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LeAnn Rimes Helps Make A Girl's Wish Come True

LeAnn Rimes Helps Make A Girl's Wish Come True

LeAnn Rimes enjoys a day at Disney California Adventure Park with the Cogswell family on Monday (March 12) in Anaheim, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer, along with husband Eddie Cibrian, helped make 6-year-old Cadense Cogswell‘s (pictured on the right) dream come true by flying out her family from Hawaii to visit Disneyland.

The girl, who is blind in her right eye, wished to see the Happiest Place on Earth before she loses all her eyesight.

“Just spent a lovely hr with the most beautiful family, the Cogs family. Cadence is a blessing. She was so wide eyed & the family so grateful! A little girl’s whole life was made today and her whole family got to share in her joy. @wishuponahero THIS is why you guys should be so proud of the organization you have created,” LeAnn, who teamed up with Wish Upon a Hero, tweeted.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian at Disneyland with the Cogswell family…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian disneyland 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian disneyland 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian disneyland 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian disneyland 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian disneyland 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian disneyland 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian disneyland 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian disneyland 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian disneyland 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian disneyland 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian disneyland 11

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • dobbi

    Can’t she do anything without making it into a photo op about her. Selfish pig.

  • teehee

    She rebounded from that flu bug quick. Hmmm…

  • JL

    I thought she had the flu. She shouldn’t be spreading her germs.

  • Courtney

    As always you can almost feel her saying “I rock” silently after sending out every tweet. Such a narcissistic witch

  • huh?

    Yes, she sure did get over that flu quick! (aka hangover)

    PS: she didn’t pay for that family. American Airlines donated the flights.

  • noelle

    to me it just sounded: im such an angel…look at me, me, me!!! pathetic woman…

  • Jasmine

    Oh man I feel so badly for that little girl
    Having LeAnn Rimes’s face being one of the last ones she sees. Poor little girl =(

  • Mia

    She is such a liar about everything including her oh so sick in bed (not) times.
    Please, this is not for the girl but for herself ofcourse and Eddie’s career.
    She is trying so hard to put her image around but no-one is buying it.
    If she would go away for a little time and come back it would be better and loose that Eddie loser!
    I bet she loves him but he doesn’t love her ofcourse.
    Look at his teeth, he does everything on her costs. Sad really sad.

  • Jasmine

    Look at all the photographers she called too!! LMAO! That poor family probably did not want all those photographers in their space but LeAnn is LOVING it!! Photo op yeahhh babbby!!!

  • kelly

    she certainly is proud of herself isn’t she, thinking she “made her whole life.” and how convenient to have a camera crew in tow. this, my friends, is what they call image rehab.

    could she be more into herself?

  • No Way

    Leann, this is pathetic dude. Go away for 5 years and then come back. This just screams DESPERATION. I understand she is trying to sell her album that may be coming out soon but this is not the way to go…

  • elian

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  • Deanna

    I think she and her husband are huge fame whores, and she most definitely fame whored the enitre Disney visit and the family, but at least that little girl benefitted from Leann and her husband wasting time.

  • Susan

    Don’t knock the woman for doing something good. No matter what your feelings are towards Leanne and Eddie, it was about making something special happen for this little girl. Something that more than likely the girls family couldn’t afford to do on their own. Such a shame in knowing that there are so many ignorant people here that would rather poke fun of this situation than to be happy for this little one.

  • Toots

    The worst thing about this whole photo-op is that the mother of those little girls will find this thread and be horrified to discover what the rest of the world knows and that is her daughters are being used by a very disturbed and selfish person. A one hour photo-op. Rhimes is shameless.

  • marisa

    Susan aka Leann. She did not contribute penny. She’s selfish & a liar.


    Does this crazy bitch do anything that isn’t papped out?

    ONE HOUR? How effin generous, NOT.

    Homewrecking waste.

  • betty

    @Susan You can do good without photo opting an event. A lot of celebs do good all the time but they are not hyping it for the cameras for a person that claimed to be so ill she sure made a speedy recovery. I’d like to know the name of the type of flu Leanne had probably can’t trust Eddie syndrome. Feel really sorry for her she can’t seem to function if Eddie is not by her side the way he’s smiling he probably had a ball having her not breathing down his neck. Pathetic woman.

  • Susan

    Like I said, a bunch of ignorant people here and the last time I checked, I am not Leanne.

  • Sammy’s mommy

    I see she didn’t buy them any Disney princess dresses, hats, toys, etc. Just signed her stupid name to some paper, took a couple fake pictures, looked completely disinterested in a few.

