t really have much substance in you based on the sort of life style your living and another thing Jude well he’s always be willing to get off with any women if he’s desperate for someone to share his life with when he’s lonely and it shows in his face and actions. There always a Jamaican word that is very true saying for people who don’t have any class in picking right person to settle down with as a suitable partner from the opposite sex, they saying goes like this you pick and pick till you pick up shit. I finish good luck to the both of you and just hook up permanently if you really mean that much to each other because life is too short to waste that’s all I got to say….

  • Irresistable Girl

    I am not trying to be rude or anything or being critical, the reason why I voted they don’t really make a good couple. They don’t really suit each other as a couple they kinda look odd together because she’s pretty plain and average looking comparing to some of the attractive ladies I’ve seen Jude been dating over the years. I guess when you get to Jude age-group you look more for personality than looks, because you know when you reach a certain age-group your looks won’t last forever and that is probably what make Jude and Ruth get attracted to each other maybe because they understand each other and enjoy each other company at the moment while it last because nothing’s a guarantee. Anyway good luck to them both in there new relationship and I hope that Jude behaves himself while he’s hooked up with Ruth.

  • resident expert

    irresistable girl or IG:

    why don’t you go crawl back under that rock you crawled out from under

  • to IG

    what a stupid woman you are
    you actually believe what you read.

  • to IG

    go take your spanish ass and stick it where the moon don ‘t shine.

  • to IG

    see how easily you can lose brain cells just reading ig’s posts.

  • to IG

    ig claims to not being rude….but but but


  • to IG


  • to IG


  • to IG


  •!/CurvyLady038 Irresistable Girl

  • shambolic

    @lua j:
    ‘scuuuuuuuuse me, can you not read? Show me the word stupid in any of my posts. I’ve got MY MY MY MY OPINION, too, and I said it. Deal with it.