    Such a selfish homewrecker.

  • Curious G

    @Susan: An fyi for those not in the know about Leeanne and her shenanigans. This “photo op” set of pics was taken by Mike Kamara, the same pap from GSI she flew down to Mexico with her and Eddie for “exclusive” honeymoon pics.

    Leeanne is a complete fraud. She is trying to force “the public” to change their thoughts about her but she is making herself even more disliked.

  • betty

    @Susan Speak for yourself good deeds never need atta boys. Who cares if you are Leann. Nothing like honesty and truth instead of a lot of BS.

  • sanoga

    And all afternoon those two little girls kept asking themselves, “Who is this strange woman and why does she keep taking pictures with us?!”

  • Lili

    What was the reason for this two losers be with the family if they did not pay for this trip? Please someone explain to me?

  • calla

    @Lili: she is in cahoots with that Jonathan Jaxson dude – the one Kim Kardashian sued. I think he originally tweeted it, paid for the hotel, AA agreed to pay for flights, and I think LR agreed to pay for entrance fees to the park. I think that’s her involvement. I don’t know that they ever said they were a fan or specifically asked that she go, but that’s how she got involved – from what I saw on twitter and from what is told by J.Jaxson.

  • yuck

    one hour…………….

    Lee Lou Rimes is a real martyr, crown her Mother Teresa………

  • Mimi

    @JL: You’re a b i t c h! You must live a really miserable life.

  • Mimi

    You people are all SO EVIL. LeAnn is doing good so if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. WHEN’S THE LAST TIME ANY OF YOU PIECES OF S H I T VOLUNTEERED???

  • Mimi

    So she made a mistake cheating, etc. How would any of you like to be judged for the REST OF YOUR LIVES FOR ONE MISTAKE? LET IT GO!!!!!! Why are you all so obsessed with her? Your hate says more about YOU than her. If Eddie cheats on her, that’s her problem and none of your d a m n business!!!!

  • rainy


    I volunteer for three organizations–and put in about 20-50 hours a week on top of a part-time job. I don’t feel the need to tweet about it, post it on FB, take pics, and the like unlike Leann. People would respect her far more if she quit tooting her own horn constantly. Look at Brad Pitt. His efforts have spearheaded the rebuilding of the lower 9th ward in NOLA after Hurricane Katrina. Yes he does publicity for it, but he constantly puts others before himself. Talks about the architects, the builders, the people. As does Jolie with her refugee work. Kidman with her campaign against violence for women. Damon, Clooney, Affleck etc. with their African campaigns. They do publicity for the cause/organization, but it remains in the forefront NOT THEMSELVES. And that is the difference between them (whether you like them or not) and Leann. With Leann it is always about the photo op and always about her.

    And oh yes, I also am a member of of Wish Upon a Hero. Would you like me to come on Leann’s thread or tweet her hourly updates about the times I’ve granted someone’s wish? Didn’t think so.

  • Mimi

    @Jasmine: You’re a despicable person!

  • Mimi

    @teehee: Hmmmn, you’re a mean spirited idiot. I know lots of people who have had that stomach flu and they’re fine within 48 hours. Why don’t you go volunteer like LeAnn and stop wasting your time bashing others!

  • Mimi

    @rainy: So what’s wrong with LeAnn adding to the list of people who volunteer? You’re trying to rationalize your nastiness and you’re just coming across even worse. Her personal life is none of your damn business b i t c h!

  • char

    MIMI===Cheating and committing adultery is not a mistake. Adding your figures wrong in your checkbook is an example of a mistake.Chasing a married man, meeting him in motels, having dinner with his wife and your own husband,taunting his ex for years and so many other despicable acts of cruelty too numerous to mention are NOT mistakes, those are blatent, nasty and EVIL ways to acheive your SOULMATE. Besides the fact that he is in love with her wallet and she is in love with his outside looks while knowing that inside this is a man who cheated with a waitress while his wife was pregnant .Doing wife, mistress and waitresss all at the same time is really someone to admire and hang onto

  • rainy


    You are the b-i-t-c-h. You are absolutely blind aren’t you? Don’t you think a grown woman with a family (which she is always bragging about), a busy career, etc. has issues since she has to tweet every move? She tweets approximately 100 tweets a day. Bragging about everything. She’d get far more respect if she would just shut up.

    And by the way Ms High and Mighty–exactly what volunteer activities do you do to contribute good to the world? Oh, yes–you defend this bimbo.

  • calla

    @Mimi: Mimi, honey, you’re behind the times. LR was a fallen star, no one was paying attention to her, since her last hits were few and ages and ages ago. (put it his way: MC Hammer has sold millions more records than her. MC freakin’ Hammer)

    Her affair got her tabloid attention, and people looked in on her twitter for the drama. It’s like watching a trainwreck. People prob’ly could care less about her affair now, it’s how she’s acted since that people can’t stand her. Lying about illnesses and screwing over fans and venues also is probably not going over well for her.

  • LisaLipps

    My wish is for her to go away, for good. Hope LeAnn can make my dream come true!

  • Mimi


  • Dingoatemybaby

    “Look kids, it’s Mike “Big Head” Kamara, no, don’t run away, he just wants to take your picture with me because I only have an hour and I need some good press. Why? Well, I broke up a marriage, got $400,000 worth of plastic surgery to re-make my body, and I lie about everything I do so people hate me. I cancelled three concerts to be here today, told everyone I had the ‘flu’ but yet I had a miraculous recovery! So smile for Big Head…”

  • Mimi

    @rainy: Given that you know how many times a day she tweets, which I’m unaware of, it sounds like you’re completely obsessed with her. Maybe you should seek help.

  • Kristen

    @Mimi: If anyone needs help, it’s you.
    You are becoming unhinged and swearing at people you don’t know after telling them not to comment on someone they don’t know. How will that help the situation? The only point you are making is that you too, are over invested in Leann and her life. If she chooses to have paparazzi on her payroll and tweet constantly about what she does, people are going to question her motives, as it does seem to indicate a desire for self promotion, whether that is the case or not. Saying she is basically near death and then posing for photo ops the very next day seems a little suspect. Maybe she was just over dramatizing her illness. People do that all of the time. Her problem is that she chooses to do it on Twitter. The evidence is there for everyone to see if they so choose. She could easily live more privately and would not be open to so much criticism. This isn’t her fan site. Swearing at people because they think she is full of it doesn’t help her and won’t sway opinions in her favor. It is odd that you think that someone is a b and despicable for saying she shouldn’t pay the paparazzi to promote her charitable act, but that committing adultery and then taunting an ex wife is A okay and an easily forgivable “mistake”. That’s one odd value system you employ.

  • rainy


    Actually Mimi, I glance at her twitter account every time JJ posts and I started writing down the figures because they were so huge. She, as of 3/12 has tweeted 44,169 times. Don’t you think that is a little excessive?

  • Mimi

    @rainy: I think you’re a stalker, that’s what I think. Enjoy your misery. I doubt it will improve your life, but enjoy it nonetheless.

  • Dee

    Mimi, I mean LeAnn, The saddest thing about this nut is that she regularly spends time around children, specifically her husband’s two children under a joint custody arrangement. She should not be allowed to spend time with children until she successfully completes treatment. She is a narcissistic mentally unstable person who needs professional help. The photog who took these pics is a regular on her “contracted services” payroll. Before engaging with “celebrities,” these charitable organizations should vet them. LeAnn is very easy to vet. Her Twitter timeline is a disgrace.

  • betty

    @Rainy Let @Mimi live in her deluded world of fantasy like Leann and most of her fans she appears to be the miserable one because they can’t take criticism and truth but call it hatred. Twitter is a public forum if you can’t take the heat don’t tweet.

  • Jane

    You know Leann is doing this because she can’t or won’t have children of her own due to the fact she doesn’t want her precious perfect body to gain weight. She will do anything to make herself be a saint. Hmmm, how did Eddie break it to the kids that they coudn’t go to Disneyland?

  • Leannismybiatch

    @Mimi its funny how you say its “none of our business” but for leann to tweet 24-7, stage excessive photo-ops she has pretty much invited us into her life dont you think? therefore it is our business because leann wants it that way

  • summer

    she is trying really hard to rehabilitate her image. she will have an album coming out soon and the being friendly, hanging out with eddies ex-wife and this make a wish gig are all part of it.
    not fooling me though. this is just an act. funny how she still can’t get off twitter. poor thing, that appears to be her life. the only good thing about this whole mess is a little girl who is sick got her dream. too bad leann only did this for credit.

  • char

    MIMI–I should say LEANN=U R a nasty nasty woman. please don’t cook dinner for those kids. the real snot nose is Leann on the web under LEANN RIMES NOSEPICKING now thats the real leann.she should have been arrested by the snot police PICK, LOOK AND FLICK

  • Jane

    @summer: There is nothing she can do that will get her CD to sell big. Her image was shattered when she had an affair with Eddie. She is no longer known for her singing—she’ll be forever known as a cheater with breast implants and a narcissist.